First NameLast NameBirthdayRole/Position at CPADietary RestrictionsFavorite ColorsFavorite Gum and/or Mint FlavorsFavorite ChocolateFavorite CandyFavorite Sweet SnackFavorite Salty SnackFavorite FruitWhat I would order at StarbucksWhat I would order at Dunkin DonutsIf I went to a Drive-Thru, it would be...and I would orderYou will most likely see me shopping at
TheresaAnderson09-06TeacherGluten freeYellow, purplePurDarkNoneChocolateChipsBerriesAmericanoNothing, but love kale me crazy power iced lattePanera green goddess cobb saladTarget
AnneBaines10-23Secondary AssistantNoneGreensSpearmintWhite chocolate KitkatHaribo Peach gummiesCake or cookiesPringles: Sour cream & onionStrawberriesStrawberries and cream frappuccinoStrawberry frosted donutZaxby's: Salad (fried) w/ honey mustard dressingTarget or Michaels
MariahBarker10-30Algebra 2 TeacherN/ABlue, Green, GreyAnyHershey'sReese'sCookie CakePeanutsBananasPlain CoffeeVanilla or Chocolate Iced DoughnutChick-fil-A - spicy chicken sandwich deluxe meal with fries and sweet teaOnline - things for the home
JillBarrett08-29TeacherNo onions, please.All of themPeppermintAnything dark M&Ms, especially miniCookiesPopcorn or pretzelsBerries, all kindsDecaf Cafe Au lait Donut holesChick-fil-A...a grilled chicken sandwich or saladHobby Lobby
EmilyBobo05-195th Grade English/Technology electivesNonePinkBubblegum or mintWhite chocolateStarburstSour candy or StarburstPopcornBananasChai tea latteBavarian creamChick-fil-A - Spicy chicken sandwichTarget
Jennifer Bolding02-03Registrarn/aall shades of pinkpeppermint or spearmintDove Milk chocolate Skittles or anything fruityNothing Bundt Cakespopcorn w/ butter and salt or white cheddar popcornapples and strawberriesanything with caramel, pumpkin bread in Novemberplain bagel w/ cream cheese and coffee with cream, sugar and hazelnutChick-fil-A - Combo #1 w/ Cherry CokeKohl's, Kirkland's, Marshall's
GingerBraund05-23Teacher HealthyJewel tonesWintergreenDark with AlmondsDove Dark Chocolate with almondsFrozen YogurtPopcornAllIced Green Tea with SteviaDonut holesChick-fil-A for a market salad or Kale crunch saladTarget, Amazon
DoreenBuben08-06Kindergarten Teacher NoneFuchsia, Purple, Bright BlueSpearmintSnickers or any kind of chocolateGummies - regular or sourSmoothies - any kind, CookiesRice Cakes, PopcornBlueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, ApplesHazelnut Latte/FrappuccinoGlazed donut or Bavarian Cream FilledChick-fil-A - Market Salad and frosted coffeeTarget, Walmart, School Box, Amazon
KellyBurton07-06English TeacherNoneOlive green, deep blues, coralLife Saver "Mint O Green" mintsBark ThinsCandy free, but I love almonds, cashews...any kind of nut.Bark Thins - Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea SaltSkinny Pop PopcornBlueberriesChai tea latteIced coffee with extra cream and sugarChick-fil-A - Combo #1 with Arnold PalmerTarget, Amazon or Teachers pay Teachers
BobCagle 12-01TeacherN/ABlueWinter mint MilkThree MusketeersThree MusketeersPopcornAppleN/AN/ASteak and Shake - Triple steak burger with cheeseHome Depot
BrookeCalabrese03-101st grade teachernonegreen, turquoisecinnamonpeanut butter cupsReese's Pieces/Peanut butter cupschocolate chip/peanut butter cookieschips and salsa/guacamolealmost all of themI would not go there, not a coffee person.croissanwich and a strawberry coolattaChick-fil-A - grilled chicken wrap with mac and cheese and a sweet tea/cokeAmazon, Target, Old Navy
KenCampbell11-01AD, PE teacherNoneBlack, Forest GreenOrbits whiteDove dark chocolateDove dark chocolateOranges, grapes, strawberriesChips, pretzelsOranges, grapes, strawberries, bananas, blueberriesMocha frappuccinoDark roast ice coffee with almond milkChick-fil-A - spicy southwest salad, ranch dressingUnder Armour
RyanCaskey01-22Computer Science Teachernonebluespearmint darkdark chocolatedark chocolatenot a big fan of salty snacksstrawberriesventi triple shot cafe mocha or black coffeeblack coffee, Boston creme donutChick-fil-A - spicy chicken deluxe Amazon
KatrinaChampion07-20Reading SpecialistGluten FreeGrey, greenSpryReese's Peanut Butter Cups, Dove Chocolateschocolatefruitnutsapples, strawberriesMocha frappuccino, honey citrus mint teaCoffeesomething gluten freeKohl's, home stores
MelitaConrey05-03Director of Special Events, Finance ManagerShellfishgreen, blue & pinkCinnamonDarkAnything dark chocolateGodiva dark chocolate trufflesSkinny PopMango & WatermelonHot chocolate with nonfat milkGlazed munchkinsChick-fil-A - original sandwich with no pickleTarget, Amazon, Hobby Lobby
Jillian Cosgrove 07-02Director of School Counseling Dairy, gluten, soy, onionsPurple, green, bluePeppermint, cinnamon Enjoy life brandChocolate, gummy candies Chocolate FritosBlack cherriesNon dairy caramel latte with almond milk, no drizzle, no whip Anything non dairy for drinks, probably not donuts because of dairy and glutenChick-fil-A - grilled chicken club, no cheese, gluten free bun, fries, half reg lemonade, half unsweet teaTarget, Amazon
SamanthaCrump07-055th/6th grades History teacher, Educational Tech supportnonepurple, redOrbit Bubble Mint, Sweet Mint, Ice Cube Black Cherryallall chocolate/mint and all chocolate/peanut butterfruitroasted almonds, roasted peanutslove it all!blonde brew with cream or sweet vanilla cold brew with light ice and light syrupcoffee with cream and an apple fritterChick-fil-A - grilled cool wrap with avocado lime ranch dressing and lemonadeAmazon, Hobby Lobby
LandonCunningham02-24Director of TechnologyNo avocadoBlueAnyMilk chocolatePeanut M&MsPeanut Butter M&MsCheez-Its All berriesMochaVanilla iced coffeeChick-fil-A - spicy chicken deluxeAny book store
AngelaCusick12-22Teacher, Photographer, TAtry to avoid glutengreen and bluewinter greenYes!RuntsCaramel popcornPopcornPearChai tea latteIce teaChick-fil-A - Combo #1Target or Walmart
AngelaDaniel11-17Elementary Principalnonegreens and bluesspearmintdark chocolate with sea saltbutterscotchchocolatepopcornberriesChai Tea Latteblack coffeeChick-fil-A - grilled nuggets and side saladTarget
DeenaDickerson08-09Teacher's assistantnoneturquoisepeppermintanynonepound cakepeanutsapples, bananasHot chocolatesomething for my kidsChick-fil-A - grilled chicken clubOld Navy, Belk, Target
ScottEdmondson11-13Teacher, AdminNoneBlue, OrangeFruit Mentos Gum, Wint-o-green LifesaversSnickersSnickersNot pickyCashewsBananasRegular CoffeeApple Fritter and Regular CoffeeChick-fil-A - Combo #1 w/ Coke Zero2nd and Charles
MeganEdwards05-30Secondary TeacherNoneGreen or BluespearmintSalted Caramel Almond Joy, Peanut Butter CupsCookiesRuffles Potato Chips and Deans French Onion DipBerriesJava Chip FrappuccinoCruellersWendy's - Apple Pecan Salad with homestyle chickenWal Mart
AngelaEeles09-01TeacherNoneBlueExtra Peppermint or Spearmint Gum, York Peppermint PattiesDark Chocolate with AlmondsBrookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranates, Dark Chocolate with AlmondsDark Chocolate covered almondsDeluxe Mixed NutsFresh Pineapple Chunks or BlackberriesIced Vanilla Coffee with a little cream or Mocha Frappuccino Vanilla Iced Coffee with little sugar and little creamMoe's - Veggie or Chicken Bowl with Guacamole Target, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Trader Joes
TeresaHaas02-18Science department chair and teacherShellfish allergy Beach colors, red Icebreakers grape cubes Dark chocolate or anything Reese’s Sweet tart ropes Not a huge sweet tooth but if I was craving a sweet it is usually Chocolate cream pie, banana puddingAnything crunchy, salty, and especially if it is cheese flavoredCherriesGrande pumpkin spice latte or caramel latte, strawberry açaí refresher Medium coffee with cream and sugar Chick-fil-A - Combo #1 deluxe with American cheese and gluten free bun, Half/half teaTarget, Anthropologie, Belk
RebeccaHansen09-08Communications/Social Media/Elem YearbookNonePeach, Teal, Gray, NavySpearmintMilk ChocolateSwedish Fish, Reese's Peanut Butter CupsDonutsSoft Pretzels, PopcornWatermelon, CherriesIced Green Tea Latte with Coconut MilkUnsweet Tea with LemonChick-fil-A, Combo #1 with a Dr. PepperTarget, TjMaxx, Marshalls
JoyHart12-09Kindergarten AssistantSucralose (artificial sweetener)PinkCinnamon gum (no sucralose please)Milk chocolateStrawberry TwizzlersAnything salted caramelFunyunsPineappleSalted caramel hot chocolateHot or iced caramel macchiato Chick-fil-A -Southwest salad with creamy salsa dressingAmazon
DanielHicks06-25Bible teacherNoneBlueAnyAnyAnything with peanut butter and chocolate Reese pieces Pistachios BananaBlack and white mocha CoffeeChick-fil-A - Combo #1 with Colby jack cheese and sweet teaOld Navy
ConnieJennings07-16Teacher (Algebra 1 and 7th grade PA1)NoneI love all bright colorsExtra Polar IceDark ChocolateWerthers CaramelsM&M'sPretzelsWatermelon and StrawberriesSkinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Nonfat MilkIced CoffeeChick-fil-A - Anything from there!Hobby Lobby and Target
KristinJones11-11Kindergarten Teacher Vegetarian Classroom: turquoise, pink, purple, green. Auburn: navy and orange. Home: whites, light blues, light shades of turquoiseAll flavors except cinnamon & licorice Twix or snickers Reese’s pieces, peanut butter M&M’s, or Starburst jellybeans Starbucks’ cheese danish Ruffles baked cheddar and sour cream chips or baked Bbq chips Strawberries, bananas, oranges, grapesCold drink: cafe’ vanilla frap with almond milk & whip cream on top. Hot drink: vanilla latte with almond milk. Food: cheese danish or tomato & mozzarella sandwich I’ve never ordered from there. Surprise me! Chick-fil-A - side salad with ranch, sweet tea, medium fry, 2 Polynesian sauces. Zaxbys - garden house salad with lite vinaigrette dressing, sweet tea. Cheeseburger Bobby’s - veggie burger on wheat with Swiss cheese, fries and peach tea.Amazon, Southern with Grace (Cartersville), Belk, Target, Glitzy Chicks, Ulta,, Glory Haus
JeanetteKessler11-22Teacher AssistantNoneYellow & purple Spearmint Dark Dark chocolate BrownieTortilla chipsAvocado English Breakfast tea with milk & honeyFrench CrullerArby’s - roast beef sandwichTarget
JessicaKinsey05-04TANone Purple, blue Extra Polar Ice Lindt 85% dark chocolateSugar free hard candy Alyssas ChocobitesKettle cooked bbq Chips Blueberries, cherries Sugar free almond milk latte Iced coffee with cream/ no sugar Chick-fil-A - fries or grilled Cobb salad with avocado lime dressing Target or Costco
Johanna Latimer 11-18Assistant NoneGray, blueTrident mintGhirdelliSnickers Chocolate Pretzel, french fries Grapes, cherriesIced CoffeeChocolate glazed donut Chick-fil-A - chicken stripsTarget, Amazon, Costco
MichelleLochamy08-12Welcome Desk assistant NoneHot pink and lime greenSpearmint or cinnamonDark/allReese’s or peanut M&MsCake Peanut butter pretzelsBananaFeatured dark roast with half and half and whipped creamCoffee with extra creamChick-fil-A - frosted coffee Amazon
AlisonLuke07-04Director of Fine ArtsNoneBlue, GreenSpearmintAny typeAlmond Joy, SnickersCupcakesPopcornAppleIced Coffee, White MochaChocolate Frosted DonutChick-fil-A - Cool WrapKohls
ElizabethMartin08-24Program SupportNonePinkOrbit Sweet MintBoxed chocolates100 GrandAnything chocolateNutsBerriesTeaMunchkinsZaxby's - SaladKohls
EliseMurphy10-29Assistantnoneblue and purplementos peppermintHershey dark chocolatedark chocolate, sea salt and nutsdark chocolate-covered blueberriesanything salty and chocolateblueberriesFrappuccinofilled donutsDairy Queen - blizzard snack sizeMarshalls
LauraNguyen09-04UTC, Journalism, Student LifeNoneKelly greenSpearmintAnyYork pattiesBrownies or ice creamSalt and vinegar chipsPeach, nectarine, or watermelonHot mint tea or iced vanilla latteLemon-filled donutChick-fil-A - wrap with spicy dressing; Del Taco - nachosWal-Mart
JanieNiswonger08-25Secondary PrincipalNoneNeutrals and turquoiseAny Almond M&MsBlow popsCupcake PopcornStrawberriesChai with almond milkDecaf caramel coffee cream and sugarChick-fil-A - nuggets and kale crunch sideHobby Lobby
KathyNixon08-21Third grade math/science teachernoneAllTic Tac mint gumDark and nuttyDark chocolate nutsFruit of any kind, apple chipsapple chipsAny Hot decaf skinny vanilla latteHot decaf skinny vanilla latteDunkin Donut Decaf skinny vanilla latteSprouts, Costco, Target
BrandonNolan08-24Campus PastornoneGreen and BlueFruity gumdark with caramelNerds, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel Key Lime PieTrail MixKiwiMocha Iced CoffeeMocha Iced CoffeeChick-fil-A - Grilled Cool Wrap Meal with fries and Sweet TeaAmazon
Nicole Orton 04-09MS History teacherLow carbohydrate Georgia Tech gold and green Icebreakers Spearmint CubesMilkSugar free No sweets pleasePistachios and mixed nutsBerriesSugar free mochasCoffeeChick-fil-A - Southwest grilled chicken salad with creamy salsa dressing and Diet lemonade Target
JennyOstell05-16Elem. Front Office Manager, Head XC CoachNoneWhite, Blue, Green, GrayAnyDark ChocolateChocolate Covered AlmondsFruit: Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Oranges, Apples PopcornBerriesHot Green TeaHot Green TeaArby's - 1/2 lb Roast Beef SandwichAmazon, Target, & Publix
DeeshiaPartin01-233rd Grade English, Elementary Musical Theatre and ActingI don't like cream cheeseBlue and rose goldpeppermintanything dark chocolateDark chocolate with raspberry or Reese's scones, muffinspretzelsberries and applesVanilla LatteVanilla Latte, pumpkin muffinChick-fil-A - grilled sandwich or wrap with Chick-fil-A sauceTarget, Kirklands, Loft, or Stitch Fix
MeredithPitts06-263rd grade History TeacherNonePink, red, navyPeppermintAny!!Twix, Kit Kat, Reese’s BrowniesDoritos ApplesMocha Frappuccino Anything with chocolateChick-fil-A - nuggets, fries, Large Dr. PepperTarget, Hobby Lobby
AnnettePrem09-04Welcome deskNoneBlue, yellow Peppermint Dove dark chocolate Jelly beans Cookies, trail mixPopcornOrangeAmericano with almond milkBoston creamChick-fil-A - grilled chicken menu with lemonade (no ice!)Ross
JenniferRamsey09-29AssistantN/APurpleJuicy FruitDarkPeanut M&MsPeanut M&MsPecansOrangesHot ChocolateChocolate frosted donutArby's - plain chicken sandwich and chocolate milkshakeTarget
Erin Richardson10-087th and 8th Grade Pre-Algebra 2 TeachernoneBaby blue and powder pink5 Peppermint Cobalt GumMilk Chocolate (with PB)Reeses StixChocolate Chip CookiesCashews or PeanutsGala applesVenti iced coffee with vanilla (no classic syrup) and extra creamVariety of munchkins without powdered onesChick-fil-A - sandwich w/out pickles and a small fryLove Street or Target
LindsayRisner09-285,6,8 science teacherApplesYellow, pink, navy blueSpearmintDark chocolateTootsie Pops and Tootsie rollsGranola bars or Chocolate Chip cookiesPopcornBananaCafe Mocha SkinnyMocha hot coffeeLittle Ceasars - Cheese or pepperoni pizzaTarget
MarshaRobbins12-29Head of SchoolNoneBright Blues (Azure, Royal) & Dark TealsPeppermintDark w/AlmondsDove Dark Chocolate w/Almonds or Almond SnickersScones or Lemon BiscottiNut mixCherriesChi Tea Latte (nonfat)Regular Coffee w/creamPanera - some type of salad or turkey/apple sandwichKohl's or Home Depot/Lowe's
LissetteSanabia09-05Elementary & Secondary TeachernoneGreyIce CubesDark ChocolateAnything SourDark Almonds Bark ThinsSalt & Vinegar ChipsAll BerriesSkinny Vanilla with 1 pump of sweetner onlySmall Coffee (2 creams, 1 splenda)Panera - Chicken Caesar SaladTarget
HeatherSanders09-13AssistantGluten Freepink and redspearmintAlmond JoynoneGluten free browniesnutspeaches and pineapplenothingcafe latte with coconut milkChick-fil-A - grilled nuggetsAmazon, Kohls, Belks
KarenServiss08-254th grade English and History teachernoneblues, greensWerther's caramelsGhirardelli milk chocolate square with caramel or mintAnything Reeses, Brookside Acai with Blueberry or Raspberry flavorsAny trail mix cashewsapplesSorry! Don't drink coffee.glazed donutsChick-fil-A - chicken strips or sandwichTarget
TracieSetzler10-26High school teacherNone BlueMentos (white)Dark chocolate with almondsDark chocolate with almondsdark chocolate with almondsDark chocolate with pretzels or almondsStrawberriesNothingNothingPanda Express - orange chicken, Chick-fil-A - nuggetsAmazon
KatySimmons07-08Electives and Music Teacher/Secondary Science AssistantnoneTurquoise, Black, and RedMentos Peppermint, Butter mintsLindt Chocolates!York Peppermint PattyBlueberry muffinsPopcornRaspberries and applesDecaf Cinnamon Dolce LatteBlueberry or Chocolate Cake donutChick-fil-A - Southwest Salad and Tea/LemonadeTarget
MonicaSmith03-29Geometry TeacherNoneRedSpearmintAll of itReese'sFruitMixed nutsStrawberriesSkinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte Some type of sweet coffeeSonic - CokeTarget
LoriSmith04-01Secondary Front Office ManagerNoneYellow, blue, black & white ginghamPeppermintAny dark chocolateTwizzlers or Swedish Fish MinisOatmeal raisin or white chocolate macadamia cookiesAnything salty!Watermelon or grapesWhite chocolate mochaCoffee with creamChick-fil-A - frosted coffee or nuggets Walmart or Hobby Lobby
TinaSouza07-10Director of Communications & MarketingNoneNavy BlueExtraReese's Peanut Butter Cup, Snickers, Chocolate and CaramelN/AChocolateSkinny Pop Popcorn, Blue DoritosStrawberry, WatermelonWhite MochaBoston Creme DonutChick-fil-A - Regular ComboAmazon, Target
MandyStarnes02-044th Grade Science TeachernoneI like them allpeppermint, spearmintdark chocolateM&M'schocolate chip cookiessalted peanutsberriessalted caramel or peppermint mocha (no whip)nothingZaxby's or Chick-fil-ATarget
SherryStone10-13Math Department ChairN/ARedExtra - PeppermintDove DarkNoneCashewsQuest Protein ChipsGrapesStrawberry Frappuccino N/AChick-fil-A - grilled chicken nuggets with side saladTarget
MarianneTomlin10-28Life Science/Env. Science InstructorNoneGreen, purpleSpearmint, bubble gumGhiradelli, Almond JoyBlack licoriceDried mangoRitz Bitz CheeseI love all fruitChai Tea FrappucinoBoston cream or Coconut flaked Arbys - classic roast beef with horsey sauceBelk, Walmart, Bath and Body
KatieTuck02-01WebmasterGluten, Peanuts, Chickpeas, WatermelonBlueSoft peppermint ballsAny kind of Ghirardelli dark squares; dark chocolate Lindt trufflesAlmond Snickers, Three Musketeers, Milky Way Dark, dark chocolate M&Ms, SkittlesIce Cream, any kind of gluten free bread/pastryPopcorn (especially any flavor of gluten free Popcornopolis - sweet or salty!); Southern Grove Retreat Trail Mix from AldiBananas and mandarinsLondon Fog Tea Latte or a Chai Tea LatteDonuts for other people since I can't eat them!Chick-fil-A - grilled nuggets with BBQ sauce, waffle fries, CokeAmazon, Target, Aldi, REI
XiomaraVehrs05-05Spanish TeacherN/ABlue, black, whiteAny mint flavorHersheyN/ABrowniesFritosApplePink drinkRegular coffeeChick-fil-A - Cobb SaladBath and Body Works
DeenaWerner03-095th grade math teacherNoneBlue, redCinnamonDark sea salt chocolateAny chocolate with nutsCookiesPopcornAppleIced latteIced latte, chocolate donutChick-fil-A - regular chicken sandwich, slightly sweet iced teaTarget
CynthiaWhite02-15TeacherNoneTeal, redMints - anyAll!Cherry SoursCaramel kettle cornPopcornPineapple, watermelon, peach, mango, strawberriesWhite Chocolate Mocha - hotCaramel Macchiato Chick-fil-A - Grilled nuggets and diet lemonadeThrift stores, Hobby Lobby, Woodstock Market and Kroger
WinterWhitney10-05Teacher's AssistantNoPurpleSpearmint and CinnamonMilk ChocolateReese's CupsSnickersChocolate covered pretzelsgrapefruitHibiscus TeaChocolate cake donut or vanilla cream filledChick-fil-A - chicken nuggets and fruitTarget, Loft, Hallmark
AmandaWinkler07-261st GradeNonePinkAny! I only like WHITE chocolategummy bears, Skittles, Starbursts, Sour Patchdonuts, cupcakes, cookies (no chocolate)chips, goldfishstrawberries grande iced caramel machiatto medium iced caramel latte and a Bavarian cream filled donutChick-fil-A - 8 count nugget meal with polynesian sauce and a lemonadeTarget and Walmart
CarolWrenn04-14Secondary Teachernoneblue, tealLife Saver mintDark - Dove, Lindt, Ghirardellidark chocolate almondschocolate chip cookiescheese crackers all of themBlonde roast w/ creamCoffee w/creamChick-fil-A - any saladMarshalls, Amazon