Company nameWhat does the company do, in one sentence?
Link to position(s) hiring for
Roles hiring forLocations hiring inIf you work in this company: what is one thing you like about this place?Any other comments?Additional note from Gergely
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Provide a B2B SaaS platform to take the pain out of business travel
All software and product roles
Barcelona, Berlin, London, Edinburgh
Work life balance and non corporate professional vibe, healthy culture.
I'm an advisor at TravelPerk.
“We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”
Mobility & Delivery
Global Mobility & Delivery
Eng Manager, Backend SWE, Frontend SWE
Engineering Manager II, Senior/Staff Software Engineers (Frontend & Backend)
Senior & Staff Software Engineering, Backend (Denmark) | Senior Engineering Manager (Denmark) | Software Engineer II, Backend - Eats (Denmark)
Aarhus Denmark. Amsterdam Netherlands
Amsterdam and Sofia
Aarhus, Denmark | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Sofia, Bulgaria
Tangibility of the product
The people! Intelligent, inclusive and diverse workforce - 44 Different nationalities in tech Amsterdam at our last count.
Engineering challenges at scale & great Engineering Values :)
Check out for examples of engineering challenges our teams are working on.
I used to work there for 4 years! I had a good time, and can recommend the culture.
PlainAPI-first customer service tool
Senior Frontend Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer
Remote, GMT +/-2
Small and effective team building a great product with a high technical bar. The company values are also fantastic.
Covered in The Scoop #31:
Findhotel (now
Online hotel booking engine and metasearch
Software engineers (Golang, Elixir), ML Engineers, Cyber Sec Lead, Engineering manager
Netherlands; GMT +- 3; Europe, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Africa
Findhotel is super multinaitional stable company with no external investment, amazing team and freedom to create and implement things
I know the founder and have heard good things about them.
Digitize global trade.
Make global trade easy and accessible for everyone.
We are building the platform for global trade
Makes global trade easy for everyone
Software engineering (full-stack, frontend, backend). Both people management and IC roles.
Software Engineers, all levels
Software Engineering (ICs, EMs across all levels)
Software Engineers across all levels. Engineering Management, Infrastructure/DevOps/SRE/Analytics Engineer/ML Engineer , worldwide.
All engineering IC roles. Frontend, backend, fully stack, SRE, DEvOps, etc
Bellevue (WA), San Francisco (CA), Chicago (IL), Amsterdam (NL)
US (SF, Seattle/Bellevue, Chicago), Netherlands and China
San Francisco, Bellevue, Amsterdam, Shenzen, Chicago, Shanghai, and more
Its mission is to solve a real-world, complicated problem.
We have lots of great opportunities to solve for complex (and unsolved) logistics problems and have a real impact in the world
Moving the real world (not just changing button colors.)
Impactful work and solving real world problems within the supply chain industry
What we do makes a difference in the world. Logistics and supply chain touch every aspect of our lives now.
Right now we are predominantly hiring engineers (no product, design, etc. unfortunately).
Reach out if you have questions or are interested in a position! (
I know the engineering manager who started the Amsterdam office. Heard they have a pragmatic engineering culture.
YelpLocal businesses reviews
Make it easy to find great local businesses
Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, Data Scientists, ML Engineers
Fully remote in CA, UK, Germany, Ireland, and Mexico (and more rarely US)
US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany
Culture/WLB & mission
Fantastic culture that is genuinely people-first
It seems like Yelp is doing very well
Heard good things about the engineering culture.
Polarsteps Track your trips like a travel journal
Frontend engineer, iOS engineerAmsterdam / Netherlands
I love the culture. It's the *only* company I've worked at that actually follows and uses it's values.
We've been growing strongly and organically, without any marketing. We do not depend on VC money (though we're might decide to raise a series B, on strong numbers, to accelerate growth). Even for the positions we don't have officially open (like Android), we'd still consider hiring an amazing candidate. And we'll definitely open more positions in the next few months.
I know the Head of Engineering, and heard positive things about the culture.
Auctions for special objects
Catawiki is the leading online marketplace for special objects, with over 75,000 objects offered in auctions every week and curated by Catawiki’s in-house experts.
Catawiki is the leading online auction marketplace for special objects, selected by experts.
Tech Lead Manager, Frontend Engineer, iOS Engineer
Senior Product Manager, Tech Lead, Senior Front-End Developer, Senior iOS Developer, Senior UX Designer
Software Engineers
Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Belgium, Italy
Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain
Great culture to grow and learn
Honestly the people. We are a geeky, driven, and down-to-earth bunch of people, and here you are a human first, techie second. Everyone I have met so far is not only good at what they do, they are actually passionate about it (and so many other things) and it is contagious.
We are continuously improving our tech team processes, tooling, people and our people are super friendly and collaborative!
🔹 We enjoy being very diverse (latest stats: 50+ nationalities)
🔹 We do our best to make the relocation (when needed) as hassle-free as possible (relocation budget, temporary housing, apartment search, visa, and 30% ruling application)
🔹 We work in a hybrid setup in the Netherlands (3 days from home, 2 days from the office) and in some cases can offer remote work from Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, and the UK
Not many seats left, let us know if you're interested.
Worked with the VP of Engineering at Uber. A balanced engineering culture, and a deliberately slower growing company.
SkyscannerFlights, Hotels and Car Hire search
Search, compare and book travel
Travel search and booking
Data Engineers, Distributed Systems Engineers, Full Stack Engineers and Engineering Managers
Native mobile, frontend web, backend node.js/Java/Python
Software engineers and engineering managers
London, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Shenzhen
London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Barcelona
Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Barcelona
We're big enough to have exciting challenges with scale, but small enough that our culture is still strong. Plus travel is a fun sector
Great culture, transparent and honest leadership
Amazing culture
I'm an alumni! It's been 6 years since I left, and I had a great time back then.
Airtable is spearheading the low-code no-code movement, making it easy to build incredibly powerful database-driven tools and connected applications with no technical background. Beneath the approachable spreadsheet-like interface is all the power of a database, with automations, views, scripting, and an Interface Designer that can become a full blown application experience.
Reliability engineers (and more found on the careers page)
SF Bay Area preferred, or NYC, but will consider other US locations for the right candidate
It's a perfect size for making big impact while keeping a stable paycheck: It's pre-IPO and small enough to have a big upside, but even with current market conditions it is still a stable place with a thriving business. The culture is collaborative, inclusive and driven, and the product is excellent and the flexibility of Airtable as a foundational application building tool makes it extremely relevant to an enormous number of business use cases (think JIRA, Salesforce, project management, etc.)
Temporal is an open-source durable execution system that makes code fault tolerant, durable, and simple.
SDE, Devrel, Solutions ArchitectUS or VancouverFull of very skilled & experienced engineers to learn from.
FeltThe best way to make maps online ManagerUS timezone; remote Professional and caring management, exciting mission
Infrastructure for managing and growing small businesses.
Engineering Manager
Lagos. WAT (GMT +1). Role is remote.
NVIDIA GraphicsBuilds the best compute plaforms
Multiple, can go through via the linkIndia, US, EuropeProbably the best work culture in the industry.Never lays off people
Whoppah brings together the best design offer from consumers and professional sellers in Europe on one platform
Tech LeadThe Randstad, the Netherlands
Fast Growing Business, this hire would own the development domain
CasavoPlatform to sell and buy homes in Europe
BE, FE, EM, Data engineers, Data scientistsRome timezone, full-remote
Productivity software for teams
Collaboration Software
Collaboration software that helps unleash the potential of every team.
Productivity tools and software management
It makes Jira
SWE, Engineering Manager, PM, Data Science, Design
Many roles - SWE, PM, Recruiting, Sales, Marketing, Data, etc.
California, Austin, Sydney, Bengaluru, Remote
World wide
Remote/anywhere in USA
Remote, in person, anywhere
Australia, U.S, EU, India
Supportive and collaborative culture
Flexibility and pay
lots of free days off for random stuff
FigmaWeb based UI/UX design tool
Mainly in office or remote US, some roles UK, I think remote EMEA but I am not sure which regions
I’ve only been there two days :) but smart and friendly people, interesting technology, excellent and well loved product
Secfi, inc Help the startup world with their equity
Software Engineers, Back-End Engineers, medior & senior
Amsterdam regionGreat company culture & smart people
Picnic TechnologiesSustainable e-commerce online grocery shopping
Java developers, python developers, data scientist, product owners, DevOps engineer, Site reliability engineer,
What I love most is the work-life balance. We have a hybrid model of working, and I have the freedom to work how I like that suits me best. The team is also extremely kind and supportive!
We're expanding our operations, so don't expect any layoffs anytime soon!
MolliePayment processing and financial services
Eng. managers, software engineersAmsterdam, LisbonAttention to people
From backend to front-end to data analysts, engineering analysts, and managers
All around the world, fully remote Full remote culture
WixSite builder and ecommers
Server engineer, Front-end engineer, R&D manager,
KyivDynamic company with a great engineering culture
payment processing and embedded financial products
Payment gateway company
Building the financial technology platform that helps businesses grow
A financial technology platform, which provides end-to-end payments, data, and financial management in a single solution.
It’s a payments company
Java Engineer, ML Engineer, Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, Android Engineer, Developer Advocate, Front-End Engineer, C++ Engineer, iOS engineer, Apex Engineer, Technical Product Manager,
Backend Engineers
Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Software Build Engineers, Machine Learning Scientist, C++ application engineer
Software Development, Infrastructure, Data Science and more
Software Engineers, ML engineers, team leads, product managers
Amsterdam, Madrid, Chicago, Sidney, Sao Paulo, Mumbai
Amsterdam, Madrid
Amsterdam, Madrid, Chicago
Amsterdam, Chicago, Madrid, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lots of trust and independence from day 1 + the sheer scale of the technical challenges
The autonomy and support from both the business and the team I work in.
Engineering culture and strategic planning of the company's future
Huge array of opportunities waiting to be owned
We never had layoffs in 16 years :)
7Eleven Inc.RetailSoftware Development EngineersBangalore, India.Culture
CyberhavenData protection and response
Software developerEuropean unionFreedom of tech decisions and impact you can make here
We build software that lets kids learn at an accelerated pace
Founding engineer
Fully remote, North American working hours
Ambitious vision: parents should be able to send their kids to whatever school they want, be part of their local school community, have them surrounded by peers their own age, and still know that their kids can access a world-class STEM education
Backed by Quiet and Floodgate plus over 50 top angels like Garry Tan (president of YC), Tim Ferriss, Eric Ries, Balaji Srinivasan, plus founders of Figma, Flexport, Replit, Intercom, Thumbtack, Lambda School, Outschool, and many others
Albert HeijnGroceries Retail
Software Engineering , Machine LearningNetherlands, AmsterdamGrowing international community of engineers.
Provides learning management system and other EdTech services for K12 and Universities.
Engineering Manager, software engineers, software engineer in test
We have hack weeks every quarter. Everyone is free to choose whatever tech ideas wants to work on.
Our stack is mainly Java, React on top of AWS.
Software Engineer, Product Manager, UX Designer, Data Scientist
Bentonville, Sunnyvale, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Hoboken
Great work life balance
Provide consulting / engineering services to clients on various problems within the DevOps and Cloud domain.
DevOps consultants/coaches, DevOps engineers, Cloud developers, developers with a desire to transition to a more DevOps or Cloud based role
Delft (Netherlands, mostly remote), India (Bengaluru, Delhi)
Learning paths are extremely good
Pet Insurance
Napo is pet insurance company (Series A insurtech) on a mission to give pet owners everything they need to prevent their pets from getting sick, and help them lead a happy life 🐶
Lead devops, senior backend, data scientist
Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Mobile Engineer, Lead DevOps Engineer, Data Scientist - Product
London, UK (GMT)
London GMT
Growth (personal and of the company). Benefits are also great.
Everyone at Napo is incredibly passionate about what they do, which has created a very driven, empathetic and high-performing team (plus we all bond over a shared love of pets!)
Just closed a generous series A (in this market!)
Data analysis, inventory and workforce forecasting for restaurants so they can run a more efficient business and save money, reduce their carbon footprint and have a happier workforce.
Engineers, Engineering Managers, Designers, Product Managers
Remote (UTC +/- 2)
Working very close to the business and having direct impact on customers and the product.
Bayer Germany, USA, Poland
Pharma, Consumer Health, Crop Science
Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineers
Berlin, Leverkusen, Warsaw, St Louis
Culture and People, Its not a FAANG company but a place where you cared for
Nansen.aiData analytics
Software engineers, data engineers, engineering managers
Worldwide and 100% remote Amazing culture
TimescaleBuilding a performant time series database
Platform Engineers, Software Engineers
Remote (US, most of a europe, India)
Help financial institutions offer truly digital customer service experience for their clients
Senior/Principle Data Engineer, (Senior) Back-End Engineer, Director of Engineering, Infrastructure Engineer
Estonia, Canada, Remote Europe
We have a really good balance between high growth and mature engineering culture with little hustling and lots of collaboration.
Envoy is transforming modern workplaces with innovations that make office life and work more meaningful.
Fullstack, Backend, Frontend, iOS Engineer, Android Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Integrations Engineer, Engineering Manager, Data Analyst, Product Manager, Product Designers
San Francisco and NYC
Amazing group of people and we've just raised our Series C with a brand new product that has rolled out to take over multi-tenancy visitor management (
We have a hybrid work environment, as we practice what we preach, so there is a lot of usage of our product daily. This is an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and have real immediate impact on a product that will be touched by anyone all over the world.
M&SBritish and international retailer
iOS, Android, React/Next.js/Python and Java/Kotlin engineers. And engineering mangers across those domains,
UK - flexible remote, need to be able to get to the London office.
European leader in online Flash Sales (80 millions active users)
C#, F#, Rust, Java, Go, NodeJs, React, Python, Js, Ts, Infrastructure,.. we have our own Cloud
Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Lyon, Nantes, Warsaw, open for full remote in France, Spain, Holland, Poland
Trust, Ownership, Transparency (inner-source is everywhere), Challenges (80 millions of active users buying on a large website. Our own Cloud in several DC. 800 engineers coming from all over the world with strong background. Custom solution to optimize the flow from our Supply Chain/Warehouses up to the user experience in our website.
At Veepee, all 800 engineers are part of a strong community Vptech and it enables us to continuously learn and face new challenges or evolve in a clear career ladder.
Mettle Small business banking (Java), Mobile (React Native), SDETUK Culture - it’s people make this an amazing place to workOther roles in platform and data to come soon.
Phones, Computers, Devices and Services
Our team is building and scaling up Search Infrastructure (clusters, high-performance components, pipelines) to power Spotlight, Siri and other properties at Apple. We are looking to hire a few more strong infrastructure engineers (k8s, golang/c++/rust, resource utilization and performance tuning).
SRE Managers and Engineers
Production Engineer, Infra Software Engineer
SRE Manager in Austin, Engineers in NYC, Austin and Cupertino
Seattle, Bay Area
Great products with plenty more to do.
I am part of Ad Platforms. We are looking for folks with depth in AWS, EKS, Containers, Reliability Engineering.
International money management
Banks charge a lot for overseas transfers. We don't. Transfer money abroad easily and quickly with our low cost money transfers.
Our mission is money without borders – instant, convenient, transparent and eventually free,,
Engineering Leads, Software Engineer (all seniorities)
Engineering Lead, Fullstack Engineer, IOS Developer
Platform Engineers, SRE's, SWE's Engineering Leads
London, Budapest, Tallinn, Singapore, Austin
London, Tallinn
London, Budapest, Tallin, Austin
Teams are very autonomous and they have control over what they decide to build
The autonomy and ownership provided to employees
Fern APICodegen, starting with API SDKs
Seattle or remote (UTC-8 preferred)
We spend our time 60% building, 20% talking to customers, 20% architecting solutions and 10% eating/chatting.
We turn complex HR processes like employee onboarding, offboarding, and compensation management into simple workflows by integrating with solutions such as Google Workspace, Slack, Calendars, Docusign, Greenhouse, Lattice, and more.
Head of Engineering, Engineering Manager, Software Engineering (Full Stack)
LondonA human centred company (quite literally), every team member counts!Be part of Humaans HRIStory!
Datadog Infrastructure monitoring
Observability and security - DevSecOps
Software engineers in all specialists
R&D Hubs in NYC, Boston, Paris + full remote
The culture and the fact that they care about their people.
Very collaborative, low drama culture. Modern tech stack and high velocity. Strong financial profile: cash flow positive growth, public company
SaaS for D2C and entrepreneurs
Build digital solutions that help merchants sell effectively
Backend engineers
Principal Software Engineer, Frontend Engineer
Remote (south east asia)
India (GMT+5:30), Indonesia (GMT+7)
Excellent data teamWell-funded startup, clear product focus
CleoAn app to help users become financially healthy
Head of Engineering, Backend (Ruby/Python Engineers, React/React Native Engineers, Platform Engineer, Data Engineer
London, or remote within UKThe people are great!
It's an online learning platform that prepares students for the tech industry careers with comprehensive, mentor-led online programs in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, UI/UX design
Backend engineers (3+ YoE, 5+ YoE); Frontend engineer (7+ YoE); Engineering Managers (Backend, Infra - 7+ YoE)
India, IST
Fully remote within India. Great culture with kind and nice colleagues. Business is doing well.
InstaDeep delivers AI-powered decision-making systems for the Enterprise, in the fields of biology, logistics, energy and electronic design.
Machine Learning Engineer, (Senior) Research Engineer, Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, BioAI Software Engineer, ...
San Francisco, Boston, London, Paris, Berlin, Cape Town, Tunis
I apply Deep Learning to immunology data to create personalized cancer vaccines, which is both cutting edge research and makes the world a better place!
Payments solution for small-medium businesses
Fast and secure payment solutions that can help small and medium-sized businesses to better manage and grow their operations.
Eng managers, directors, sw eng (all levels)Most of European countries
London, Portugal, Cape Town, Riga
Fast growing
LeadfeederWeb Intelligence, Lead Discovery and Generation Engineers, Engineering ManagersGlobal, RemoteFlexibility & Tech stack
Data engineeringAmsterdam, NetherlandsStart-up culture with big tech scale.Not remote-friendly if you mind that.
Protocol Labs
Research for core protocols powering decentralised services.
Protocol Labs is an open-source research, development, and deployment laboratory. Our projects include IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and many more. We aim to make human existence orders of magnitude better through technology.
Protocol Labs is building the next generation of the internet
Software engineers, Engineering managers, data engineer
SWE, EM and many more
Plenty of openings - please check out the job board
Globally remote
100% Remote
Autonomous culture
Working on cutting edge tech
If you're interested in DevEx/DevOps, checkout IPDX's team page We're hiring too!
Provides a customer facing fully digital bank
Digital banking
Mobile banking
Backend, SRE, Platform, engineering manager.
Many SWE, Product, and EMs
Backend engineer, web engineer, head of engineering and many more in
Software dev, all data, security, infra, infra as code
Spain, Austria and Germany
Spain, Austria, Germany. All positions can be fully remote within the country
Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Milan and any city that has a an office in the country in EU
Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Vienna
Good pay and even though it's a bank, it's very fast paced and innovative.
How we keep up to date the platform and tech stack.
How diverse it is in many aspects :)
CanonicalProvide the best Linux experience for everyone
Software Engineers, Ops, Support staff, Web Developers, Data Scientists, Manager roles
All time zones, almost all countries. Hiring stop for Russia, though we do have Russian employees
I love the brilliant and fun peopleI cannot imagine any better place in these crazy times.
Fampay IncFinTech for Gen IndiaOpen culture
StakefishNon-custodial staking (proof-of-stake blockchains)
Software Engineers, DevOps, Smart Contracts Engineers
Global - RemoteInteresting I like it a lot
SaaS scale-up that provides an omni channel communication platform in the B2B space.
(Senior) Frontend, Engineer Manager, Quality Engineer, Cloud (Data) Engineer
Utrecht, the Netherlands. We work in a hybrid manner, and we are open for candidates that are already located in the NL. We are also open to exceptionally (or beyond average) good candidates that are outside of the NL. We don't support remote-only work.
How everybody is human first before a worker, the company is human-centric. Transparent communication is also placed on a pedestal.
XomniaData & AI
Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Architect, Analytics Translator
Amsterdam, NetherlandsChallenging projects
Cerebras SystemsHardware & Software for Deep Learning ;;
Research Engineer / Scientist for ML
Sunnyvale, CA; Toronto, CA; San Diego, CA
We build developer tools for cloud native developers
Garden is a platform tool to combine development, testing, and DevOps automation in one tool.
Frontend Engineers, Open Source Developers and Delivery Engineers
Open Source Developer (nodeJS, Typescript), Frontend Engineer (React, Typescript)
Berlin/Remote GMT +-2 and US Remote for Delivery Engineer
Berlin, Germany and Remote (European timezones)
Very hard problems, very smart and kind colleagues, high-trust environment
I love to work with a passionate team of engineers that develop and dogfood a platform to improve developer experience for engineers like themselves.
We're still a small team and every new-joiner will have impact on our product and our culture.
Prismic turns websites into growth engines with its Headless Website Builder
Headless Website Builder
Software engineers, data engineers, SREs, Engineering Managers, platform engineers
Software Engineer, Analytics Engineer, SRE
Europe/Africa/similar timezone
Collaboration!The work environment and climate at Prismic is best-in-tech
redditSocial media
Lots of open roles across the company
Most roles are available in office or remote anywhere in the countries we have a presence. Remote in US/CA/IE/UK/NL/DE
The scale is at a sweet spot: We face unique challenges, testing the limits of the technologies we use, but is small enough to work on wide scoped projects with very visible impact
VEEDOnline Video Editor
Software Engineer, C++ Engineer, Senior FrontEnd Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer,
Remote, Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Anything in EU timezone
Building an online video editor is technically very challenging
ModashWe’re working to help every creator earn a living., or they can write me an email
Account Executive, Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Senior Product Designer
GMT-2, GMT+6
I have a word to say in the engineering organisation and the direction into which is going.
ML/Big Data -> Building next-gen data infra on clouds
Software engineer, DevOps engineer
Remote (company is based in bay area)
Very talented team, awesome culture, promising product, great benefits, competitive salary, exponential learning growth
Building the world's number one audio network
Deliver the worlds audio to billions of listeners for millions of creators - Hundreds of roles still open
Engineering ICs (backend, data, ML, web), EM
All typical big tech roles
EMEA, US East Coast
WLB and no-jerk culture
Two sided marketplace for companies and freelancers
Software engineering (Manager and engineer), Data and ML,
France, Spain, Germany, UK, Belgium and Netherlands
What I really like about my company is that there are a lot of things that will happen in 2023 and 2024. We are going more and more international. Also in that time I think that the company is well managed and balance to not have to consider lay off.
We are a french company which is targeting to become first european company and after a international company. We need people from different cultures and different visions to help us to grow. Don't hesitate to join planet Malt.
ZalandoTech driven marketplace for fashion
Software Engineers, Senior Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Engineering Managers, Data Engineering Managers
Europe (UTC, CET)
Providing an API Market place and building API Developer Tools
Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer (NodeJS), Backend Engineer (Python), Sr. Software Engineer (JavaScript), Staff Software Engineer (JavaScript)
Berlin, San Francisco/US, TelAviv
Building tools for developers by developers. I'm now managing the development of one of my favourite API Clients, Paw
We got a $150M Series D investment this year in March.
EPAM Systems
EPAM is a technology services company, but also does consulting, design (experience, industrial), digital transformations, etc.
Just one example:
Developers, QA, business analysts, DevOps, data scientists, ML engineers, architects, delivery managers, etc.
Continuous learning in general, also about technologies, industrial domains, cutting-edge technologies, complexity of projects, etc.
Volvo CarsCars manufacturer
Software engineersSweden
We build stuff that aim at empowering every person in the planet
Principal Engineer level
Principal & Senior SE, backend - big data processing
Absolutely everything - people, flexibility, projects, management being comprised of people who used to be engineers, etc
Inclusive atmosphere, great relations with managers (also higher managers) and peers.
there are multiple other openings at Microsoft right now (freeze is affecting only some teams), not only in London
HarverPlatform for volume hiring and talent assessments
Fullstack software engineers, Principal engineers, data engineers, technical product managers
Netherlands OR Central European Time zone
Engineering, Testing, Architect, a lot of variety
Remote or different countries: US, Poland, Hungary, Spain
A lot of different projects, pay is decent according to local markets, and engineering management is AWESOME for testers
Sigma Computing
No-Code SQL Generation w/ Spreadsheet UI
Help you easily work with spreadsheets that has millions of rows
Whether you spreadsheet or SQL — teams explore, analyze, & decide with data in Sigma.
Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, Full Stack Engineers, Frontend Engineers, Technical Support
Software engineers, engineering managers
Software Engineers, Engineering Managers etc
San Francisco, CA | New York City, NY
New York, San Francisco
San Francisco, NYC
growth and learning through ambiguity
strong sales momentum, friendly coworkers, good leadership.
LebaraDigital Telecommunication
Full Stack Dev(React & Node), QA Manager, Data Enginner (Spark), .Net Engineer
Please get in touch with me if anyone is interested @basitt
Shape is an award-winning native app development studio., Android, QA, Backend
On-site in Copenhagen and remote anywhere
Great projects with time to care for the details. Relaxed working environment and good work/life balance. Good opportunities to grow and take on responsibility.
Redpandastreaming data platform
Kafka-compatible streaming data platform
Software eng, eng manager, devops eng, director of eng, marketing, design, product
SRE, Software Engineer, EM
Everywhere. Where 100% remote. Most of the team is split between Americas and Europe but we have people in Japan, Philipines and India.
Everywhere (Remote)
Great product, high talent density, 100% remote, top compensation, great human beings.
Everyone has the "work hard, play hard" mentality towards our end goal: building a cutting-edge data streaming cloud platform.
Our business is recession-proof. Out product is 10x more efficient that the competition so, our customers not only increase their performance but also reduce their costs almost by 1 order of magnitude.
CluePointsSoftware engineering
Back-End Engineer, Front-End Engineer, Data Analyst, ML Engineer
BelgiumWork culture and atmosphere
We help hardware companies support their customers better, with AI-powered self-service and remote support
Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, ML Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer, Frontend Engineers and Backend Engineer
UTC +/- 3 hours
Remote-first, UTC +/- 3h.
Smart people and non-corporate in a good way. Product that is actually useful to people and companies.
Talented team, great company culture, full remote, great product solving a real problem, still small enough company where you can have a big impact
Remote-first since 2018
Platform for Corporate Communications professionals
Senior backend/frontend/fullstack developer
Amsterdam NLNo egos / toxic personalitiesMost software engineers here work 3-4 days from home
AvosStealth mode startup in Cambridge UK. Jobs@avos.ioSenior and graduate software engineersCambridge UK
Amazing highly motivated founding team, brilliant engaged investors, unique exciting opportunity.
EverliGroceries delivered from local stores in 1 hour
Backend Engineer & Engineer LeadRemote, TZ CET
I am proud of what we bring to the customer and the culture we have inside the company
Datapao KftData Engineering and Data Science Services
Data EngineersCentral EuropeIt's the most human-focused company I've ever worked at!
Founda Health
We build a healthcare gateway to make healthcare data exchange standardised, modern and secure
Senior back-end engineer(s) and Senior software developer in test
We are remote first, based in amsterdam. Timezone should be max +2 to or -2 from Amsterdam time.
All people in our organisation are living for our mission and vision. They want to do something good for patients around the world. This creates a high achieving culture where everyone gives their best.
The Founda vision: The future of healthcare will be shaped by its ability to change. Adopting new collaboration models and leveraging the value of data plays a crucial role towards a sustainable industry.

The Founda mission: Building the global infrastructure empowering innovators to improve healthcare
TreatwellSaaS for the hair and beauty industry
Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, Data and Mobile Apps
UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Lithuania
NetguruSoftware development
Senior React Developer, Senior Java Developer, Engineering Lead
PolandEmployees first approach
MarsFast moving consumer goods: chocolate, petcare,
Data engineers, ml engineers, product managers, data scientist
Global, mainly us, ukFamily owned with strong culture and great work-life balance
ActiveVideoAndroid apps in the cloud
DevOps Engineer, Frontend DeveloperHilversum, NetherlandsPeopleWould be good to mention my name when appying
Collaborative whiteboard
Collaborative Whiteboard
Miro is an online collaboration platform which empowers the distributed teams to collaborate and create the next great thing
Collaboration Tools
No 1 Online Whiteboarding Solution
Engineering Manager, Software Engineer (Backend, Front, Fullstack)
QA, SRE, Staff Engineers, Engineering Managers, Senior Software Engineers back, front, fs
Engineering (ICs &EMs), Data & Analytics, Product, Design
Senior and Staff Backend/Frontend/Full Stack Engineers 🚀Engineering Managers 🚀Senior Site Reliability Engineers 🚀Senior QA Engineers 🚀Senior Security Engineers
EM, IC for BE, FE, FS
Netherlands, Berlin
Amsterdam, Berlin, Yerevan
Berlin, Amsterdam, Yerevan, Remote
Yerevan, Amsterdam, Berlin
The product it's amazing, and changing the way that people collaborate together! We have a lot of things to build, so our job it's really impactful
Great team & amazing product
Opportunity to have impact
The product itself is amazing. Specifically the Berlin hub has an amazing culture.
Careem (an Uber company)
SuperApp for MENA
Product, Engineering, Data Science Dubai, GermanyValues & Culture
The world leader in providing analytics and insights technology for customers across the global research and health ecosystems
Technology, building products in research
Softwared Eng (various crafts and seniority); EM; MLE and DS; and of course PM & Design
Engineering Managers, Engineering directors, Technical Leads, software Engineers
Amsterdam (and globally, including US but main tech hub is in Ams)
Amsterdam, London, Philadelphia, Bangalore, Chennai
The best work life balance with 36 working hours (without decrease in pay)
Work life balance! 35 hour work week in the UK and NL.
Best company culture compared to my previous companies (I worked for Uber, Just Eat Takeaway, Beat, Europcar)
Elsevier is a large company, led by a female CTO and CEO. The company strives to make better data driven decisions, and to make good choices for employees.
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