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ProviderCostCommercial relationship ownerLocation(s)Methodology VerticalsTaxonomy (& CPM)
NielsenUsage Publisher GlobalNielsen Audience Segements start with online data (browsing behavior) collected by eXelate or offline data sets (including TV viewership, retail spend and CPG), powered by Nielsen's industry-leading methodology. These data sets are then mapped to online IDs to create verified digital audiences available for online, mobile and programmatic TV advertising. These ads are delivered to audiences via eXelate's data management platform (DMP) or through platforms within Nielsen's alliance network. Nielsen's data sets come from various Nielsen products. The audiences are derived from the overlap between various data sources and the online cookie database from eXelate. Nielsen, together with eXelate , has a portfolio of over 15,000 audience segments.Demographics: Includes B2C (Age/Gender, Education Level, Household Size, Marital Status, Politics, Race, Urbanicity, Financial) and B2B ( Business, Job function, Industry, Company Size, Seniority)
Interest: Auto, CPG, Financial, Shopping, Travel, Lifestyle, Charitable Donors, Financial, Diet/Fitness, Entertainment (TV), Hobbies, Tech, Telecom, Retail, Restaurant, Seasonal, Sports, Word of Mouth.
Intent: Auto - Buyers, CPG, Financial Products, Propensity, Services, Shopping, Tickets, Travel.
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SkimlinksFree (if in data co-op)Publisher (audiences data co-op)GlobalSkimlinks exclusively add their own directly observed first party data to their segments. Every user in their segments has been tracked by their unique affiliate marketing technology across multiple sites.
The taxonomy consists of three segment families (one for each stage of the customer journey):

- Affinity - Read content about a brand or topic repeatedly
- Wants to buy - Have read content and clicked on merchant links repeatedly about a brand or topic
- About to buy - Have often clicked on merchant links and read content related to a specific product or brand
AmberDataUsage PermutiveRUOne of the largest DMPs in Russia, AmberData aggregates local data from various sources, capturing online sociodemographic, behavioural, intent and interest information. Select from a wide range of segments, including Automotive, Business, Education, Careers, Fashion and Beauty, Health, Sports, Vacations and Traveling etc. AmberDATA works with SSPs and third-party data providers to collect non-personally identifiable information. The data is consistently updated to provide the latest insights on audience behaviors and preferences.Amber Data
AimMaticUsage PermutiveID, MY, PH, TH, VNAimMatic provides two distinct types of targeting segments built from over one million data points covering online and offline consumer purchase propensity and lifestyle behaviours.Total In-Market (TIM) intent segments reach predictive online audiences with high total purchase propensity for a wide variety of product categories including automotive, banking, durables, FMCG and travel. Total Time Spent (TTS) interest segments target lifestyle behaviour holistically from multiple data points about the total time spent, online and offline for each activity.AimMatic
ALCUsage PermutiveUSALC Digital Audiences are based on fact-based, location-centered data that is linked to individual attributes, not modeled or inferred, to allow for exact targeting. The data is vetted and verified to ensure that marketers and advertisers are reaching the right customers. ALC segments available include:

ALC Auto+ - leverages proprietary sources and known ownership records to deliver the most current and accurate vehicle data
ALC B2B - tracks the dynamic business marketplace to help B2B marketers reach key decision makers
ALC MD+ - provides full coverage of healthcare providers to allow marketers to connect with key executives and practitioners
Newborn Network - delivers data on brand new parents to help marketers target and provide solutions for their needs
Political Precision - provides the most comprehensive and current voter data available
Wealth Window - offers a premier database of the most affluent individuals in the U.S.
ALC MD+: Healthcare/Pharma/Education/Recruiting & Staffing, etc.
B2B: Business Goods & Services/Financial Services & Insurance/Publishing, etc
Wealth Window: Luxury Goods/Travel/Financial Services/Philanthropy, etc.
Political Precision: Campaigns/Fundraising/Advocacy, etc.
ALC Auto+: Automotive/Insurance/Financial Services, etc.
APAC SkimlinksUsage PermutiveAPACSkimlinks exclusively add their own directly observed first party data to their segments. Every user in their segments has been tracked by their unique affiliate marketing technology across multiple sites.
The taxonomy consists of three segment families (one for each stage of the customer journey):

- Affinity - Read content about a brand or topic repeatedly
- Wants to buy - Have read content and clicked on merchant links repeatedly about a brand or topic
- About to buy - Have often clicked on merchant links and read content related to a specific product or brand
APAC Skimlinks
BomboraUsage PermutiveGlobalBombora aggregates the largest source of B2B intent, demographic and firmographic data, helping identify prospects that have displayed a strong indicator of purchase intent. Company Surge reports are based on increases in content consumption around certain topics related to B2B advertisers' products. The cookie pool constantly refreshes so new companies that show an increase in intent will be added, while old companies that are no longer showing purchase intent will be deleted.B2B: Construction, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Marketing, TechnologyBombora
CACIUsage PermutiveUKCACI’s Acorn is a consumer classification tool that segments the United Kingdom’s population into up to 62 types. By analyzing demographic data, social factors, and consumer behavior via postal codes, Acorn can be utilized to understand consumers' lifestyle, behavior and attitudes.
Fresco is one of the UK’s leading financial services segmentation tools, providing insight across consumer life stage and affluence, financial product purchases and holdings, the value of those products, plus information on attitudes to risk, debt and channel behavior.Fresco is one of the UK’s leading financial services segmentation tools, providing insight across consumer life stage and affluence, financial product purchases and holdings, the value of those products, plus information on attitudes to risk, debt and channel behavior.
Ocean is a powerful consumer database that provides insight on consumer lifestyle, household and purchasing characteristics by combining millions of data items from hundreds of sources.
CoreLogicUsage PermutiveAU, NZCoreLogic is one of Australia’s most comprehensive property databases with over 500 million data decision points, allowing consumers to make informed and confident decisions on property. The Postcode Segmentation data is derived from public, contributory and proprietary sources spanning over three decades of collection. CoreLogic’s Real Estate Indicator data provides detailed coverage of property and other factors such as tenancy, location, hazard risk and related performance information.CoreLogic
DLGUsage PermutiveUKDLG’s database is constantly updated through the more than five million survey responses they collect every year via web, e-mail, telephone and mobile. DLG collects a range of data, including consumers’ demographic indicators, lifestyle variables and purchasing behavior. The data is analyzed to provide accurate insights into each individual’s lifestyle characteristics and classified into targetable segments.DLG
DataXpandUsage PermutiveGlobalDataXpand audience data segments cover 45% of Hispanic Internet users in the United States. Through integrations with more than 600 premium publisher partners, DataXpand collects anonymous data based on how users browse, search, show interest or intent. You can now access DataXpand’s segments targeting both Hispanic and non-Hispanic users, with segments that include Brand Discovery, Intent, Interest, US Hispanics, Seasonal and Demographics.Auto, B2B, CPG, Custom, Demo, Entertainment, Education, Financial, Fashion & Beauty, Parenting, Food & Drinks, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Travel, Tech, News, Sports DataXpand
Dun & BradstreetUsage PermutiveUSUsing the enhanced data segments, marketers can more efficiently target businesses and B2B professionals based on a range of attributes, including sales, industry, job function, position, company growth, spend capacity, ownership and legal structure to support a wide range of advertising campaigns that target B2B audiences, such as brand awareness, product launches, programmatic account-based marketing and direct-response.Financial Serivces, IT/Technology and TelecommunicationsDun & Bradstreet
ExperianUsage PermutiveAU, DE, HK, ID, JP, MY, NL, NZ, SG, TW, UK, US Experian’s Mosaic methodology aggregates multiple data sources and classifies residents in a country into comprehensive clusters unique to each market. These clusters provide insights into a wide range of socio-demographic factors such as household wealth, family composition, transport usage, international travel frequency and banking/insurance products owned. Mosaic is Experian’s most comprehensive cross-channel consumer classification, built for today’s hyper-connected world. Using new data and analytical methods, you get deeper insights on consumer lifestyles and behaviour to help you make more informed marketing decisions.Auto, B2B, Behavioral, CPG, Demographic, Financial, Retail, Seasonal, Social/Lifestyle, TravelExperian
GfKUsage PermutiveAT, AU, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FR, IT, NL, NO, PL, SE, TR, UK, USGfK Purchasing Power data is a recognized benchmark for assessing consumer potential. Purchasing power indicates the level of available income based on a population’s place of residence. The GfK indicator comprises statistical information at detailed regional levels such as postal codes.Auto, Technology, Finance, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food, Fashion/Style, Health, Media, Travel and Political.GfK
IpsosUsage PermutiveAU, NZIpsos RDA Research product, geoTribes, has expanded to include targeting attributes gathered from audiences within New Zealand. These segments are created by aggregating demographic information, such as factual age with geographic location, from the population in New Zealand to provide advertisers and media buyers insights into a wide range of sociodemographic factors such as household wealth and family composition.

- Emma segments are available to target audiences, from within Australia, based on High and Mid range consumer insights relating to topics including Automotive, Insurance, Local Newspaper Engagement and Traditional Media Consumption.
- geoSmart segments give access to a proven and powerful segmentation tool that assigns all Australian consumers and Households into 58 segments and 12 distinct groups. geoSmart segments are created using census data released by the Australia Bureau of Statistics. This geodemographic database is a critical research tool and provides in-depth understanding of how population is structured. These segments give advertisers the ability to target individuals from different lifecycle stages and multicultural groups.
- Household Demand segments give the ability to target based on data covering households, from within Australia, based on attributes such as level of income, loan amounts owed, amount spent and the value of assets owned.
Kantar MediaUsage PermutiveDE, FR, UK, US Through Kantar Media’s unique segments, you can obtain an in-depth view of all kinds of offline and online consumer behaviour. These segments provide insights through surveys into consumer behaviour across a variety of key sectors, including grocery shopping, mobile phones, banking, TV viewing and air travel.Kantar Media
MastercardUsage PermutiveUKMastercard segments can be used to reach customers using two distinct targeting attributes: Frequent Transactors and Top Tier Spenders. Frequent Transactors are anonymized into aggregated segments based on frequency of transactions in a selected category, while Top Tier Spenders are classified based on total spend in a selected category.Auto, Travel, Retail, Credit Cards, Entertainment, B2B, Grocery & Drug, Telco/CableMasterCard
MeritDirectUsage PermutiveAT, CH, DE, FR, UK, US MeritDirect specializes in B2B audience firmographic data, meaning data that shows the characteristics of organizations that are most likely to purchase a product or service. This data includes the number of employees, revenue or industry and more and can be used to target specific groups of companies or individuals.
OmniDIGITAL is built using quality, market-leading source data that is verified and enhanced with demographic business data. It aggregates robust and responsive data including response, compiled and survey data. MeritDirect’s OmniDIGITAL provides marketers with depth and breadth, with an audience stemming from premium data sources.
B2B, Government, Information Technology, Construction, Female Professionals, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Small Business, Wholesale & Retail, Engineering MeritDirect
NetsprintUsage PermutivePLNetsprint gathers and segments data of over 20 million profiles of Polish users. All data is collected based on long-term relationships with leading Polish publishers.Netsprint
NRIUsage PermutiveJPNRI’s data segments cover Sociodemographic and Intent categories, including Sociodemographic Profiles, Demographic, Lifestyle and House Renovation Demand to target consumers in Japan. NRI’s data is collected through sample questionnaires and surveys of more than 100,000 consumers and its own analytical method is used to align estimation data.NRI
OnAudienceUsage PermutiveGlobalWith one of the largest third-party data sets that span over 40 markets,’s segments provide thousands of attributes covering general interests, purchase intentions, geolocalization, demographics and more.’s data is anonymized and aggregated from a mix of providers including online publishers, networks and technology partners. Segments available cover a mix of B2B and B2C Intent, Interest and Demographic data targeting Business Services, Family, Healthcare, Home & Garden, Art, Politics, News & Current Events, Finance, Social, Science, among others.OnAudience
Pacific Data PartnersUsage PermutiveGlobal, USPacific Data Partners is the largest B2B-focused data marketplace with more than 700 distinct data sets that contain more than 50 billion records. Combining a mix of data from technology and data companies, credit bureaus, local, state and federal government agencies and more, Pacific Data Partners builds highly-accurate and scalable B2B and B2C audiences. The company uniquely aggregates professional (occupation, role, seniority), firmographic (industry, sales volume, employee size) and technographic data (hardware and software profiles) across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.Pacific Data Partners
Plunge DigitalUsage PermutiveUSPlunge Digital has been built on linking offline data assets with online information to provide breadth and depth of data.

PlungeRides – Automotive data sets verified by Kelley Blue Book, the vehicle valuation and information source trusted and relied upon by both consumers and the automotive industry
PlungeRx – Ailment database that consists of consumers with a variety of different health treatment interests
PlungePeople – Online consumer database of 244 million individuals representing 120 million households, and including a variety of characteristics such as geo-demographic, lifestyle, life-stage, among others
PlungePro – More than 20 million targetable B2B data sets that help to identify, compile and verify businesses and leading firmographics
Plunge Digital
Roy MorganUsage PermutiveAU, ID, NZHelix Personas can be used to understand exactly who and where your customers are, including key values, purchasing behaviors, demographics and media habits. Roy Morgan measures all aspects of Indonesian life with over 12 years of data and a quarter of a million interviewsRoy Morgan
SchoberUsage PermutiveDESchober is known for its expertise in data and information management. The company has not only generated its own extensive B2B and B2C databases but also grants access to numerous additional online characteristics. With over 36 million profiles, Schober’s data segments provide scale and reach to provide in-depth insights on consumer behavior. Segments encompass automotive segments based on type of car owned, demographic, household income and net worth, lifestyle (luxury, rural or urban living), energy, insurance and more.Schober
ShareThisUsage PermutiveSEAShareThis is synonymous with online content sharing, with 4.5 million domains using its social tools. ShareThis tools provide unique access to global data on people-based behavior, capturing 16 billion social events monthly.

ShareThis classifies audiences by combining layers of their social media interactions captured through its sharing tool – content consumption and sharing patterns/views, clicks, searches and shares – across the web. These events allow ShareThis to paint a more comprehensive and consistent picture of these users, from their general interests to their true passions.
Arts & Entertainment, Autos & Vehicles, Beauty & Fitness, Books & Literature, Business & Industrial, Computers & Electronics, Fiannce, Food & Drink, Games, Health, Hobbies & Leisure, Home & Garden, Internet & Telecom, Jobs & Education, Law & Government, News, Online Communities, People & Society, Pets & Animals, real Eestate, Reference, Science, Seasonal, Shopping, Sports, TravelShareThis
SpecialistsUsage PermutiveUSSMS Inc. audience data segments are collected from 240 million US consumers that have been flagged with targeting attributes including demographic, lifestyle, occupation, auto, and mail order history. All data points are multi-sourced and Delivery Point Validation (DPV) verified. SMS Inc. lifestyle and mail order buyer segments are defined by anyone with transactional activity on a specific attribute, while demographic, occupation and auto data segments are compiled through a combination of census, public record, survey and self-reported sources.Specialists
StatSocialUsage PermutiveUSStatSocial analyzes social and blog content produced by hundreds of millions of people across the world, to understand consumer demographics and affinities. Now, with the help of cognitive computing technology IBM Watson, these insights include personality traits, needs, and values.StatSocial
StiristaUsage PermutiveUSStirista is a data-driven marketing agency that specializes in creating custom audience segments and executing campaigns via digital, email and social channels.

B2B – audience data to micro-target business employees, these segments include title, individual job department, and firmographic data to help select audiences based on industry, company revenue or number of employees.
B2C – data sets incorporate more than 275 million social records from all major social media platforms
Language – segments based on languages users speak, targeting more than 60 different dialects
Life-event triggers – audiences who are going through major life-changing events, such as new and pre-movers, newly-engaged couples, newlyweds, new moms and first-time homeowners
Auto, B2B, Political, B2C, Life-Event "Triggers", Social DataStirista
GBGUsage PermutiveUKGBG Transactis segments are created from consumer transactional data which includes information on products bought, payment method, offers responded to, channel preference, spend on product or channel. Data accuracy is ensured as consumer provided details are validated by GBG Datacare.Retail, Custom, Financial, Lifestyle, Telco, UtilitiesGBG
YouGovUsage PermutiveDE, UK, USYouGov’s data covers a range of topics, including consumer lifestyles, general interests, brand use & perception, demographics, media, technology, finance and retail, among a variety of other segments.
YouGov’s opinion data is derived from its highly participative panel of five million people worldwide that provide it with a live, continuous stream of data. YouGov captures these streams through its various data collection platforms and collates them together in YouGov Profiles, its unique connected data library.

Data is collected in three ways:

- Online surveys
- Passive tracking of panelists across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop
- Ratings from, its online engagement platform for panelists
comScoreUsage PermutiveUScomScore is a leading cross-platform measurement company that precisely measures audiences, brands and consumer behavior everywhere. Built on precision and innovation, their datasets – spanning desktop, mobile and TV – help you achieve a unified consumer view and enable the creation of powerful, hyper-targeted segments to drive stronger business results.

Demographic Segments: Probabilistic demographic segments based on the multi-sourced, MRC-accredited, vCE® measurement approach – two-million-person global panel, extensive census network and partner demographics.
Agency, Automotive, CPG , Entertainment, Financial, Healthcare, Media, Networks, Retail, Sports, Technology, Travel and TelecommunicationscomScore
EyeotaUsage PermutiveGlobalEyeota is a leading global audience data supplier with 1.5 billion unique user profiles worldwide. With over 6,000 segments they focus on the human behind the data to empower publishers and marketers to build deeper more meaningful connections with their consumers. Choose from a variety of premium local audience data sourced from 30,000+ credible publisher partners worldwide across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and the Americas. Eyeota is a Trusted Partner - EDAA Accredited, ABC Audited, and IAB Certified for the highest quality data and security. Access premium branded audience data from some of the most trusted names in offline & online data.B2B, Interest, Intent, Sociodemographic - Art/Design, Auto, B2B, Consumer, Education , Energy, entertainment, Environmental, Fashion, Finance Bank, FMCG, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Legal, manufacturing, men Interest, Music, News, Other, Real Estate, Retail, Sports , Technology, Travel, Women InterestEyeota
Audience ProjectUsage PublisherUKAudience Project segments are based on real people – and the many differences defining real people. With a proprietary tech stack and reliance on their own data ecosystem they're able to provide both high performance and transparency.DemographicAudience Project
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