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ANNEX - Together 2030Review of Statements delivered during the United Nations 72nd General Assembly General Debate (September 18 - 23 2017, New York) Tracking of HoS Stetements - UNGA72
*Texts are extracts from Member States statements delivered during the General Debate of the 72nd UN General Assembly
COUNTRYMessages on Implementation plans at national level, accountabiity and particiation of civil society and stakeholdersLink to the Statement
AfghanistanNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
AlbaniaOver the World, people want to be safe: free from violence, oppression, persecution and fear. They want to be treated with dignity, to know that their life matters, without distinction by gender, race, national or social origin, religious belief, political affiliation, property, birth or any other status. In order to achieve these goals, we need to go beyond declaratory undertakings. People rightly demand us to show responsibility and ability to act. The pledge to leave no one behind is the central theme of the 2030 Agenda on SDG-s. - We are aware that this reform is about what we can and must do together to better support our common efforts in transforming our lives. The 2030 Agenda points the way towards a better future, the future we want and our children deserve. We cannot and must not fail in this promise. - Let me end by highlighting the need for the UN to change in order to remain relevant, live up with its responsibilities, secure the promise of sustainable development, ensure human rights and guarantee peace and security for the future generations.
AlgeriaL'Agenda 2030 pour le dyveloppement durable ainsi que le programme d'AddisAbeba pour le financement du dyveloppement sont des acquis remarquables qui nycessitent dysormais la mobilisation de tous les moyens et de toutes les dnergies pour leur mise en oeuvre.- Dans ce cadre, PAlgdrie s'est rysolument engagde dans la mise en oeuvre de I'agenda 2030 ytravers la mobilisation de I'ensemble des capacitys nationales, ce qui inclut I'ensemble des partenaires, enparticulier, lasociyty civile.
AngolaIn this context, we appreciate the relevance of the four axes defined in the Agenda of this Session, namely: Prevention and Mediation of Conflicts to achieve sustained Peace; Promotion of Human Rights; Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; and the Paris Climate Agreement.- Two years ago, we adopted the Sustainable Development Agenda, an important instrument to guide the development strategies of our States. We hope that its implementation in the next 13
years will substantially reduce the majorsocial deficiencies affecting developing nations.- The economic ana financial aihicuities affecting most countries have had a negative Impact on the mobilization of financial resources for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, especially among the poorest, most vulnerable and with limited Internal resources. International efforts aimed at securing the critical financial resources, should be guided by the Addis Ababa Agenda on Financing, adopted In 2015.- The Republic of Angola, which Is now beginning a new cycle In Its life as a Nation, is strongly engaged In achieving the 17 Goals of this Agenda, despite an adverse global economic environment. To this end, Angola has launched Its National Development Plan, aimed at rehabilitating and modernizing economic and social Infrastructures, promoting public and private Investment, and enhancing training, qualification, and adequate management of human resources.
AndorraSi—como nos dice el secretario general— el desarroilo es la dave de la prevendon de los conflictos, entonces d Consejo Economico y Sodal es una herramienta dave. Y la Agenda 2030 de Desarroilo Sostenible es tambidi una pieza dave. Por eso Andorra parddpara en la proximaedidon de lasRevisiones Nadonales Voluntarias de los Objetivos de Desarroilo Sostenible, que permite evaluard grado de cumplimientode laAgenda 2030,asicomo acelerar su aplicadon efectiva.- Y esto son lasRevisiones Nadonales Voluntarias: un modo de medir lo que todos nosotros hacemos para Uegar a los objetivos de Desarroilo Sostenible de la Agenda 2030. Andorra presentara su informe voluntario en julio dd ano quo viene y, de hccho, los divcrsos ministerios y departamentos dd Gobiemo andorrano trabajan desdc hace ticmpo para alinear las polfticas internas con los Objetivos de Desarroilo Sostenible. Para identificar todas aquellas acdones intcmas que encajan con cada uno de los 17 objetivos con los que todos nosotros nos comprometimos el 25 de septiembre de 2015.- Asi mismo, en el marco de las poUticas internas, encontramos otros ejeraplos de lo que Andorra esd Uevando a cabo. Como la educadon, directamente vinculada con d objetivo numero 4 de la Agenda 2030: los esfiierzos que desde Andorra estamos hadendo para implementar la educadon por competendas; para mantener y mejorar la convivenda de tres sistemas educativos —d espanol, el frances y d andorrano—, todos ellos publicos, gratuitos y deUbre deccion; o paraincluir losderechos humanos ylosvalores demoa-aticos como parte del curriculum acaddnico de nuestros ninos y jovenes... Todas estas acdones tambien se alinean —e induso en algun caso se inspiran en ellos— con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible. Un bucn ejemplo de nuestro compromiso con los estandares internadonales en materia educativa es la redente aprobadon de la aceptadon, por parte del Gobiemo, de la Convendon de la UNESCO relativa a la Lucha contra las Discriminadones en la Esfera de la Ensenanza. Un instrumento intemadonal clave para promoverla igualdad de oportunidades
Antigua and BarbudaThis would provide us with the fiscal space to borrow, as we seek to gamer every cent to recover and rebuild from Hurricane Irma and to give our people a chance to achieve a decent life, in keeping with the sustainable development goals.
Los lideres del mundo han acordado un plan de acci6n en favor de las personas y el planeta. La Agenda 2030 establece que la erradicaci6n de la pobreza en todas sus formas, es el mayor desaffo que enfrenta el mundo para lograr un desarrollo sostenible. En coincidencia con esta aspiraci6n global, nuestro gobierno estableci6, como uno de las ejes centrales de su programa, el objetivo de avanzar decididamente hacia pobreza cero. Como muestra de este compromise a nivel internacional, Argentina present6 en julio pasado, su primer Examen Nacional Voluntario de la aplicaci6n de la Agenda 2030.
ArmeniaToday free Artsakh is an established democratic society. Our shared motto and commitment of “Leaving no one behind” should be the milestone guiding the work of the United Nations family. It is exactly for that reason, I believe, that people of Artsakh should never be isolated from the implementation of the sustainable development goals.
AustraliaWith the 2030 agenda, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction and the World Humanitarian Summit's Grand Bargain, there is a blueprint for global action on those problems which can only be addressed by working together on challenges that don't respect national borders.- Recent successes prove this to be true - the global arms trade treaty, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals.- Central to our task is to achieve sustainable and inclusive development. The United Nations must play a more effective and agile role. The UN development system should be more focused on sustainable economic development to provide employment opportunities and facilitate partnerships with the private sector.
AustriaNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
AzerbaijanNoy available at UN websiteNoy available online
Bahamas(Antonio Guterres) has the daunting task of continuing the implementation of the bold and ambitious Agenda 2030. I commend him on the work he has done to date in steering the work of the organisation, and wish to assure him of the full support of The Bahamas… The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognises non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as a major challenge for sustainable development… Despite the challenges faced, the Government of The Bahamas remains committed to a comprehensive development agenda for the country. With the launch of the National Development Plan Vision 2040 in the coming months, we will set a course towards the achievement of the SDGs. In this connection, The Bahamas has committed to participating in the Voluntary National Review process at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council in 2018.
BarbadosIn the last few years, the countries represented here have made historic international commitments. These include the SAMOA Pathway, the 2030
Agenda for Sustainable Development and Paris Agreement on Climate Change.- In recognition that our citizens are our most precious resource, we have
resolutely taken a path to development that is people-centred. Our national policy framework aligns naturally with the philosophy guiding the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This has facilitated our implementation efforts. The Prime Minister of Barbados has clearly demonstrated the priority which Barbados accords to the implementation
of the Sustainable Development Goals. He has appointed a Permanent Secretary in his office with the mandate and special responsibility to lead the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the national level.- Barbados has been a consistent and vocal advocate for the treatment of SiDS as a special case for sustainable development because of their inherent natural vulnerabilities. There is a pressing need for the international community to address the specific needs and interests of SIDS ina holistic manner. Effective partnerships on a multi-sectoral basis are also required to assist them in implementing the SDGs.- Barbados welcomes the convening of the Third Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). We encourage all States Parties to take action to implement the Treaty. We further acknowledge the nexus between the ATT and the SDGs and their contribution to the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies.- For Barbados and other SIDS, whether in the Caribbean, the Pacific, Asia or Africa, climate change is a matter of life or death. It is not an issue for sterile debates and endless meetings. For our people, it is about loss of life and livelihood. For our economies, heavily dependent on tourism, it is about a cycle of constant recovery and rebuilding which is a serious impediment to sustainable development.- Barbados' support for global climate change action is a component of its overall policy of promoting and protecting the environment. We have taken concrete steps to build a resource-efficient green economy, which is integrated into our national framework for sustainable development.
BahrainNot analyzed due to language barrier
BangladeshWe are committed to implement the SDGs. For that, our Government has adopted a 'whole-of-the-society' approach. The SDGs complement our vision to transform Bangladesh into a middle-income country by 2021 and a developed one by 2041… Even before the adoption of the SDGs we have initiated unique social programmes that reflect the themes of the SDGs, such as Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar (One Household One Farm); Community Clinic; Ashrayan (Shelter project); Digital Bangladesh; Education Support; Women Empowerment; Education for All; Social Safety Net; Environment Protection and Investment and Development… Our "Voluntary National Review" presented to the UN this year showcased our progress and commitment for achieving the SDGs.
BelarusNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
BelgiumNoy available at UN website
BelizeReadily we have embraced the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and launched our Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy which Integrates the global sustainable development goals (SDGs). Our nationally determined contributions under the Pahs Agreement further complement the GSDS. Already we are seeing the dividends of that early Investment In policy and action. Belize has met several goals on road safety, marine protection, and sustainable fisheries- It behooves the United Nations to develop a participatory framework for the private sector to account for their commitments and action to advance the global goals. The High-level Political Forum offers a useful platform to integrate such a framework. The United Nations should also develop appropriate capacity to track the alignment of private financial flows with the 2030 Agenda.- At the country level, we are ready to engage in discussions on how to ensure that the United Nations on the ground is fit for our country purposes as we aim to implement the ambitious 2030 Agenda and develop country specific solutions for sustainable financing.- Belize proudly hosted the launch of the CARICOM First Ladies and Spouses of Prime Ministers Network In support of the Implementation of SDG 5 and the EveryCaribbean Woman Every Caribbean Child Initiative
BeninAlors que nous nous engageons dans la phase active de mise en ceuvre concrete des Objectifs de
Developpement Durable, le Benin se rejouit du theme de la presente session, intitule: «Priorite a
I'etre humain: Paix et Vie decente pour tous sur une planete preservee ». Ce theme
correspond pertinemment aux orientations contenues dans le Programme d'Actions de notre
Gouvernement qui place 1homme et la planete au centre de ses preoccupations.
Le Benin continue ses efforts pour I'atteinte des Objectifs de Developpement Durable.
BoliviaNot available at UN websiteNot available at UN website
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMy faith in the value of the Agenda2030 is as strong today as it was two years ago, when we
adopted it at this very place. In Bosnia and Herzegovinait receiveddue institutional attention,
based on its signiRcance and the nobility of the goals it sets before us- For the
consistent implementation of the goals set by the Agenda, we will have to overcome
numerous weaknesses. - In this regard, it
should be emphasized that in all the activities related to the implementation of the Agenda
2030 we work extremely well with the UN bodies and agencies active in our country and we
want this cooperation to be even more fruitful- Bosnia and Herzegovina, through its membership in the United Nations Economic and Social
Council (ECOSOC), encourages mutual exchange of experiences in various aspects of the
Agenda implementation- For this
reason, a significant part of the reform processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina is dedicated to
creating conditions for reducing the youth unemployment, which corresponds to Goals 8.5
and 8.6 of the Agenda 2030- Fulfilling the noble and ambitious
goals requires knowledge and norms that many of the UN member states do not have, and it
might produce an additional burden to the already overburdened state budgets. - We have fully understood and accepted the strong interconnectedness of the economic, social
and environmental dimensions of sustainable development
BotswanaSDGs and Peace. National plan and multi-stakeholder consultations. VNR Bw shared its implementation expertise
BrazilBrazil's commitment to sustainable development is a deep-rooted one. It permeates our public policies and our actions abroad. During our chairmanship of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries, for instance, we placed the Agenda 2030 as the axis of our activities. In all fronts, Brazil tries to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
BhutanThe SDGs are critical in this regard. They give us reason for hope. While every one of
the 17 Goals will contribute to eradicating the scourge of poverty, our common resolve
is articulated powerfully in the very first goal ofthe SDGs, which promises nothing less
than to "end poverty in all its forms everywhere."- No doubt, we have a lot ofwork to do, but the SDGs provide a realistic roadmap forthis
important task. However there are no shortcuts.
Bulgaria"Leaving no one behind" and "reaching the farthest behind first" are not simply
political declarations meant to invigorate Agenda 2030. If we are to transform
our world by lifting it out of poverty, we need to implement fully the
Sustainable Development Goals by promoting equality, inclusion and
participation.- I would also like to extend my warmest gratitude to His Excellency
Mr. Peter Thomson for his tireless work as President of the 71st Session in
promoting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Burkina FasoL'entree en vigueur de TAccord de Paris sur les changements climatiques, merite a cet egard d'etre saluee. L'elaboration du cadre mondial d'indicateurs de suivi des Objectifs de Developpement Durable, ainsi que la tenue du Forum politique de haut niveau pour le suivi de la mise en oeuvre de I'Agenda 2030, constituent egalement des avancees indeniables.
Brunei DarussalamTwo years ago, Brunei Darussalam proudly joined everyone to embark on an extended
journey to achieve a global set of ambitious goals for sustainable development.
BurundiDans la realisation du Programme 2030, le Burundi poursuit son chemin d'inclusion sociale et de croissance economique partagee. II ne peut en etre autrement puisque ces deux aspects sont des piliers importants dans la politique de developpement preconisee par la Vision 2025. Pour leur realisation, notre pays sait compter sur la cooperation des Etats amis et d'autres partenaires intemationaux. Malheureusement, les sanctions prises par I'Union Europeenne contre le Burundi ne contribuent pas a la realisation de ces plans importants pour les Burundais parce qu'elles privent le pays de ressources tres importantes. Ainsi, la r^isation du Programme 2030 et des objectifs de 1Agenda 2063 de I'Union Africaine se voit ainsi compromise du fait de ces sanctions.
Cabo VerdeThanks to the United Nations, humanity has for the first time a holistic and
comprehensive Agenda that offers a real opportunity for sustainable and inclusive
development. - Now, two years after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, the challenges lie in its
implementation. - In this regard, we would like to commend the Secretary-General’s ongoing exercise,
which aims to adapt the United Nations development system, as well as reform the
Secretariat's management structures to fit the challenges of implementing the 2030
Agenda and its SDGs.- Partnerships are an integral and indispensable part of the 2030 Agenda, and national
ownership will find in them an unquestionable complement so that the Strategic
Plan for Sustainable Development can succeed, with the United Nations at the
forefront- The 2030 Agenda has endowed the World with not only a Vision, but also a Roadmap
to bring happiness to the people and leave no one behind in the path to sustainable
development. - In 1945, the Peoples of the United Nations showed their determination to lead
Humanity in a different course than War. Today, with the 2030 Agenda, they will be
able to determine another course for Humanity, for People who still struggle with
poverty and the absence of alternatives for their development. - is is our vision and purpose for the economy, security and diplomacy. They are
captured by the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development (PEDS), which is already
completed and aligned with the SDGs
CambodiaMr.President, let me touch upon two topics of relevance to this year's UNGA theme, namely the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Climate Change. The 2030 Agenda is inextricably linked to many issues that perturb the world today, the most pressing one being climate change, which is not only a direct threat in itself but also a multiplier of many other threat
CameroonThis session is being held within a global context marked by
multiple hotbeds of tension worldwide, where terrorism continues to affect
thousands of people, where human activity is causing climate disruptions, and
where poverty is far from declining. However, it is also taking place in parallel
with laudable efforts towards implementing the Sustainable Development
Agenda designed to ensure Humanity's fulfilment so that no one is left behind- For Cameroon and most of our States, peace is the sine qua non
for the survival of humanity and for sustainable development
CanadaMany will sound familiar to you, because they are closely aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – goals that apply to all of our countries, without exception… Our efforts include investments to help bring safe and clean drinking water to all Indigenous communities – part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #6: clean water and sanitation… So far, more than two dozen long-term drinking water advisories in Indigenous communities have been eliminated, and we have a plan to bring to an end those that remain… You see, the Sustainable Development Goals are as meaningful in Canada as they are everywhere else in the world, and we are committed to implementing them at home while we also work with our international partners to achieve them around the world… Construction work on nearly 4,000 homes has been completed or is underway, helping to fulfill SDG#11: making communities safe and sustainable places to live… Our efforts also include a stronger focus – in Indigenous communities, across Canada, and around the world – on SDG #5: combatting gender-based violence and giving women and girls equal opportunities to succeed.
CARJe salue le choix du theme de la presente session intitule : « Priority k Tetre humain : paix et une vie d^cente pour tous, sur une pian^te pr^serv^e », qui traduit a suffisance I'importance de la place de I'homme dans I'agenda de notre organisation et qui s'inscrit dans la droite ligne des Objectifs de Developpement Durable (ODD) adoptes id meme en 2015 et ayant pour ambition la reduction de la pauvrete de moitie a I'horizon 2030.- Ce Programme avec I'appui des partenaires techniques et financiers de
la Republique Centrafricaine, a pu permettre au Gouvernement de
mettre en place un cadre institutionnel approprie pour la conduits et le
suivi - evaluation des ODD, avec un accent particulier sur les objectifs
qu'il a retenus comme actions prioritaires.- Sur le changement cllmatlque et le developpement durable, notre
planete continue de subir les consequences des phenomenes naturels a
savoir: le seisme, les precipitations, la secheresse, I'avancee fulgurante
du desert et le rechauffement de la terre, qui constituent une veritable
preoccupation- Je puis vous rassurer que la Republique Centrafricaine, mon pays,
continuera d'apporter sa modeste contribution a notre oeuvre commune
en faveur de la paix, de la securite et du developpement durable
auxquels nous aspirons tous.
ChadLa crise financiere et economique que traversent les pays en vole de developpement compromet la mise en ceuvre efficlente de I'Agenda 2030 pour le developpement durable, bati apres des efforts inlassables sur les acquis des Objectifs du Millenaire pour le Developpement. Son adoption en 2015 a suscite beaucoup d'espoir parce qu'il est cense inverser la courbe de la pauvrete et promouvoir le developpement. Mais, avec la persistance de la crIse economique, les menaces recurrentes sur la paix et de la securite, ('apparition cyclique des pandemies et ('amplification du plienomene migratoire, nous craignons que ces maux n'influent negativement sur la mise en oeuvre de cet Agenda.
ChileLa enorme fortaleza de la Agenda 2030 y los ODS es, justamente, que no sólo proponen un nuevo enfoque para mejorar las condiciones de vida de las personas; proponen que lo hagamos todos juntos, a partir de las fortalezas de cada uno.- Mi país, como todos los países de renta media, enfrenta importantes
desafíos de corto y mediano plazo. Valoramos por eso la visión multidimensional del desarrollo, contenida en la Agenda 2030 y los 17
ODS, pues se reconoce la heterogeneidad entre los países y las brechas en el desarrollo, las que quedan ocultas cuando la única medición del desarrollo es el ingreso per cápita- Pero parece que estamos ante una contradicción. Los países de
ingreso medio, incluyendo muchos pequeños estados insulares en desarrollo del Caribe, están siendo “graduados” por el Comité de Ayuda al Desarrollo de la OCDE, únicamente por sobrepasar el criterio de ingreso per cápita. ¿Dónde está, entonces, el criterio multidimensional de la Agenda 2030?- Cuando aún existen vastos sectores de nuestros países sin acceso a los bienes públicos más básicos, cuando todavía hay hambre y segregación, trabajo precario y una enorme desigualdad, la conclusión es una sola: tenemos un largo camino que recorrer para que la agenda de la solidaridad prime por sobre la agenda del egoísmo y la indolencia. - En línea con el ODS 14 –vinculado a los océanos- y el Acuerdo de París, mi país ha puesto en marcha un Plan de Acción Nacional de Cambio Climático.
ChinaNot analyzed due to language barrier
ColombiaPropusimos en la Conferencia de Río + 20 la adopción de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible –aprobados por esta Asamblea en el año 2015–, y hoy registramos complacidos que esos objetivos son la columna vertebral de la Agenda 2030 impulsada por Naciones Unidas.
ComorosPour y reussir et realiser les 17 Objectifs de developpement durable a rhorizon 2030, nous devons cartes compter d'abord sur nous-memes et nos propres ressources. Toutefois, nous avons besoin de la solidarite intemationale mais aussi des industrials, des banquiers et des investisseurs intemationaux.
CongoNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
Costa RicaI want to reiterate my country's commitment to work with you, along with the other Member States, in order to set the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, enforce without delay the Paris and Marrakech commitments, implement the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and reinforce world governance and multilateralism as spaces to preserve international peace and stability...Each word, declaration, and action adopted at these premises keeps alive Kant's hope and inspiring faith in humanity. Building a world from the 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement, Beijing+20, Treaties on the Non-Proliferation of Weapons, and Treaties on the Prohibition and Disarmament of Nuclear Weapons, reveals that we are aware of the multiple challenges that we. Human Communities, face. We recall our firm belief in cooperative response to the most pressing issues to humanity. At the same time, these recent milestones are inspired by the enlightened understanding of those who, before us, and under critical conditions, stood up for a decent coexistence, defended Liberty as life mandate, and kept hope alive as a daily imperative...COSTA RICA: THE FIRST COUNTRY TO SIGN THE AGREEMENT TO MEET SDG OBJECTIVES...In September 2016, Costa Rica became the first country to establish a national agreement to meet SDG Objectives. We included a special provision to include, along the process, the Heads of the Supreme Powers of the Republic, local government representatives, the business sector, religious groups, social organizations, and academia. They have actively engaged their agendas in the implementation of the SDG Objectives...This initiative aligned the Plan Nacional de Desarrollo (National Development Plan) 2015-2018 with both the SDG's and targets for national and local programs and projects. Through consensus building, dialogue, and accountability, the PND established the functional strategy for SDG planning, implementation and follow-up...On the occasion of the United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, Costa Rica and another 42 countries submitted a national voluntary report on the implementation of the SDG objectives. In this sense, Costa Rica, along with the other member countries of the Central American Integration System, sponsored the harmonization of the regional agenda with these objectives...Costa Rica is aware of the integral, universal, and multidimensional nature of the SDG. Therefore, we believe implementation requires political and governance innovation. Leaving no-one behind \s a State and government responsibility, but these entities should not act alone. This is why, the 2030 Agenda should be based on consensus, generating synergy, creative participation, and on the commitment of multiple stakeholders and productive sectors. It should be based above all on this Assembly's commitment and call to action since leaving no-one behind-more than a motto-is a compelling call to action for all sectors in society...I emphasize, therefore, the content and quality of Secretary-General's report on the repositioning of the UN development system to honour the ambitious 2030 Agenda objectives. I consider this to be the appropriate route to coordinate and undertake global actions that will respond to current and future specific Sustainable Development needs...For [middle income] countries, meeting the sustainable development goals will be impossible unless the economic, social and environmental problems are incorporated to the global roadmaps...minority groups that have been historically excluded from the full realization of their rights and those societies hosting them, must be given special regard to meet the 2030 Agenda...Family farming is essential to meet the sustainable development goals since it encompasses, in a comprehensive way, the SDG goals. It Is the basis of sustainable food production, is essential for the environmental management of rural and marine territories where it is developed, and to biodiversity. It is the source of remarkable cultural manifestations of communities, and, is definitely, the cornerstone of countries' comprehensive development….Even more, the fight to achieve full women's rights is an exercise that needs to be fully Implemented to make the SDG's a reality within the time expected by this Organization.
Cote D'IvoireLa construction d'un monde de paix et de securite demeure notre priorite. En depit d'une conjoncture economique difficile, marquee par une chute brutale du cours mondial du cacao, la Cote dlvoire entend tenir ses engagements, dans le cadre de la mise en oeuvre des Objectifs du Developpement Durable- Dans le cadre de ses objectifs prioritaires de developpement, la Cote dlvoire a rralise un taux de croissance de 9% en moyenne sur les cinq (5) dernieres annees.- Je voudrais lancer un appel pressant a tous les Etats ainsi qu'aux organisations de la societe civile, afin que la mobilisation internationale autour de la mise en ceuvre des ODD ne faiblisse pas. Les pays developpes doivent tenir leurs engagements en apportant leurs contributions au financement du developpement, conformement au plan d'action d'AddisAbeba.
CroatiaTwo years ago, through the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the international community properly recognized the limits of reach of individual governments...Universal challenges indeed demand our joint response. In addition, cooperation with academia, the business community and civil society is indispensable, but it would be unwise not to also tap the ideas and ingenuity of each individual in our respective societies… But it is only by paying equal attention to transformational, cross-cutting elements – such as human rights, equality, good governance, the rule of law and inclusive societies – that we will be able to achieve true sustainable development… We believe that next year’s High Level Political Forum will offer a platform to discuss efficient measures for a true transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies, such as the pivotal goal of making cities and human settlements inclusive and safe, while granting their inhabitants a proper quality of life.
CubaHowever, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development lacks the means for its
implementation, due to the egoism and lack of political will of the United States and
other industrialized countries.
CyprusThere is no security without development; and there is no development without security. Enhancing the resilience of our societies is a key aspect of our multilateral endeavors and in this respect our determination to implement the 2030 Agenda must remain high on our list of priorities… Sustainable development is at the heart of dealing with the root causes of forced migration which has, for the last two years, dominated the global agenda and not unjustly.
DenmarkDenmark is committed to an ambitious follow-up of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement – at home and abroad. We have provided at least 0.7 per cent of our GNI in ODA for the last 40 years and will continue to do so in the future. We call on all developed countries to realize the 0.7 per cent target… With only 13 years left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we have no time to waste in fundamentally rethinking the United Nations Development System and its support for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda… Thirdly, the UN Development System needs to be built on the basic premise that neither the United Nations nor governments have the capacity or resources to realize the 2030 Agenda. Partnering with the private sector, civil society, academia and innovators will be crucial. The UN must rethink how it incorporates these resources on our way towards the 2030 goals… Denmark is taking lead to support strong, meaningful, principle-based partnerships. Together with our strategic partners, Chile, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Republic of Korea, and Vietnam, the Danish Government this week launched a new initiative in support of the 2030 Agenda – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 - P4G… Ensuring women equal opportunities is crucial for reaching the SDGs.
DjiboutiL'Agenda 2030 pour I'Humanite est un programme ambitieux, tout a la fois un programme d'eradication de la pauvrete et de preservation de la planets. En outre I'Accord de Paris, la Declaration de Sendai et le Programme d'Action d'Addis-Ababa constituent une panoplie d'instruments visant a renforcer I'Agenda 2030. IIs engagent egalement les pays a adopter des cadres politiques pour modifier les modes de production et de consommation ainsi que des strategies pour faire face aux changements climatiques et aux risques de catastrophes. En vue de ia mise en ceuvre effective, pleine et entiere de I'Agenda 2030 pour le Developpement, Djibouti souhaiterait faire quelques observations: 1)Line attention prioritaire doit etre donnee a I'Afrique et aux PMA car ils sent, comme le rappelle la CNUCED dans ses analyses, « The battleground where the SDGs will be won or lost » !
DominicaThe World Bank facility must be re-capitalized for greater coverage/ by using already committed funds from the Green Climate Fund. This would allow our countries to focus on improving the lives of our people and support the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals… It would allow us to rebuild our nation/ not as it was/ but in a manner that is far more capable/ to meet the realities of rising sea levels/ and warmer oceans.
Dominican RepublicThe World Bank facility must be re-capitalized for greater coverage/ by using already committed funds from the Green Climate Fund. This would allow our countries to focus on improving the lives of our people and support the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.
DPRKNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
DRCDeux ans apres I'adoption de I'agenda 2030 des Nations Unies, il n'est pas trop tot de commencer a en evaluer la mise en oeuvre. En ex^ution de ses engagements, mon pays a tenu a prioriser, dans I'elaboration comme dans la mise en oeuvre de son Plan National de Developpement, les dimensions environnementale, sociale et &onomique du developpement durable.
European UnionThe Paris Agreement is the cornerstone of
global efforts to tackle in an effective way climate change and implement the
2030 Agenda for sustainable development
EcuadorEste plan Toda Una Vida, es, en síntesis, la traducción que hemos hecho en el Ecuador para cumplir
el compromiso de los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible. - Cómo es posible, que recursos que pueden ser destinados para financiar el cumplimiento de los
Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, sean desperdiciados en el absurdo de la guerra?
EgyptHow can the United Nations, Agenda 2030, and the sustainable development goals have any credibility when the international economic order is in itself responsible for augmenting disparities in a manner inconsistent with the values of justice and equality?...Africa has also become subject to the same security threats facing the Arab region, and constitutes a major example of the crisis in the current international economic order, which cements poverty and economic disparity. This global order bears a major responsibility in the economic, political and social crises that threaten international peace and stability, rendering any discussion on sustainable development goals futile.
El SalvadorEl Salvador se identifica con el tema central de este debate y convenimos en el seguimiento de esta visión para el cumplimiento de la Agenda 2030 y sus Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible… La Agenda 2030 constituye un instrumento importante para los procesos de diálogo y concertación en El Salvador… Hemos contribuido con nuestras experiencias al debate del Foro Político de Alto Nivel sobre Desarrollo Sostenible, compartiendo nuestra Primera Revisión Voluntaria Nacional sobre la Implementación de la Agenda 2030… El Salvador cuenta con una Agenda Nacional para el Desarrollo Sostenible, materializada, a través de la creación de una arquitectura institucional para su implementación… Nuestro deber como sociedad es seguir trabajando para profundizar estos resultados positivos y continuar en la consecución de la Agenda 2030… No puedo dejar de señalar que sin una estrategia de financiamiento la adaptación de la Agenda 2030 a la planificación nacional se vuelve un ejercicio complejo… Por ello, reitero la urgente necesidad de vincular la Agenda 2030 con la Agenda de Acción de Addis Abeba, que establece más de 100 medidas y prácticas para generar inversiones que impulsen el desarrollo sostenible en los próximos 15 años… Desde nuestra visión concebimos una estrategia de financiamiento que abarque todas las fuentes y apele a las responsabilidades compartidas para alcanzar los ODS a nivel nacional… Sobre esa base reconocemos que la Agenda de Desarrollo Sostenible para erradicar la pobreza y la desigualdad, es un reto para los Países de Renta Media, de los cuales El Salvador es parte… Para las naciones consideradas en esa categoría es imprescindible eliminar las mediciones basadas únicamente en la renta promedio, o sea solo en los ingresos económicos, y que esconden las desigualdades económicas, sociales y culturales… Es por eso que reafirmamos el llamado a ir mas alia y avanzar hacia la implementación de un cálculo multidimensional… Por otra parte, un tema crucial para El Salvador, es el tema de la migración, es muy importante tener presente que en 2015, al aprobar la Agenda 2030, reconocimos la contribución positiva de los migrantes al crecimiento inclusivo y al desarrollo sostenible. Por esa razón mi país impuso la inclusión del tema migratorio en los ODS y lo hemos priorizado en nuestra Agenda Nacional de Desarrollo Sostenible… Con ese mismo ánimo de trabajo conjunto y cooperación, les invito a que nos unamos en torno a las aspiraciones que hemos acordado en el marco de la Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible, centrándonos verdaderamente en las personas, para que nadie se quede atrás y que todos y todas en este planeta tengan una vida digna en un entorno de paz.
Equatorial Guinea..para que en ausencia de las guerras y d elos fenómenos adversos que hemos señalado, el mundo pueda avanzar hacia un desarrollo sostenible, hacia la consecucion de la Agenda 2030 de las Naciones Unidas y 2063 de la Union Africana
EritreaEritrea is confident it will meet the Sustainable Development Goals ahead of time.
EstoniaToday, the use of information technology and internet are part of everyday life of people everywhere. Estonia can share our experience on how to best utilize e- governance to achieve the SDGs more efficiently and at lower cost. Estonia has been organizing an event series at the UN with the aim to introduce the already well proven benefits of our e-governance to international community.
EthiopiaMore peaceful and inclusive societies create an
environment conducive to sustainable development; sustainable
peace is both an enabler and an outcome of sustainable
development. ThThe year 2015 was indeed a seminal year in this
regard. The commitment that we made in this hall to the
transformative 2030 Agenda sind to leave no one behind was the
result of common conviction that our fates and our futures are
linked and that poverty is a common challenge. The SDGs were
further reinforced with the adoption of the Paris Climate Accord
which entered into force last November strengthening the global
response to the threats posed by climate change.- But today it is no longer the time to celebrate these
achievements but to reflect where we are in terms of their
implementation. Though the SDGs were endorsed by all with so
much optimism, the current state of affairs is far from reassuring.
The global situation since has not been conducive to ensure a
reasonably effective implementation of the SDGs. That is a major
disappointment for all those who have been hoping to see renewed
global partnership in the spirit of the 2030 agenda.- We on our part have fully embraced and started to register
encouraging initial results in implementing the 2030 Agenda. We
have continued to invest in our people to improve their well-being.
To achieve structural transformation and diversify our economy, the
government is expanding the manufacturing sector and
infrastructural facilities that have continued to attract increasing
amount of domestic and foreign investment. To finance our
ambitious national projects, we are mobilizing domestic resources
while maximizing the positive impacts of foreign assistance.- Countries like Ethiopia that are fully committed to implement
the Sustainable Development Agenda require
FijiI salute the United Nations for appointing
Ambassador Thomson as Special Envoy for Oceans. It
Is an honour for Fiji to have one of our own leading
this vitally Important effort to ensure the Implementation of a crucial sustainable development
FinlandGender equality and high-quality education as well as work for Agenda 2030 are also Finland's
priorities as a candidate for the Executive Board of UNESCO- Gender equality is a key priority in the Finnish foreign policy.
As a HeForShe IMPACT Champion I attach also high personal importance to this.
Universal access to sexual and reproductive health, rights and comprehensive sexuality
education is a key factor in sustainable development.
FranceNoy available at UN websiteNoy available an UN website
GabonAvec I'adoption des Objectifs du Millenaire pour le developpement (OMD) et des Objectifs du Developpement Durable (ODD), notre Organisation poursuit ses efforts de mobilisation de la communaute Internationale pour offrir a I'humanite une vie decente dans une planete preservee. Mais, au-dela des proclamations, I'heure est venue de donner a Notre Organisation les moyens de son action a travers des financements previsibles et perennes, pour la mise en oeuvre des ODD.
Gambia(The New National development Plan) has also incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals and other commitments contained in Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
GeorgiaGeorgia's chairmanship of the Open Government Partnership will support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 16: To promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions. While implementing the SDGs through translating them into the national policies, we see the need of institutional reform of the UN and support the new vision of the Secretary-General Guterres reflected in the declaration we subscribed recently.
GermanyWe currently spend just under 1.7 trillion US dollars each year on arms around the world. In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations, i.e. to eradicate extreme poverty in the world by 2030, we would need only 10 percent of that… Only a world in which solidarity prevails will ultimately bring us security and stability. Agenda 2030 shows that the international community has identified this as a "common interest"
GhanaOn 25th September, 2015, when the SDGs were adopted, there were sceptics who feared that the goals were too many and too complex to be successfully tackled, even with concerted effort… The lesson that we have learnt, however, from the experience of this Organisation is that, once the world puts its collective mind to something, the chances are we would get it right… As I watched and listened, along with the rest of the world, it occurred to me that, all put together, the SDGs are, indeed, a worthwhile set of goals for the world. They bear repeating: no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, life below water, life on land, peace, justice and strong institutions and topped up with partnerships for the goals. We should work hard to achieve these goals. The world will be a much better place.
GreeceNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
GrenadaNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
GuatemalaComo muestra del compromiso con la paz y el desarrollo, el pasado 6 de julio de 2017 firmamos el “compromiso por la agenda nacional de desarrollo: los ODS y su articulación al programa nacional de desarrollo K ́atún: nuestra Guatemala 2032”, para alcanzar los objetivos, metas e indicadores trazados en la agenda 2030 para el desarrollo sostenible, y así incidir en el bienestar de los guatemaltecos...(Informe sobre seguridad alimantaria y nutricional) Con esa herramienta se está trabajando arduamente en la estrategia nacional para la prevención de la desnutrición crónica 2016-2020, que se relaciona con los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible.
GuineaL’interdépendance des défis auxquels l’humanité est confrontée nous impose un changement de paradigme dans nos perceptions et actions, notamment en ce qui concerne l’Afrique dont les priorités doivent être appréhendées non par empathie, mais plutôt par pragmatisme, car il n’y a plus de destin isolé dans ce monde. Les flux massifs de réfugiés, les migrations à grande échelle, les catastrophes naturelles, les grandes pandémies qui interpellent aujourd’hui notre conscience collective, constituent la triste illustration de cette réalité. Cette nouvelle approche devra mettre davantage l’accent sur l’être humain et la restauration de sa dignité, si nous voulons éradiquer la pauvreté et atteindre les objectifs des Agendas 2030 et 2063 de l’Union Africaine. L’adoption de l’Agenda 2030 au plan international et de l’Agenda 2063 au plan régional constituent une grande avancée dans notre lutte contre la pauvreté, pourvu que nous respections nos engagements.
Pour ce faire, l’agenda 2030, le plan d’action d’Addis-Abeba, et l’accord de Paris sur le climat nous servent de cadre de référence, œuvrons à leur mise en œuvre effective.
Guinea BissauThe "Sustainable Development Goals" are our challenges. But no development strategy is worthy of such title if..
GuyanaThe Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent our collective desire and
determination to eradicate hunger and poverty from our planet while promoting equal
opportunities in education, employment and social justice for both men and women. The
adoption of the SDGs has catalysed our aspirations for a better world into concrete and
forward-looking actions and objectives.- The respective'Goals'seek to promote respect for the inherent dignityof people and thenrights
as human beings. The advancement of these 'Goals', however, is being obstructed
bythe incidence ofhuman rights violations and the involuntarymigrationofpeoplefrom
their homelands and by terrorism and warfare- The people of the world yearn "to fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a
healthy environment" - an attainable objective of the Sustainable Development Goals
endorsed by the United Nations
HaitiS'agissant de 1'administration publique, le Gouvernement s'attelle, a travers cinq priorites degagees des objectifs du Developpement durable, de concert avec le Parlement, a renforcer les institutions republicaines pour mieux foumir aux citoyens I'acces aux services publics.
HondurasRespaldamos el planteamiento de reforma del sistema de Nadones Unidas, impulsadas por el Secretario General para alcanzar los objetivos de la Agenda 2030...Congruentes con nuestro compromiso con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS), en especial el ODS 1, nuestra administración ha ejecutado el programa social más ambicioso para proteger a los hondureños más vulnerables.
HungaryNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
IndiaIn 2015, we set ourselves a target of 2030 to find solutions to many challenges on this Agenda. Two of these years have already passed. Surely it is already time to ask how much has happened. If complacency defines the next 13 years then we are in danger of losing control. We need a sense of urgency as well as unshakable fortitude to take decisions that can avert catastrophe... I would like to note, at this point, that nations with rising capabilities will be able to generate such change, but the developed world must become an active partner in helping those vulnerable countries which are still mired in stagnant poverty reach SDG horizon within 2030. That is why the principle of Global Partnership was included in SDGs. I am happy to report that India has started, this year, the India-UN Development Partnership Fund.
IndonesiaWe commend his [His Excellency Peter Thomson] role in driving a universal push for the SDGs...A number of global commitments have been agreed. The SDGs, the Climate Change Paris Agreement to name two. However, commitments must be translated Into concrete actions. The key to this, is the means of Implementations, for least developed and developing countries. Adequate funding, technical assistance and capacity building, as well as transfer of technology are Important elements for success. Also, it is important to support regions that have huge potentials, and have undertaken great reforms, towards sustainable development.
IranNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
IraqNot analyzed due to language barrier
IrelandThe 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a stand-out recent achievement. The Sustainable Development Goals have the power and potential to transform our world, addressing the root causes of poverty, inequality and instability. However, their potential can only be realised through a strong and confident multilateral system which empowers Member States to reach the ambitious but necessary targets we have set ourselves… Having played an important role in facilitating agreement on the SDGs in 2015, Ireland is committed to their implementation, domestically and through our foreign policy… Failure is not an option. The UN is the fulcrum upon which we can leverage the change required. But the walls dividing the three pillars of the UN – development, human rights and peace and security- have in the past impeded our efforts to accelerate sustainable development. The SDGs represent a fundamental breakthrough, recognising the many aspects of sustainable development that straddle the pillars. As we move forward on implementation we must break down the organisation’s institutional silos that hinder progress.
IcelandThe Paris Climate Agreement and Agenda 2030 provide the blueprints for our success. Now
we must deliver. Droughts, sea-level rise, ocean acidification and other consequences of climate
change have wide-ranging implications for all our communities. Climate change is nowhere as
visible as in the Arctic with far-reaching consequences in the other parts of the world. The
melting of the polar ice in the north causes higher sea levels in the south. What happens in the
Arctic does not stay in the Arcti- The modern era has also seen the rise of non-state actors – something our system did not plan
for. Terrorists have sought to undermine trust and tolerance within and between our
communities. Alongside improvements of the UN anti-terrorism mechanism, we must identify
the drivers of violent extremism and terrorism. At the heart of conflict and violent extremism
lies a failure of development. This is where Agenda 2030 must play a vital role.- Agenda 2030 is, indeed, a remarkable achievement. It is grounded in the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights as human rights, peace and development are inseparable and essential to
successful implementation of the Agenda.
I take very seriously the Secretary-General’s warning
that “Disregard for human rights is a disease, and it is a disease that is spreading – north, south,
east and west.”- The violation of freedom of expression, of rights to free assembly, of the fundamental rights of
women - all undermine Agenda 2030. Extra-judicial killings, repression of minorities and the
denial of the right to legitimate opposition set back sustainable development, sometimes by
generations. Here I would like to express deep concern at the completely unacceptable situation
of the Rohingya population in Myanmar.
ItalyAgenda 2030 outlines a conunon pathway with clear-sighted
ambition. Together we have written the prescription. Now we have
to follow through on it.- In keeping fully with Agenda 2030, the G7 leaders in Taormina
also committed to stepping up their collective support for food
security in sub-Saharan Africa. And, for the first time, the outreach
session ofthe G7 Summit was dedicated to Africa.- Prevention does not mean building barriers: It means achieving
inclusive and sustainable development.
JamaicaPeople and their well-being are at the heart of our commitment to the sustainable development agenda. We remain focused on the most vulnerable of our citizens, to ensure that those furthest behind will benefit first from the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. The alignment between the SDGs and our National Development Plan, 'Vision 2030', creates a framework within which we can identify and achieve our priorities, not least of which is to ensure the dignity of the individual… From a global perspective, it is important that the international economic and financial architecture is aligned with Agenda 2030 and takes account of this very important distinction. Jamaica, therefore, urges that policy makers embed the SDGs into their design of international regulatory frameworks… In recognition of this fact, Jamaica has partnered with Canada to identify new and innovative means of financing development. Through the Group of Friends on Financing the SDGs, which our countries co-chair, we have been promoting the establishment of partnerships with the private sector, philanthropic organisations and academic institutions. We are exploring innovative financial mechanisms that can spur the investments needed to accelerate implementation of the SDGs… Issues related to global economic governance, debt sustainability and SDG financing take on even more significance for highly indebted middle-income countries like Jamaica, which have large public investment needs, but limited fiscal space. Our reduced access to concessionary finance and Official Development Assistance is a direct consequence of our middle-income designation.
JapanToday,I had intended first of all to tell you of the sincerity with which Japan is implementing the SDGs. I also had hoped to introduce to you the innovative ways by which we have been fostering public awareness withinJapan towards those goals.
JordanNo mention of the 2030 Agenda
KazakhstanMy country persistently pursues the notion of Security-and-Development nexus – the concept that echoes an intrinsic interdependence of peace and security and development. Sustainable development is unimaginable without peace and vice versa. Erosion of security architecture along with regional confrontations and international terrorism undermines the achievements reached within MDGs and jeopardizes the objectives of SDGs. Peace is an integral requirement for social, economic and environmental propulsion.
KenyaKenya acknowledges the importance of the SDGs as an appropriate response to the pressing challenges that we face today. We played a key role in the formulation of SDGs as co-chair of the Open Working Group and remains committed to translating this transformative agenda into tangible action for our people without leaving any one behind. We recognize, however, that achieving the SDGs will be as much about the effectiveness of development co-operation as it will be about the scale and form such co-operation takes. There is a lot of talk about partnership today, but not enough practical, on-the- ground support to make partnerships effective in practice. As a country, we have stepped up efforts towards the achievement of SDGs. In the health sector, for example, our Government now offers free maternal health care services across the country. We next intend to cover health care services for women, children and adolescents. Confirming this commitment two years ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta said, and I quote: "I pledge to take the needed sustainable actions to end all preventable deaths of women, children and adolescents within a generation and ensure their well-being; we hold ourselves accountable for our collective progress towards this goal." Together with the United Nations family in Kenya, we have also established a SDG Partnership Platform that aims to accelerate the attainment of the SDGs in Kenya. The Platform brings together the government, development partners, private sector, civil society and the UN. This Platform has created diverse SDG accelerator windows of which Primary Healthcare has been the first.
KiribatiAs leaders of our sovereign nations, we are responsible to our people who are at the
heart of our sustainable development agenda. Every year, we converge in this great
Hall from all corners of our planet to represent their voice – to share their triumphs,
their tribulations, and to share our vision for them and for our planet. The voice we
represent at this august gathering is constant and dominated by messages of trials
and challenges at varying degrees of urgency and intensity. - During this 72nd Session and in view of our theme, the United Nations must focus on
the most vulnerable and underprivileged members of our global family such as the
least developed countries and Small Island Developing States. We must provide
them with special attention and support to achieve self-sufficiency and enjoy decent
and dignified lives. We must make sure they are not left behind in our global journey
towards achieving the Global Development Agenda. We must provide a platform on
which they can participate meaningfully in international processes that affect their
lives. We must make sure their voices are heard.- Nurturing and developing a decent life for all require genuine and inclusive
partnership. We cannot talk about focusing on people and creating a decent life for
all if our United Nations family is incomplete. Every year, we pledge to consolidate
and act together to provide a better life for our people, yet we choose to ignore the
23 million people in Taiwan and deprive them of the right to be part of this global
family and to participate and contribute meaningfully to the sustainable development
agenda. We call for a reform programme that will see Taiwan included in our global
family’s efforts and drive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. - As part of my Government’s 20-year vision for Kiribati (KV20), we have decided to
take charge of our fate and put in place innovative financing modalities. This will
allow us to fast-track financing support for our sustainable development agenda,
especially in relation to climate change and disaster risk reduction. - In our quest for sustainable development, we often focus on the economic
fundamentals at the expense of human values. For so long, our focus has been
diverted from the very purpose of this global family to our individual fight and quest
for power, dominance and greed. In the process, we fail to recognize that for some
members of this global family, their priority is simply to survive and provide a decent
life and future for their children.
KoreaMy Administration has met the goal of filling 30 percent of the Cabinet with female ministers, thereby spearheading the efforts to realize gender equality, one of the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
KyrgyzstanNot analyzed due to language barrier
KuwaitThe 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda faces significant challenges
because of the erroneous behavioral patterns of humans over the ages, the
impact of natural disasters and the greenhouse effect, that doubles our
international responsibility, so that it has become incumbent upon us to do our
utmost to fully implement the Agenda, requiring that we all enhance the
mechanisms of developmental partnerships, in order to keep pace with the
needs and requirements, ofsustainable development, thus our fulfillment of our
international commitments and solidarity at the global level, will constitute a real
start to reach the goals of sustainable development, with the aim of eliminating
all forms of poverty.- The State of Kuwait is steadily forging ahead under the leadership of His
Highness, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, Amir of the State of
Kuwait, towards implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda by
mainstreaming its goals in Kuwaiti national development plans and programs,
with the involvement of all sectors of civil society and partners, which my
country has embodied in its development plan for the future under the theme of
"New Kuwait" 2035, through seven basic pillars that aim to transform Kuwait
into a leading financial, commercial, cultural and institutional hub.- We would like to wish His
Excellency success in serving the purposes and principles of the United Nations
Charter, as well as in all endeavors to consolidate peaceful coexistence between
nations, maintain international peace and security, and reinforce international
cooperation in all fields, including, the follow up of the implementation of the
goals and objectives of sustainable development.- In this respect, we would be remiss if we fail to mention the vital and
effective role of his predecessor, His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, during the
past ten years, and the great achievements realized during his tenure, such as
the Climate Change Agreement, and the adoption of the Sustainable
Development Goals, and other distinguished accomplishments.- The State of Kuwait firmly believes in the vital and effective role of the
United Nations and its various bodies, agencies and programs, to face up to
increasing global challenges and risks. In that light, we welcome the proposals
and plans put forward by the Secretary-General to restructure the Secretariat,
aimed at making it a more coherent body and promoting its effectiveness and
efficacy in ensuring the coordination and streamlining of its activities in the
fields of maintaining international peace and security and the follow up of the
implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Lao PDRNoy available at UN websiteNoy available an UN website
LatviaNow is the time for putting in place the mechanisms of
implementation of the 2030 Agenda. This needs to be done at all
levels - national, regional, and global, in true partnership with all
stakeholders. We welcome the current review of the United
Nations development system in order to meet the ambitious goals
ofthe 2030 Agenda.
Next year Latvia will present a Voluntary National Review of the
implementation ofthe 2030 Agenda to the UN High Level Political
Forum on Sustainable Development. Our national focus is on
putting people first, as it will lead to long lasting development
Latvia is ready to share its experience with implementing the 2030
Agenda through development cooperation
LebanonNoy available at UN websiteNoy available an UN website
LesothoWhereas the SDGs embrace the concept of universal prosperity for all societies, we are all aware that, in essence, this ideal is still far from being realized. We need to cooperatively move forward in the endeavor to achieve peace and a decent life for all. It is, indeed incumbent upon the entire international community to act in unison, as we strive to restore peace and deploy a universal response to our said ideal. To that end, the immediate challenge is to come up with a new strategy which will encapsulate the SDGs and integrate them, multi-dimensionally, into the concept as outlined in the theme.- At
the same time, we are relentlessly committed to combatting crime and corruption at all
levels of our society, in accordance with Goal 16 of the SDGs, which recognizes that
corruption undermines efforts to combat poverty and gender equality. It further acts as
a tax to the poor when it comes to accessing their right to public services- In this regard, we emphasize the importance of the
youth's participation in decision making at ail levels. Further, job creation for the youth
remains a priority. In reference to goal 8 of the SDGs, global strategy for youth
employment is to be operationaiized by the year 2020. -We recognize
that poverty and the AIDS pandemic go hand in hand; and therefore our poverty
eradication policies are targeted at the most vulnerable groups, being the elderly, AIDS
orphans, women and youth. We remain steadfast in ensuring that these are tackled for
they are key components of the SDGs.- Attainment of sustainable development will elude us if there is no genuine commitment
by all including our Development Partners.
LibyaNot analyzed due to language barrier
LiberiaI was personally privileged to play a role in the formulation of the Sustainable Development Agenda as Co-chair of Secretary-General BAN Ki-Moon's High-Level Panel on SDGs and in framing the Common Africa Position [CAP] as Chair of the AU's High-Level Committee....My delegation is also pleased with the initial steps taken toward the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals…..I would also like to recognize Mr. Peter Thompson of Fiji for his stewardship over the past year, which saw the launch of the Sustainable Development Agenda and the successful conduct of the first ocean conference.