YearDayTimeSessionRoomCapacityTitleLeader1Session notes
2022110:30 - 11:151AOnlineN/APublic sector organisations are in continual change.*
Can we manage change better? Bring along your good and bad examples of planning for, implementing and adapting change work. Change theorists, change managers as well as those subject to change most welcome.

*Well, the ones I have worked at seem to have been in continual change.
Mark Dalgarno @markdalgarno UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 1A
2022110:30 - 11:151BOnlineN/AHow do we make digital sustainable? (in every sense).

How can digital last for decades, and not be just about the next big delivery? Building permanent teams, considering use of energy and other resources, avoiding accumulating legacy, being flexible enough for the next big unknown challenge, making the money work.
Dave Rogers @daverogUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 1B
2022110:30 - 11:151COnlineN/ACampfire chat: Openness and transparency.

At Unboxed, openness and transparency is one of our core values, and we’ve recently been discussing what it means and what it looks like in post-covid working environments. Join us for a group conversation to share your experiences of openness and transparency; why we should be open and transparent, your experiences of what works and doesn’t, and hear more about how Unboxed tries to bring openness and transparency to our day to day work, within our own organisation and with clients.
Holly & YasmeenUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 1C
2022110:30 - 11:151DOnlineN/ALocal Gov as a Product/Platform/Service.

Local gov uses hundreds of digital applications to deliver its services, provided by just as many suppliers and using a huge range of technologies. Very little is currently open source, but this is starting to change. What are the best approaches to take to work towards an open source set of tools which could be offered as products, combined into a platform and or available as a service? What’s stopping us? What’s already out there? And is that even the right approach?!
Glen Ocsko @glenocskoUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 1D
2022110:30 - 11:151EOnlineN/AThe (absolute?) state of open government.

It's been a... challenging few years for open government in the UK (and elsewhere). What can we do about it? Where can we make progress? *How* can we make progress? What should the big asks be? Does the idea still resonate? Is it the right thing to focus on? Am I being too pessimistic?
Gavin Freeguard @gavinfreeguardUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 1E
2022110:30 - 11:151FOnlineN/ABringing real people all the way into the ‘policy tent’ can be scary, but also incredibly fulfilling. Working with, not for, people is taking a step beyond some of our more frequently used design approaches.

Join us to talk about how co-design (not just User Centred Design!) has helped us make the right decisions for the future of farming.

We’ll be diving into our experiences designing new farm health and welfare policy; why we decided to co-design; what we almost got wrong; and how we’ve helped empower industry to influence the right change. Join us to share your share your wins, wants and woes in doing co-design, and help us think about how we can better shape things to level the playing field to allow for even better-informed policy and service design across government. Whether you are a co-design expert, or are asking “what is co-design?” everyone is welcome in this tent!
Neville Cavendish @nevccavendish
Martin Jenkins
Marion Lean @maristotle
UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 1F
2022110:30 - 11:151GOnlineN/AI am still hearing people say that they are in back to back video calls.
Are we getting better at remote & hybrid working 🤣?
How might we improve things e.g. working asynchronously. What methods (and tools) are working
Sharon Dale @pixlzUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 1G
2022111:30 - 12:152AOnlineN/AOperating Models - what a difference a year makes... Come and celebrate with us!

At Govcamp 2021 we came to a session on operating models and decided we were going to do something to help explain them... so we did! We wanted to share the story of the community we've built over the last year, the resource we've developed and get input on what next in 2022. So if you're energised or terrified by operating models (current or target) or want to talk community building, please join us for a session set by whoever turns up!
Mark Buttanshaw @buttansma
Richard Barton @CIOPortfolio
UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 2A
2022111:30 - 12:152BOnlineN/AUN Sustainable Development Goals

I’m an Expert Advisor at the United Nations and I’m looking to get input from the UKGC22 folks for data challenges you need us to solve to create impact for citizens you support. Let’s deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals together!
Dr Jacqui Taylor @jacquitaylorfb UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 2B
2022111:30 - 12:152COnlineN/AHow to talk about agile to non-digital audiences

Digital teams have learned how to do GDS style agile delivery. But there can be difficulty convincing the rest of the organisation – especially decision makers and non-digital teams – if they have little experience with agile. Particularly in local government, or smaller departments. When you can see immediate benefits to adopting waterfall, then discovery, alpha, beta, live phases can seem long-winded, and narratives and terminology around agile methodologies can seem frivolous or impenetrable. Let’s explore how to talk to non-digital people and teams about the benefits of an agile approach.
Annie Heath @Annie3HUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 2C
2022111:30 - 12:152DOnlineN/ALots of Service Owners in government are one of very few (sometimes the only!) in their organisation. Often, they're drafted in to a digital leadership role from a subject matter expert role. With the Service Owner training on pause, how do new Service (and Product) Owners find peer support and resources? How do we support subject matter experts in digital leadership roles? How can digital teams organise to better learn from the wealth of subject and policy expertise these leaders often bring? Ellie CravenUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 2D
2022111:30 - 12:152EOnlineN/ATech isn't good at cataloguing history, and government favours certain stories being put to history (usually successes, often with white dudes saving the day, and often dropped when different parties come in to power). What are techniques for intelligently sharing history, and having storytellers like the Irish Seanchaí? Vicky Teinaki @vickytnzUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 2E
2022111:30 - 12:152FOnlineN/AStruggling to deliver and measure Open Data Impact? Data reuse to the rescue!

Open data is critically for transparency but let's face it Open Data without reuse doesn’t create impact. Managing the ecosystem of publishers and users is key to increase data re-use. Focusing on High value - high demand datasets in an easy to access and reusable format is critical. Delivering actionable data insights is really the name of the games.
Adriano Amaral @didi_amaral @derilinxUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 2F
2022111:30 - 12:152GOnlineN/AYes you can deliver an entirely new service in a fortnight!

My pitch: In late January 2021 the UK Government decided to introduce a Managed Quarantine Service for people arriving from Red List countries. A team was quickly created to bring this new service into production for travellers arriving into the UK from 15th February. This multi-disciplinary team took the service from concept to production in two weeks, proving to us all how with the right sponsorship, focus, attitude, drive, and pragmatism it really is possible to deliver an MVP at pace.

In this session I will tell the story of the Managed Quarantine Service and we can discuss how to learn from this experience so that we can deliver other government services at pace.
Danny Williams @willidhUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 2G
2022111:30 - 12:152HOnlineN/ANFTs for you and me?!

Join me in this session where I'll share more about my voyage of discovery into the world of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and potential use cases for the public sector (and beyond!)
Andy Sandford @leanandagileUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 2H
2022113:45 - 14:303AOnlineN/AOne Team Gov: Around the World.

Our objective is to encourage folks working in government around the world, especially in developing nations, to do one simple thing - join the One Team Gov slack. There's loads of great organisations to connect up global public servants but so far none of them have prioritised real-time chat. We want to build a global community of people discussing their triumphs, issues and questions about policy and delivery - as well as just getting to know each other as people. So far there's a small group of us from the UK and Canada working on this. I'm keen to discuss how we can make it happen.
David Durant @cholten99UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 3A
2022113:45 - 14:303BOnlineN/AHow can we track the unintended consequences of policy actions across the government system?

Government policies generate strategies and actions (typically within a Ministerial silo) that then have consequences (positive or negative) in other parts of the government system. For example a cost saving action in the Health service could well lead (inadvertently) to a new cost pressure in the Social services sector. Taking a systems view also requires factoring in the various constraints imposed by legislation. Is it possible to model all these inter relationships so that we can see how our proposed policy intervention could impact other parts of the system? I don't know. Shall we try to find out? I propose this session as a thinking experiment and using Immigration policy as an example to keep it a bit focussed and manageable.
Esko Reinikainen @reinikainenUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 3B
2022113:45 - 14:303COnlineN/AOpen space chat for those working outside central government

Do you work outside central government? It's hard to recruit at the moment and it's harder, in smaller organisations, to demonstrate the breadth of approaches in digital work.

I have been thinking about running something a bit like Teacamp with a short presentation and some open space to talk. I'm interested to talk to people who are working in smaller teams and how we can support each other to create spaces for learning, empathy, sharing and complaining!
Alex Blandford @blangryUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 3C
2022113:45 - 14:303DOnlineN/ACan UK Public Services thrive working as remote/distributed teams?

Due to the pandemic, over the past 2 years we've all learned so much with regards to working as remote, distributed teams. Join me to talk discuss this question and share your views.
Matt Barnaby @matthewbarnabyUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 3D
2022113:45 - 14:303EOnlineN/AHow do we hire more diversely, equitably and inclusively? An ideas and experiences sharing session.

I'll be using trello, anyone is welcome to add thoughts there and hopefully it'll act as a resource we can add to in the future.
Vanessa Montgomery Williams @veewilliams_UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 3E
2022113:45 - 14:303FOnlineN/ASuccessful Hybrid Gatherings.
‘Hybrid’ gatherings - meetings and events where some people are in the same physical space while others are remote - tend to be horrible, with remote people left feeling disenfranchised. Yet research shows that people can enjoy them and find them useful. A space for sharing good-practice tips and tricks and developing new possibilities.
Judy Rees @judyreesUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 3F
2022113:45 - 14:303GOnlineN/AImagine you want to change something on a big scale. You know where you are. You know where you want to be. But how do you know HOW to get there? How do you know what changes will work? How do you get people to make those changes? How does it all line up to organisational priorities? We (in Data Quality Hub & CDDO) are interested in this because we’re working on a data maturity model that will show government organisations how they’re doing at data. But knowing is just the start, they need to make the right changes in an effective way. So where do you start? How do you plan a journey to bridge that gap? Rhian Jones &
Rebecca Strickland @beckstrickland
UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 3G
2022113:45 - 14:303HOnlineN/ADesigning complex services

We are pretty good at designing transactional and logical services, but what happens when we delve into the more complex services? What happens with ASC, homelessness, housing allocations, etc?
John MortimerUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 3H
2022114:45 - 15:304AOnlineN/AUncertainty! What helps us cope with it? When is it useful? How can leaders lead well in times of uncertainty and what does it take to do that?

Uncertainty is stressful. Our brains naturally try to avoid it, which can be unhelpful. Living through a pandemic = uncertainty overload. But uncertainty can also be valuable and useful and something to actively embrace/encourage in our work. So let's think together about our relationship with it.
Annie Crabtree @thisisacrabUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 4A
2022114:45 - 15:304BOnlineN/ABuilding future services: balancing agility, HCD and legislation implementation.

Is anyone else trying to build future services with agility and using human centred methods, but where 'live' dates are ultimately determined by primary legislation implementation?

How does private beta and scalability work when there is a binary cutover?
We're working in a team including policy and more traditional 'digital' roles together to try and deliver legislative change and a future service so can talk about how we're trying to do it a bit if others are interested, otherwise I would love to hear from others with a similar challenges! It's lonely!
Simon Manby @ManbySi UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 4B
2022114:45 - 15:304COnlineN/AUpdate Gov Campers on A Modern Civil Service and what's going on across Government Modernisation and Reform - before picking one section of the programme with Campers to discuss in greater detail, taking their feedback away to the relevant project team Alex Vince @GumpyvonBearUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 4C
2022114:45 - 15:304DOnlineN/AAn introduction to designing a complexity-friendly public consultation, and a chance to discuss the importance of going beyond superficial diversity to diversity of sense-making.Anne @welshflierUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 4D
2022114:45 - 15:304EOnlineN/AMoving beyond targets and creating the conditions for success

In complex environments, goals/targets/KPIs/SLAs/OKRs don't work very well as they depend on coercion. We know that, instead, we should start a journey and develop the opportunities that emerge along the way. But how to do that in practice? Join this open discussion to share your tips and experience of moving beyond targets and creating the conditions for intrinsically motivated teams to build great solutions.
Paul @PaulSMcTurkUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 4E
2022114:45 - 15:304FOnlineN/AWe know that teams are becoming increasingly multi-locational, how to best facilitate this and support headcount growth in “new” locations?

What more can we do to ensure new starters in smaller offices/remote feel included within existing team cultures? How best do we encourage more people to move to these emergent locations? We collect data on where technologists in UK Government work and will bring some of this along to help facilitate.
Jack HunnaballUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 4F
2022114:45 - 15:304GOnlineN/AThe really ugly hard bits of transformation - deleting / changing peoples' jobs

A session of benefits realisation goodness. Ideally we'll save localgov and all of our jobs by generating more income and working more efficiently, but sometimes we have to look at cuts and changing what we do - even when we don't want to. So let's talk about the ugly cutting / hard side of change. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Jon Hyde @kurt_whUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 4G
2022114:45 - 15:304HOnlineN/ABuilding a DDAT function inside a Government department

DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport) is building its DDaT function! Come hear about the plans, the future role opportunities and share your insights for getting it right.
Betony Kelly @betonykelly UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 4H
2022115:45 - 16:305AOnlineN/ACraft bring and share.
Lots of us do various sorts of crafting. Bring a current, future, or finished project to show off or to get inspiration. Or enjoy 45mins of your craft while you hear about others.
Caroline Jarrett @cjformsUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 5A
2022115:45 - 16:305BOnlineN/ADesigning amidst organisational politics.

Organisational politics affects what we can do and how we can do it when designing services and organisations. So how can we deal with it/work around it/address it? Am initially thinking about this in terms of impacts on organisation design and service design because can get quickly into people implications, but open to this becoming a wider discussion on organisational politics. I don't have answers but would love to talk about what people have found works or doesn't work.
Mark Buttanshaw @buttansmaUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 5B
2022115:45 - 16:305COnlineN/ACome and talk about the Agile Service Manifesto!

We've come a long way since the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was created in 2001.

The Agile Service Manifesto ( has since been created, tailoring the original Agile vision to the requirements of our public service sector. So we have the principles, we know the approach, but what do we find if we go a little deeper. At the deepest level, what are the values that underpin this approach? What is the view of the world that the Agile Manifesto sets out, and how does the approach help us to interact with and find our place within it?
Max GoodallUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 5C
2022115:45 - 16:305DOnlineN/AWhat's in store for government digital services in 2022 and beyond?

From identity management, to data sovereignty, to open source by default and more - what do we think will be the big "things" this year and how can we make the most of them?
Antonio Weiss (@antonioeweiss)
Phil Buckley (@philbuckley5)
Katie Burns
UK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 5D
2022115:45 - 16:305EOnlineN/AResponsible design and research: is user ‘centred’ the right way to do things?

Should it be more holistic - what about impact on society, environment, community etc? How can we balance our responsibilities to our users with our impact more broadly?
Annie LewisUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 5E
2022115:45 - 16:305FOnlineN/ADriving data change through stories.

A compelling and authentic narrative can help people buy in to any idea, including why an org might need to manage data better. Could a resource pack guiding people to their data story, and how to use it to market data improvements, help? What should go in a “how to own and communicate your data story” pack? How could it be delivered? A discussion about whether this idea is a yay or a ney, and if yay, what it should be(y)
Kathryn Reynolds @katywrensUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 5F
2022115:45 - 16:305GOnlineN/AHow’s your mental health?
What are your coping mechanisms? How openly can you talk about it? How is your org helping? How can things be improved?
@kurt_whUK GovCamp 2022: Friday, session 5G
2022210:30 - 11:151AOnlineN/AEthical Walls: When should data not be shared?

Local & Central Government collects lots of data, some of it given voluntarily, some of it required by legislation. Pooling this data gives great power to provide improved services, and to find new and innovative ways of working to meet targets, identify those who require support and promote joined up working. But when should this data not be pooled? Should data required for a benefit application be used to identify housing support needs? Should electoral registration data be used to find unregistered Houses of Multiple Occupation? What should we /not/ do with data!
Jonathan ChandlerUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 1A
2022210:30 - 11:151BOnlineN/AWhat makes an inclusive culture? An ideas and experiences sharing session.

I'll be using trello, anyone is welcome to add thoughts there and hopefully it'll act as a resource we can add to in the future.
Vanessa Montgomery Williams @veewilliams_ UK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 1B
2022210:30 - 11:151COnlineN/A43 Shades of Grey - It’s easy to say everything is perfect. Or everything is terrible. But it’s always FAR more complex than that!

When we quantify how a whole organisation is doing at something, how do we do it in a way that properly recognises good practice (without over-inflating it) and properly calls out bad practice (without bringing everyone down unfairly)? Can we get a whole organisation view without overinflating extremes or washing out the nuance into a shade of grey? Or are UK Gov organisations just too complex to summarise?
Matt Thompson @DocMattThompsonUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 1C
2022210:30 - 11:151DOnlineN/AGDS got digital first, then service teams, now everyone got it; even HMT, which in the last budget redefined values of variables in UC and defined for DWP by when they'd be set and how...

What might better/future use of these levers look like?

Some examples of digital levers being used for various purposes (across gov) are in annex 5:
Sam Smith @smithsamUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 1D
2022210:30 - 11:151EOnlineN/AWhat is (or could be) the metaverse?

Is there any policy work we should be doing as the concept (and maybe something real) evolves?
Sweyn Hunter @sweynhUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 1E
2022210:30 - 11:151FOnlineN/ABreaking down siloes, engaging teams across organisations to help plan and work differently.

At the UKHO (UK Hydrographic Office) in Taunton, we were tasked with fundamentally changing the way the organisation planned work.
We had to turn a corporate plan with 157 lines of outputs into a more outcome based, adaptive and iterative plan, breaking down the siloes across the org.

We got stuff wrong, we made huge strides forward and it sprung back a little but I think we started to help build a new culture about people, small change, working across disciplines and accepting risk.

Come and share your similar experiences!
@trotty1606UK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 1F
2022211:30 - 12:152AOnlineN/AWhat's in a name? What are the issues behind "official" domain names? Do we need just one domain to rule them all?

What problems are caused by multiple domain names? Should we have a free-for-all? Do tiny councils even want to run a website? Come chat about all things domain names - be they,,, etc.
Terence Eden / @edentUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 2A
2022211:30 - 12:152BOnlineN/AThe 1921 UK census has just been published - yay!!!! It's behind a paywall with excessive t's and c's - boo!!!!!!!

Join me to discuss if we can free this particular information, which is the kind of information that probably does want to be free
Peter Wells/ @peterkwellsUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 2B
2022211:30 - 12:152COnlineN/AIn June 2021 the Ministry of Justice announced a boost for open justice, with The National Archives (TNA) to publish Court Judgments and Tribunal Decisions from April this year.

Why now? What's so special about court judgments and why is TNA involved? What are we doing and what are the snags? (NB: there are lots of snags!).
What advice do GovCampers have about building digital services really fast, and then iterating quickly?
Dos / don't / hints / tips / and a chance to generally discuss something really interesting.
John Sheridan / @johnlsheridanUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 2C
2022211:30 - 12:152DOnlineN/ASession didn't take place
2022211:30 - 12:152EOnlineN/AHow do services work better with GDS and GOV.UK?

I work on Universal Credit, and we use GOV.UK a lot for users at the start of their journeys into Universal Credit. GDS owns the mainstream content on GOV.UK. I sometimes find that different ways of working (#zendesk), lack of domain knowledge and strict rules on proposition and data share can create problems when we're designing end-to-end. How do we work well together to create awesome user journeys, no matter where the start button goes?
Angela Moore @copycontentcoUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 2E
2FOpposite of hard, annoying, lame and frustrating commissioning - the strategy circle in action with fingerpainting.
Learn the skills to quickly filter buyer group needs in one page.
@parmanjohnUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 2F
2GCoffee chat session, just to meet people - Come meet a Canadian (im canadian) and I could answer questions about how Canada does stuff.@DerekAltonUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 2G
2022213:45 - 14:303AOnlineN/AThe Center for Internet Security; a great way of fixing the broken security policies and securing stuff.

And if anyone asks how to Attack, are your procedures good enough?
David MisellUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 3A
2022213:45 - 14:303BOnlineN/AA quick (and dirty?) introduction to International Aid

Is this your field? Do you have experience of international aid and/or insight into new approaches to international cooperation at any level? Come along to this session and share your knowledge so others (especially me) can learn and benefit from your insights
Pauline Roche @paulinerocheUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 3B
2022213:45 - 14:303COnlineN/A“How do we build a sustainable community of practice?”

A few organisations I’ve worked in have had communities of practice, with highly variable results. People deprioritise it, stop coming, don’t contribute. I’m open to ideas and top tips on how you’ve been in a great community.
Darren McCormac @deadliftbearUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 3C
2022213:45 - 14:303DOnlineN/ACities like London are developing "Data as a Service" which moves beyond the idea of open data in portals, and starts to think about how a city can build data services with purpose, around user needs.

It includes ideas like:
- providing data inventories that list data that isn't open, including some from private sector organisations
- explicitly serving internal decision making needs as well as external reusers
- providing visualisation and analytics layers rather than just access to data
- funding teams to deliver a service around data to decision makers (e.g. high st data service)
- starting to take data ethics, governance and citizen acceptability seriously

What does it take to run city-level services like these, in terms of teams, technology or process? What are the pitfalls to avoid and the foundations that need to be laid? I'd love to learn what works and what doesn't from data people working at a city level or those who think we need new models for how we offer quality a quality service around data.
Emma @egawen UK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 3D
2022213:45 - 14:303EOnlineN/ADesigning services across borders/systems - How can we use best practice from service design to develop the future UK border?

The movement of goods in and out of the UK is dependent on different delivery agencies, and is a collaboration between public and private organisations. The 'presence at the border' review in Cabinet Office is looking at the physical interface at the UK border and how we can improve the experience of those using the UK border to import and export goods. Using this as a case study, we want to bring service designers and those interested in using more user-centred service design techniques together and explore: What is currently best practice in Service Design? What projects have successfully gathered multiple organisations towards one goal, especially when based in one physical location? How should we measure user experience and effectiveness? We've already got lots of expertise/feedback of what works well in other borders, but I'm more interested in what has proven effective in other parts of government/industries (and more importantly why it is effective).
Camilla PallesenUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 3E
2022213:45 - 14:303FOnlineN/A(The absolutely legendary) Govcamp Book Camp!

Books, books, books. We love them. We transport ourselves to magical places from the pages we read. We also have piles of them to get through! Come with a cuppa and share your favourite reads, authors, anything and everything.
Vanessa Montgomery Williams @veewilliams_ UK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 3F
2022214:45 - 15:304AOnlineN/ADiscovery Work - where does it start, where does it end? How to do it?

Have you tried doing Discovery work only to find it's been hard to stop, lines have blurred and stakeholders may seem unhappy? When is best to stop and what success might be perceived as? This is a session to care and share how to best tackle Discovery and clearly delineate where Pre-Discovery work might be useful.
Tammy Wallace @TammyWallace2 UK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 4A
2022214:45 - 15:304BOnlineN/A#failcamp A chance to celebrate what you got wrong last year. Expect horror stories and lots of cheering 🙂

This session will be run under Chatham House rule, which means participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed
James Cattell @jacattellUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 4B
2022214:45 - 15:304COnlineN/AWeb accessibility by default

What are common blockers to PSBAR compliance, and how could we address them? Are there opportunities to aim beyond compliance goals? There are standards like ATAG 2.0 that are relevant to this space, but aren’t widely used. Research projects like We4Authors are looking at this from a procurement perspective, paving the way for a higher baseline for accessibility.
Thibaud ColasUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 4C
2022214:45 - 15:304DOnlineN/AIf you're developing a service that collects or uses data, how are you getting people to tell you about what kinds of things they're happy with you doing and where you have to tread more carefully?
Do you get consent from everyone affected, individually? Do you have ethics or governance boards?
Do you run co-design sessions with affected communities?
I'd like to explore how we can make data governance decisions in a more democratic / collective / participative way, while retaining both practicality and legitimacy.
Is it even possible?
Jeni Tennison @JeniTUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 4D
2022214:45 - 15:304EOnlineN/AStationary and pens for home working!

Come and chat about what are you using, what are you not and how etc etc
David Buck @DavidBucksterUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 4E
2022215:45 - 16:305AOnlineN/AA chance to chat about user research and the methods we use or do not use.

A session for the people who:
- do user research
- make decisions based on user research
- make decisions without doing any user research
- want to learn a bit more about user research
- want to geek out on surveys (because that's what I've been doing most of recently)
- want to express their loathing of surveys (ahem)
Caroline Jarrett @cjforms UK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 5A
2022215:45 - 16:305BOnlineN/AHow do we achieve systems with interoperable components and avoid vendor tie-in?

Why do suppliers get away with closed black-box products rather than offering interoperable capabilities with documented interfaces?
How do we get buyers to look beyond their immediate narrow requirements?
Do people by from Microsoft just because it links to everything else they have that is Microsoft?

I'd like some help answering these questions and so get standards for interoperability adopted more.
Mike Thacker @MikeThackerUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 5B
2022215:45 - 16:305COnlineN/AVelvet Drainpipes*: how to survive and thrive in the civil service (with or without velvet drainpipe trousers) Come and share your tales, tips and tricks :) [pdf]Nour Sidawi and Janet Hughes
2022215:45 - 16:305DOnlineN/APretty much everything the government / local government / the NHS does, has a legal basis. What do we need to know about the law when building a digital service? How do we find out?

This is a chance to share experiences about how the law shapes the services we provide and vice versa. I'd like to discuss how we explore legal possibilities, manage legal risks, and engage with lawyers. Some of this may be difficult to discuss openly, as legal advice is subject to legal privilege. Also, the flip side, how digital transformation is changing the law - with the rise of "rules as code" movement. Is that a way forward?
John Sheridan @johnlsheridanUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 5D
2022215:45 - 16:305EOnlineN/ALean and process improvement in the Public Sector
A space to discuss best practice. Are you doing this and what are the pitfalls and what are your top tips. How do we avoid analysis paralysis and deliver a lean approach to improvement.
If you are doing this or want to come along and share your experiences.
Andy Sandford @leanandagileUK GovCamp 2022: Saturday, session 5E
2021110:30 - 11:151AOnlineN/ADealing with the Digital Antiques RoadshowGlen Ocsko / @glenocskoUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 1A
2021110:30 - 11:151BOnlineN/ACyber SUX!Niall Diggins / @nialldiggins
& Davey McGlade
UK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 1B
2021110:30 - 11:151COnlineN/ABuilding Public TrustBeck Strickland / @BeckStrickland
Mike Rose / @MrMikeRose
UK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 1C
2021110:30 - 11:151DOnlineN/ABuilding cross-government communities.Sarah Johns / @geogrrUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 1D
2021110:30 - 11:151EOnlineN/AHow can we carve out space to think and work in a proactive, future-minded way?kate Todd / @KTodd_WritesUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 1E
2021111:30 - 12:152AOnlineN/AThe State of (Open) DataTim Davies / @timdaviesUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 2A
2021111:30 - 12:152BOnlineN/AThe UK AI Council Roadmap: where to next?Stefan Janusz / @ndajzUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 2B
2021111:30 - 12:152COnlineN/ABeyond a Civil ServantArfah Farooq / @Arf_22UK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 2C
2021111:30 - 12:152DOnlineN/AMoulding and advocating for the Gov.UK design systemDaniel Da Silveira / @dan1el_uxreviewUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 2D
2021111:30 - 12:152EOnlineN/AThe reality of working remotely and the hidden costs to our services & personal wellbeingMarcus Devaney / @MarcusDevaneyUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 2E
2021113:45 - 14:303AOnlineN/ANew Year, but nothing has changedAbby Peel / @Here_comes_AbsUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 3A
2021113:45 - 14:303BOnlineN/AThe limits of opennessTerence Eden / @edentUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 3B
2021113:45 - 14:303COnlineN/AConsequence scanning — an exercise you can use when designing new servicesMartin Wright / @wrightmartinUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 3C
2021113:45 - 14:303DOnlineN/AEvery move you make, every word you type... We'll be watching youGlyn Jones / @glynrjonesUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 3D
2021113:45 - 14:303EOnlineN/ATough on PDFs, tough on the causes of PDFsAlex JacksonUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 3E
2021114:45 - 15:304AOnlineN/AHow should we measure progress?Rohan BoyleUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 4A
2021114:45 - 15:304BOnlineN/AHow does the pandemic impact the way we design services, products, communications or iterate existing ones?Alessandra Canella / @_alecanellaUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 4B
2021114:45 - 15:304COnlineN/AFix the forms, one at a timeCaroline Jarrett / @cjformsUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 4C
2021114:45 - 15:304DOnlineN/AIs 'data in regulation" a thing?Anna Powell-Smith / @darkgreenerUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 4D
2021114:45 - 15:304EOnlineN/ABook camp - let’s talk about books!Gala, @GalaCFUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 4E
2021115:45 - 16:305AOnlineN/AWhat is Strategy?Mark Buttanshaw / @buttansmaUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 5A
2021115:45 - 16:305BOnlineN/ADefinitions - Vocabulary / terminology around digital, technology and dataJulia Chandler / @juliac2UK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 5B
2021115:45 - 16:305COnlineN/ABuilding Community with the 5CsArfah Farooq / @Arf_22UK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 5C
2021115:45 - 16:305DOnlineN/A#UKGovSW (UK Government South West!)Sharon Dale / @pixlzUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 5D
2021115:45 - 16:305EOnlineN/ALessons Learned from the ICO compulsory audit of the DfEJen Persson / @defenddigitalmeUK GovCamp 2021: Thursday, session 5E
2021210:30 - 11:151AOnlineN/AHow to draw toast - the importance of understanding your users mental modelsLaura Yarrow @laura_yarrowUK GovCamp 2021: Friday, session 1A
2021210:30 - 11:151BOnlineN/AProcurement!Tim Davies @timdaviesUK GovCamp 2021: Friday, session 1B
2021210:30 - 11:151COnlineN/AIdeas Panels - supporting departmental innovationGraham Francis @gkfrancisUK GovCamp 2021: Friday, session 1C
2021210:30 - 11:151DOnlineN/AWhat is resilience and how do we build it in our remote teams?James Gadsby Peet @GadsbyUK GovCamp 2021: Friday, session 1D
2021210:30 - 11:151EOnlineN/AComplexity and Systems Change concepts for governmentEsko Reinikainen / @reinikainenUK GovCamp 2021: Friday, session 1E
2021210:30 - 11:151FOnlineN/AFREE SLOTFREE SLOTUK GovCamp 2021: Friday, session 1F
2021211:30 - 12:152AOnlineN/AHow do we deliver work in an agile way while maintaining the assurances needed?Alex Jackson

F / @erbridge
UK GovCamp 2021: Friday, session 2A