Welcome to a list of full-time blues and swing dance instructors who are being hit hard by dance event cancellations due to COVID-19. Support them by signing up for private video lessons. If you are a full-time dance instructor please comment with your information and I will add it to the list!
NameOfferingContactGeneral Availability
Alba MengualHappy to coach, give feedback on the following: Blues, Lindy hop, Balboa, Solo (solo jazz or solo blues),. I also love teaching, and have experience both in international and local approach to classes.Through facebook "Alba Mengual" or email: mengual.alba@gmail.comMadrid, Spain.
Alina VysotskayaSolo Blues\ Partnered blues\ Lindy hop. Will be happy to share my knowledge in dance: solo vocabulary, solo improvisation, choreo writing, lady style, any feedback. Originally I come from Belarus but since one year I’m living and teaching in Rennes, FranceYou can contact me by Facebook page Nico&Alina or by email at linnvysot@gmail.comBased in Rennes, France
Andreas OlssonBalboa, Lindy Hop, Saint Louis shag, solo jazz. Happy to do online coaching, video reviews and privates.Andreasolss@gmail.comBased in Stockholm
Annabel Truesdell QuisaoI am a full time dance instructor. I can do video lessons or feedback for Balboa, Lindy Hop, Charleston, and solo jazz. I can also help with competition prep and practice technique.message on FB (Annabel Truesdell Quisao) or email at
Annette KühnleHi! I'm happy to offer you feedback on your dance video or schedule a video private for: Solo Blues, Partnered Blues, Solo Jazz & Charleston, Lindy Hop, Quality of Movement in general, Pedagogy and DJing..............I am fluent in English, German, French and Swedish. Spanish should be ok, too. Simple Japanese as well.annettedances@gmail.comBased in Europe, available most times.
Bailey McCullyI teach Lindy Hop, Balboa, Solo Jazz, and tap. I also offer choreography projects, dance conditioning and strengthening programs, as well as video feedback and reviews. I can teach over Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Google Hangouts.My contact info is, +15094321762 for WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger.Based in Seattle, WA
Beatrice Bibi ElespiniI've been dancing for most of my life (23, almost 24 years now) and blues and swing dancing for 8 full and wonderful years, I teach regularly blues and swing since 2014, both locally and around Europe and I am one of the Fierce Sisters of Blues.
If you would like to know more about me or work with me, feel free to contact me anytime!
Things I teach: blues (solo and partner), lindy hop, movement quality and body mechanics, general dance training, choreography (solo, team, partner), teacher training, scene building, dj skills, competition or performance feedback, organization and planning for events, class preparation and planning, pedagogy of teaching! 💙
message on FB or at bibi.bluesdance@gmail.comBased in Italy
Ben WhiteLindy Hop, Balboa, and Solo Jazz. Happy to do Skype lessons or video feedback!message on FB or at
Bobby WhiteBal, Lindy and solo jazz; happy to do Skype lessons or video reviews! or
Brenda Jean RussellDance Instruction, Movement Education, Wellness Coaching
-Lindy, Balboa, Charleston, Shag, Boogie
-Air steps, dips Tricks
-Blues of many varieties too numerous to list
-Fusion Dance skills, movement, technique
-West Coast Swing - I have a cool syllabus that creates feel good/look good dancing
-Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata, Cumbia, and more latin including movement and technique
-movement, body awareness, and balance training for argentine tango
-Solo steps for vintage jazz or vintage Blues or Latin
-DJ training
-Teacher Training
-Scene Building
-Medical Qi Gong for improved overall health, energy balance, specific forms for anxiety and Depression
-Sexual Qi Gong and Sacred Sexuality practices for health and cultivation of the sexual system
-Franklin Method based movement efficiency and experiential training
-Core Awareness training to encourage juicy healthy psoas, integrate old patterns and past traumas
The list goes on...
I offer zoom or skype sessions, I will also have some group sessions available and currently have videos you can purchase.Based in Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Portland, OR primary, and often in New Mexico, sometimes in New York, and frequently in Europe
Carla Larue HeineyI am available for online "critique sessions" for learning - Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, West cost swing, etc. You can also send me videos of choreo and or dancing and I will happily give feedback. I can give feedbacks preparing for competitions and choreo as well.message on FB ( or email me: +carlaheiney@gmail.comBased in Harrisburg, central PA areas
Cat FoleyI can teach online privates in dance technique/ movement for partnered Lindy Hop and solo jazz forms. Also I’m a teaching nerd, and happy to coach folks.message on FB or at:
Catherine PalmierI am happy to offer solo, blues, work on movement quality, choreography, teacher training, feedback session, African aesthetic in Blues, and Franklin
Christian FrommeltSpecialties include Solo Jazz, Lindy, St. Louis Shag, 1920s Jazz, Foxtrot, and Charleston. Also available for consultation related to event planning, DJing, music and dance
Damon StoneI've been doing video privates in blues for years now and am happy to set something up regardless of your time zone (I've done weekly private lessons with students in Asia, idiom specific lessons with people in Australia and the UK, both teacher and judge training in the US and EU, and of course old fashioned critique and developing as personalized plan to improve with dancers from all around the on FB wallBased in Atlanta, GA
Dan RepschSolo/Partnered Dancing, DJing, Pedagogy, or Choreography - related to Blues, Balboa, Lindy, or Charleston. I'm excited to work on things over video, whether it's technique or aesthetic!
Dexter SantosBlues dance: idioms/vocabulary, movement technique, aesthetics, musicality, solo and partner. 13+ years of teaching nationally and internationally. I’m currently developing a curriculum that will be useful for online learning.message on FB or at Visit my website at: for more info.Generally available. I am currently in Barcelona until April 13. Skype or Facebook video chat sessions can be scheduled accordingly.
Earanee NiedzwieckiLindy Hop and authentic jazz instructor, and swing dance DJ from Australia, based in Brussels, Belgium. Offering private lessons and feedback on both Lindy and solo jazz, DJ coaching. Also offering coaching for teachers and assistance in building courses - I have taught regular local classes and built courses in 4 countries (5 cities; some under teaching residency programs), in addition to experience teaching workshops. Lead and Follow.Can contact via Facebook PM, or via earanee.n@gmail.comBased in Brussels, Belgium
Elena Evangeliaam happy to work on Solo Jazz, Solo Blues, Charleston, Lindy Hop and Blues! I am a Full time instructor from Athens, Greece and I will be happy to have online sessions with you!message on FB at Elena Evangelia or at evangeliaelena@gmail.comBased in Athens , GR , but I do have a lot of free time now that my studio is closed ;) :) :D
Elle BreneckiOffering: Lindy hop, Solo Jazz, Solo Blues, Followers variations and technique, tips for training alone or with a partner. Happy to do Skype lessons and video feedback!, insta: elle.brenecki, fb: Elle Breneckiavailable anytime
Elze VisnevskyteSolo Jazz, Lindy Hop online coaching, privates, online classes. Also teacher training, team or message on FB
Eran TobiHello I’m a full time dance instructor and i would love to offer some feedback on your dance video or schedule an online dance private for: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Solo Blues, Partnered Blues, Quality of Movement in general, teaching pedagogy and more..............I am fluent in English, and Hebrew and have a base level Of German which i use to teach as well. hope to see you out there.Contact: or EranTobi on Facebook.Available: well as of now all around the hours of the day.
Flouer EvelynBlues, (lots of solo blues, especially for beginner/intermediate students wanting to understand blues movement vocabulary). Fusion, (party styles and lyrical styles), any artsy movement stuff, and I love performance coaching.message on FB or at
Grace Jones-TaylorFull time dance teacher in blues dance (idioms, connection, movement quality, etc.) as well as many other partnered dance styles: two-step, country one-step, salsa, foxtrot, waltz, and more. I also teach wedding dancing/slow dancing, so please recommend me to your engaged friends across the world. Can also offer virtual lessons on teaching technique, how to design your own curriculum, setting up a private lesson biz, etc.My website is Feel free to submit via the contact form or get in touch via email (, phone (512-636-3841), or PM.Based in Austin, Texas. Very flexible schedule.
Grey ArmstrongI primarily teach blues, fusion and lindy hop. I’ve been excited to work with students who have specialized needs (chronic illness, mental health, developmental conditions, aquired disability ect) I enjoy training people’s ear to music, teaching AA culture and personal style development.I’m happy to do privates, lectures, trainings or video feedback. I’ll be putting out more material through my page for those who want to stay connected but can’t afford lessons are are also impacted.on FB @greyarmstrongdance or at
Idalia RamosSolo Jazz, Lindy Hop, Charleston Instructor with an emphasis in helping students develop musicality, quality of movement and creativity. Hosting a recurring weekly event:
Jenna ApplegarthLindy Hop, Balboa, BalSwing, Slow dancing, Pre Swing, Various Blues Idioms, StL Shag, Carolina Shag, Collegiate Shag, One Step/Peabody, Two Step/swing/savoy walk, contests (being in them, judging them, running them), event organizing, musicality stuff, teacher stuff, dj stuff, shoes!message on FB or at
Jenny SowdenFull-time dance instructor self shout-out time: Lead&Follow, Solo&Partnered, Blues, Balboa, Lindy Hop, Charleston, DJing, Scene Building, Business, Teacher training, Feedback, Competition, Choreography, Performance Feedback ... Schedule a lesson, schedule a future lesson even 😉
or at
Jeroen WolfsFull-time instructor, based in Netherlands (Rotterdam) I would be more than happy to help you by means of privates/training in Solo Jazz, Lindy Hop and curriculum building/teacher training.Feel free to get in touch via Facebook or e-mail: jhpwolfs@gmail.comBased in the Netherlands
Jo HoffbergSince 2016, I have privately coached students online from around the world. Whether a new dancer or a seasoned performer, I'm happy to work with dancers of all levels. I specialize in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Charleston, competition prep, and can help with Choreography.Find me online at or contact me privately. /
Josh GomezLindy, Shag, Balboa, Breakaway, Solo Jazz, classic routines, corporate choreography. 23+ year dancer and instructor, specialising in helping intermediate and advanced dancers level upjoshgomez@mac.comLA raised, UK based
Joshua McleanLindy Hop, Solo Vernacular Jazz, Charleston
Jovon MillerTap, Vernacular Jazz, Lindy, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Musicality, and Technique (tap, classical dance, and lindy) as well as editing and on FacebookPierce County, WA
Kara FabinaFull time dance instructor over here specializing in blues and swing partners and solo dances. BA in dance as well as studied and experienced in teaching ballet and some hip hop styles (in case people want some cross-training or to learn something different). I offer video private lessons and I've done shorter sessions specifically for competition and choreography
Kate HedinAvailable for private lessons or video review in balboa and lindy hop (via Skype or emailed video).Best way to contact is via FB or email: ... Also, check out for more online lessons
Katie CobaltFull time solo jazz and lindy hop instructor based in Madrid. I am happy to do online classes in lindy hop, solo jazz and Charleston. Feedback on dance videos, choreographies and performances.message on FB or via Cobaltkatie@gmail.comBased in Madrid
Lainey SilverLindy Hop, Balboa, Slow Bal, Charleston, Solo Jazz, line dances, performance training, video critique, scene building, teacher training, body awareness and proprioception, injury prevention training, dance fitness. Website for teaching style examples. Lead and Follow.Contact: email or message on FB.Currently in Australia. Happy to work with any time zone (I miss my NYC scene!)
Laura KeatBeen doing virtual feedback & dance lessons a while! Balboa, Lindy Hop, Shag, Solo Jazz & Charleston. Improve your lead & follow without someone to practice with. Lots of great exercises for solo or small group practices & affordable pricing for, anytime: weekdays, nights, weekends, various time zones... you name it.
Lauren SmithFull-time dance instructor specializing in Balboa, Lindy Hop, and Collegiate Shag. Lead and follow. Team coaching, dj and teacher training. Vocal coach (BM in Choral-Vocal Music.) Happy to do Skype/Facetime lessons or feedback!!FB page: Peter and Lauren, Instagram: @peterandlauren, contact at or learn more at
Matthew TsunamiTeach: blues, fusion, DJ coaching for blues or fusion.message on FB Matthias Tsunami or at
Michael CasajusIn the business for almost 30 years, I teach lindy hop and rock'n'roll, either in private class or from distance, in English or in French. Based in Canada, but I usualy teach more Europeans. Any technology will do! will do
Michaela DelmonteFull Time Instructor based in London, UK. Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. Online courses and Online private lessons or email
Mike LegenthalBlues, Lindy, Balboa. In addition to dance topics, I'm also excited to talk about teaching, judging (and being judged), DJing, choreographing, organizing, and at immaculateconnection@gmail.comavailability varies wildly
Mike SonderI enjoy teaching video privates in Blues (freestyle & specific dances), Lindy Hop, solo jazz, Balboa, teacher training, choreography, and more.message on FB or at
Nick WilliamsLindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Dean Collins Shim Sham. I have a lot of experience with Skype lessons and video feedback. I can also coach fitness routines for dancers at home. I also have a Patreon page and my new website will soon have downloadable instructional videosReach me on FB or e-mail
Nicolas NamanOnline training Blues\Lindy hop\Solo, musicality classes, talks about history of swing and blues, teacher training, feedback sharing in English of French. I’m full time dancer, leader of dance school and event organiser and I’ve being teaching for 15 years in France and abroad.You can contact me by Facebook page Nico&Alina or email at nicolas.naman@hotmail.frBased in Rennes, France
Nina RueetschiFull time Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Boogie Woogie teacher based in Switzerland. I can offer video call private classes and I am happy to give you feedback on your dance videos. I also love geeking out about teaching (B.A. in Art Education) and I am running my own dance school. So feedback on business or scene building is also an option.nina@swingcopate.chBased in Switzerland
Peter FlahiffFull-time swing dance instructor specializing in Lindy Hop, Balboa, Tap, and Collegiate Shag. Lead and follow. Team coaching, dj trainging, teacher training, and scene building. Happy to do Skype/Facetime lessons or give feedback!!FB page: Peter and Lauren, Instagram: @peterandlauren, contact at or learn more at
Ruth EvelynIn addition to dance (blues, lindy, balboa, slow balboa, general partner dance), I’m excited to work with people on their teaching, setting up a practice plan, choreography (either teaching you to choreograph or choreographing something on you), how to compete, etc. I can also do online Franklin Method sessions!
Sarah EliseBlues and Fusion virtual lessons, DJ coaching, Teacher/lesson plan feedback707-742-3378, email and PayPal are, you can find me on Facebook.Free almost entirely for the next 2-3 weeks, probably longer, flexible schedule after that, based in the Bay Area
Shani BrownFull Time dance instructor [Balboa (20yrs+) and Lindy (solo jazz and SLS as well)] Due to concerns about my own exposure and the loss of future gigs I'm making myself fully available online - already doing video/skype privates, comp reviews and more in Balboa and Lindy. I'm exceptional at diagnosing issues in body mechanics (no matter what dance) and coming up with exercises to help achieve your goals!Email & PayPal: or message on FB under same emailBased in San Diego, CA
Stina DallonsFull Time Instructor and Performer: Teaching Lindy (both lead and follow), Charleston, Solo Jazz, Musical Theater/Jazz, and Tap.Message me on FB or email:, Instagram: Stina93446
Todd YannaconeI offer instruction in various swing dance forms (Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Carolina Shag, DFW Swingout, basic tap, etc). I also offer music lessons with a focus on early jazz (piano/guitar/general music theory). More info and downloadable instructional videos can be found at or
Zack RichardLindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Balboa. Happy to help with choreography (teams, solo, couples, I've choreographed hundreds of routines by now), video feedback, teacher training (I regularly teach complete beginners to advanced dancers). Fluent in French as well!
Jenny Thomaslindy hop, solo jazz
Kevin St. Laurent & Jo Hoffberg
Luis ArredondoLindy, Solo Jazz,