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1Bart"the episode starts with Bart getting letters."Bart Simpson is a major character in The Simpsons. He is eldest son to Homer and Marge. Bart is known for his pranks, bad grades, and love of comic books and skateboarding.
1Lisa"because doesn't Lisa, doesn't she have a pen pal or something?"Lisa Simpson is a major character in the Simpsons. She is the middle child of Homer and Marge. Lisa is known for her intelligence and saxophone skills.
1some Asian country "she has a pen pal from someone in some Asian country"In "Cape Feare" Lisa reads the letter from her penpal, Anya. The voice transitions to a man who says that her country has been taken over by General Krull. As he is not a real person, there is no way to know what country he is from. The "Asian" aspect comes from the accent Anya and Krull use, which sounds Russian.
2Itchy & Scratchy"And it's… some Itchy and Scratchy episode." Itchy & Scratchy is skit from the kids television show The Krusty the Clown Show. In each episode, Itchy (mouse) and Scratchy (cat) try to kill each other in extremely violent ways. Itchy is much more successful than Scratchy.
3Itchy "That's the cat. Itchy."Itchy is an animated mouse from the television show Itchy & Scratchy. Itchy spends each episode attempting to murder Scratchy, almost always with success.
3Scratchy"Or is it Scratchy?"Scratchy is an animated cat from the television show Itchy & Scratchy. Though Scratchy tries to murder Itchy, he has only been successful in one episode.
3blasé "Bart gets another death threat and like no one, like everyone's really blasé about it."Definition: indifferent to or bored with life; unimpressed
4The second Cape Fear"The second Cape Fear""Cape Feare" was based on Cape Fear (1991), which was a remake of the first movie from 1962. The movie was originally adapted from the 1957 novel The Executioners.
4DeNiro "The second the DeNiro"In Cape Fear, Robert DeNiro played a convict who hunts the public defender that defended him in a rape trial, leading to a 14-year imprisonment. DeNiro is also famous for roles The Godfather, Raging Bull, and Taxi Driver.
4Whomp"It's like whomp whomp- well yeah that's the sound from the Cape Fear soundtrack."The whomp refers to the melody line played by ?? In the Cape Fear theme. There is no actual "whomp" sound, making the melody important to learn. You can find it in the sound glossary.
4Homer "he's like this one is written in pen and Homer's like oh I wrote that one."Homer is one of the main characters of The Simpsons. He is father to Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, husband to Marge, and works at a nuclear plant. Homer is known for his stupidity, laziness, and love of donuts and beer.
4I wrote that one"he's like this one is written in pen and Homer's like oh I wrote that one."As you can see in the image, Homer wrote the note written in black that reads, "I kill you scum!" because Bart tattooed "Wide Load" on his butt.
4Homer's Tattoo"his butt is tattooed with the word 'wide load'"Here you can see the tattoo.
4Marge"Marge, Lisa, and the baby are just like: ha ha ha ha ha"Marge is a major character in The Simpsons. She is mother to Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, wife to Homer, and a homemaker.
4Maggie"Marge, Lisa, and the baby are just like: ha ha ha ha ha"Maggie is the youngest of the Simpson family. She has not learned to speak yet.
5Ketchup Bottle"You see uh a ketchup bottle spurting 'die Bart die' onto a letter"In "Cape Feare," Sideshow Bob does not use a Ketchup bottle. He used a small knife to poke his finger and wrote with his blood.
5Sideshow Bob"It's a reveal and it's Sideshow Bob"Robert Terwilliger, or Sideshow Bob, was Krusty The Clown's sidekick on his television show. Sideshow Bob is known for his intelligence, love of high culture, and his desire to murder Bart Simpson.
5Kelsey Grammer"Right. Played by Kelsey Grammer."Kelsey Grammer is a well-known American actor who starred many shows and films including Cheers, The Simpsons, X-Men, Frasier, Toy Story 2, and Anastasia.
5Mr. Burns"Mr. Burns runs the nuclear power plant."Mr. Burns is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. His net worth is somewhere in the billions, making him influential and powerful.
5Blinky"Blinky. No. No. That's a whole other episode." Blinky is a fish created from nuclear waste in the Springfield waters.
6The Episode"You're thinking of the episode where the nuclear power plant is polluting the Springfield river."Season 2, Episode 4: Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish. Bart catches Blinky, resulting in a demand for Mr. Burns to shut down the plant or fix the nuclear waste issues. Mr. Burns runs for governor to save the plant.
6That episode"But Burns doesn't try to kill him. Not in that episode."Season 7, Episode 22. "Curse of the Flying Hellfish"
6Ex-cellent"Ex-cellent", right?Mr. Burns famous catch phrase. You can hear his exact pronunciation on the sound glossary.
6Aerobic calisthenics "All these menacing shots of him lifting weights and then aerobic calisthenics…"Exercises designed to train without the use of equipment. It uses the body's own weight for muscle training.
7Three fingersHe only has three fingers In The Simpsons, the characters have three fingers and one thumb.
7Do The Right Thing"From Do The Right Thing"A 1989 movie directed by Spike Lee which "tells the story of a Brooklyn neighborhood's simmering racial tension, which comes to a head and culminates in tragedy on the hottest day of summer." Love and hate are not tatooed, but brass knuckles with the letters on each knuckle. The character, Radio Raheem, performs the monologue from Night of the Hunter with linguistic differences such as "iced" and "stop the presses."
7Night of the Hunter"No no it's from Do The Right Thing is also stealing from…. Night of the Hunter"A 1955 film noir in which "a corrupt reverend-turned-serial killer attempts to charm an unsuspecting widow and steal $10,000 hidden by her executed husband." The love and hate tattoos are on the criminal's hands.
8Robert Mitchum"Who's also Robert Mitchum"A film noir actor known for his performances in Out of the Past, The Night of the Hunter, and Cape Fear (1962). In The Night of the Hunter, he played criminal posing as a precher with love and hate tattooed on his hands. In the first Cape Fear, he played Max Cady, the vengeful rapist. Cady was later played by Robert DeNiro. , .
8"There's only two things in this world, love, and hate." "There's only two things in this world, love, and hate." Robert Mitchum performs this monologue in The Night of the Hunter. The left "hate" hand is the hand Cain used to kill Abel. The right "love" hand is connected to the heart. When intertwined, they wrestle between good and evil, the right hand always victorious.
8umlaut (oom-lout)"but it's l-u-v with an umlaut"this mark ¨ used over a vowel means to round it. In "Cape Feare" there is not an umlaut, but love is spelled "luv."
8Phonetic thing"some weird phonetic thing with the 'a'"The line over HĀT is called a macron. It marks a long vowel.
8Die Bart die "doesn't Sideshow Bob have die Bart die tattooed on his chest"Pronounced like "dee"
9Smarmy like prosecutor"that's a common Simpson's character the smarmy like prosecutor."The Blue-haired Lawyer, is Springfield's most prominent lawyer. He typically argues against the Simpsons and for Mr. Burns.
11Spoof of a scene"It's again a spoof of a scene in Cape Fear"This is one of the first scenes of Cape Fear. Cady laughs loudly in the movie theatre, sitting directly in front of the family. The leave. In "Cape Feare," Homer confronts Sideshow Bob, and they recognize him.
 11Juliet Lewis"Juliet Lewis like sucks Robert DeNiro's fingers"Juliet Lewis is an American actress who was nominated for an Academy Awatrd and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for Cape Fear. She was also in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and From Dusk til Dawn. In Cape Fear, she played the daughter Danielle. In this scene, he comes to her school pretending to be her drama teacher. He gains her trust by treating her like an adult. He traces her lips, sticks his thumb in her mouth, and kisses her.
11Ileana Douglas"he bit Ileana Douglas's face"Ileana Douglas is known for her roles in Good Fellas and Cape Fear. In Cape Fear, she plays Lori Davis, who may be having an affair with the father/public defender Bowden. In this scene, Cady handcuffs her, bites her, breaks her arm, beats her, and rapes her.
12he kills the dog "he kills the dog"Cady poisons the family's dog. This is the first violent act toward the family.
13Moe the Bartender"I know who did it and she calls up Moe the Bartender"Moe Szyslak owns Moe's Tavern, the local bar that Homer and his friends frequent. He is known for his short temper.
13Prank Calls"Moe taking revenge for all the prank calls that Bart has been making."Every few episodes, Bart calls the bar looking for someone, resulting in Moe yelling a dirty phrase across the bar. Here are some examples: I.P. Freely. Jacques Strap. Al Catholic, Oliver Close off, Homer Sexual, Mike Crotch, Seymour Butz
13ándele"Okay guys the gigs up get out of here ándele ándele" Translated from Spanish, ándele means come on, go on, hurry up.
13a bowie knife"Jenny has also pulled out a bowie knife."A bowie knife features a crossguard and a clip point (the hook-like shape.)
19Maria Doubt"Microbeat of Maria Doubt"
27Stream cooled"Sam returns with moist beers… Stream cooled"They have placed the beers in the stream, allowing the cold water to refrigerate them.
27Millstone Plant"You heard that the Millstone plant went up too?"Millstone Nuclear Power Station is the only multi-unit power plant in New England. While it has 3 units, the first was permanently shut down in 1998. There have been several safety problems and events, the most recent in 2016. It is located in Waterford, Connecticut.
28the movie title"On the Coast, near Mystic… I just know the movie title." Mystic River (2003)
30material "meticulously stow the uh, material away."This refers to fuel rods, which are used to heat the water. The rods contain uranium, which is split in fission. Radioactive waste must be buried deep underground, stored in glass cases.
31Oyster Creek"he had a cousin who worked at a nuclear power plant, Oyster Creek." Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station is located in Ocean County, New Jersey. It is the oldest operating power plant in the US. In 2012, the plant was flooded by Hurrican Sandy, but no emergency ever came from it.
31Indian Point"Indian Point is actually a lot closer." Indian Point Energy Center is a 3-unit power plant in Buchanan, New York. Unit 1 was shut down and units 2 and 3 lost their lisences in 2013 and 2015. It will be shutdown by 2021.
31The cooling pools"When the plant operators take the plant offline that the cooling pools, which is where, you know"Cooling is a part of the generator's cycle. The water must be refilled regularly to ensure that the fueling rods are cooling down. Without water, they can be up to 1200 degrees, melting the rods and the generator itself. A cooling tower is where the steam is condensed back to water and cooled down to be sent back through the cycle.
32the grid"The fire started before the grid went down"The electric grid is the system by which electricity is delivered to customers in homes, business, etc. It is sent via high voltage transmission lines from generator to tower to customer.
33generator shed"find the generator shed"Generators are inside of "units," not sheds.
33generator"I'll refuel the generators"Generators create electricity. Using heat from the reactors, water is heated and turned to steam, which rotates a turbine, creating energy. This happens within the generator.
33the gasses"The gasses wouldn't build up or whatever."Likely referring to hydrogren, as many explosions come from hydrogen leaks. It could also refer to steam.
33Siphoning"he's siphoning off one of the tanks." Uing a tube, liquid can be pressurized to withdraw it from a gastank or another container. It is illegal.
33Dolly "He has a holly, or- what are those things, were it's a couple of planks, basically, on wheels like this." a small platform on wheels used for holding heavy objects
34Reactor"And there's reactor A, right above him"The reactor is where nuclear fission happens. This creates a heat, which turns water to steam.
39Houseboat"They're on a houseboat right?"This is a boat designed primarily as a house. Some houseboats are motorized and some are not. Most have a stationary location. The Simpson's houseboat is motorized.
39Terror Lake"On, is it Cape Fear?... Terror Lake." The Simpson family is relocated to Terror Lake as a part of witness protection. This is a play on Cape Fear, where the family in Cape Fear keep their houseboat.
40Machete"He's got a machete."A long and broad knife that can be in as an axe or combat weapon.
41Gilbert and Sullivan"they drive through a cactus field singing Gilbert and Sullivan."Gilbert and Sullivan are a team of worked together during the Victorian-era to write operas like HMS Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance, and The Mikado. Gilbert was the librettist and Sullivan the composer.
41Three Little Maids from School "they drive through a cactus field singing Gilbert and Sullivan…Three Little Maids from School are we!"This is a song sung in "Cape Feare" while the family drives in the car with Sideshow Bob clinging to the bottom. It is from The Mikado.
41HMS Pinafore"Sideshow Bob performs HMS Pinafore."A Gilbert and Sullivan opera that opened in 1878. The story takes place on the ship HMS Pinafore, where the captain's daughter falls in love with a lower-class sailor despite her father's arrangments for her to marry a lord. In "Cape Feare," Bart convinces Sideshow Bob to perform the entire opera before killing him, buying Bart enough time to save himself.
41Duet "him and Bart are doing a duet together." Sideshow Bob and Bart sing "I am the Captain of the Pinafore" from HMS Pinafore in "Cape Feare."
42aficionado"An aficionado eh?"a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime
42School Girls"Does that mean you can do School Girls?" School Girls refers to a lyric from "Three Little Maids from School."
42Pooh-Bah"I played Pooh-Bah in The Mikado, twice." Pooh-Bah (Lord High Everything Else) is a character in The Mikado. The role is played by a baritone.
42The Mikado"I played Poot-Bah in The Mikado, twice." A comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan that opened in 1885. The story follows Nanki-Poo, the son of the Mikado (emperor) of Japan, who flees court to escape marriage and falls in love with a tailor's ward.
46Richard's "Richard's, I saw one of their tv scenes." Richard's Couch refers to a minor character named Richard who was one of Bart's friends. In earlier seasons, he had a larger role, but has since become a silent background character. The couch likely refers to The Simpsons' couch gags in each of the opening sequences.
50FBI Witness Protection Program"Agent Seacrest FBI Witness Protection Program"WITSEC is a program designed to keep witnesses safe from threats so that they can testify in court. In the program, the witness and their family are given new names, social security, birth certificates, and all other documentation, erasing the paper trails of their lives beforehand so that they cannot be found in their new location.
50Thwack"Yeah it should be a more comfortable thwack now."This sound references a joke in "Cape Feare" in which Sideshow Bob repeatedly steps on the bottom of rakes that are formed in a circle around him. He is hit in the face making a thwack sound each time he steps on one.
51Terror River "We are relocating you to a houseboat, on Terror River." This refers to the location where The Simpsons were relocated- Terror Lake. This small change notes a shift in the story since Act 1.
51O.J. Simpson"Woo hoo! OJ Simpson!"O.J. Simpson, or The Juice, is a former NFL running back. In 1994, his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. Simpson was arrested and tried for the murders, but found innocent. Most belief that he was guilty due to a large amount of evidence, but was found innocent because his lawyer pushed back with claims of systemic racism. Simpson has since been arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping.
53Your Home Is There For You"Brush off your shoes walk through the door your home is here for you."Potentially a reference to the Friends theme song: "I'll Be There For You"
59Pret a Manger"I love Pret a Manger."A chain based in London that sells pre-made, natural foods and coffee. Pret a Manger means ready to eat in French. Pronounced pretta mon-jay.
60Chablis"You want me to bring you a glass of Chablis?"A dry white wine from France
60Italian Sodas"Or one of those Italian sodas you like." A soft drink made by mixing carbonated water and flavoring (cherry, strawberry, blueberry, etc.) It is also made with cream.
60Brand New Woman"I feel like a Brand New Woman."Contextually, this is simply a sales pitch, suggesting that baths and wine are so refreshing you feel brand new. The captialization points to a feminist term from the late 19th century. New Woman described women who pushed against societal limitations.
61Ethos"I think people are forgetting the taste. And the ethos."the spirit of a culture, atmosphere, mood
62Shiraz"What about Shiraz. That sounds fun too."Shiraz wine is said to be the first produced wine- either from Iran or France. The grapes are now grown in and this red wine is produced in France.
64Lithium batteries "Do you know what he's selling them for? Lithium batteries." Batteries made from lithium can last for 15 years or more. Many lithium batteries are also rechargable.
67Chart Hits"All right we're going to move on to Chart Hits." In reference to the mash-up performance of popular songs from the last ten years.
68Heretic Homer We've only got 6 boxes and there's a fire in Heretic Homer. Season 4, Episode 3 "Homer skips church one cold Sunday morning. After realizing the freedom and happiness he can obtain from having the house all to himself, Homer chooses to stop going to church altogether despite Marge's disapproval."
69the Landing"You were at the Landing."A meeting spot for all of the company's producing Simpsons plays.
69Springfield Files "Springfield Files is an even shittier show."Season 8, Episode 10 "Homer sees an alien in the woods near Springfield, but no one believes him, not even FBI Agents Mulder and Scully, who come to investigate the incident." *Note that this episode is also an adaptation of The X-Files, similar to Cape Fear.
71Deposits. "Of course it is. Deposits. Ruptures. Plumes. Seepage."An accumulation or sediment.
71Ruptures. "Of course it is. Deposits. Ruptures. Plumes. Seepage."A fracture or crack. It can also refer to a hernia.
71Plumes. "Of course it is. Deposits. Ruptures. Plumes. Seepage."While plumes usually refers to feathers, it referrs to radioactive plumes, a mass of spreading pollutant
71Seepage. "Of course it is. Deposits. Ruptures. Plumes. Seepage."The result of a leaking or oozing liquid.
71Shale"we don't even know what's been seeping all this time from wherever through shale or any or"Fragile, soft sedimentary rock made of mud or clay.
74"and what if we've picked the wrong religion?" "and what if we've picked the wrong religion?" A direct quote from the episode "Homer the Heretic."
74the booth "Jenny shall we discuss the booth?" a community source for lines.
76Brokers"What if we restricted it just, to brokers, to people we have trusted relationships with."a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.
76Saturday Night Live "I got that person who wrote for Saturday Night Live." A sketch comedy show on tv on Saturday nights. SNL began airing in 1975 and is still running today. SNL is a particularly on point reference, as SNL writes their sketches each week, depending on each other to build the best gags. They are also known for spoofing movies, celebrities, and other forms of popular culture.
77Heart of Bartness"It was that whole chunk of Heart of Bartness plus some lines for Lisa the Vegetarian." Season 6 Episode 1. The title is "Bart of Darkness." It is a parody of the Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window. "After breaking his leg, Bart spends the first weeks of summer at his bedroom window, spying on the neighbors with a telescope. He thinks he witnesses Ned Flanders murdering his wife, Maude."
77Lisa the Vegetarian"It was that whole chunk of Heart of Bartness plus some lines for Lisa the Vegetarian." Season 7 Episode 5 "After a trip to Storytown Village, Lisa finds herself unable to eat lamb, exposing her to ridicule and resentment from her father and friends. But with help from Apu, Paul and Linda McCartney, she makes an effort to stick to her new vegetarian view."
77Much Apu About Nothing "And he said he had a really good piece of Much Apu About Nothing." Season 7 Episode 23 "Quimby proposes tax rises to fund a new bear patrol. To distract people, he blames the taxes on illegal immigrants, and calls for the deportation of all illegal immigrants from Springfield. Apu realizes that he will have to be deported. Lisa realizes that he can apply for amnesty, so Apu takes a test and is allowed to stay in the country."
77Security detail"Maybe their security detail is better than ours." This is a team that is assigned to protect the group.
78Thursday Night"Thursday Night held out as long as they could."New episodes of The Simpsons aired on Thursday nights.
80Toxic"Is Toxic in or out what did we decide?"A popular song released by Britney Spears in 2003.
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