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Table NumberTable ColorTopicWhat are the "important considerations" that came out of your dialogue?Are there suggestions for "next steps" that could be taken?What challenges might you expect/anticipate in moving forward?FacilitatorNumber of High School Students at This TableNumber of Middle School Students at This TableNumber of Parents of Elementary Students at This TableNumber of Parents of Middle School Students at This TableNumber of Parents of High School Students at This TableNumber of Community Members at This TableNumber of School Staff Members at This TableNumber of Other Participants at This Table
5YellowHow do we get longer time in our specials?Kids don't have enough time in one period to get work done. They are rushed to get started and then it is time to clean up and go.This is a Wentworth issue. Students feel like they had enough time at the primary level but now that they are older, they don't have enough time. Changing schedules would be a challenge. Charlotte Durgin (3rd grader at Wentworth)00110111
7YellowHow will the change in start times effect the student population?adjustment of time will effect jobs of high school students, worry about the impact it will actually have on students than on everything else, making sure all voices are heard, times to be looked at again - still earlier times but adjusting times, survey to go out again, no accountability because a lot of elementary parents didn't get one, considering all the faculity and their families and how they will be effected, making sure everyone understands there is two tier bussing (k-2 and 3-5), the survey didn't make that clear, start educating parents on rest and the importance of helping kids go to bed earlychild care issues - some high schoolers pick up elementary siblings, can aftercare accomodate this, staffing, will high school athletics need to be dismissed early because the teams they are competing against are out earlierKate Swinburne005218814
7BlueHow can we train our SPS staff on how to be more inclusive for LGBTQ+ Students?How to have high school and middle school connect with staff in consideration of their LGBTQ+ students. Research other bigger districts. Safe space and resources for students and staff. Staff involvement in advocacy. Bringing in presenters.District-wide initiative to present to all staff and school board about experiences of students.Staff, students, and community members may not appreciate this from a personal values perspective. Finding student volunteers to lead.Dyllan Hinton213
4GreenWhat can we d to allow every child at Wentworth be inolved at K-Kids?How can we make K-Kids all inclusive at Wentworth?Possibly look at more advisors or another time to hold meeting.Unintended consequences of not allowing all students. As they move through the grade levels students don't join because they had been shut out in the past. Could create lack of community involvement among students in the future.Drew Stevens00322
We are all community members.
6RedHow can we provide a safe opportunity for students without fear of retribution by teachers or their fellow students?Cultural safety is not universal. Adults need to model behavior to create safety.Creating availability of opportunity to cross "groups"
Opportunity for students to practice empathy, be in another's shoes
Suggest: of a list of events, require students to attend a certain number of them
Share across phases, and among teachers, of examples of successful cross-group thinking
Communication within the school about this issue might perhaps be broadened to the community.Sam Rinaldi00104220
3RedCommunity involvement in the Wentworth school gardenA)showcasing the garden
B) support from local organizations (program or time?)
C) community engagement via multiple opportunities

weather buddies - linking local weather station to local news!
PR! Getting the word out
connection with Broadturn Farm - experience with turning natural environment into an event venue
catering an event - integrating music in the garden
historical society - plants that are historical, provide an educational experience for visitors (Tate House)
Garbage to garden - Earth Day open house? Students as teachers for townwide composting
add Garden to volunteer needs list
Need a coordinator!
Kelli Crosby0011133
3YellowWhat is the impact of changing 8 blocks at the HS going to have on science classes/labs?Science labs still need to have richness of labs to practice the learning through experience.
There is going to need to be time for teachers to learn/change their teaching practices in order to make sure standards can be met with less instructional time.
Budget issues
Less curriculum being covered
Jen Cleary00103400
1Redhow can we grow the music department district wide to engage more students?1. drop off of students from 5 to 6th grade and 8 to 9th grade
2. it's not considered cool to be in band
3. instruction tends to lackluster and not engaging for today's students
1. enthusiastic new educators and curriculum
2. school administration needs to be more positive tone in addressing parents going from 5 to 6 grade and 8 to 9 grade
3. maybe add a Music Administrator for the district
4. add student mentors in the band program (more experienced musicians play with novices)
5. visit area schools that have successful programs to see ways which we can improve our program
6. consider adding marching band in middle school and also competitive marching band in high school
change is hard for community, school administration and studentsMadeline Shields102225 adults and 1 student06
3BlueCulturally inclusive and compassionate curriculaWith a mostly white population, how do we provide experiences for children outside of their culture?
We often miss opportunities and teachable moments (math word problems, books, etc)
Using more inclusive language
Teaching beyond "mainstream" history-ie role of women, minorities
Increase exposure to more diverse schools-partner on equal footing with schools such as Reiche
Partner through Skype with schools in other countries
Partner with ESL students in Scarborough
Intentionally hire more teachers of color
Lack of diversity in Scarborough
Difficulties with time, teachers stretched thin
6GreenWhat are we currently doing to address social emotional learning needs in our students? And how can we make sure that regardless of grade, school or teacher, students' need for this instruction and support is met?Some programs are already in place (Pathways, guidance, Respect Academy)
Anti-bullying, Boys to Men
In past 5-6 years intermediate school has become more academic, students losing cooperation and societal skills
Do more of this training in younger grades
Permeate the curriculum and school culture with these teachings
Look into: Committee for Children cfchildren.org
Responsive Classroom program
BARR - Building Assets Reducing Risks
SWIFT - equity based inclusion
Trauma Informed Practices
More multi age classrooms
Not enough hours in the day!
Time needed to train staff.
Erin Rowan00111442
8YellowHow will the change in start times effect our elementary, middle and high school students?Less time to do homework or after school activities for older children? (especially when it is dark) Children don't function well on less sleep. Teenagers are up later and need more sleep. Teenagers tend to do better later in the day. All small children do not get up early. We are unsure how this would effect K-2 students. A big problem is the buses. Do we put the biggest burden on our youngest children, especially K-2? Will the cost of Scarborough Community Services Aftercare go up? How does everyone get enough sleep? Possibly building better sidewalks. Possibly waiting to make decision. Possibly adding more buses. How could all schools start at the same time? Parents need to be involved in making this final decision. Meeting all students and families needs.Nina Stevens - 6th grader at Scarborough Middle Schooloneeleventhreefourteen
1GreenSTEMNews article started the thinking on $ spent vs other countries with higher achievement. Should we be comparing our schools to others? What about robotics? We don't have the same to offer. We need hands on learning in engineering. Students a excited about STEM. How do raise their interest levels especially at the HS? HS that are already interested in this area are trying it outside of school. Need more at the elementary school. Currently have Tinker carts. New initiatives at K-2 Coding, this breaks down barriers with kids that could hit road block in other areas of learning. Students would like to be able to use things like Scratch to learn math. In WS ans the MS there are not many tech. clubs but they don't last long I'd like to be able to go into an activity that I could work and create at my level of learning. HS don't know where and how to apply it. 2 STEAM teachers at WS. Look at different techniques from different countries. Worried that the school day is being squeezed with too many things that may not be need. Is it a longer school day, is it two math classes, is it to science classes. How can we get more training for out teachers? How can we come up with that time.Student Center Clubs, Put $ in the budget to higher K-12 STEM teachers, more time to teach science and social studies, choice in STEM (Coding, Engineering....)Inquiry base training for teachers, STEM academy. Think creatively HS robotics team Have someone under Monique as a STEM curriculum coordinator. Balance in the dayHow to have the time?Sean Poage011567310
3YellowHow can we bring preschool into SPSto explore possible partnerships with preschools. What other Maine schools offer preschools? Is there a need? Are there other ways we could think about providing those opportunities. Could there be some kind of accommodation/ acknowledgement for those preschools that align with SPS.Take a closer look at what preschools are doing across the State. Space, staffing, logistics of time, funding and transportation, facilitesAnn Lovejoy00001280
7YellowHow do we create a stronger sense of community at the intermediate school by grade level.Is there a way to promote "play dates" within wings in the beginning of the summer to help make connections earlier when entering the intermediate school?Continue providing parents with information with how the "color wings" work.Is there a way to help make the "grand announcement" less intense/upsetting to families?Sarah Bailey00210020
3RedHow can we get math to be fun while learning the same things so that kids will like math more1) mathematics applied to real world problem ("Expeditionary Learning"). Project based and teamed based. Does have to be a full time project based. Needs to be balanced with "traditional" methods. 2) Incorporate games into math class - using computers or not. 3) More creativity in teaching mathematics - incorporating math into the arts. Educational games (Computer games and Board games). Educational field trips based on the subject were learning.Changing traditional behavior. Not getting the point of educational games through.Benjamin Shields01011310
6BlueShould we build a K-2 school to eliminate the high cost of maintaining 3 buildings and cut down on the number of specialists needed in our system.A report has been done about problems with the existing K-2 schools (breaking down rapidly). Best solution (cost wise) is to build a new school. Schools are also currently using portables.
By consolidating, save hundreds of thousands in maintenance and operating costs. Staff could work better together and specialist time would be used more effectively. More resources available in o
Everything needs to be addressed in term of what's best for CHILDREN
Town Council doing 10 year needs assessment.
*Design school in wings "Blue Point neighborhood", "Pleasant Hill neighborhood", "Eight Corners neighborhood" OR a wing for each grade?
Evaluate in terms of Student Centered: is this the right environment for students.
What kind of structure do we need.
Provide evidence of why this is good for children.
Design the school so that students can stay in the wing they start in through the time in the K-2 school.
How do we create a small community for the kids who need it? How do we decide which students need which type of community.
Middle school is in critical need of work.
People have emotional tie to neighborhood school concept.
Size of a very large school could be overwhelming, noise could be a problem. Kindergarten students have a challenge to start school, starting in a very large school would be overwhelming.
Long bus rides for students is a concern.
Need to do this without State Funding.
Jackie Perry00201980
2GreenHow can we improve event planning and fundraising coordination between supporters of our school?Multiple fundraisers going on same day
Fundraisers often overlap with other fundraisers
Asking the same people over and over again for money
Site to list all fundraising opportunities
Could HS Business Partnership create fundraising web site?

Possible Fundraising post card where town members can select who to give a donation to? As well as the amount

Promotion of scarboroughcalendar.org which currently exists

Possible Fundraiser Director or Grant Writer position for the Scarborough Schools to increase fundraising profits

Using town resources that are already available SEF and SETCO
Currently Booster Groups are essential to having many athletic teams at the HS
Many people do not like to share their fundraisers they are currently doing
Bryan Shumway00221130
5YellowSafe spaces for expression & civility in schoolAge appropriate opportunities for students to articulate an idea opposite their own...building empathy exercisesCommunity mentors for kids; library programs like TAB and Let's Talk America; parent education seriesEngaging parents; adults modeling civil discoursePeter Hayes004131
1RedTeacher TimeHow do we preserve "teacher sanity" while still managing high standards for our students? Do the administrators truly know how much is on the teacher's plate. A heightened awareness of curriculum needed.
Teacher responsibilities have increased and include:
handle assessment, curriculum K-5, demands, reporting out to parents, parent contacts, special education documents/record keeping/meetings.....
Concerns about how curriculum is rolled out - example: 5th grade taught units at different grade levels that eventually they would not be teaching. More of a gradual roll out would be beneficial.
Ways to continue to provide teachers time:
- still need to provide summer and school year training on ELA curriculum with a facilitator like Kellie Smith
-book walks with the reading/writing curriculum (like the way Investigation math was done)
-use the PLT time as "whole school" focus on professional development in one curriculum area at a time
-more opportunities to work collaboratively with colleagues and share ideas, planning, students, etc.
-Enrichment time agenda should be teacher directed....use the time for what teachers need it for - more teacher voice and choice in teacher time to provide that high standard
-Should K-5 also have late starts each Wednesday? But is the PLT time being used most effectively? Perhaps if it was used more effectively the need for more late starts isn't the answer?
-We appreciate the organization that the K-5 administration is putting into the variety of our staff meetings but we would like to have more to meet the workload that is needed to continue to reach that high standard.
-More teacher workdays/professional days built into the calendar
Many of our suggestions are listed in the above section. Time, contract, money, current PLT model, budgetPeggy Clements00101470
4BlueHow do we get more parents to participate in activities at the high school?Lots... see all below...We need to invite them in and provide "avenues into" SHS
Opportunities for parents to come in and be guest lecturers, adjuncts and presenters at SHS
Career Exploration Day - Inviting local professionals into SHS for a career fair in partnership with SPS/SHS
Explore other ways to grow the School, Community & Business Partnership
Sharing a list of "needed items at SHS" with the community/parents

Simplifying the barriers to getting involved
Simplifying background checks for parental volunteering
100 hours of training just to be a volunteer coach for a high school team
Screening out for adults who may not be suited for helping out in high schools
Balancing screenings, background checks and long hours of training with student and school safety and security
Creating a safe environment for the parent to be in SHS
High schoolers want to create space between themselves and their parents and parents want to honor that but balance it with being their parents
How can we help parents be more a apart of the course registration and advising processes?
Greg Applestein00102320
7RedWhat can we do to increase and enhance foreign language instruction at SPS? Starting languages at a young age helps develop and improve their education. Language starting has vacillated overtime. Currently the students can take either french and Spanish starting in 6th Grade but then changes in 8th grade when the students can choose the language they choose. Students in 6th Grade have languages once a week. 7th have it 4 days a week. 8th Grade it is a core class that makes it everyday for an hour. So many places are beginning to teach languages right at Kindergarten. If SPS' goal is to have more educated students at a more efficient rate then starting language in kindergarten will improve on English, Historical topics and the general development and function of the students leaning abilities. You can not go to any place in america and have every person speak English; the country is becoming more diverse and the farther south you go it is more Spanish and the farther north will speak french. The world language club at wentworth had 120 students apply to get into it earlier last school year. There is huge need to have languages taught at wentworth. If there were more Language teachers, would that help? Start teaching languages at 5th and then begin to go back over time for budget reasons. Try to get the entire middle school to learn languages daily. Have high school students teach at the schools and help out; levels 3,4,5. Have the high school students teach a class after school to wentworth students. Instead of increasing ELA and Math to improve scores, add languages which will help improve the scores. Expand or offer more after school programs in wentworth because it will be able to accommodate the students interested and give them a better idea of the language. Direct the language department to create a language plan to make sure we follow through and improve the languages in SPS.Budgeting in the school district. Time for students, staff, curriculum. Space for where to do all the programming. Will Leadley 20120236
1BlueHow will be communicate proficiency based diploma to publicParents are unaware of this change happening and what it means. How does this impact applying to colleges. How do they deal with this difference. Concern that Maine is the only state doing this. In our group of 6 we were very confused as to what "proficient" really means. Worry that there is no research to back this. Concern that children who are not self motivated will actually not achieve their potential under this model. A lot more communication needs to be forthcoming to parents on this change. We need more avenues other than school board meetings where questions can be asked.

Small informational meetings that are highly advertized to the public to educate us on what this change is, what it means, how it works.

Feedback from out of State Colleges on how this impacts their analysis of students.

Are teachers prepared to make this change?

Other topic, there should have been a question on the survey about starting school later in the day asking if you were for or against this change, not just how it will impact your ability to get to and from school.
School administration will be hard pressed to find the time to communicate this at a level that will make parents and students feel comfortable with it.Jennifer Cleary00
5RedHow can we implement a strings (orchestra) program at SPS- There is no string orchestra because of the idea that string instruments are 'more expensive' than other instruments
- The amount of music in the schools has deeply declined
- Music is proven to help scores in many ways and if a string orchestra were to be implemented, it would help the achedemic subjects more.
- People who play string instruments in their spare time would be able to work on that during schools instead of just working on it during private lessons
1) String Orchestras could be implemented in the everyday activity in the musical side of the school, which would make the want to join bands in general and make the people who already a string instruments better at their instruments
2) Performing infront of the schools to make it seem if there's more of an interest or not.
3) A music teacher could be implemented to making this band work
4) Student would be required to do band from 6-8th grade and people would start band earlier, leading for the possibility that more people would join and continue to other bands.
The ability of making the town okay with the change and the change itself. Andy Happel100213 adults 2 children05
7GreenHow canwe ensure that students that excel in an academic area are being appropriately challenged beginning at the primary level?-cutting down on recess is a concern because that is "imagination" time
-K-2 curriculum can lead to boredom for the kids because some children come in with decent profiency in K curriculum
-The three elementary schools do not have the same policies for students who excel in academic areas
-More phys. ed does not have have the same benefits as free time at recess
-Mileage time is a problem for the parents.
-Students who excel in a specific academic topic can become bored in a class where the teachers aim for the middle or baseline standard
-Parents are concerned that kids aren't learning how to learn.
-Exploration could lead to greater development of the Guiding Principles.
-If there is so much help for kids who are struggling, why isn't there more help for the kids who are excelling?
-How do you avoid group think? Does this stifle creativity?
-Everyone learns differently, are we allowing for differentiation in learning styles?
-How do we accommodate students that master a topic more quickly than other students?
-How can we provide opportunities for students that have interests in areas that do not have much allotted time, ie technology, robotics, programming (STEM)
-more recess time ("Free to Learn" book)
-more managed choice for kids who need more options because they come into school at an advanced level and get bored in school.
-more free time for the kids
-Can we plan more time for kids to have down time to process and think in an independent way?
-Can we have a GATES program in the primary? OR "specials" or "groups" for the kids who learn more quickly?
-Utilize more parent volunteers, use senior citizens more
-more parent volunteers (every volunteer has a different skill set)
-teachers are wonderful, so how do we support them having more flexibility in their time with the kids? It all seems so regimented and with so much information crammed in.
-staffing restraints
Jennifer Winchenbach00500510
5Greenengaging parent volunteers SMSbegin a annual event at SMS run by parent volunteers; Career fair; STEM fair and a student film festivalmeet with SMS leadership to get feedback from staff; visit area schools to find out what works for them (ie: Yarmouth, Cape Elizabeth, etc.); check out jobs for maine's graduates as well as Scarborough Chamber of Commercefinding time, space, funding (if necessary) and people powerLinda Faber-Shields00012620