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Pattern or other work itemBrief DescriptionDeveloper's Estimated Delivery DateRemarksInitials
Fixed Date PBI3 known uses audit still failsEditorial Team
Need old picture back in Illegitimus non InterruptusIt matches the pattern too well.mdh cope
Chief Product Owner is an "alias" for Product Owner TeamChief Product Owner is in the normal flow of patterns as an alias for Product Owner Team. Having two names for the same pattern is confusing. Maybe just list the alias under the pattern name?Re: Mark. Probably change references to CPO to refer directly to PO team with an s.v. re: CPO.cope
Stop-the-Line an "alias" for Emergency ProcedureBeing fixed
Missing Description for FireWall placeholderRe: Mark
Testable ImprovementsCopy editing and getting to Done4/1/2017CR is CaptainEditorial Team
Production EpisodeCopy editing and getting to Done4/1/2017CR is CaptainEditorial Team
Release Staging LayersCopy editing and getting to Done24/1/2017Cope is Captain. Sketches done. Mark and Cope vote "Done"Editorial Team
ROI (Rename to ROI-Ordered Backlog)Copy editing and getting to Done25/1/2017Cope is Captain. Renamed. Sketches drafted. Lachlan, Mark and Cope say "Done". And Cesário.Editorial Team
Release RangeCopy editing and getting to Done26/1/2017Cope is Captain. Sketches drafted in (electronic versions; need to be drawn). Lachlan and Cope say "Done." So does Cesário. And Mark.Editorial Team
High Value FirstCopy editing and getting to Done26/1/2017Cope is CaptainEditorial Team
Change for FreeCopy editing and getting to Done26/1/2017Cope is CaptainEditorial Team
Money for NothingCopy editing and getting to Done26/1/2017Cope is CaptainEditorial Team
Product Organisation SequenceEnd of August 2016 TBDnbh cope
Daily Clean Code / Good HousekeepingCopy editing and getting to Done: (Title Change)4/1/2017MDH is CaptainEditorial Team
Definition of DoneCopy editing and getting to Done4/1/2017CR is Captain. Mark and Cope pronounce "Done". Lachlan approves. And CR.Editorial Team
Happiness MetricCopy editing and getting to Done4/1/2017MDH is CaptainEditorial Team
Sprint RetrospectiveCopy editing and getting to Done4/1/2017MDH is CaptainEditorial Team
Sprint GoalCopy editing and getting to Done4/1/2017MDH is CaptainEditorial Team
Sprint ReviewCopy editing and getting to Done4/1/2017CR is Captain. JOC thinks it is done (still needs sketches)Editorial Team
Chapter 1Writers' Workshop, copy editing, getting to DoneInitial Draft. Done for now.lh, cr, cope, aoc
BookBinder updates to flag bad URLsSome URLs that point to patterns point to the wrong place. BookBinder can use its BookFiles table to audit this3/3/2017cope
BookBinder updates for section cross-referencesPattern cross-references work find but we need something for chapter and section headers6/2/2017cope
Product Backlog SequenceAt least it would be another example sequence
Developer-Ordered Work PlanCopy editing and getting to Done2/1/2017Pix have been updated completely.Editorial Team
Small ItemsCopy editing and getting to DoneJune and Alan have commented that it needs some work because of overlap / potential confusion with the SBI patternEditorial Team
Estimation PointsNeeds pre and post pictures — maybe. Otherwise done
Sprint Backlog ItemCopy editing and getting to DoneEditorial Team
Set-Based DesignTo evaluate potential alternative product directions, hold a "bake-off"EL
Yesterday's WeatherCopy editing and getting to DoneEditorial Team
Regular Product IncrementCopy editing and getting to DoneEditorial Team
Product WakeCopy editing and getting to DoneEditorial Team
Product BacklogCopy editing and getting to Done
Refined Product BacklogCopy editing and getting to Done
Updated VelocityCopy editing and getting to Done
Teams that Finish Early Accelerate FasterCopy editing and getting to Done
Visible StatusCopy editing and getting to Done
Dependencies FirstCopy editing and getting to Done
Whack the MoleCopy editing and getting to Done
Team SprintCopy editing and getting to Done
One Step at a TimeCopy editing and getting to Done
Value Stream ForkCopy editing and getting to Done
Happiness MetricCopy editing and getting to Done
Greatest ValueCopy editing and getting to Done
Product WakeCopy editing and getting to Done
Birds of a FeatherWriters' Workshop, copy editing, getting to Donecope
DoneMasterCopy editing and getting to DoneMay eliminate it. Has copyrighted head image.
Tie up Value AreasIn particular Value Area seems to extend Scrum or portray an alternative vision to Scrum, in areas that seem already to be covered by the Meta-Scrum, Independent Velocities, and Scrum of Scrums.End of July 2016aoc
Scaling SequenceWe need to evaluate whether the scaling sequence will fit together with the new Value Area pattern(s) and, if so, write itEnd of July 2016aoc
Discussion: Do we need "PO also implements"?Alexander hates hands-off architects. In Jeff Sutherland's team the PO builds running prototypes to keep their hands dirty.
Work the Top of the BacklogPattern on working the top of the backlog (破)破. Cp. First things First, Swarming,js / cope — Ping Jeff about what we should do with this
Historical References in patternsGood patterns tell where the idea evolved fromMark pointed this out: See
PulseUncertainty about the duration of a work episode prevents the work from being done effectively, so work in time units of uniform length15 July 2016nbh
Self-organizing Teamsneeds to describe how local interaction leads to the roles of SM, PO, Dev team - this is for the product organisation sequence - unless we mean self-organising = self-managing (noted by Lachlan)
Autonomous Teamneeds to refer to Scrum Team rather than Development team (or both teams) (noted by Lachlan)
Follow the MoonScrum cycles should be attendant to natural rhythms (破)First draft donegb
Clarify difference between Whack the Mole and Daily Clean Code"Aiming" to have a result is a KPI, not a pattern. The cadence aspect of DCC is nonetheless nice. Both should probably be retained but both probably need some cleanup.cope & nbh
Sacred ScheduleIf you don't end on time, you don't know where you are; Therefore: Don't put off Sprint completion, even for a day.Probably needs to be re-thought, or just folded into Sprintcope & nbh
Question: Do we want to include the Harrison / Coplien patterns in the book or just reference them?The book should stand alone but it could get pretty large if we include all the patterns we cite. Maybe just set up a spot on the web? Include half-page patlets for each, together with the quintessential photo?team
Sequence to knit together patterns related to organising multiple Scrum teamsHow do we give visibility to the patterns that deal with an organisation that has more than one Scrum team per product?Probably will be ready for work in Porto 2016ao
Audit: Pattern RecognisabilityWe need to audit the patterns to ensure that they are not just documentation of some part of Scrum, but that they can be indexed by the problem they solve to help Scrum teams gain insight to concrete problemsTBD
Audit: Pattern Context LinkingThe patterns should flow as a language and should complete each other in a way where the flow between a pair of patterns is explicit and obvious. This needs to be audited and most patterns will need updatingHas to wait for a plenary session at next PLoP (Iceland?)Depends on Sequences, which might help shed some light on doing this. Also needs to be coordiinated with "Create Pattern Language Graphs" (below)team
ScrumPLoP things1. Pictures
2. Difference between self-managing, autopoeietic, autonomous
Audit: 3 usesMake sure each pattern points to three independently discovered known uses using citable sources.Has to wait for a plenary session at next PLoP (Iceland?)Currently being done incrementallyteam
Audit: Is the PO the bad guy?We don't want the patterns to portray the PO as the bad guy.DF
Audit: Software focusNeeds to generalise beyond software
Consistent citation format
Book Picture SelectionWe can use the stuff from or the ones that Neil found from the LOC or...No commitment or forecast"Done" includes having copy rights. Does it depend on having a financial framework in place?nbh, mdh
Create Pattern Language GraphsWe need graphs like the ones in the Org Patterns book to orient people to the patterns and their relationships. Again can use the dag or dotty facilities. Google has facilities to make these "touchable" for the web deliverableBookBinder part is done. Still need Organisational Structure Pattern Language graph.
Remove references to non-existent patternsNeed to remove references to patterns that have been deleted or never written. There are about 28 at last count. BookBinder audits can automatically produce the lists but there will be local rewording in each pattern, and the overall flow and wording must be attended to.1 October 2016. Delayed because we need to decide whether we'll need these patterns.Detailed data herecope
Scrum Blitz schedulingWe'll need at least one Scrum Blitz to finalize "Overall copy edit" as well as the AuditsIn Denmark. One done in the second week of 2017. Should have two, nbh, lh, cope
Overall copy editRevisit patterns that haven't been touched in years, and make sure patterns reflect our current understanding and the current state of Scrum (the Scrum Guide has changed since we started)4 of the team members concur that this is a 50- to 150-day job, full-time (½ - 1 day per pattern or other section; parallelism dscouraged). aa predicts end of June for his independent effortIs being done as a team at a ScrumBlitz. Rate is about half the time of the estimate.

aa prediction was not met, and no update.
cr, lh, cope, mdh, (aa separately)

nbh removed as disengaged
Legal and financial frameworkWe need a sink for the book royalties under a tax-free dispensation. It would be good if we also could be relieved of the adminstration.We could maybe use Hillside as the administrator of these agreementsCheck with Joe Yoder
Bring existing Scrum PLoP agreements up-to-dateThe legal and financial framework will change the parties named in the Scrum PLoP agreement. The agreement must be updated and all signatories must sign off.Depends on "Book legal and financial framework"
Professional copy-editIt would be good to choose our own copy editor to bring the English quality up to publication standards. Past performance by publishers' copy editors has been of irregular qualityDepends on a funding source and "Legal and Financial Framework." Could be deferred until after the Alpha book, but that creates an uncomfortable ménage à trois with the publlsher and weakens our negotiating position
Alpha BookA toolset that allows us to produce an alpha version of the printed book, along with enough topical content to make it interesting. Depends on book design / outline.

This is a benchmark and not an MVP. MVP doesn't apply to books and probably not at all in Agile: q.v. Luke Hohmann
9/1/2017 is an optimistic dateThere is a high risk to this effort if we convert toolset mid-streamcope
Patlets AppendixKind of like in the Org Patterns bookjk
Approach PublishersIt's important to not do this too early, as it destroys credibility with the publisher if we bring a draft manuscript ("MVP") and then spend months readying the product. cope
New administrative environmentPeople don't like Google Docs, &c. for administering the patterns, and Ademar has proposed a simpler alternative hosted on git or some other site. This can start as a prototype and then grow.Should be before ScrumPLoP 2015, to make sense and to be worth doing?Pushed down on the backlog because the value is becoming lower relative to the costaa
Patron-Supported UnderstandingScrum does not have buy-in from management. Therefore: Solution : Educate, get a patron and show resultjeos
Historical RetrospectiveProjects too often re-invent the wheel; Therefore: Start each new project with a retrospective over similar historic projectsRelates closely with Learning Registercope
Learning RegisterAggregate retrospective results into a collection of foundational, long-term learnings (from PRINCE2)Relates closely with Historical Retrospective cope
Bake-OffSet-based designcope
Sauna Sprint ReviewPeople need motivation; therefore, celebrate success with an extended sauna and champagneSeems already to be covered as an example in the Sprint Review patterncope
Automated Code ChecksDefinition of DONE does not mean: "Ready to Ship." Solution: Work on automating checks of the code.A bit software-specific. Generalize and relate to Toyoda looms? Stop-the-line? Subsume by DoD?jeos
Rechunked PBIsIt's tedious to have too many fine-granularity PBIs deep in the Product Backlog; Therefore: Re-factor them back together into larger itemsVille Mäkinencope
Down TimeHow do you support the long-term vision and give the whole team a sense of buy-in? Therefore: Fund periodic time for the team to innovate.cope
HackathonProblem: Organisations become fixated on building to the business model and not allowing enough time for freedom of creativity. Solution: 24 hour hackathons quarterly, both internal to the organisation and external.gabby
External Feature OwnerProblem : Team is dependent an an external resource in the sprint and is unsure of how it is going. Solution : Make a team member responsible for the external resource, being proactivejeos
Product Pridegb
Rotating GuruMonica Yap
Definition of Done as WorkflowTeam members must adhere to "Done" but also have to get their work done. Therefore: Integrate "Done" with the process, so the process tends to create results that adhere to the definition.Newvr
New Team BootstrapHow to get a new team prepared to become a Scrum teamProbably needs a lot of workvr
Four Minute MileNewgpb
Audit patterns against the Scrum GuideWe want to make sure we're not blindsided by missing something important in Core Scrumdf
Content auditTo make a conscious decision to discard certain patterns, create a few new ones to fill holes, and to keep the rest
Execute copyright transfer agreementsWe will need to negotiate and execute a copyright transfer agreement with each author
IP WorkCitation verification; getting permissions for quotes