Blog: Numeracy Reflection - Term Three 2017 (Responses)
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What is your name?
Have you enjoyed your numeracy learning this term?
What have you enjoyed about numeracy this term?
What have you found challenging about numeracy this term?
What do you want to learn about numeracy in Term Four?
Have you made progress in your numeracy learning this term?
Why do you think you have made progress in your numeracy learning this term?
Why do you think you have not made progress in your numeracy learning this term?
How can Mr Lewzey help you next term?
Learner 1YesAdding and subtracting More about my doublesYesTrying to finger out my doubles
Learner 2YesBecause I like strand maths.FractionsMaybeBecause I am getting better at things
Learner 3YesEverything Anything that we haven't done yet.Yes
Because I have been trying really hard in my math and getting in the pit and out.
Learner 4Yes
I have been very happy because I like how you make numeracy fun with hard learning.
How to tell the time on a 24 hour clockMaybeI think that I have made progress because I have got through my follow ups
Learner 5YesI really like the maths you give meI want to learn more hard stuffYes
Because once I did the easy ones but then I had to do one hard one and I got it right
Learner 6YesStrand Algebra area measurementYesAddition and subtraction
Learner 7YesEvery thing Length,area and shapeYesI tace my time answering questions
Learner 8YesThe maths learning you give us.Still tidy tens.YesBecause I think about the answers.
Learner 9YesBecause Mr Lewzey is stretching me and I am learning more strategies Time and time tables YesI have learned more and I have improved a lot
Learner 10YesShapes and my timestables Algebra area YesMaking my progressions yellow or green
Learner 11YesThe word problemsSquare roots YesBy finishing my follow ups
Learner 12YesMath equations Square roots YesBy finishing my follow ups
Learner 13YesI liked compatible numbers and Family of facts Subtraction MaybeBecause I learned a little bit in some of my math learning
Learner 14YesGetting hard questions. Algebra YesDivision
Learner 15NoFrom having headaches sometimes A little harder questions MaybeCause I started from pluses then dividing
Learner 16YesCompatible numbers Strand numeracyMaybeI think maybe because I might get the question wrong
Learner 17YesThat triangle thingThe weatherMaybeBecause I every time don’t get it then I get it later
Learner 18YesAll off the different strategys Some more strategys Yes Because Mr Lewzey has been helping me
Learner 19YesHard questions and stran numeracy Strand numeracy YesBecause i have practiced
Learner 20YesBecause it has stretched me and I like my teacher.Algebra, multiplication, area and divisionYesBecause I have improved
Learner 21Yes The question More questionsNoBecause I never get my learning doneBy giving me a work shop
Learner 22YesProdigy and equations More divisionMaybeBecause I enjoy maths
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