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Last nameFirst nameEmailPositionAffiliationPlease list which technologies you are interested inLooking for teammates for YOUR OWN INVENTION for BBI fall 2017 session?Researcher?Clinician?Marketing?Sales?Finance/Biz Dev?Legal?Entrepreneur?Interests/Looking forBackgroundInterested in the Business Plan Challenge?
AxelrodSofiasofia.axelrod@mail.rockefeller.eduResearch associateRockefellerYesYesNoNoNoNoI am developing a lamp based on our lab's Nobel Prize-winning research to help babies sleep. Looking for teammates to help with all aspects of product development and marketing, with a goal of launching by the end of the year.PhD in developmental neuroscience, Postdoc in circadian rhythm and sleep research. Mom of two and at first developed the Baby Sleep Lamp for my own sake. Happy babies = happy parents.Yes
NelsonMichaelinfo@iudame.comCEO/FounderWCMCYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYesMy App, iUDAME, is currently selling in the App Store. I have 10,000 downloads. I would like to form a business plan team for BBI and to compete in other pitch events to raise awareness of my app and to get non-dilutive funding. Looking for help in marketing, coding, PR. Open to teaming up with students.
GareauDanieldan@surgivance.comCEO/FounderRockefeller/SurgiVanceYesYesNoNononononoYesPrevious winner of BBI sharktank. Have cancer diagnostic technolgy and currently looking for co-founders.please enquire for login to We have a killer product and are forming a great team.
HaglundEleanoreleanorhaglund5@gmail.comCo-founderHalo Mountain, LLC (Alzheimer's Disease Startup)YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesWe are looking for Researcher, Clinicial, Business Dev and Legal team members. If you are interested in our technology, feel free to reach out!Our company owns a patented formula that we hypothesize can stop the progression of Alzheimer's in the MCI (mild cognitive impairment stage). We are planning on putting this formula through clinical trials
co-founder, med student
Weill Cornell Medical College
softwareYesYesYesNoNoNoNoYesWe are looking for anyone with experience in the business world: sales, marketing, legal, etc. We are also looking for data analysts with a focus on natural language processing. Additionally, anyone with a background in education would be a great asset to our team. Despite the above, we are also looking for creative generalists with a wide skill set who can join our team.We have developed an online software tool for medical education. Our tool allows for the creation and sharing of annotated images, which has a wide range of applications from radiographs to memory palaces. We have a background in clinical medicine, research, and web development; and are looking for more people to join our team. Explore our tool at
TurkmanyKamalkturkmany@hotmail.comFellowWCMCDevice developmentYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNot yetLooking to team up with marketing, sales, finance, and legal. Also interested in working with MD or PhD students, post docs or residentsGeneral surgery resident, I have an invention for minimally invasive surgery and am interested in having it as an invention and being part of a BBI team. I am intersted in device development and regenrative medicine. Have 4 year experience in basic sciemce and clinical research at Weill cotrnell medical college.
LaiBrantbrl2023@med.cornell.eduFounder and Software EngineerWCMCEconomy Sharing, Scheduling, Telemedicine, EHR, Big Data, Machine LearningYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesPrimarily looking for team members who have experience in software development, clinical medicine, and healthcare IT. People with experience in business, law, and startups are also welcome.Our company is focused on translating concepts of economy sharing into healthcare, particularily to better connect physicians and patients and to enable them to be more proactive in their care.
ShchetininaElenaevschetinina@gmail.comMBAIBMYesNoNoYesYesYesNoYesLooking to team up with an inventor/scientistMBA in Strategy and Management Consutling, 20 years of experience in technology and healthcare industries. I am looking for a team to help with business plan, business development, operations, product management
BarryBelgorodBelgorod@MSN.comMDNYPH/WCMCMedical devices, PharmaceuticalsYesYesYesNoNoNoNoYes1) Looking to form team of engineers and industrial designers for medical diagnostic device 2) Looking to commercialize analgesic and anti-inflammatory patent portfolioAttending in Ophthalmology with portfolio of US and PCT patents in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Interests include embedded microcontroller systems and phytochemistry. Want to give devices another focused, well-planned effort.
NarioJ.J.jqn2001@med.cornell.eduMD CandidateWeill Cornell Medical CollegeMedical devices, in-vitro diagnostics, molecular biology, machine learning, big data, signal processing, personalized medicine, drug developmentYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoEager start-up newbie looking to be part of a med device team; excited to help develop!1st-year MD Candidate at WCMC. BS in both Biomedical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Undergraduate research in materials science, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip and point-of-care in-vitro diagnostics. Was a research associate for a start-up allergy in-vitro diagnostics company in Orange County, CA (Hycor Biomedical, LLC) developing a new platform to launch this year. Good understanding of med device quality systems, and development from R&D to validation to manufacturing.
ChengDuduc2004@med.cornell.eduMD, PhD CandidateRockefeller lab/WCM med studentYesYesYesNoNoNoNoYesA team who wants to take on my newest invention on surgical training model. Remodeling surgery to repair deformed skull is a complicated one to train surgeons. I developed a method to rapidly produce composite surgical training models that maximally mimic the tissue structure and consistency for a realistic reconstructive surgery training.I am the founder of WCMC Dimensionworks, a organization for 3D printing (the libray 3D printer), extensive expertise in science research, and 2 years in medical trainng.
EngMatthewmatthew.eng2@gmail.comMed Writer/PhDBGB GroupYesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoresearch, infectious disease, pharmaceutical/biotech marketing, oncology/cancer, molecular biology, have participated in several pitch competitions
BraimanChananelcb647@cornell.eduPhD candidateWeill Cornell Medicine YesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoInvention looking to team up with people, develop EEG tool that may be used as both a neuromarketing and a diagnosticPhD in computational biology and medicine
ChuckPrattedp2012@med.cornell.eduPhD candidateWell Cornell Medicine / MSKCCYesYesNoNoNoNoNoYesLooking to team up with marketing, sales, finance, and legalWorked in pharmaceutical drug development (Merck) for 5 years, then a masters in engineering in nanotechnology, took a course in enginering entrepreneurship there, now focused on novel radioactive imaging agents for PhD
SchaumbergAndrewschaumbergandrew+bbi@gmail.comPhD candidateMSK / WCMyesyesnonononononomarketing, sales, finance, legal. do you know how much X costs in a hospital?Tri-I CBM PhD, engineer, some experience w/ patent agents. Artificial intelligence, 3d printing, cancer, pathology, microscope applications.
LeeJonghanjol2039@med.cornell.eduPhD CandidateMSK/WCMyesyesnononononoYesLooking to team up with inventor and non scientistPhD in organic synthesis, chemical biology. some experience with patents. Cancer, immunology. Also affiliated with Red Bear Angels - Cornell Alumni Angel investment group, some interactions with VCs and angel groups that might be interested in partnership and licensing. InSITE Fellow and Consultant with PreScouter and The Solutions Lab. Worked with Dorm Room Fund as invetment partner. Yes
MadhukarNeelneelmadhukar@gmail.comPhD StudentWeill Cornell MedicineYesYesNoNoNoNoNoYesLooking for help with sales, business development, and marketting.PhD in computational biology and medicine, with emphasis on developing new technology suites for drug development and discovery. Some experience pitching and interacting with potential business partners (have already had some interactions with VCs and other biotech companies that may be interested in parternships/licenses).
HuangHarrishahuang511@gmail.comPhD, MBA, Business Development ProfessionalDevices, medicine, therapeutics (cellular/proteins/small molecules)YesYesNoYesYesYesNoNoLooking to be a part of a teamMy background is in cellular conversion, regenerative medicine, and stem cell biology. I have many years of research experience, several at research investigator level managing laboratories and collaboration. I currently help run business development activities in pharmaceutical industry for both China and US market.
SukomonBeenas2773@med.cornell.eduPostdocWeill CornellYesYesTeam up with an inventor and non scientists
JenaPrakritprakrit@lipidsense.comPostdocMSKCCYesYesNoNoNoNoNoYesLooking for people with expertise in marketing, sales, financial projections and business developmentI am the co-inventor of a research tool for optically detecting the lipid content in the liver of small animals. Our company will provide the instrument and reagents to biotechnology and pharma companies that currently perform TEM on mouse liver samples. People with experience in pharma, R&D, in addition to marketing, sales, business development or financial modeling could be an important asset to the company. Please email me if you would like to meet and learn more.
KayeMaxmak478@cornell.eduCornell MBA GraduateCornellpreventative medicine, biopharma, devices, ML data systemsNoNoNoYesYesYesNoYesLooking to help commercialize / fundraise for healthtech startups with defensible technology that has global implicationsCornell Tech MBA, Fund Manager of Big Red Ventures, Associate of Red Bear Angels, former founder of food tech startup
SoniVijayvis2032@med.cornell.eduFounder and PostdocWCMCMedical kits, web and apps development, metabolomics, molecular biology, mental health, new therapeutics, drug development, customer engagment, digital medicine, new medical tools developmentNoYesNoYesYesYesNoYes
Looking to join a team to make it more efficient and marketable. Learning the business development in US market and making it global with new strategies. Yes, I am an entrepreneur, we can make a better team together.

Did Ph.D. from New Delhi, India in molecular bio, drug development, and microbiology. Developed one inhibitor against tuberculosis. Currently working as a postdoc at WCMC in the field of metabolomics and immunology. Investigating the role of different pathways and metabolomics remodeling. I have also one running startup in India named "Scipreneur" (, in which I am making one global platform for the scientific entrepreneurs from all streams of the science. New website and platform are under development. I am good in business idea development and making it more marketable. Also, I have a team for web and app development and for digital marketing.
EliasUriuelias@hotmail.comMDn/aNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoI am an MD with experience in managed care. I am looking to join a team and hopefully help create a start-up.MD with experience in managed careYes
ShawnShahshawnlshah@gmail.comMDNY-P/WCMCDigital health technologies, medical devicesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to be a part of a teamCurrent gastroenterology fellow with prior experience with digital health startups
TahaBirrabtaha@med.cornell.eduMD CandidateWCMCDevicesNoYesYesNoNoNoNoYesLooking to join a medical devices teamMD Candidate. Pure Math background with extensive computational research experience (neuro, bio, chemistry, genetics, etc.). Lots of software experience: unix, python, perl, java, CAD. Hardware experience: rpi, arduino, 3D printing, Extensive device development experience (from concept to prototype) with many interested clinicians looking to join.
KerwinLewisLewiskerwin@gmail.comMD CandidateWeill Cornell Medical CollegeMental health, Telemedicine, Digital medicine, Signal Processing, machine learning, devicesnoYesYesNoNoNoNoNoI'm excited to apply digital technologies and/or new measurement tools to help study human behavior and possibly to guide new interventions. As a future psychiatrist, I'm especially interested in problems of mood and self-harm. Devices that interest me especially are those that facillitate precise interaction with the brain in clinic and clinical reserach settingsMD Candidate 4th year applying into psychiatry. Completed reserach in trans-cranial magnetic stimulation, global disease survaillence, and organic chemistry. Frequent expereinces presenting projects and posters. Prior work as teacher and writing instructor.
BreaElliottejb2001@med.cornell.eduMD/PhD candidateWCMC Drug development, focus in cancer/autoimmuneNoYesYesNoYesSomeNoYesLooking to join team working on either drug development/discovery or new targets that have been validated preclinically. Also interested in clinical tech platforms esp EMR/Communication b/w providersPhD in pharmacology. Finishing MD 2018. Have completed clerkships and have been through multiple different clinical specialties.
ZhangNingruiniz2006@med.cornell.eduMS Health InformaticsWCMCNoYesNoSomeSomeYesSomeNolooking to take a role as a business facilitator for any biotech invention; interested in solving problems in research/marketing/financing using my analysis skills Bachelor degree in Statistics; took accounting/ finance classes; currently taking MBA classes at Cornell Tech; worked at healthcare Management Consulting firm
BhuiyanJainalmjb73@cornell.eduPartner/ Co-FounderFundRx/ HRA CapitalNoNoNoNoNoYesNoYesLooking to back to entrepreneurs/academics with novel, technologies with $250mm+ addressable markets12 years in healthcare investment banking since undergrad at Cornell. Co-founded life science equity funding platform, Partner at healthcare investment bank. Focused on raising capital and optimizing corporate finance strategy.
JayewickremeChenurachj2018@med.cornell.eduPhD CandidateMSKCC/WCMNoYesNoNoYesNoNoNoLooking to join a team, ideally in a business develop or strategy rolePhD candidate working on mouse models of Glioblastoma. Prior experience with colon cancer and intestinal stem cells. Moderate experience with front end design and data analytics. Worked in educational sales and marketing at Apple and internship in Business Development at Millennium Pharmaceuticals/Takeda.
AckermanSarahsackerman@rockefeller.eduPhD candidateRockefellernoYesnonononononoLooking to be part of a team PhD candidate workinth on the link between obestiy and breast cancer. Recently I have completed the KGI Biotech program in Claremont. I worked on a team to create a 3D printed hip replacement and gave a formal presentation about marketing and sales of the product. I am looking to continue gaining experience in the biotech world
GorenLimorlimorg@gmail.comPhD CandidateHunterNoYesnoYesYesYesNoYesLooking to team up with inventors and leverage my business development backgroundI'm currently getting my PhD in molecular biology in order to shift into the biomedical field. Previously I was an entrepreneur in a different industry with 15 years of experience creating and growing companies, overseeing business development, sales, marketing, and management.
TheodoreGiavridisthg2008@med.cornell.eduPhD CandidateWCMC/MSKcell therapeutics - biologics - precision medicineNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoInterested in joining a team and teaming up with inventors/scientists/nonscientistsPhD Candidate working on CAR T cells, developing a mouse model for cytokine release syndrome, novel CAR T cell constructs. Strong interest in cell therapeutics, biologics, cancer biology.
Chaya Sternchaya.stern@choderalab.orgPhD CandidateWCMC/MSKNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
DunnAmyadunn@rockefeller.eduPhD CandidateRockefellerNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to be a part of a teamPhD candidate in neuropharmacology, specifically working with models of addiction. Currently working on a drug development project in the lab, and looking to learn more about the process beyond the research. Recently completed the Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science from the CCTS here at Rockefeller.
ZhengSerzhs2005@med.cornell.eduPhd CandidateWCMC/MSKNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to be a part of a team, Interested in learning and willing to put in the effort neededPhD Candidate in Chemical Biology. Working on cross-linking mass spectrometry for protein-protein interaction identification in cancer. Have past experience with metabolomics/small molecule identification in cancer. General interests and experience in analytical sciences (measuring protein/small molecule analytes), with a keen interest on applying these analytical skills to places beyond the lab, e.g. diagnostics, biomarkers, etc.
WangPutianqipwang@mail.rockefeller.eduPhd CandidateRockefellerTherapeutics, Drug development, Therapeutic tools, diagnositc methods noYesnoLittleLittlenononoLooking to be a part of a team, Interested in learning about entrepreneurship, businiess models, marketing/sales strategies, and willing to put in the effort if neededPhD candidate working in between neuroscience and metabolism. I am especially interested in translational science and want to learn the process of how research prodcut tranlate into practical treatment for diseases.
LiXinghuoxil2019@med.cornell.eduPhD candidateWCMCTherapeutics, preferably cell therapeuticsnoyesnonononononoLooking to team up with inventor/non-scientist/scientist. Interested in gaining experience of marketing and business developementPhD candidate working on CAR T cell based therapy, currently developing novel CAR constructs for leukemia treatment. Coming from a very translational lab and have a keen interest in translating the research product into cell theraputics.
KlingChristinachk2026@med.cornell.eduPhD candidateWCMCInterested in WMC-02 - Methods to Protect Against and Treat Multiple Sclerosis
I come from a neuroscience lab with many connections to experts in many neuro diseases; also interested in C diff DNA vaccine, but concerned about safety and regulatory aspects of DNA vaccines
NoYesNoNoNonono Interested in gaining better understanding of start-up business considerations and market analysis. Would be interested in joining team for which those responsibilities can be split between myself and another with more experience in that matter to learn from. PhD candidate working studying mechanism of action of a potential gene therapy for ALS in yeast model system.
OhClaireclo2001@med.cornell.eduPhD candidateWCMC/MSKCCNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to join a team and in particular, learn more about the marketing, business, and entrepreneur sides of thingsBachelor's degree in biological engineering and minor in biomedical engineering. 5th year PhD candidate in an immunotherapy lab at MSKCC.
ShyuAmyshyua@mskcc.orgPhD studentGerstner Sloan KetteringNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoInterested in joining a team and teaming up with inventors/scientists/nonscientists!
CalderElizabethelc2015@gmail.comPhD/Post DocMSKCCNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoTeam up with an inventor and non scientists. Took BBI class and made it to Shark Tank in 2015. Interested in potentially joining a startup out of BBIPhD and post doc in neuroscience, specifically deriving motor neurons from pluripotent stem cells to study ALS
VarshneyShwetashweta.varshney@einstein.yu.eduPost-Doctoral FellowAlbert Einstein College of MedicineNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to be a part of a team and learn about the business aspect of science, willing to put all the efforts that may be required for the success of the team PhD with expertise in molecular and cellular biolgy and focus on mouse development and esp retinal development and neurogenesis.
HaqRabiahaqr@mskcc.orgPostdocMSKCCNoYesnonononononoLooking to team up with an inventor and/or non-scientistPhD in computer simulation, modeling and visualization engineering, with an emphasis in biomedical imaging. I am currently a postdoc working as an imaging specialist in cancer research at MSK. Research interests and focus include medical image registration, segmentation, machine learning and artificial intelligence as input into CAD systems. 
NarayanappaMurugeshmun2001@med.cornell.eduPostdocWCMCNoyesnonononononointerested in researchPhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics. I worked as a research assistant at Lab901 ( start up company) working on developing a screen tape technology for high throughput analysis of protein, DNA and RNA samples. I also worked as an analytical chemist in a pharmaceutical industry ( Geltec Pvt Ltd). Currently, I am working on understanding how neurons in our brian communicate with each other. I am interested in research which makes impact in health care.
GaoXiaolongbryangxl@gmail.comPostdocWCMCNoYesNoNoNoYesNoNoInterested in teaming up with inventors/scientists/entrepreneurs!I am a Postdoc in WCMC department of Anethesiology. I primarily work on the electrophysiology/function of ion channels (memrbane protein). I also serve as the treasurer for the INet NYC, which is an organization promoting career developments for both international and domestic scholars in greater NY area. I have basic financical knowledge and passion to be involved in building startups and operation teams. I also have resources to connect already established startups with potential interesting biological/pharmaceutical/material science/medical device projects!
CamachoNiedzicanied.nco@gmail.comPostdocMSKCCNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to team up with an inventor and/or non-scientistPhD in Computational Biology. Expertise in translational research using large-scale genomics data to improve cancer diagnostics and therapy. Interested in biotech and business strategy.
ChaconAlbachaconca@mskcc.orgPostdocMSKCCNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to team up with an inventor and/or non-scientist PhD in Biomedicine with expertise in mouse models, molecular biology, cancer disease and cachexia. I have strong interests in business and experience in sales and managing
WoldemichaelBisratbisrat.woldemichael@mssm.eduPostdocMount SinaiNeuroscience, Psychiatry, epigenetics, precision medicineNoyesnonononononoLooking to team up with inventors or professionals outside of science/clinics for technology development, product positioning or marketingPhD in Neuroscience and Epigenetics, with focus on molecular basis of cognitive disorders. Besides my expertise in diverse areas of neuroscience and epigenetics, I have good knowlege of public health, experience in management consulting with The Solution Lab, and previously engaged in an entreprenurship training at Mount Sinai Innovation Partners and Celdar Medical.
YangWeiyangw@mskcc.orgPostdocMSKCCTherapeutics, Personalized medicineNoYesNoMaybe (tooked Marketing course)NoMaybe (tooked Accounting/Finance course)NoNoLooking to gain business experience, especially through teaming up with startup and entrepreneurPhD. Has over 10 years small molecule cancer drug discovery experience and currently working on cancer immunotherapy development. Having some marketing and finance modeling experience.
ZhangMaomaozhangx3@mskcc.orgpostdocMSKCCcell therapeutics - biologics - precision medicinenoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoScientist looking to join a team of inventors and marketing/business development specialists to learn more about start-ups and product development. Have some experience in consulting and took a biotechnology business class from Stonybrook University. PhD in cell and molecular biology with a specialty in oncology.
GeogheganEileeneileen.geoghegan@einstein.yu.eduPostdocAlbert Einstein College of Medicineantiviral therapeutics, vaccines, antibody-based therapeuticsnoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
DonnellySarasarakdonnelly@gmail.comPostdocAlbert Einstein College of MedicineNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoRresearch looking to gain business experiencePhD - London - studied cell biology of vaccinia virus egress from cells. Currently postdoc at EInstein studying breast cancer invasion/metastasis
OjedaVirginiaojedasv@mskcc.orgPostdocMSKCCNew therapies and/or software for precision medicineNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to join a team, ideally with the same technology interests. Willing to learn the business side and put in the effor needed.PhD studying disease associated mutations. Currently doing translational research studying novel molecule entities in cancer preclinical models.
MatinTinatrm2013@med.cornell.eduPostdocWCMMedical devices, PharmaceuticalsNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to join a team and learn more about the marketing and business aspect.1st year Postdoc Ass at Anesthesiology department working on membrane proteins using single molecule methods. I got my PhD in Physics/Biophyiscs and have a background in Physics, Engineering and Biomimetics. Coming from an international Scientific background (lived and researched in US, South East Asia and Middle East) I am very interested in learning more about Business and Marketing strategies specially in international market.
AbdullahNazishnaa2050@med.cornell.edupostdocWCMdiagnostics, therapeutics, technologyNoYesnonononononoPhD in biochemistry. Worked on protein purification, structure function. Current work on diabetes and GPCRs. Looking to join a team to provide inputs on areas of my expertise.I am interested in three of the ideas presented. The wearable microRNA sensor, the nanobody and the lysibody. anybody else interested in these please feel free to contact me. my phone is 5419080783
ThowfeikFathimafst2001@mec.cornell.edupostdocWCMdiagnostics, therapeutics, technology, marketingNoYesnononononoyesExpert in cancer molecular biology. currently working on cancer biomarkers.
RosenJonathanrosen.jonathan@gmail.compostdocMSKCCTherapeuticsnoyesnonononononoI am looking to join a team, especially one interested in a therapeutic/drug/vaccine technologyMy postdoc research is in muscle biology, and my PhD research was in cardiovascular development and disease.
AhmadiMahmoudmkamalahma@rockefeller.eduPostdoc RockefellerNoyesnonononononoLooking to be part of a team PhD in Chemical and biological engineering and currently a postdoc at Rockefeller University. Area of expertise are synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, small molecule discovery, and engineering applications of biomolecules. I also have some entrepreneurial experience and can help with early stage business development.
XieJianjunjix2007@mwed.cornell.eduresearch associateWeill Cornell Medicinenoyesnonononononolooking to join a team; interested in new technologies, medical device and diagnostic markers, clinical study and research.M.D and Ph.D in Pharmacology. Research Associate in Biomedical Research and cancer research. 15 years of biomedical research experience with expertise in molecular biology and cell biology, mouse model. Recently working on the Ovarian cancer stem cell research project. I am interested in new tchnologies, medical deice and diagnostic markers innovation; clinical and translational study and research.
ChiuJohnsonyuc2015@med.cornell.eduSenior Cell Manufacturing TechnicianMSKCC/WCMCWCM02NoYesNoYesYesYesNoNonot decided yetM.Eng. in Biomedical Engineering. Currently MS/EMBA candidate at Cornell University. Overall 8+ years of research experiences. 5 years in Ab purification and production. 3 years in CAR-T clinical trials.
ShahRachnashahr1@mskcc.orgSenior Research TechnicianMSKCCNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to team up with inventors /scientist/researchers/non-scientistMS in Biotech/Biology. Have managerial experience in small scale Plant Biotech company. Expertise in molecular biology.Currently working in cancer research. Interested in research/innovation in healthcare.
NachmanyRuthieruthienachmany@gmail.comSoftware EngineerWarby ParkerNoNo
Andra Kirankka2002@med.cornell.eduWCMCNoYesNoNoNoYesNoNoLooking to be a part of a team, Interested in learning about entrepreneurship and businiess models.I am willing to put in the effort if needed.PhD in biochemistry, worked with various protein and studied the structue and mechanism.
DavidYaronyd.yarondavid@gmail.comBiomedical EngineerMedical Device NoNoNoNoNoNoNoLooking to be a part of a teamWorked for the past 10 years in a medical device startup industry, developing product from concept to finalized device
Fall kick off event:
ParolariLucalparolari@rockefeller.eduMD, PhD CandidateRockefeller
LalSumansuman@scientific-innovations.comMD/PhD/MBAScientific InnovationsDigital MedicineYes
If you would like more info, please email us at
JingluWangjiw2014@med.cornell.eduWCMCCancer diagnostics, therapies, and payment reformMasters of Science in Health Economics & Policy, interested in healthcare innovationYES
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