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10/28/2011 0:29:00Rob WilenSo sorry to hear it. I have fond memories of the couple of times I did The Game Show with you guys.

Wishing Andy an easy journey.
10/28/2011 9:45:00Marcelo HalpernSo sorry to hear about Andy. It's been years since I've thought about The Game Show, but we sure had fun and I'll always remember Andy like that. I'm glad to hear he's been well cared for and has friends and loved ones surrounding him.
10/28/2011 10:30:00Joe RaiolaWhat else can I say about Andy? He made me laugh and I had the good fortune of working with him for 38 years.
10/28/2011 17:04:00Michael TeitelbaumAndy was my dear friend and former radio partner-in-crime. Andy and I did radio together 30 years ago and he was so very excited when WIOX came along last fall and I had the chance to do the Open Mike show every week.

I knew Andy for about 40 years. I never had a little brother. He was it in so many ways.

He was the Chico to my Groucho, the cymbal crash to my rimshot, the Dr. Blades to my Open Mike. And he was the most loyal of friends. Whenever anyone needed anything, Andy's only question was, how fast?

For the last few years up until the time I left the city, we had lunch in Queens every few weeks. I'd pick him up, get his shirts from the cleaner (sick or not, one must always have clean shirts) then sit and eat and laugh. I learned that fries do not go with a tuna sandwich. Fries go with burgers (what was I thinking?). No one made me laugh more or enjoyed a good laugh himself. And Andy's deep kindness was behind every laugh. He was so excited when, after a 30 year hiatus, radio came back into my life last fall. He cut together material for our show and found obscure songs that fit perfectly into whatever theme we were exploring that week.

To the deep condolences. I know how important his family was to Andy.

The world is a considerably less funny and kind place with Andy no longer in it.
5/14/2016 22:22:19Robin DeLorenzoI was just sitting in my living room and Andy popped into my head. I searched his name and learned of his passing in 2011. It was sometime in 2010 I last spoke with Andy, he found me on Facebook and reached out to say hello. He was a special man and talent. I was so blessed to learn side by side from him on the audio for a few Adelphi Cabaret's and learned so much that has been invaluable to me in my singing/music career. I will fondly remember him, his sense of humor and his love of teaching all he knew. Sending my prayers and love to the Bleiberg's. I am so sorry for your loss.
10/29/2011 14:10:21Evan MarcusI met Andy back in 1981 when we started doing The Game Show. I immediately found him to be easily the funniest person I ever met. Always there with a clever wisecrack or movie/TV quote that just cracked me up. He could do it so easily. Then I heard the work that he did preparing promos with and for Roy. Some of the best stuff ever.

In recent years, my contact with Andy was limited to Facebook, where he continued to be extraordinarily funny and clever.

I will miss him. A world without Andy is a sadder one indeed.
10/30/2011John ArenaAndy's wit, imagination and enthusiasm were an inspiration
10/30/2011Ken NorianOh my, how to start. There are a handful of people who made a profound impact on my life, and Andy was one of them. Twenty years or so from the mid seventies until 1994 at WBAU. Funny, smart, and generous in sharing is talent. Literally hundreds of hours spent talking to him and watching him - often in the wee hours of the morning - back in the days when razor blades, tape, and splicing tape when flying. Just one memory of many - Andy would always stick the razor blade in his mouth when he was editing. I picked up the habit. I remember when I was working with a single sided blade just a few weeks ago I stuck it in my mouth and one of my kids flipped. Thanks so much Andy for so many fun times, good memories. If more folks were like you the world would be a better place.
10/30/2011Stu Cowitt"...endless supply of one-liners" is right. The line that I always remember Andy coming out with one evening at WBAU - I said something about Joan Armatrading; Andy exclaimed: "What's an Armatrading? I know, I giva you my arm, you giva me your arm, we're Armatrading!" Andy definitely features in many of my WBAU memories.
10/30/2011Laura ScottOne of a handful of truly funny people I ever met. I can still see him at the board in the WBAU control room, busily doing something while cracking wise the whole time, with a twinkle in his eye. I am sorry to hear of his passing and wish peace to those he leaves behind.
10/30/2011Michael CasanoI also worked with Andy at WBAU. He was a great guy and also a fantastic mentor to all of us at the radio station. We all learned a lot from Andy. He will be missed.
10/30/2011 17:38:47Tim "SEAN" MaheAndy was an inspiration, comedian, mentor, brilliant technician and although 30 years separate our meetings...I consider a friend.. Godspeed to a true brother of laughter. One of the funniest men I have ever met....His wonderful humor will never be forgotten!
10/31/2011Joann D'AlessandroI remember a spoof that Andy did of Six Flags Great Adventure where he described an insane roller coaster ride. His closing line on the spot was "and just when you think it's all over, you do it all over again... backward... through shark-infested waters..." Whenever I'm having a rough day, I remember that line, and Andy. He had a special gift for reminding us how silly life can be, even at it's darkest, and helping us to laugh through it. Andy will live forever in the memories of those who knew him.
10/31/2011The BleibergsAndy's family would like to thank all of you who were kind enough to sign this guest book. We are very touched.
10/31/2011Sharon BallanAndy made my days at Adelphi brighter, and always made me laugh. ARB, you will be greatly missed.
10/31/2011Bryan BoyleA true talent in radio, sadly too soon taken from this mortal coil. One of the good guys with whom I had the pleasure of working at ABC Radio.
10/31/2011Doug MilesAndy could do a radio show while he was editing tape. Funny guy and one of the quickest minds of all that ever came through WBAU. Sorry to hear of his passing. One line I remember: We were playing softball. There were 4 guys named Michael on the WBAU team at the time. He said this has got to be a radio league with all the Mikes on the roster.
10/31/2011John SchmidtAndy, one of the most creative people I have ever known. Way too soon...
10/31/2011Peter SchacknowI am so sorry to hear about Andy's passing. We had many moments of hilarity together at ABC Radio - he made many a stressful day far more enjoyable. My condolences to Andy's family.
10/31/2011Teri SummersAndy Bleiberg was one in a million. Brilliant, witty, and creative, whatever project he worked on was elevated by his talent. For me, personally, Andy gradually changed from a college sweetheart to a valued and trusted family friend. Over half of the pictures in my family photo album were taken by "Uncle Andy" to my son and Magic Arb to me. My heart goes out to his parents, brothers, and other family members. You will be missed, my friend.
10/31/2011Danny RobertsAndy was one of the funniest and smartest people I ever met. He was one of the first at Adelphi that befriended me, taught me everything I ever knew about radio production, and taught me to try to find he funny in everything. I will miss him deeply.
10/31/2011Rosemary MartinoAndy was one of the truest friends I've ever had. For 35 years, whether or not we spoke frequently or not enough, he was always, always, always there through my brightest anc certainly my darkest moments. Caring, wise, smarter than smart, creative, talented, clever, funny and true to himself and everyone he loved. I will miss him greatly, and am full of sorrow that I did not have the opportunity to give him one last hug and let him know how much he was loved. To his family, (whom everyone who knew Andy knew how much he loved) my heartfelt sympathy. Mike said it best....the world truly will not be the same. Rest peacefully my dear friend.
10/31/2011 Al CattabianiAlthough we rarely spoke in the many years since Adelphi, I will always be grateful to Andy. He helped open a new world to me, via WBAU. Through his energy, wit and talent, he no doubt had the same effect on countless others. He leaves a lasting legacy in his many admirers.
10/31/2011Reed BergenOne of the finest people I have ever known. He was a friend to me and my family. I will miss him
11/1/2011Todd SteinbergDear Andy, You're having the "last laugh", with no doubt. Like Steve Jobs, a genius lost too soon. For the record, I've been an entertainer for most my life, and Andy was my "Secret Weapon". He made everything I did better, and my best stuff was because of him. We lost a great friend, I lost my best writer & inspiration. My deepest condolences to Mr. & Mrs. Bleiberg, and to the brother's and the entire mischbucha. Andy spoke of you ALL so often & fondly.
11/1/2011Ira SalwenSaw Alan's post on my phone and literally had to stop what I was doing and catch my breath. Haven't been in touch with Andy since the 'BAU days, but occasionally came across his name in credits in some out-of-the-way places. For some reason, during all these years, Andy was the one I would think of whenever some advance in audio technology would come along. Even as the world went digital, I had this vision of Andy sitting in a basement studio somewhere out there in radioland surrounded by reels of tape and analog reel-to-reel decks, razor blade in hand, big grin on his face, creating amazing Andy audio. I know he's somewhere where the tape never runs out, operating on a frequency with a clear channel to everywhere...
11/1/2011Mike FeldmanMy condolences to the Bleiberg family. I had the great pleasure of knowing Andy at WBAU and ABC Radio. Learned a lot from Andy and he always made sure we had a good time editing.
11/1/2011Mike SchaeferI met Andy at ABC in the '80s and we were friends for 25 years... sadly we parted ways over politics recently but his wit will always be remembered.
11/1/2011 19:28:41Tracy CowitHe was such an amazing guy to work with. He was so intelligent and I loved listening to all of his stories.
11/2/2011tony marzoccoAndy & I created commercials on & off for 15 years & he was a comedic genius & production professional. I tried to reach him before his passing but with no luck. I will pray for him now & am grateful that I had him in my life for as long as I did. Andy's "Hello, hi..." sadly now is "Goodbye". Condolences to his family & friends.
11/2/2011Peter GrunewaldMy condolences to the Bleiberg Family. I had the pleasure (and adventure, as it often could be) to work with Andy for the 4years+ I worked at WBAU. I admired his quick wit and love of life nature, and remain eternally grateful for all he taugh me and many others over the years. Had it not been for Andy, I might not of gained the audio editing techniques we so needed for things at the station. He is fondly remembered for all his Audio Bits...and comedy Routines.... the work he did with the Caberets in the University Center.... the recording seesions he & Tony would do in the front studio...and just his overall.....Andyness.... He Remains one of the most Talanted people Ive ever known, and will be Missed Greatly. [Peter B. Grunewald-Merrimack,NH}
11/2/2011 17:32:44Ted DavidSincerest condolences to the Bleiberg family. Andy was fiercely bright man with a wonderful sense of humor and a great sense for what made good radio. Andy was my board op on many an ABC newscast. His one liners over the intercom and his asides had me doubled over on more than a few occasions. He left us too soon. Rest in Peace Andy.
11/2/2011 22:38:41Albie I had the honor of working with Andy 11 years ago at the now defunct when I wasa producer there. Andy was a radio that doesn't do him justice Andy was a radio genius. Probably the greatest engineer I have ever worked with and sharp as a tack when it came to his wit, an amazingly funny, bright soul. In fact it was he who helped me pick out the right Sinatra song to dance with my Mother at my wedding in 2000. More than you know Andy YOU will be missed. Rest in Peace my friend!
11/3/2011Rob FrankelMy sincere condolences to the Bleiberg family. At WBAU in the mid-seventies, Andy was the one who taught me how to edit audio, a skill that is still an important part of my career. I'll always be grateful for that. But mostly, I'll always remember Andy's sense of humor, which I always thought of as a cross between Dan Ingram and Chico Marx...but at the same time, pure Andy.
11/3/2011Joe DonohueI am part of the 70s era WBAUers who had the distinct pleasure of working and playing with Andy. I hope the Bleiberg family will take comfort from the indelible impressions of Andy that have been left by so many of us who haven't seen him in more than three decades. They call that staying power. Peace to ARB and to all those who care about him.
11/3/2011Tim CalleryCelebrating a life well-lived! I worked with Andy during my my time as a Tech Major and ATD at Adelphi in the 80's. His assistance during Cabaret load-ins was invaluable. His incredible knowledge of audio and mixing was only matched by his wit and one-liners! He was always there to impart knowledge and help out those who were just learning....and he always remembered to bring the wax donuts! A friend and colleague that will be missed by many
11/3/2011 13:50:14Bill StephneyRIP to Andy. He cracked us up so much that in my freshman year at Adelphi,
I thought that 'BAU actually had its own canned laugh track.
11/3/2011 17:55:16DanoVery sad indeed. He certainly loved radio - and looking back, remember laughs at Sony Worldwide Networks...
11/3/2011 17:58:00John ButlerI worked with Andrew at ABC Radio News in the 1980s. Andy absolutely brightened my days there. He was a gifted audio engineer who knew exactly how to cut audio to the fraction of a second for proper effect. I admired his huge record collection and his knowledge about musicians and especially comics and comedians. We traded comedy albums -- some albums he traded to me are still in my collection. That knowledge of his was also a valuable asset in the newsroom. So were his sense of humor and his generosity. I’ll always be grateful that I knew Andy and it’s the laughs we shared that I will remember.
11/4/2011Lori DoyleAfter all these years, and all the new technologies, and all the living we all have done, Andy and his razor blades and our Cabarets together and his twinkies and his endless wit (endless wit!) still blaze strong in my mind. If he were to respond to my entry here, he would write "How much for de leetle girl?". Peace Andy - to you and your family.
11/4/2011Judith BleibergTo all the friends who have signed this guest book We, the Bleiberg family would like to thank you. Your messages have touched our hearts more than you could imagine. We only wish that Andy could read your messages! Thank you all.
11/4/2011Don BayleyIt was a pleasure working with Andy at ABC Radio. We were VRs together in 1982. His sound production talents were unsurpassed and I always enjoyed his quick wit.
11/4/2011 16:27:55Jim CutlerI'm so sad. I think I'm doing what I'm doing because I heard Andy's production one snowy night during high school listening to Family Electric Theater on WBAI. I called him and we became friends back then. He visited me at WXLO many nights. I met Roy Currlin thru Andy. Played a lot of poker with him, backgammon and mini-golf for MONEY. Andy did stuff at WCWP because I invited him. I still think of Andy whenever I hear a Howard Cosell clip. I heard him talk fondly of his parents and brother often.
11/7/2011Robert-Allan ArnoI had the honor of knowing Andy in the '70's at WBAU, Adelphi University radio and our paths crossed later while I was acting and doing voiceovers. Certainly we remember Andy's abounding wit and "editing magic"...he helped me to love "editing on the beat" to this day! But what I sincerely wish to acknowledge was Andy's deep sense of compassion. We had a personal understanding, and he was just the kindest person when I was going through difficult familial situations. After college, when we met accidentally at a recording studio, he was just so proud of my achievements and went out of his way to help me construct a new demo tape. A very special soul, God bless our Andy, his family and all the creative souls he touched with his own muse...his sense of wonder, generosity of spirit and quiet dignity are "forever young," always with me in my artistic endeavors, in my life.
11/10/2011Mark PechenikAndy was always a welcome sight at the WBAU studios. He could always make me smile. All my thoughts and prayers are with his family. I'm sure he is making them laugh up in heaven. Mark Pechenik, Adelphi University, Class of 1980, WBAU Newscaster.
11/15/2011Rich CerviniAndy was the first creative genius many of us met when starting out in radio. We all hoped we could be half as good as he was some day. He was willing to teach and eager to listen.
Andy, you'll be missed but never forgotten.
11/18/2011 9:57:13Judy and Larry BleibergWe’re Andy’s parents and we want to thank you for the beautiful tribute to Andy. We look at it every day.

The last time our family was all together was on July 30th -- Andy's 57th birthday. We'll try to post some pictures but we'll need some help Thank you all for being such good friends to our son. He spoke of you often.
11/21/2011nicholas petronandy and i first encountered each other
as teacher/student in an intro to radio class. he never failed to make me laugh
even at the ungodly 8:30 a.m. class time.
he once got to class early and hid in the closet only to appear 30 minutes into the class as if it were a normal thing to do. he hung around with the theatre kids as well as wbau, doing sound and even appearing in a cabaret theatre piece about the marx brothers.
brilliant is too small a word to describe his knowledge and skills.
i/we used to refer to him as "dr. razor" when editing was done on tape.
we later went to to be 2 of the 3 people
known as "the family electric theatre"
we did a midnite to 5 a.m. slot on wbai
in nyc. lately he produced my soundscape for our production of "moonchildren" here @ his alma mater.
i will never forget him or the profound place that he holds in my
life or all that the student taught his teacher.
i know there are "wax doughnuts" in heaven.
11/21/2011Lynn MisiakI've just learned of Andy's passing and, for a moment, time stood still. A shock to hear as he was so iconic one would have thought he'd live forever. I spent time with Andy at WBAU in the late 70s. He was a master at his craft and a genuine, caring man. I enjoyed many evenings in the studio with Andy and Tony Marzocco creating bits for cabarets and doing commercial voiceovers. Oh, what a time it was. Andrew Richard Bleiberg, audio man extraordinaire, I picture you listening to that heavenly choir with a razor blade securely in your mouth.
11/25/2011Susan O'ConnellLook up the word "original" in the dictionary, and you'll see a picture of Andy. He was one of the first people I met at WBAU when I arrived as a shy freshman--and I immediately knew life was forever changed. Of course, all the girls will remember him chasing us around the studios, but that was a badge of honor, of sorts. Andy was a comic genius with a great heart who could make his friends feel beautiful, smart and strong. The world is less without him.
12/4/2011Regina LarkinLaughter-the pin-ball wizard between rehearsal breaks-
Always helping me with sound collages for Dance Adelphi-
The radio broadcast of the "Football Ballet" amongst the finest- so funny it was difficult to dance to it with a straight face-
Andy, thoughts of you will always make me smile and I know you will keep my sense of humor active-from above~
1/19/2012Jon Van HornI only recently found out about Andy's passing, but I knew something was wrong as he never failed to get in touch every holiday, even though we'd last seen each other about eight years ago when I left NY.
I had the pleasure of working with him for many years when we both engineered out of The Sun Group in NYC, and rarely have I laughed so hard. Andy was one of the funniest, most talented and unique people I've ever met. His wit was as sharp as his razor (back in the analog days). A unique individual who cast his own magic spell around him wherever he went, Andy was a remarkable engineer who I was proud to call my friend. Oh, I have so many fond memories. The world is less interesting and not nearly as funny without you, Andy. You are greatly missed.
1/23/2012Rick InguantiI just heard of Andy's passing. He "deejayed" at my wedding, we spent countless hours together having fun and creating too many voiceover demos, doing magic, we went to two amusement parks together, we worked side by side on audio projects for years. I will miss him. He was amazingly quick-witted and always credited his gene pool. I even had the pleasure of having dinner once with him and his parents. To the entire family, I offer belated sympathies. May he, and all of you, be at peace. Bless your soul, Andy.
4/23/2012 Tracee TraxI heard about ARB from John S. Just last week...strangely, I found myself thinking about him, out of the blue, just the week previous to. He was always "on", but with a fragile side that I would see at times. It's a shame how life ofttimes gets in the way of the things we really need to be doing. - Tracee Trax (one of the early crew)....
7/30/2012 6:30:09Todd SteinbergHAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!! I will ALWAYS remember & celebrate the day you were born!
7/30/2012 19:40:41Todd SteinbergTo Larry & Judith Bleiberg, wishing all the best to you and the family. Tried calling today to see how you all are, but the SRQ # I have is not your # anymore.
Hope this finds you all well, In my thoughts & prayers.
Love, Todd
10/26/2012Judy NazemetzAndy was amazing. I met him doing Plums. He later did my first voiceover tape. For years, we exchanged Xmas cards. I just today (Oct. 26, 2012) googled him to find out what he was up to and ended up reading his obituary. I am so sad, but so happy to have known him. He was a gem.
5/8/2013 18:43:18Carene LopezMy deepest condolences. I just found out about Andy's passing. We worked together a lifetime ago - Andy was sweet, funny, gentle, and kind.
7/30/2013 8:53:05Todd SteinbergHAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!!
Think of you often!!!
7/30/2013 20:53:32Judy and Larry BleibergThis is Andy's second birthday in Heaven. We miss him terribly. Andy, we hope you're entertaining everyone there. Love, Mom and Dad
7/30/2014 7:51:36judy and larry bleibergToday would have been Andy's 60th birthday. It's hard to believe that he has been gone almost three years. Andy, we wish we were having a party for you. Happy Birthday! Love from Mom and Dad.