Publisher Promotion Program (Responses)
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TimestampPublisher/ImprintPromotion NamePromotion DetailsPromo CodePromo LinkPromo Expiration
01/01/2019 12:00:00ABAABA Book Buyer's HandbookIndies First & more
11/15/2019 15:49:18SourcebooksBacklist Offer15+ books = 50% FFNANA8/31/2020
11/15/2019 16:09:21SourcebooksFrontlist Imprint Offer: Jabberwocky/Wonderland/Young Reader/Explore/Fire3+ copies of any Frontlist title = 50% FF (excludes Regional titles Tiny the __ Easter Bunny and I Love My __ Valentine. Also excludes Lego and Ghostwriter titles.)NANA8/31/2020
11/15/2019 16:38:33SourcebooksLandmark/Poisoned Pen Press Imprint Offer3-9 copies of any frontlist title 50% FFNANA8/31/2020
11/15/2019 16:41:28SourcebooksSourcebooks Frontlist Non-Fiction OfferThe Last Stargazers 9781492681076; 3+ copies = 50% FF
See What You Made Me Do 9781728222264; 3+ copies = 50% FF
Hello, Fears 9781492688891; 3+ copies = 50% FF
The Kidnap Years 9781492694793; 3+ copies = 50% FF
Rustic Joyful Food: Meant to Share 9781492697; 3+ copies = 50% FF
11/15/2019 16:48:38SourcebooksLego & Ghostwriter Series OfferAny Combination of 6+ books = 52% FF
Ninja Mission: Garmadon vs. Lloyd (LEGO) 9781728220536
High-Speed Chase: Cop vs. Robber (LEGO) 9781728220529
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Ghostwriter) 9781728221502
The Jungle Book (Ghostwriter) 9781728221533
Trinity (Ghostwriter) 9781728221564
1/6/2020 11:29:28Hachette Book GroupIndie Backlist Offer3 additional points with minimum order of 25 units, maximum 1000 units. Accounts agree to include HBG’s titles in at least two of the following bookselling opportunities: New Year, New You, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Dad's and Grad's, Summer reading, Back to school, Halloween, or Holiday. Titles must be published 6 months or earlier to be eligible. Account must be in good credit standing. May be used multiple times. This includes all HBG publishers and Distribution Clients: Quercus, TY, Michel Thomas, John Murray Adult Language, Nicholas Brealey, Chambers, Kids Can Press, HUK, Kingswell, Disney, and Marvel.BKLST312/31/2020
1/7/2020 16:57:02W.W. NortonSummer Backlist Offer25+ units gets +2% (combined with other offers)SBO207/31/2020
1/8/2020 10:20:34CandlewickSpring ’20 Corrugated Display Offer50% and 90 days dating on Spring ’20 floor and counter displays.EDC (EDI code: RCP010)
1/8/2020 10:55:48Cottage DoorSpring special5% off invoice, FF for new accounts. 12 unit minimum to open a new account.05NA2020
1/8/2020 10:56:22Cottage DoorSmithsonian titles special +5% off Smithsonian titles.05Smith2020
1/8/2020 11:24:29Gibbs-Smith$150 Under-Minimum SpecialGibbs-Smith will ship an order FF if the total order is at least $150 NET.TradeUM
1/8/2020 11:31:45Red WheelFrontlist Special3+ of any frontlist spotlight title receives 50%. See rep for a list of titles.8/1/2020
1/8/2020 11:32:49Red WheelWeiser Special Featured Edelweiss CollectionBuy a minimum of 5 units selected from any of the featured titles and receive 50%, FF.
1/10/2020 9:08:06S&S--GawkenWorkbook promotionextra discount on backlist--ask your rep for the list of titles that qualifyAccount Super Deal Tier 1
Discount: +5%
Minimum: 10 Units (assorted)
Promo Code: C0929 (Active)
Account Super Deal Tier 2
Discount: +10%
Minimum: 20 Units (assorted)
Promo Code: C0930 (Active)
Account Super Deal Tier 3
Discount: +15%
Minimum: 50 Units (assorted)
Promo Code: C0931 (Active)
1/10/2020 14:22:56Scholastic Trade02020 INDIE EXPRESS SHIP
This is a great way to stock up on our bestselling titles and series, including: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Amulet, Smile, Wings of Fire, Whatever After, Goosebumps, Clifford, Captain Underpants, Dog Man, Fly Guy, I Survived, Bad Guys, Pig The Pug, Branches and I Spy in addition to any other Scholastic titles.
1. All Scholastic titles, hardcover and paperback, are eligible.
2. Orders must be received by 8pm CST.
3. Order quantity per title must not exceed 49 units.
4. Order quantity per box set must not exceed 4 units.
When placing your order, please mention Indie Express Ship, as noted below to assure the express ship is applied. Please see further instructions below.
• Emails – Include Indie Express Ship in the subject line and/or on the order
• Faxes – Indie Express Ship should appear in BOLD on the order
• Phone Calls – Must inform Customer Service to apply Indie Express Ship
• EDI Orders – Must use promo code INDIE
• Email orders should be sent to with cc. to your Rep.
Should you need further assistance for existing accounts, please contact your Scholastic representative or Scholastic Customer Service at phone: (888) 724-1872, email:
2/4/2020 12:18:00Cottage DoorNew Account Special5% off invoice, FF for new accounts. 12 unit minimum to open a new account.05NA2020
2/4/2020 14:59:37IPGTop Shelf Special50% and Free Freight on 10+ units from the Top Shelf Titles Catalog and/or any 25 titles of your choice. One order only.
2/6/2020 16:51:36Workman PublishingBest in the Business Backlist Promotion50+ backlist units = 50% discount (55% NR), FF, net 120
75+ backlist units = 51% discount (56% NR), FF, net 120
100+ backlist units = 52% discount (57% NR), FF, net 120
3/23/2020 9:52:43AbramsIndie Curbside Special +2.5% and 30 days additional payment on books delivered curbside. Minimum order $40.
3/23/2020 9:54:02HachetteBook Delivery Rebate for IndiesHBG is offering a home delivery rebate promotion to bookstores offering delivery service to homes and businesses. +5% off MSRP to be credited on any delivered title once credit request form is received. No minimum quantity for delivery. Includes all Hachette titles. Credit request form can be found at
3/23/2020 10:01:30Sleeping BearFree drop shipping to your customers. NET 90 terms on all new orders.
3/30/2020 15:16:38Octane90 days dating and drop shipping for bookstores: Order through Octane’s website and earn 20% of the sale. Email and social media blast available to stores that list Octane’s books on their website.
4/6/2020 9:09:06HarperCollins PublishersF20 HarperCollins and Harlequin Trade Paperback Frontlist Promotion∙ Discount terms: +6% discount for retail accounts only (No RDCs)
∙ Free Freight
∙ Minimum order of 6 units per title per ship to location
∙ Orders must be placed between 3/31/20 and 8/31/20
∙ Offer good for one order only
∙ This promotion supersedes any previous offer on these titles
∙ Use promo code F20TPB when placing your order
4/9/2020 16:03:04CandlewickFind Waldo LocalFind Waldo Local Offer (for host bookstores): 10+ Waldo books receives +4% and 90 days dating. Multiple orders ok.EK4 (EDI code RCP039).7/21/2020
4/20/2020 12:16:10Workman PublishingCOVID No Min Special with Discount and DatingAccounts earn 50% returnable/55% non-returnable, free freight and will receive extended 120-day dating. There is no minimum. This offer is only available to retailers and multiple orders are allowed. Offer Effective 3/16/20 and there is no expiration date. We will end this promo when it is no longer needed.FLATN
4/20/2020 12:43:27Hachette Book GroupLONELY PLANET INDIE TRANSITION OFFERLonely Planet will be offering an INDIE retail transition promotion for their Spring/Summer 2020 list. 48% discount terms. US Indie retailers only..LPIND208/31/2020
4/20/2020 12:44:58HACHETTE BOOK GROUPSpring Summer 2020 Orbit Indie Picks.Accounts will receive +5% and 120 days delayed billing. Offer good through 8/31/2020. Minimum of 2 units per title, account must take all titles and no more than 100 units per title. One time only per ship to.OPSS208/31/2020
4/20/2020 13:07:16HACHETTE BOOK GROUPLBYR AND JIMMY BACKLIST SUMMER STOCK UP OFFER• Earn 4% discount on backlist titles
• All Returnable Retail and Wholesale accounts in good standing are eligible.
• Minimum 50 units on all LBYR and JIMMY backlist titles published prior to July 1, 2019.
• Offer is good on two orders per ship-to, on orders placed between 7/1/2020 and 10/31/2020.
4/20/2020 15:08:38Lone Pine PublishingFREE FREIGHTAll retail orders 10+ copiesNo code necessary, just ask for FREE FREIGHT when placing your order
5/5/2020 8:51:30HarperCollins PublishersFall 2020 Children's Frontlist PromotionsThese offers are intended for retail accounts only, rdcs excluded. Please note that accounts will only receive the discount if they order at least 5 copies of each eligible title per ship to location. Promo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 8/31/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
5/18/2020 15:50:46AbramsDisplay PromotionAll displays: 52%. Does not combine with frontlist special.12/31/2020
5/18/2020 15:51:20AbramsFrontlist Promo25+ = +4% and FF. One order only.FALL20AB
5/18/2020 15:52:03AbramsBacklist Special15 – 59 = +4%; 60+ = +6%. 120 days dating. All books published before 5/01/20 qualify. Includes Diary of a Wimpy Kid backlist series. Returnable and Non-Returnable accounts are eligible.INDIBK2012/31/2020
5/18/2020 15:52:43AbramsFall Key Title Offer +3 of each title = 52%. Does not combine with frontlist special. See your rep for details.12/31/2020
5/18/2020 15:54:13ACC Art BooksFall 2020 Extra Discount or Free Freight Promo10+ assorted titles, new and backlist = 45%, FF or +5% discount. Multiple orders accepted. Valid for all imprints and NYP titles except for Archetype, Archivia, and M Shafik Gabr.Extra Discount Code: ACC2020A (RET), ACC2020B (N/R). Free Freight Code: ACCRTS20FF (RET), ACCNRS20FF (N/R).12/31/2020
5/18/2020 15:55:48ACC Art BooksBeta Plus Publishing Promotion10+ assorted units = 45%, FF RET (Code: ACCRTS20FF) or 48%, FF N/R (Code: ACCNRS20FF). See your rep for a list of qualifying titles.
5/18/2020 15:56:16Amber LotusCalendar Rack Program16-Pocket floor display, white (Ht. 64”/Dia. 22”): $115 + shipping; offset = 12 free calendars (single title, your choice) with a minimum purchase of 96 calendars
5/18/2020 15:57:46ArteRep SpecialOrder a minimum of 5 books and receive a 46% discount. Order a minimum of 10 books and receive Free Freight on that order. Orders must be marked “Rep Free Freight Offer.” One order only.
5/18/2020 15:59:56CandlewickFall CHIRP Offer20+ Fall ’20 CHIRP books (minimum 8 titles CHIRP Picks and Buyer’s Picks combined), Receive 50% discount and 90 days dating on initial supporting order and on reorders of 20+ units of the same titles.EC8 (EDI code: RCP008)12/31/2020
5/18/2020 16:00:49CandlewickFind Waldo Local Digital Promotion Offer (for host bookstores)10+ Waldo books receives +4% and 90 days dating. Multiple orders ok.EK4 (EDI code: RCP039)7/31/2020
5/18/2020 16:01:43CandlewickWill You Be My Friend 12-copy Floor Display Offer:50% discount and 90 days on Will You Be My Friend 12-copy floor display 9781536218497.EC6 (EDI code: RCP006)
5/18/2020 16:05:30ChronicleLowered Minimum Moleskine Limited Edition and Planner Promo12+ units (limited editions and dated planners ONLY) = 50%.MSLEUM12/31/2020
5/18/2020 16:07:07HMHFall 2020 Frontlist Order Offers3+ = 3%; Specified frontlist titles only. See your rep for details.
5/18/2020 16:07:57HMHRetail Stock Offer +4% OR 120 days dating on 10+ assorted units. In stock titles only. No backorders. Multiple orders ok. Returnable accounts only. Excludes author event orders.TRDATT (for +4% option) TRDADT (for 120 days dating option)12/31/2020
5/18/2020 16:08:37HMHGary Schmidt Paperbacks Special +9% on 1 order. 10 unit minimum. Order must be placed between 2/1 and 9/30/2020. See your rep for a list of titles.TRDGST9/30/2020
5/18/2020 16:09:20HMHClick and Camp Special +5% on 12 or more assorted copies. (Click 9781328707352 HC; Click 9781328911124 PB; Camp 9781328530813 HC; Camp 9781328530820 PB) One order only.TRDCCP1/31/2021
5/18/2020 16:10:07HMHBusiness to Business Stock Offer for Classroom Books58% discount. No minimum order required. RET and N/R accounts. Offer valid for select titles. See your rep for a list. Excludes author event orders. No backorders. Regular shipping terms apply (10+ = FF).TRDBTB7/31/2020
5/18/2020 16:12:53Kent StateRep override to 40% on short discount titles.
5/18/2020 16:13:56Llewellyn10-24 = 48%, FF (Code: 2020REP48). 25+ = 50%, FF (Code: 2020REP50).
5/18/2020 16:15:07QuartoTiered Frontlist Promo3-5 copies of any frontlist title = +3%. 6+ = +5%. Applies to titles pubbing in 2020. Excludes calendars and SmartLab. Multiple orders ok.FL202012/31/2020
5/18/2020 16:15:43Red WheelSeasonal Indie Spotlight Special3+ of any frontlist title receives 50%. See rep for a list of titles.11/15/2020
5/18/2020 16:16:15Red WheelFall Special20+ mixed frontlist and backlist receives 50%, FF. NET 90. Multiple orders ok.11/15/2020
5/18/2020 16:16:53Red WheelWeiser Special Featured Edelweiss CollectionBuy a minimum of 5 units selected from any of the featured titles and receive 50%, FF.11/15/2020
5/18/2020 16:17:25SCB50%, FF on 10+ frontlist and backlist units.
5/18/2020 16:18:18SchifferDrop-Shipping available to your customer’s home address. No minimum order required.
5/18/2020 16:18:50Sleeping Bear5+ = 50% FF (RET) or 55% FF (N/R).12/31/2020
5/18/2020 16:19:27WileyFree Freight Frontlist/Backlist Special 2020FF for 12 months. Trade = 50%, Demand Trade = 50%, CT or TD (Branded & Technology) = 52%, ST (Blackwell General Interest) = 40%, BT (Blackwell Academic) = 40%, TC (Tax Titles) = 50%, P (Professional) = 32%, DP (Demand Professional) = 40%.WFF19
5/19/2020 9:22:59Gibbs-Smith20+ = +2%, FF (Code: TradeFL+2); 35+ = +5%, FF and 90 day dating (Code: TradeFL+5). Non-Returnable Accounts: 20+ = +2%, FF, and 60 days dating (Code: TradeFL+2). Gift product does not qualify for extra discount but does contribute to FF. Multiple orders ok.
5/19/2020 9:23:26Gibbs-Smith$150 Under-Minimum Special: Gibbs-Smith will ship an order FF if the total order is at least $150 NET. (Code: TradeUM)
5/19/2020 10:41:08KumonFall 2020 Special:Extra 5% discount off 25 or more mixed frontlist and backlist titles from July 2020. Through December 2020.Code: FALL2012/31/2020
5/19/2020 11:44:48Pearson ITPearson 2020 Advantage ProgramRetail accounts who order directly from Pearson are eligible to place up to 12 separate orders for up to 25 unique ISBN’s. They will receive a one-time additional 5% discount on the list price of the eligible ISBN’s they order. Proposal must be submitted to Pearson for approval. See your rep for additional details.
5/19/2020 16:30:21CandlewickBacklist Stock Offer25+ assorted backlist units over 10 titles receives 50%, FF and 90 days dating. Returnable retailers only. Four orders only. Only books on sale prior to Sept. 1, 2020 are eligible.ECH (EDI code: RCP021)12/15/2020
5/19/2020 16:38:51CandlewickWill You Be My Friend 9-copy Floor Display Offer50% discount and 90 days on Will You Be My Friend 9-copy floor display 9781536218497.EC6 (EDI code: RCP006)
5/19/2020 16:40:21BeckettNew Incentive Program44% and FF with minimum of 5 books, any book. 47% and FF with a minimum of 10 books, any book.
5/19/2020 16:45:54Magination Press• 47% and FF for frontlist: Promo Code MPS20
• 52% and FF for 10 or more backlist units: Promo Code MPBL20
• 52% and FF on front and backlist orders of 10 units.
5/19/2020 17:00:03ChronicleIndie Special10+ = +5% and Net 90. All orders ship FF. No future ships. Multiple orders ok. Valid for all titles published through January 2021. Excludes Moleskine.INDIES8/31/2020
5/20/2020 13:08:08Red WheelBooks for our Times Edelweiss Collection – Social Media PromoSelect one title from our featured list and submit a screen shot of a social media share, receive $100 co-op credit towards your account. Can be used one time in the Fall season.
5/20/2020 15:28:37Princeton University PressPUP May - Sept offer• 50% off all titles including NYP
• Deadline: 09/30/2020
• Can be used multiple times
• Only one promo code valid per order
6/25/2020 11:58:31HarperCollins PublishersFrontlist and Fall 2020 Initials Promotion• +2% discount on all Fall 2020 initial orders, as well as all frontlist reorders placed between 7/1/20 and 12/31/20
• Retail accounts only (no RDCs)
• The offer extends to all available Adult, Children’s and Harlequin frontlist titles
• Standard minimums apply
• This promotion does not combine with any other offers on these titles
• Discount will be automatically applied, no promo code needed
None neededn/a12/31/2020
6/26/2020 14:24:41Lone Pine PublishingSummer SpecialFree Freight on all orders 10+ books and 45% discountSUMMER20208/31/2020
7/1/2020 16:21:35Simon & SchusterBacklist specialextra 3% and dating---STARTS JULY 6S09178/25/2020
7/2/2020 9:42:37HarperCollins PublishersF20 Board Book PromotionPromo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 9/30/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
7/2/2020 9:43:08HarperCollins PublishersF20 Books You Might Have MissedPromo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 9/30/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
7/2/2020 9:43:49HarperCollins PublishersF20 First in the Series Middle Grade & TeenPromo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 9/30/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
7/2/2020 9:44:21HarperCollins PublishersF20 HarperAlley PromotionPromo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 9/30/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
7/2/2020 9:44:47HarperCollins PublishersF20 Middle Grade SeriesPromo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 9/30/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
7/2/2020 9:45:18HarperCollins PublishersF20 New Chapter Book SeriesPromo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 9/30/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
7/2/2020 9:45:46HarperCollins PublishersF20 Non-Fiction Inspirational TitlesPromo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 9/30/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
7/2/2020 9:46:13HarperCollins PublishersF20 Picture Perfect PromotionPromo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 9/30/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
7/2/2020 9:46:36HarperCollins PublishersF20 Rep PicksPromo Code F20RET, Plus 5%, Order Dates 5/4/20 and 9/30/20, Min. 5 unitsF20RET
7/7/2020 9:33:49Harvard Univ Press
Yale Univ Press
Triliteral - HUP and YUP• 120 days dating
• free freight
• +2 points in discount
• minimum 15 units – Harvard and Yale titles may combine
• Only available titles qualify; no NYP’s and any backorders will cancel.
• Offer is good through July 31, 2020 and may be used as often as needed
Please submit through your Yale and/or Harvard rep