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TimestampYour School (University) StateName DepartmentCollege or School ofEmail or TwitterStipendTerm of StipendTuition Amount Awarded (as part of GA)Term of Tuition AwardedWhat do you do? How many hours do you work each week?Benefits? Are your fees covered?Anything else provided?Conference Stipend?Contract?Do you have to reapply each year?Was the GA-ship awarded to attract you?Degree you are pursuing and levelDo you serve on department, school or university committees?Can you live on this?Can you live on this?
Time StampYour School (University) StateName DepartmentCollege or School ofEmail or TwitterStipendTerm of StipendTuition Amount Awarded (as part of GA)Term of Tuition AwardedWhat do you do? How many hours do you work each week?Benefits? Are your fees covered?Anything else provided?Conference Stipend?Contract?Do you have to reapply each year?Was the GA-ship awarded to attract you?Degree you are pursuing and levelDo you serve on department, school or university committees?Anything else ??Can you live on this?
2/25/2012 16:26:42UNCGNorth CarolinaN/AEducation11000Per School Year (9 months)1950Per SemesterResearch, clerical, administrative, data crunching, planning20 (assigned)Health insurance NoNoNo - have to apply elsewhere for theseWritten award, school yearAt MA level, yes; PhD noNot reallyPhD - InterdisciplinaryYes - several - Tech Comm (department), strategic planning (department), hired separately to do data work for CollegeI have a terrific working environment - will be interested in seeing the results!No - borrow and looking for position FT
2/27/2012 16:12:14The University of AlabamaAlabamaJSchool of Library and Information StudiesCollege of Communication and Information Sciences$15,720Per Year (incl summers)$4,300 per semesterPer SemesterResearch. Assist with two classes (one newly developed as part of grant-funded research project that employs me). Maintain class eLearning sites, and maintain research-based eLearning class shell for grant-funded research project that employs me.20+University-funded GA-ships cover single health insurance, but due to an oversight this was not written into the grant, so I pay for my own health insurance. My GA-ship covers travel expenses for grant-related travel (three out-of-state gatherings a year) - airfare, hotel, mileage to airport from home and back, and per diem for meals. No.I have the use of a University-owned MacBook Pro with grant-related software.Department and College combined benefit per year maximum is $1200 (presentation only). My contract is annual. Most PhD GA-ships in my college are per school year, but since mine is paid from a grant project, I have different terms.NoNoPhD Communication and information SciencesDepartment - Doctoral committee (not required for GA-ship)
University - Council on Community-Based Partnerships (not required for GA-ship)
I was in the PhD. program un-funded for my first year and a half (i.e., no GA-ship, financed by loans and working part time elsewhere) because I had applied late. This GA-ship became available because the former GA had to back off of school commitments, and since it is right in my research area, I jumped at the chance.I have to additionally take out student loans.
2/27/2012 16:17:08University of AlabamaAlabamaKSchool of Library and Information Science Communication and Information Sciences 2310Per Semesterhalf- 2000Per SemesterClerical for Library Collection.10NoneYesNoNoneNoneyesProbably. No.MLISNoThe school tells us that it will only give us an assistantship for 2 semesters of our 3 to 4 semester program. We must find our own financial aid before or after that, and for the other half of our tuition.No. I'm borrowing for the half of my tuition and some living expenses from the government, and I'm receiving some support from my father and grandmother.
2/27/2012 16:27:46University of AlabamaAlabamaRCommunicationLibrary Science5724Per School Year (9 months)halfPer School Year (9 months)I am assisting a professor in compiling data for an annual statistical report for an organization called ALISE (Association for Library and Information Science Education). 10there are some I could get as a graduate student, but I don't take advantage of them.nonononoyesyesMaster's in Library and Information ScienceNonoyes, mainly because I also had money saved up and can turn to that if I go over my budget.
2/27/2012 17:05:15University of AlabamaAlabamaKLibrary and Information StudiesCollege of Communications and Information Sciences$3,300Per Semester1/2 tuition, about $5500Per SemesterI assist with two different online classes for two different professors. I take care of technical issues that may arise during the class so that the professor doesn't have to stop teaching. I also occasionally do small administrative tasks, like shelving books for out private young adult literature library. 5/6/20121/2 off health insuranceNo.No.None.written, semesterly.yes, every semester.Yes.MLISNone.This barely covers my rent and bills for the month. I have loans as a supplement.
2/27/2012 17:34:27Univ. of South CarolinaSouth CarolinaALIbrary and Info SciMass Comm and Info Science750Per SemesterSee belowPer SemesterI work in the Med School library making 11.76 an hour for 10 hours a week. I believe we work 16 weeks. So I get $750 off tuition to have this GA and then get paid over the 16 weeks which makes the tuition basically non-existent.10nononononoBy semesternoHours and amount of workCertificate in Library Science - already have MLISI serve on the Alumni Steering Committee - not related to being in school at all. Only related to being an - working elsewhere part-time and my husband carries the rest.
3/1/2012 10:29:53Temple UniversityPAAnthropologyLiberal Arts16000Per School Year (9 months)16000Per SemesterAssist with class20Tuition, Health Insurancenonopresentation onlywritten and annualafter 2 yearsyesPhD anthropologynoAlthough my program takes an average of 8 years, I only have guaranteed funding for 2 years.I will have to work in the summer.
3/1/2012 18:45:46Syracuse UniversityNYAnthropologyMaxwell School16000Per School Year (9 months)0Per SemesterTeaching Assistant20Health Insurance availableGraduate Student fees, no
Health fees, yes
No; the Graduate Student Organization (which represents all grad students on campus) provides a child care subsidy for the on-campus day care center, but space is quite limitedThe department offers travel grants to participate in conferences, we must apply on an individual basisWritten, SemesterYesYesPhD, AnthropologyNoMy GA-ship is for write-up, so we apply each year, and there is no tuition remission attached. For those who are in the coursework phase (the first two to three years), you do not reapply and there is full tuition remission; but continued funding is predicated upon satisfactory performance.My partner works full-time, so my income is "supplemental"
3/14/2012 23:49:20Syracuse UniversityNew YorkFine Art, PrintmakingVisual and Performing Arts$11,455Per School Year (9 months)24 credits, (aprx $23,000) Per School Year (9 months)TA one class, Art History that meets 3 times a week with 2 lectures and 1 discussion group, 125 students total. Of which I lead discussion groups with 25 students once a week and grade all the material for my students.

In addition I teach a class in printmaking, full responsibility. Class size around 10-16 students.
30Health Insurance with small co-pay.Partially covered.No.NoWritten, annual.No.YesMFA, Master Fine Arts in PrintmakingNo.No. Borrowing this year, last year spent savings to fill in the gaps.
3/15/2012 1:45:24University of South FloridaFlorida Communication Arts and Sciences12500OtherTuition waiver Per Year (with summers)Teaching assistantship - I teach 1 class per semester &
Research assistantship - I do administrative work for our graduate director
So many, I can't calculateHealth insurance No. All fees are separate and FL law changed so I cannot claim residency for the duration of my program. No.

500 per year from graduate school and 500 from department this year.
Last year no departmental funding (seems to be awarded on a case by case basis) and the year before 100 in funding from the department.
I was offered a 4 year contract when admitted. NoYesPhD Graduate committee Students brought in on stipends in our department get stuck at a rate that does not take changes of cost of living into account. So, if you entered five years ago you might only be making 9k per year as a PhD student to do the same job that a new cohort student might be making 14k per year to do. This is especially challenging when faculty members might not be invested in helping students graduate. Ultimately, I think the American system needs to model European universities and enforce a required retirement at 65 for all professors. That way, senior professors salaries get recycled back into the system and more jobs are offered to up and coming academics. As it stands now, many professors in their 70s or older are just taking up space, holding students back,and collecting huge pay to do so. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. No. I have to borrow between 3k and 5k per term to cover loans in repayment, credit cards, rent, food, and other bills.
3/15/2012 14:50:10North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaEnglishHumanities and Social Sciences9000Per School Year (9 months)FullPer School Year (9 months)Teaching Assistant. Responsibilities dependent on professor. Anywhere between 6 and 30 (depending on professor)Health insuranceNope!Nope!Presentation only for the 2 major conferences in our disciplineAnnual, writtenNoWould have gone elsewhere without itMA EnglishNoNOPE! Inherited money from my grandma and saved when I worked for 2 years. Living off that.
3/20/2012 14:38:09University of Massachusetts AmherstMAnaStudio ArtArt$2,900Per Semester4850Per SemesterTeaching Associate - prepare and teach course independently10nonononoSemesteryesyesMFA Studio ArtnoWorking elsewhere
3/20/2012 22:13:16University of NC at GreensboroNCRMusic Educationmusic theatre and dance9000Per Year (incl summers)full tuition plus medicalPer School Year (9 months)Supervise student teachers, research assistant for Music Research Institute, TA MUS 261, grading, clerical20 on paper...Health insuranceNoNoNoneI signed one my first year... have not signed one sincenoyesPhD Music EducationGSA, music research institute... both requiredThanks for doing this Nancy!Lots of loans to cover living expenses... Also teaching adjunct at Elon University and teaching lessons
3/21/2012 10:47:34UMASS AmherstMassachusettsCArtFine Arts7500Per School Year (9 months)full tuition Per School Year (9 months)Teach 1 class. Full responsibility/ teacher of record.I get paid for 10, but work more like 15.Health Insurance/ Dental and Visionthey are reducedchild carenaAnnual, but we sign a second contract each semester when we receive our teaching assignments.Yes.That's the only reason I came here. I wouldn't have gone anywhere that didn't offer it because I couldn't afford it.MFA Studio ArtNo.naNO. I borrow 12,000 a year just to pay for living expenses and art materials. I used to work part time to make extra money until I entered thesis. My stipend covers gas to get to school and
3/21/2012 14:37:50University of ChicagoILHistorySocial Sciences Division21000Per Year (incl summers)51000Per QuarterCurrently doing dissertation research abroad but if I were on campus, I'd be a combination of (no more than 4 "points" per year):
(a) teaching assistant (1 point per quarter; responsibility varies by course: just grading and leading one class per semester to leading/planning weekly discussion section, grading, writing exams, and holding office hours)
(b) a lecturer (2 points per quarter; if I win one of various lectureship competitions)
(c) a preceptor (3 points per year; teach a class for 4th-year undergrads on how to write BA thesis, mentor them throughout year)
5health insurance (very limited plan)Yes, thank goodness.Unfortunately, no.$300 for our entire time as PhD student. A pittance.Written, annualYesYesPhD HistoryThese aren't required for GA-ship, but I am on History Graduate Student Association and was on the Social Sciences Graduate Student Activities Committee.All of this is way too complicated, especially during tax season.Yes, but that may be because my stipend is supplemented by a Javits Fellowship and summer research funding.
3/21/2012 15:33:20University of Nebraska-LincolnNebraskaEducational AdministrationEducation and Human Sciences12500Otherup to 12 units/semesterPer SemesterResearch assistant, some teaching assistant duties20Health insurance benefitOnly required class fees covered as part of tuition.NoCase-by-case basis. Requires department prior approval. Generally available for presenters only. Usually totals $250/semester if funds are available and approved.Written contract for academic year (August - May). Summer contracts available at reduced stipend depending on funding/budget.YesNoPhD-Educational Leadership and Higher EducationEducational Administration GSA--not requiredGreat department and faculty. Treated as upcoming scholar, not as "serf". I would prefer an annual contract for multiple years, but understand the budgetary concerns of the department change over time. My first year, there were only three GA's in the department. With recent retirements, that number increased to seven this year, budgeted for eight next year. GA's not intended to replace faculty teaching responsibilities, but to encourage additional research in department.Stipend assists in living expenses, but loans required to cover all expenses.
3/22/2012 0:03:56University of ArizonaAZN/AOptical SciencesCollege of Optical SciencesN/A$25,100Per Year (incl summers)Full tuitionPer SemesterResearch20Full waiver of student health insurance fee, 10% discount at university book storeNo fees covered other than health insuranceNoConference funding provided at advisor's discretionAcademic year contract plus a separate summer contractNoNoPhD, Optical SciencesNot requiredYes
3/22/2012 8:58:47UNC Chapel HillNCn/aEnglish & Comp LitArts & Sciencesn/a14000Per Year (incl summers)3000Per SemesterFull responsibility for teaching 35 student lit courses or 19 student comp courses with 13 graded assignments per semester.20Health InsuranceNo. $1,000 fees, even if you're doing nothing but paying for dissertation hours to research off campus. This includes grad students paying an undergraduate health fee; we don't receive the benefits -- we just subsidize the program.No$200 per semester for conference presentationsShady at best, written but not consistently honored, unreasonable course assignments (and the threat of no assignment at all -- and thus no funding) is used as a tool for dept. administrators to punish students. There is no appeals process, and assignments often don't comply with Graduate School policies. Courses are also cancelled at the last minute.YesNoPhDHave in the past.Lecturers are given priority over grad students. We were assured, upon admission, that we would have six years of funding via teaching, but this turned out to be false, and funding is threatened any time a student offends an administrator. No
3/22/2012 12:54:49Duke UniversityNorth CarolinaWellness CenterStudent Affairs$12,000Per Year (incl summers)NonePer Year (with summers)Work with students and on wellness related projects20Nonenonenonenoneannual written contractnonot necessarilyM.Ed. in Higher EducationNoneits tough. I cut a lot of corners
3/22/2012 14:09:06NC State universityNorth CarolinaEducational Leadership & Policy StudiesEducation$16,000Per School Year (9 months)9,941.10 (full remission)Per School Year (9 months)research, some administrative duties, data management and analysis20 (assigned)Health InsuranceMy fees are covered because I am on a grant; most student's fees are not coveredPossibility for part-time summer employment (about $2400)In general no; but my grant gave me $500 for one conferenceWritten annual contractNopossiblyPhD, Educational Research & Policy AnalysisnoNot with a family
3/22/2012 15:08:57UNCGNCMonica DavisELCEducationmcdavis2@uncg.edu5500Per Semester1500 for 6 hours--all but still responsible for feesPer SemesterTeach undergraduates- 10 hours per week alloted for that and assist a professor with research, etc. for 10 hours per week20Health Insurance onlyNoNoNo, but the GSA offers assistance for attendance and presentationNo written contract, GA-ship expected for Fall and Spring semesters. No Summer semester positionsYesnoPhD Ed Leadership and Cultural FoundationsNot required for GA-ship. Serve as senator from my department for the Graduate Student AssociationNo, husband helps
3/22/2012 21:28:41University of MinnesotaMNGerman, Scandinavian and DutchCollege of Liberal Arts14500Per School Year (9 months)full tuitionPer SemesterTeaching20Health insuranceNoNo$300Annual contractYesNoPhDNoneNo
3/23/2012 0:10:56Washington State UniversityWashingtonN/ACritical Culture, Gender and Race StudiesLiberal ArtsN/A18000Per School Year (9 months)5094Per School Year (9 months)Full Responsibility Teaching Assistant40Health Insurance NONOYes @ 1 per year $500Yes, written 4 year termYesYesPhD American StudiesMultiple, none required for Teaching AssistantshipNo, borrowing
3/23/2012 16:17:46University of ArkansasARHHPREducation and Health ProfessionsSM12000Per Year (incl summers)8000Per Year (with summers)Teach two 3-hour undergraduate classes per semester, research assistance during the summer30-3560% student health insurance discountNoNo$1100/year for one conference if presenting (1st year doc students are not required to present)Written. AnnualNoyesEdD Sport ManagementAdvisory board (not required)While I teach 2 different 3-hour in classroom classes per semester with 35-55 students, many other GAs in my department teach either 6 1-hour activity classes (walking, jogging, etc.) or teach 2 sections of the same class.I also have a fellowship ($10,000/year), so I can live on what I make. I wish I had time for another job though so I could put money away
3/24/2012 13:32:30University of Alabama at BirminghamAL99GovernmentArts and Sciences9912000Per Year (incl summers)1/2/2012Per SemesterResearch, some administrative stuff, make flyers, figure out the bureaucracy for faculty and report back, up to 20 but usually lessNoneNoNoNo.Written sorta. it has bad typos in it.YesNoMPA, Public AdministrationYes. I serve on some committees, but they are not required.I struggle, but I am managing to make it ok for the most part. Funds get low toward the end of the semester and that is stressful, especially combined with exams and projects/papers being due around the same time. No. I am borrowing.Thank you for doing this.
3/24/2012 17:54:54SAICILArt EducationThe Art Institute of Chicago11.50/hr.Per SemesterNonePer SemesterResearch Assistant:
• Structuring and supervising Art Education Department integration of ePortfolio and Assessment Management software
• Designed ePortfolio program templates consistent with state certification standards in collaboration with faculty
• Conducting workshop training in ePortfolio and Assessment Management software
• Supervise and monitor the Art Education Department social networking website
• Assisted in the development of departmental Fieldwork handbook
15None Through student loans.Ha!NoneSemester contracts for RA with renewals each semesterNoN/AMasters of Art in Art Education, 2nd yearN/ANo. Receiving assistance from my partner and loans. I can not live on my loans and student income.
3/25/2012 16:37:19University of Nebraska-LincolnNEN/AEnglishArts and SciencesN/A11000Per School Year (9 months)13338Per SemesterResearch for now, next year is TA with 15,300. 20Health InsuranceNoNO$300 per year for presentation. Other funds available through grad studies or specialization programs (minors) as well. Annual written. NoYes. MA in English (Stipend is actually 10 months, but there was no option for this). Not required to do so, but only upper-PhD students usually serve on these committees. No?No. After taxes, it is around 960 a month. Rent, bills, food, and gas-- I usually skimp on food and gas. Borrowing from school and trying to find a job.
3/27/2012 10:48:58University of ConnecticutCTCommunication SciencesCommunication21396Per School Year (9 months)Full tuition waiverPer School Year (9 months)Assist with class (Teaching Assistant)20Full health and dental benefits. No retirement benefits.No. Fees are not included.No.We do not get any funds for conference travel. However our registration fees are reimbursed to $115/annually.Written, upon acceptance.nonoPhD in Communication SciencesnonoNo. I am borrowing and working elsewhere as a tutor and occasional consultant. Connecticut has the highest gas prices and individual income tax of any state in the US. General cost of living is also high because New England winters are extremely cold and there is a monopoly on electricity in this state, which results in high heating bills. Rents are relatively high as well. Also, our school is situated in a rural location, so a car and driver's insurance must be maintained at all times. As a result, it is not possible to live off of our stipend.
3/27/2012 11:22:06Ohio State UniversityOHI prefer not to say because we are a small departmentArts and Sciences5250Per Quarter100%Per QuarterFull responsibility for teaching one 5 credit class per quarter4585% insuranceno fees are covered, only tuition and 85% health insurancenothey give us travel funds up to 2000 yearly to attend conferenceswhen I first started, there was a yearly contract, but now we get an email saying if we will receive funding the next year or quarteryesyesPhD linguisticsyes, not required, but expectedno, I am also taking out 8000 in student loans per year
3/27/2012 12:00:01UICILStudent Development Servicesna$16,500Per School Year (9 months)$8,000Per School Year (9 months)I create, manage and supervise service opportunities for students on and off campus. This includes presenting to student orgs and being available for student consultations as well as doing all the coordination required for Volunteer Fairs, Collection Drives, 2 monthly service events, UIC Cares Day, and lead a group of 20 students each week in meetings to help further their service experiences. I sometimes have an intern that assists me, but not guaranteed. I have 4 undergrad student employees that assist with our office/and handle the clerical end of things (answer phones, marketing events, etc). I am responsible for building relationships with local area non profits as well as other staff and offices on campus. supposed to be 20 - but it ends up like 30. I currently have 60 surplus hours. There are slight fee benefits associated with a GA-ship. We get a discount on the health insurance and few library fees. We have program differentials that are NOT covered which can total over $5,000 a year. Someno$500Contracts are for every semester or year, written form letter that must be signed at least 45 days before appt. but in my dept this never occurs and we are usually working for a few weeks without a contract. yesyesMasters in Public AdministrationNone required for GA-ship. But I serve on the PASA board and am on a hiring committee. same as above. No. I take out the maximum allowed loans and work a second job. Upon graduating from a 2 year program, I will have $65,000 of debt.
3/27/2012 16:20:17Carnegie Mellon UniversityPennsylvaniaEnglishHumanities and Social Sciences$16,075Per School Year (9 months)$35,850Per School Year (9 months)Teaching with full responsibility to design and teach one first-year writing course each semester15 for teaching, about 50 totalGiven $2,500 per year, which covers the crappier of two student-rate health insurance plans, dental, and vision insurance. We are required to purchase health insurance, but not dental or vision.Yes, student activities fees, technology fees, and others (not health) are coveredNo$600 per year for attendance or presentation or research travel (to archives, etc.)None, other than a guarantee of 5-7 years funding depending on the year you enter the programNoNoPhD, Literary and Cultural StudiesYes. I serve currently on the College of Humanities and Social Sciences' College Council. In the past I have served on the department's Graduate Committee, Colloquium Series Committee, Conference Steering Committee, as rep to the department faculty, as rep to the Graduate Student Assembly, and in national organization service positions.Our stipend is the exact amount of the living wage for our location (Pittsburgh), but that doesn't mean it's easy or non-stressful to live on it. Plus the lack of paychecks in summer is a big problem for budgeting, no matter how careful about it you are, and especially if you have to attend a conference far away or take more than one work-related trip per year.I always work extra: I either teach an extra first-year writing course per year (which we can do to earn $8,000, but it is very competitive to get these extra courses) or earn extra by freelance proofreading/copyediting, writing for money if I can get it, or for a long time working for an academic journal. Without this, I would have to take student loans.
3/28/2012 8:39:43Vanderbilt UniversityTNSpanish and PortugueseArts and Science$32,000 ($22,000 base + topping up)Per Year (incl summers)full tuition Per Year (with summers)3 to 5 year of teaching; other fellowships and assistantship positions available15 to 20Health insuranceNo, but less than $200/semester.No.Yes, up to $500/yr for domestic, up to $1000/yr for international.Not really. Letter of acceptance stipulates a maximum of five years of funding.No.Yes.PhD, Spanish (Latin American Literature)Optional.Yes.Yes. Even the base stipend is enough to live off of in Nashville. With a merit-based topping up, it is possible to live well.
3/28/2012 9:13:00Virginia TechVAEngineering Science and MechanicsEngineering$21,000Per Year (incl summers)$11,600Per School Year (9 months)Research50Health Insurance, FICA$400/semNoneCovered by RASemesterNoYesPh.D., Engineering Mechanicsn/aYesYes
3/28/2012 9:58:33University of GeorgiaGAMicriobiologyArts and Sciences24000Per Year (incl summers)FullPer Year (with summers)Research full time. Teaching if PI does not have money to pay me. Teaching required for two semesters.44Health insurance, partially paid for by the UniversityNo. The fees are a lot. Up to 3000 a year.No.No. The department will sometimes provide money if you are presenting at a national conference.No.No.Potentially.PhD MicrobiologyN/AYes.Yes. Athens, GA has a low cost of living.
3/28/2012 10:44:47Rutgers UniversityNew JerseyN/AN/AArts and SciencesN/A24961Per Year (incl summers) up to 26 credits (in-state: $17,800; out of state: $27,500)Per School Year (9 months)TA duties range from assisting the professor; leading labs/recitations and holding office hours; to designing/proctoring/grading assignments, holding office hours and leading recitations
15 hours by union contract, but actual time ranges 10-25+ hours depending on the courseHealth Insurance - 1.5 %; Dental $5 - $11 (benefits deducted biweekly from paycheck). Optional: life insurance; partial prescription eyeglasses reimbursement

Yes, general university fees are covered.N/ANo.Written, annual.YesYesPhDYes, if appointed/elected, but service is not required.
GAs and TAs are paid under the same guidelines. Fellowships follow separate guidelines as they are not under the same unionized contractual agreement as GA/TAs.No. The cost of living in New Jersey is extremely high (e.g., local county cost of living index for 2011: 122.1 vs. USA CLI: 100). For example, one of the universities’ campuses resides in a county where renters spend on average 44% of their net income on rent. To supplement my income I have held part-time positions and I use student loan money.
3/28/2012 12:01:19University of CincinnatiOhioEducational StudiesEducation15000Per QuarterFullPer QuarterTeaching assistant--full time (20 hours) is considered as independently teaching two undergraduate courses per term. I have taught courses ranging from 8 to 50 students per course. I received no training (formal or informal) from the department or school to teach. There was a general orientation for all assistants where they told us that unless we have a cubicle for our GA, we would not have office space, a telephone, a mailbox nor could we print anywhere (we have to pay for our own prints, even for classes). I was only handed a copy of the past syllabi and let loose.20 (officially); ~40 (in reality)Student health insurance, covered by about 95% (I pay the rest); Ohio retirement taken out automatically if I am not careful or not taking classes; no dental or visionMost fees are covered (general, student, tech, health insurance and tuition)I wish! I'm lucky I have a cubicle (though it is not for my GA)They do provide conference stipends, but unrelated to whether I have a GA. I can get up to $400 from the Graduate Student Governance Association, $300 from the School of Education, and $500 from the CollegeWritten and annualYepCould not have gone elsewherePhD in Educational StudiesMany, but none that are required for my GA.Without my partner supporting us, I would have to have another job and/or loans.My partner supports us.
3/28/2012 16:57:03University of TennesseeTennesseeMicrobiologyarts and sciences18700Per Year (incl summers)n/APer Year (with summers)teaching undergraduate lab50health insurancepartlynononewrittennonoPhD 3rd yearn/ayes
3/29/2012 13:55:21University of Louisiana at LafayetteLouisianaLAACommunicationLiberal Arts$8,053Per School Year (9 months)$2,200Per SemesterI teach two lab sections (Wed/Fri) of the CMCN 200 (Public Speaking and Principles of Communication) class. Duties for this take up approximately 15 hours per week during the semester. I also serve as the department's Graduate Liaison 5 hours per week, where I aid the Graduate Coordinator with various tasks, including the upkeep of our social networking site presences.20On-campus Student Health Care.Most fees are covered. The few fees that are not covered range from approximately $180-$250 per semester.Office on-campus.Each student may apply for financial assistance from the Graduate Student Organization (max $400 per semester for conferences/travel, max $160 for research supplies) and from the Student Government Association (max $400 per semester for conferences/travel). Students who complete and submit their application for aid by the deadlines typically are funded.Once awarded a GA contract, it is good for 5 semesters, excluding summer semesters. Summer semester assistantships are available upon need/request, but are tuition-waiver only, no stipend.NoYesMS, CommunicationYes, several. None of these are required for my GA-ship.

• President and re-founder of UL’s Communication Graduate Student Organization -- 08/2011 to present

• Secretary-Treasurer of UL’s Graduate Student Organization -- 01/2012 to present

• Communication Departmental Representative for UL’s Graduate Student Organization -- 01/2011 to 12/11
You COULD live on this, especially in Lafayette, and if you are comfortable having a roommate (I choose not to) and living very frugally. I do work elsewhere about 10 hours per week, I take out small student loans to pay for books, and I often receive extra scholarship awards that I apply for through the University.You COULD live on this, especially in Lafayette, and if you are comfortable having a roommate (I choose not to) and living very frugally. I do work elsewhere about 10 hours per week, I take out small student loans to pay for books, and I often receive extra scholarship awards that I apply for through the University.
3/30/2012 1:30:54Virginia TechVAEnglishLiberal Arts and Human Sciences11-13k depending on year in programPer School Year (9 months)FullPer School Year (9 months)Full responsibility for 2-2 course load in addition to minimum 12 credit hours of graduate courses. 30-40Health insurance covered 90%No, in state fees about $600, out of state fees total about $1100 per semesterNoDepartment offers funding for one conference a year $250 for MAs, $350 for PhDsWritten yearly contractContract is re-upped yearly as long as satisfactory academic/teaching performance continuePartiallyEnglishServing on multiple department and university committees, typically not required for GTA-ship but may be assignedIt's possible with smart savings and summer employment
3/30/2012 8:53:33Iowa State UniversityIowaJGChemistryLiberal Arts and SciencesJenfly00atgmail$22,800Per Year (incl summers)N/aPer Year (with summers)This semester: TA two general chemistry laboratories for engineering majors and one 50-minute recitation (admin quizzes, reinforce lecture material, problem solving), help center hour (help random students with their homework, lab reports, etc)

Grading responsibilities included with both lab and recitation.

Last semester: 2 gen chem labs, 2 recitations, 1 help center hour
For teaching duties: ~25-30 hours including contact with students, prep, and grading timeHealth insuranceNo! And they're around $450-$500.Nope.Unaware.Letter of Intent signed per semesterNoNo.PhD Analytical ChemistryNo.I'm married, but if I were dependent on only my income I could still live on it.
4/1/2012 22:25:48The Ohio State UniversityOhioEntomologyFood, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciencesburkman.7@osu.edu24552Per Year (incl summers)fullPer Year (with summers)Graduate fellow, so no teaching or research requirements per se. N/AHealth insurance is payed by department, but retirement benefits are not included with fellowships.Most fees coveredNoN/AN/ANoYesMS EntomologyN/AYes, this is a livable stipend. No one I know in the department needs another job.
4/2/2012 9:15:50Rutgers UniversityNew JerseyBiologyGraduate School24900Per School Year (9 months)20000Per Year (with summers)Teaching assistant for undergraduate class; research for advisor; independent research.
35Health insurance.Yes.No.Yes; amount varies. Yes- 10 month teaching assistantship for two semesters worth of teaching. No.Yes.PhD BiologyBiology Graduate Student Association, not required. Yes.I am able to support myself with some to spare.
4/2/2012 14:59:05Texas State University-San MarcosTexasGeographyLiberal arts20400Per School Year (9 months)0Per SemesterI have been a lab instructor, research assistant, and instructor of record.20 (but really 50)0NopeNope600 per conference, limit 2 per yearWritten annualNoNoPh.D GeographyNoNoBorrowing a ton and working side jobs
4/2/2012 15:29:03North Carolina State UniversityNCN/AEnglishHumanities and Social Sciences~$16,000.00Per School Year (9 months)$3,917.1Per School Year (9 months)Teaching20Health InsuranceNoNoFluctuates by year: have had $800, $400, $600/yr beforeWrittenNoNoPhD, Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital MediaNot currentlyNo (wasn't this question asked above?)Borrowing and have a full-time working spouse
4/2/2012 16:05:30University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIllinois99HistoryLiberal Arts and Sciences9917000Per School Year (9 months)$24,174Per School Year (9 months)Dissertation Research20Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision InsuranceNoNoN/AWrittenYesYesHistory, PhDNoFor a single person with a few modest expenses, it provides enough to break even most months. For my colleagues with families and/or recurring medical bills, it does not appear to be nearly enough.I still have to take out loans each semester to cover the cost of student fees.
4/2/2012 16:39:49Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey - NewarkNew JerseySKBiologyGraduate School of Arts and Sciences9924000Per School Year (9 months)Tuition waiverPer School Year (9 months)I have taught biology labs (8 semesters) or been supported by my adviser to do research (2 semesters)50Health Insurance, Dental InsuranceYesNoMy adviser gives me what he can afford to cover attendance, room & board, travel if I am presenting. The department does help people if they are presenting as well.Annual written contract.NoNoPhD BiologyGraduate Student Government Association, not requiredYes, but not well.Yes, but I do work elsewhere a little bit. It is related to my research, but I do get paid for it. I also have roommates so I can afford to live in the area.SK
4/2/2012 17:04:349999999999Per Semester99Per Semester99999999999999999999FYI - I tried to email my contact info when I submitted the form, and the email address was invalid.99
4/2/2012 21:00:09North Carolina State UniversityNCYari JohnsonForestry and Environmental ResourcesNatural Resources13000Per Year (incl summers)$2,979Per SemesterManage a $250,000 research project, with duties including data collecting (equipment installation, monitoring, and repair), data analysis, and report creation. Other duties include mentoring masters students by conducting "dry runs" before their defenses or conference presentations. Assisting masters students with their data analysis and project design.20-30Health InsuranceNo fees are covered. They are currently $938.10 per semester.NoNoNoNoI was awarded one for the first semester as an incentive to stay at the school. Then I was funded through a grant with a faculty member.PhD ForestryPhysical Environment Committee (University-wide), not a requirementNo way. I have three children. I teach at a local community college to make extra money (against my grad school's advice) and I borrow about $8,000 per year in student loans.
4/3/2012 2:21:57Grand Valley State UniversityMIGraduate Studiesn/a4000Per Semester9 credits/semester up to 24/yearPer Semesterall assistantships are administrative the most you can do for teaching is lab asst, not clerical, more things such as editing/writing newsletters, handbooks, websites; assisting with instutional research for internal consumption ie how many classes are taught by adjuncts, what needs to be done to revamp/update an existing degree program; assist with speakers series advertising, organizing, logistics

very few research assistantships come up with grants, mostly it's admin related research such as helping people search for and apply for grants

There are two options, 10 hours per week and max 6 credits for $2000
or 20 hours work/week max 9-12 credits tuition included, $4000 stipend
20noneonly tuition
we have to pay for parking passes and depending on program or situation may have add'l fees but for the most part fees are included in tuition
can compete with faculty for limited funds, approx $400/ conf
yes written per semester reapply each semester depending on situationno, only extended student services GAships are done this wayMSc
although this info is the same univ-wide there was about two years ago an option to change the stipend amount by individual dept so far no one has changed so there are three subtypes of GA, those paid by Grad Studies but could be working anywhere, those from dept budgets, and extended which are housing/student services who work an extra month before and after school year in exchange for summer tuition and about 1,000/school year extra pay
some do serve on Grad Council but not required for GA ship just tend to go together that the students active in Grad Student organizations get GAships working for students services or grad studies, both of which are active sponsors of Grad Councilno even more problematic as no student health center and health insurance offered by univ is not accepted by any local providers
Grad student org buys a membership in NAGPS for the univ so grads can buy their health insurance if desired as it is accepted locally
only state univ in MI to not provide health insurance or a student health center
yet part time clerical staff do get full health benefits package
need to borrow an equivalent amount median apts/dorms are 650, food 200, books 600/semester etc
4/3/2012 13:27:58University of Illinoic at ChicagoIllinoisMandy StutenbergSpanishLiberal Arts & Sciences@mandylynn42815328Per School Year (9 months)7461Per SemesterTeaching - full responsibility for a course
Coordinating - coordinating multiple sections of a basic language level (scheduling, syllabus creation, exam/quiz preparation, etc)
~20$150/year toward University health insurance ONLY (this year, I have opted for another health care plan, and therefore do not receive this benefit)Per Semester:

Covered: Library/IT ($133), Graduate Student Health Fee ($90), Academic Facility Maintenance ($200), Service Fee ($321)

Not covered - Student to Student Fee ($3), General Fee ($426)
No.Not related to TAship. Competitive awards available with application per conference (if presenting).Written, annual.NoYes; I would not have attended a program that did not provide support.PhD, Hispanic Linguistics and NeuroscienceNo.Yes.
4/4/2012 11:37:48Univeristy of Illinois at ChicagoIllinoisDisability and Human DevelopmentApplied Health Sciences$2,900Per Semester$9,000Per Year (with summers)I work in one of the department's outreach clinics. 10Health insurance is provided to students for a small fee.Most fees are covered. No. Not sure. It is a written contract each semenster. noyesPhD in Disability studiesI serve on the Sexuality and Disability Consortium. It is not required for my GA-ship. No. I can because I am breaking into my savings, but no I wouldn't be able to otherwise.
4/4/2012 13:49:02Duke North CarolinaBiologyArts and Science~$19,000Per School Year (9 months)yesPer School Year (9 months)Teaching ~22HealthYesNoYes. $500.00/yearNo.NoNo.PhD BiologyYes. Seminar coordinator.Yes.Yes. Without borrowing.
4/4/2012 20:35:23Minnesota State University MankatoMNLEnglishLiberal Arts$9,000Per School Year (9 months)full tuitionPer School Year (9 months)Teach one class of composition (4 credits) each semester. Design curriculum and assignments to meet specified course outcomes. MFA students might get to teach creative writing in their last semester instead of Comp.10-40No benefits!!No.Can apply for $300/conference only if presenting. (Not guaranteed.)Annual.No, but theoretically you can get fired.Yes.MFA, Creative WritingNo; none required.Maybe.Some people live on it, but if you have a car payment or want to buy health insurance, you'll need to take out loans, like I do.
4/4/2012 23:06:22University of Illinois ChicagoIllinoisLaura LandersSociologyLiberal Artsllanders.uic@gmail.com14706Per School Year (9 months)22382Per School Year (9 months)teaching--currently lead sections for introductory or beginning statistics classes10contract covers minimal health benefits (not an insurance program) and vacation/sick dayssome fees are covered--service fees, library fees, etc.
others aren't--about $900/semester currently
no, nothing else at all is coveredNot included in TA-ship.3 year union contract, with a 9-month (school year) offer letter every year.noyesPHD sociologyyes department committees, not requiredNo--it's not enough. See above-I work a second job.No. I'm using student loans to pay for the additional fees and I work a second job 7 hours/week.
4/6/2012 15:14:18University of Illinois at ChicagoILBioengineeringEngineering1600Per Semester10000Per SemesterResearch20NoneAll but HEALTH feesNoneNoneSemesteryesYesPh.D in Biomedical ImagingDepartmentBarely survivingBarely
4/13/2012 14:58:49University of Notre DameINOne of the social sciencesArts & Letters17000Per School Year (9 months)42,000 (full tuition) - 97% of all ND graduate students have free tuitionPer School Year (9 months)Research. Also have option of teaching instead of research.
There is an option of a $4,000 stipend for the summer, but that depends on available money.
17.5Option for reduced cost health insurance, but it's not very good. No retirement. Not sure about FICA, but I don't believe we pay it (if that makes sense...).Not for the most part. There are student activity fees of I believe about $200 a semester, but that's it.No.I believe it amounts to half of the costs for a conference, but other departments on campus provide somewhat-competitive grants that can be used to supplement the costs.No.No.I may have done somewhere else if tuition and a stipend were not offered, but that is rare at ND - if you get in, you usually get tuition and a stipend (at least in my department).PhD.No, and not required.See answer aboveSome can, as South Bend is not an expensive place to live. I personally am married, and rely heavily on my spouse's salary, but I also own a home. It becomes more difficult for those with children.
4/16/2012 19:48:45Texas A&M UniversityTexasCourtney StokerEnglishLiberal Arts@cnstoker$1100/monthOther$2000 (This was not considered income for the GA, though you only got a tuition waiver with an assistantship.)Per SemesterWe are fully responsible for the class, including preparing lessons and grading. Obviously, we are expected to keep up with our full load of graduate coursework as well. When I was at A&M, we taught a 1-1 load, but it was increased to a 2-1 when I was leaving, with no pay increase.30-40 (we were "supposed" to work 20)Health insurance was provided, but dental and vision required extra monthly payments.No. None of the extensive fees at Texas A&M were covered. These were about $1200 a year.Haha, no.You could apply for competitive funds from various sources in the university. Every year less money has been available. When I came to the program 3 years ago, I was told that I could probably have 2 conferences per year fully funded. Last year, my colleagues were mostly lucky to have one conference partially or mostly funded.Two-year for MAs. I'm not sure about PhD students.No.Absolutely. Funding for MA students at Tier 1 research universities in English are competitive, and often not available at all. The initially low teaching load was also meant to attract more students.MA in English (graduated in 2011)None required, though we were encouraged to.Bluntly, no. The cost of living in College Station/Bryan is not as cheap as everyone seemed to think it was, and my (cheap for the area) apartment sucked up over half of my monthly income. I was not eligible for food stamps or any other federal aid, so despite living around the poverty level, I was basically without resources besides student loans. Combined with my undergraduate loans, I now have about $50,000 in loans, and am currently working as an adjunct instructor. Which means, of course, that I have no way to pay those loans back, and am STILL struggling to eat and pay rent.

My program didn't even pretend that we could live off what we made there, and they were transparent about the fact that they expected us to borrow to live. But they were very strict about the fact that if you had an assistantship, you were not allowed to work elsewhere. My first few weeks, a student was told that if he didn't quit his part-time job at Barnes & Noble, he would be kicked out of the program. They hobble you in these programs, pay you practically nothing, and then pretend that you should be thankful for the "opportunity" to teach for them. It's ridiculous.
Absolutely not. Everyone I knew was either living from a double income (from a spouse or partner) or borrowed heavily from federal student loans. I did both, because my partner made crap money.
4/26/2012 4:35:26Wayne State UniversityMichiganMark CocoPolitical ScienceCollege of Liberal Arts and$15,713Per School Year (9 months)Up to 10 Credits a Semester with an additional 2 or 3 credits for the summer, based on availabilityPer Year (with summers)Instructor of record for an introductory political science course of 92 students. Average of 20 hours a weekMedical and dental insuranceYes, except for the fitness center (it's basically a gym fee of $25 a semester)NoThere is a "professional development travel fund" that members can apply for. In my department, it basically means you will receive $250 for the conference of your choice. 9 month with the possibility of being hired in the summer as a adjunct faculty memberYesYesPhD Public AdministrationNoYesI can live on this and do not feel like I need to work elsewhere.
6/13/2012 19:11:56University of British ColumbiaBC (Canada)Theatre and FilmGrad Studies$11,342Per School Year (9 months)0Per SemesterTeaching, lead discussion groups, marking, clerical, assist with class, write exams and essay questions. 5/10/2012noneNoNo$250 from grad student society per graduate degreenegotiated with the TA union about every 2 years, currently operating on an expired contract from 2007 I believe. CUPE 2278 is currently stuck in mediation with UBC. yesnoPhD Theatre StudiesNo, no.Not really, I took out loans when I was only on the TA ship, now that I have a fellowship as well ($18K/year +tuition and fees) I am doing ok. I have a fellowship as well that makes it liveable, but otherwise, no.