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2017-2018 B-CC Clubs/Activities List
Club/Activity NameDescription of the Club/ActivitySelect the days of the week when your club meets.When does your club meet?How often does your club/activity meet?Where does your club/activity meet?Sponsor's Last NameSponsor's Email Address
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A Capella A Capella is a club where we invite new voices to come sing and use their voices for sounds and songs rather then instruments,WednesdayLunchWeeklyChorus RoomFrankClaudia_R_Frank@mcpsmd.orgRose Corcoran, Shelby Fountain, Maya Broadwaterbrianhcorcoran@gmail.com
ACLU ClubA club that sponsors a safe environment for all students, regardless of citizenship status. FridayLunchWeeklyMr. Herner's roomHernerphillip_g_herner@mcpsmd.orgFlorence Quintanilla Prezafpreza9@gmail.com
African/Caribbean Student Association Learn about different countries and educate others as well. Prepare events that represents our club to reach out to others. Fund raise money for kids in different countries. Promote student leadership through collaborative interaction. Unify African/Carribean students as well as non- African/Carribean students.ThursdayLunchWeeklyC202SmithsonChristine_Smithson@mcpsmd.orgRuth Alemuruthyalemu@gmail.com
Animal Activists ClubStay informed about animal rights violations, as well as educate others in our community about these issues. Eventually we can form a big group to speak up against animal cruelty and add momentum to the growing movement.ThursdayLunchWeeklyA307KoplowitzMarcella_H_Koplowitz@mcpsmd.orgGabriella Valderramagabby.valderrama12@gmail.com
Anime Club In Anime Club we encourage discovery and sharing by watching a member selected anime each week, additionally we may collectively chose an anime to go into greater detail with and continue watching it.TuesdayLunchWeeklyC215Pagliaromichael.a.pagliaro@mcpsmd.netSami Najedsnajed5@gmail.com
App ClubStudents will work in a team to develop a java based mobile app throughout the year.FridayLunchWeeklyComputer Room A222Nateghi
Owen Walsh452817@mcpsmd.net
Arabic Society Our club aim is to provide a friendly and familiar environment for Arab students who have recently joined our school, or for any student who is interested or needs help in Arabic language or culture. Our club leaders will be natives of Arabic countries, who can provide authentic help needed for many students studying Arabic. Our club will host various aspects of Arabic culture for anyone interested, or anyone who wants to feel at homeTuesdayLunchWeeklyC309HabashHala_Y_Habash@mcpsmd.orgAdham Elsisiadham2sahar@yahoo.com
Art ClubPromoting art and friendship through weekly meetings where anyone is welcome to create art or hangout. TuesdayLunchWeeklyCeramics Room Grove Kathie_A_Grove@mcpsmd.orgJosephine Froelichjosephine@reagan.com
Art National Honors SocietyCommunity building
Critiquing art
Finding competitions
Creating art/Murals
WednesdayAfter SchoolWeeklyB127Tretickkrista_w_tretick@mcpsmd.orgGregory Pfaffgrpfaff2000@gmail.com
Astronomy ClubPromotes and encourages interest in space, in a relaxing and friendly environment. Each week, we will discuss upcoming celestial events and focus on a specific topic of interest. About once every month, the club will organize a star party in a nearby park, which is a great way to learn about amateur stargazing and basic astrophotography. We will also be hosting a variety of guests and speakers, such as NASA Solar System Ambassadors.TuesdayLunchWeeklyC205Halljacob_hall@mcpsmd.orgDavid Cantillodavidccantillo@gmail.com
B-CC Green ClubWe are an environmentally conscious club that tries to reduce the ecological footprint of B-CC and its students as well as our community.WednesdayLunchWeeklyB318Sacksjoseph_m_sacks@mcpsmd.orgNicole Chapman and Sylvie Yangnj.chapman12@gmail.com
B-CC MOVESB-CC MOVES is a dance club that welcomes anyone who wants to learn and enjoy the basics of dance and different fusions. The club is a safe place where we respect and support each other and encourage anyone who is willing to explore and push themselves as well as letting loose and have fun.
WednesdayAfter SchoolWeeklyTo be determined CelmerDeborah_A_Celmer@mcpsmd.orgAranza Lara Arizpearanzalaraarizpe@gmail.com
B-CC Red Cross Club The Red Cross Club is sponsored by the local division of the Red Cross organization. Students plan and promote blood drives as well as other fundraising events throughout the school year. WednesdayLunchBiweekly B313IngallsRyan_E_Ingalls@mcpsmd.orgGrace Feitel/Iana Sahadzic gracef211@gmail.com
Baron to BaronEmail chain for the Tattler Advice ColumnThursdayLunchOnly in emergencies, so maybe once a month or every 2 monthsA308LopilatoDavid_Lopilato@mcpsmd.orgMaya Elwood-Dieuelwooddieu.maya@gmail.com
Barons Care ClubOur club is dedicated to serving people in need in the Bethesda/Chevy Chase community. We often raise funds or hold donation drives for needed items such as back to school supplies, winter coats, fresh fruit, etc. All donations/proceeds go directly to the people in need. Meetings are generally once a month!ThursdayLunchmonthlytbdGordonRichard_N_Gordon@mcpsmd.orgAnnabelle Kimannabellekim@gmail.com
BCC Billiards ClubAt the BCC Billiards Club, students can play pool, meet new people, hang out with friends, and just have a good time. Students can play a variety of games including pool, ping pong, fuse ball, and more.FridayAfter SchoolWeeklyOur club meets outside of portable 2-we then walk to the Jane E Laughton CenterJappeLaura_M_Jappe@mcpsmd.orgGraham Gustersongrahamgusterson@gmail.com
BCC Book and Movie ClubIn this club, we will meet every two weeks and choose a book to read along with a movie adaptation. We will then read the book and view the film. WednesdayLunchBiweeklyPortable 5JappeLaura_M_Jappe@mcpsmd.orgAbbie Macher, Honor Whiteabbiemacher@gmail.com
BCC Book ClubThe BCC Book Club will hold monthly meetings where members read books monthly, can discuss books they love, and get recommendations. We are sponsored by the English Honors Society as well.FridayLunchMonthlyA414LloydJennifer_M_Lloyd@mcpsmd.orgAsha Langadlang42@gmail.com
BCC Book ClubIn this club dedicated to the arts, we will read books and meet to discuss them, afterwards watching the corresponding film. WednesdayLunchBiweeklyPortable 5JappeLaura_M_Jappe@mcpsmd.orgAbbie Macherabbiemacher@gmail.com
BCC CAN The BCC CAN club will organize the girls Powderpuff football game at the end of the school year.ThursdayLunchMonthlyB313IngallsRyan_E_Ingalls@mcpsmd.orgSophia Wallachsophiawallach@gmail.com
BCC Fashion Clubwe will be talking about fashion and our style, we will be designing and making our own clothes and Jewlery and hopefully we will have a fashion show or exhibition at the end of the year TuesdayLunchevery other weekin B127Voorhees megan.e.voorhees@mcpsmd.netKiara Colemankara.coleman10@gmail.com
BCC Fishig ClubWe are just a bunch of kids who enjoy fishing and the outdoors! WednesdayAfter SchoolOrlandoChristopher_Orlando@mcpsmd.orgTommy Turi tommymbturi@gmail.com
BCC GirlUpGirlUp is a campaign of the United Nations Foundation dedicated to helping the hardest to reach girls where it is hardest to be a girl. Girls in developing countries are at a disadvantage, but we believe they are an untapped potential, and by giving them the things they need, these girls can change the world. In this club, all of our meetings and activities will be aligned with GirlUp's mission, things like planning fundraising, lobbying, and educational events- to watching movies and reading articles as a jumping point for discussion.FridayLunchWeeklyPortable 1CelmerDeborah_A_Celmer@mcpsmd.orgLee Schwartzleehschwartz@gmail.com
BCC Relay for LifeTo raise awareness and fundraise for the American Cancer Society. The proceeds from fundraisers will go towards support groups for cancer patients, research, and travel/accommodation costs for those seeking treatment away from home.ThursdayLunchWeeklyB313RyanRyan_E_Ingalls@mcpsmd.orgOnjoli Dasonjolidas@gmail.com
BCC SneakerheadsIs your shoe game strong? Do you like sneakers? Join the BCC Sneakerheads club! Not only will we discuss the latest trends in sneakers, but we'll also coordinate sneaker fundraisers to help kids in need.ThursdayLunchWeeklyC111TracySean_C_Tracy@mcpsmd.orgJeremiah Samuelsamfam10@verizon.net
BeeCC Save the Bees ClubThe BeeCC Save the Bees Club is a club dedicated to raising awareness for the bees who are currently endangered because of humans. As a club we want to help students at BCC learn what is happening to the bees right now and also what they can do to help. WednesdayLunchOnce every other weekE029LizarazoJ_J_Lizarazo@mcpsmd.orgElla Persson and Raul Zambrano rau.r.zam@gmail.com
Best BuddiesBest Buddies is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with IDD. For individuals within this community, Best Buddies helps them form meaningful friendships with their peers, secure successful jobs, live independently, improve public speaking, self-advocacy and communications skills, and feel valued by society.TuesdayLunchMonthlyC109Bilomandy.bilo@mcpsmd.orgElizabeth Budinelizgraceb@gmail.com
Body Positivity ClubThis is a club dedicated to promoting a healthy and positive body image in both our school and global communities. We want to raise awareness about the dangers of eating disorders, and how we as students can do our part to help turn things around for the better!ThursdayLunchWeeklyE030LizarazoJ_J_Lizarazo@mcpsmd.orgAmanda Baratzatbaratz@gmail.com
Bridging Political DivideAchieving political understanding through friendly and productive discourse.TuesdayLunchWeeklyA308LopilatoDavid_Lopilato@mcpsmd.orgPeter Dart176229@mcpsmd.net
Business Skills ClubWhen we grow up there will be jobs we never thought possible. Each week at the business Skills club we will focus on a skill that will be useful in the future for starting your own business or being a candidate to work at the fastest growing companies. We also talk about new innovations and have a great time.ThursdayLunchWeekly C212PondToby_L_Pond@mcpsmd.orgThomas Paynechanderpayne@gmail.com
Calligraphy ClubIn the Calligraphy Club, students can learn and practice calligraphy as well as other aesthetic design skills. It's also a club created to have some fun, meet friends, and blow off stress in a creative way!ThursdayLunchWeeklyC210Smithsonchristine.smithson@mcpsmd.netAnna Sidelsidelanna@gmail.com
Chemistry ClubDo experiments and go to elementary schools to present to kidsFridayLunchWeeklyB217BalimtasNurgul_K_Balimtas@mcpsmd.orgEdith Stoneedithstone13@gmail.com
Chess ClubBCC Chess Club welcomes players of all skill levels, from beginners to masters, to play casual games of chess and bughouse. Stop by any day of the week to learn, watch, or play. Occasional tournaments are held for those interested, with a prize for the winner. WednesdayLunchEvery dayC111TracySean_C_Tracy@mcpsmd.orgDouglas Malcolm, Max Szostakloqeded@gmail.com
Chinese Honor SocietyB-CC's Chinese Honor Society is a chapter of the National Chinese Honor Society. Students who have earned an "A" in Chinese class for three semesters will be eligible to join. Our mission is to promote the practice and understanding of Chinese language and culture. We sponsor several cultural activities a year and conduct weekly tutoring for all-level Chinese students.TuesdayLunchMonthlyC307HeHongKaren_He@mcpsmd.orgMaria Sutherlandmariapsutherland@gmail.com
Combat JugglingCombat juggling is 1 vs. 1 Juggling battles. Each participant has 3 balls and tries to swat the opponents balls while still juggling his or her own.WednesdayLunchWeeklyC-105OrlandoChristopher_Orlando@mcpsmd.orgTom Merrittiggytom@gmail.com
Computer ClubClub for Python programming, computer hardware, and software developmentThursdayAfter SchoolWeeklyA222Goldmanrichard.j.golman@mcpsmd.netMatt Comptonmcompton2002@gmail.com
Conservation ClubThe Conservation Club works to clean up our natural spaces both in and outside the BCC area. We will work on a variety of clean-up initiatives through our engagement with local nonprofits. We hope to promote a clean and environmentally conscious community for all to enjoy. TuesdayLunchWeeklyC210MelendezGuillermo_A_Melendez@mcpsmd.orgSolly Mayasollymaya99@gmail.com
Do SomethingEvery week we will discuss a new issue facing women and plan out an action we will take to help improve it. ThursdayLunchWeeklyA304kontosElizabeth_H_Kontos@mcpsmd.orgCaroline Brown cebbrown17@gmail.com
Doctor whoWatching doctor whoFridayLunchWeeklyB303Goldmanrichard.j.goldman@mcpsmd.netMarie Friaufmarie.friauf@gmail.com
Dream Catchers ClubThe Dream Catcher's Club is a chapter of the DreamCatchers Foundation. As a club, we will work with Montgomery Hospice to grant (fundraise & organize) wishes for children with terminal illnesses. ThursdayLunchWeeklyB313IngallsRyan_E_Ingalls@mcpsmd.orgAlexandra Fine and Onjoli Dasonjolidas@gmail.com
English Honors SocietyEnglish Honors Society provides tutoring once a week for students who wish to receive valuable peer editing on papers and English projects. Additionally, it is a club that celebrates a love for reading and writing in events such as Shakespeare's Birthday Party. ThursdayLunchWeeklyA314Lloyd Jennifer_M_Lloyd@mcpsmd.orgEllie Berger (Club President) ellieberger@gmail.com
Explore D.C.The Explore D.C. club will have at least one field trip (after school) a quarter to D.C. The purpose of this club is to broaden students knowledge of art, history, culture etc while utilizing our resources of having D.C. so close. Field trip destinations will include museums, monuments and wherever else club members are interested in going. ThursdayAfter Schoolbi-monthlyC211Melendez Guillermo_A_Melendez@mcpsmd.orgNatalie Schwartznataliemerschwartz@gmail.com
Expressive Lyrics Club Club members will talk about different songs together and what the lyrics mean to them. They will also have the opportunity to express themselves by bringing in their own music if they would like to share with others. WednesdayLunchEvery other weekE008 (band room) Whitemarshall.j.white@mcpsmd.netSanaya Mistry and Giulia Lallasalexis.sanaya@gmail.com
Fandoms Unite ClubThe BCC Fandoms Unite Club is designed to cater to all those who are fans of books, music, movies, and more! Each week we will meet to discuss a new topic, so keep coming back. Your suggestions for discussion topics are always welcome! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us!WednesdayLunchWeeklyA313- Ms Pagan's roomPagan Rosana_M_Pagan@mcpsmd.orgJulia Pekalajpekala2001@gmail.com
Fantasy football clubFantasy football club will meet once a week on Thursday at lunch, just in time for players who lock for the Thursday night game. We'll talk about fantasy football and work on lineups togetherThursdayLunchWeeklyC212SkellchockPatrick_D_Skellchock@mcpsmd.netAaron Knishkowyaaronknish@gmail.com
Fantasy Sports ClubOur club attempts to bring fantasy sports fans together, from football to basketball to hockey to baseball. We will meet every other Tuesday and have competitions each time we meet. This is the perfect club for sports lovers and fantasy participants!TuesdayLunchEvery other weekB313Ingallsryan_e_ingalls@mcpsmd.orgJacob Lebowitzjnlebowitz@yahoo.com
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Unite your two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ. We will have monthly meetings to discuss the bridge between religion and athletics with others in an inclusive and safe environment. The club will have group activities and attend sporting events. Snacks are provided and all are welcome!
TuesdayLunchWeeklyB313Ingalls ryan_e_ingalls@mcpsmd.orgElizabeth Sharkey elizabethvsharkey@gmail.com
ForensicsCompetitive speaking and acting with the intent of performing at various forensics tournaments held within Montgomery County.WednesdayLunchWeeklyA411Gallagher Daniel_J_Gallagher@mcpsmd.orgIsaac SpringeIspringe83@sbcglobal.net
Fun ClubGreat people doing great things to make our school great. WednesdayLunchWeeklyA302FrankClaudia_R_Frank@mcpsmd.orgCaitlyn Clendenin and Avery Butterfieldaprilclen@gmail.com
Fund a Dream ClubThe Fund a Dream Club's mission is to raise money for the education of a young man named Joaquin. Joaquin lives in the impoverished village of Comayagua, Honduras and dreams of becoming a biomedical engineer but unfortunately lacks the funds to do so. We have had great success in the past as we funded the full education of Oscar Ulloa, also of Comayagua, who graduated nursing school at the top of his class this past spring. We hope to do the same and fund Joaquin's Dream!WednesdayLunchBiweeklyC211MelendezGuillermo_A_Melendez@mcpsmd.orgMorgane Dallairemdallaire22@gmail.com
Girls LeadershipOur club's goal is to inspire girls in our school to lead change in the community and abroad.WednesdayLunchWeeklyA302FrankClaudia_R_Frank@mcpsmd.orgKai Alexisalexis.s.kai20@gmail.com
Girls Rising in TechnologyI will invite speakers (women in STEM) on a monthly basis to come and talk during lunchFridayLunchMonthlyA218JacobsMatthew_L_Jacobs@mcpsmd.orgLaura Koyelaurakoye1@gmail.com
Girls Weight Training This club is an all girls weight training group, with the purpose of encouraging girls to learn how to weight train, or how to improve on their previously held skills. It is also a safe and judgment free environment for girls to weight train without feeling uncomfortable. The groups meetings will be held in the weight room in BCC, after school. WednesdayAfter SchoolWeeklyThe weight room at BCC. Me and the sponsor still need to figure out what days the weight room will be open so the day of the week we meet on is not yet decided. ConsidineDonna_S_Considine@mcpsmd.orgAnna Armoza ararmoza@gmail.com
Green ClubWe encourage environmental awareness and activism in the BCC community by composting, gardening in the greenhouse, and organizing fun events to promote sustainability at BCC!WednesdayLunchWeeklyB318SacksJoseph_M_Sacks@mcpsmd.orgNicole Chapmannj.chapman12@gmail.com
History Honors SocietyBCC HHS helps the history department, creates materials and tutors students who are looking for history help. If you're interested in joining, please contact us!TuesdayLunchMonthly, with extra dates tbdA408HogewoodHunter_H_Hogewood@mcpsmd.orgGrace Wagnergracembwagner@gmail.com
Ignite DignityOur mission is to help those who, in the midst of war, have lost their families, their homes, etc. to live a dignified life. We aim to provide aspects of their life that they lack, make their voices heard, and help them to retain a sense of self worth. ThursdayLunchWeeklyB326LassarJustine_Lassar@mcpsmd.orgMiriam Yakobashvilimiriam.abigael@gmail.com
International Club International Club's aim is to provide an interactive platform for BCC students to learn and explore about other cultures. We will be planning many hands on activities such as Embassy Visits, guest speakers, and of course International Night! Meetings are guaranteed to be a lot of fun and a great way to meet fellow Barons from all over the world. ThursdayLunchEvery other week Portable 5- Mrs. Jappe's Room Jappe Laura_M_Jappe@mcpsmd.orgCamilla Jamrocmj.camilla@gmail.com
IntersectWe are a chapter of the organization Youth Activism Project. Our purpose is to discuss and bring awareness to feminist issues with a focus on gender inequity in education and gender based violence. We work with a sister organization in Mali to give scholarships and support to girls in Mali who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to receive an education, as well as a sister organization in India to help prevent gender based violence. We put passion into action.ThursdayLunchWeeklyE031MahoneySarah_B_Mahoney@mcpsmd.orgSabra Sislerssisler7@gmail.com
It's AcademicAnswer questions and prepare for a competition on the trivia TV show that airs in the D.C. Area, It's AcademicWednesdayLunchWeeklyA218JacobsMatthew_L_Jacabs@mcpsmd.orgJohn Wilkinsjohn.cavanagh.wilkins@gmail.con
Jazz ClubThe Jazz Club is for jazz musicians and enthusiasts alike to play, practice, and listen to jazz. Club members will jam weekly at lunch (bring you own music / Real Books) in a combo setting, and exchange improvisational tips and advice, as well as new songs.FridayLunchWeeklyE008 (band room)WhiteMarshall_J_White@mcpsmd.orgIsaac Wilksisaacwilks@gmail.com
Jewish Culture Appreciation ClubJewish Culture Appreciation ClubFridayLunchonce a monthC212Pondtoby.l.pond@mcpsmd.netAlana Frankelalanafrankel7@gmail.com
Kards by KaitlinJoin us! Once a month, to decorate cards for children with disabilities living in group homes. Or military families. Or cancer patients. Or kids impacted by natural disasters. The possibilities are ENDLESS! Join Us! We decorate cards to send to children living in group homes on their birthday!FridayLunchMonthlyMedia CenterRicciRoberta_A_Ricci@mcpsmd.orgKaitlin Taylortheladykaity@gmail.com
Leaders Institute @ B-CCA leadership club that brings awareness and change to issues surrounding our school and community.TuesdayLunchWeeklyC204SchmidtJohn_B_Schmidt@mcpsmd.orgStephanie K Clark/Donica Tedrosinfo@leadersinstitutemd.org
League of Legends ClubWatch Pro League of Legends, discuss League related topics, and take part in League related activities.FridayLunchWeeklyC108Kalabakas
Alex GonzalezAlexkylegonzalez@gmail.com
Lunchtime BuddiesA peer led group addressed to end bullying by eating lunch with students pre-determined by a school's administration who are bullied, shy, or new to the school. WednesdayLunchWeeklyAt various public elementary schools and Westland Middle School YoungChad_E_Young@mcpsmd.orgCooper Batcheldercooperbatchelder0@gmail.com
Make (Almost) Anything ClubA 3D printing club where students learn to use electronics and 3D computer design software, either to make projects of their own or to compete in design contests, like making the fastest boat or strongest bridge. People of any experience level are welcome to join us!WednesdayLunchWeeklyB305CoreyCaitlyn_Corey@mcpsmd.orgNicholas Steelenichlock@gmail.com
Math TeamWe have fun exploring the different aspects of math and compete regularly in math competitions. FridayLunchWeeklyC105OrlandoChristopher_Orlando@mcpsmd.orgMaya Abo Dominguezabodominguezmaya@gmail.com
Mindfulness This club will be created so BCC students have a way to relieve their stress through new tactics and strategies while being supported by other students WednesdayLunchWeeklyC108BiloMandy_Bilo@mcpsmd.orgRebecca Letsingerrebecca.letsinger@gmail.com
Minority Scholars Program Our mission is to help increase the academic success of minority students and foster positive relationships.WednesdayLunchBi-weekly for leaders and monthly for genera meetingsIn the main office or chorus room depending on the type of meetingRobinsonSharif_K_Robinson@mcpsmd.orgKai Alexisalexis.s.kai20@gmail.com
Mock TrialAre you interested in law, public speaking, arguing and character acting? Do you love shows like Law & Order, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder? If you said yes, you need to come try out for Mock Trial! Or team is made up of lawyers and witnesses, and this years case will focus on criminal law. We compete against schools across the county at the Circuit Court house in Rockville. For more info, inquire with Mrs. Nahra in A401.WednesdayLunchWeeklyA401NahraMargit_H_Nahra@mcpsmd.orgWilliam Satloffwilliamsatloff@gmail.com
Model United NationsModel United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.WednesdayLunchBiweeklyE302HernerPhilip_G_Herner@mcpsmd.orgMariana Villarbccmun@gmail.com
Nintendo ClubIt is a club where you can play Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles during lunch.TuesdayLunchWeeklyB221Psillos lia_psillos@mcpsmd.orgLucas Mincminc.lucas@gmail.com
Old Friends ClubOur club will visit and form connections with the elderly residents at the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington. This club will not be very time consuming as we will meet rarely and have about one-two visits monthly.ThursdayLunchMonthlyA408GallagherDaniel_J_Gallagher@mcpsmd.orgJeri Jaller and Ella Goldblumjerijallerlucky2@gmail.com
Once Upon A PromOnce Upon A Prom is a club dedicated to giving new and gently used prom dresses and accessories to girls who would not be able to afford it otherwise. Throughout the year, we collect dresses and donations from the community. Each year, in the beginning of April, Once Upon A Prom hosts a dress drive to distribute dresses. Our goal is to make every girl feel like a princess!ThursdayAfter SchoolRarely in the fall/winter but weekly in the springC202SmithsonChristine_Smithson@mcpsmd.orgTory Silvertorysilver225@gmail.com
Operation smile This club is about helping organize events and fundraisers to raise money for the operation smile cause, helping kids across the world with face deformities and living at the risk of death get treatment from great surgeons for freeWednesdayLunchWeeklyA314Lloydjennifer_m_lloyd@mcpsmd.orgLilinaz Hakimililinazhak@gmail.com
Pantry PartnersThis club will support the new addition of a refrigerator to the BCC Market. We will stock the fridge with perishable foods, and go to supermarkets to ask for donations. We will have fundraisers, and take responsibility for cleaning out the refrigerator periodically as well.TuesdayLunchWeeklyC207PasqualeKirsten_E_Pasquale@mcpsmd.orgRachel Nieblerrlpniebler@gmail.com
Pantry PartnersThis club would be designed in order to support the new addition of a refrigerator to the BCC Market. We would stock the fridge with perishable foods before certain specified days when the pantry and fridge will be open, possibly coinciding with weekend hours.

Main objectives:

We will go to supermarkets such as Giant, Whole Foods, Safeway, Harris Teeter, Chevy Chase Supermarket, etc. asking for donations of perishable foods that we can use to stock the BCC pantry fridge.

We will have fundraisers designed to raise money so that we could buy food for the fridge as well as accepting donations.

We will take responsibility for cleaning out the refrigerator periodically to avoid having old/spoiled food.

Later on, we will try to expand so that the food we receive can be given to food pantries of other schools that also have refrigerators such as Westland.

We could provide additional support as needed to the rest of BCC cares, such as helping with the Holiday House, generally stocking the rest of the pantry, etc.
MondayLunchBiweeklyC207 or pantryPasqualeKirsten_E_Pasquale@mcpsmd.orgRachel Nieblerrlpniebler@gmail.com
Paws Crossed Raise money through bake sales, drives and other school fundraisers to support local animal rescues. TuesdayLunchMonthlyc211MelendezGuillermo_A_Melendez@mcpsmd.orgMolly Elkjaermollymaren1@gmail.com
Poi ClubTeaching and learning the art of poi/glowstringingThursdayLunchWeeklyDance StudioPowell
Edith Stoneedithstone13@gmail.com
Politics and pizza Monthly current event politics discussion FridayLunchFirst Friday of each month Portable 6Engler daniel_engler@mcpsmd.netDassy Smolianskidassy.smolianski@gmail.com
Pre-Med ClubThe B-CC High School Pre-Med Club will provide students with guidance, direction, and opportunities to explore the various fields of medicine. Students
will be able to participate in engaging activities such as simulations, group discussions, and interact with guest speakers from various medical professions.
ThursdayLunchBiweeklyB318JosephJoseph_M_Sacks@mcpsmd.orgJenna Lucashjennalucash@gmail.com
Project TurquoiseThis club is dedicated to giving aid to the Syrian Refugees. We will be communicating with Refugees in a Refugee camp called Camp Za'tari. There will be fundraisers, letter writing campaigns, events to attend, and more. ThursdayLunchEvery other weekB323Lassarjustine_lassar@mcpsmd.orgLilly Behbehanilbehbehani8@gmail.com
Pure Hygienics The main focus of Pure Hygienics is to help the homeless by providing hygiene products such as deodorant and toothbrush/paste. WednesdayLunchWeeklyA407 Councilman Amy_L_Councilman@mcpsmd.orgEmma Yadene eyadene@gmail.com
Rocketry ClubModel Rocketry club and competition team.ThursdayLunchWeeklyA-223Nateghi-Asli
Cooper Batcheldercooperbatchelder0@gmail.com
Rubik's Cube ClubThis is a club where students are able to learn, practice and prove themselves sufficient in solving any variety of Rubiks Cubes. When everyone in the club has learned the basics of the solving techniques the club will treach students the art of speed cubing. TuesdayLunchWeeklyB226KulinSimone-gunde_Kulin@mcpsmd.orgSeanna Monroeseamonroe5@gmail.com
SAVE (Students Aiding Victims of Environmental Emergencies)The goal of SAVE is to help the victims of natural disasters all around the world. In this club we will run three seasonal campaigns per year. These campaigns will focus on either raising funds for different natural disaster relief charities or collecting items to send in assistance to victims of natural disasters. WednesdayLunchEvery other weekC215Mirkow Meredith_L_Mirkow@mcpsmd.orgHayden Renaghan hayden@renaghan.org
Save the Bees Club (StB Club)The BCC Save the Bees Club will actively work towards helping restore the bee population in the area through outdoors work and fundraising. Fundraising will go to helpful organizations, and contribute to our goal of getting honey bee apiaries in the area (outside of school property). WednesdayLunch but there will be meetings outside of schoolevery other weekE029LizarazoJ_J_Lizarazo@mcpsmd.orgRaul Zambrano & Ella Perssonrau.r.zam@gmail.com
Shakespeare Acting TroupeA group of actors and director, that spend Wednesday's at lunch to put on a Shakespeare production. The performance could potentially be put on at the Folger Secondary Festival as well as at school on a weeknight. No auditions or former experience required. WednesdayLunchWeeklyC215PagliaroMichael_A_Pagliaro@mcpsmd.orgJackson Kalatjdkalat@gmail.com
Skateboarding clubThis is a club mainly for experienced skateboarders to hang out with other skateboarders, and skate parks in the area. WednesdayLunchWeeklyC212PondToby_L_Pond@mcpsmd.orgGriffin O'Neal-Freemangriffinonealfreeman@gmail.com
Sources of strengthWe promote positive mental health and stress relief techniques! TuesdayLunchBiweekly or monthly (we're still figuring it out)A405 Councilmanamy_l_councilman@mcpsmd.orgKwame Amankwah-Ayehkwamayeh@gmail.com
Special OlympicsSpecial Olympics is a fun opportunity in which one can learn to engage and interact with young adults with special needs. Through basketball and our Polar Plunge, we offer many chances to get involved. Join Special Olympics!WednesdayLunchwhen neededC207NewmanDeborah_Newman@mcpsmd.orgMae Dufour, Jane Corcoran, Rose Corcoranmrdmaedu@gmail.com
Spoken WordDiscussions / community building / sharing of poetry, art and more! WednesdayLunchEvery two weeks E032Mahoneysarah.b.mahoney@mcpsmd.netEmma Lopusemmalopus@gmail.com
Step teamIn this club, we will learn how to step and eventually perform at a pep rally or wherever we are requested to performTuesdayAfter SchoolWeeklyPortable 7Celmerdeborah.a.celmer@mcpsmd.netRose Napoleonrose121599@gmail.com
Stock ClubWe will host a club where we well teach each meeting about stocks and how the stock market works. We will also run simulations of the stock market, and pick up the stock market game from last year.ThursdayLunchEvery other weekA411ZehnerJohn_K_Zehner@mcpsmd.orgJackson Prettyman / Zachary Harknesszach.harkness@gmail.com
Symphony For LifeSymphony For Life is a social inclusion program that provides the opporunity for hundreds of children of limited means to access musical education. We will do this by having instrument drives as well as fundraisers/benefit concert in which the donations will be used to buy used instruments and then shipped to a town in Esmaraldas, Ecuador.TuesdayLunchmonthlyPortable 5 (Ms. Jappes room)JappeLaura_M_Jappe@mcpsmd.orgAlexa Clauss and Angela Yepezayepez8603@gmail.com
Table Tennis clubThe table tennis club provides students and staff a friendly and fun environment to learn and play table tennis (ping pong). All skill levels are welcomed. We practice every week and hold competitions for club members.ThursdayLunchWeekly
The small gym
McPhersonSusan_M_McPherson@mcpsmd.orgArmin Soroosharmins27@gmail.com
The BCC writing clubThis club will be a chance for students to share their creative writing, read their peers' work, and give and recieve tips to improve their writing skills.WednesdayLunchWeeklyPortable 1CelmerDeborah_A_Celmer@mcpsmd.orgAnnabel Baniakannabel.baniak@gmail.com
The Dance ExperienceAll students who want to move their bodies, learn choreography, showcase personal choreographic material, participate in student choreographed pieces and present finished dance piece, voluntarily, in a year-end presentation.MondayAfter SchoolWeeklyDance StudioOwensfrancine_m_owens@mcpsmd.orgKia Alexiswww.frankie792003@yahoo.com
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