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10/14/2018 16:44:40The DesigneeTC BoyleShort StoryReally well written. Sort of feels like an exercise : what would it be like to be so gullible as to have been taken in by a Nigerian Prince scam? Not sure how I feel about it.
10/14/2018 16:18:27Good story. Gritty but not terribly bleak. Liked the main character a lot. Tension level and reveals were good. BAMSAndrew BourelleShort Story
10/10/2018 14:14:57Unearth Alicia ElliotShort StoryNow, you see, this is a sad story but I don’t mind it, because it’s about a real sadness, a real tragedy. And it’s beautifully written. In BASS 2018
10/10/2018 14:00:52Los AngelesEmma ClineShort StoryExcellent details. A realistic character. Enough weirdness to keep it interesting. And yet I didn’t enjoy it at all. Bleak modern life. Yawn.
10/10/2018 3:35:08LeavingMonique CuillerierShort StoryYay! Ocean Rise spec fic ! She introduces it skillfully as something that is a long term reality. I love the idea of the diving tours of the old city. I also loved the conclusion.

“What was left unsaid, undone were not only things from her past. They were also what was stretching out in front of her.”
10/6/2018 4:50:22The Summer PeopleKelly LinkShort StoryWonderful
10/4/2018 10:24:05A FamilyJamel BrinkleyShort StoryFrom Best American Short Stories 2018. Absolutely beautiful writing...but why can people in literary fiction so rarely have any fun?!
10/3/2018 16:04:28CougarMaria AndersonShort StoryGrr. This is one of those short stories that ends in a way that is far to arty form my liking. I want to know what happens!

Good writing though. I could see, feel and hear the place.

Opening: Our trailer set on cinderblocks and a half-acre lot a four-cigarette drive outside town.
9/16/2018 12:08:54Nightmare TownDashiel HammettShort StoryI can't believe I've never read anything by Dashiel Hammett before. I must be crazy. This was awesome. Totally got its hooks into me and stayed with me long after I read it. See Kindle for extra notes and examples of bits I loved.
8/6/2018 5:53:50Po-DunkShort StoryThis story is full of rich imagery. She paints the town and its surrounding area vividly in a few words. The experiences are relatively universal: the realization that death is inevitable and often sudden, that life is short and random. It's not exactly uplifting, but there is happiness in the story, which works for me. But again I'm left wondering why I read it. It didn't really entertain me, as such. Literature like this worries me. It feels like work. And that's not a great advert for the health and future art form when there are so, so many ways to be entertained. (Amusing ourselves to death?) Found in Unbroken Journal.
8/6/2018 5:51:21An Honest ApocalypseJane FlettShort StoryI like short stories that take advantage of the freedom of the form. This is one. It is a story told in four episodes, or four dreams. It has a poetic quality, rather than a narrative one. But, as with a lot of 'literature' I find myself wondering if I'm missing something. Why is this story 'good', where so many others were, presumably rejected? It's fine. I enjoyed it. I'm not sure what I learn from it. (seen in Unbroken Journal)
8/6/2018 5:47:25Between The Hours of One And SixHeidi StuberShort StoryThis is a list story, that details an afternoon of a presumably-single mother. It it universally relatable (although I did wonder where her kid was and how she had so much free time), but elevated from mundanity by single lines in the list like "Remember your place as an object" and "ponder the phrase diminishing returns". It had been nominated for the Pushcart Prize by its publisher.
8/5/2018 11:52:33The Anchorite WakesRSA GarciaShort StoryThis starts out feeling like magical realism and turns into something much more challenging. I loved it. “The bird’s hear turns into a kaleidoscope of colors. A starburst of energy. Then it leaps into the air and flies above the bent heads of the congregation. / She followed its flights until it swoops down onto the shoulder of a small, dark skinned girl, her thick hair braided into two long plaits that skim a short blue jacket, which matches her worn cotton dress. The bird rests for only a second before farting in front of the girl’s face. Her head is bowed, but she opens her mouth and light flashes as it slips inside. Sister nadine watches as the palest spark slips down the girl’s throat and disappears.”
8/5/2018 11:25:31The Veilonaut’s DreamHenry SzabrabskiShort StoryGood solid sci-fi. On reflection the title made me wonder about the ending, which is a good thing.
6/22/2018 15:59:39Needle in a TimestackRobert silverberg Short StoryCute and slightly terrifying story of two men competing for the same woman, but thi time with the power to go back and change the past. (In The Time Traveler’s Almanac, Vandermeer). Silver berg does a great job of creating signposts for readers that make the effects of timetravel seem almost mundane (one character tastes cotton in his mouth when the past has been changed, another gets a persistent twitch under the left eye...). I’m finding myself increasingly impatient with stories in which the women are cardboard cut outs, but I’m trying to get over that because I’m not willing to cut myself off from a world of literary history.
6/22/2018 15:34:43Ripples in the Dirac SeaGeoffrey A. LandisShort StoryThis is one of the best time travel stories I’ve ever read, and I’m a huge fan of the sub-genre. Although this story was first published in 1988, I haven’t seen anyone else treat time travel and it’s consequences like this. In fact I’m amazed no ones turned this into a script (it’d be perfect for Black Mirror). It’s in the same Anthology as Matheson’s Death Ship, and the style is much more dreamy an poetic. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it but the ideas and the drama, as well as the characterization (a tragic figure who does not demand your sympathy) meant this story won me over.
6/22/2018 15:30:12Death ShipRichard MathewonShort StoryIt’s tough to read Matheson’s stories now because his are the quintessential Twilight Zone type story(they were turned into several of the best TZ episodes) and have been ripped off, parodied and lovingly copied so many times that they feel cliched. But concentrating on that takes away from the exquisite, concise, clear writing, characterization and big ideas of the original material. They are big ideas, thoughtfully dealt with in crisp prose that I could read until the end of time.
3/21/2018 14:46:06The Radium RoomTony ConawayShort StoryFound in Spring Into Sci Fi, Cloaked Press, 2018
3/18/2018 11:15:48The Wheat from the TaresJabari AsimShort StoryPristine attempts to befriend Rose Whittier
3/10/18A list of forty nine liesstephen fischerflash fictionF&SF Jan 2018. Wow
3/10/18A feather in her capMary robinette kowalShort storyF&sf Jan 2018 milliner-assassin
3/10/18Galatea in utopiaNick WolvenShort storyF&sf Jan 2018 body modders. Editor credits this guy with being on top of future trends
3/8/2018 16:25:34Sic transit GloriaJabari AsimShort StoryWe learn Gloria’s story as she prepares to leave her house for the first time in years, from a taste of honey
3/8/2018 16:24:38The GeniusJabari asimShort StoryCrispus befriends Roderick, the neighborhood genius with a shut in mother, lived by C’d uncle Orville
3/8/2018 16:23:46ZombiesJabari AsimShort StoryFrom aTaste of Honey. Crispus and his brother loiter at the funeral home
3/8/2018 16:22:59Something Like GodJabari Asim Short StoryAt Curleys funeral, Rose sings and we meet Whittier and discover Rose is abused by her husband
3/2/2018 16:37:56Cat PersonKristen RoupenianShort StoryOK, now I understand why everyone was reading this and talking about it last month. I couldn't stop reading and then, the end. Wow.
3/2/18Zen and the Art of Starship MaintenanceTobias S. BuckellShort Story This was excellent. Challenging, a bit mind-bending, very satisfying.
3/2/18A World To Die ForTobias S. BuckellShort StoryCli Fi! Started to write it up in Scrivener, opening lines
3/2/18ParadoxNaomi KritzerFlash in which a time traveler explains why they can't answer our questions
3/2/18Cat PersonKristen RoupenianShort Story Holy Moley that's a good story
2/28/2018 7:59:04Something Like GodAsim JabariShort StoryThis second story in the collection A Taste Of Honey, follows on from the first. The boy from the first story doesn't appear, except in his father's thoughts. This story has an omniscient narrator and joins the cast around a neighborhood funeral. The same themes of anger, belonging, love, social revolt run through this story. The author shows the same ability to make me care about the characters quickly and to rage and yearn with them. And somehow it manages not to be depressing. I'm loving this collection.
2/19/2018I'd Rather Go BlindJabari AsimShort Storyfrom "A Taste Of Honey", Broadway Books. Young black boy in summer of 1967, nicknames and a neighbourhood candyseller.stored in Scriverner/ Blog Posts/ Reading Room
2/16/18The Breathtaking Power of DraculaRolli @rolliwritersFlash
2/15/2018 17:45:32The RosesRolli @rolliwritesShort Story

I like the sound of the words. “My crew. Rescue...”
2/12/2018 13:52:45ReversibleCourttia NewlandShort StoryTricky. Vivid descriptions. Was half way through before I realized what was happening. Then got my heart broken.
“A bluebottle swarm of police officers keeps the circle intact.
2/10/2018 14:17:11Words and things to sipJames KelmanShort StoryFound in Best British Short Stories 2017

This is the first story I’ve read from this collection picked out because I’m familiar with kelman, a fellow Scottish writer...he was successful when I was still at university. His writing is emblematic of that literary, self aware type of Scottish (British) writing that is more than navel gazing. I sat, after this story was finished trying to decide what I thought of it. It had no traditional ending and yet I felt like I knew what was going to happen next for the characters. I really liked this, difficult as it was.
2/8/2018 7:11:55Balancing BeamsChloe N. ClarkShort Story

This was oversold to me by someone who loved it. I think I’d like a whole novel about this. For me, the writing wasn’t short-Storting enough. Intriguing world and missions though. Hope she’s writing more in this universe.
2/8/2018 6:53:06The Worshipful Society Of GloversMary Robinette KowalShort Story

Excellent story with notes about the process behind it [] and a solicitation to fundraise for Parkinson’s research
2/4/2018MeteorJosh McColoughFlash FictionThis is literal flash fiction, with the flash of a meteor leaving an impression on the eye of the protagonist, but an impression of the two characters he comes across on the beach, leaving an impression on ours. It does the best of what flash fiction does: makes an impression and invites us to think more deeply about thigns that didn't happen during the narrative of the story. There are other stories here, and we're invited to go inside the heads and lives of the other characters, perhaps to get an agle on their humanity we might not otherwise have considered. Split Lip Magazine:
2/4/2018Re-StitchedJulie C. DayShort StoryThis is a story about abuse and it's kind of a horror story and although it was very well written, I didn't enjoy reading it. It's not what I want to read.Split Lip Magazine
1/1/2018 19:56:30The Spirit of ChristmasJeanette WinterstinShort StoryI loved this story. It’s from her collection “Christmas days” and it was glorious. A little ghostly in the best Victorian tradition but utterly up to date, and with a beautiful, poignant, thought provoking ending. Gorgeous.
4/10/2017 9:03:59A CarPia Z. EhrhardtShort StoryThis is a simple "this happened, then that happened" story, but there's more to it. I liked it. It felt straightforward. There's good imagery and probably more to it than I'm seeing on a first reading. There are details in the last sentence that invite questions from the reader that the author doesn't answer definitively...turning this from a simple account of a thing that happened into an invitation to ask questions.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction
4/10/2017 8:31:26Oklahoma MenSherrie FlickShort StoryI liked this a lot. It painted pictures and it dealt not with accuracy but with truth.

Loved it.
"               The men sit around square tables in the early, early morning in corner cafes called Karen’s or Jake’s or the Bluebird. Humming fluorescent lights hum and light, while baseball hats with feed company logos reach from one pink temple to the next. Out back, big green pick-up trucks tick and settle."

(2013-02-25). The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field (Kindle Locations 3156-3158). Rose Metal Press. Kindle Edition.

Rose Metal
4/10/2017 7:19:57Marriage and The FamilyDiane WilliamsShort StoryAgain, I liked this author's voice. I liked her character's Moxie.

But I had read the intro and the essayist seemed to get a lot more out of the story than I did. I wouldn't have understood the end if I hadn't read that. I might have had to read it a second or third time. Which is fine. If I was reading a collection, I probably would read it again.

I'm coming to the conclusion it is flash fiction I love, more than short stories as a whole.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide To Flash Fiction
4/10/2017 7:04:51NaaaDiane WilliamsShort StoryI like bits of this. It's self-aware as a story; it announces 'the plot' in the third paragraph.
I like the fact that the narrator tells us what the story is 'about' and then tells us what she thinks everyone should have thought it was about (not that the baby gets stung, but that the baby was wandering around carrying a paperweight that, if he had dropped it, might have broken his foot)
As the story progresses there's something about the existential nature of paperweights and the obliteration of human kind, which Id didn't quite follow, but I was reading it quickly. On the whole, I still prefer Steve Almond's style.
Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction.
4/10/2017 6:45:41StopSteve AlmondShort StoryNow this I liked.
He showed how he wrote it as a prose poem and then just stripped out all the line breaks. It gives it a much more realistic 'look inside the head" than the Robert Olin Butler story i just read. There's a ton of stuff to unpick in this one, but it's all accessible. It's readable. The words make sense and invite you in. Love it.
4/10/2017 6:42:36    Kevin Smith, 32, advertising copywriter     Julia Hanson Smith, 30, graphic designer            in their apartment in Brooklyn, the night of September 11, 2001 Robert Olin ButlerShort StoryMeh.
This was too literarily self-aware for me. I didn't like the internal-monologue so carefully constructed. I don't think anyone thinks "and I would not have thought it would be my wife clinging to me now because of what I have done:"

It's probably he wasn't going for realism, but I had to read that clause three times even to hope to understand it. And the entire article that preceded it was about how flash fiction ISN'T poetry, so I was primed to read something that wasn't as much work as poetry. But maybe that was his point: that it is poetic but not a poem (because it features characters who yearn for something and their journey through that yearning).

So, meh. I'm impatient with 'literary' writing these days.

(2013-02-25). The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field (Kindle Locations 2737-2738). Rose Metal Press. Kindle Edition. "

(2013-02-25). The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field (Kindle Locations 2731-2735). Rose Metal Press. Kindle Edition.
4/8/2017 9:02:45Afterthought, Aftermath, Aftershock,Anna Geneva RenzShort StoryI liked this a lot. It told the story backwards, painted it in vivid images that I could identify with, as well as letting us into the main character's head.
It ended with a strong last line that defied my expectations (the protagonist is staring up at the sky, after escaping a house fire, "It seemed dark, immeasurable and safe." That last word makes it work.
4/8/2017 8:58:10TamazunchaleRobert ShapardShort StoryThis was definitely flash fiction. Powerful images. A moment. Not too much set up. A firework.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction
4/8/2017 8:47:12RorschachLex WillifordShort StoryThis seemed a bit forced. Maybe because I'd seen the list of 30 items he came up with and the Rorschach blotch he had used to prompt it. It read, to me, a bit like those word-list stories I do at StoryADay. A bit forced, but with a story in there somewhere. I thought it could do with editing.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction
4/8/2017 8:02:13Christmas EveMyfanwy CollinsShort StoryThis was definitely a story although it didn't follow the narrative arc of a novel or a longer short story. It was definitely Flash, int he sense that it was a flash of a few episodes in Jessie's life, tied together through the timeline of Christmas Eve into Christmas Day. It wasn't a happy story though, so it's hard for me to love. Really well written. Very good example of Flash Fiction.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide To Flash Fiction
4/7/2017 14:37:36Dancing With CobwebDouglas BrutonShort StoryThis was wonderful. The rhythm of it, the layers. All written in one draft in 20 minutes. Love it.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide To Flash Fiction
4/7/2017 14:15:50A Perimenopausal Jacqueline Kennedy, Two Years After the Assassination, Aboard the M/Y Christina, off Eubeoa, Bound for the Island of Alonnisos, Devastated by a Recent Earthquake, Drinks Her Fourth Bloody Mary with Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. Michael MartoneShort StoryI was confused by this because it was offered as an example of flash fiction but it went on and on for pages.

This is a good example of how it's important to set your readers' expectations correctly. It was good writing, and interesting in places, but I found myself paging through it impatiently, eventually realizing "Hey, this isn't flash fiction!"

Anything that takes your readers out of the experience is a negative.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction
4/7/2017 13:49:11ConfessionStuart DybekShort StoryThis was a story told from a fragmentary memory from the author's childhood (he indicates as much in the essay that accompanies it).

I really enjoyed this one. It had angst and truth and yearning and striving, but it entertained, it painted vivid pictures and it was funny.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide To Flash Fiction
4/7/2017 13:44:13Wedding PIctureJayne Anne PhillipsShort StoryThis is a prose poem, in my opinion. she provides the picture that inspired it and I was glad because it meant I didn't have to imagine it any more. There were too many holes for my taste, but it was effective in its way.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction
4/7/2017 13:25:11UtilitarianismTom HazukaShort StoryThe danger of writing a flash fiction story with a kind of jokey ending is that your reader might not get it.
I didn't get it.
The writing was good, though.

Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction
4/7/2017 13:23:14The SphinxRobert Hill LongShort StoryPoetic. Might have helped if I knew the original myth...

Rose Metal Press Field Guide To Flash Fiction
4/7/2017 13:22:08BlowfishWang RenshuShort StoryKind of O. Henryish Flash Fiction from a Chinese author.

The language may have suffered a little in translation, but the story seemed like a blunt instrument.

(Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction)
4/7/2017 12:43:21The SockLydia DavisShort StoryI loved this. I read it in the Rose Metal Press Field Guide To Flash Fiction. The author warned that some people have an impatient reaction to the unnamed narrator because she seems like a doormat. But to me, she seemed like a real (really real) person, who is reacting honestly, truthfully to the sadness and awkwardness of hosting her ex-husband along with his wife and his mother.
It's a beautiful, tight, complete, fabulous example of flash fiction.
3/14/2017 12:18:12A Haunted HouseVirginia WoolfShort StoryNice, poetic. Dense. Not novel-shaped at all. Posted here:
2/21/2017 10:16:58Sunshinelynn freedShort StoryThis is a horrible story about a pedophile grooming a wild, bush-child for pre-pubescent sex. I don't care that he got his comeuppance at the end. I didn't want to read it.
The writing was good. I just don't know why she felt it was important to use her talent to write this story. I'm not saying we should blind our eyes to the horrors of the world. But this felt like sensationalism. And I don't want to have those images in my head. Probably my problem.
2/6/2017 12:21:54ShakedownElizabeth GonzalezShort StoryI picked this book up because a, it was written by a Pennsylvania writer and b, because of the glowing review written for it by Karen Russell and short story writer and novelist whose writing I love (literary but not stuffy).

(Incidentally, this is a great way to discover new writers: rely on recommendations and blurbs from writers you already admire. Also: anthology editors are often authors. Find one whose own work you like, then read a book full of the things that get them excited!)

The first story in this collection is called "Shakedown", and is, in part, about the 'shakedown' run of an old steam engine that has been rebuilt. It's not really about that though. It's about small town Pennsylvania and the people who live here, but still remember the coal days and the steel days and booming industrial years.

The protagonist's grandfather is one of these men: fiercely independent, invulnerable, never one to bend to someone else's rules if he doesn't see the point in them.

We meet him "...out in the front yard, in his underwear, pistol in his right hand, bathrobe flapping behind him like a cape." It's an irresistible image. He's not an easy man, nor one I'd necessarily want as an authority figure in my family, but he does leap off the page.

The whole story is like that: lushly-drawn, deft and absorbing. We get to know the characters well, without the author expending a lot of words on them. And the author's voice is the narrator's voice, almost invisible, but very skillful.

I loved this story in part because I spent so much time at the Strasburg Railroad when my boys were little, and could 'see' the train and the towns and the people; but mostly I loved it because it was so well done.
12/18/2016 10:20:41Surface TensionJames BlishShort StoryFabulous. Was worried about some of the "as you know, Bob" dialogue at the start but it was worth digging in. Big ideas. Mind bending. Really surprising and satisfying ending. :)
12/18/2016 10:19:00The Voices of TimeJ.G. BallardShort StoryThe Big Book of Science fiction- Vandermeer. See notes in journal.
11/29/2016 3:26:54The beasts who fought for fairylandCatherine m. ValenteShort Story

Thinly veiled political allegory written in response to all the readers who have told her to shut up since the election of Donald Trump. Shows how to do it well!

10/31/2016The Lady Astronaut of MarsMary Robinette KowalnoveletteThis is a really skillful story, about a pioneer astronaut, later in life. Since it was nomiated for a Hugo, its reviews on [Amazon]( got a fair bit of bashing from the 'hard sci-fi only' set, but, for my money, the author wove the science and wonder of sci-fi into the story beautifully: she talks about the physics of a journey to another planet; she refers to the physical, long-term effects of living on another planet, wihtout ever resorting to info-dump; and she created characters so real that I found myself blinking furiously. She described Mars-land-based travel in the context of an emotion and a sunset, in a sentence that's a masterclass in itself. Recommended.
10/24/2016Praise Song For The DayElizabeth Alexanderpoem
10/24/2016I Hear America SingingWalt Whitmanpoem
10/24/2016A Moment of GravityFran Wildeshort storyfound in Lightspeed: A Bone Universe story featuring clumsy Djonn who breaks his father's precious "ticker" and goes scavenging with the family's indentured servant, to lith, the broken tower
10/23/2016The ProspectorsKaren Russellshort storyTBASS 2106 - I love the way Karen Russell paints her worlds and weaves in magical realism/fantasy wihtout making it deus ex machina. I care about her unlikable characters. I root for them
10/1/16ApolloChimamanda Ngozi Adichieshort story
10/1/2016The SuitcaseMeron Haderoshort storyThe Best American Short Stories 2016 - cultural, emigre, taking things back to USA from Africa. Touching
9/10/2016 18:56:48And I awoke and found me on a cold hill's sidejames Tiptree, Jr. Short StoryInteresting to read this straight after Samuel R. Delaney's 'aye and Gamorrah". Definitely shares some themes (space sex!). I liked this one more than Delaney's because it made me think about something I hadn't thought about before (how we might relate to vastly superior alien races and how they might feel about us). I didn't really like it that much, until I got the the last line, which made me go "ha!". Amazing how much a clever (or subtle) twist in the tale can change one's perception of a whole story...good to remember.
9/10/2016 18:51:03Aye, and GamorrahSamuel R. DelaneyShort StoryI can't exactly say I enjoyed this, but it certainly satisfied the Sci-fi requirements of making me think about the world/future differently. Interesting that people in the late 1960s were apparently convinced that we wouldn't be able to travel in space without becoming sterile from all the radiation.
9/4/2016 19:59:44The Meeker and The All-Seeing EyeMatthew KresselShort StoryI'm enjoying these stories from the Nebula Showcase. They are challenging, this one included. The aliens are...very alien. I wasn't sure if the story was going anywhere at first, but then it really, really does. This feels like classic, challenging Science Fiction to me. Like it.
9/3/2016 22:34:32The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani FamilyUsman T. MalikShort StoryRichly detailed story I found in the Nebula Showcase 2016. Structured between scientific descriptions of the sates of matter, the story is deeply personal and universal (dealing with the challenges faced by those living in modern Pakistan) and at the same time veers into a kind of magical realism.

It reminds me of the difficulty and reward of reading stories by people from very different cultures: it's difficult because the language flows differently, and the cultural details and assumptions catch you out. It's rewarding for all the same reasons, plus you get to challenge your own world view and assumptions and hear poetry in the language that you'd never have heard if you just read stories by people like you.

This slowed me down, and rewarded me for savoring it.
8/29/2016 19:26:29A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes WideSarah PinskerShort StoryNebula award nominee (winner?). Odd but lovely. Science fiction meets magical realism. Not space faring at all. It with a kernel of science.
8/29/2016 17:10:23The Vanishing KindLavie TidharShort StoryNoir set in an alt.hist London, conquered by the Third Reich. Good. Long. Surprising.
8/27/2016 13:22:52The sentry branch predictor specJohn ChuShort Story

Oh, this was fantastic: experimental fiction. Just throw out whatever anyone's ever told you about short story structure and read this. The story is not where you think it should be. Clever and artistic and unlike anything else I've read.
8/22/16Nahiku WestLinda NagataShort StoryGood story. Could be shorter, esp after the first plot point. Too much world-building for my liking in a short story. I didn't care enough yet about the characters. Had to force myself to keep reading. Glad I did though, because the story was interesting. Kind of a police-procedural in space.
8/17/2016 20:38:28Last one out KB RylanderShort StorySF&F magazine. I liked this one a lot. Post bio apocalypse. Restrained. From a boy's POV
8/17/2016 17:11:01DimensionsAlice MunroShort StoryI tried to read this one a while ago but could t take the subject matter. Came back to it today and stayed. Can see why she gets such praise. Smooth writing and a great feel for the shape of the story.
8/17/2016 12:05:53An Open Letter To The Person Who Stole My Smoothie From The Break Room FridgeOliver BuckramShort StoryEntertaining. Not too long. Epistolary (emails in a super villain HQ). Could have exploited the tropes more. Not really SF/F imo...nothing brilliant. Diverting. Good illustration of how to use headings/attribution to enhance humor.

8/17/2016 6:39:53Word by wordKaren HeartfieldShort StoryFrom Waylines:

Not bad. Read like a twilight zone episode: a gimmick in search of a story. A morality tale. Fine. Tough to follow Tobias Buckell.
8/17/16Word for WordKate HeartfieldShort StoryMoral in search of a story. Meh. Not badly written but not terribly compelling. Waiting for the punchline.
8/17/16An Open Letter To The Person Who Took My Smoothie From The Breakroom FridgeOliver BuckramShort StoryLike the fact that it is epistolary. Didn't like the fact that it squandered a funny title and funny premise on ho-hum missives. Lots of potential for puns, allusions etc, but instead it was pedestrian office-communication stuff.Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine Jul/Aug 2016
8/15/16The Fish MerchantTobias BuckellShort StoryFabulous character story in a futuristic setting. Very satisfying. Wonderful writing. Worth a close read (and analysis. See Scriverner for mine)
8/10/2016 19:55:04I was trying to describe you to someone Richard BrautiganShort StoryRef. Gretchen Rubin
Wonderful example of what short stories can do that novels can't: so huge in scope, in so few words, and so affecting!
5/24/2016 7:14:57The Irish Short Story That Never EndsJohn o'donoghueShort StoryFabulous. A little bit absurdist/magical-realist. Clever. Non-traditional form for traditional stories from Irish life. Fab. Interview him!
4/1/2016 9:53:28Good IntentionsEtgar KeretShort StoryCharacter faces conflict, changes...but demonstrates that the change can me momentary. Doesn't have to stick. Manages to do this without being depressing :)
Selected Shorts, Feb 23, 2016, Leonard Nimoy tribute
3/26/2016 17:49:30CatcallDelilah S DawsonShort Story

Wow. This was dark and got darker. And I still liked the protagonist!
3/24/2016 5:44:10Broadsheet BalladA.e. CoppardShort StoryGossipy, compelling, story within a story. Sst (3/23/16)
3/7/2016 16:24:36The Incident At Coulter's NotchAmbrose BierceShort Story
2/22/2016 16:46:41Dress of White SilkRichard mathesonShort StoryGreat story. It's written in the voice of a young kid, to the extent that the grammar is all off and there are no apostrophes in the contractions.

The story starts with the kid being locked in their room, a sense of foreboding everywhere. Something bad has happened, or is happening, we're not sure which.

And from here it's a downward slide into the downright disturbing. But not gory. And not tasteless. Just really creepy.

I can see why so many Twilight Zone episodes had the legend "from a Story by Richard Matheson" at the start!!
2/22/2016 15:51:03Why The Novel MattersD.H.LawrenceEssay/Non-FictionNorton Anthology vol 2
2/22/2016Dress of White SilkRichard MathesonShort StoryGREAT story!
2/22/2016Why Novels MatterD. H. LawrenceEssay
2/8/2016 16:42:31The rules are the rules Adam FouldsShort StoryI liked the fact that it was about a man who happened to be a vicar and who happened to be gay, rather than being About A Gay Vicar. I read the authors comments on writing it. He thought it was about sex and about a man who wanted to be a father. I'm not convinced he achieved that. The writing was good and Petee came alive. The shape of the story didn't delight me though. Another literary story that ends unexpectedly. I suppose it ends because Peter's made a decision about where to go in his life. But I can't get used to stories that aren't satisfying on a first read AND subsequent reads. It's a quibble with the genre rather than with this story, though. It did seem a bit contrived that he notices a father with a baby at the start and then the story comes back to a baby at the end, but maybe I'm being picky.
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