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EHistory, north america11226936E11.5 .B75E 000011.5 .B75EUCLIDBrinsfield, John Wesley.The separation of church and state in colonial South Carolina during the American Revolution / by John Wesley Brinsfield, Jr.1973STACKSocm22000334Keep
EHistory, north america11226965E11.5 .D683E 000011.5 .D683EUCLIDDoughtie, John Carlton.Intergenerational value changes in the United States; a replication.1974STACKSocm22039229Keep
EHistory, north america11226975E11.5 .G85E 000011.5 .G85EUCLIDGuthrie, Sarah M. W.Land of promise, land of change : an examination of the population of Hillsborough County, Florida based upon a statistical analysis and comparison of the population census abstracts for 1850 and 1860 / by Sarah M. W. Guthrie.1974STACKSocm05364296Keep
EHistory, north america20162605E11.5 .O4355E 000011.5 .O4355EUCLIDO'Hanlon, Barbara B.The development of contacts between Pennsylvania and other North American colonies, 1700-1763 / by Barbara B. O'Hanlon.1975STACKSocm01722437Keep
EHistory, north america11227005E11.5 .P45E 000011.5 .P45EUCLIDPenn, Neil Shaw, 1932-Henry D. Hatfield and reform politics; a study of West Virginia politics from 1908 to 1917.1973STACKSocm22095931Keep
EHistory, north america11227013E11.5 .S36E 000011.5 .S36EUCLIDSaussy, Florence Griffin.The recognition problem in American Chinese relations, 1921-1928.1970STACKSocm22096166Keep
EHistory, north america11227017E11.5 .S58E 000011.5 .S58EUCLIDSouthern, David W.An American dilemma revisited: Myrdal's study through a quarter century / by David W. Southern.1971STACKSocm22096304Keep
EHistory, north america20188802E18 .J63E 000018 .J63EUCLIDJones, Peter d'Alroy.Since Columbus : poverty and pluralism in the history of the Americas / Peter d'A Jones.1975STACKSocm02519486
EHistory, north america20119100E20 .J65E 000020 .J65EUCLIDJones, Earl.The Americas and self-identification / edited by Earl Jones and Frances Dean.1970STACKSocm00549156
EHistory, north america11227053E27 .M5E 000027 .M5EUCLIDMirsky, Jeannette, 1903-1987.The westward crossings; Balboa, Mackenzie, Lewis and Clark.1970STACKSocm00118176
EHistory, north america20119623E29 .P6 P65E 000029 .P6 P65EUCLID-The Poles in the Americas. / [General editors: Sigmund H. Uminski, Joseph Swastek, and Henry Archacki]1972STACKSocm00572936
EHistory, north america11848655E51 .H337 V.7, 1967E 000051 .H337 V.000007, 001967EUCLIDMeans, Philip Ainsworth, 1892-1944.History of the Spanish conquest of Yucatan and of the Itzas / by Philip Ainsworth Means.1974Set?STACKSocm07983025StoreStore all Peabody Museum Materials (digital copy available)
EHistory, north america20156565E51 .H337 V.8, NO.1, 1974E 000051 .H337 V.000008, NO.000001, 001974EUCLIDHooton, Earnest Albert, 1887-1954.Indian village site and cemetery near Madisonville, Ohio. / With notes on the artifacts by Charles C. Willoughby.1974Set?STACKSocm01533340Store
EHistory, north america20235973E51 .H337 V.8, NO.2, 1974E 000051 .H337 V.000008, NO.000002, 001974EUCLIDGuernsey, Samuel James, 1868-1936.Basket-maker caves of northeastern Arizona; report on the explorations, 1916-17 / by Samuel James Guernsey and Alfred Vincent Kidder; forty-four plates and sixteen illustrations in the text. Cambridge, Mass., The Museum, 1921.1974Set?STACKSocm04422456Store
EHistory, north america20165625E51 .H337 V.22, NO.2, 1975E 000051 .H337 V.000022, NO.000002, 001975EUCLIDKluckhohn, Clyde, 1905-1960.Navaho witchcraft.1975Set?STACKSocm01812594Store
EHistory, north america20125610E51 .H337 V.40, NO.1, 1973E 000051 .H337 V.000040, NO.000001, 001973EUCLIDLeighton, Alexander H. (Alexander Hamilton), 1908-2007Gregorio, the hand-trembler; a psychobiological personality study of a Navaho Indian / by Alexander H. Leighton and Dorothea C. Leighton, with assistance of Catherine Opler.1973Set?STACKSocm00770543Store
EHistory, north america20124682E51 .H337 V.42, NO.2, 1973E 000051 .H337 V.000042, NO.000002, 001973EUCLIDKaplan, Bert L.A study of Rorschach responses in four cultures. / Cambridge, The Museum, 1954.1973Set?STACKSocm00745000Store
EHistory, north america20125671E51 .H337 V.42, NO.3, 1973E 000051 .H337 V.000042, NO.000003, 001973EUCLIDHobson, RichardNavaho acquisitive values. / Cambridge, The Museum, 1954.1973Set?STACKSocm00772848Store
EHistory, north america10000361537E51 .H337 V.60, PT.1E 000051 .H337 V.000060, PT.000001EUCLIDPhillips, Philip, 1900-1994Archaeological survey in the lower Yazoo Basin, Mississippi, 1949-1955.1970Set?STACKSocm001194713Store
EHistory, north america11848652E51 .H337 V.60, PT.2E 000051 .H337 V.000060, PT.000002EUCLIDPhillips, Philip, 1900-1994Archaeological survey in the lower Yazoo Basin, Mississippi, 1949-1955.1970Set?STACKSocm001194713Store
EHistory, north america10000361538E51 .H337 V.60, PT.2E 000051 .H337 V.000060, PT.000002EUCLIDPhillips, Philip, 1900-1994Archaeological survey in the lower Yazoo Basin, Mississippi, 1949-1955.1970Set?STACKSocm001194713Store
EHistory, north america20119541E51 .H337 V.63, NO.2E 000051 .H337 V.000063, NO.000002EUCLIDSaul, Frank P.The human skeletal remains of Altar de Sacrificios; an osteobiographic analysis / by Frank P. Saul. With an appendix by Donald M. Austin.1972Set?Dup?STACKSocm005706192Store
EHistory, north america11156000E51 .H337 V.63, NO.2E 000051 .H337 V.000063, NO.000002EUCLIDSaul, Frank P.The human skeletal remains of Altar de Sacrificios; an osteobiographic analysis / by Frank P. Saul. With an appendix by Donald M. Austin.1972Set?Dup?STACKSocm005706192Store
EHistory, north america11157896E51 .H337 V.64, NO.2E 000051 .H337 V.000064, NO.000002EUCLIDGraham, John Allen.The hieroglyphic inscriptions and monumental art of Altar de Sacrificios / by John A. Graham.1972Set?STACKSocm00402186Store
EHistory, north america20137472E51 .I7295E 000051 .I7295EUCLIDComas, Juan, 1900-1979Cien aänos de Congresos Internacionales de Americanistas; ensayo histâorico-crâitico y bibliogrâafico.1974STACKSocm01073340spa
EHistory, north america11223391E57 .B7E 000057 .B7EUCLIDBrennan, Louis A.American dawn; a new model of American prehistory / by Louis A. Brennan.1970STACKSocm00093203
EHistory, north america11356142E58 .B95E 000058 .B95EUCLIDBurland, C. A. (Cottie Arthur), 1905-The people of the ancient Americas / [by] Cottie Burland.1970STACKSocm00120719Oxford
EHistory, north america20165934E59 .G6 A8E 000059 .G6 A8EUCLIDAndrâe-Vincent, Philippe I.Derecho de los Indios y desarrollo en Hispanoamâerica / Ph. I. Andrâe-Vincent ; [traductor, Francisco Ortiz Chaparro].1975STACKSocm01819089spa
EHistory, north america11814794E59 .M47 D53 1970E 000059 .M47 D53 1970EUCLID-Kultaa ja hopeaa Amerikasta ennen Kolumbusta = Guld och silver frêan Amerika fèore Kolumbus = Pre-Columbian gold and silver : [catalog of an exhibition].1970STACKSocm28047073fin
EHistory, north america20183461E61 .B73 1975E 000061 .B73 1975EUCLIDBosch Gimpera, Pedro, 1891-1974.La Amâerica pre-hispâanica / Pere Bosch Gimpera.1975STACKSocm02333730spa
EHistory, north america20147201E61 .J33 1974BE 000061 .J33 1974BEUCLIDJairazbhoy, R. A. (Rafique Ali), 1925-Ancient Egyptians and Chinese in America / R. A. Jairazbhoy.1974STACKSocm01274104
EHistory, north america20119971E61 .P3E 000061 .P3EUCLIDPatterson, Thomas Carl.America's past: a new world archaeology.1973STACKSocm00586460
EHistory, north america20161735E61 .S25E 000061 .S25EUCLID-Sampling in archaeology / James W. Mueller, editor.1975STACKSocm01691399
EHistory, north america20119899E61 .T45 1973E 000061 .T45 1973EUCLIDThomas, Cyrus, 1825-1910.Introduction to the study of North American archaeology. / With a new introd. by Jeremy A. Sabloff.1973STACKSocm00583913
EHistory, north america20161459E65 .C59E 000065 .C59EUCLIDComas, Juan, 1900-1979Antropologâia de los pueblos iberoamericanos / Juan Comas.1974STACKSocm01677697spa
EHistory, north america20116376E65 .K3713 1972BE 000065 .K3713 1972BEUCLIDKatz, Friedrich.The ancient American civilizations. / Translated by K. M. Lois Simpson.1972STACKSocm00415325
EHistory, north america20153345E65 .P73E 000065 .P73EUCLID-Prehispanic America / Shirley Gorenstein...[et al.] ; under the editorial supervision of Shirley Gorenstein.1974Dup?STACKSocm01454638
EHistory, north america20110066E73 .K56 1971E 000073 .K56 1971EUCLIDKing, Blanche Busey.Under your feet; the story of the American mound builders / by Blanche Busey King.1971STACKSocm00148478
EHistory, north america11196004E76 .S95 1970E 000076 .S95 1970EUCLID-A report.1973STACKSocm01107995
EHistory, north america20159479E76.6 .D8E 000076.6 .D8EUCLIDDunn, Lynn P.American Indians : a study guide and sourcebook / by Lynn P. Dunn.1975STACKSocm01615045
EHistory, north america20119583E77 .A497 V.1E 000077 .A497 V.000001EUCLID-The American Indian reader. / [Jeannette Henry, editor]1972Set?STACKSocm005721714Keep
EHistory, north america11413604E77 .A497 V.2E 000077 .A497 V.000002EUCLID-The American Indian reader. / [Jeannette Henry, editor]1972Set?STACKSocm005721714Keep
EHistory, north america11152408E77 .A497 V.3E 000077 .A497 V.000003EUCLID-The American Indian reader. / [Jeannette Henry, editor]1972Set?STACKSocm005721714Keep
EHistory, north america11413606E77 .A497 V.5E 000077 .A497 V.000005EUCLID-The American Indian reader. / [Jeannette Henry, editor]1972Set?STACKSocm005721714Keep
EHistory, north america20122141E77 .C56 V.125E 000077 .C56 V.000125EUCLIDThrapp, Dan L.Victorio and the Mimbres Apaches / [by] Dan L. Thrapp.1974Set?STACKSocm00666698Store
EHistory, north america20121718E77 .C56 V.127E 000077 .C56 V.000127EUCLIDSchultz, James Willard, 1859-1947.Why gone those times? Blackfoot tales / by James Willard Schultz (Apikuni). Edited by Eugene Lee Silliman. Illustrated with paintings and bronzes by Charles M. Russell.1973Set?STACKSocm00649875
EHistory, north america20120465E77 .C56 V.128E 000077 .C56 V.000128EUCLIDHyde, George E., 1882-1968.The Pawnee Indians. / Foreword by Savoie Lottinville.1974Set?STACKSocm00604936Keep
EHistory, north america20125073E77 .C56 V.130E 000077 .C56 V.000130EUCLIDFahey, John, 1919-2004The Flathead Indians.1974Set?STACKSocm00754372
EHistory, north america20131829E77 .C56 V.132E 000077 .C56 V.000132EUCLIDMorrow, Mable.Indian rawhide; an American folk art. / With drawings and paintings by the author.1974Set?STACKSocm00934335
EHistory, north america20168395E77 .C56 V.135, 1975E 000077 .C56 V.000135, 001975EUCLIDMercer, Henry Chapman, 1856-1930.The hill-caves of Yucatan; a search for evidence of man's antiquity in the caverns of Central America / by Henry C. Mercer; with a new introduction by Sir J. Eric S. Thompson.1975Set?STACKSocm01910730
EHistory, north america20170090E77 .C56 V.138E 000077 .C56 V.000138EUCLIDRuby, Robert H.The Chinook Indians : traders of the Lower Columbia River / by Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown ; foreword by Erna Gunther.1975Set?STACKSocm01958350
EHistory, north america11096749E77 .C57E 000077 .C57EUCLIDClaiborne, Robert.The first Americans / by Robert Claiborne and the editors of Time-Life Books.1973STACKSocm00662250Oxford
EHistory, north america11196011E77 .C72 V.1E 000077 .C72 V.000001EUCLIDColton, Calvin, 1789-1857.Tour of the American lakes, and among the Indians of the North-west Territory, in 1830: disclosing the character and prospects of the Indian race.1972Set?STACKSocm002405502Store
EHistory, north america11196012E77 .C72 V.2E 000077 .C72 V.000002EUCLIDColton, Calvin, 1789-1857.Tour of the American lakes, and among the Indians of the North-west Territory, in 1830: disclosing the character and prospects of the Indian race.1972Set?STACKSocm002405502Store
EHistory, north america20108613E77 .S526 1970E 000077 .S526 1970EUCLIDSeymour, Flora Warren, 1888-1948.The story of the red man.1970STACKSocm00091261
EHistory, north america20117065E77.2 .D3 1972E 000077.2 .D3 1972EUCLID-The gold of Ophir : travels, myths, and legends in the New World / Chosen and with an essay by Edward Dahlberg.1972STACKSocm00447207
EHistory, north america11196065E77.2 .L65E 000077.2 .L65EUCLID-Look to the mountain top. Executive editor: Robert L. Iacopi. / Consulting editor: Bernard L. Fontana. Editor: Charles Jones.1972STACKSocm00494214
EHistory, north america11196066E77.2 .W3E 000077.2 .W3EUCLIDWalker, Deward E.The emergent native Americans; a reader in culture contact / [by] Deward E. Walker, Jr.1971STACKSocm00240698
EHistory, north america20124207E77.9 .F57E 000077.9 .F57EUCLIDFitting, James E. (James Edward)The development of North American archaeology; essays in the history of regional traditions / edited by James E. Fitting.1973STACKSocm00728198
EHistory, north america11196069E77.9 .M3E 000077.9 .M3EUCLIDMcGimsey, Charles R. (Charles Robert), 1925-Public archeology / [by] Charles R. McGimsey III.1972STACKSocm00315343
EHistory, north america11196070E77.9 .M3713E 000077.9 .M3713EUCLIDCeram, C. W., 1915-1972.The first American : a story of North American archaeology / by C.W. Ceram ; [translated from the German by Richard and Clara Winston].1971STACKSocm00148450
EHistory, north america11791611E77.9 .N67E 000077.9 .N67EUCLID-North America / Shirley Gorenstein ... [et al.] ; under the editorial supervision of Shirley Gorenstein.1975STACKSocm01495163
EHistory, north america20171488E78 .C15 E8 NO. 14E 000078 .C15 E8 NO. 000014EUCLIDTyson, Rose A.Anthropometric data pertaining to an atypical human skeleton from Northern Baja California / by Rose A. Tyson.1975STACKSocm01984439
EHistory, north america20156112E78 .C15 P45E 000078 .C15 P45EUCLIDPhillips, George Harwood.Chiefs and challengers : Indian resistance and cooperation in Southern California / George Harwood Phillips.1975STACKSocm01530389
EHistory, north america20151213E78 .C15 R6E 000078 .C15 R6EUCLIDRogers, Spencer Lee, 1905-An ancient human skeleton found at Del Mar, California : a summary of anthropological observations / by Spencer L. Rogers.1974STACKSocm01373656
EHistory, north america20189841E78 .C2 C36E 000078 .C2 C36EUCLID-Canadian Indians and the law : selected documents, 1963-1972 / edited with an introd. by Derek G. Smith.1975STACKSocm02543244
EHistory, north america11196087E78 .C2 N38E 000078 .C2 N38EUCLID-Native rights in Canada. / Co-editors: Peter A. Cumming [and] Neil H. Mickenberg. Associate editors: Kevin R. Aalto [and others]1972STACKSocm00357614
EHistory, north america20144054E78 .C2 R35E 000078 .C2 R35EUCLIDRay, Arthur J.Indians in the fur trade : their role as trappers, hunters, and middlemen in the lands southwest of Hudson Bay, 1660-1870 / Arthur J. Ray.1974STACKSocm01205837
EHistory, north america11196088E78 .C2 R62E 000078 .C2 R62EUCLIDRobertson, Heather, 1942-Reservations are for Indians.1970STACKSocm00092210
EHistory, north america20126336E78 .C6 W54E 000078 .C6 W54EUCLIDWilmsen, Edwin N.Lindenmeier: a Pleistocene hunting society / [by] Edwin N. Wilmsen.1974STACKSocm00796906
EHistory, north america11196092E78 .C7 T78 1881E 000078 .C7 T78 1881EUCLIDTrumbull, J. Hammond (James Hammond), 1821-1897.Indian names in Connecticut; a facsimile edition.1974STACKSocm00698748
EHistory, north america20118435E78 .D5 K56E 000078 .D5 K56EUCLIDKinsey, W. Fred, 1929-Archeology in the Upper Delaware Valley; a study of the cultural chronology of the Tocks Island Reservoir / by W. Fred Kinsey, III. Contributors: Herbert C. Kraft, Patricia Marchiando, and David Werner.1972STACKSocm00521119
EHistory, north america11337399E78 .E2 R5E 000078 .E2 R5EUCLIDRitzenthaler, Robert E. (Robert Eugene), 1911-1980The Woodland Indians of the western Great Lakes / Robert E. Ritzenthaler and Pat Ritzenthaler.1970STACKSocm00082084Theology
EHistory, north america20135156E78 .E2 T35E 000078 .E2 T35EUCLIDTamarin, Alfred H.We have not vanished; Eastern Indians of the United States.1974STACKSocm01016086
EHistory, north america20127850E78 .F6 F585E 000078 .F6 F585EUCLID-Florida Indians.1974STACKSocm00828285
EHistory, north america20150939E78 .F6 G54E 000078 .F6 G54EUCLIDGilliland, Marion Spjut, 1918-The material culture of Key Marco, Florida / by Marion Spjut Gilliland.1975STACKSocm01366222
EHistory, north america20201829E78 .G3 W3E 000078 .G3 W3EUCLIDWallace, Ronald L.An archeological, ethnohistoric, and biochemical investigation of the Guale aborigines of the Georgia coastal strand / by Ronald Lynn Wallace.1975STACKSocm02958123
EHistory, north america20128875E78 .I3 B23E 000078 .I3 B23EUCLIDBaerreis, David Albert.Anthropological report on the Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi Indians in northeastern Illinois and The identity of the Mascoutens / [by] David A. Baerreis, Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin [and] Remedios Wycoco-Moore.1974STACKSocm00858703
EHistory, north america20194221E78 .I3 C6 1975E 000078 .I3 C6 1975EUCLIDCole, Fay-Cooper, b. 1881.Rediscovering Illinois : archaeological explorations in and around Fulton County / Fay-Cooper Cole, Thorne Deuel.1975STACKSocm02690766
EHistory, north america20137898E78 .I6 A52E 000078 .I6 A52EUCLIDAnderson, Duane, 1943-Western Iowa prehistory / Duane Anderson ; illustrated by Lennis Moore.1975STACKSocm01085748
EHistory, north america20127646E78 .K16 V36E 000078 .K16 V36EUCLIDVandergriff, James H.The Indians of Kansas. / Edited by James H. Vandergriff.1973STACKSocm00822147
EHistory, north america20200705E78 .M28 M3E 000078 .M28 M3EUCLIDMcGee, Harold Franklin.The native peoples of Atlantic Canada : a history of ethnic interaction / [compiled by] Harold Franklin McGee.1974STACKSocm02913654
EHistory, north america20127620E78 .M6 V63E 000078 .M6 V63EUCLIDWheeler-Voegelin, Erminie, 1903-An ethnohistorical report / [by] Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin. The location of Indian tribes in southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio [by] Helen Hornbeck Tanner.1974STACKSocm00821514
EHistory, north america10001212927E78 .M8 C45 V.2E 000078 .M8 C45 V.000002EUCLIDChapman, Carl Haley, 1915-The archaeology of Missouri / by Carl H. Chapman ; ill. by Eleanor F. Chapman.1975Set?STACKSocm01632796Store
EHistory, north america11201293E78 .N65 J84 1973E 000078 .N65 J84 1973EUCLIDJudge, W. James (William James)Paleoindian occupation of the central Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico / [by] W. James Judge.1973STACKSocm00677160
EHistory, north america11201295E78 .N65 M95E 000078 .N65 M95EUCLIDMurphy, Lawrence R., 1942-Frontier crusader--William F. M. Arny / [by] Lawrence R. Murphy.1972STACKSocm00509236
EHistory, north america11204442E78 .N7 B67E 000078 .N7 B67EUCLIDBolton, Reginald Pelham, 1856-1942.Indian life of long ago in the city of New York. / With illus. by the author.1971STACKSocm00134078
EHistory, north america20222043E78 .N74 G36E 000078 .N74 G36EUCLIDGarrow, Patrick H.The Mattamuskeet documents : a study in social history / by Patrick H. Garrow.1975STACKSocm03721062
EHistory, north america20166241E78 .N74 W46 1975E 000078 .N74 W46 1975EUCLIDWetmore, Ruth Y.First on the land: the North Carolina Indians / [by] Ruth Y. Wetmore.1975STACKSocm01831268
EHistory, north america20140826E78 .N78 D4 1975E 000078 .N78 D4 1975EUCLIDDavy, G.La foi jurâee : âetude sociologique du probláeme du contrat : la formation du lien contractuel / Georges Davy.1975STACKSocm01137926
EHistory, north america11204455E78 .N8 B64E 000078 .N8 B64EUCLIDBoller, Henry A., 1836-1902.Among the Indians: four years on the Upper Missouri, 1858-1862 / [by] Henry A. Boller. Edited by Milo Milton Quaife.1972STACKSocm00525289
EHistory, north america10001249854E78 .O3 I5 V.2E 000078 .O3 I5 V.000002EUCLID-Indians of Ohio and Indiana prior to 1795. The Greenville treaty, 1795 / [by] Helen Hornbeck Tanner. Ethnohistory of Indian use and occupancy in Ohio and Indiana prior to 1795 [by] Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin.1974Set?STACKSocm00828260StorePlease store additional volume 1.
EHistory, north america20128214E78 .O3 K38E 000078 .O3 K38EUCLIDKaufman, Paul H.Indian lore of the Muskingum headwaters of Ohio / [by] Paul Kaufman.1973STACKSocm00836336
EHistory, north america20150842E78 .O3 M87E 000078 .O3 M87EUCLIDMurphy, James L.An archeological history of the Hocking Valley / James L. Murphy.1975STACKSocm01365864
EHistory, north america11204456E78 .O3 P7E 000078 .O3 P7EUCLIDPrufer, Olaf H.Blain Village and the Fort Ancient tradition in Ohio / by Olaf H. Prufer and Orrin C. Shane, III. Contributors: Olaf H. Prufer [and others.1970STACKSocm00095984
EHistory, north america20125321E78 .O45 B93E 000078 .O45 B93EUCLIDBurton, Jimalee.Indian heritage, Indian pride; stories that touched my life / by Jimalee Burton (Ho-chee-nee, Cherokee). Foreword by W. W. Keeler. Paintings and sketches by the author.1974STACKSocm00762387
EHistory, north america20169136E78 .O5 B8 1974E 000078 .O5 B8 1974EUCLIDBurnford, Sheila Every.Without reserve / Sheila Burnford ; with drawings by Susan Ross.1974STACKSocm01934236
EHistory, north america20132871E78 .O6 B42 1973E 000078 .O6 B42 1973EUCLIDBedwell, Stephen Ferguson, 1930-1972.Fort Rock Basin: prehistory and environment. / Foreword by L. S. Cressman.1973STACKSocm00960762
EHistory, north america20129339E78 .O6 O73E 000078 .O6 O73EUCLID-Oregon Indians.1974STACKSocm00867954