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Any thoughts on LSU taking all 4 incoming residents from their own medical school? Is this an anomaly or are they known for having lots of medical students applying ENT and taking their own in prior years?> other schools matched all home students this and last year, it's a function of them being strong applicants and wanting to match home in part, as well as them supporting home students, never really know their rank list if they were 1-4 or mixed in with other students in top 15
If anyone hears about Houston Methodist let us know >+2 > just 20 of us living on a prayer :')
Here's a dumb question...should we assume orientation isn't paid? I'm looking for apartments now and realized that since my orientation started 1st week of June, I'd be paying at least 2 months of rent without pay. Can't seem to find an answer in the sheet. < our pc emailed us our start date and said that our pay would start that day < OP here, thanks everyone for the info!Here's a dumb question...should we assume orientation isn't paid? I'm looking for apartments now and realized that since my orientation started 1st week of June, I'd be paying at least 2 months of rent without pay. Can't seem to find an answer in the sheet. < our pc emailed us our start date and said that our pay would start that day < OP here, thanks everyone for the info! < My program is paying us $50 per half day, $100 per full day of orientationI aint going if it ain't paid.From Dept of Labor
"In order for time spent during training programs, meetings, lectures, and similar activities not to be counted as hours worked, it must meet all four of the following criteria: it must be outside of normal hours; it must be voluntary; it must not be job related; and no other work is concurrently performed. Time spent completing online training, even when completed away from the worksite, must be counted as work time unless all of these criteria are met. Online courses are often job related and are often not voluntary."
Restored: "Anyone see the Wake Forest new M4 with "shENT" in her bio who joked about abusing patients? Seems like Medicine isn't her fit, let alone ENT > link: < Seems like naught more than a slap on the wrist. If she's a MS4 and has matched somewhere, maybe her match will actually take action < Sounds like she realizes that what she did was not acceptable. I don't see her name on the match results, so either she didn't match ENT or she's a "rising MS4." - This is just sad... If the student who tweeted this can see this, consider another specialty. Consider something that's not medicine. Even if a patient's an asshole, I would never consider or even joke about harming them" <edited to remove name on the sheet < why remove the name? < just a good general habit not to dox people, and especially not on this sheet. people can easily find her name by looking up the link or just googling wake forest medical student needle stick lol < dox?<means to tell someones real name on an annomyus webpage << absolutely horrifying. big yikes << this is really bad, and if she did it then yeah maybe she should be punished pretty severely, but if it was a bad joke, then I don't want her life ruined for this < she says "she missed the vein so he had to get stuck twice" but does not actually say that she deliberately missed the vein.. it implies something, but if you read what she says, there is nothing criminal thereI do not want her as a future colleague < I'll withold judgment until I head both sides of the story. Reporters often tell only enough of the truth to make the story interesting. < it's a tweet. As written. No sides needed. Just the ability to read. <she deleted it. probably realized she said/did something stupid and regrets it.Not saying its justified, but its never a good idea to tease people who are putting sharp objects into your body. < kind of reminds me of will smith fiasco- people trying (not OP) to justify actions that just aren't justifiable. Being in medicine isn't about you, you don't get to exact revenge for something you perceive as offensive or unfair or discriminatory < honestly who knows if she actually did this or is just making a poor joke/trying to look tough, still wrong. Meanwhile I'm here sticking patients 5 times in the ED when I was an M3<It doesn't really matter whether she actually did this or not putting this on social media in a time where patients are already more distrustful of physicians only supports their claims. It's a violation of medical ethics. I'm glad twitter wasnt around when I was in med school. I was a stubborn, opionated idiot back then. Now I just spout off on anonymous spreadsheets As an attending, you can discharge patients if you are so upset that you no longer have a physician patient relationship. But as a med student, patients are doing you a favor by letting you practice on them. A patient letting a med student start an IV rather than demanding a nurse is a huge favor! Gotta suck it up and take whatever abuse they dish out if they are going to let you practice poking them. > I mean....hard disagree with that latter part. Agree heartily that patients are doing students a solid by letting them practice their skills on them. That doesn't mean students should "take whatever abuse they dish out" as a result (this applies beyond this one Twitter instance, not saying a patient laughing at her cisgender pronoun badge is necessarily abuse) > she chose to hurt them rather than have a meaningful discussion < "take whatever abuse they dish out" is advice that should never be given to any med student. If a medical student feels disrespected/harassed by a patient (generally speaking) they should not feel obligated to continue working with that patient for the sake of their education. We're not that desperate.Do not repay evil with evil or abuse with abuse. On the contrary, repay with a blessing. This is what you were called to do . . . < are you the reincarnation of Christ < Not a reincarnation. I follow a risen savior.
Get your last minute names and shames in! It's now or never.
Yo someone deleted the entire match list…<can this be restored before the archive?Deletion is speech!
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Is it worth asking our PC if our programs provide any moving stipends for upcoming interns???
When is it appropriate to email about requesting days off for weddings/baby showers? Haven't received anything from my program so was wondering if it's too early to askSo I would say you probably need to wait till your rotations are assigned- the residents usually make the schedules and then you can make requests based on who your team is. This may not be for awhile- once you know, then reach out and really prioritize your requests (ie 1. this weeknd off, 2nd request this weekend off) and do not expect to get all of them if you have a lot and make it clear that you understand this. Usually people are flexible to get you to where you need to go, but its also a caveat in that other folks have stuff going on as well and you get low priority on the totem pole if there is a conflict. The people making the schedule are usually fairly reasonable- for example, if its your wedding or a family members wedding, they are going to do everything humanly possible and you will almost certainly get to go, but there will definitely be some events you are going to end up missing now that you are entering rigorous residency training! <+1 reality!Not sure about your specific program, but PGY1 year is pretty chill on ENT rotations, not as chill on Gen Surg Rotations. I would get in contact with your PC in the next couple weeks to put your request in and find out your start date. Realize that it is a request, and the answer may be no.
UPenn Position moved to Announcements< why is there an opening? +4 <<posts in cell to right asking for reason for position vacancy has been deleted x2. Kinda sus. Restored: < To programs posting available PGY2 positions, being transparent about the opening will go a long way to reassuring applicants for open PGY2 positions and future interns. Just like applicants can have red flags, open positions can be a red flag about a program. There are reasonable explanations for why a resident might leave a proram (geography, specialty fit, etc.) but these should be made clear. It's even better if these explanations are offered by the departing resident.
< comments by other residents still at the program are a less good, but useful option too
< why are people deleting comments from this post? <can we restore?
Is it worth it to do an away after ERAS closes? Hoping to also do one before ERAS deadlineAny away rotations during Sept or Oct could be considered audition rotation. They will let you show your stuff, but not get a letter. Its not recommended to do rotations in Nov - Jan since you will be doing interviews during this time. < you can still get a letter in september assuming you are focused on it < absolutely depends on whether you need the letter or not. I did an away at a place I knew I wanted to go and didn't need a letter from. Did my away in October and interviewed a month later. I think it helped me that I was the most recent away rotator and fresh in the faculty's minds <Thanks for the advice!
Match panel 3/30 @ 7PM. 5 panelists including students without home programs, a reapplicant, and more. All are welcome! < is this 7PM EST?
Any reason why the countdowns haven't been removed? It's a constant reminder for those who had to SOAP. +1 < Sam please delete, they're locked cells < is this entire website not a constant reminder for those who had to SOAP? +3 <done
What is the best approach for applying to aways ? Want to secure 2-3 aways, not sure how many to apply to, but don't want to be in a situation where I have to turn down offers. Does it look back to withdraw an application prior to a decision being made? (+1, also wondering if it would look bad to withdraw)If you're awesome, 2-3. If you're solid, 4-5. If you're on the strugglebus, 6-9.And if you are DO, as many as possible. < They said they wanted to secure 2-3...
Anybody know where to get a copy of Bailey's without paying $1500 for it? LolVolume 1: Volume 2:
Can we do the cute program names that plastics has in their match results tab: > Lol this is nice! I like it!! Can we do the cute program names that plastics has in their match results tab: > Lol this is nice! I like it!!
What to do if we can't afford rent in the area we matched. > Roommates > Commute > Studio > Loans > :'(Which city...? < why rank somewhere you can't afford? < sure.. < This made me lol. < didn't rank Harvard for that reason. Also they were weird robots. < lol not sure if trolling, but its more likely you didnt get an interview and thats the reason you rank them.. also not ranking a place for COL is tough-- you can move places down on your list but its so hard to tell where you will end up and its better to match and work out the COL with roommates or a commute than not match if you want to go into this competitve specialty
Why did someone delete the school tab from the '22 match results? That info is helpful < Sam can you restore < not Sam, but restored. To restore go to File > version history > copy from original spreadsheet and paste back in < unrelated but why are people adding each other's info without their consent? Just noticed my name, home program, and email info were filled without my knowledge? No one I know filled it out for me…kinda creepy +5 > agreed lol < noticed my info had been filled out as well, i think it's okay to type a name in, but if I'm a matched applicant who doesn't want their information laid out on a public forum, I shouldn't have a rando make that decision for me <+2 < it's super easy to find that info… any resident or coapplicant from your home, away, or matched program could fill it out for you… < even if you can it doesn't give you the right??? < if your name/email/IG was filled in and you don't want it there email me at with the subject line of Otomatch and I will make sure it is not included in the archived version of the sheet. Home school is pretty generic info, that is very useful to future applicants. So I won't remove those. Sheet is getting archived this weekend, so please do it soon. ---samThanks for handling the restore ---sam
MS3 asking about aways: any thoughts on doing aways at "top" programs? I was thinking if I got a good letter from "top" programs that can go a long way, but I also don't want it to seem like I'm only interested in "top" programs. Thanks! < my advisor told me it's okay for aways, but your signals should include at least one "safety", not that there's even really a safety in ENT tho lol < thank you so much! yes, i was going to signal more "safety" programs (although everything is incredibly competitive lol) < as someone who didn't match the first time (the year w/o aways), i have a different opinion about this. ENT is extremely competitive. It is in your best interest to maximize every opportunity you have to stand out. In my opinion, this means that aways should be done at places you truely are interested in, but also places that you have a good chance of being competitive at. If you want to use the away as a chance to maximize your match, do at a place that really values aways as an extended interview and wants to get to know you. While a letter from a well known surgeon may help you get some interviews, a strong rotation at a place that values fit will help you match. Just my thoughts < do you have any recs of places that do value rotators? < can't really provide specifics, b/c obviously nothing is a guarantee, but I'd start by looking at places aren't "big name" institutions that have taken high proportions of home or away students in the past (can find this info on old otomatch sheets). also helps if you have a connection to that area, because you can then really sell your interest. programs that are "less popular" for aways will have fewer rotators, giving you greater chance to stand outanother away question - have y'all applied already? am i super late to things or on time lol? confused about timeline < I have not applied to any yet because the ones I'm looking at don't open until late March/early April, so I think you still have time! < each program is different. Some programs I applied to start releasing acceptances on april 1st, but other ones haven't even opened to apply yet. Might be good to check on VSLO or specific program websites though and start getting your requirements ready. Some want letters FYI < Are we supposed to write anything in the "short bio" section on VSLO? Would it be bad to leave it blank? Thanks! (+2 also wondering this)<no you do notI think the away rotation question depends on your goals for the rotation. If you are someone who does not have a home program, and you need letters of rec, it can sometimes behoove you to do a rotation at a top program as a great rotation there can lead to a strong letter of recomendation from someone well known, which can help your overal match. However, it is true that most of the "top" programs have a reputation for not interviewing most of their away rotators. If on the other hand, your goal is to go somewhere to increase your interview yield, it could behoove you to do a rotation at a program that is known to interview every rotator. However, I will say that imo, an automatic interview from a program does not necessarily mean that you will be ranked highly, so you should keep that in mind. You can of course get letters from these automatic interview programs as well, and it is very posible that you could get just as strong or impactful of a letter, if not moreso. It just really depends on your goals. I'm currently a senior resident, and I recommend that all students do away rotations even from "well known programs" since I feel that it not only allows you to see somewhere new, but it also allows you to see if you fit in with a program. <+1 good advice from someone whose been through it recently < thanks for your input, I really appreciate it! I do want to do aways to experience different cities, but I also don't want them to count against me if I never really had a chance to interview/match there if that makes sense (because i'm not from a top tier school)
MS3 away applicant here, had a question of statement of interests. Are they supposed to be formatted as letters or as personal statements? Or am i definitely overthinking this? > I did a personal statement- two paragraphs on why I'm interested in the program, and one about myself and personal connections MS3 away applicant here, had a question of statement of interests. Are they supposed to be formatted as letters or as personal statements? Or am i definitely overthinking this? > I did a personal statement- two paragraphs on why I'm interested in the program, and one about myself and personal connections
Any other new programs opening up besides Houston Methodist? > Has methodist released decisions yet?Emailed the program coordinator on status of application, was sent back a rejection email, seems like those that haven't received anything are probably rejected
How long of a commute is too long for intern year? Rent prices are 10-20% less a 15 min drive away from the hospital, but idk if walking to work is worth that extra dough. Thoughts? (east coast weather fyi) <How long of a commute is too long for intern year? Rent prices are 10-20% less a 15 min drive away from the hospital, but idk if walking to work is worth that extra dough. Thoughts? (east coast weather fyi) <<Part of it likely depends on if your hospital has rules around distance for home call and the urgency of consults at your hospitalPersonally I think a 15 minute walk would be fine but probably the max I'd want to do- especially in east coast winters. Also consider your call, whether you have a dog or something,e tc.
Home school got deleted on the match result tab, any way to restore it? +1
Anyone get "ranked to match" promises or something of the sort and get surprised on match day?<+4 < unclear why these programs arent being named and shamed??? +2 Did top 3 survey results 2022 get released yet?
Has anyone made a discord for the next match cycle? or can someone make a new channel on the current discord for the next application cycle? done
Anyone who interviewed with Houston know when we should expect to hear back?> they have more interviews next Friday, so sometime after that
Hi all final plug for the pasha anki deck were almost to 11 people please join us and get early access to the deck. (appreciate all you souls who have already messaged to help!)<thank you for putting this together itll be cool to have somethhing like this for the community. < messaged +1Emailed but haven't heard back!<will email you shortly thank you for volunteering!< Will this be made public?
Anyone hear back from Houston Methodist regarding interviews? < nopetoday was the first interview day, they are doing another day next week. I think all invites and rejections should have gone out already<doubt it. Haven't heard anything from them.
Can anyone who dual applied in internal medicine as a reapplicant message me on discord? I have a few questions! Username is ENTai
what are the most advanced cases by subspecialty that a generalist/comprehensivist might perform? <Whatever you feel comfortable with. I've heard of rural generalists doing total laryngectomies< that is awesome H&N: TL, partial gloss, small oral cavity, neck dissection, thyroid, parotid, SMG excision FPRS: rhinoplasty, blephs, brows, fillers/injectables, limited mohs recon Peds: abscesses, small neck mass excisions Oto: tympanoplasty, OCR, tympmastoids Laryngo: esophageal dilations, vocal cord injections, thyroplasty, small vocal cord lesions. Idk if generalists do any SGS stuff Rhino: full FESS, pituitary approaches, nasoseptal flaps, free mucosal grafts for skull base repair, IP, IFS, AFS You CAN do whatever you feel comfortable with- some people in generalist jobs had fellowship training too, so its really the full spectrum of otolaryngology.. however, its about what you will feel comfortable with when you arent seeing it frequently and what your hospital can accomodate for post-operative care. For example, some folks might feel comfortable doing a TL but can the hospital care for TL patient or skull base patient in a community setting? Sometimes the answer is no. For me, the local hospitals have an ICU but are not really familiar with these patients so its probably not the best thing for them. I also was well trained in FPRS but I wouldnt do a rhinoplasty just because the complicatoin rate is like 10-15% requiring revisions in all hands and I would rather just refer those than try to do them and get an unhappy patient/complex problem after ruining the first chance. Same with skull base repairs for the most part in that its hard to partner with NSG (for complicated skull base) in the comunity just because of the hospital level of care < Agree with this. I would also recommend against "dabbling" in your practice; prioritize the care of your patient above your own priority for the cases you are doing. If you're out in a rural location where the patient has no access to care unless you're the one to provide it, then by all means do whatever you're capable of. However, if you're in a metro area with an academic center nearby and you diagnose a laryngeal cancer and want to do the laryngectomy/necks because it's a cool surgery and you haven't done one in 5 years, and your practice is otherwise light on head and neck, please don't do this - send it to the center that's doing 40 laryngectomies per year, not the place where one is done every 5-10 years < Exactly- shouldn't be your ego really-- I could do whatever and probably woudl go okay but do I think my patients would do better with a fellowship trained H&N guy for a complex tumor or a fellowship trained FPRS person for a rhino/complex Mohs? If so, then I refer and I'm plenty busy with other stuff without sacrificing quality of care < My issue with sending that T1 or T2 laryngeal SCCA to the academic center is that their follow up is poor and they have high attending turn over. If I send something to a H&N specialists and she operateson the pt, then she should own that pt. Not operate and dump it back on the generalist for follow up. In reality, Im having to follow up on these guys anyway, so why not do the trans oral laser resection that I'm comfortable with. If pt has a recurrence or is post radiation, then I'll send 'em to the cancer center.
Can we get a count of how many ENT matches from ppl without a home program? < +3 < Go ahead and tabulate it! Looks like most of the info is there.
Hello everyone just wanted to make another plug for the pasha anki deck team we already have 8 people who have joined us. Looking for 3 more people so that everyone can have 1 section or so to do, please join us and get earlier access to the deck! If interested please email me at < messaged +1
Has anyone made an Anki deck out of otorecall yet? I don't like using 2 separate apps for spaced repetition stuff +1 < i realize the otorecall team will probably not release an anki deck since they have their own proprietary thing now but they totally should < would also love an anki deck if anyone has made!< one of my friends worked on otorecall and he told me due to their industry ties they wont release an anki deck<I will say otorecall also has really wordy cards and with the algorithm on the app isn't condusive to learning.I'm not with the otorecall or headmirror teams, but I suspect thye kept it in their own app to keep better control over the intellectual property of the questions. It would suck for 20+ docs to put together the questions, just to have them show up in a question book sold by someone else.< except you make no money with anki decks. It's free < if its a complete paraphrase of the question/answer it would be legit for the author to give it away free. if it was just copy paste into anki format it would be plagarism. <I honestly didn't like the OtoRecall questions. And the spaced repetition isn't as good as anki <otorecall is so buggy. i downloaded it on my ipad and iphone and i cant seem to get past the age/year info page. after putting in my age the screen turns blank
Anyone who did research fellowships have any advice on how to choose a fellowship? < My factors: 1) paid > unpaid, 2) Past fellow track record of productive publishing 3) Past record of matching their fellows or fellows matching well in general 4) Large research institution/grants 5) Clinical > bench 6) Read fine print- make sure the roles, responsibility and "opportunities" don't include making you do scut work for the department or play the role of an underpaid or unpaid research tech. Your goal is to find a fellowship with proven track record of productivity and match success, that will support you in doing research and publishing. Avoid a position making your their unpaid slave to just consent patients to studies, maintain databases or submit their grants and IRBs. <+1Everything that was already said but also try to consider who your letter writers would be coming out of the fellowship.
Anyone getting your letter writers a gift? If so, what's usually appropriate..when I matched a few years ago, I got my letter write a nice bottle of bourbon, was well received> did you just send it to their office or give in person? don't have their home address< I handed it to them personally in their office < i did chocolates! < I did something small (under 15$ and something we had talked about personally (book, local coffee beans etc))
Any reapplicants who successflly matched after taking a general surgery prelim year?? I would love to connect if you could email me at
Any successfully matched reapplicants that did research fellowships have any advice on how to navigate the next year or what strategies worked?Has anyone made an Anki deck out of otorecall yet? I don't like using 2 separate apps for spaced repetition stuff +1 < i realize the otorecall team will probably not release an anki deck since they have their own proprietary thing now but they totally should < would also love an anki deck if anyone has made!< one of my friends worked on otorecall and he told me due to their industry ties they wont release an anki deck<I will say otorecall also has really wordy cards and with the algorithm on the app isn't condusive to learning.Matched reapp here. Hustle early. The projects you start now will make it onto ERAS but the ones you start in july may not. Any projects that are self-paced (reviews, retrospective papers, data dumps) are great for getting done early since you will ideally be moving them forward with little assistance. Youtube for stats help.<+1
Are residency drug screens typically done at a specific time? Orientation or before?They can be done at any time after match. Some programs will do them within a week or so of match day. Others at orientation or soon after starting. Would definitely abstain for now until you know what to expect. I know one program that did it the week after match day because their policy was to drug test all job applicants within a certain time of any job offer. < there are programs this year testing in April. would rec finding out if that's the case for your program
Unmatched applicant here. Saw the ENT residents at my program from a distance today and was suddenly overwhelmed/overcome with sadness. Still can't believe that I did not match and will not be able to pursue my dream job next year. :( < so sorry friend, you are an amazing physician to even apply but I know that does not always heal our grief, just know how amazing you are ❤️+4 < It's really tough seeing reminders of not matching. Just try to remember that it's a delay and not a rejection. Your dream is still very much alive!It hurts so much :(
Medical Schools with the most ENT matches '22: 7: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, USC, UAB 6 : Loyola, Miami, Georgetown (we treat Howard students as home students) 5: Johns Hopkins, Tufts, SUNY Downstate, Rutgers, Northwestern, Wayne State, Cincinnati, Vandy 4 : Baylor, Emory, U Wisconsin, UNC, UPenn, Kansas, U Missouri Columbia, Nebraska, Duke, UCF, Albany, Oklahoma State
For anyone that has a no tobacco clause in their contract now is a good time to quit. A few places like WashU have pretty draconian no tobacco policies for newly hired employees. < mine tests for nicotine on the drug screen < is this explicitly stated? < yes, at least for mine Be careful of that celebratory cigar
can any current interns comment on step 3 prep? uwsa1 vs. 2 correlations? < Just need to pass dude/dudette. You have no time to study while doing residency. Just do some Uworld questions where you can and you will be fine. < crazy to take before starting intern year? will get my MD mid may < my program pays for Step 3. Despite graduating in December, I aint taking it until I can save myself the $millions.Just do as many Uworld questions as you can. It's not like taking dedicated time like in med school, you just do questions during down time. Some programs also pay for Step 3 so don't just the gun until you know about that. And as someone else said, no one cares what you get, just need to pass. If a fellowship cares scores, it'll be your in-service score that they look at, not step 3 < 1/3 of your score comes from the cases so a little practice/familiarity with the order sets can really pay off. I found the practice cases from helpful. The exam is also very heavy on bio stats and study design so a little review can really help your score. UW for the rest was sufficient. < current intern here, split a subscription with your coresidents if you canI just took it after my ER rotation. Zero studying. Spent several evening figuring out the FSMB stuff and how to register. Passed but not by much. Don't blow it off. i know someone who failed. try to get through 30% of Uworld and practice with the case-based scenario format. if you took a research year, take it later in intern year to get back in the swing of clinical medicine. if you went straight through take it as early as you can < +1 also know an ENT intern that blew it off and had to retake it. Study to pass, but don't waste too much time trying for a high score.
anyone hear back about interviews for reserach positions? < Which one? Most are filling
When is your orientations starting? How early before orientation are you planning to move in? < 6/20, trying to be moved in by June 1 < mine is 6/20 also but i think i might roll up a couple days before; i imagine there will be lots of free time during orientation?
UW 2/6 this year? Case 4/7, EVMS 2/5, are these school specific match rates? < yEah< what about Georgetown? Didn't they have 12 applicants. So far I only see 2 matches for their applicants. <I see 5 on the match results tab > 3 matches; DUKE, NYU, SUNY Upstate <so that's 3/12???? Georgetown had 6/10 match; of those who did not match, 1 dual-applied > My B (I'm the person who said 3... i was looking at GW :/. No wonder i don't score better on exams.)
hi everyone, a colleague and I are thinking of turning pasha into a anki deck, the radiology people have done a good job splitting up the work if any of you would be interested in helping please email me @ If we get even a handful of people to help it could go very quickly and if we could get 11 of us beautiful souls together we could knock it out so quickly. < messaged!why is the magic number 11? I was planning on doing this through intern year to learn/retain but I prefer to make my own cards <maybe 11 participants bc pasha has 10 chapters<Yup Pasha has 11 chpater though based on the index of the most recent pasha that I have a copy off< Please consider joining everyone we already have 5 people! < what format are you guys going for? / Are you going to add the back of the pasha page to each card associated with it (i.e like Anking)?<I hadn't thought that far ahead will have to look into the copy right of the issueIs Pasha better than ENT Secrets? I've been using Secrets but now wondering if I should invest in Pasha lol. > I'd get both, ENT secrets was great for preparing for pimping but Pasha has more "teaching" reading. I used both equally < thank you! <Pasha is much better as a residents. ENT Secrets is the essentials for MS4s but not enough for inservice prep.Curious as to how people study in general during residency? How similar/different is to what we've done in med school given how niche the field is and how much more content there is? < I am curious too, if some residents can shed light on how do they prepare well for day-to-day and exams and what resources do they like to use?< most of us at my program use boardvitals to prep for inservice. cummings is nice too, but more for reference to specific topics since its so dense. vula uct for case prep read for cases. have a plan to get through a book (llawani, kjlee, bailey, or pasha) in a year. weekly review session with other residents. then lots of practice questions the motnh before the exam.give grand rounds 3 times per year, so review in depth (cummings & pubmed) on a specific topic.
When do we get a page for next year? Some of the aways said they'd start notifying us yesterday.+1-a discord would be nice too for class of 2023I will carry the ResidentChat tab forward to the 2022-2023 sheet. I would say this is the best place to continue PGY discussion. ---sam
If you're thinking about fellowship, how early should you decide and what do people do to be "competitive" for fellowship?<depends on the fellowship and how much research you need. Some fellowships are quite competitive (ie neuro-otology) and you need a decent amount of research. Others you don't really need any research. But most fellowships apply during 4th year and Match later that year vs early 5th year What are the most competitive fellowships (assuming Neurotology is the most competitive)? < can someone rank the fellowships in terms of competitiveness and how much is a "decent amount" of research for neurotology assuming that's the hardest one?<from my limited experience I would probably rank competitiveness as follows: neuro-otology (limited number of spots as two year program so varies year by year; more research heavy > facial plastics (less research heavy but more who you know) > head and neck (my understanding less competitive applying but Uber competitive finding a job) > rhinology (again probably less competitive now because it's harder to find jobs) > laryngology (I don't really know where to put laryngology. I know job market is great for them which can potentially make applying for it more competitive) >pediatric ent (don't really need much research) > sleep (so chill) < "decent amount" = 2+ otology papers per year during residency unless you have an MDPhD. Then a stack of 10 basic sci pubs in PhD may make it only 1 oto paper per year in residency. < BTW there are 1 year, non-acgme otology fellowships that are less competetive but you aren't oto-neuroto board eligible. < The board is not oto-neuroto. It's specifically Neurotology. < So "competitiveness" also depends on what you mean-- do you just mean to match? Or do get a program thats good in all aspects of a subspecialty? The best fellowships in every subspecialty are going to be competitive since there is only 1-2 spots max! < The "best fellowship" is a subjective thing. These discussions about who is the "best "at this or that are so inane - it's not a competition. It's about finding which fellowship is the "best" for you personally. Coming from someone who has done a fellowship. < I have also done a fellowship and agree with you in that you need to find the best for you personally, but if you want the broadest breadth of training in a subspecialty, there are certainly some places that match that description better than others and will prepare you for the most complex cases better than other places <-- Man the rat race really doesn't end < It does if you let it, PP ENT baby< haha can't wait to never do research again < yeah, that post is really bumming me out… like, just enjoy life a bit without making it all a competition < The more time I spend in medicine, the more i realize that some people are just that unidimensional and this is all they will ever live for < 1000% my brother in christ, they never even look up
Current attending at a school without a residency yet. Have a solid Med student with a disability that is looking at aways. They will need some minor accommodations but nothing that should preclude them being able to do the job. Any suggestions on aways that would be likely to look kindly on such a student assuming they did well overall?This is a tough discussion that medicine needs to have. Someone close to me decided against going onto residency after medical school due to her hearing loss, yet I know an excellent dermatologist who uses a wheel chair every day in his clinic. A former faculty member at our program used to request testing applicants for binocular vision to even consider someone for residency in ENT. He felt if you could not have binocular vision through a microscope, you didn't have necessary skills for ENT. What kinds of accomodations are reasonable for an Otolaryngologist to expect? > Depending on type of disability, I would think that wheelchair access to all clinic and hospital areas would be a minimum necessity. > As an attending they "accommodate" me all the time by providing the specific chair and microscope I like for ergonomic reasons, and even a padded mat to stand on so my back doesn't hurt, but I could see a student asking for similar aids and being seen in a bad light. Hard to advocate for things you need when you're at the bottom of the food chain. I know OHSU had a resident with a CI a few years ago and the dept accommodated him by wearing see through masks in the OR so he could read lips.
Heard interviews have gone out for Houston Methodist. Has anyone heard back? < did not hear, damn :/ < Who did you hear this from? < Heard from a fellow co-applicant from this cycle <also did not hear back <They're still sending them out < how do you know still being sent out? < any updates on if all interviews have been sent out already? +3we are still finalizing our last couple of interview invitations for 4/1, you will hear back either way by end of week if you submitted an application for our program. - APD (YY) > Thank you! > is this still the case because I have not gotten an interview or a rejection?
Anyone know where to find a list/rankings of programs for each fellowship?I don't think there is one. Fellowships are much more about personal connections and wanting to learn how the PD does things. After you've been to a few conferences, readp lots of papers and talked to yor attendings you will know who's who your subspecialty. < Yes, and what each fellowship offers is different so its not easy ot just rank them- still your mentors will know what the best one is < Agreed, the question isn't remotely relevant for fellowship. You learn by going to meetings, reading papers, and talking to mentors. Then when you interview it's often a much more extended process. Some of mine were 2 days of hanging out in clinic and the OR seeing what they do. It becomes a combo of what the training actually is plus how connected the mentor is and how willing they are to make calls on your behalf.
For those who matched ENT: how far down did you fall on your rank list? I fell down to 2. > I also fell to 2 and am relieved < Me too! #2 all the way < 1, only had 4 ranked though +1 < fell to 8 which was deflating but still just happy to have matched obviously < 2 < fell down to 5 out of 18 ranks < curious if ppl fell down on average bc virtual < damn the people who ranked 4 and matched at their 1, you're a superhero < fell to 6, gerat program just far from home< fell to 4, happy to have matched < For anyone unhappy with their match rank, just remember you are the less than 40% of the population who completed college, lucky 50% of those applicants who got into a med school, lucky less than 1% of all students to apply to ENT, and one of the blessed 60% to match into the specialty. You beat every odd to get to this elite position. Whether #1 or #20 on your list, you are still an overachieving rockstar! <+1I got my 6th, which is the best program of the lot but futher away from home (~11 hours) and higher COL. But honestly, so relieved!> Fell to 4, which also is the best program on my list lol, bittersweet +1Fell to 10, but it was really my #1 based on training. Ranked others higher to be close to family and for lifestyle.< fell to 12/16 and pretty damn happy and proud <+2 < Couples matched, fell to #3, which after thinking back, should have been #2 when we made our rank list. Training/research-wise, it was head and shoulders #1 for us, but we were willing to sacrifice that for location. After a lot of introspection, I think it's best that we matched where we did. <I fell to number 10/11. Had my heart set on lots of places further up on my list and was really dissapointed. Been wondering if I didn't interview well. Very happy to have matched though.
Do you think it possible to kill someone with a myringotomy blade > maybe if theres a high riding jugular bulb or tegmen tympani defect <how quickly do you want to kill them? A csf leak will take weeks to years to end up with meningitis.Yes. If you poke them enough times with it in the right place. <pneumothorax, spinal cord/carotid laceration, vasovagal with arrest and no resusc<OP, awesome thanks guys hahaha < lmao how do you cause PTX with ear surgery...<I wasn't necessarily asking about ear surgery but rather just using the small tiny blade in general lol <am I a bad doctor for think this is funny.
Which programs in the Northeast are NOT strong in H&N? < most of them tbh<Einstein doesn't do their own recon<Actually hired a micro attending last year, but some of the recon is still done by plastics. Growing in the recon department, but I think the H&N is quite strong at Monte/EinsteinAny program with a H&N fellowship will be strong in H&N. Check out the list of fellowship programs at the Am H&N Society website. Sorry...I misread the initial comment and missed the NOT part.
Can anyone comment about the reputation of the different programs in NYC? < NYP pretty well balanced, flaps at cornell done by plastics i believe. home call at each site if i remember correctly. cool residents. Sinai obviously bigger, weaker in peds maybe stronger in h&n. Very socisl group of residenys. not sure about nyu and monte < columbia is night float and does flaps, cornell is home call and does not do flaps. nyu has a great rep, especially because of bellevue. they get post-call days. monte also has a good rep. only program with a not so good rep, from what i've heard from attendings and residents, is lennox hill < not sure why sinai hasnt been mentioned. By far the strongest NYC program, multiple faculty are leaders in the feild in each subspecialty, most balanced as well < i've conversly heard that sinai is strongest in H+N but NYU a more balanced overall program < seems like some disagreement about balance at Sinai? < NYU probably has more of an edge on peds (new peds hospital) and otology (large vestibular schwannoma volume - not really applicable for resident training though)My 2 cents as a current NYC resident in terms of ranking nyc programs. Sinai > NYP = NYU > Monte > Downstate = Rutgers > Hofstra/Lenox Resident in non-NYC program so take for what its worth, but my impression is Sinai > NYP > NYU > Monte > Downstate < previous threads from NYC residents have said Sinai >>> NYU > NYP = Monte >>> Downstate, I personally think NYU, NYP are pretty similar
dont know if there are any dual applied lurkers on here, but i dual applied ENT and another specialty. ended up in my second specialty and can't help but feel sorry for myself that i will not be doing ENT now altho i was a great applicant +2 .> as someone who didn't match, I wish I was you < ugh the match sucks. I'm sorry. I'm going to miss the OR and suturing a lot :( < i'm so sorry, what was your other specialty? Maybe you can somehow find your way to do something procedural? < i dual-applied IM
FIt would just create more resentment and questions for me to think about what might have been.
Anyone who applied to Houston Methodist hear back yet? < nothing yet < How many do you think applied to Houston Methodist? >Everyone who didn't soap
So who knows their start date? Mine is June 1 😳 < do you start getting paid june 1? < is it to early to reach out to our PC and ask? Bruh… mine is June 20 +2 < june 27 ova here and thats just orientation
Matched applicant and feeling very nervous about intern year. Despite going through this whole process with the rotations etc I still feel like I don't know very much. Is this a normal feeling? < you don't know much. but you will learn quick. if you want to be very well prepared follow a gen surg intership ask a gen surg intern at you school if you can shadow her and answer all her pages for 24 hours. some schools even have a bootcamp in the last month of 4th year to make sure you really know the basics of how to be a good intern.> intern here, this is completely normal. tbh most of my first few months, i felt like sub-i's knew more than me. that has now changed but is completely okay. we learn very little ENT during medical school and it's like starting from ground 0, but you catch up fast and now i know i know things, but am also painfully aware of how much more there is to learn. it's a 5 year program after all Imagine taking a research year- it's gonna be rough but the expectations are low. We just have to pick it up as we go and learn through our patients/cases +1 < how I feel in my research year. Feels like I've been out of it for so long > Another intern here. Trust me it's normal. Half the challenge starting out is just normal job disorientation- trying to find patients, figure out how to use a new EMR and put in orders, what phone numbers to call, where to find supplies, where patients are located, where to park for different hospitals and clinics.. all of which has nothing to do with your medical education level or knowledge base. Once you get past that, you can actually focus on being a better resident and physician. And you will also be nicely surprised by how much you learn just by performing your mundane daily tasks, instead of the focused targeted learning you do as a student. You will pick up quite abit just by muddling through July
Hi - had a few questions as an M3 was hoping to get perspectives on that were hidden in the M1-3 specific tab so I thought I'd post here. 1) can anybody tell me if vaccination titers have to be within 1 year of your rotation? It doesn't say it on the AAMC form but I've heard this floating around and just want to confirm 2) how the HECK do I pick where I want to do aways? I feel like I'm having decision paralysis and am scared of picking the wrong programs etc. Any advice really appreciated > Randomly and then be prepared to answer why you didn't go to someone's program for an away For aways, look at the name and shame tab to help find places to not do aways (cough vandy). My PD said to do aways in a geographic region of interest or program of interest. As long as you do well and get a strong letter you should do okay. Try to talk to people that have rotated at the program in the past. Determine how many people generally rotate there every cycle, how many of these ppl end up getting interviews and how many end up matching at those insitutions. With an away you want to do it at a place that's going to value you coming and doing a rotation with them. Some super high tier places really don't care if you spent time with them as much, and will interview best applicants no matter what. If you're a strong applicant then shoot your shot at high tier places, but if you're coming from a smaller dept, or a school with no home program -i'd say it's better to be conservative and really secure a position in a "mid-tier" great institution that's geographically close to family/friends etc. or whatever's important to you. < Consider any ENT program a "mid-tier". You can't be picky about where you land if you are applying to ENT. Even with step 1 >250 and double digit pubs, poeple end up not matching.Agreed with what's been said so far, but I'd also like to stress that where you do your away isn't the be all end all. Most of the programs I interviewed with (including the one where I matched) weren't even on my radar when I was choosing where to apply for aways. I was one of those sorry suckers who did my away at Vandy and while it didn't result in an interview offer from them, I'll never know how far that letter carried me. My point is, there is no single right way to approach away rotation apps. Don't overthink it!Thanks so much all of you! Esp the advice not to overthink it - think I just need to make choices not worried about whether this be the end all be all choice that means i match lol. this past match week got me stressin
Plug for UVA's research fellowship. As the current research fellow here, I highly recommend it! I went unmatched last year and matched at my #1 choice this year. Happy to answer any questions about my experience at < UVA fellowship ad place in announcements < have they already filled? Saw this mentioned in reapplicant chat, but wasn't sure if it was from last year < That was last year, we're in the process of interviewing this week. Reach out ASAP if interested!< Osama, you are the man!
Curious how Allegheny Health matched an ENT applicant this year if they just got accredited in January of this year? Anyone know how this is possible? <were they in the NRMP match or did they fill the position outside of the match.< maybe people with a connection reached out and interviewed? > they told me it was filled on the Tuesday of match week. Def lame and anti-competitive < everyone seems to hate the ERAS and NRMP process implying they are going to end it when they are in charge. this program is not allowed to participate in NRMP because the residency gets approved after the NRMP deadline. but the residency is anticompatetive for filling a job opening outside the match process??? < from what I saw on medtwitter they actually did participate in the match and ended up "matching" someone through NRMP. that's what has me more confused because they weren't accredited to participate prior to this January. > also person was an IMG.. Maybe a different process? All around seems sketchy...
I will start with saying I was lucky enough to match ENT this cycle. However, with that said to the incoming class of 4s who will be applying to OTO I cannot stress enough the importance of dual applying. On universal offer date I had a total of 4 interviews and went through the next few months knowing the odds were not in my favor. I was prepared to SOAP with program lists, a new statement, and a new LOR from my gen surg rotation faculty. While I did not go through SOAP, I had close friends who did and said that even as bad as you think it could be, its worse. If you know all you want to be is a doctor I'd highly recommend dual applying. The only argument I could see against dual applying would be that the only thing you could ever want to do is Oto, and that is fair. However, if its more the head and neck surgery aspect then Gen Surg --> endocrine fellowship offers ability to do a lot in the head & neck. Take this for what its worth, it is just one applicants story, but my odds felt a lot like buying a lotto ticket and winning. +2 < Gen Surg -> Head and Neck fellowship are also still a thing. > Echoing OPs thoughts, had low interviews and ended up matching but it couldve easily gone the other way. I would say if you have another specialty you could picture yourself doing definitely dual apply. Its a pain in the ass on the front end but almost certainly worth it
Can we open a chat for students without a home program?? I'm a non-home programmer & just matched & would love to be available for students in similar situation < +4, no home program and I'd love to help < Applying this upcoming cycle without a home program, would be great to get in contact! Would a discord channel best serve this? < Yes I think that'd be great! < Hey all, I posted below for an opportinity to particapte in a 1 hr Zoom panel for an institution without a home ENT program. Looking for panelists, you guys would be great! Also, attendants from all schools welcome. Text me at 336-601-9874!< Opened a page
Everyone plz dual apply, but if you absolutely don't feel like you have time or some other excuse then plz consider doing a Sub-I in another speciality & prepping your back app after submitting ERAS. Kicking myself for wasting so much time on easy rotations, when I could've gotten letters or helped my resume for next cycle< I dual applied IM just to have a solid back up plan at strong academic center if ENT didnt work out; thankfully I did match ENT but i will say that i was 10000x less anxious the week of match vs. my classmates that ended up SOAPing. If anything, dual apply just to give your future self peace of mind. For how strong you app likely is for ENT, you won't have to do a lot more work for your second app. You'll have more interview practice out of it as well during the process. There just aren't enough ENT spots for all the qualified applicants. Please just dual apply!!! + Will add that you don't even have to do a sub-I to apply if you shined as M3 & kept in touch < how did you approach IM interviews that asked if IM was a backup or if you're also applying to ENT? < Basically dodged the question or said I wanted to do IM. Didn't feel pressured to tell them more. They were just so nice and happy to meet you. <not OP but i also applied IM back up. Only 1 out of 12 IM interviews asked my explicitly if I was dual applying. I have genuine interest in some IM subspecialties so focused on that/never really had to lie just said I was interested in IM nowWhat are thoughts on applying to a TY as back-up when you're not so sure exactly what other field you'd wanna do and don't have time to explore them without putting your best foot forward for ENT? Am thinking of gas/rads and could apply for R positions during the TY..but hard to find data on how viable that is < I think this is a smart idea. Better to have a safe back up route where you can have a say on the location of your TY. Im sure you could be transparent with on TY interviews saying you're interested in reapplying ENT after OR finding another but the common denominator is that their TY will help you reach your goals. >
Sunday am survey update: 89 responses: 71 matched ENT, 4 matched Backup, 7 SOAPed, 5 Research Year. 15/89 were reapps: 12 did research year, 2 prelim surg, 1 Other. 13 matched ENT, 1 backup, 1 missing. 3 DO responses: all 3 matched: 2 @ DO, 1 @MD program. Overall match rate of survey is about 80%, higher than true average, probably because those that didn’t match are still processing and trying to figure out what to do with the next year of their life. Please check in on your classmates. This week has most likely been the worst week of their lives. If it hasn’t been done already, can someone start an unmatched chat on discord. To all the reapplicants: Congrats and please give the umatched the advice and encouragement that they need. You were all there last year and know what they are feeling.Is this tracking IP addresses? Or if I keep clicking the link can I keep submitting? It does not track IP addresses. <MWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA < why would you mess with this data? not coool < why would you try to do an actual scientific study on an anonymous site without any sort of submission controls when people have been trolling and deleting all along and try to present the data as any sort of truth or fact?> but now no one has anything to gain by lying… it's just to help others..<assholes that just want to submit bad data for the lulz can always sabotage surveys. DDOS, hacking, lots of ways to break things. I'm hoping that people still reading this sheet are not those assholes.
NRMP data shows 463 MD Seniors applied and 316 matched, 41 DO Seniors applied and 21 matched. No info on total reapplicants, but looks like 20 matched (19 MD and 1 DO). 4 IMG also matched. < source? < < 68% usmd senior match rate<You mean 21 DO applicants matched(not 31). I'm gonna fix that typo in your post if thats ok < Was gonna say. 31 out of 41 would make the DO match rate higher than MD < Thanks. Still drunk from all the champagne. lol
Rising US MD M4- to those who matched this year- how many were able to get their desired geographical location? vs how many matched in the middle of nowhere? I know my goal will be to match next year but id love to stay on the east coast < if you're from, have family, or go to med school in a particular region, most of your interviews will come from that area anyways. So yes, not a problem < agreed, for an east coaster it was actually harder for me to convince programs I wanted to move outside that region, most of my family/friends/education is east coast < was a problem for me. East coast, but only 1 program out of 3 in my home city gave me interviews. Signaled that one program too < but did you end up matching on east coast? > there aren't ENT programs "in the middle of no where" they're all in cities. if you are referring to being in the midwest, many midwest programs are ranked so highly bc their catchment areas are huge and they aren't fighting with other same-city programs for cases. the scope of disease you'll see at these "middle of no where programs" is incredible< the tough thing I found was that it was hard to get an interview in a city I had ties to unless I explicitly signaled. Otherwise, that tie acted almost as a negative if I didn't signal (for reference, had ~20 IIs, so getting interviews probably wasn't the driving factor). Hence why I'm not a huge fan of signalling and would prefer an app cap < as someone coming from an east coast city aiming to be in a different east coast city, signals and away were vitally important for making sure I ended up in that placeI live in Texas, applied to most programs in Texas, only got 1 interview in Texas, but got 6 in California, where I've been twice, once on a vacation and once for a conference. Matched to my #1, but I definitely think not signalling Texas places despite having geographic ties to Texas would have been a mistake if I were hoping to stay in state.
^ Can we delete the match countdown now? LOL <+2
So excited for all the reapps that matched this year!! +1 there's hope for everyone who went unmatched this year!
hot take: programs and/or people offering research years without funding/unpaid are predatory and taking advantage of a broken system with highly qualified applicants desparate to match +6lol not even 24hr This is the statment I would agree with: programs and/or people offering research years without funding/unpaid are predatory and taking advantage of highly qualified applicants desparate to match in ENT
Thank you to all those who have taken the survey. So far 29 responses. I am sure many people are celebrating or drowning their sorrows in alcohol right now. Please take the survey when you sober up ;) 15/29 matched ENT. 6/29 were reapps. All did research year. All dual applied. 5/6 matched ENT! To all you who got bad news on Monday there is hope! < can you link the survey? < Why do only the non-white folk get asked about participating in diversity outreach programs? lol. Neither of my parents were doctors, I went to a majority hispanic school district, and we had all sorts of scientists/doctors/STEM folks come in and tell us about how cool medicine was. Wouldn't have been here without those diversity initiatives. <Very interesting point. Can't change the survey this year, but we will discuss how to incorporate this in future surveys. Saturday am survey update: 51 responses: 36 matched ENT, 3 matched Backup, 6 SOAPed, 5 Research Year. 9/51 were reapps: 8 did research year, 1 prelim surg. 8/9 matched ENTThank you for live updates!
Is there a list somewhere of the required rotations for ENT during the PGY-1 year?Differs program to progam < in general, there's some ENT (?6mo at most I've seen) as PGY-1, then spread out on related services such as neurosurgery, plastics, anesthesia, general surgery, omfsThe new requirement is all programs have 6 months of ENT. The other 6 months is on a program to program basis and includes some gen surg, SICU, anesthesia etc
How many re-apps matched ENT? ENT+9 Other+1
I hope everyone got their perfect match today. Even if it wasnt what you were expecting, I have confidence that you will still go o to great things. I will be closing the top 3 rank survey at noon Sunday, so please get your list in if you haven't. I also want to encourage all applicants to take the stats survey linked below. Dr King has improved it quite a bit this year. Best, - - - samcan you please include img stats too <the survey doesn't specifically ask for nationality, sitizenship/visa status or other img specific things. but it does ask about whether your med school is in the USA. so if we have enough repsonses from non-US med schools we will report those stats. ---sam
Congrats to all!!! Surreal day
Fill up the 22 match results tab so i can see who my peeps are
Dual app, praying for ENT. This past hour could not have gone any slower...Any other dual apps freaking out? < update us pls!!!!
Good luck and congrats today everyone! Here is the stats and match outcomes survey. We revamped it a bit to include match outcomes like what # on list (not which program to keep it anonymous) and what field if you dual applied. We also have included several sub-surveys to get more info for certain groups (reapps, dual applying, couples, DO, URM, SOAP). Please answer honestly. All individual answers will remain private and be directly imported into a stats program for analysis. For the best results, we need actual step scores (not a 25x- the stats program will not read that as a number). Please pass along the link to other oto applicants who may not be on Otomatch. To get a good representation for next year’s applicants, we need all applicants, not just ENT matches. If you matched in back-up or SOAPed (or tried to) or planning on research year, we especially need your response. I’ll put up some preliminary results later tonight and update as I get more responses
APD from Houston Methodist here – now that SOAP has concluded we can officially start our recruitment process. For any unmatched candidates who did not accept a position through the SOAP, please email our program coordinator Ms. Ayde Trejo ( with your application materials (ERAS application, personal statement, USMLE scores, LORs if available) by 5pm CST Friday 3/18/22 to be considered. You may also notify us if you are interested in our research fellowship for the 2022-2023 academic year. Further information regarding virtual interviews (tentatively Friday 3/25 PM and Friday 4/1 AM) and next steps will be sent out next week. - Yin Yiu, MD<- Someone lock the cell
Excited to find out who my co-residents will be tomorrow :) +6
Match rate looking pretty good from the stats page this year! Great job everyone! <pls share
Is it true that programs have a list of their matches as of 11AM EST today?<they always know Thursday, not sure of the time < 2pm est today, Program Confidential Roster of Matched Applicants available (by email and R3 system). < the programs we matched at know omg tell me +1Oops my bad got the time zones mixed up. < oh snap, do programs ever drop any hints today when they find out? < not unless they want to risk an NRMP violation < some programs do call the morning of match day. Others post on social media but these always wait until after match ceremony. < honestly whose going to report their future program for getting a welcome phone call 24 hours earlyWhy do they get to know before us? Everything about the way this is set up irritates me 😂 +5 < Faculty: only our PC and PD know early. They then prepare an email with our matches with names, ERAS photo, email. etc. which is then sent to faculty and residents at the conclusion of our school's Match results. I think programs/schools finding out beforehand harkens back to the old days. Results were faxed to schools and schools then prepared envelopes with name and result inside ( so they needed some time) and you got handed that on stage. More like "the OSCAR goes to" moment. No email , no other notice. You were given envelope on stage and that was the first time you saw results. < That is an interesting story! But now that we don't use snail mail or fax machines anymore I we need to keep it this way? 🤔 <fax machines are alive and well in medicine. Every doctors office still has one. <In the doctor's office yes, but residency applications are now 100% electronic... < The not so old days ent was early match and knew in January. Notified by email and a call from my deans office morning of early match…circa 2004 < Early matcher as well. My "surprise envelope" was where I was doing my Gen Surg Internship as I knew in January where I matched PGY2-4. We matched with sfmatch, then had to "rank" and pay ERAS/NRMP for the priviledge of doing 100% gen surg scut for 100+ hours a week ( pre 80 hour work limit). And we had to do it at same place and gen surg always "saved" us a spot < Bless you for going through that. I'm not sure I'd have gone into this field if I needed to do 2 years of GS first
I wonder what its gonna be like applying next cycle with a mix of Step 1 score and pass/fail scores. Would residency programs be able to screen out applicants based on Step scores as easily?I am planning to start 4th year with home SubI and potentially planning for 2 aways before submitting ERAS. In this scenario I won't be taking step2 till after ERAS submission. Would it be better to only do 1 away and take step 2 in time for ERAS? > ditto this question - my PD told me to priotize away rotations and letters of rec over step 2 as I had a good step 1 score. Now wondering if I should still try to take step 2 > in the same boat, would have to give up an ent rotation to step 2 and not sure if its worth itThis will be a confusing year for interviewing faculty. PDs know step 1 is going pass fail. Most other faculty are clueless about it. Step 2 will still be the screening metric but not announced until late…even then it won't be consistently announced. But it will be the screening metric going forward. > my PD told me that step 2 isnt required yet > same with my PD. I was told that since the vast majority of students will have a scored step 1 this year, they would be happy using either to screen
what's the match rate going to be this year? like 55%? For USMD like 73ish < I'd gamble and say US MD is more similar to overall < it's going to be basicsllly the same as last year which was 74%, applicants were pretty lateral
Any reapplicant dual apply ENT and IM? If so, did you have trouble securing interviews in IM? +1Any reapplicant dual apply ENT and IM? If so, did you have trouble securing interviews in IM? +1<Could you still apply to IM as a backup with letters but no home elective during 4th year? Only did a 3rd year elective. Won't have time to do one before I apply. < talk to your IM program faculty, mine seem to think those type of letters will be fine for me, or maybe try to squeeze in another 2 week elective < I decided to back up apply IM in July and do a 4th year IM rotation in August because I needed another LOR. Unfortunately, our grades didn’t come out until after I submitted ERAS, so its possible I could have gotten more interviews if I had done the rotation earlier and programs knew I took it (applied to 19, 5 IV). But I was happy with the quality and location of programs I interviewed at and would say you could still apply and be okay if you don’t have time for a 4th year IM rotation. You might just have to apply to more programs than you think. Talk to your IM advisor sooner rather than later about the best strategy for you though. My school is letting me do a surgery AI in april before graduation that I just planned so I can get a letter in this next app cycle. I'll be duaI applying ent and surgery
How did your school's fair with matching large number of apps? My mid tier state 5/5 << how do you think your school accomplished this? did applicants communicate with one another or did y'all do your own thing? going to apply with a fair amount of people next year and getting nervous < We had a few folks dual applying so we won't know how it went until Friday. < We had 4/4 but two dual applied so TBD < we mostly did our own thing besides being friendly, I mean if the match rate is like 70% then 4/5 is 80%, and 5/5 can be small sample size or we were strong and fortunate applicants4/4. We all had different strengths, and we played to them. < 2/5 for my program :( > everyone please dual apply. > 5/6, so proud of my classmates/friends > 3/5 over here > 4/4 here, Midwest mid/low tier > 3/4 > 2/4... piss poor advising (advisor actually advised against dual applying) > I wonder how loyola and georgetown and usc did with ~12 <5/10 in ENT at one of those schools > 5/6 t20 < Many advisors suck at their job, be cautious with their advice < 7/11 at usc < 👀
If anyone is interested in doing a research year at MD Anderson with the Head and Neck Surgery Department, please email me. Email:
I may be missing a lot of posts clearly explaining why a reapplicant is less considered for IV or even a potential for a program. Those who slip through the cracks with outstanding competitive application packets are now tagged with the scarlet letter as being a reapplicant. What's the big deal? If you truly believe someone should not reapply, state the reasons clearly, since there is always room for improvement, as they say. People speak of resiliency and courage but it's the same people snubbing those who had great PS but the system failed them. Faculty lurking, speak offer any perspective on this. Thanks. > I second this sentiment. Perhaps I understand this was the sentiment years ago when only weaker candidates didnt match but now even those at the highest tier schools are not matching as well with competitive applications. > Part of it is a heuristic bias, of PDs assuming "failed to match = inferior applicant" (even though we know that isn't necessarily true, there are plenty who just slip through the cracks). Part of it is prestige- many programs won't interview reapplicants for the same reason they won't interview DO or IMG candidates despite otherwise stellar credentials. Part is the large, talented applicant pool- we have many academically accomplished applicants with good grades or step scores, but only some are selected to interview at each program due to minutiae that set them apart such as research or life experiences. So too with two otherwise equivalent-on-paper candidates where one failed to match, preference is often given to the non-reapplicant. And then part is the actual deficiency inherent to some reapplicants- while many who fail to match are extremely talented, failed to match by chance and would make great residents, there are also many who fail to match due to weaker on paper or in-person perceived qualifications. While reapplying and addressing those deficiencies (ie had no research and did a research year while reapplying) can make up for it, some unmatched candidates and reapplicants just truly are "inferior" candidates when looking at step scores, grades, etc. All this is to say that there are good reason to work to eliminate the scarlet "R" associated with reapplicant, and all residency candidates should all be carefully reviewed by programs based on their individual qualifications rather than lumped into categories for screening.Faculty: this is very person and program dependent. I for one think reapplicants show extra drive, determination and maturity. My program agrees and we usually interview several reapplicants (10% or so of our interview spots which is usually about the same as % of reapplicants that applied) and we often rank them highly. Other programs flat out refuse to bother interviewing reapps. I think it is used as a screening tool to cut down # apps to review ( no reapps, step > x ) to turn 500 applications to 200. < Truly thank you for this perspective. To know that it is person and program dependent shows that there is still room to change old ways of thinking. Still a gamble but at least there's a chance someone will be looking for that maturity< Some of my best residents have been reapplicants. So, I asked colleagues at other institutions why they dont interview reapplicants. Screening is one answer I got. The other is that they are afraid that they will miss a red flag (DUI, bad LOR that got replaced, drug use, etc) that may be more burried or taken out of the application the second time around. For these places/people, you are not going to convince them to change this policy out of fairness concerns. This will require more risk and more work on their part. The only two things that I think will change their mind are (1) Personal interactions with reapplicants that stand head and shoulders above their colleagues. (2) Risk of not matching high quality first time applicants. do we know which programs are more likely to not interview reapplicants? No list that I know of. Maybe make a sheet of programs like ROL sheet for reapps to add where they got interviews. This would truly be a gift. Already super poor after applying everywhere this cycle, so would appreciate knowing where to apply to. > i dont think i have access to creating a new sheet, but there is a very short list going on the reapp chat < maybe when people post where they matched this year they can indicate with an extra r after the program name to let us know they were a reapplicant
Any reapplicants go unmatched again?> Also how many reapplicants matched this cycle?I matched, just don't know if it's ENT yet +4 > IT WAS ENT!!!
To Reapplicants out there: did you guys defer graduation or apply as USMD graduates? I heard an absurd number from my Dean that 50% of graduates match but that rate jumps to >90% if you defer graduation? < I graduated and completed a research fellowship at different institution. Dual applied and matched this year. <Faculty: your Dean is likely talking overall not ENT. So if you were trying to match IM and reapplied as a 5th year with better LORs, or ENT and switch to Anes with new letters, then yup likely 90%. As a 5th year you will have opportunity for more electives, aways, new letters and support from the Dean's office. I bet Dean's office would have someone review app/PS and edit all so they can boost match rates. This is helpful for mediocore and lower students who need help. In ENT not so much. We can see who is reapplicant whether they delay graduation or not. Plus your letters will likely say "great applicant so suprised they didn't match". Programs that don't interview reapplicant will find a way to weed you out.< i highly doubt the true number is >90% for those who defer grad. I defered grad, did a research yr, dual applied , and matched. But there were a few interviews where they asked "how is your intern year going?" so I think once they identify you as a reapp, it doesn't really matter if you are a student or not. I was able to do an away, which is the main benefit of remaining a student, imo < yeah you can't hide the fact that your a reapp, I personally preferred the delaying grad/ second fourth year option to have more flexibility to focus on research, do some rorations in backup specialty in addition to an ENT away < are any of you low tier reapplicants without a home program? <not to be mean, but that's a huge mountain to climb as a reapplicant. < Define low-tier? I was a reapplicant without a home program (was told lack of letters/home program hurt me the most) so I did a research year at a strong institution. Dual applied and matched this year, will find out soon into what, fingers crossed for ent < this is what I'm told hurt me the most as well. Did you do paid or unpaid research year and what did you dual apply into if you don't mind me asking? < Was fortunate enough to get a paid fellowship, and gen surg! < Awesome, congratulations to you! Did you feel you had difficulty getting general surgery interviews this year as a reapplicant? < Thank you!! I had interviews in the double digits. My home gen surg program really liked me and even wished they could convince me gen surg last year, so getting strong letters there wasn't tough. Interviews were interesting cause they all would ask me "hmmm your app screams ENT, did you apply last year?" lol. And so I had a good explanation for that. If you're on the OTO discord, feel free to message me with more questions I'd be happy to help. Username there is: itSNOTthatDeep. Yeah, it's pretty sad. I always assumed there were red flags in us unmatched and was told not to dual apply by my home PD (we've never had someone go unmatched before at our school). But I didn't think about luck- and while I tried to maximize luck by wearing lucky socks and wishing every 11:11, clearly luck isn't something that you can control in this process. So even if you have an amazing application please please don't be stupid like me and dual apply. Again, had above average steps and everyone on interview trail commented on my research. Was also told DURING interviews that I interviewed well and would have my pick of programs + got so many love letters about how they'd be lucky to have me as a resident. So trust no one and protect yourself.
As I got through SOAP for prelims, every single PD who has called me has been shocked I didn't match. My home program (top 25) told me that I just got unlucky so I should give up on ENT. But with a 25x, 26x and many first author pubs, I'm questioning everything. I thought I had a hidden red flag, but a PD was reading me my letters last night and told me that they were outstanding. Moreover, while interviewing, I was told I was a great interviewer and could go anywhere I wanted. I got long replies to my thank you letters telling me I'm a great fit for their programs. I'm so heartbroken, confused, and not ready to give up, but feel like I have to. > I have a similair story a few posts down, i feel you. Did your PD really say you shouldn't reapply because you were so unlucky? > OP: I think that it wasn't unlucky, just that they felt ENT is getting so competitive. They said they personally would never interview a reapp even if they did a research fellowship, so I shouldn't bother. They actually encouraged me to take a research year in a different and less competitive specialty > Did they explain this? It seems like a rather odd blanket statement after saying you're a great candidate and there is no reason you shouldnt have matched... Can any faculty explain what the difference is between an applicant who took research year w/o graduating and a graduated applicant w/ a year?I'm so sorry to hear this. This process really sucks. I am in a similar position (25x, many pubs, >15 interviews, unmatched) and have been told by mentors that I could have been #6 on every rank list and unfortunately just never ranked high enough to match. I think we need to reflect in the next few weeks and consider if being an ENT is the ONLY thing we can see ourselves doing, And if yes, it is an uphill battle but not impossible to match as a reapplicant. < I'm sorry as well. As a reapp, I think the more I see of ENT and cases like yours, it confirms my belief that luck plays a huge role in this whole process of who reads your application, who is selected for an interview from a school with many applicants, and ranking #3 vs. #6-10 and going unmatched. Doesn't mean you're not a stellar applicant and worthy but just such a bummer that you can be essentially as qualified as all of the matched applicants and just miss....I know this has been said a million times but first time applicants, highly consider dual applying unless you're ok with rolling the dice on a 33% chance of not matching..doesn't matter if you do every single thing right, still can happen and does happen to amazing candidates every year. I ended up dual applying and was lucky to have matched into something this time around but wish I would have dual applied last year and saved myself a ton of pain and misery along the way
Do we have any data on how likely it is to match ENT after a research year, my mentors think my lighter research was my main weakness, but with this competitive of a process im not sure if it'll make a difference > +1 >Friday's survey will address this. Most reapplicants dual applied so they won't know which field until Friday > This is the closest I've seen, but it doesn't really look at those that went unmatched. > I think this is referring to people who took a year off to do research during med school, not re-applicantsthis is the paper I have seen about research vs prelim:
<< this paper also happen durig the dip in applicants so not sure how appliacable it is to today
Can someone explain why the 22 match results spreadsheet has 366 rows but there were only 361 spots offered in the Match?military match spots
My hometown (population ~40,000) hospital found out I matched and is already approaching me about signing a contract. They are offering a 30k per year stipend throughout residency and loan forgiveness. Any advice on what to ask for, or should I avoid this altogether right now? < If your lifelong dream is to return to your hometown as a practicing Otolaryngologist - go for it. If you are considering other career opportunities, tell them that you're excited about this opportunity, but not at a point in your training where you are ready to commit to a specific job.I am just a fellow applicant and don't have any real advice, but I just wanna say congrats! Thats awesome, they had to be seeking you out or asking family/friends... match isn't even public yet. I would totally consider that HEAVILY. After creating a residency budget, I would kill for an extra 30k lol. Those are also the perfect size towns to practice ENT... big enough to have a fun life, but relaxed enough that you can truly have an Early Nights and Tennis career. I might start reaching out to hospitals where I want to end up lol.<be careful about signing a contract until you actually know what the terms are about. Pgy3 here and a lot of the stuff in contracts takes years in residency to figure out what you want and what is good/bad in a contract. Would ideally review that contract with a lawyer and an ent with experience in this. < it took me 2 years as an attending to figure out the contract I signed fresh out of residency. Med school should really have a month long 4th year class on this.30k times 5 years is 150k.... thats like a quarter of the average yearly salary to lock you down for X years lol. Imagine 4 months of work for 0 job and location freedom. Loan repayment really depends on how much..... < the average salary working for a hospital is closer to $300k than $450k, but still 6 months salary for not being able to do fellowship and locking you down to take ER and inpatient consult call for the hospital solo would not be such a good deal. But if you are sure you will be returning to that location and the salary guarantee (and ER call pay) is good ($450k salary guaranteed during your payback years, $100k loan repayment, $50k moving bonus, $1000/night ER and consult coverage, NOT structured as a loan or "salary guarantee" but true employed physicain salary with 401k and benefits), it might be worth it. < this is early, but another factor to consider when evaluating which hospital to operate at is what kind of equipment they have and are willing to buy so you can operate. ENT is equipment intesive (video tower, microscope, laryngoscopes, lots of ear and sinus instruments nobody else uses, BAHA, CI, balloons)<current late-stage resident here, but I would be very wary of locking in any sort of job this early in your career. I changed my mind about what I wanted to go into many times over the course of residency, and I don't think you can truly say right now that you definitely want to do Comprehensive ENT, much less what sort of practice setting you want. 30k a year is generous, and would be nice to have as a resident (especially if you end up at a high COL area), but if it locks you out of doing a fellowship you end up falling in love with, you may regret it later. ALSO, please remember that if you are the only practicing ENT in an area, you will effectively be on call all the time. Sure, you may choose to not see a patient in the ED, but the community hospital WILL call you if you're their only option (other than transferring). It could be exactly the life you want, but you should be 100% sure about that before you consider signing anything.I'm a practicing ENT with private practice and empolyed group experience. Money is inticing, particularly when looking at big debt, but contracting is tricky. Not only do you need a good attorney, you need to know what you want (which changes over time) and you need to know your value. It is impossible to make the most amount of money doing the least amount of work in the best location. Best is 2/3. I would be wary about signing a contract that sets compensation parameters now when you have no idea what your value is to that hospital/system/community in 5.5 years. Might be way more than what you agree to now. And it is nearly impossible to guage what you will need from them in 5+ years. You might end up with a much more money now in exchange for loss of autonomy and negotiating leverage in the future. If I were to consider an offer like that I'd accept the money for an agreement to let them have first right of refusal (or pay it back) and negotiate the final terms when you are in charge.Im hospital employed and I would highly advise you to not sign on now. You have plenty of time and $150K is not that much in the grand scheme of your career. Unless they commit to say paying you 75 percentile or more by that year's MGMA and throw a million other overwhelming incentives, no way. The ability to have multiple offers in hand and leverage them evaporates if you sign now. I negotiated ~200K more (higher salary, retention bonus, signing bonus, CME) because I had multiple offers in hand.
There is a PGY-2 spot for Oto listed on Residency Swap, just curious if anyone knows where that is? Also seeing a PGY-1 vacancy < do you think the PGY-1 positions could be houston methodist? < they definitely could be, last year when St. Luke's was accredited it showed up the same way as "1" on resident swap even though there were two spots If you are interested in the Methodist spots, you should contact the department directly at this point.