Marca temporalName of YMCA/ Nombre de la ACJ-YMCACity/CiudadCountry/PaísHow has COVID-19 affected your YMCA's operations? And what operational changes have been made?/¿Cómo ha afectado COVID-19 a las operaciones de su YMCA? ¿Y qué cambios operativos ha hecho?What is your YMCA currently doing to support communities during this time?/¿Qué está haciendo su YMCA para apoyar a las comunidades durante esta crisis?Share any thing you think it's important for all YMCAs to know during this time./Comparta algo que cree que es importante que todas las YMCA sepan durante esta crisis. What are tools, resources and materials would be helpful for your YMCA at this time?/¿Qué herramientas, recursos y materiales serían útiles para su ACJ en este período?Any Additional comments or questions? /¿Algún comentario o pregunta adicional?
17/3/2020 17:58:57YMCA Latin America & CaribbeanCanceled several regional gatherings. Suspended all international travel. Compiling policies and best practices that can serve YMCAs across the regionYMCAs can make a difference in the health of the communities that we serve, and particularly those most in need.Ideas to support our communities.
18/3/2020 8:48:27YMCA of Greater HoustonHoustonUnited StatesWe have closed all facility Y's and most programs with the exception of essential services to Newcomer populations at International Services, some elements of Childcare, Food Pantries and other Supportive Services. To the degree possible we are asking staff to work remotely and to practice social distancing as recommended.We continue to serve vulnerable Newcomer populations in our care with modified modes of delivery to limit staff exposure. We are offering and anticipate expanding childcare services to essential governmental and healthcare worker families. Food Pantries are open and as demand increases anticipate expanding days and hours of operation. We are also in close communication with the local Food Bank to explore using YMCA sites for food distribution. Our CEO is convening other large non-profits in the area to develop a more coordinated approach and strategy.It is important that we take a collaborative approach and realize that the YMCA has an important role to play in helping our communities deal with and then ultimately recover from this crisis.We are sharing online\on-demand fitness offerings from Les Mills and the newly developed Y360 platform with members in light of our fitness facilities being closed. Use of ZOOM for some educational class offerings and staff support. Here in the US we need to realize we are still at the beginning of this crisis and need to ensure that we are flexible and adaptable as the trajectory and circumstances of the crisis develops.
18/3/2020 11:57:23YMCA of the University of IllinoisChampaignUSAOur facility is closed to the public. All events through the end of March has been canceled. Staff are working remotely to slow the spread of coronavirus. We continue to offer direct services to our most vulnerable community members via phone and virtual consultations. We have also made public our immigrant relief fund (formerly only accessible to YMCA clients) so that community members navigating the economic consequences of COVID-19 can have access to emergency financial assistance. We are prioritizing the consolidation of accurate information to facilitate evolving resource navigation needs. We are also thinking of ways to build and foster community virtually and to reduce isolation. Despite the marked disruption, we find hope in being challenged to continue eliminating barriers to access and pursuing equity in a socially distanced world.Anyone out there have experience providing virtual consultations to clients? What platforms do you use and why? What are some of the challenges that virtual consultations create? What are practical tips for bridging digital divide at this time?
19/3/2020 5:27:59YMCA Europe Brussels, Prague, Madrid Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain Major European events, seminars and training in period March-June led by Area Organization have been cancelled or postponed. This includes the annual General Assembly. No mobility from YE staff. National Movements in Europe reduce significantly or cancell actions, programmes or gatherings involving large numbers of participants. Local YMCAs closed. Staff working from home at most European YMCAs. Borders within EU closed. Online work has been increased within YE network. 2 specific newsletters sent in last 2 weeks with input, advice and guidance regarding COVID-19, A campaign was dsisigned and launched on March 17th : "YMCA Connects Campaign. Wherever you are, STAY SAFE, STAY CONNECTED" mainly through FB and social media platforms (more at YE web Presently designing online webinars on relevant topics (ex. Movement relevance and sustainability, writing applications for EU funding, social media platforms, etc) Continue providing guidance and sanitary advice from a global/area/national perspective. Guarantee that YMCAs are still connected among themselves and within the community. Encouraging messages to be shared across our network. Change the "in person" meetings and events by virtual gatherings, trainings and conferences. Agree on relevant tools that would facilitate online and virtual trainings, conferences, events. Agree on relevant topics for webinars that would facilitate participation of beneficiaries, staff, volunteers at all levels. YMCA at all levels keeps its relevance within its own network and within the community finiding new ways to communicate its message not using physical spaces but virtual ones. The actual challenges caused by this emergency may be changed into new opportunities to communicate and be socially relevant among our network and the communities that we serve. Thank you.
20/3/2020 13:49:14Ymca Medellín Medellín Colombia Se han suspendido temporalmente los programas y la operación de los mismos, el staff se encuentra trabajando desde casa. Estamos en contacto con los jóvenes y participantes de manera virtual, tenemos una estrategia y campaña de comunicaciones para acompañarlos en casa con retos a través de las redes sociales. Que no estamos solos, y que ahora necesitamos unirnos más que nunca Herramientas digitales y redes sociales
20/3/2020 15:11:11YMCA MexicoMexico CityMexicoAs of March 21, all operations will stop at our Community Development Centers, YMCA University, Sport Branches and Corporate Offices.

The YMCA Homes for Migrant Youth Will continue to serve young people under the age of 18 deported from USA.

Participation in all international events has been canceled.
The YMCA Homes for Migrant Youth Will continue to serve young people under the age of 18 deported from USA.

The broader community Will be informed through our oficial website and social networks.
Get information only from oficial sources, do not spread fake news. Share any useful information. Information related to the management of crisis and reduction of negative impact both in our mebers and in the association. Keep us informed of any important updates.
20/3/2020 19:00:13CVJM Waldfischbach-Burgalben e.V.Waldfischbach-BurgalbenGermanyAll youth groups and meetings are cancelled, camps are in preparation to be cancelled, the normal work is completely halted; organisation and management is ensured via email, phone and messenger.We initiated a local alliance of ymca, scouts, protestant and catholic parishes plus a secular local generation project. The name of the alliance is #GuteNachbarschaft (#goodneighbourhood). The purpose is to protect the high-risk group of the elderly and the ones with pre-existing illnesses from infection by taking care of their shopping to secure their daily needs in case they have no familial or social network to support them.Stand together as a community, use your networks, band together with partners. Be present. Be a role-model by reducing your social contacts, talk about that. Be prepared for the problems who are not yet here but soon will come. Be prepared for the rebuilding. Pray. Love. Hope.Video- and telephoneconferencing-
20/3/2020 20:06:35YMCA MéxicoCiudad de MéxicoMéxicoCierre de todo y home office Cuarentena del 20 de marzo a 20 de abrilEl apoyo en salud mental y emocional es muy importante para evitar pánico y ansiedad por la cuarentenaManuales de respuesta emocionalCreo que la intervención psicológica es muy importante para todas las edades
20/3/2020 20:45:38YMCA Of Mongolia UlaanbaatarMongoliaWe have been required by the government to stop all programming and events since January. As a result we have closed our YMCA for five weeks. Our staff has worked some weeks on a limited schedule so they can continue to be paid. We are encouraging our team, volunteers and community to follow the government regulations for social distancing and restrictions on activities and events. We have been maintaining our social media and working to connect with our community in that way. We are thankful for the global YMCA family and the sense of connection and community during this time of uncertainty. We are thinking and praying for you all. Tools for managing financial difficulties, as well as resources for how to support our community in the months to come.
21/3/2020 0:12:45YMCA NorthAucklandNew Zealand9 of our 12 centres have been closed as part of a council decision to close all facilities. We have set up a facebook group The YMCA Family where we will be connecting and supporting our community to stay active and engaged. It is important to know that our members/customers/staff are all part of a Family that is the YMCA. Support has truly been a two way street with staff supporting customers and customers supporting staff. Together we will get through this. We would love to have better access to virtual fitness programming and virtual family activity programming to share with our network. Does World YMCA or a national/regional/local YMCA have a great resource that could be shared? This would help us to continue building strong kids, strong families and strong communities. Thank you for the support World YMCA !
21/3/2020 3:04:10Sierra Leone YMCA FreetownSierra Leone As a country we have not registered any suspected or confirmed case yet. However, our operations have been put on hold as the Government has asked all schools to closed down and that no gathering of more than 100 people and that fitness centres and the rest should be closed. Our hostel has a zero occupancy since start of March including other revenue generated arm. Project activities in communities have been slow down as we continue to adhere to all necessary precautionary measures. Our budget has been affected drastically like 50%.We are working on social mobilisation where in communities receive all health care information and we have introduced health groups in communities that check on community members with regards symptoms need to support our communities more so with social mobilisation Already from our past experience in Ebola we are staff and peer health educators that have embarked on social mobilisation together with our branches. We will need additional resources to be able to reach out to more communities.we need to have a network of us working on similar pillars to be sharing relevant information and to also support each other as we roll out our IEC procedures.
21/3/2020 6:41:20Nepal YMCAsKathmanduNepalCOVID 19 has affected us our country is lockdown and day to day life become very difficult. The prices of daily commodities are soring high and there scarcity of goods.Nepal YMCA has been engazed activly in COVED 19 community awarness programs. Please the facebook page of National council of YMCAs Nepal. Boosting our immune is important to combat with such virus such as taking vitamin C Vitamin D3 and also herbal plants medicine etcSome funds are necessary to implements our activities inorder to combat with this virusThanks
21/3/2020 8:38:54YMCA FRANCEParisFrancewe have cancelled and postponed all international youth exchanges that were supposed to take place within the next 2 months, all institutional meetings are postponed, but without a specific date. All our partners have also cancelled meetings and gatherings. A large part of our young volunteers who are abroad will return to France soon. The great majority of our local associations have had to close down, especially those that receive the public.
There is already a lot of aid provided by the state and state institutional agencies, and the various partners and networks to which we belong are also with all the organisations. YMCA FRANCE has simply provided moral support for the moment because we do not have the human and financial resources to help our local associations. We send instructions and information to young volunteers who are abroad.
Stay at home and follow the rules.In France, we are lucky, except the founds, we have supports. Sharing with colleagues still very good.
21/3/2020 15:27:40NATIONAL COUNCIL OF YMCAs OF GREECEATHENS GREECEGoverment orders have made closure of all kind of sactivities (educational, training, sports, cultyral, relief, volunteer groups etc) mandatory; gatherings of more than 1o peple have been prohibited and citizens are asked to remain at home, uneless there is a great necessity to meve outside. Certain local Y's General Assemblies and Board meetings have been postponed. Shops have been closed, except super-markets and food chain ones, gas stations and car repair shops and pharmacies; hotels and restaurants are closed, only take away and home-delivery outlets are permitted to operate. A general curfew may be imposed in the coming days. Y office staff and administation is operating mainly through internet.Unfortunately very few things; mainly young menmbers and staff offer psycological support through mass media chat groups etc.Its of absolute importance to maintain a cool stance and help avoid the spread of panic alongside the spread of coronavirous. Quarantine where imposed has to be maintained in full, along with all opther kind of peventitive meassures.Creations of chat-rooms, web groups etc. for mutual support and solidarity expression, where people, preferbly under guidance by experienced volunteers and/or professional experts help people overcome anxiety, panic and stress.We appreciated the inisitiavives of WAY
21/3/2020 16:50:54 Casey RaceCranbourne Australia Cancelled swimming lessons and self enforced personal space. No other notifications on website. Do they care?Nothing on website. Just swiming lessons cancelled and the sauna closedBe more communicative. Be more caring. Showing they taking this covid19 situation seriously! If going to keep running then up the cleaning hygiene of Changing rooms and all surfaces by 100 percent. Frustrated about lack of updated information from or about casey race. Last was 17 March it's now 22 March and things have changed like 4 metres personal space. Casey. Race advise 1.5 metres. They quick to get in touch if money issue. Covid19 is serious and we need to stop it not facilitate its spread. Please YMCA be a leader and a good example for us all.
22/3/2020 12:33:31YMCA ITALYROMEITALYWe had to stop activities and still waiting to check if we have to cancel Summer activities tooThe local associations are working to support their communitiesWe need to respect Governmental rules and share best practices between countries.Create an international fund raising campaign for all the countries which have been mostly affected like as Italy and in particularly the North Side of the country which has the most numbers of sicks and dead (we haven't enough masks for doctors and nurses + life support machines + medical equipments). For our country the fund raised could be donates to the Italian Civil protection or directly to the Hospitals.Maybe we can create a common platform for our youth worldwide where they can share. At the present time mental health is such a big problem too. When you are forced to stay at home for days, weeks and maybe months it's not easy for nobody.
22/3/2020 20:34:44National Council of YMCAs of JapanTokyo, Japan & All JapanJapanYMCAs all over Japan are forced to cancel or postpone the programs of wellness and sports programs, camp programs and any other programs which are large group gathering. Japanese language schools and other schools accepting students overseas takes measures carefully regarding the travel and visas, health conditions and so on based on the information from government and embassy.
Most of the meetings are changed to on-line meetings and some of the staff are doing telecommuting.
・As formal schools are closed, we expand the after-school programs.
・Some YMCA provide on-line wellness excercise delivery.
・Information sharing among all YMCAs in Japan. We set up the sharing website and update everyday in each field of programs.NCYJ delivers the necessary message on the website titled "YMCA accompanies children and families to protect their lives and lives Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19" on March 19, targeting to the program participants to let them know that YMCA is always supporting children and families, especially during this period, support children who are forced not to go to schools by providing after-school programs.
22/3/2020 20:57:41Sokthea PhayLong BeachUnited States of America- Our association was closed on Friday, March 20, after the Governor of California issued a stay-at-home order effective from March 19 at 11:59pm.
- Many staff have been informed to be laid off, hours reduced and employment status to be changed effective from Monday, March 23, 2020.
1- Our Community Development team still is providing case management for families in crisis to get food and supplies from different locations via phone. While assisting individuals and families with different needs by phone, our team checks on their mental health and well-being by providing Mental Health First Aid as needed to reduce the level of anxiety and fear that can lead to severe depression, self-harm and suicide.

2- Our NAWC programs and services were still being provided up until March 18. One March 18, the Community Development branch was able to secure one hundred boxes of hygiene items, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, art and school supplies, books and toys for our communities (infants, toddlers, teens and seniors) in crisis. Our plan was to distribute these items to 425 families beginning on March 19 at the Community Development branch. Unfortunately, now our distribution plan is on hold until further notice due to the statewide stay-at-home order.

3- Based on the needs from families and individual, we are providing Application Assistance by phone as follows:

- Unemployment, Social Supplemental Income (SSI) for senior aged 65 or people with disability, CalFresh (money to buy food), CalWorks (Cash for children under 18 year of age), Cash Aid for Immigrants (CAPI), and General Relief (GR) for homeless individuals.

- Internet Access: Online course assistance, access to internet and computer lab, and referral to free and/or affordable internet

- Crisis Intervention: Legal referrals, housing and eviction, support for most vulnerable populations, and help completing the census
Emergency Relief Fund
23/3/2020 2:45:56YMCA SidernoSidernoItalyThe YMCA Siderno is closed since 9th March, so there is no way for all the staff, volunteer and young people to get to the YMCA. For this reason, and following the rules that the government is giving, we can only work, in the area where is possible, from home (smart working). This situation is reducing a lot the income of the YMCA and blocking many of our activities, like basketball, child care and after school program, that we deliver daily.As YMCA we are working using the digital platform offered from Google ( Google for non profit) to connect our young people. We launched the Digital YMCA after school where we support all the young people for free during the day with homework and other. We are opening gradually to all the young people in the community. We are working with primary and secondary school students and we already create 3 digital classes.YMCA will never die, even if a huge change will happen, we will find a way to keep delivering activity and support young people, in any way possible.I think the World YMCA can start partnership with big digital company, like google or microsoft, to increase the support for NGOs, so every YMCA can use digital tool to deliver activities.
23/3/2020 3:04:34YMCA MadagascarAntananarivo - Antsirabe - Moramanga - Manjakandriana - Carion - Tuléar - Fort/DauphinMadagascarMadagascar has just confirmed cases of Corona Virus 3 days ago. And just today Our president has just announced that case has four times increased. YMCA Madagascar with support from volunteers has worked for education - and communication around COVID-19. Communication and education around COVID-19 has been a challenge in the country as only people from Urban area that has access to information was been reached. YMCA Madagascar worked with volunteers to spread the education in remote area. In order to make the priority for the wellbeing of the staffs and volunteers - YMCA Madagascar put in place a system that facilitate access to hand-washing facilities - sanitizer in our Youth Power Space centerAs the cases has already confirmed and the spreading in Madagascar, we are working on education and communication in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. Mainly the instructions from government to stop social gathering - stay at home and others important information. We also distribute materials (masks - sanitizer -...) for young people volunteers - for them to protect themselves and their community.YMCA has already been there in every issues that the world faced before (World Wars...) and we can play role to used young people to be the agent of change. 1- we have to work with young people in order to sensitize community to follow the important rules to stop the spread of the virus (even just for the little gesture) 2- advocate for better access to treatement for vulnerable people 3- using our resources to support the most vulnerable.We need to have further financial resources to supply basics materialswe need to stay as the big youth family
23/3/2020 4:10:43Munich YMCAMunichGermanyAll programs are closed, Our Hotel is closed. Many of our Staff are in Home office, some still work at the YMCA venueWe are starting initiatives to support the neighborhood in our communities (for example groceries for elderly people who cannot leave) we are trying to offer space in our YMCA building for medical staff of 3 hospitals that are close to the YMCA venue. We are praying for our communitiesLet us continue to trust God and look for opportunities how we can serve the need of the people who are effected in this crisis. That is our Mission. We are producing Videos for children programs for our Children and youth clubs. They are in German. Thank you World YMCA for this helpful initiative.
23/3/2020 5:24:19YMCA ScotlandEdinburghScotlandWe have closed our office and all visits / meetings to local YMCAs.We are organising online meetings and group gatherings for local YMCAs to share practice and practical suggestionsWe thought that many YMCAs would need to let staff go, but the UK government has offered 80% funding to retain staff, which is a real lifeline here for employers and staffIdeas for online conferencing and large gatherings. How to support young people with very little access on data - who used free wifi in community places, cafes, bars etc that are no longer availableNone right now
23/3/2020 6:30:08AFRICA ALLIANCE OF YMCAs NAIROBI KENYA Confinement ordered by government involved cancellation of all planned meetings, activities with public interaction and those related to travels. Most of staff assigned to teleworking, which is very challenging given the technological challenge within the country (frequent power - cut; slow but expensive internet, etc...). Some staff asked to take leaves, particularly those who are not assigned on telework. Coping strategies to be set in place particularly for the economic and financial implications. Closer Monitoring with National Movements which are themselves running almost the same situation of confinement, telework and facing the same technological challenges, preparing for an upcoming economic and financial implications. Supporting African YMCAs to raise public awareness, particularly for young people; coordinated and aligned IEC and Advocacy campaigns with National Movements, monitoring situations in african countries, and regular exchange with National Movements. Close cooperation with Government of each of the NM country. Getting right information timely. Information on how different YMCAs are dealing with the situation. Rapid impact assessment tools - Coping strategy
23/3/2020 6:47:38YMCA National - New Zealand Porirua New Zealand We are all working from home & finding creative & engaging ways to continue to do our work & support others. Evolving everyday. Identifying ways that are realistic & relevant to those communities, whilst keeping everyone safe & connected. That we are all connected, this virus spreads shows that & how important it is to keep connected, be compassionate & kind to each other. For me personally, ideas & resources that are about connecting with young people via social media & digital technology. Kia kaha - stay strong YMCA family/Whanau
23/3/2020 7:13:05YMCA of LebanonBeirutLebanonCOVID 19 forced a change of work hours. 8 am to 1 pm ( instead of 4 pm). Staff now come to the offices in two shifts ( day on day off). staffing is enough to continue the services. New measurements were taken to protect the staff. ( masks, sanitizers). A glass seperator was built at the medical department to visitors from having close contact with the staff.YMCA continues to provide medications for chronic diseases nation wide. In addition, we started an awareness program on the COVID 19 prevention. It is funded by the World Health Organization. The awareness targets more than 900 medical centers all over Lebanon and will be conducted on line and distributed through memory sticks and over the what's app.Unless it is absolutely very urgent, do not go out. Work from home if possible. Keep your faith strong. COVID 19 will eventually pass.
23/3/2020 9:23:37Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY)Hong Kong, SARChinaAffected very much. All the planned regional meetings as well as overseas travel to visit National YMCAs were postponed until after July. APAY ECM was postponed to 1st through 3rd July, but it is uncertain whether we can hold it in Hong Kong as scheduled. There is high possibility for the ECM to be held by Zoom during the same period. APAY, as regional body, is missioned to support NMs in our region. We are trying to keep contact with our NMs for information & resource sharing, to identify any urgent need for resiliance of NMs, and try to connect with possible/potential resources to help meet the needs. We also try to connect between WAY and NMs for more effective response to the Covid-19 pandemic.We think it is important to share each country's situation frequently and regularly. We need to learn from each other any good practices or policies in effectively coping with the Covid-19. And in the spirit of solidarity and mutual support, we are required to take care of struggling YMCAs - either financially or otherwise - so that all the NMs can be resiliant in an equitable manner. In this urgent emergency situation, any resources, materials deemed useful in operating YMCA should be shared, circulated and exchanged. We may use the WAY resource library to be a platform for gathering the resources/materials. As the Covid-19 continues to spread all over the world, an urgent and relevant strategy at global level should be developed and implemented, not losing a golden time for action. It is high time (or Kairos time) for all the NMs, Areas and World Alliance to put into practice the norm "radical collaboration" in combatting the Covid-19.
23/3/2020 9:39:54YMCA GHANAACCRAGhana All our schools, hostels and halls has been closed. All our other programmes and projects have been stopped since it would require more than 25 people gathering, which due to the COVID-19 situation is against the law recently passed by our government for public gatherings. We are currently doing online education through our social media platforms. We also have asked all our centers to share the advocacy material created by the AAYMCA as a way of creating awareness on how to prevent being infected with the COVID-19. We believe the social distance, especially people staying at home and more importantly observing strictly the protocols on prevention shared by the W.H.O is key to us contributing to stopping the pandemic. I believe more IED materials would be very helpful. For us again, any guidelines on how to manage such situations in terms of taking care of our staff and members (volunteers). Ghana has not got the experience in managing such major pandemics and any strategy for managing such situations within the YMCA as well as how to respond in the communities would be very useful to YMCA Ghana.
23/3/2020 11:31:33YMCA PeruLimaPeruLas actividades se han suspendido. Venimos trabajando en casa buscando medios para seguir conectados con nuestros participantes.Prepara material virtual para estudiantes de colegios, rutinas físicas en vídeos y transmisión en vivo, actividades recreativas para hacer en casa, llamadas telefónicas y mensajes por correo y redes sociales.Las normas de higiene y prevención de contagio. Canales de comunicación e indicación de las acciones compartidas para actuar en conjunto y recibir apoyo mutuo de las fortalezas de cada una.Herramientas virtuales. El Whastapp, zoom o plataforma de Google funcionan bien.Tiempo de oración, tiempo espiritual o gesto que podamos compartir.
23/3/2020 14:14:01YMCA SenegalDakarSenegalAll our activities, especially the implementation of projects, school and sports activities are at a standstill. All that remains is the administrative work at the office level. In the coming days, with the restrictive measures that the government could take, we will move in the direction of closing offices and favouring teleworking from home.In all regions where the YMCA is present, meetings with health authorities have been held to participate in the response according to the strategy put in place by the government. YMCA volunteers are mobilized and equipped by the authorities to distribute hydro-alcoholic gel, soap and bleach bottles. Some of the volunteers are stationed at bus stations and entrances of some cities to take the temperatures of passengers and make them wash their hands. Finally, flayers are distributed to the population to raise awareness. The YMCA provided the authorities with its vehicles and sound equipment to tour certain neighbourhoods in the regions of Sédhiou, Ziguinchor and Kolda and to raise awareness among the population. Social media are also used to raise awareness.Volunteers must necessarily be protected if they are to participate in awareness-raising. At our YMCA, we have demanded such protection from the government.We are currently using the tools produced by the Government of Senegal, but also the one produced by Africa Alliance of YMCAs.
24/3/2020 0:35:23The National Council of YMCAs of IndiaNew DelhiIndiaIt disrupted normal operation, reduced participation, reduced revenue generation and affected regular programmes. Non essential staff has been asked to stay at home and adequate safety measures has been taken for essential services staff. Creating awareness through various ways. Communicating with YMCAs to take due precautions during this time of crisis.Need for accurate information on causes and prevention of this various. Ensuring of strict adherence of Government instruction.pictorial Awareness material that will eliminate translation to vernacular languages. Receiving information about what other YMCAs are doing.
24/3/2020 2:54:28MAKATI-YMCAMakati CityPhilippinesOur situation -
1. We cancelled all our youth programs and activities from March to April 2020
2. We had to close our Operations and Facilities (Basketball Court, Hostel and Fitness Gym). However, there are 68 guests at the Hostel who were stranded due to the suspension of the Mass Public Transport. Thus, we have now become a temporary Home for them and we are implementing strict home quarantine.
3. We have 6 YMCA staff who are also staying at the YMCA at the moment. They are serving the stranded guests keeping the facilities clean and sanitize
Our Response -
1. We launched an online information drive to keep our members and youth aware of the updates on COVID-19 and the safety measures to prevent it; reminding them of the guidelines on observing the strict home quarantine, proper cleaning and hygiene and social distancing measures.
2. We also conducted an awareness orientation to the stranded guests and imposed curfew hours and daily monitoring.
3. We are maintaining Skeletal Workforce, daily sanitizing the facilities.
4. Our Operations Committee (President, EVP, Treasurer and 2 Managers) is doing daily Teleconference on status of facilities, staff and guests.
5. We provided Financial Assistance to all the staff and trainees during the period of the Enhanced Community Quarantine
The Philippines is currently in a State of National Emergency, all Cities are on strict Enhanced Community Quarantine equivalent to a LOCKDOWN. All cities impose curfew hours from 8PM to 5AM. Buying food and medicine is allowed provided that the person has a quarantine pass. Mass public transport is suspended, only those with private cars can travel with permission from the national police. All YMCA's including ours belong to the establishments that are not allowed to operate, however due to some stranded guests, we had to have some staff stay and maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of facilities for everybody's safetyIf there is any learning tool or online platform to cope up with stress and anxiety, or to keep mental health healthy and physical and spiritual health active, this will be very helpful to share with our youth who are just at home for a long timeWe should also consider the safety and food security of our YMCA staff who have lost income due to the impact of the COVID19 in our operations
24/3/2020 7:53:13YMCA GermanyKasselGermanyMeetings and events
Where possible meetings were held as video conferences. All other personal meetings, gatherings and events are cancelled or postponed through April 19th . We decide step by step cancelling meetings in April/ May
The four guesthouses of YMCA Germany are closed and staff of the guesthouses had to be put on reduced time . Most of regional YMCA and local YMCA who run a hostel are struggeling.
International Volunteers
All international volunteers outside Europe had to be brought back to Germany during the last week. Due to limited air traffic, it was not easy to arrange flights for everyone. But since Saturday most are back home, eleven volunteers sent by City Network of YMCAs are still in Peru where all flights are cancelled. Some volunteers in Europe also decided to go back to Germany.
Counselling is offered to local and regional YMCAs.
Local YMCAs
Local YMCAs had to stop all programmes and close their houses. Schools are closed as well as Facilities of Child Care.
YMCA Germany started an Online Prayer Initiative via social media. Every evening at 21:21 we meet to pray online.
Many local and regional YMCAs started initiatives to support neighbours and elderly people. We are trying to connect this initiatives via #CVJMzuhause (YMCA at home ).
Devotions, common prayer, worship, services are started on local and regional level.
Zoom (for video conferences)The key areas of the YMCA, especially Health and Civiv Engagement suddenly have taken on a new dimension and have become even more important as topics - worldwide.
24/3/2020 11:37:42YMCA Grand BahamaFreeportBahamasAs of March 16th, 2020 the YMCA of Grand Bahama has closed it facility to all indoor and outdoor programmes. This has forced us to lay of 5 full time staff and 7 part time staff. The Country as of March 24th, 2020 are on 24 hours curfew until March 31st, 2020. At this time we are encouraging our members and staff to stay at home and utilize the internet to stay connected with updates, family and friends. The YMCA is also applying to the Bahamas National Insurance Board for lay off compensation for those who were laid off.To overcome this unbelievable circumstances we must continue to Pray, have faith and follow the advice from our various Governments and the W.H.O. Help that our YMCA can benefit from is the continued sharing from other YMCAs on how they are cooping with the various changes that we are subject to on a daily bases as the spread continues These are very scary times and I would encourage everybody to stay indoors to assist in stopping the spread of COVID-19.
24/3/2020 15:26:10YMCA PeruLima, Arequipa & TrujilloPeruAll programmes and services are not providing care. Some workers are facing this compulsory social isolation through remote work. Government of Peru took serious decisions 8 days ago.Schools of our Y have provide a virtual platforrm for students. Some resources are shared virtually (routines, mental health tips, spiritual guide). Social programmes (for people un poverty) provide physchological contaiment for registered users trihrough cellphones, grocery delivery (children under 5 who fight against malmutrition) and financial aid for LGBT people.We are not alone. Creativity must be ON. We have to change actual mind and create new possibilities for near future! We can always be connected!We develop our own material. We can share!Pray for us and for the entire world!
25/3/2020 3:09:00YMCA Romania FederationBaia MareRomaniaWe suspended/closed all our activities in our community, and we moved it in online. Our spaces are rented or given in partnership with public institutions, so from this point of view there is not a big challenge.We need it to re-calibrate our programs and projects according with the partial - and from today - 25th Marc-) total lock-down of the country. Therefore we moved in online doing digital youth work. Unfortunately , we cannot continue our social program in the foster care houses and apartments as the public authorities forbid any types of group activities.As I said we moved our support in the digital world, doing digital youth work: we use Facebook groups, Discord YMCA server , watch2gether, zoom, etc in order to engage young people sharing info about the situation, talking about how they perceive what is happening, how it affects them and their families, how they handle the lock down , about thoughts and emotions , sharing about their interests( books, games, movies), watching together short movies, doing peer to peer education on SDGs ( we started , at their proposal, with SDG 11 ) and they are brainstorming with ideas about actions that can be implemented toward supporting SDGs in nowadays context. Basically our youth workers propose many subjects but at the end the young people choose according with their interests.
Moreover, we decided to create a separate platform on our YMCA Discord server about fake news, the young people being bombed every day with a lot of news will start to verify if it is correct or not, developing critical thinking but also gathering news that are not correct/manipulative taking advantage of the population and we will send those links to the Romanian authority to start legal procedure.
Through our specialized colleagues, we provide online sport exercises that can be done at home, using the equipment that we have in house, knowing that physical activities bring a good state of mind as supports the well being.
One of our local member association started to offer to the large public webinars on well being and for the teachers and educators webinars about the online tools they can use to reach their students and do online schooling.
We are as well exploring the opportunity and our capacity to support the public authorities ( since today 25th is total lock down in Romania) with volunteers that will do the shopping and bring food to the elderly people that are not allowed to go in the streets. It is a matter to support our community partnering with the authorities but as well of being able to provide and ensure that all the protection measure are put in practice to be able to maintain the health of our volunteers and do not put them in high risk.
Truly believe that we need to to stay engage with our young people that we serve, to keep them close to the Y, to work for their well being and to start thinking out of the box on how we can do that.
As well, to keep contact with the authorities and other stakeholders and find ways to support together the communities.
we use the resources and the materials available about digital youth work on Salto Tools Box,,, etc, and many online tools for communications.-
25/3/2020 3:24:42Ethiopia YMCAAddis AbabaEthiopia1) Ethiopia YMCA has closed its public facilities, including two nursery schools, one alternative basic education school, two Gym centers (Addis Ababa and Bahiradar), two TVET centers. Almost, all training programs have been postponed.
2) the organization has canceled its General assembly and GOP meetings after all arrangements made.
3) The movement is at risk of decrease its annual funding and delay of fund transfer, which will put the organization to cut-down program size and possible risk to cover administrative cost including salary.
4) 70 percent managerial and technical staff are being ordered to work from home.
In the last two weeks, the movement has been participating in the public awareness and some social services:
- we provide sanitizes for disadvantaged family in Child Center Addis (CCA)
- Sanitary / Hand Wash Campaign and service in Bahirar and Mekle YMCA.
- Roadshow message/ public service annuncemnt in Addis Ketema YMCA (Addis Ababa).
First and foremost, this pandemic affects all people around the world. This is a call for solidarity, love and compassion one another.

Second, Africa like Ethiopia, as a most populated, low economic , poor health facilities and infrastructures, we remain more vulnerable in the coming days, weeks, months, may be for year. We call upon all YMCAs around the world to stand together to show solidarity and support for the most vulnerable countries like Ethiopia.

Third, Our movement is at high financial risk as the result of budget delay, cut due to the situation. We call upon World Alliance YMCA to work hard to mobilize resources, fund to support YMCAs like Ethiopia to survive in the short term.
Strategic tools for Financial planning and resource mobilization during the Crisis. Thank You
25/3/2020 3:49:38YMCA TransylvaniaClujRomaniaWe had to postpone all of our programs and activities. Our staff is working from home. We are keeping in touch on facebook, zoom and other online tools. We manage to organise our local groups to help the old people with doing the shopping and bring them everything to home. We are posting on our facebook reinforcing verbs.Keep in touch.Online tools.
25/3/2020 4:26:36YMCA of HKHong Kong Hong Kong Cutting staff of YMCA of Hong Kong. The staffs are strongly committed to YMCA and some of them even took part in APAY programs and coordinating services trip to other less-advantaged countries in Asia Pacific. They are not even doing more but doing less for the community. The bad temper, untrusted attitude to subordinate and dictatorship of Mr Peter Ho destroyed the brand name of YMCA. Please tell Mr Peter Ho he needs to apologise for his wrong decision and resign.
25/3/2020 5:20:47YMCA KosovoGjakovaKosovoWe have closed all 6 YMCA centers and our income generating programs 2 charity shops on the 13th of March. All our operation beside the charity shops everything else has been transferred in online work from home.1.After all our centers are close our youth workers have started to transfer every program/ session in to online format. We have upgraded zoom and now over 600 young people (which are our members also) are participating in more than 40 different education sessions (leadership traning, TenSing/art program, peace training between communities, etc)
By next week or two we expect to reach up to 1200 youth the same number we had in our centers.
We are also in partnership with UNICEF opening more free online training programs for other young people in Kosovo this could send the number even higher.
2. Our Camp Pjetershan accommodation houses since they are 95% finished just need to finalize/connect the water from outside to the building and are ready for use.
We have offered the local government in Gjakova in "worse" case the local hospitals get overwhelmed with infected people they can use Camp Pjetershan as a hospital and quarantine isolated in the forest. This was share with the mayor of the city. We hope it will not happen but looking at the Italy case which is very close to us we have to be prepared for the worse.
I think this has tested our model of work and if we can think on how we can learn from this is the question of "Is our model of work ready for the new world situations"?. I think it is necessary to have reserves for each YMCA at list for 3 months to keep staff, have a hybrid model of self sustainable and rely partially on out side funding from government or foundations. To not be 100% one type as it can challenge us in un-predicted way For the moment we feel we are not in red line. As most of our staff is hired from different sources and we are secured until June, and than will start having a bit of trouble to keep some of the staff if the situation does not change. How can we help each other? and maybe share best examples in this situation so other YMCA can re-model their work in online format to make sure we are close to our members and community. The pressure is at all NGSs and now than never we need support in helping those who are struggle to hold on now and hope for better.
26/3/2020 1:41:08YMCA IndonesiaJakartaIndonesiaAlmost all of our activities were stopped because our activities were done together in the orphanages, nursing homes and other activities.We have not been able to replace it with an online system, because activities are carried out in small towns and villages that are limited in Human ResourcesThere is a local YMCA here that has a sewing group assisted. They received orders for masks around 3000pcs and they work from their home. There is a possibility that there will be more ordersStrengthening and sharing information in regard to learn from the YMCA that continues to carry out activities in the community amid the COVID 19 outbreak would be very goodWe didn't identify yet, we will discuss it internally Keep calm and strengthen each other through prayer, it's important.
26/3/2020 3:26:56Helsinki YMCAHelsinkiFinlandRestrictions by government and local authorities have been our guideline during this time. Public spaces are closed and meetings with over 10 people are prohibited, all recreational activities (such as sports) are also advised against. In practice, we have essentially closed all our facilities until further notice and thus, most activities are not in practice physically. As school is still open for grades 1-3, our afternoon clubs are still open but the number of kids has dropped as most families aim to home school as per national guidelines. Most of our other staff is either working remotely or taking a voluntary leave. For youth activities and project work, online meetings and activities have been increasing and there has been plenty of new innovations in working with youth online. We are checking in with our communities regularly and asking them what is needed. We are offering guidance in personal situations as well as in using new technologies and tools during this time. Chat rooms, online conferences and trainings and virtual meetings are a norm now. Social media has a big role as we are able to connect with many people through our platforms. Overall, we remain cool and strong, as we aim to share correct information and take time in explaining and sharing our insight in this situation. It is important for us to remain as a safe space for anyone to come forward with their concerns or needs.Youth is very much online already and this is our chance to learn and create new ways to be accessible and approachable in environments that are very comfortable for youth. Even though the situation is serious, it is still an opportunity for innovation as well. We could all use a sense of unity in this, and reading the other responses have been comforting. A space for sharing experiences between similar associations could be useful. We could definitely learn a great deal from each other in this time.
26/3/2020 10:22:33YMCA Co. Armagh Northern Ireland A creation of complete shut down and uncertainty amongst the community but the YMCA Portadown are working tirelessly to maintain contact with young people through creative and digital means. There are food banks to support vulnerable families in the community and constant dialogue in place to share ideas and establish connections with the service users. The implementation of these ideas are in motion and shared through all social media platforms. Parents and Guardians are made aware of all resources available in terms of home education and activities for families. Unity and fortitude is important as communities come together. The continuation of dialogue and communication is vital to support the needs of all service users until this unprecedented test of our times is overcome. The staff at the YMCA Portadown have various skills and talents and are unequivocally super creative in what they do. All resources will be shared for the benefit of a better society overall. N/A
26/3/2020 10:28:46YMCA PortadownPortadownNorthern IrelandWe have had to close our youth centre which ultimately means our face to face youth work has stopped.We are currently distributing food parcels for the elderly and vulnerable people in our community. We are attempting to engage with families and young people over social media and online.We are all in this together and should be available to support each other where and when is possible.If you have a registered charity number, there are alot of great resources like Canva and Zoom that give you free access to their full service.
26/3/2020 11:00:46PortadownGraigavonN.IrelandIt has effected it as children's after schools club drop in etc had to stop the gsl team has stopped but using zoom they keep in context with the leaders to catch up have a bit of banter and do games the leaders are putting up notices on the ym a face book pageThe ymca at present are giving out food supplies to the elderly the house bound and those with financial problems there have been kind donations food etc from around the ymca location shops public etcFor them to keep safe and think of ways to help the community in a safe secure wayFood donations access to internet so to keep those whose kids go to ymca updated or needing information with school work etc some kids although may not have iPads or laptops or even up to date mobile phones Just that portadown ymca have a great team in whom the communitie trust and appreciate they are fantastic with the kids and the kids love them they put on great activities which help both kids and their parents they help motivate and build confidence to get kids to work together just brilliant
26/3/2020 11:41:01Zambia, eastern,lundazi YMCALundaziZambiaOur project has been suspendedKeeping chicken broilers and layers for the communityCo-operation and protect our selves from covid 19Just to empower youths with different projects e.g computers, library things, etcLet's make sure to clean our places so that we can protect ourselves from Corona virus
26/3/2020 11:41:44YMCA ESPAÑAGetafeEspañaHemos tenido que cerrar todos los centros y programas de YMCA. Estamos realizando teletrabajo para que nuestras familias sigan teniendo nuestro apoyo. Además, estamos creando nuevos proyectos para conseguir que los financiadores, sigan poniendo sus recursos económicos.Llamamos y escribimos por email a las familias. Las familias nos cuentan que necesiten y nosotros intentamos conseguir esos recursos para apoyarlas (alimento, pago de la factura de la luz, agua, actividades, ejercicios para que hagan los niños de deberes, dar clases online, etc...)Que deben transmitir a todas las familias lo peligroso que puede llegar a ser salir de casa. En España cada vez es más complicado controlar esta pandemia.Facilitar equipos de teletrabajo a todos los trabajadores, alimentos para entregar a nuestras familias, etc..Hay que fomentar que nadie salga de casa hasta que se controle el virus. Dejad de hacer caso a los líderes políticos y empezad a hacerle caso a la Organización Mundial de la Salud que es quien de verdad sabe.
26/3/2020 12:39:28Lundazi YMCA Local Association, Zambia.CHIPATA ZambiaThe local association s affected negatively as we wrote activities to do and due to the pandemic, we don't meet nor implement them. Lundazi YMCA is busy carrying out a sensitization program to help the town resist the Covid 19 by educating them on the does and donts It is important that every YMCA take part in educating the community in order to stay safe and home, also the practice of washing hands regularly with soap and the use of hand sanitizer
Transport to enable us reach more people, protective clothes as we go in community
The things to donate eg hand sanitizer and mask kits
Our local association is ready to help prevent this though in need of transport and materials required.
26/3/2020 13:23:27YMCA Camp TakatokaTulsaUnited StatesAll branches are shut down. We are waiting to hear if summer camp will be shut down. Providing emergency food programs EVERYTHING!!
27/3/2020 0:39:38YMCA East JeusalemPalestineThe center in Beit Sahour and Ramallah was shut down due to emergency orders of the prime minister to contain the spread of the corona virus. All staff had to accept taking 50% of their salaries as of April 2020 until end of May, after which not sure where funds will come from.
We are posting workout videos online for our members and the community at large can exercise while at home for lockdown. The videos are between 10-15 minutes and they target the entire family, from the toddlers to the grandparents.
The center in Jerusalem was shut down due to emergency orders of the government of Israel, to contain the spread of the corona virus. All staff agreed to go on unpaid leave to relieve the organization of the salary burden, since the state of Israel will compensate up to 70% of salaries. The staff did this move to ensure that enough funds will be available to pay the salaries of staff in the west bank.
In addition, they had to accept taking 50% of their salaries as of April 2020 until end of May, after which not sure where funds will come from.

We were obliged to work from home and use internet for communication among the staff. one international delegation was cancelled and two others were postponed to further notice. the youth activities were suspended as a preventive measure. communications and visits to local organizations was also affected. field visits to the Beneficiaries of the programs were also suspended. the staff has collected all the records and materials needed to work from Home. staff meetings are held online.
Stopped all face to face interventions with young people, no vocational rehabilitation or training, no academic services offered, counseling is conducted online as much as possible. All of us are working from home. Online services are intensively used, meetings consultations and supervisions are done using internet or telephone. Promotional and awareness raising materials and publications are produced in different shapes. No residential services are provided. Guest house is closed.
We are currently working from home. We are assessing with the communities how we can help them to respond in their communities by identifying their capacities and needs.
The vocational training center is an educational organization. All of our activities were stopped because of this pandemic. However, connections with the private sector were made in order to connect our student into training within the industry, but now after the curfew no one is able to go out of the house. Moreover, we are part of many supporting networks at Jericho area and the Jordan valley so we are always connected with others when any help needed.
Sent out a call to the community of Ramallah, Jerusalem and Jericho and were able to collect emergency provisions to support Bethlehem as it was the hardest hit by the virus and under lockdown since March 5th. Packages containing basic foods, household cleaners, personal hygiene, and toiletries. The idea is to give food so people stay indoors and don't go out. They have household cleaning products to keep their environment clean. Plenty of soap and shampoo to maintain personal hygiene and help fight the virus. This reduces emphasis on sanitizers that are being exploited in the local market.

YMCA volunteers in Beit Sahour, also part of the municipal emergency team, identified the need for food and sanitation after two weeks of quarantine. The staff have bravely been packaging goods and distributing them to Bethlehem and Beit Jala as well as Beit Sahour.

Re-designing our services to be online and through virtual communication tools. Helping staff, beneficiaries and community at large to deuce their panic and the psychosocial impact of the movement restrictions, fears and worries on their psychological status. Help in highlighting the importance of including the marginalized groups and their care givers into the emergency response plans. Networking with other organizations to find ways of supporting communities.

We are sending awareness messages and videos to be uploaded on the PG facebook pages.
the VTC is part of the local community in the refugee camp so we can offer some vegetables to the neighbors from our eco far. In addition to connecting with our students and staff through the social media to give them energy and counseling.
The YMCA has always honored salaries irrespective of tough financial conditions. Today, the staff realize that it is their chance to give back to the Y and the community by sharing the load. This is a win-win situation for the Y and staff - we keep all staff and they sacrifice some income to ensure all remain employed.

Information about the global impact of this Pandemic

the YMCAs responses to COVID19

the different needs of different countries so as to do some advocacy work with the WHO and the UN for intervention and support

Information about the researched on the vaccine production and its availability, so ad to do advocacy work on the need to make this available for free for the infected people

Measures taken to secure them from the spreading of the virus among them. And they should pay all efforts possible to prevent spreading the virus among the Palestinian Women and adults’ prisoners, if they are not releasing them.

Israeli military and security operations never stopped against Palestinian children and adults, arrests are still taking place, kids and their families are so afraid from the possible spreading of the virus within the Palestinian homes when the Israeli Soldiers and security forces break into the Palestinians’ homes.

The income of the most marginalized groups is almost stopped, caring about the poor people should be a high priority in Palestine.

Israel is using the poverty of the Palestinians and their dear need to get income, to keeping the Israeli economy functioning, they offer very poor living conditions for them, and when they discover potential infection of any worker, they through them into Palestinian territories instead of taking them to the hospitals.

Continue supporting the salaries of the staff is in the core of the efforts to reduce the impact of the crisis on the community, and to enable the people to keep designing ways of intervention and support, to the young people and to their communities.

This is a global crisis; we need to make sure that the YMCA members and staff are helpful and supporters to the measures taken in each country to limit the spread of the virus. And make sure to send similar messages to our communities. It seems that carelessness and ignorance will worsen the situation mainly in poor health system countries.

We can empower each other by being connected.
Funds to pay salaries during crisis

Illustration books,



Stories of infected people

Assisting the YMCA to develop their online services, and enable them to have equipment and programs to serve the use of the online services in their operations

Offering financial, medical, food and nonfood items would be with great help to the YMCA to continue serving its mission.

Producing special audio-visual materials to help the steadfastness and the restoration of hope of the individuals, families and communities is with great value

Organizing prayers, virtually involving mass groups would be with help

Awareness raising family videos.

Stress relief videos.

direct cash to communities.

Any online information that could motivate us to finds new tools to help our communities
WAY as a huge Global youth movement can play a great role in defending the lives of people by calling the UN and the WHO to support the countries who have limited access to medicine and health supplies and services. this is a great opportunity for the Global YMCA movement to take the lead in this respect.
27/3/2020 2:50:24Soweto YMCA Johannesburg South Africa All physical contact, travel and program has been suspended, we have since resorted to having online communication. YMCA's in South Africa are working to provide health care services for the aged by doing house-calls.
Under lock down guidelines we are not allowed to have any physical activities. Therefore we have began an online campaign to engage young people in various activities during the lock down, for instance online camps, watch parties and challenges.
By #Staying at home and following health regulations we can beat this pandemic. The YMCA in South Africa needs online content to keep young people engaged. And more educational tools for young people. For example Ted talks, online short courses, such as the change Agent learning platform. N/A
27/3/2020 5:15:59YMCA BelarusBrestBelarusYMCA Belarus had to cancel all off-line activities in April and May and we are waiting what will happen to take decisions about summer camps. Nevertheless, the staff and Board is going on to working online. Besides, we have already run a first part of the Leader School training online. We realized that we have to learn more how to run online trainings. Due to our internal anti-crisis measures, we are moving most of our educational activity online. It's important to stay connected to the World and support each other activities.It could be very helpful to get materials how to run online training and workshops. Moreover, perhaps there are any ideas how to use online games for motivation and education of YMCA volunteers and leaders.
27/3/2020 8:12:33YMCA of LiberiaMonrovia, LiberiaLiberiaLiberia has had 3 confirmed cases and the Government has declared a health emergency. Schools, religious centers, training facilities and entertainment centers are all closed. There is a ban on any gathering of more than 10 people and meetings of groups less than 10 must observe a space of atleast 6feet between two people.

In line with this, the YMCA has asked most of its staff to work from home, with few staff going to office. Our activity centers have been closed and all of our social enterprise activities are closed. Project activities that do not involve gatherings are on hold and each activity is being accessed to ensure that it meets all guidelines and safety protocol, before being implemented. We have halted all travels (internally and externally) and have taken the preventive health measures at our offices.
The YMCA continues to support communities through our project activities and branch leadership. Staff and volunteers have been trained on the key messages and are using IEC materials to deliver these messages to communities. Young facilitators that were trained under projects to work in the areas of employment and Peacebuilding have all been redeployed to do health promotion in their communities.

The YMCA is continuing one of its activities, 'The Community Leaders Forum,' which brings together key leaders of the community to brainstorm on issues affecting the community and how they can be addressed. The focus of this group has shifted to Corona prevention and response. We are also active on coordination platforms at local and national levels, engaging with Government and other civil society actors on coordinated response and resource mobilization for awareness initiatives.
It is important for each YMCA to find a way to play a meaningful role in the campaign against Corona. The closure of YMCA centers should not mean the closure of YMCAs. Awareness initiatives online, in-person or through the media should be encouraged. We can also avail our personnel and spaces for response and recovery efforts or support the fight in innovative ways. It is also important that YMCA leaders engage with local and national level authorities so that we can be visible at those levels.We would appreciate more IEC materials (posters, audios, videos) and sharing of information on best practices by YMCAs, per region.Let's do this together. We shall overcome!!!!!
27/3/2020 8:31:11YMCA SpainNational YMCASpainAll our YMCA centers (22) are closed at the moment. Our residential programs (foster homes for minors, youth housing and refugees program) are in operations as they are 24/7 programs.
We manage to have most of our staff to work remotely, providing 350 remote working positions. Therefore, a lot of our programs are still running in "digital methodology".
We have started an open virtual camp (campamento en casa) program run mostly by volunteers, with an unexpected high number of followers.
We have a growing concern regarding summer programas, specially those that are international.
At this point, all funders have kept their commitment with the programs, but we could expect changes in the coming weeks.
Therefore, our level of employment has not suffered any change at this moment.
We have a big effort to make sure that all our beneficiaries understand the situation and the health and legal risks of not following the rules. We also have mapped the situation for the most vulnerable ones, collecting information about how it has affected their income and the young people and kids routines, specially those related to education.We are learning and reflecting a lot during these days, and portably will improve how we relate to our beneficiaries, how we collect and hpw we update information. The is a lot of possibilities of becoming much more efficent after this.We know this situation is going to affect a lot of YMCA deeply. Although it is a tough task, there should be some kind of actions focused on collecting the impact and recovery. Area level is crucial for this.
27/3/2020 8:48:05YMCA IQUIQUE Iquique ChileChileCierre de sede y atención de programas sociales Participando en comités locales para el desarrollo de estrategias y acciones de apoyo a la comunidadProtocolos de comportamiento y autocuidadoventiladores e insumos hospitalarios de protección equipos de saludSolo la solidaridad y humildad no ayudarar a salir de esta crisis¡¡¡
27/3/2020 9:13:19YMCA of MACAUMACAUCHINAIn compliance with Macau S.A.R. Government’s measures on COVID-19 epidemic prevention, YMCA of Macau suspended the member and community services, reschedule programs and cancel events in order to refrain the people from gathering while keeping residential care center operate as usual. During these challenging times, we have moved the services fully online. For instance, arrange online Board Meeting and staff meeting, widely disseminate the required preventive measures recommended by the Government and WHO via social media platform, share efficient coping strategies for public to manage emotional difficulties in this occasion via social channels, initiate interactive online posts for the public to share and inspire others to stay think positive, set up hotline of school counseling services and phone call follow-up services to provide home training advice for SEN students, and so forth. YMCA of Macau works closely with Government to collectively assess the epidemic development in the community, coordinate the guidelines of compensating activities for the affected service users, strengthen intensive cleaning and disinfection measures to all facilities and venues to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus, keep the residential care center service operate as usual to protect the residents in the center. YMCA of Macau also place massive efforts to provide online services and remote services to support the affected service users (e.g. hotline for school counseling, follow-up phone calls for SEN students to practice home training, promotion and dissemination the relevant preventive measures recommended by the Government and WHO, encourage critical assessment of the developing situation based on facts, share efficient coping strategies and interactive posts to inspire the public to stay positive via social media platforms). This is the time for us to show our connectedness and solidarity to support each other as a family to stand together against the coronavirus challenge. As face-to-face service is temporarily not available, online and remote services become the common practice to stay connect with service users and community. This implies that Innovation and Creativity in service play a critical role in serving our community during these challenging situations to overcome the physical constraints or boundaries. The staffs of YMCA of Macau have made promotional posters for disseminating the preventive measures on the coronavirus, coping strategies for public to manage emotional difficulties, interactive positive word posts for local use.
27/3/2020 13:54:56Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor CenterAugusta, MIUnited StatesWe have shut down all traditional operations. We are serving as a food distribution site, a blood donation site, and preparing meals to be distributed across our area, making 1,000 meals a day.Evolve to serve what your community needs, even if it isn't something you normally do.Guidance and understanding of laws/bills that are passed through our government and how they effect us.
27/3/2020 19:15:06YMCA d'HaitiPort-au-PrinceHaitiYMCA d'Haiti is closed. 4 Seniors staff members are working from home. All other employees were sent home with salary for two months.For the last month, YMCA d'Haiti did run information sessions in 10 communities in Haiti. We facilitate 2 seminars for 30 young leaders. Asocial media platform was created to exchange government and health specialists information about how to cope with COVID-19.We should all listen to the young leaders and give them the opportunities to help the neediest at time like this where one questions its mission and role in the community. Hygiene kits, vitamins and food items for the emergency. Distant learning capacities for the aftermath! The world as we know it is being changed in all its compartments before our eyes. I invite to stay focus and while fighting the virus, get ready to seize new opportunities that will inevitably raise after the war.
27/3/2020 20:28:55Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes del PerúLimaPerúSe han parado las actividades en sede. Sin embargo, se promueve a través de internet la comunicación manteniendo el contacto con los socios, suscriptores y voluntarios. Así mismo, brindando alternativas para realizar en casa.Sigue realizando las campañas para dar alimento a los más vulnerables.Se debería crear una sola base virtual a nivel regional así todas las personas de diversas edades tienen más opciones y conozcan del movimiento mundial.Reuniones entres sedes por áreas y a nivel regional. Para generar mayores ideas.
27/3/2020 21:51:30Cagayan de Oro YMCA Inc.Cagayan de Oro CityPhilippinesWe have to limit out time going to the office and to the community because we're not allowed to do anything outside and has to defer project implementations due to this pandemic.We are currently on procurement of stuff to help our frontliners specially our health workers. We plan to donate PPEs for them to enable them to also help those who are affected in this pandemic. Our city was declared by the region to hold and take charge those who are affected by COVID19 with that, we have to support our health workers that they may be able to sustain this. Also, we are having an online consultation for those who are experiencing anxiety and depression because of the pandemic in as much as we take care of our physical health we also take good care of our mental health. I guess its the YMCA itself. What I mean is.. in this present time what os important is the YMCA should be able to stand and be visible in the community where it is situated. And TRUSTING THE LORD IN WHATEVER WE ARE DOING FOR OUR COMMUNITY AND WITH HIM WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!Everyone is on the digital world. I guess the most important tool this time is the internet.None
27/3/2020 22:36:14PamunugamaPamunugamaSri Lanka1. Temporary stopped activities that gather people. Ex: Pre- School, School for Specially Abled.
2. Certaim activities were cancelled and postponned.
2. Staff are requested to work from home.
3. Meetings are held via social media flat-forms.
4. Due to curfew, essential gathering are held under permission of the local police authorities.
1. We are using our local network to response to Covod 19.
2. So far we have made and distributed 1500 reusable face masks among the local police and general public.
3. Currently involved in aproject to distribute dry rations among 100 families with the spupport of local authorities. We are receiving financial support for this from Asker YMCA YWCA scouts which is a local friendship group from Norway.
3. We as a network of NGOs and civil soviety groups we have made official request to government authorities to consider the hardships that people are going through due to curfew and to support families with essential needs such as food.
4. Donated few equipments (heat gun, two irons, doubled tapes) to the Negombo Hospital Temporary Workshop where they make their safety suits to treat Covid 19 suspected patients.
Friends, we all have to close and temporary stop certain activities. But we can not turn the blind eye to the needs of the hour and our mission can not be hidden at this difficult time.Currently we are seeking financial resouces to expand the above activitoes which I mentined regardoing combating Covid 19 disaster.It would be great if we have a proper network of local YMCA where we can share our resources and activities. We see a great lack of that nationally. That eventually contribute to a lack in the international networking of local YMCA.
27/3/2020 23:52:17YMCA ALWAYEErnakulam, Kerala India We are always in the forefront in serving the community in times of need. Because of breaking the chain strategy, our country declared locked down for 21 days “stay home stay safe”, YMCA ALWAYE couldn’t do much.We participated in sanitation of roads, transports and public buildings. Supplied food to homeless As we are the followers of our Lord Jesus Christ we need to be more caring and loving than others. Be a helping hand to the destitute and try to do the best you can especially in times of calamity like COVID-19.Shortage of Sanitizer & mask. Now NGOs are verging to homemade items like above which is very useful in keeping hygiene. Government is doing their best to contain this epidemic 1. Since Coronavirus spread over 180 countries , Think of “What YMCA can do to help the victims nationally and internationally “
2. Make the arrangement to post activity related photos with their comments
28/3/2020 4:53:01The Gambia YMCABanjulThe GambiaAll staff except the NGS are working from home. School has closed as per government directive. 1. YMCA youth have volunteered to be part of the hotline team, responding to covid 19 enquiries.
2. YMCA has started a series on radio themed "Combatting Covid 19 through volunteerism". Hosted by the NGS and YMCA peace ambassadors.
3. There is a social media sensitization campaign on Covid 19 prevention.
YMCAs should call for volunteerism to combat this pandemicWith a little more financial resources we can do more radio sensitization beyond the four we have embark upon. We would have loved to donate sanitizer and hand washing equipment but can't because of resource constraints.The YMCAs must take this opportunity to share the love of Christ through service and acts of kindness to the vulnerable groups in our communities.
28/3/2020 13:16:38YMCA CalgaryCalgaryCanadaWe have been shut down since March 18. Most staff have been temporarily laid off except for essential workers. Online Y portal sharing videos for health and wellness. This is temporary.
29/3/2020 10:19:35YMCA FRANCEParisFranceUpdate March 29. All tourist centers and camps are closed until further notice. Employees are either teleworking, on leave or on leave for childcare for children under 16 years of age. There is no government support for this type of activity. With partners, we have obtained that the stays planned by the clients can be postponed. The associations will not be obliged to reimburse the deposit. Some of our associations may have to lay off staff, one of them may have to close down permanently. Youth workers accomodations, people with disabilities and the homeless have an obligation to remain open. The temporary reduction in the number of employees has had a major impact on activities, but the associations have been very imaginative in reorganising their teams. Most of the professional training sessions are done online. For associations in the social sector, funds are currently guaranteed by the state. The National Office repatriated more than 70 young people from volunteer program abroad, closed the office and cancelled the youth exchanges planned for the spring.

The President and the Secretary General call all Presidents and CEOs of the associations to find out the situation. A group Facebook has been open for volunteers, employees of all the french movement in order to share experiences, advices and so on...A special newsletter is sent out with information from the french and international movement. An online meeting is planned with the tourism associations to help them now and to think about future actions, when the crisis is over because customers will not come back easily. The Secretary General participates in various online meetings with partners and working groups in the framework of tourism and camps as well as international cooperation.Good practices of tourism centers and camps, activities for young people in difficulty who are in accommodation (refugees, homeless...).
30/3/2020 9:02:01Ndola Ymca Ndola Zambia The covid-19 has affect our local Ymca in many ways,this month we suppose to visit the orphanage and to have a fundraising walk then we also want to open Y-kids in school.We are sensitizing people on how the covid -19 is spreading To stay away from unnecessary movements,washing our hands time to time and to stay home ,whenever we feel ill we go to the hospital To send assignment to our house,and to keep updating one another through sms and media
30/3/2020 13:55:08YMCA GeorgiaTbilisiGeorgiaAll indoor and group activities had to close according to State regulations. All staff working from home.Maintaining connection via digital outlets. Support messages and useful information how to tackle the spread of virus.Stay connected with their beneficiaries. Maintain high morale and positive attitude. Stay safe and set good examples for the community.Anything that displays best practices of working effectively under the circumstances. We shall overcome!
30/3/2020 23:09:37Taichung YMCATaichung cityTaiwanInternational activities are not active. Community colleges & Elder programs are not open. After school program and sports center are still going. Because our government do very well. we just fellow the policy.Keep the distance, wash hands,wear masks.Difficulty in finance. Because half program are not going/Don't trust WHO and PRC.
31/3/2020 14:16:09State Alliance of Michigan YMCAsCaledoniaUnited StatesAll YMCAs closed traditional branches. 17 Overnight camps "waiting and wondering." All YMCAs are financially stressed, but strong in spirit to respond to community needs (see below).We have more than 70 feeding sites across the state of Michigan and 12 YMCAs are providing emergency childcare.We are stronger together. We are destined to be a source of comfort and service.Shared solutions. Shared access to financial resources.It will be exciting to gather the collective impact of our response to meeting needs.
1/4/2020 6:12:27YMCA of Hong KongHong KongHong KongFacilities were cut Nothing but dismissed some of the staff and cut the whole social service departmentYMCA of Hong Kong dismissed staff with the excuse of COVID-19, but actually is because of the different of political position between the staff and CEOnothing, they cut the whole department of social service, how can they help?Can World YMCA force YMCA of Hong Kong to change the CEO, or re-hire the staff?
2/4/2020 2:34:00Bombay YMCAMumbaiIndiaTotal shutdown of activities, operations and services.Organising Food Distribution programs across the city for the most affected with networking and soliciting support of like minded agencies and NGOsWork with like minded organizations to help the less privilegedSanitizer/Gloves/Masks/FundsNA
3/4/2020 2:30:23Asociatia Young Initiative (acting YMCA Bucharest)BucharestRomaniaFirst of all, we had to suspend all offline activities starting with mid-March. For instance, the children and young people we usually work with and who are a social care/foster care system could not be visited anymore by volunteers, thus no educational workshops or support for their homework being possible.

Secondly, as we are part of various European mobilities we could not send anymore participants to these trainings/youth exchanges. It was mid-March, when even the National Agency for Erasmus+ from Romania has issues a statement saying that all participations to mobilities will be suspended till further notice.

Thirdly, as we offer a free space for activities to NGOs, in a public university, it was not possible to book reservations anymore as the building has closed and only students and teachers were allowed to go there.

The main change we have operated was to suspend all offline activities (including meetings) and to start to work exclusively online, both with our teams, but also with our target-groups.
We have launched a series of webinars starting with March 20, and organised three of them so far. The first webinar has facilitated by two of our colleagues that are teachers and included the presentation of various digital tools that can be used to teach online, respectively recommendations for teachers to adapt their lessons to an online environment.
The second webinar was designated for people working in NGOs, and it was mainly focused on wellbeing, resilience and techniques to cope with unpredictable times.
The third webinar had financial education at its core and we discussed with the participants details about the macroeconomic situation and suggestions in order to have a balanced behaviour in these times and how to manage one's resources properly.

In total, approx. 150 participants took part to this series of free webinars, and we are planning to run some more based on the suggestions we will receive.
We believe it is important to adapt as quick as possible. For instance, when we have launched the webinar for teachers the need for such online guidance was huge (almost 400 registrations), and we were among the first ones in Romania to come up with this kind of solutions.

Second, we believe it is really important to adapt to the needs of the target-groups and people we are working with (colleagues, partners) because great ideas can come from there too.

And third, while we are facing a crisis and this pandemic has proven us that we are all equal in front of the disease, we believe that is important to try to keep in contact even more with the ones that were initially connected with the Association. Maybe some of them will be reluctant to take part to new initiatives as they are adapting to a new environment and need extra time, while others will be happy to know that someone has thought about them.
We would be happy to receive suggestions and guidance on how to involve the young people that have not been so active in the past weeks, given their need for adaptation.

Also, it would be nice to know what other YMCAs are doing in the world, and which have activities similar to us. Maybe a pairing system would help in order to discuss common challenges and future solutions.
It is a crisis, but we will overcome it one day.
3/4/2020 11:45:17YMCA TOGOLomeTGdue the spray of the pandemic all members of my ymca staff and volunteers are please to stay home and to work online. the just meet when it is indispensable but they should not be more than 15 persons. Volunteers are still working online to catch up programs and be ready after covid19. at each entrance of Ymca handwashing devices are installed throughout the countrycompliance with barrier measurestyppy tapps are very helpful in this moment to make up for the lack handwashing deviceshow the others ymca do they take to continue working despite everything?
3/4/2020 16:08:27YMCA of the USAChicagoUSA• All national staff have been directed to work from home until at least 30 April, at which point, the directive will be reassessed.
• All official operations and communications with local US YMCAs have now been converted to focus primarily on support and services related to COVID-19 and its impact on local US YMCAs.
• As of 20 March, local US YMCAs have sent more than 70% of all staff home without pay or some other form of furlough.
• Y-USA is also working directly with World YMCA to support service delivery to international YMCAs.
We are working on multiple fronts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on local US YMCAs:
-We are creating an extensive database of technical resources to support local Ys as they manage their operations during the crisis
-We are leading a full advocacy push with our federal government to secure resources (grants, loans) and policy changes to benefit non-profit employers like local YMCAs.
Some examples of the work being led by YMCAs in local communities:

• U.S. YMCAs are now operating 53 shelters for vulnerable people
• 559 emergency child care sites for medical staff and frontline workers
• 384 food sites for children who are not in school
• Many virtual wellness and mental health programs.
YMCAs are in thousands of communities around the US and around the world. We play a key role in maintaining community cohesion and that will be vital during times of social distancing and when we start to recover from the crisis.As a US Movement, we can learn a lot from partners around the world that have navigated exceptional crises in the past. As we move from the current emergency stage into one of recovery, we would benefit from the lessons of our peers on how to rebuild community during and after a crisis.
3/4/2020 20:21:39Federación Brasileña de YMCAs / Brazilian Federation of YMCAsSão PauloBrasil / BrazilBrasil tiene YMCAs en diferentes Ciudades/Estados: Brasilia, Minas Gerais, Río de Janeiro, Río Grande del Sur, São Paulo y Sorocaba. Para adaptarnos al escenario actual, hemos tomado las siguientes medidas operativas: / Brazil have YMCAs in different Cities/States: Brasília, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Sorocaba. To adapt to the current scenario, we have taken the following operational measures:

Unidades cerradas desde el 16 de marzo, según decreto del gobierno;
Vacaciones colectivas para una parte de los empleados;
Empleados que trabajan desde casa (oficina en casa), excepto un pequeño número que se mantiene en acción:
Algunos servicios de TI, seguridad, mantenimiento, gerente de ventas, coordinador de educación física, asistente de contabilidad, asistente de recursos humanos y el secretario general. (parte del tiempo)
distribución de EPIs. (Equipo de Protección individual)
Se suspendieron las actividades y las reuniones presenciales.
Programación de reuniones virtuales, a través de plataformas de videoconferencia.

Área de Deportes y Ocio:
Unidades cerradas
Clases y actividades suspendidas, que ofrecen lecciones en video de actividades físicas grabadas por maestros, en redes y en vivo en Instagram.

Área de enseñanza
Unidades cerradas
Clases presenciales suspendidas
Se adoptó el sistema de aprendizaje a distancia, que busca cumplir con el contenido y la carga de trabajo de estudiantes y maestros
Uso de otras herramientas WEB.

Área de Desarrollo social
Clases y actividades suspendidas
Se proporcionaron canastas básicas para las familias atendidas.
Colaboradores que trabajan desde casa (oficina en casa)

Área de la necrópolis:
Las unidades están trabajando en diferentes momentos de servicio, con escala.
Los funerales no están permitidos para más de 6 personas y deben durar un máximo de 4 horas.
Refuerzo del cuidado de la higiene y provisión de EPIs.

Units closed since March 16, according to government decree;
Collective vacations for a part of the employees;
Employees working from home (home office), except for a small number kept in action:
TI services, security, maintenance, Physical Education coordinator, accounting assistant, Human Resources assistant and the General Secretary. (part time).
distribution of IPE. (Individual protection equipment)
Activities and presential meetings were suspended.
Scheduling of virtual meetings, through several videoconferencing platforms.

Sports and Leisure Area:
Closed units
Suspended classes and activities, offering video-lessons of physical activities recorded by teachers, on networks and live on Instagram.

Learning Area:
Closed units
Suspended face-to-face classes
Adopted distance learning distance learning system, seeking to fulfill the content and workload of students and teachers.
Use of other WEB tools.

Social development:
Suspended classes and activities
Basic food baskets were provided for the families served.
Collaborators working from home (home office)

Necropolis area:
Units are working at different times, on duty, with scale.
funerals are not allowed for more than 6 people and should last a maximum of 4 hours.
reinforcement of hygiene care and provision of IPE. (Individual protection equipment)

Reenviando mensajes de optimismo y cuidado de acuerdo con las pautas de los organismos competentes.
Los equipos que trabajan en proyectos sociales han mantenido contacto regular con las familias a través de grupos de WhatsApp, instruyendo y apoyando casos específicos.
Los atletas de judo han celebrado reuniones virtuales para intercambiar experiencias y mantener la cohesión del equipo.
Disponibilidad de clases virtuales.
Creación de una plataforma con clases y actividades diarias para cumplir con su membresía de todos los grupos de edad.
En el área social, asistencia con orientación y apoyo en la primera semana, distribución de alimentos a los servidos y entrega de canastas de alimentos básicos a las casas de los más vulnerables.
Conexión diaria e interacción con socios, voluntarios y colaboradores, a través del trabajo en el cuerpo, el alma y la mente, disponible en el sitio web de la ACM-RS, con mensajes y devocionales.

Forwarding messages of optimism and care, according to the guidelines of the competent organizations.
Teams working on social projects maintain regular contact with families through WhatsApp groups, usually instructing and supporting specific cases.
Judo athletes held virtual meetings to exchange experiences and maintain team cohesion.
Availability of virtual classes.
Creation of a platform with classes and daily activities to suit all age groups.
In the social area, assistance with orientation and support in the first week, delivery basic food baskets to the homes of most vulnerable.
Daily connection and interaction with partners, volunteers and collaborators, through works on body, soul and mind, available on the ACM-RS website, with messages and devotionals.

Aplicación de un banco de horas negativo, cuando el empleado regrese a la normalidad, podrá pagar las horas detenidas en hasta 18 meses, 02 horas al día.
Los salarios más altos se aplican una reducción del 25% proporcional a la reducción de la carga de trabajo semanal a 30 horas.
Uso de redes sociales para mantener la difusión y la atención básica.
Conocer las preocupaciones y deseos de nuestros socios y trabajar el espíritu colaborativo de los empleados.
Creación de un canal "FALE.COM" en la YMCA São Paulo que está siendo operado por home office. Para eso, un equipo de ejecutivos y líderes se conectaron las 24 horas del día y también el seguimiento de todas las acciones por parte de la Junta Directiva.
Los YMCA deben permanecer conectados y unidos, entendiendo que la situación es de emergencia y temporal.

Application of a negative "comp time". When the employee returns to normality, he/she will be able to pay the hours stopped in up to 18 months, 02 hours a day.
Higher salaries apply a 25% reduction proportional to the reduction of the weekly workload to 30 hours.
Use of social networks to maintain the dissemination of basic care.
Be aware of the concerns and desires of our associates and served and work with the spirit of employees.
YMCA São Paulo to create a channel "FALE.COM" that is being operated by homework. For that, a team of executives and leaders is connected 24 hours. as well as the monitoring of all actions by the Board.
YMCAs must remain connected and united, understanding that the situation is emergency and temporary.
Información sobre cómo actuar en este momento, porque si esta situación continúa, no sabemos hasta cuándo podemos soportarlo.
Primordial será una línea de crédito diferenciada, ya que la situación será difícil y presentará desafíos muy importantes a corto plazo.
Actualmente estamos utilizando muchas salas de videoconferencia virtuales: Microsoft Team, Skype, Zoom.
Estamos utilizando WhatsApp, Internet y aprendiendo sobre el alcance y la interacción de las redes sociales.
Capacitar y equipar los empleados para trabajar en home-office en todas las áreas posibles para mantener la YMCA viva y presente en la vida de las personas.

Information about how to proceed at this moment, because if continue for more time, we do not know how long we can bear.
Primordial will be a differentiated credit lines, as the situation will be difficult and will present very significant challenges in the short term.
We are currently making use of many virtual video conference rooms: Microsoft Team, Skype, Zoom.
We are using whatsapp, internet and learning about the reach and interaction of social networks.
To train and equip employees to work in home work in all possible areas to keep YMCA alive and present in people's lives.
Las vacaciones para los empleados de acuerdo con los términos emitido por el Gobierno Federal, es una medida que minimiza un poco la situación y deja a todo el equipo disponible para la reanudación cuando sea posible.
Lo importante es mantener la serenidad y la fé de que atravesaremos este momento difícil y que será una gran experiencia de aprendizaje restablecer una YMCA más fuerte para cumplir su noble misión.
Creemos que tenemos que presionar a nuestro gobierno de alguna manera para entender que si no volvemos al trabajo, en todos los sectores, obviamente protegiendo al grupo de riesgo, la economía colapsará.
Debemos tener paciencia, empatía y resistencia.

Vacations for employees according to the terms of the Federal Government, is a measure that minimizes the situation and leaves the team available for resumption when possible.
The important thing is to maintain the serenity and the faith that we will go through this difficult moment and that it will be a great learning experience to reestablish a stronger YMCA to fulfill its noble mission.
We believe that we have to put pressure on our government in some way to understand that if we don't go back to work, in all sectors, obviously protecting the risk group, the economy will collapse.
We must have patience, empathy and resilience.
6/4/2020 3:39:55National Council of YMCAs of Myanmar (Myanmar YMCA)YangonMyanmarMany local YMCA Nursery Schools,Language Classes,Sports Classes are been closed sine March,2020.Our venue service & guest house are also stop.In Myanmar March-May is the summer holiday and our local YMCA nearly half yearly budget covered by the summer programsPrevention materials such as Mask,Hand Sanitizer,Soap, Awareness raising such as Wall Poster,Psalm Flat has been supported to the community.Some of the village & poor community place hand washing basin has be install at the community centre. Further more, YMCA make prayer session in quarantine centre.This is the real alarm for the YMCA in this crisis.Especially for the sustainability of YMCA.We have to care of our professional.We provide our professional for 2-months salary in advanced & some prevention kids.The tools may needs as the frame work for monitoring, the materials would be Masks, PPE suits for volunteers, gloves and the costs for IEC materials and emergency foods for vulnerable community. We need to value the image of YMCA and the act on Challenge 21.
6/4/2020 4:44:20YMCA of ChiangmaiChiang MaiThailandWe temporarily closed down the office, few staff authorized to look after on their works and properties to comply with the State of Emergency declared by Prime Minister of Thailand the same as the whole country. Almost of executives and staff to stay at their homes, work from home, Zoom meeting when needed to help the nation in coping of COVID - 19 pandemic. Being donors to support personnel of health Ministry, hospitals in terms of lacking of masks, equipment to fight with the Coronavirus. Keep in touch with communities, members and those in need by social media, telephone calls etc.Virus is all around us, be complying with the law and regulations of Government, Ministry of Health. Stay safe at your home, keep healthy, care for others last but not least as we are Christian, keep in our prayers always in healing the world of COVID - 19Solidarity within YMCA family and networks and stay connected, stay conscious do not panic, fund is important but trustworthiness in Christ is the most.How to move forward during this critical times in our YMCA and what's next to adopt our self in the future?
6/4/2020 8:53:08The National Council of the YMCAs of Sri LankaColomboSri LankaAll the YMCAs including the National Council of the YMCAs of Sri Lanka is closed due to Government imposed curfew and working from home. With the special Police permission time to time YMCAs are actively involved in emergency humanitarian actions and involving in awareness activities. Coordinating and supporting local YMCAs, distributing dry rations to most needy people depending on daily wages, supporting with personal protective equipment to Doctors and medical workers and creating awareness on COVID -19, As COVID 19 pandemic is beyond human control and this is the time for all of us to go back to the basics which was influenced to start the YMCA in 1844. We all must bring the Christ to the center of the YMCA and definitely we have to revive our priorities based on Christian principals.Tools and resource materials from WHO, Guidelines and the financial support from WAY and APAY.
6/4/2020 20:39:24National Council of YMCAs of KoreaSeoulSouth KoreaFor social distancing, we changed our working time from 9-6 to 10-5 to avoid commuting time and encourage staff to work at home if they prefer. Also, a lot of local YMCAs in Korea which have programs, they cannot proceed programs which affect their economic status. To help a city Daegu, which has over 85% of the confirmed in Korea, Korea YMCAs fund raised and sent it to Daegu YMCA. Daegu YMCA has spent those fund to help local communities especially the poor. Social distance, washing hands, and wearing masks are basic. Also, we need to take care of the poor who cannot support themselves during this time.Online communication tools, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.
6/4/2020 22:46:26YMCA TaiwanTaipeiTaiwanAll international exchange programs are cancelled. Some of the YMCA programs centers have been closed down due to Government ban on gatherings, especially the YMCAs offering community and sports centers. During the closure of the sports center, equipment maintenance and cleaning of the environment are carried out. On the premise of ensuring social distancing, courses for outdoor fitness exercises are provided to enhance the immunity of community citizens and alleviate people's anxiety.Continue to provide safe kindergartens, after-school care for children, and day care for the elderly to ease the pressure on most families. Therefore, in order to continue to provide services, we readjust the working area and working hours of staff to avoid being infected by COVID-19, and all staff must be quarantined at home.In addition to learning how to respond to the challenges of the unknown future, YMCA must also learn how to help people in the community face fears and worries.Learn to use online resources for more flexible courses and training.Thanks to WAY for providing this platform for sharing.
7/4/2020 2:46:00YMCA PilsenPilsenCzech RepublicWe had to close our We send ideas for activities to parents of children regularly going into our clubs, we do some online lessons. We support people in problematic situations with providing and bringing them food from the food bank, with which we cooperate. We help organize and participate at online bible studies through Zoom. We have founded a FB group for people in quarantine to support each other and to share inspiring ideas what we do there. We have online self-development club, we meet once week at Zoom and we work on self-development and we read together Intentional living from John Maxwell. We sew and make surgical masks and for free we distribute it to people in our region.Lets stay connected and support people around us, who are in need - perhaps more then anytimes before. And lets be the light in this world, with our roots in God, serving others and following our mission (Paris basis)Find new ways how to connect with people, with children. New volunteers. New ideas how to cooperate with other YMCAs in our Republic our around the world.
7/4/2020 12:05:48YMCA Multi-Sports Complex, Faridabad(A Project YMCA India)FARIDABADIndia COVID-19 has changed our YMCA upside down. We are reaching our members and well-wishers through online and social media. 1. Delivering 100 Cooked food Packets to Shelter / Relief Centers in Faridabad from 2nd April 2020 with the directives of Deputy Commissioner of Faridabad.
2. Food Kit to Families of Daily wagers, Rikshaw pullers, and House maids consists
of Wheat flour 5kgs, Rice 2kgs, Oil One ltr, Sugar Onekg, Pulses HalfKg, Biscuits Six Packs, Salt Onekg.

Dear YMCA Colleagues & Leaders, Please take care of yourself and your family. Our Thoughts and Prayers. Bible Break the Chain
7/4/2020 15:05:52South Africa YMCADurbanSouth AfricaInitially all our facilities and programmes closed on March 26, due to a Presidential decree stating that all non essential services and business are to shutdown from March 26 to Apriul 16, subject to further review. All staff at local YMCAs and national office are still employed and working from home through various digital online platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom etc. Our Boards and National Executive committees are meeting regularly as opportunities for responsive action are brought to our attention. To date (7 April 2020) 3 of our facilities in Durban, Cape Town and Soweto have limited activities primarily around housing homeless people, limited housing for university students who are stranded from home and feeding programmes for vulnerable and unemployed people as a direct result of the economic shutdown from Covid - 19. 2 of our local YMCAs in the Cape Town region are continuing their home based care programmes in partnership with the national department of Health, This involves frontline health work where health workers visit homes and clinics to ensure testing and preventative measures are taking place in local communities. It's important to be responsive to the crisis in a compassionate and dignified way. This time for the YMCA can be a game changer if our YMCAs step up and demonstrate the love of God in the face of unprecedented global adversity. Organisations that do nothing will be irrelevant in the future. Viva YMCA. Face masks, hand sanitizers, health care worker overalls, equipment for cooking, food supplies, soap.
7/4/2020 18:42:15YMCA COLOMBIA
8/4/2020 8:59:29YMCA COLOMBIABogotáColombia
La YMCA Colombia desarrolla varios programas presenciales, educativos, de atención psicosocial con jóvenes y familias en situación de alta vulnerabilidad social, programas bilingües e internacionales, trabajo con voluntarios y ofrece algunos servicios que ayudan con la sostenibilidad de la organización. Debido a la cuarentena nacional que fue declarada desde el 24 de marzo, estos programas tuvieron que ser cerrados temporalmente mientras se termina el periodo de cuarentena. Sin embargo, la situación de cuarentena afecta de forma negativa especialmente a las poblaciones vulnerables del país, lo que ha generado una crisis humanitaria. Por lo tanto, se hizo necesario empezar a trabajar de diferentes formas para dar respuesta a la crisis.
El staff YMCA Colombia continúa trabajando, la mayoría de forma virtual y otros han tenido que estar presencialmente ofreciendo apoyo en las comunidades.
La presencia del Covid 19 en Colombia ha desatado no solo una emergencia de salud, sino que a partir del estado de cuarentena se generó una situación de crisis humanitaria y emergencia psicosocial a nivel nacional, debido a que las familias más vulnerables no cuentan con medios de subsistencia básicos para aislarse. Lo anterior, a su vez ha generado altos índices de ansiedad, estrés y desesperanza en las comunidades.

Es por esto que la YMCA Colombia consciente de su rol transformador y su responsabilidad social, se solidariza con estas comunidades y lanza la campaña #YMCAenMovimiento, que consiste en una serie de estrategias virtuales y presenciales, para hacer frente a la pandemia, fortalecerse en el periodo de cuarentena, y permanecer unidos como movimiento con la organización y acción de los voluntarios, empleados y líderes multiplicadores gestores de paz YMCA.

Estas estrategias se han agrupado en 5 categorías de atención y apoyo:

1. YMCA en acción: se han generado redes de apoyo solidario para ofrecer ayuda humanitaria y seguridad alimentaria a las familias y jóvenes más vulnerables beneficiarios de los programas YMCA, pero también otros sectores vulnerables de la sociedad como adulto mayor, habitantes de calle, personas en situación de discapacidad y migrantes venezolanos. Así mismo se está realizando una campaña para recoger recursos y apoyar a familias que pagan arriendo diario y están en riesgo de ser expulsada de los inquilinatos.

• En dos semanas se ha hecho entrega de mercados y productos de aseo y ayudas económicas para el pago de arriendo a 3383 familias.
• Se han conformado 5 redes de apoyo para identificar, organizar y priorizar las ayudas humanitarias.

2. YMCA en prevención: por medio de la creación de campañas preventivas de la propagación del virus, se promueven las buenas prácticas de prevención, autocuidado y cuidado por el otro a través las redes sociales y recursos electrónicos.

• Se han creado 10 campañas y acciones para promover el adecuado lavado de manos, el uso de tapabocas, mantener la distancia social, quedarse en casa, cuidar de los más vulnerables y promover la solidaridad comunitaria.

3. YMCA Salud Mental y Convivencia: consiste en acciones que permiten ofrecer atención psicosocial y acompañamiento a los beneficiarios de programas sociales YMCA durante el aislamiento.

• Se crearon brigadas de atención locales para realizar seguimiento telefónico a los beneficiarios de los programas sociales YMCA e identificar necesidades físicas y psicológicas de ellos y sus familias.
• Se creó un protocolo para realizar seguimiento y atención psicológica de forma virtual y telefónica.
• Se están desarrollando reuniones virtuales para ofrecer acompañamiento psicosocial a jóvenes en situación de alto riesgo que experimentan ansiedad, depresión, consumo de drogas y violencia intrafamiliar.
• Se creó un curso virtual certificado en Primeros Auxilios Psicológicos para formar a voluntarios y miembros de los equipos sobre la prevención y manejo de crisis psicológicas leves.

4. YMCA en Casa: se ha apoyado la medida nacional de aislamiento social, promoviendo una serie de actividades para desarrollar en casa, que permiten el adecuado manejo del tiempo libre, el aprendizaje de nuevas cosas, el compartir tiempo de calidad en familia, el ejercitarse físicamente, el mantener el contacto social virtual.

• Se han organizado, promovido y abierto 51 espacios virtuales donde se estan desarrollado actividades como clases de música, danza, manualidades, pintura, yoga, ejercicios físicos, cine foros, club de inglés y español.

5. YMCA conectados: el staff YMCA Colombia continúa trabajando de forma virtual, reuniéndose periódicamente en diferentes frentes de trabajo para planear, organizar y llevar acciones que permitan minimizar el impacto de la pandemia en los procesos formativos con jóvenes y voluntarios. Un pequeño porcentaje de empleados, voluntarios y líderes gestores de paz YMCA han tenido que continuar el trabajo presencial para buscar recursos y hacer entrega de las ayudas humanitarias.

De la mano de Dios y a través de la solidaridad saldremos adelante. Tenemos que mantenernos unidos como movimiento. A pesar de la cuarentena, tenemos que seguir trabajando, reuniéndonos y buscando aportar a la solución. Buscar formas de mantener contacto con nuestros voluntarios, Crear redes de apoyo. Ayuda Espiritual: oración, espacios de encuentro espiritual que nos fortalezcan y los recuerden que dependemos de Dios. Recordar nuestra misión. Llamar a nuestros compañeros de otras YMCA que están en crisis económica y que han tenido que despedir sus empleados para acompañarlos, buscar soluciones conjuntas, identificar de qué forma podemos ayudar a los que estén mas necesitados.
Ayudas Humanitarias: mercados, elementos de aseo
Ayudas tecnológicas y Conexión a Internet para los más vulnerables que no cuentan con este recurso.
Ayuda Psicosocial: trabajadores sociales, psicólogos que realicen atención psicosocial en tiempo de aislamiento, especialmente para personas que sufren violencia intrafamiliar, consumo de drogas, depresión, ansiedad, conductas suicidas
Ayudas Monetarias: para seguir con nuestros programas, mantener el staff, pagar los gastos administrativos. etc.

9/4/2020 3:53:08YMCA EthiopiaAddis AbabaEthiopiaAS we reprted previousely Ethiopia YMCA has launched public mobilization to prevent COVID-19 pandemic among the population in Addis Ababa, Amhara and Tigraye regional state. The managemnt has made press release early this week to introduce the upcoming programs.

Please have a look at the Press Release:

Joint struggle to halt COVID-19 spread: YMCA

BY LEULSEGED WORKU , Ethiopian Herald Newspaper
Young Men`s Christian Association of Ethiopia Director, Dagmawi Selamsa, said , YMCA has finalized its preparation to support government and non-government organizations effort towards fighting COVID-19 spread.

Dagmawi said that YMCA had always been by the side of the government and the people in all disaster times. Currently, it is preparing to show its commitment by providing protective items that have importance in the fight against COVID-19. What is more, Dagim, add that, YMCA is also providing awareness programs to various section of the society to halt the spread.

He said, every coroner of the planet is under the threat of COVID 19. This is a time where the commitment of a single individual can make a difference nationally as well as internationally.

“Adherence of national rules to prevent the spread of the virus and helping each other should be the task of every Ethiopians so far, several individuals are playing their part.”

YMCA, Communication and Resource Mobilization Director, Tsgereda Zewdu, on her part said that this is a critical period where every individual and every organization should stand firm to halt the spread of COVID-19.

As a national organization that works to the wellbeing of the society in general and the youth in particular, YMCA has finalized to stand by the side of the government and the people to fight the spread of the virus.

She said, because of its repaid transmission and contagious nature, economically developed countries are being challenged by it.

In comparison with those economically strong nations, developing nations like Ethiopia needs to focus on the prevention mechanisms.

Seeing this, YMCA has finalized its preparations to create awareness among the society.

She said, using its previous programs, YMCA will address not less than 3,250 members of the society by providing them 150 water tankers, Alcohols, sanitizers and Masks.

“What is more, YMCA has finalized its preparation to donate not less than 60 mattress that are going to be used in quarantine centers to Addsi Ababa City Administration, Corona Virus Prevention Committee.”

Using its warehouses and halls that are found in different parts of the country (Amhara, Tigray, Oromia, SNNPs, and Addis Ababa) YMCA will provide spaces for necessary preventive purposes.

Seconding Tsgereda`s point, YMCA Program Director, Hellen Tefera said, using its volunteers and members, YMCA is also on its way to work with Government NGOs that are now working in the prevention measures.

She said, by taking into consideration the psychological impact of COVID-19 YMCA has finalized its preparation to work with stakeholders.

She said, using different social organizations ( Ider and Ekub) YMCA is ready to support vulnerable sects of the society and the needy.

10/4/2020 2:11:31North Down YMCABangorNorthern Ireland12 staff on furlough, all centre-based activities stopped on 23rd March, childcare closed, all support activities moved online or by phone, Crisis Response Service launchedCrisis Response Service launched for isolated & vulnerable - food hamper, meals & prescription deliveries and wellbeing phone calls; youth, housing, migrant & refugee and family support moved online & by phone; play packs & online support by childcare staffSharing of resources & best practice from across worldwide YMCA movementBest practice, online resources, adaptable social media graphicsNo
11/4/2020 6:11:23YMCA ETHIOPIA Addis Ababa Ethiopia YMCA has been engaged in public awareness in Addis Ababa through Safe and Inclusive Cities Project. We built three sites in the city including big market area where recorded message and hand wadj services provided to the population in the targeted sites.
13/4/2020 11:21:27YMCA of the RockiesEstes Park, Colorado and Granby, ColoradoUnited StatesYMCA of the Rockies has closed its facilities to all guest activity due to the COVID-19 crisis. YMCA of the Rockies is a family vacation destination and conference center with two locations in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Guests stay in lodges or cabins and enjoy indoor and outdoor activities that connect them to the natural world and to each other. Chaplains Greg Bunton and Steve Peterson have produced a variety of virtual worship opportunities, from homey devotionals to live streamed worship services.

Greg has used his gift for music to bring hymn sings and presentations of his own written music to worshippers’ homes through their phones and computers. He also offers weekly sermons with messages of hope and faith.

Steve, who in addition to his Chaplain duties runs the dog sledding programs at Snow Mountain Ranch, does weekly “Sled Dog Talks” which use the experience of dog sledding to illustrate Christian principles and encourage his viewers. Additionally, his thoughtful devotionals from his home extend to the homes of his listeners several times a week and he produces a Sunday worship service from the familiar chapel at Snow Mountain Ranch.

In the absence of a physical place to worship communally, the Chaplains’ creativity and gifts continue to be shared – offering comfort and hope during these challenging times.
13/4/2020 21:08:16Chinese YMCA of Hong KongHong KongChinaIn accordance with the guidelines set out by the Hong Kong SAR government, all of our social service centers including our sports & recreation facilities and campsites as well as our schools have been closed since the end of January. All of our staff are rotating to work from home, and keeping a minimum number of people on duty at office, to minimise the risk of cross infection and in response to the call for social/ physical distancing.
The occupancy rate at our two hotels have dropped to single digit, and this stricken situation is expected to remain until the global pandemic subsides, as a result it is putting a dent in our balance sheet.
With all face to face services are ground to a halt, we have been actively using the social media and the online platform to reach out to our members and continue to provide services and support during this period.
Our board policy is to ensure we do not lay off any staff during this time of crisis, amid the severe financial impact.
Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong have been reaching out to external partners and donors for providing protective gear such as facemasks, hand sanitisers, disinfectants and alike to the vulnerable group of people in the society.
At home exercise videos are regularly produced and uploaded on social media for free access, some interest classes are being conducted online for our members.
It is of utmost importance the board and the professional staff team to stand together and brace for this crisis, and keeping up with the morale as we move forward and plan for the recovery plan. In the meantime, trying to support the needs of the most vulnerable in the society.An effective financial plan and the development of a new service model that is relevant to the changing reality of the worldwide communities.
17/4/2020 4:51:41Cameroun-YMCAYaoundeCamerounCovid-19 have conduct the NEC to suspend all activities around the movement in all the country. Some project have been suspended also. But at the National Office the staff still coming. We have put in place mesures to respect the prescription of the WHO and the government.Actually nothing, because are trying to mobilize ressources to do something. But it is not easy.We have to give a message of hope to people around us. Because actually, fear is filling people because of the news the can get on TV and social media. YMCA have to share with them the message of the Gospel and let them not that God take care and that we will do what we can to support them.We might need masks, sprayers, disposable suits, but also a car to be able to move freely without using public transports.No
23/4/2020 4:45:39YMCA of Hong KongHong KongHong KongAll schools, classes and programmes have been suspended and all sports and recreational facilities are temporarily closed. Hostel business has severely impactedDistributing face masks to people in need; providing online learning to our kindergarten students; maintaining our premises clean and healthy; producing videos for home-learning and home-exercising We drafted a report (with more details and photos) and sent it to
24/4/2020 6:06:25National Council of YMCAs of BangladeshDhakaBangladeshAll the activities and programs have been suspended for the time being. The schooling programs run by Local YMCAs (7) is now remaining closed under lock down strategy/policy of Bangladesh Government. We are doing online office from home as we are asked to stay at home (Home quarantine). Few local YMCAs implement small scale relief program, distributed food items among poor households at their local community. Many Local YMCAs kept them engaged with awareness building campaign to prevent COVID19 infection. Use of hands sanitizer, maintain social distance and stay at home if your authority ask/instruct you. Safety is more important at this stage. All Local YMCAs will be beneficial if they could access external financial support to carry out COVID19 rehabilitation program. Musk is not available at local market to access and use by community people. COVID19 pandemic situation is turning worsen in Bangladesh. We are very much worried because the density of population is very high in Bangladesh and there is high risk to be infected huge people if Coronavirus community transmission start.
24/4/2020 9:29:34YMCA in the Czech RepublicCzech RepublicWe had to close a lot of our activities (all clubs, planned events…). Some of our regular activities moved to online (Teams, ZOOM, FB, Skype, Youtube...) Majority of our spring events was postponed to autumn. The leaders of the YMCA are in contact through phone and shared online documents. Still we don't cancel any of our summer programs, but we are waiting for the decision of our government, if it will be OK to organize them. Some of our YMCAs face the technical problems with bad internet connection or with old computers and homes and with personal challenges (all families and lot of children at home because of closed schools).We help to make surgical masks (sewing, with 3D printer), we do online programs (bible studies, programs for couples, musical program etc.), online challenges, we provide internet and PC for free to children, who have study at home, but don't have internet connection, printer or PC (or their parent have PC, but work on it), life stream program for mothers and their children, psychological support through internet chat, individual trainings of sport clubs at home, we help to distribute food from the food bank, we organize online courses and trainings (for summer camp leaders, club leaders etc.)Some templates (the declaration of absence of infection for our events, safety rules for YMCA activities etc.), YMCA prayer world challenge - let's pray together!
26/4/2020 8:29:38The Y Hammondville OSHCSydneyAustraliaWe are running Vacation Care during the school holidays for children of essential workers. We usually have a lot of children, and complete a wide range of activities with them (including taking them on excursions). However, due to the virus, we are practising social distancing, we don't allow anyone else to come in and work with the children (we usually have a few workshops where people will come in and run something - for example: a reptile show with snakes, lizards, etc), and we are constantly reminding the children to wash their hands and other healthy habits more often. As much as it can. We are trying to look after our communities in any way we can. That we are all here for each other. Access to more food and resources. We could potentially have the children helping with meals for community members and making more presents and cards. We want to make sure everyone feels remembered and appreciated. We appreciate all the effort that the YMCA is doing all over the world, and hope this pandemic is over soon.
27/4/2020 5:50:09YMCA BelarusVitebskBelarusWe stoped all activities. We are doing online leadership trainings, meeting in zoom. Leader have a plan's discissions in zoom too, a lot of speaking about future.We are doing online meetings, webinars about values and chating with volunteers and members of YMCAWe still don't have quarantine in counry and I'm so nerves about future relationship with another world after border openingMaterials about online meetings (How do this not boring) and advises for supporting mental health
2/5/2020 2:41:13YMCA of LagosLagosNigeriaAlmost all commercial activities have been shut down. A percentage of the staff now work from home while some are unable to work at allWe distributed several food items to 400 households.

We also produced YMCA branded hand sanitizer for distribution free of charge to residents of Lagos State.
The use of technology has become a very important part of the new system of work. We now need to urgently train our staff and members to enable them maximize the opportunities technology offersymca madagas
10/6/2020 6:08:36YMCA BareillyBareillyIndia
Our YMCA Bareilly has become more Community oriented. Our kids have actively come forward during lockdown to spread message of Postivity and importance of Nature and Environment in our lives.
YMCA Bareilly responded to all National Activities like Janta Curfew, Lamp lighting as requested by our Prime Minister.
All members generously contributed in helping less priviliged ones...We all were united together in fight against Covid.
1. An Information Education Communication (IEC)Campaign was undertaken wherein education about spread of covid-19 and precautions to limit the virus were done through lectures, pictures and videos
2. Masks and santisers were distributed to the locals particularly women and children.
3. Correct technique of handwashing was taught without wasting water to prevent emerging of water crisis in these summer months.
4. Rations were distributed to the migrant and displaced perons in lockdown.
5. Amidst Corona World Health Day (07 Apr 2020) to faciliate the frontline Health Workers, World Earth Day (22 Apr 2020) and World Environment Day (05 June 2020) were observed to stress importance of Mother Earth and Nature in preventing diseases.
For more information refer to :
(YouTube Channel) : MaansiEcovision
1. Respect for Nature
2. Respect for all beings- great or small.
Education Materials, Interactions through digital media, Availability of resources like Masks, Soap, Sanitizers for distribution, Basic Medical supplies.
YMCA Bareilly, India will continue with its mission in safeguarding environment, helping the poor and underpriviliged and spreading the message of positivity in limiting the spread of COVID 19 pandemic.