TimestampCollection URLCollection NameDescriptionStatusAdded by
27/02/2022 23:47:55 Center for Cultural Studies (Virtual Museum)Intangible Cultural Heritage such as songs, artistic styles or cooking techniques.Done
28/02/2022 02:13:02 Museum Collection of the Kyiv FortressDigitised collections of the Kyiv Fortress museumDone
28/02/2022 09:35:34 MuseumTraditional folk art of Hutsuls and PokutsDone
28/02/2022 13:17:58 I. Mechnikov University: rare books collectionContains over 1,000 rare prints and over 10,000 periodicalsIn progress
28/02/2022 13:26:32 Library "Culture of Ukraine"National Library Yaroslav the Wise: Cultural, artistic and ethnographic digital holding In progress
28/02/2022 13:32:08 newspaper archive. contains 598 titles, 92,735 issues, 641,800 pages of periodicals from the funds of Ukrainian archives and libraries.Failedrequires login
28/02/2022 13:37:12ВЕБ (Відкрита електронна бібліотека)National Library Yaroslav the Wise: 800+ digital editionsIn progress
28/02/2022 16:33:16 Library of Historical and Cultural HeritageThe Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine's Digital LibraryIn progress
28/02/2022 18:12:33 and series of the Institute of Archaeology of UkraineCollection of journals and series published by the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; includes archives with scans of previous issues, many out-of-print older seriesDone
28/02/2022 18:15:21 of the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of UkrainePage with expandable references to monographs published by the Institute of Archaeology, many of them linked to PDF downloads that should also be captured, some of them in Google Drive, some apparently in the website itselfDone
28/02/2022 18:20:08 journals of Karazin University in KharkivJournal series with PDF representations of a large number of journals published under the aegis of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Done
28/02/2022 18:27:55 of the Bel'sk Historical-Cultural PreserveWebsite includes both informal reports and other born-digital resources and PDF versions of a large number of publications related to excavations at the major Iron Age hillfort site of Bel'skDone
28/02/2022 18:31:51 Chersonesos (photographic archives from the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos)Website sponsored by the Institute of Classical Archaeology at UT Austin, developed by National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos colleagues before annexation; still hosted by private individual in Crimea. I have a copy I scraped myself if there are difficulties.Done
28/02/2022 18:34:02 of the National Preserve of Tauric ChersonesosWebsite with scanned works from the library of the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos, sponsored by the Institute of Classical Archaeology at UT Austin and created by colleagues at the National Preserve before annexation; currently hosted by a private individual in Crimea. I have a copy I scraped myself if there are any problems archiving it.Done
28/02/2022 19:05:41 of Odessa II Mechnikov National UniversityThe archive contains scientific publications of teachers and scientists, which are in the public domain, materials of reports and conferences, articles from periodicals of ONU.Done
28/02/2022 19:08:48 Electronic Library of Periodicals of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraineelectronic library of Ukrainian periodicalsIn progress
28/02/2022 19:17:02 worksScientifics book of the University Karazin about AntiquityDone
28/02/2022 19:17:57 "Drevnosti"Scientific Journal of Karazin University in KharkovDone
28/02/2022 19:24:59 State Scientific and Technical Archive of UkraineScience and Technical Archive, including digitised objectsFailedNeeds log-in credentials
28/02/2022 19:32:06 in april 2021, inacessible now. Berdiansk ?Skipped
28/02/2022 19:43:26іkulova M. J., A. І. Lopushins’kij et D. M. Sіkoza (2015) : Антична колекція Херсонського краєзнавчого музею / Antichna kolekcіja Hersons’kogo kraєznavchogo muzeju, Kherson [Collection antique du Musée régional de Kherson]This small book shows a part of the collection of antiquities of the museum of Kherson, in southern Ukraine. The main objects displayed are those made of pottery and of metal. Most objects were discovered in the rural area of the ancient Greek city of Olbia and the Dniepr valley, an important place of contact between the indigenous population and the Greek colonists.Skipped
28/02/2022 19:43:40 issue of Journal EminakDone
28/02/2022 19:53:29Чтиво - електронна бібліотека (Reading stuff - electronic library)Чтиво is a free online library of Ukrainian-language literature. It comprises all sorts of books in Ukrainian, from original novels to translations, guidebooks etc.In progress
28/02/2022 19:59:18 ressourceslist of online scientific ressources from UkraineIn progress
28/02/2022 20:01:22 Digital Library of the Union of the Archaeologists from Ukraine.The collection contains digitized archaeological monographs and journals mostly edited by the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences / the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. Among the digitized journals and series there are: Археологія, Археологічні пам’ятки УРСР (АП УРСР), Краткие сообщения Института археологии УССР (КСИАУ), Археологія і давня історія України.Done
28/02/2022 20:03:49 Collections of the National University "Kyiv-Mohylanskaya Akademia"Digital collections page for Kyiv-Mohyla Academy University; links out to a series of digital resources, also accessible at
28/02/2022 20:14:02 literary BerdaLiracollection of publication from Berdjansk area Skipped
28/02/2022 20:29:06 of History of Ukraine : Journalslist of Ukrainian scientific journalsDone
28/02/2022 20:30:26!%3C.%3E)&S21SRW=dp&S21SRD=DOWN&S21STN=1&S21REF=15&S21CNR=10Institute of History of Ukraine : books Ukrainian books of history published by the instituteDone
28/02/2022 20:32:18 Historical EncyclopaediaUkrainian Historical EncyclopaediaDone
28/02/2022 20:59:47 supported by the Kharkiv Regional Society of History and ArchaeologyThe Kharkiv Regional Society of History and Archaeology provided organizational and logistical assistance for the publication of several books dealing with the history and the archaeology of the Kharkiv oblast or paying hommege to the memory of renowned historians and archaeologists of the Kharkiv oblast. Some of these books are available online on the official website of the society.Skipped
28/02/2022 21:24:14 for the archaeological site of Myrmekion in Kerch, CrimeaWebsite includes archaeological photographs, descriptions, maps, bibliographies, and PDFs of publications mostly in RussianDone
28/02/2022 21:31:38 for excavations at Ilurat, Crimeawebsite includes photographs, plans, essays, publications, and an english summary of excavations at IluratDone
28/02/2022 21:40:10 crypts of the Bosporus, Crimea3D digitized models of painted crypts from Crimea near Kerch. Includes biblio and photos and other data, mostly Russian, some EnglishDone
28/02/2022 21:42:50 virtual tour of OlbiaA virtual tour of the museum and the site of the ancient Greek colony of Olbia, placed at the mouth of the Bug river, in southern Ukraine. It contains 360 degrees views of the main monuments, landscapes and museum rooms from Olbia, together with explanations in English, Ukrainian and Russian.Incomplete
28/02/2022 22:35:47 of Archeology and Ethnology of Ukraine, Odessa university acts of the colloquium organized by this departement Skipped
28/02/2022 22:47:30 publications of the History departmenet of the Karazin University (Kharkov)Online publications of the History departmenet of the Karazin University (Kharkov)Done
28/02/2022 22:53:30 of the Journal Young Scientistmultidisciplanary publication for young searcher 2013-2022In Progress
28/02/2022 23:01:57 of Journal Ukraina ModernaArchive of Journal Ukraina ModernaDone
01/03/2022 03:39:39 CollectionLiterary and artistic magazines of Kharkiv in the first third of the twentieth centuryIncomplete
01/03/2022 03:48:01 Honchar MuseumThe National Center of Folk Culture "Ivan Honchar Museum" is an open cultural and artistic institution of educational, scientific and recreational type, which contributes to the continuity of experience and knowledge in the field of traditional folk culture.Done
01/03/2022 03:53:05 Holocaust MuseumKharkiv Holocaust MuseumDone
01/03/2022 03:54:37 library "Ukrainica"UKRAINICA is a national reference and information and documentary resource of archival, manuscript and printed sources created in Ukraine or other countries - about Ukraine, its history, economy, culture, based on the principles of accounting and accumulation of documentary heritage of the Ukrainian people.Failed
01/03/2022 10:15:27 of History of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences of UkrianeFull-text collection of research and sources on the history of Ukraine, full texts of journals and serial publications of the Institute of History of UkraineIn Progress
01/03/2022 10:48:07 Treasury of the National Museum of History of Ukraine, KyivDigital collection of the Treasury of the National Museum of History of Ukraine.Done
01/03/2022 11:16:35 map of CrimeaUkrainian and Russian projet of Archaeological map of Crimea Done
01/03/2022 11:28:14 of the Odessa numismatical museumPictures, short presentations of the main piece of the collection for example
01/03/2022 13:34:19 Regional Museum of Local LoreThe Vinnytsia Museum collection Done
01/03/2022 13:52:54 virtual observatoryObservational data obtained at Ukrainian observatories since the 1890s.Done
01/03/2022 15:29:29 of Karl Kazimirovich Kostsyushko-ValyuzhinichInteractive website created with the support of the Institute of Classical Archaeology by colleagues at the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos before the annexation of Crimea; bilingual site with scans, translations, and transcriptions of the reports of K. K. Kostsyushko-Valyuzhinich to the Russian Imperial Archaeological commission about excavations at Chersonesos and in its surroundings from 1888-1904. There are a lot of attached resources which should be easy to preserve, but the main navigation from year to year for the site was a now-defunct Flash plugin, which may make it more complicated. I have a full version I scraped myself if it helps.Done
01/03/2022 15:32:03Музей Однієї ВулиціWebsite of the Museum of One Street in Kyiv. Not exactly a collection -- as far as I can tell, they don't have a digital version of their holdings online -- but an archive of blog posts and information about this museum itself, which is in a single building in the center of Kyiv and is therefore highly vulnerable to damage in the coming days.Skipped
01/03/2022 15:34:43 of the Kyiv History MuseumLimited online representation of the collection of the Kyiv History Museum, a city museum that focuses on the material and documentary culture of Kyiv's past, from the Rus to the present. Probably worth archiving the whole website.Done
01/03/2022 15:37:08 MuseumWebsite for another small museum in the center of Kyiv. Relatively little collections or archival information -- it's basically about the house Bulgakov lived in -- but at least one page of publications in PDF form.Done
01/03/2022 17:11:02"Hellenes of Ukraine" newspaper archiveFrom the Federation of Greek Societies of Ukraine, largely based in southeastern Ukraine. All in pdf format. Done
01/03/2022 17:34:13 Literary Museum - Virtual LitMuseumDigitised objects for exhibitions at the Kharkiv Literary MuseumDone
01/03/2022 SkryniaPrivate collection of Ukrainian ethno clothing Vidkryta Skrynia Done
01/03/2022 20:37:56Архів єврейської спадщини України) Archive of the Jewish Heritage of UkraineIndex to various collections at the Center for Judaism, including oral history, Jewish music, family archives, artists, writers, theaterDone
01/03/2022 20:58:14 Regional Universal Scientific LibraryThe library hosts digital projects in the resource tab of their website, including a list of Outstanding Personalities of Kirovohrad Region, Archive of DI Chizhevsky, media projects on Yelisavetgrad ways of the Kobzar, Persons of the Ukrainian theater, Yelisavetgrad outline of Yakov Pauchenko, a photo documentary called Autograph of War, and an audio project called Voices from the WarDone
01/03/2022 21:11:16РЕСУРСИLinks on Library Home page From Google Translate: "Resource: Electronic catalog, New arrivals, Local history web resource, Electronic documents fund, Archival funds, Virtual exhibitions, Virtual projects, Databases, Publications and publications"
01/03/2022 21:15:56Метричні книги єврейських громад м. Києва та Київського повітуThe digitalized collection of the Kiev Jewish metric books. Done
01/03/2022 21:16:36 of old prints and rare books of Mykhailo Maksymovych scientific library of Taras Shevchenko National University of KyivCollection includes digital versions of incunabula, paleotypes, old prints, and rare edition fr Europe and Ukraine. It became a part of Ukrainian national heritage officially in Dec 2021.Incomplete
01/03/2022 21:17:15 Antonov State Aviation MuseumAviation museum dedicated to Ukrainian technical history with a virtual 3D tour of their collection of aircraft.Done
01/03/2022 21:22:31https://khanenkomuseum.kiev.uaKhanenko MuseumThe Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts is an art museum located in Kyiv, in Ukraine, which holds the biggest and most valuable collections of European, Asian and Ancient art in the countrySite Down
01/03/2022 21:24:22 oblastnaia universal'naia nauchanaia biblioteka im. Olesia GoncharaFull access to electronic documents, including rare materials Done
01/03/2022 21:26:11 Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World WarMuseum website contains digital collections and links to an oral history project hosted on YouTube.Done
01/03/2022 21:31:21https://archive.pinchukartcentre.orgPinchuk Art CentreThe center contains a digital archive of contemporary Ukrainian art.In Progress
01/03/2022 21:43:24 Art Museum (Electronic Library)Electronic library of the museum: catalogues of the collections, albums, etc.Done
01/03/2022 21:44:51Архівні установиA digitized collection of genealogical material and record from Kyiv digitized By Alex Krakovsky and his teamIn Progress
01/03/2022 21:48:31 Liberation MovementThis electronic archive provides access to digitized copies of documents on the history of the Ukrainian liberation movement in the 20th century. The collection contains documents about the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council, and others, as well as documents of the dissident and mass national-democratic movement in the second half of the 20th century. It also includes documents of the NKVD-MGB-KGB, Gestapo, and German security service and others. Presently, the archive consists of more than 10,000 documents. This archive is a joint project of the Center for the Liberation Movement, Lviv National University named after I. Franko, and the National Memorial Museum of Victims of Occupation Regimes "Prison at Lonsky."Failed
01/03/2022 21:58:21 Online library of texts spanning from 9th to 18th century, includes literary works, primary historical sources, and scholarshipDone
01/03/2022 22:02:44 DictionariesOnline library of Russian-Ukrainian dictionaries, allows search across multiple dictionaries at once, also hosts pdf copies of the dictionaries themselvesIn Progress
01/03/2022 22:04:18 DictionariesOnline collection of English-Ukrainian dictionaries, allows search across all available dictionaries at onceIncomplete
01/03/2022 22:24:40 Memory Book of participants of Chernobyl NPP accident consequences liquidation Database/e-book containing the names and information of more than 5,000 liquidators from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.Done
01/03/2022 22:31:25 DictionariesCienific dictioary Ukrnia-English. I have copy and paste in a word.docDuplicate
01/03/2022 22:31:45 Art Library - various collectionsVarious art collections digitised in partnership. The website was blocked for me on Chrome, but not in Edge. Done
01/03/2022 22:31:46Інформаційні ресурси відділу музичних фондівUnder the link, "Імідж-каталоги," there is a collection of scanned catalog cards, with links for "Alphabetical catalog of books," "Alphebtical catalog in Latin font," "Alphabetical catalog of notes," "File of the music fund," "Systematic catalog of notes," "Union of Composers of Ukraine, Foreign catalog of notes," "Union of Composers of Ukraine, Alphabetical catalog of books," "Union of Composers of Ukraine, Alphabetical catalog of notes," translated with Google Translate.Incomplete
01/03/2022 22:36:09 HundredDatabase containing the names, biographies, and photos of the 107 participants who perished during the Maidan Revolution. Done
01/03/2022 22:43:03 BibleThe Ostroh bible, originally printed in 1581.Done
01/03/2022 22:43:06 Arsenal ExhibitionsArchive of different art exhibitions from 2010-2022. Each project inside the archive includes a description and a 3D virtual tour of the exhibit. Done
01/03/2022 22:46:02Інформаційні ресурси відділу образотворчих мистецтвLinks to fine arts resources in the National Library of Ukraine, including "collection of Ukrainian Soviet film posters of the 1920s and 1930s," "collection of Ukrainian poster XX - beg XXI century," "collection of Ukrainian film posters," "collection of postcards," "collection 'copper engraved boards of Ukrainian printing houses of the XVII - XIX centuries," "Stratilat Mykola Ivanovych," "Slastion (Slastion) Opanas Georgievich," "collection 'Photographer Leonid Levit'," "Ukrainia in etchings by Kateryna Mykhaltseva (from NBUV funds)," "collection of graphic works by Georgy Malakov in the funds of the NBUV," "Sergeev Georgy Alexandrovich," -- titles of collections translated by Google Translate. Incomplete
01/03/2022 23:12:56 Digital LibraryKyiv Digital Library is a collection of selected digital objects from the funds of libraries, organizations, research institutions, as well as private collections about Kyiv, its history, culture, social and economic life.In Progress
02/03/2022 00:36:26ЦИФРОВА БІБЛІОТЕКА ІСТОРИКО-КУЛЬТУРНОЇ СПАДЩИНИDigital library of historical and cultural heritageIn Progress
02/03/2022 00:51:44Верховна Рада УкраїниLegislation archive In Progress
02/03/2022 00:54:42 Galicia: The Bridge to Galicia (Jewish Galician Records in Ukrainian State Archives)Specifically Jewish archival material from the former Galicia held in Ukrainian state archives.Incomplete
02/03/2022 00:56:06 National Library of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the WiseThe library includes numerous manuscripts, as well as a collection of Jewish music from 1912–1947, entered in 2005 on the UNESCO Memory of the World listFailed
02/03/2022 01:08:13 Private University (Zaporizhia)Electronic libraryDone
02/03/2022 01:19:55 Documents Kept by Ukrainian Archives​Catalog of Jewish records, scanned by Krakovsky's team was included to TKF archive database.Done
02/03/2022 01:30:44 Ukraine RDHistories, resources, data, and research tips to help each other research Jewish Genealogy. We cover the region of nine historical Russian Empire gubernias now mainly in Ukraine.Done
02/03/2022 01:47:37 Archive: school records from Lutsk Jewish GymnasiumRecords from a Jewish school.Done
02/03/2022 01:51:24 Jewish HeritageRohatyn Jewish Heritage (RJH) develops and manages heritage preservation projects aimed at reconnecting the 400-year history of Rohatyn’s now-lost Jewish community with the people and places of the modern Ukrainian city. Done
02/03/2022 01:54:20 Shtetl: Jewish Towns of UkraineDocuments Jewish towns in Ukraine.Done
02/03/2022 01:57:57 of Jewish Communities in UkraineDocuments Jewish towns in Ukraine.Done
02/03/2022 02:03:16 Ukrainian Online Periodicals ArchiveInterwar Jewish press of Galicia, Volhynia and Bukovina.Duplicate
02/03/2022 02:09:46 of Kremenchug and Kremnchug DistrictContains both Jewish and Christian documentation.Done
02/03/2022 02:15:13 Genealogy DatabaseJewish genealogical records for Odessa and Kiev.Duplicate
02/03/2022 02:27:16 Museum of the History & Culture of Bukovinian Jewshe Museum is dedicated to the remarkable but little-known phenomenon of Bukovinian Jewry from the end of eighteenth century to the 1940s.Done
02/03/2022 02:36:44 UkrainicaPeer-reviewed trilingual annual journal which seeks to enhance Jewish Studies in Eastern Europe in general and in Ukraine in particular.Done
02/03/2022 02:39:18 Genealogy Database (sorry - wrong URL submitted earlier)Jewish genealogy databaseDone
02/03/2022 02:41:08 UkraineThe Jewish theme in the works of Odessa artists of the XIX-XXI centuriesDone