WoW Glyph Research for MoP
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WoW Glyph Research for MoP as of patch 6.0.2
WARLORDS OF DRAENOR ... I've added the RESEARCH (that's what this sheet is for tracking)
as of 6.0.3 data on from 2014-10-28. These new glyphs are NOT in game until
WoD is released.

BoP Techniques will be added closer to WoD release.

This is NEVER tracks automatically learned glyphs nor glyph techniques that you can learn at the vendors.
This sheet is for tracking glyphs learned by Inscriptionists (Scribes).

It is not meant to help track individual glyphs your players have learned for their specific class.
I scoured through the lists on and a couple of other sites to come up with the lists.
There are some data problems with every list I found and I won't be surprised if this list has missing items, too. Especially as new patches come out.
Feel free to copy information from this document. I am protecting the data on the first 2 sheets but the 3rd sheet is open to anyone to edit and make comments/additions.
NOTE: If you want to make any permanent changes please DO NOT add a new sheet.
Make a copy of this document for your personal usage.

I don't mind you adding random sheets, but I will be deleting them to keep the document clean.

If you have any changes you want to make to the master document (like glyphs I've missed) please add a note on the
"Public Comments / Corrections / etc" page. Any new sheets created will be wiped away without notice.

If you make a copy of this sheet for your own use, check back on occasion.
I will keep a changelog with dates of edits so you can keep yours up to date :)
You can reach me as the user "Jahf" on
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(created: 2013-01-26)
2013-01-26 ... moved Aspect of the Cheetah to Northrend research
2013-10-16 ... cleaned up sheets
2013-10-30 ... Added missing techniques including BoP / Vendor / Zone information
... Changed Solar Beam to Omens
2013-11-04 ... changed Furious Sundering to Victorious Throw
2013-11-08 ... added Inferno Blast (was Living Bomb)
2013-11-12 ... added Gateway Attunement
... updated Liberation (was Marked for Death, Trap Launcher, the Beast)
... updated Weakened Soul (was Inner Focus)
... added Lightning Shield
... updated Drain Life (was Soul Shards, Haunt)
... removed Fighting Pose (learned via Trainers not Discovery)
... removed Flying Serpent Kick (learned via Trainers not Discovery)
... moved Army of the Dead to Northrend instead of Minor Research
... updated Efflorescence (was Lifebloom ?)
... moved Crittermorph to Northrend instead of Minor Research
... moved Illusion to Northrend instead of Minor Research
... updated Rapid Displacement (was Invisibility)
... moved Mirror Image to Northrend instead of Minor Research
... updated Rapid Rolling (was Expel Harm)
... updated Sharp Knives (was Crippling Poison)
... removed Ghost Wolf (learned via Trainers not Discovery)
... Updated Curse of the Elements (was Dark Soul)
... Updated Soul Consumption (was Drain Soul)
... moved Intimidation Shout to Minor Research instead of Northrend
... moved Victorious Throw to Minor Research instead of Northrend
... removed Unending Rage (learned via Trainers not Discovery)

... Alphabetized listings (sorry for folks who made copies and then started tracking, your Xs will be out of order)
... added "the" to a few places, which caused alphabetizing to be more drastic :)
... moved Tranquil Grip to Northrend instead of Minor Research
... removed redundant "the Blazing Trail" from Minor Research (already was listed under Scroll of Wisdom)
... removed Crackling Tiger Lightning (learned via Trainers not Discovery)
... removed Everlasting Affliction (was a technique sold in Dalaran, became trainable without scroll as Eternal Resolve, bug report submitted)
... added Armors to Northrend (was Frost Armor, not in the sheet until now)
... added Protector of the Innocent to Northrend
... added Technique of Shifted Appearances ... sold for 4000 Timeless coins by Whizzig, rare spawn around the court area, only up for a few minutes, NOT BoP
... added Vanish to Northrend
... Updated "Shadowflame" to "Unending Resolve" ... if you learned Shadowflame in the past you should already know it ... forgot to add to this version until now
... Added new glyphs learned by "Warbinder's Ink" research in Warlords of Draenor as of 6.0.2 data. Not considered complete for WoD yet.
... Added "Soul Swap"
... Added "Consecrator" ... obviously a number of Warbinder's research results weren't in my original search, will update it soon as I figure out what I did wrong.
... Added "Disappearance", "Shattering Throw"
... Fixed typo: "Astral Communion" instead of "Astral Communication"
... Fixed typo: "Shadowflame" instead of "Shadow Flame"
... DONE: I've learned all WoD glyphs and believe the list to be accurate
... NOTE: Once you finish learning all WoD glyphs, Warbinder's Research will start teaching you Timeless Isle techniques if any are missing. It will ALSO teach you a bunch of old crap you ALREADY KNOW so don't keep making these thinking you're learning a bunch of glyphs that you might already have.