Here Are The Latinx Writers - An Independent List of Latinx WGA Screenwriters
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Writer Name (first and last):Latinx Ethnicity:Genre:Staffing Level:Recent/Relevant Credits:TV or Features?Half Hour or One Hour?Contact Info - Direct or Rep (email and phone): Find A Writer Link and/or IMDB:Social Media:Key Words to describe you / your interests as a writer (baseball, music, crime, gambling).A one-liner pitch for yourself. Describe yourself in one sentence.BIO (limit 2-3 lines) -- WHO you are as a writer, aka your voice, is more important than what you’ve worked on; list your credits and your position above.
Aaron SernaMexicanComedy and DramaCo-ProducerSelena: The Series (Co-Producer; Netflix); Mr Iglesias (Story Editor; Netflix)TVBothSelf:
Manager: Zadoc Angell, Echo Lake (, tel: 424-274-4926, Relationships, Workplace, Comedy/DramaI’m Mexican-American and can write for all characters because I had to acclimate in a South Texas bordertown; my duality is my superpower — the best of both worlds in one package. I'm a Mexican-American writer from a bordertown in Texas, with experience in both comedy and drama. As the son of a single mom, tv was my babysitter. I love telling stories about dysfunctional families and relationships — conventional and otherwise — that never sacrifice heart or humor.
Adam SchlachterPuerto RicanDrama/Comedy/DocumentaryStaff Writer"And The Brave Shall Rise" & "Hair In A Bag"BothOne (323) 708-1452, culture, humor, politics, satire, sports, and travel.I am a confident, independent writer-director-producer interested in writing original, character-driven, universal stories.Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Miami, and a current Los Angeles resident, I am most interested in exploring the frontiers and limits of the human psyche. Previous film projects include "My Backyard Was A Mountain", "Father Figure", "The Stain On The Sidewalk", "a woman IN LOVE", and "Hollywood Whores".
Adrian A CruzPuerto RicanScience Fiction, Thriller, Horror, DramaESEAscension (Co-Creator)BothOne HourEcho Lake Entertainment (manager), Fate, Espionage, FutureAn idea machine, always the first in the room and the last to leave -- I love working in the room, offering solutions, great at high stakes emotion, cinematic moments and emotional grace notes.I cut my teeth in the theater and excel at writing great emotional stakes for character. i've worked in comicbooks, sci-fi and love big ideas told through grounded intimate character perspectives. I love finding the humor in drama and the dramatic edge to humor and am particularly skilled at finding the beautiful, poetic and haunting visual/cinematic moments that convey more than any dialogue can.
Adrian VinaMexicanComedy, supernatural, superheroesStaff WriterBlurt! - TV Movie NickelodeonBothBothJeffrey Thal -, 310-274-9090 genre, peril with a jokeI've never waited for an elevator.Adrian Viña was born and raised in a border town in the tip of south Texas. He has three writing credits for movies in the last four years, but is now looking toward series staffing. He has a lot of experience in the kids / family space, but is also well suited for teen and adult shows as well.
Alan DybnerSouth AmericanMulti-cam ComedyStory Editor"That '70s Show"TV1/2 323-356-1176 psychology, Music, Comic BooksSitcom writer becomes psychotherapist (and returns to sitcoms?)Born to Argentine immigrants, I graduated Amherst College and worked in TV. I then explored my passion for interesting characters and their stories from a different angle by becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
Alex DiazMexicanscience fiction, thrillerStory EditorThe Shannara Chronicles (MTV), Tribes (Sony Crackle)TVOne HourMichael Klein (, 323.510.0818), young adult, thriller, futurism, spy, singularity, AIA native of the border cities of El Paso, TX & Juarez, Mexico, I went to college to study neuroscience and later worked at a futurist think tank.Along with my writing partner/wife (Julie), I write sci-fi, thrillers, and spy shows with complex characters, cool world building, and hot-button issues. Finalist for Rideback TV Incubator and semi-finalist WGA TV Writer Access.
Alfredo Septien CubanDramaCo-Executive Producer, Executive ProducerMidnight Texas S1/2, SALEM, KnightfallTVOne Septién on Twitter, @alseptien1 IGAction, Horror, history, comic book, dark, grittySenior level drama writer part of team, long list of tv and feature credits Love strong, interesting, ethnically diverse characters, that we haven’t seen before, set in fascinating worlds (real or imagined) and energetic, twisting plots.
Alvaro RodriguezMexicanGenre, horror, action, western, animation ESESEIS MANOS (adult animated series, Netflix, Fall 2019)BothBothalrodz@aol.com, border issues, LGBTQ, historical drama, adult animation Lit nerd who loves genre but has never felt confined by it seeks opportunity to smuggle brilliant social commentary in shiny, bloody packages for mass consumption. I’m that guy who grew up on the Tex-Mex border, was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school, got married, had kids then got divorced and came out as gay in his early 40s. In between I studied poetry and practiced journalism and scribbled short fiction in an attempt to uncover my voice. I wrote MACHETE with my cousin Robert Rodriguez then struck out on my own because find your gay voice and all that. Now I’m the co-creator of my own Netflix “Mexicanime” and looking to make magic with cool, smart companions.
Antonio MaciaSouth AmericanDramaStaff WriterHoly Rollers, Affluenza, Anne B. Real BothOne HourDirect (310) 497-2459 Spotupshooterprods@gmail.com driven, gritty, crime, sports, bio, history, faith driven, and inclusiveI bring indie charactiver driven sensibilties and committed to pushing material from good to GREAT.I write character driven, gritty dramas. I'm fascinated by human nature and behavior, and also the power of redemption. My characters and stories reflect a multicultural society, and also socio-economic differences . I'm collaborative, opinionated, and professional.
Arielle DiazMexicanComedyESETHE LAST MAN ON EARTH (FOX) GENTEFIED (NETFLIX)TV1/2 Hourmichelle@mxnentertainment.com @arielledesirayd IG: @ariellediazcomedy, character driven, female driven, high-concept, fart jokes, high-concept fart jokes, workplace, tech, relationships, ensemble, sex, money, power, butt stuffESE-level comedy lady; I'm very passionate about creative self-expression & eating fiber. Arielle Diaz, a former Googler, current pro comedy writer, meditator & novice Burlesque dancer, is a Chicago native, born to two ridiculously good looking, young, dumb & broke teenagers with big hair (It was the 80's). As a brown woman healing from mommy/daddy issues, and centuries of suppression caused by patriarchal ideals, colonization, and a cannibalistic capitalist society, Arielle is committed to telling stories that are vulnerable, center underrepresented communities, and make people laugh their butts off.
Brian Jett MexicanComedic drama. Dramatic comedyStaff WriterFallen Stars, Let Go 323-401-2351 Making people laugh. Making people cry. Both whenever possible. I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel. The son of a career diplomat, I spent much of my youth abroad, living in places such as: Argentina, Israel, Malawi and Mozambique. Drawn to stories about misfits and characters trying to figure out their place in the world.
Cameron AlexanderMexicanDrama & edgy ComedyStaff WriterVermin Rising, Heart of the BeastBothBothSidney@rosaentertainment.com, Music, Traveling, Politics, HistoryPragmatic, easy going, problem solver that loves writing in any genre aimed at an adult audience. California native. Equally fascinated by intense heady drama and biting humor. Lots of on set experience (directed 30+ music videos).
Carlo Perez AllenMexicanDramaStaff WriterHome Sweet Hell Feature film co-writer 2015BothBothDirect (661)212-4252 Perez Allen FacebookPositive Latino expressionAuthentic Latino NOT a Bad HombreI am Mexican American writer with decades experience in Equiy, SAG, AFTRA, WGA. American Film Institute grad. Berkeley educated. Recently finished a memoire and a three part mini-series on California Gold Rush history from a Mexican Woman's perspective.
Carlos FogliaCaribbean, South AmericanGenre / Historical Fiction / Drama Co-ProducerCo-Producer - Lore - AmazonBothOne 617-970-6635 Fiction / Latinx Stories / Drama / Thriller / Action / History Hello! Midlevel Latino Writer here, who loves being in the room creating all kinds of stories from Genre/Historical Fiction to Latinx Stories.Well here we are together, in a rudderless boat. Best part about that is that we're together. Let's get in a room and pitch some awesome stories. I've been fortunate enough to work on some amazing shows, The Exorcist and Lore as well as 5 projects in development right now. Let's tell the human side of Historical Stories, the human side of Latino Stories (read: not cartel or gang related because there are plennnnty of those and we could a little reversing of stereotypes) Come say hi, I love to learn and create. Together.
Carolina RiveraMexicanDrama/Comedy/DramedySupervising ProducerJane the VirginBothOne (310)560-1821 social mediareading, writing, dance, yoga, mom, wifeMom, writer, wife, Mexican Immigrant looking for a better life.I've always written from the bottom of my heart and my voice has been changing with age, circumstances, and experience. And, although I have created many shows, I highly respect the showrunner's voice, when I'm working on someone else's projects.
Celeste VasquezMexican, GuatemalanDramaStory EditorThe Bold Type, ShadowhuntersTVOne HourKen Freimann / Circle of Confusion 310-691-7020 -- @trashquezFamily, Friendship, YA, Young Adult, LGBTQ, Supernatural, Genre, Soccer, I'm a half-Latina, bisexual drama writer who writes complicated characters with a lot of heart. I grew up in a small, gun-toting desert town outside of Los Angeles with my Guatemalan/Mexican-American dad, religiously conservative white mom, and three siblings. I identify as half Latina and half white trash. After a somewhat tumultuous upbringing, a stint in the punk scene, two years in community college, and various encounters with strangers out in the world, I learned observe and empathize with outsiders. I write very grounded stories about people who don’t belong, family, and female friendships with a lot of heart.
Christina PiñaCubanCrime, Family Drama, Horror, Magical Realism, Female Ensemble, and ThrillersStaff WriterCHARMED (Season 2)BothOne HourMike Vanderhei -- 310-550-6777 -- mike@seven-summits.org -- -- Collar Crime, but I like all types of crime (as long as there is a narrative mystery). Family Dramas, Horror, Magic, Witchcraft, Santeria, Voodoo, Electronic Music, Mental IllnessChristina Piña was born and raised in a chaotic Cuban family, who showed its love via secrets, lies, and the occasional chicken sacrifice to their patron saint, Changó.Originally from Miami, FL, Christina Piña is a first generation Cuban-American who started her screenwriting career at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts where she completed her Bachelors in Writing for Screen and Television. While there she was a recipient of both the Mary Pickford Scholarship and Bernard R. Kantor Award. After USC, Christina jumped head first into the entertainment business working at CAA, Imagine Television, and Sentient Entertainment, before eventually landing in Courtney Kemp’s camp working as her assistant on POWER and GET CHRISTIE LOVE. Most recently, Christina was a member of the CBS Writers Mentorship Program (2018-’19), and is now currently staffed on CHARMED (Season 2, The CW).
Christine TorresPuerto RicanDramaStaff WriterLaw & Order: SVUBothOne HourSelf: (310) 721-8759 (Twitter), CTorres1017 (FB), @CTorres1017 (IG)Drama, Crime, Intrigue, Spy, ThrillerFriendly, easy-going, and always curious.Former Brooklyn prosecutor, well-traveled, speaks several languages, obsessed with corruption of all kinds from personal to local to global.
Christopher EncellMexicanComedyESEESE for On My Block, SE/SW on The Good Place.Both1/2 HourJesse Hara email: phone: (323) 272-3433 out of water, underdog, comedic violence and banter. As a child, I was abandoned in Mexico for three months, so I can handle rejection and stress very well. I'm a Mexican-American comedy writer from a 31 (I counted) horse town. I tend to write character driven scripts about love, loss, vigilantes, and the occasional exploding head.
Claudia ForestieriPuerto Rican, Caribbean, DominicanDramedy, Light DramaESESelena: The Series (ESE), Unimundo 45 (Creator), Good Trouble (Staff Writer)TVOne Hourclaudiforest@gmail.com @planetclaudia Insta: claudiforestLight Drama, Comedy & Dramedy; Latinx/Immigration issues; Journalism experience; Social Issues; racial Politics; Family; Female Centric; Coming of AgeI love to write grounded, bittersweet underdog stories with heart and humor. As a former TV journalist for Telemundo, I naturally gravitate towards stories about the Latino immigrant experience and anyone who struggles to be part of two different worlds.Claudia is a bilingual and biracial light drama/dramedy writer of Dominican-Italian descent who was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami. Her storytelling career began in the world of news where she served as a reporter and producer for Telemundo stations in Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and lastly, Los Angeles. After being chosen as a Disney ABC writing program fellow in 2018, she joined the writing staff of Freeform’s “Good Trouble”—“The Fosters” spin-off. Claudia is also an HBO Access alum and a short film version of the pilot she developed during that program—“Unimundo 45” —will air on HBO in 2019. Currently, she’s on the writing staff of Netflix’s “Selena The Series”—a bio drama about the life of the late Queen of Tejano music.
Cristina BoadaPuerto Rican, ArgentineDrama, Dramedy, Serialized, Genre, SciFi, Fantasy, Procedural, ActionStaff WriterValley of The BoomTVBothDavid Chien at Art/Work Entertainment David@artworkent.com stories, Character driven, Fish out of water, Underdog, Family, Relationships, Grew up in south Florida with a hispanic, catholic family. I have 8 years experience working TV. A native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cristina Boada recently made her writing debut on the NatGeo scripted series, Valley of the Boom. She loves to spend her time writing dramas that focus on the underrepresented Hispanic and Latinx community.
Cristina NavaMexicanComedy/DramedyStaff Writer"In Other Words"Both1/2 HourSandra Avila (Manager) 323.850.2760, Dramedy, Romance, Relationships, Underdogs, I am the kind of woman who gave birth to her daughter, and a week later was on set for principal photography of her first feature film, and the baby only ruined one take.Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am a first generation Mexican-American, and lately I’ve gravitated toward writing comedies about the evolving relationships that women have, especially because I got married in my 30s while many of my friends married in their 20s, and they are now single and divorced. I love writing about the conversations women have when we finally do get together, where we are honest about shit like how after children, dancing Zumba means your ass is dancing in a whole other direction than your feet, and you now need a sports bra just to go dance Salsa ‘cause on the dance floor your boobs are accosting your face.
Cristine BeatoCubanComedy, Drama
Have been a staff writer once, an episode writer twice, a co-writer once, a script consultant once, and a solo writer on two awards shows
Only before the millenium
BothBoth, (323) 259-0116
IMDB though it has some errors
Crime, musicians, theater, dance and choreography, Buddhism, poisonous plants, literature, prison, languages, medicine, New Orleans, voodoo, ethics, painting, biographies, science, physics
Boundless intellectual curiosity, wide versatility, hilarious, and always unflappable
My voice is loud when required, and soft when it's the best choice, but always unique, clear, entertaining and compassionate.
Dailyn RodriguezCubanDrama/DramedyExecutive ProducerQueen of the South, Lie to Me, Ugly Betty, etc...TVOne HourAttorney Darren Trattner (310) 553-0305 DTrattner@jtwamm.com, Comedy, Complex female protagonists, Politics, Crime, Romance, Latinx stories, Quirky charactersI'm Cuban-American, originally from NYC/NJ with the sarcastic humor that comes with all of that! My father was the head of an illegal gambling syndicate, so basically I'm the Cuban Meadow SopranoI'm a new Showrunner who is really enjoying the challenges of the job. I swear I really am! I started in half hour comedy and I miss writing lighter more comic stories. It's really more my voice. For me, it's all about strong female characters who defuse the difficulties of life with humor. I really like to explore the psychology and inner lives of my characters.
Daniel DominguezMexicanComedy, horror, action, sci fi, fantasyCo-Executive ProducerSeis Manos (new adult action horror series coming out on Netflix in October), spongebob squarepants, captain underpants Both1/2 Hourbagladydave@gmail.com nerd, sci fi nerd, horror nerd, grant morrison nerd. I am as stress free and focused in the room as am surprising on the page.Whether I am writing comedy or genre, I take a special pleasure in telling stories that lift up the underdog, or humanize the villain. From pulp to prestige, whether the character is a cyborg detective who finds out he was programmed to feel pain because it amused his creator... hey I just made that up nobody steal that... shit...
Danny TolliSouth American, ArgentineanDrama, family, soap, teen, grounded character dramasESERoswell New Mexico (ESE), Home Among Strangers (pilot), The Catch (Story Editor), Stalker (Freelance), The Ropes (Freelance)TVOne HourGarrett Greer, Haven Entertainment: gg@haven.la, high school, college, coming-of-age, secrets, double lives, con artists, LGBTQ+An ESE with tons of producing experience and positive energy.I'm a first-generation Latino who grew up in working class Queens, NY. My parents immigrated from Argentina in the early 80s, escaping dictatorship rule. At fifteen I was determined to come out, but my father's secret life was exposed first after his shady business dealings landed him in jail. That's just the start of my story...

I write grounded character dramas with emotion & humor. Dysfunctional family, coming-of-age, & underdog stories are my jam. Good with structure, and in the room I bring positive energy and strong pitches.
Davah Avena MexicanDrama & Dramedies Supervising ProducerGrand Hotel, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Daytime Divas, Devious Maids TVBothSheree Guitar, Sheree Guitar Management, (310) 286-1900, company, family drama, magical realismI love to make you laugh and cry... sometimes at the same time. Davah Avena is the industry's first and only Can-exican (Canadian-Mexican) television writer/producer. Not only can she break story and write scripts, she can also tap her own maple tree and make a killer margarita. Because Davah’s work straddles drama and comedy, she thrives in the one hour dramedy the world. She grew up working in the family company and often uses that experience in her writing.
Davy PerezMexicanSci Fi / Horror / True CrimeSupervising ProducerSupernatural BothOne HourSteve Smith, Stagecoach Entertainment: (310) 395- 9600, steve@stagecoachent.net, Noir, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Folklore, Crime, Legends, Myths, Religion, Horror, Science Fiction, Character Development, Tattoos, Director, ProducerEast LA Native from a big Mexican family who worked his way up from High School dropout to Producer through hands on learning and hard work. I write stories about everyday people who fight against the darkness that is both inside and outside of themselves. To do this I draw from my own experiences as a kid from the East Side of Los Angeles who pulled himself up from nothing and was lucky enough to grow beyond my own struggles.
Eddie QuintanaMexicanComedyStory EditorDuncanville (Fox), K.C. Undercover (Disney)TV1/2 HourSheree Guitar, 310-286-1900, Sheree@shereeguitarent.com workplaces, American history, MapsI grew up in my family’s Spanish-language nightclub.I’m the oldest (and shortest) of eight brothers and sisters. I believe in “the little guy,” because I am one.
Elias BenavidezMexicanGrounded Sci-Fi / DramaESEResident AlienBothOne HourDanny Sherman - danny@thruline.com / Science-Fiction / Grounded GenreThe Latino J.J. Abrams ;)I gravitate towards human characters who elevate the "science" within the science-fiction genre - developing worlds while keeping it grounded and relatable.
Eliza Cossio MexicanComedy, DramedyStaff Writer Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas (HBO)TV1/2 HourDirect: / 909-618-8100, magical realism, absurdity, California, historyI like to write funny moments for real characters. Hi! I’m Eliza, I grew up in LA and went to school at UC Berkeley, where I studied history. I moved to New York where I learned rules at UCB and then learned how to break them at The Annoyance. I like comedy and real characters and magical realism and absurdity.
Emilia SerranoMexicanComedy & DramedySupervising ProducerGENTEFIED (Netflix), ALL FANCY (NBC pilot script,2018), THE DOUBLE DOWN (Columbia Feature)BothBothKimberly Carver: KCarver@3Arts.com stories, Rom-coms, Blue collar experiences, soccer, restaurants, cars/mechanics, ex-Catholic humorTV and feature writer with a collaborative, blue-collar work ethic and a tomboy sense of humor that helps me deal with motherhood, being married to a geek, and constantly living in two cultures, Mexican-American and bougie Californian.TV and feature writer with a collaborative, blue-collar work ethic and a tomboy sense of humor that helps me deal with motherhood, being married to a geek, and constantly living in two cultures...Mexican-American and bougie Californian. I'm basically Cali-Mex, and yes, the guac costs extra. I'm a fast draft writer, strong story pitcher, and a comedy writer who knows the next joke is the better joke.
Emmylou DiazSouth Americandrama / dramedy / comedyCo-ProducerESE - Charmed (CW), Staff Writer - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (Bravo), Staff Writer - Jane the Virgin (CW)BothBothKen Freimann - Circle of Confusion:, 310 691 7000 & Twitter: @emmyloudiazdrama, dramedy, relationships, family, emotional, recovery, humor, coming-of-age, off-beat, spiritualityI'm an Ivy-league educated actress-turned-writer who's passionate about telling character-driven stories with edge, humor, and heart. I write grounded, emotional stories about families, relationships, and the unseen, with a darkly comic, often quirky edge, all informed by my experience as a first-gen Latina and a woman in recovery.
Eric Reyes LooMexicanDramedy/DramaCo-ProducerA.J. AND THE QUEEN (Netflix) - ESE (2018-19); GUIDANCE (Hulu) - Co-Producer (2017); Staff Writer (2016)TVBothAdam Peck - Synchronicity Management -; 310-383-1453, culture, art, theatre, musicI'm a witty, character-driven, serialized one-hour drama writer.I'm a gay Chexican playwright with a loud voice in person and on the page. I'm irreverent, emotional, fun, funny, bold and stylish - in person and on the page.
Erica MeredithMexicanDrama, Dramedy, Serialized, SciFi, True Crime, ProceduralProducerCriminal MindsTVOne, 970-217-1138, Sports, Politics, Medicine, Social Justice, ReligionBiracial, well-traveled, writer with a strong eye for character and structure.1-hour drama writer. I went to Brown University to become the first doctor in my family but instead fell in love with storytelling and it's power to create empathy. I tend to look for the universal in the specific and build sympathetic characters from all walks of life. I think the right story, told in the right way, at the right time can nudge the world a little.
Ernie BustamanteMexican, Puerto RicanComedyStaff Writer"Liv & Maddie" (Disney Channel), "ROB" (CBS), "Behind the Seams" (ABC comedy pilot), "Family of the Year" (Nickelodeon movie)TV1/2 HourSandra Avila, Inclusion Management, 818-630-7975, Up Comedian, Karaoke KingErnie Bustamante is a writer, comedian, and connoisseur of nachos. Ernie has sold pilot scripts and TV movies to broadcast, cable, and digital networks. Worked as a staff writer on half-hour comedies. And has appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (as a dancing monkey).

Recently, Ernie released his web series “Border Patrol” — based on his short film — which won "Best Narrative Short" at the Arizona Underground Film Festival. And every fourth Wednesday, he hosts “The Latino Vote” — a late night talk show — at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

Last year, he made his second appearance at the 2018 Montreal Just for Laughs Festival in the Stand Up + Pitch Showcase.
Eva AridjisMexicanSci-fi, horror, drama, historical, fantasyStory EditorStaff writer on Narcos: Mexico (co-wrote EP 202 with SR Eric Newman, airs in Nov 2019), Staff writer on CDMX (Televisa-Amazon), I've also written several feature scripts including two that I directed "The Favor" (drama) and "The Blue Eyes" (supernatural suspense)BothOne HourEva Aridjis:, (917) 741-0149
Manager: (310) 694-3800
Please note the two shows I staffed on haven't posted their credits yet and Find a Writer won't let me add them until they're on IMDB., The occult and paranormal, religion, spirituality, cults, mythology, Native American Indians, ancient civilizations, history, human rights, civil rights, animals, animal rights, the environment, nature. Music, musicians, art, artists, literature, writers, film, filmmakers, photography, fashion. Subcultures, misfits, outsiders, medical oddities, mental illness. Circuses, haunted houses, ghosts, aliens, witches, zombies, second sight. When I watch/write a movie or show I want to be transported (or transport you) to a different world: whether that be an imaginary world, the past, or the future. For the real world in the present day I prefer a documentary.I grew up in Mexico City and came to the United States when I was 18. I attended NYU Grad Film but before that I studied Comparative Literature and Anthropology at Princeton, which led me to make both narrative and documentary films- I wrote, directed and produced five features. I've been writing for Narcos and have two episodic shows of my own. The theme my own movies and shows have in common is that of the outsider, misfit, or people who live on the edges of society or suffer from some form of discrimination. I like giving a voice to the voiceless, making the invisible visible, telling stories about individuals whose stories aren't usually told, whether those characters be fictional or real, living or dead, human, animal or monster.
Evette VargasPuerto RicanThriller, Crime, Sci-Fi, Magical Realism, Dark Humor, DramaProducerTINACIOUS - MGMTV & Propagate Content; MUSES - TNT Super Deluxe; MIX MASTER MIKE - Impossible Dream EntertainmentBothOne HourMANAGER: Jeffrey Thal Ensemble Entertainment ‭‭(310) 274-9090‬ DIRECT: 323-841-6889 vargasgirl23; @vargasgirl; fb evette.vargas.5crime, thriller, sci-fi, genre, drama, magical realism, underdog, fish-out-of-waterPuerto Rican Latina, I write character-driven TV genre stories & dramas about underdogs, hustlers, fish-out-of-waters & survivors, as they explore identity, breaking out of boxes & having no choice but to fight.I'm a first-generation Puerto Rican Latina, born in the Bronx. I’m a writer, director, producer, videogame & an immersive storyteller. I write character-driven thrillers/crime/sci-fi/magical realism dramas & quirky dark humor. Identity, fish-out-of-water, underdog, technology & hustler stories are the stories of my soul. My drama series, Tinacious, is set up with MGM TV. Marc Guggenheim & Rosario Dawson are serving as EPs. I penned, The Current War VR Experience, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. My digital series, Dark Prophet, was in contention for two Emmys. I sold my drama series, Muses, to TNT Super Deluxe. I’ve had past lives as a DJ, a fashion designer & I’m a recovering NYC advertising Art Director. I learned to tell stories at the dinner table where the imagination ruled.
Felicia HilarioMexicanthriller/crime/actionStaff WriterLethal WeaponBothOne HourSelf: 305.890.3841 Manager: Thomas Carter, Artillery Creative 3109233058 female protagsI'm a reservoir of positive energy in the room, known for pushing the boulder up the hill, pitching grounded solutions, especially for female characters or crime storylines, and remaining upbeat after long days and seasons - an all star team player. Born in East LA. Teen mom. Later sold yachts in Miami. A slew of adventures in between. I specialize in writing strong, complex woman of color pushing against boundaries of convention, often in male dominated worlds.
Gabriel BrugniSouth AmericanDramaStaff WriterStory Editor @ Paradise Inc.TVOne Hourgabriel.brugni@gmail.com, family, immigration, historical, out-of-the-box pitches, researcherFavorite uncle of his toddler nephews by day, writing about the world's hopelessness by night.Born and raised in Brazil, Gabriel got mugged so many times growing up, he knew one of his muggers by name. He writes dramas about finding love and wonder in the strangest (and often not-exactly-safe) places.
Gisselle LegereCubanmedical, procedural, political thriller, drama, intrigueStaff WriterQuanticoBothOne HourDirect: Manager: John Tomko # (310) 954-9520, espionage, epidemiologist, biodefense, science, medical, martial arts, judo, , ballet, Cuban-American who grew up in a garment factory; became a globe-trotting epidemiologist working in biodefense, now write character-driven thrillers.As a field epidemiologist, Gisselle spent a decade working in biodefense and chasing disease outbreaks across the globe before transitioning into writing. As a writer, she draws a lot of inspiration from the conflicts she wrestled with in her previous line of work. She brings sleuthing skills to procedurals but writes character driven drama and morally ambiguous female leads.
Hailey ChavezMexican, CubanComedy/DramedyStory EditorDiary Of A Female President, Grown-ishTV1/2, (818) 668-7717 @hailstormchavezSketch comedy, musical theater, LGBTQ, traveling Queer latinx writer with a good sense of story structure with affinity for silly/dumb jokes. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m the child of Mexican and Cuban immigrants and have dealt with being a queer woman in those cultures. I got my start in sketch comedy so I love finding the the comedic game in each scene. I know we do not live in a vacuum and so I try to write with cultural responsibility and also humor!
Hernany PerlaCentral AmericanThriller/ActionStaff WriterSequestered, The RopesBothOne (424) 361-3387 sports, gangs, intelligence (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc), politicsDevelopment exec turned writer with experience across both television and features.Development exec turned writer. Originally from El Salvador. Sweet spot is thriller with twist.
Hilliard GuessPuerto RicanDrama/Genre/ActionStory EditorStaff Writer on Russo Bros hit SYFY Series DEADLY CLASSBothOne HourJon Brown Ensemble Ent., crime, horror, action, mystery, historical, bioA gay Afro Punk who writes underdog stories in the bio, historic, murder, death, kill world!I'm an experienced writer/prod who loves writing themes of redemption for the underdog. As someone who was bullied and overcame his fears by fighting back, I love to cheer for the runt in the litter box and always strive to make characters who grow from "Weak to Strong."
Iván BrandonCubanDramaStory EditorFor The People, ABCBothBothivanbrandon@gmail.com, crime, science fiction, dramaInterested in telling good, entertaining stories while surprising myself and the audience.Cuban writer from NYC with an interest in telling human stories that come from places (geographic and otherwise) that we haven't seen. I have a specific interest in improving latinx characterization and representation in media.
Jessica PoterSouth AmericancomedyESEModern Family (ABC) - staff writer, story editor seasons 9-10, Black-ish (ABC) - freelance script, Hot In Cleveland (TV Land) - freelance scriptTV1/2 HourLawyer - Adam Cooper at Jackoway Tyerman,, 310.553.0305 @poterposts, Twitter: @jessicapotermusical theater, music, theater, improvEarnest musical theater obsessed Argentinian Jew whose mother hosts a sex talk show.Raised in the suburbs of Chicago by a foulmouthed Argentinian father and an internet-sex-talk-show-host mother, Jess Poter sought a career in making people laugh at the stuff that hurts. Upon graduating from Yale University with a degree in Theater Studies, Jess moved to Los Angeles and pursued improv and sketch comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) and Groundlings as well as an unaccredited master’s degree in writers’ room assisting.
Jim AdlerCuban, Central AmericanCrime, EspionageCo-Executive ProducerMacGyver, CastleTVOne HourRAIN Management: Jonathan Baruch, Lucy Stutz (310)954-9520 on twitterCulture & Subcultures,Technology, Politics, MilitaryExperienced, level-headed pro with room running, rewriting, and post skillsBorn in Miami, raised in LA - always an outsider pretending to fit in; once a nomad now a family man. Staff superpower: I help make other people better.
Joe GonzalezPuerto RicanDrama/Thriller/Sci-Fi/Psychological/Crime/OccultStory EditorStaff Writer/Story Editor, "Bosch" for Amazon StudiosTVOne, 917-930-5010 CellJoseph Gonzalez @ WGAE/ @joeattheshowDrama/Psychology/The Occult/Sci-fi/Crime ThrillersI write killer Action Set Pieces and have deep script analytical skills.I'm an NYU Tisch School of the Arts grad with a BFA in Film/TV Production and Screenwriting(3.86 GPA). I'm also the 1998 NYU/Universal Wasserman Award winner. I've worked a plethora of jobs in the Industry with ten years on the Law & Order Mothership in New York finishing as the P.O.C., then finally landing my dream job as a writer at "Bosch" for Amazon Studios.
Joe VargasSouth American, ColombianComedyStory EditorFuller House (Staff Writer), Sir Mix-A-Lot Pilot (Warner Horizon)TV1/2 HourDirect: 703-362-2585,
Legal: Bruce Gellman - (310) 271-8777 comedy, fish-out-of water, hang-out comedies, mixed-families, underdogsColombian-American former engineer, teacher, and stand-up comedian turned comedy writer.Born to a mixed family in Colombia and raised on American TV. Before becoming a comedy writer, I worked as a mechanical engineer, a car salesman, and a teacher who cursed in front of his students the first week and stole a kid's burrito. Eventually I learned that I needed to pursue my passion, and that burritos are delicious. Now I write characters out of their element, people between two worlds, diverse weirdos, and all kinds of lovable trainwrecks.
Jonathon GutierrezMexicanComedy, animationStaff WriterThis Functional Family (TruTv) @midnight (Comedy Central) UltraMechatron Team Go! (College Humor/Dropout) Victor & Valentino (Cartoon Network) My Crazy Sex (Lifetime)TV1/2 HourDirect:, Rep: Christine Martin, Martin Management,
(310) 919-4661, mystery, comic books, pulp fiction, character-based comedyA half-mexican writer who loves crafting stories, pitching in a writer's room and striving to craft the perfect joke.After growing up the only Mexican kid in his Connecticut town, I worked as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor before finding comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. While I've always loved telling stories, I discovered my true love was crafting jokes. I'm also a professional nerd and a compulsive reader of mystery, science fiction and adventure stories.
Jorge PerezPuerto Rican, Caribbean, Dominican DramaStaff WriterBodies of Work-NYC (1 Hr TV Drama), Talons (Feature Drama), Script Consultant on Feature Film ROBINBothOne 201-232-3223 (long-time speech writer and maker of political videos) gritty yet dimensional male relationship dynamics , sports worlds and themes ( ex-basketball coach, taught NBA and D1 players), insights into criminal world ( grew up around the Mob, survived Mafia strong-arm attempt), fantastic dialogue (produced NYC playwrite), rich, vivid, dimensional female characterizations I'm a playful embodiment of passion in action, service with a smile, and someone who listens with my heart AND ears - who gets underneath facts to TRUTH ...I haven't been a butcher, baker (or whatever that 3rd thing was) but I’ve done passionately diverse things - in unique areas and among eclectic people. After Villanova, I was a writer @ Emmy-Winning Digital Kitchen, performed spoken word in Spanish Harlem, was a business owner with 110 employees in the hospitality industry (who survived a Mafia strong-arm attempt), a basketball coach/Personal Trainer, and a volunteer at a substance abuse clinic. I’ve lived with ten Dubliners in Atlantic City, Belfast natives in Cape Cod, Argentines & Cubans in Miami, Cowboys and farmers in Colorado, African-Americans in Jersey City. I’ve experienced great triumph (State Championships), tragic loss (death of a girlfriend/unborn child). The insight gained bleeds into my work: CROSSING CURRENTS ( at Altered Stages in NYC) is a turbulent Cuban family drama about finding one’s individual voice within a community . 3 CARD MONTE takes place in the NYC Italian restaurant world - and is the true story of one honest man who outsmarts the Mob for $5 million dollars- and lives with no fear amidst them - regaining what was taken after the Mob killed his father. It’s a father/son story about winning LIFE’S card game. SHOOTING STARS has an NBA-in-Puerto Rico patina – it’s a cautionary, Shakespearean, Latino hip-hop influenced tale about dream pursuit… and agency over our lives. I write in the hope of entertaining while holding up a mirror to us all
Jorge Ramirez-MartinezMexicanDramaESESELENA: The Series (Netflix) TVOne HourJorge Ramirez-Martinez, writer: 213-399-5915; Kimberly Jaime, lawyer: 310-553-0305Find A Writer Link: IMDB: and Twitter: @battlewound86family drama, soapy, suspense, murder, bio pic, crime, LGBTQI'm a gay Latino Mormon Virgo who knows how to write and create drama, both on and off the page, as a result of growing up watching telenovelas with my mom.I write characters who have opposite values and characteristics that live in two different worlds without fully belonging to either one. I’m strong with story structure, organic character arcs, and pitches.
Jorge ReyesPuerto RicanRelationship, Serialized Crime, LegalProducer, Supervising ProducerKevin Hill, Queen Of The SouthTVBothsmoothlatinkid@yahoo.comRelationships, Crime, Family, legal, Dating Equally adepts at Relationship/family/dating shows and character based cop/legal procedurals and serialized Crime dramas I love writing about relationships, dating, romance, and family. But I can pour that skill adeptly into a legal, cop, or serialized crime drama.
Jorge RiveraPuerto RicanCrime / True Crime / Sci-Fi / Horror / Fantasy / DramaStory EditorA.P.B. (on Fox)TVOne Hourdirect: / Jeff Portnoy (Bellevue Productions), music, touring musician, true-crime, santeria, brujeria, cops. criminals and CatholicismPuerto Rican from New Jersey that grew up surrounded by cops, criminals and Catholicism.Growing up in 90’s Jersey City, flanked by family on both sides of the law (cops and criminals), came in handy when producing thirty-two episodes of true-crime television for the Investigation Discovery Network. Those shows put me in daily contact with homicide detectives, prosecutors and defense attorneys, crime reporters, and families of the victims. It’s been a visceral education in the investigative process and how all the players are personally affected — especially the cops. Crime story-telling is in my blood.
Juan AvellaSouth American, VenezuelanThriller/Crime/Drama/ActionStaff WriterHIJO POR HIJO (2017) (Available on HBO) BothOne HourGreg Pedicin and Shan Ray (Gersh) and Danny Sherman and Jeff Ciabattari (Thruline), bilingual, immigrant, business, multicultural, diversity, finances, Venezuela, AFI, Spanish, NFL, footballJuan Avella is an LA based Venezuelan writer who focuses on gritty and social genre stories set in multicultural worlds.Born and raised in Venezuela under a dictatorship, Juan survived a Catholic all-boys school, kidnappings, and political protests. He's a bilingual immigrant and AFI grad who became an artist instead of a white-collar criminal.
Juan Carlos FernandezCuban, Puerto RicanCharacter-based drama, sci-fi, actionStory EditorSCANDAL (Staff Writer), SCANDAL: GLADIATOR WANTED (Writer, Web-Series)TVOne Hourobijuanca@aol.com @obijuancamysteries, puzzles, running, marathons, LGBTQ issues, AIDS/HIV sci-fiRaised by Cuban parents, Juan Carlos is an adventurer with a practical, intellectual center. Being gay in a conservative, Cuban home taught Juan Carlos early on how to duck poisoned arrows and hopscotch cultural booby traps in order to reach the golden idol. A nerd long before it was hip to be one, he enjoys grounded sci-fi. But mostly writes about people trapped between worlds or haunted by their pasts.
Julia Ahumada GrobSouth AmericanComedy/DramedyESE, Co-ProducerMr. Iglesias (Netflix); Sold Pilot to ABC for 2019 Pilot seasonTV1/2 HourBrandy Rivers - 323-964-9298, brandyr@industryentertainment.com about ballsy ass broads and POCsInfluenced by her "mutt" identity and nontraditional upbringing, Julia's love of storytelling is fueled by her once-in-a-lifetime experiences: she lived in Chile during the country's first democratic elections; studied singing at the prestigious “Fame” high school; toured nationally with her one-woman show; and once spoke with Fidel Castro. Julia Ahumada Grob is a multi-faceted writer with a knack for both comedy and drama. Most recently she staffed as Story Editor on MR IGLESIAS (Netflix), a multi-cam comedy starring Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias. Previously staffed on GALAVANT with Dan Fogelman, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE, in addition to selling and developing projects with Will Packer Productions, Fullscreen Media, and ABCd. A graduate of the ABC/Disney Writing Program, Julia's passion for TV writing grew from creating and starring in EAST WILLYB, an innovative web series which the NY Times called the "Latino show for a new generation." The series was optioned by ABC Studios and sold and developed with ABC for the 2019 Pilot Season.
Julia CamaraBrazilianDrama, Thriller, Sci-fi, HorrorStaff WriterArea Q, Open Road, Occupants (independent features)FeaturesOne 310-428-7107 (Manager - David Firestone 415-613-5624 david@firestonetoalent.com, horror, mystery, female protagonist.Brazilian born, bilingual, former translator, writer/filmmaker with experience in all areas of filmmaking. I create character pieces. I enjoy playing with the theme of "be careful what you wish for." Father-daughter relationships pop up often in my work.
Julia FontanaSpanishProcedural, Drama, Light drama, Period, Suspense, Thriller, RomanceCo-ProducerLucifer (FOX), The Inbetween (NBC)BothOne HourElana Barry (TV); Ashley Berns (FILM) 310-691-7000 @julia_fontana IG @juliafontanabassolsPolitics, Crime, Family, Historical figures, Fashion, Art, Dance, Finance, Food, Immigration, Travel, InternationalAn Alien of Extraordinary Ability (aka just an immigrant) from Barcelona who snuck into the U.S. on a Fulbright scholarship and wrote her way into staying by telling stories about badass women misunderstood by history.Described by US immigration authorities as an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability;” by her friends as "the little engine that could," and by her mom as "always in need of a curl-taming blowout," Julia Fontana is an LA-based feature film and TV writer-producer from Barcelona. She was able to move from Spain to NY, then LA, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship, which allowed her to pursue an MFA in writing and producing at UCLA. She did the assistant thing in Hollywood while writing indie features about troubled artists (Fritz Lang, Cristóbal Balenciaga) and their fucked-up relationships with the lovers who lived in their shadow, and who ultimately made their success possible. Her fascination with those themes has nothing to do with the fact that she's married to a director with whom she has a close creative partnership. Pablo and Julia fell in love watching silent movies in Barcelona, and they are now parents to two boys. After being selected as a Sundance Institute fellow and a Fox Writers Intensive finalist, Julia was eventually able to break into TV, and now regularly works as a writer-producer – most recently, as an Executive Story Editor on THE INBETWEEN (Universal/NBC) and as a Story Editor and Staff Writer on seasons 2 and 3 of LUCIFER (WB/FOX). She also wrote the first feature film financed by Netflix Spain, "7 años" (2016). Julia speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, and some German, which comes in handy for a history nerd and fashion enthusiast who loves to travel both in real life and through world literature.
Julian KianiCentral American, South AmericanComedyESEI Feel Bad (NBC), Marlon (NBC)TV1/2 HourMichael Pelmont (manager) - (Twitter/Instagram)Politics, Music, Sports, Food, Religion, Travel, SuburbiaTelevision Writer (Bring the Funny, I Feel Bad, Marlon), Comedian (Brooklyn Comedy Festival), Foodie (Cheesecake Factory, Red Robin)I write about the trials of growing up in a multi-cultural household, feeling out of place, and being indecisive. Or not. I mean, if you think it's cool, then cool. Same.
K.D. DávilaMexicanDrama, Dark Comedy, Sci-FiESESE on Upcoming top secret genre series (TBA soon), SW on Salvation (CBS), Emergency (short film, Winner of Grand Jury Prize @ SXSW 2018 & Special Jury Prize @ Sundance 2018). FELLOWSHIPS/LABS: Universal Pictures Emerging Writers Fellow, Film Independent Project Involve Fellow, Film Independent Episodic Lab AlumBothBothCarlos Bobadilla (, 323.677.4570) kd_davila, Twitter: @davilalivadhistory, sci-fi, video games, military history, guerrilla warfare, the middle east, technology, spaceI would like to lead a revolution someday, and to start I propose we eliminate the letter C, which is a garbage letter as it only represents sounds that are already made by S and K.K.D. Dávila is a Chicana filmmaker from the Inland Empire. Upon graduating with degree in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton, she had to decide whether to join the CIA or be a filmmaker (she chose the harder one). She likes to examine dark/tricky subjects (class conflict, terrorism, race) through the lens of sci-fi and fantasy, with a dash of dark humor.
Kamala LopezSouth AmericanComedy, Drama, DocStaff WriterEqual Means EqualBothBothShoreline Entertainment/Alex Flores 310-551-2060 justice, women's rights, female gangs, child sex trafficking, rape/sexual assault, Multi-cultural Ivy-league educated female hyphenate.I have written feature comedies, dramas, TV pilots and episodes, short films and documentaries - I enjoy all genres of writing. I also write essays and am a published editorialist. I look forward to being judged on my merits as opposed to my race, ethnicity or gender.
Kase PenaCaribbean, DominicanDrama / DramedyStaff WriterBrujasBothBothN/A Thai/ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Basketball/Baseball/FootballA self-taught writer who passionately studies and continues to learn everyday.I am a Transgender Woman of color, Latinx to be precise. I represent an entire class of people that is totally under-represented in media, who's also capable of writing outside the Transgender experience. I enjoy writing character driven stories that are grounded in reality. Drama and Dramedy are my preferred genres.
Kevin RodriguezMexicanDrama, sci-fi/fantasy, character drama, dramedyCo-ProducerAmerican Jesus (Netflix), Deadly Class (Syfy), Notorious (ABC)BothOne HourCharlie Scully at Anonymous Content ( 310-558-6000) sci-fi/fantasy, politics, small towns, addiction, spirituality, comic book & video game adaptation I have watched every episode of the West Wing at least six times (except for the live debate episode)I'm looking to join the revolution, please. My favorite shows of late are leftovers, patriot, handmaids tale, killing eve, and hanna. I am a Texan from a farming family and have experience in DC politics and Texas politics.
Kira KalushMexican, Spanish, ChicanacomedyCo-ProducerTHE LAST MAN ON EARTHTV1/2 HourChervine Naamani
Rain Management Group
424-270-863, 720-341-9330, @kalushycomedy, high-concept, character driven, female forward, goofy, weirdI’m a mid-level multiethnic comedy lady who loves high concept stories that are also poop-joke friendly. Kira Kalush, a woman who was once mistaken for Ralph Macchio’s cousin by a homeless man, is a native of Denver, Colorado, where she grew up in an eclectic household as the daughter of a news anchor, and a photographer-turned-mountain unicyclist-turned-hot dog-entrepreneur. As a mixed race woman, Kira is committed to telling untold stories from underrepresented communities in a weird, relatable way.
Lance WhineryMexicanComedyESERules of Engagement, Stuck in the MiddleBoth1/2 (direct) or Code of Conduct signed agent Brant Rose (Brant Rose Agency) 323/ 460-6464, dating in LA, all sports, music, nightlife, 80s-90s nostalgia, sarcasmI love pitching on jokes and working out the story problems, and am willing to put in the time to get us there.I love good-intended characters in over their heads, flawed by quirks, misunderstood, prone to embarrassment. Dates gone wrong or couples working together overcoming obstacles. Heavy on jokes and sarcasm, but like finding the underlying heart.
Laura Jean LealMexicanfamily / dark comedy / conspiracyStaff WriterThe Punisher, freelance ep 211TVOne HourSelf:
Manager: Carrie Isgett, Lit Entertainment Group: 310-988-7700 dark family comedies, characters, female driven, conspiracy driven dramasA half Mexican with a dry sense of humor who was raised in the South with a fondness for watching college football and playing tennis.I have fondness towards dark comedies cause that's life or at least what I've experienced. Born to a bi-polar WASP mother and a Mexican father, I’ve been surrounded my entire life with a cast of characters for both side of the aisle which has made for great story telling and led to jobs as a Writers’ Assistant on FX’s THE BRIDGE and Netflix/Marvel’s THE PUNISHER, where I wrote episode 211, and now I’m ready to staff!
Leah LongoriaMexicanFemaleStaff WriterJane The Virgin TVOne
512-971-5324 @leahclongoriaDrama, dramedy, sci-fi, genre, coming-of-age, identity, twin, dark, character-driven, female-driven, family, math major, band nerdMexican-American twin, band nerd, and former math major from Texas turned TV writer. I write drama with a little comedy and a sci-fi twist. Genre, horror, family, strong and flawed female characters (complexity not perfection). My stories are about ordinary people who are flung into extraordinary circumstances. Families and relationships threatened by forces beyond their control. All informed by my own experiences growing up as a twin, female, Texan, and one of the few people of color in a predominantly white city.
leyani diazCubanDrama, Dramedy, SciFi, Horror, HistoricalStory EditorThe Event (NBC) Humor, Gritty Crime, Supernatural, Horror Hauntings Superstitions and Legends, SciFi Fanatic, Lover of HistoryI'm a writer that enjoys the dark, twisted and fantastical, perhaps in part due to the perilous journey I made as a child on a Banana Boat from Cuba to Florida, and the fact that I made up for being an only child by having a lot of imaginary friends.I enjoy the hell out of creating biting, confrontational characters from all walks of life. I've been praised for my ability to build suspenseful, tension building dialogue and action. Love immersing myself in channeling characters whose lives and stories unfold within historical or futuristic eras, be it here on earth, in a fantastical realm, or in a galaxy far away.
Ligiah VillalobosMexicanMultiple - Drama, Dramedy, Children's AnimationProducer, ShowrunnerDevelopment - STARZ, ABC, NBC...BothOne HourJeff Finkelstein and Lily Tillers - Lawyers (310) 979-7985‬ (Twitter) @Charbonete (Instagram)Story-driven, character-driven, music-driven, dance-driven, Latino storiesI have been both a network/studio executive and a writer with experience from pre-school animation to paid cable.I believe that that it is not only important to know what is the story you want to tell, but what it is that you want to SAY. I also believe that the plot should exist to serve the characters and not the other way around. So as a writer, I always try to tell stories that have something to say and that uplift people of color.
Linda F. SweigartMexicanDrama. Dysfunctional family.Supernatural. Crime. Thriller. Romcom. Dramedy. Mockumentary. Fantasy. Strong Female Protagonist. StaffKilling Animals (Feature), Age of the Moon (Short)BothBothLinda F. Sweigart (310) 691-4599 Escapism. Travel. Art. Adventure. Dysfunctional families. Multicultural storytelling. Latinx Ryan Murphy.I was born a first generation Latina with Irish roots in El Paso, Texas, border city to Juarez, Mexico. As a teenager I studied at an all-girl Catholic school, and spent weekends partying in Mexican nightclubs. I secretly dated the son of a notorious drug dealer, until my mother stormed into his father’s compound and negotiated our breakup. Soon after, I was shipped off to study in Spain. Since then I’ve cultivated a love for travel, ethnic food, and fine art.

After I graduated with a double major in English/American Literature and Anthropology, I held many odd jobs ranging from an archeological field-tech, to an instructor for Homeland Security where I taught TSA employees how to find bombs, until I became a Development Executive for Steve Oedekerk (Ace Ventura), and found my passion for screenwriting. At Disney, my mentor, Rob Edwards, encouraged me to write full-time. A year later, I began the UCLA MFA Screenwriting Program. Since then I’ve written features, drama/comedy pilots, shorts, and developed a pilot for Sony Crackle.

During this time, my mother died unexpectedly and her so-called “best friend” seduced my stepfather, turned him against me, and dumped him at a retirement home after taking over our family estate. Heartbroken, I took a two-year pilgrimage around the world, to put my life in order. On this journey: I fell in love with an Indian Prince, was wooed by a French sommelier (seven-years-my-junior), motorcycled Cambodia-Vietnam, was hospitalized in Myanmar for a bug bite, and finally living an existence worth writing about. Given my experiences, I can write from many walks of life in any given genre. I love to study the human condition, and am drawn to writing complex characters that live in the fringes of society.
Lindsey VillarrealMexicanDrama/ Dramadey,Story EditorSacred Lies, Vida, The PurgeBothBothBrillstein Entertainment Partners - Natalie Covault - (310) 275-6135 - @lindsey__villarrealFamily Drama, Activist/ Activism, Race politics, Latinx identifying, Female leads, Horror, Supernatural, Magical Realism, Dark Themes Lindsey Villarreal is a Los Angeles based writer and producer focusing on female driven and Latinx influenced content. I am dialogue driven and focused on talking about gender, race and identity in an upfront and direct way. I intend for all my original scripts to showcase latina leads as well side characters who represent underrepresented minorities.
Liz RiveraCentral AmericanComedyStaff WriterMe and My Grandma ( Staff Writer)TV1/2 HourRep: Matt Horwitz (310) 7894790,, Latinx, Family Comedies, Female Friendships, I'm a Latinx comedy writer who loves writing about female friendships, multi-generational families, & the burden of having "immigrant face." Born in Guatemala and raised in L.A., Liz grew up strict Seventh-Day Adventist, which meant no alcohol, no cursing, no boys, and no job when the church fired her as secretary So she did what any church reject would do and became a comedy writer. She's currently developing a multi-generational Latinx comedy with Norman Lear's Act III and Campanario Entertainment. Liz doesn't know everything, but she does a great job faking it as a trivia researcher/writer on Confetti, Facebook's live #1 show. In her free time, Liz writes angry emails to corporations about their return policies. She no longer speaks Seventh-Day Adventist. Sí, habla Español.
Luciano SaberLatin EuropeanDrama, Espionage, Police, PoliticalStaff WriterFatal Instinct, April Rain, Edge of Salvation, American AssetBothOne 818-606-0024, Mgr. ToddFeldman tf@thefeldmanco.com, espionage, political, actionI’m a feature and TV writer with a diverse background, born into a politically dissident family, exiled, forced into a refugee camp and subsequently recruited into the U.S. Air Force to work undercover for a quasi-military, covert agency on cases involving US national security. I witnessed my parents persecution by a dictator-ruled government, and when my father refused to join the political party, our family was exiled. In some parts of the world, children my age were heading to summer camp while I was forced into a barbed-wire refugee camp. After moving to the US, I dealt with the constant name calling and ridicule of being different and not speaking the language. I worked twice as hard, in school, to catch up to my classmates and after graduating high school, with honors, I joined the US Air Force. Because of my background and language ability, I was immediately recruited into a covert division where I worked undercover on international cases dealing with US national security. Those diverse and sometimes treacherous life experiences shaped me as a person and inform who I am as a writer.
Luis UgazSouth Americandrama, sci fi, fantasy, supernatural, romance, romantic comedy, familyStaff WriterChristmas in Conway (ABC/Hallmark)BothOne HourDirect: (323) 603-9696, faith, science, medieval, supernaturalI am an "accidental screenwriter" who started out as an engineer who simply loved movies.I came to Hollywood intending to utilize my analytical background to produce and along the way discovered a passion for screenwriting. I believe my extensive travels inform the richness of human experience woven throughout my writing.
Luisa LeschinCentral AmericanSitcom / dramedy. / dramaCo-Executive ProducerMr. Iglesias, Just Add Magic, From Dusk Tull /, psychology, dance, family, sexyExcellent with people. Excellent with structure and dialogueExtremely diverse. My very full Life experience living all over the world has given me insight into the human condition. Also being a wife and mom. Very good story teller. And Funny!
Marcial Rios SalcidoMexicanDrama/ horror / fantasy Staff Writer Dr. Phil, Maquillaje, Claudio Maura y Yo, La Tierra del 714-227-6080 twitter @MarsriosLatinx, gay, music, politics, toys, comics, gnomes, Disney and tattoos Award winning filmmaker/talk show producer, telepath and street fashion vigilante.Marcial is a Mexican-American director, writer and producer. Complex narratives have always marked his award-winning films as he was strongly influenced by the Mexican Golden Era of cinema. Equally so is the influence of melodrama employed by the Telenovelas always playing in the background of his home growing up. He is fluent in Spanish and was raised having a pet monkey in Mexico, and then in the hood of Santa Ana, California.
Maria Elena RodriguezMexicanDrama, DramedyESEGolem (developed for France Television), Queen Sugar, Kingpin, Resurrection BlvdTVOne Hourmadriguez6@gmail.com dilemmas. Criminal justice reform. Off-beat losers. Flawed heroes. I'm glad I'm not 25 any more or what would I write about?I am hooked on the human saga. It's painful, messy and hysterically funny. I follow ex-cops, ex-inmates, parolees and social workers around to see what happens next. I'd do it even if I weren't a writer. This a show that never gets cancelled. It's there even if we turn it off.
Maria EscobedoCubanDrama/DramedyStory EditorGrey's Anatomy, East Los HighBothOne HourJennifer Au: au@untitledent.net, Twitter: @mariaescobedo Linkedin: Yorker, Mom of a teen daughter, Teacher, Advertising I write character driven drama/dramedy -- love digging into family drama with a sense of humor.1st generation Cuban-American raised in NYC's Washington Heights by a single mom. Summers were spent with family in Miami and Puerto Rico. Winters were spent throwing snow balls at passing cars.
Mellori VelasquezMexican, Central AmericanCrime, HorrorStaff WriterThe Enemy Within / Staff WriterTVOne HourGerardo Machado / Marathon Management / (310) 860-5529, music, horror, redemptionLawyer turned writer who writes about nonlawyers subverting the law.Latina SW: I write gritty crime with morally complex women at the helm. Specialties: bantering dialogue, old-school idioms, murderous twists, misfits rising to the occasion, & horror. Cinematic heroes: Mona Lisa Vito, Beatrix Kiddo, & Erin Brockovich.
Michael A PerriPuerto Rican, Mixed raceDrama: High Concept, Sci-Fi, ProceduralESEThe Blacklist, NBC; Teresa, Starz; Blindspot, WB-NBC; State of Affairs NBCBothOne HourMatt Horwitz, Echo Lake: - (310) 789-4796, Spy, Thriller, Procedural, Crime, NSA, CIA, FBIA family man of many identities who grew up in the foster care system of Chicago with 4 name changes, only to become a covert operative working in clandestine services; write about identity and legitimacy... I write about twisted technology, twisted families and twisted psyches... I have real life experience in the intelligence community and love to pen high concept thrillers with complex characters and authentic emotion.
Michael Ballin and Thomas AguilarMexicanDrama, Procedural (Medical, Crime, Law), SerializedStory EditorTwo Seasons of Instinct on CBSBothOne | 562-271-8442Tom: Mike: on Twitter @thomasraguilar on TwitterMedicine, Sports, Technology, History, True Crime, GamblingA duo that loves collaborating, being room team players, no assignment too small attitude, and willing to work 25 hours a day and 8 days a week.Two Mexican-American brothers who have been working together since kindergarten—and at one time, were the only members of the AV Club. After years of grinding as interns and assistants, we staffed on two seasons of Instinct on CBS. We have developed with Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions and have a feature film with Scooter Braun’s SB Projects.

We are writers interested in fascinating characters often not seen on screen, in grounded stories and well-researched worlds. We love drama with a dose of humor and a dash of storytelling magic.
Michael CobianMexican, CubanSci Fi. Horror. Thriller.Co-ProducerRainmaker/Rogue Lawyer. Tales. BothOne Fi. Urban. Mentor/Mentee. Inner City school teacher turned one hour television writer. I'm a lifelong comic book/ sci- fi lover born and raised in New York City. I spent six years teaching in inner-city Chicago before moving to Los Angeles to follow my dreams of becoming a writer!
Natalia MejiaMexicanDrama, DramedyStory EditorSnowfall (FX), Ingobernable (Netflix)TVOne Hour(424) 205 7296, Thriller, Family, Young adult, Romance, Female drivenMexican TV writer with experience on both sides of the border.Mexican immigrant who wrote Telenovelas for five years and moved to Hollywood four years ago. I am all about character driven stories from a female perspective. I write mostly crime and drugs, but wallow in family drama and romance--not afraid to lean into the soap!
Natalie Mercedes SmykaCubanFamily Drama/DramadyStaff WriterThe Village (NBC)TVBothCora Olson (424) 279-9735, character-driven, family dramady.First generation Cuban-American, mother of two young boys, writing about "women-on-the-verge" and trying not to become one herself. NYU theater alumnus. Grew up doing two things very seriously: ballet and basketball. Politically active. Cuban-American SW: I write dark family dramadies, sometimes layered with magical realism, about immigrant culture, motherhood and mental illness. I love non-traditional and unflinchingly honest female characters that have complicated relationships with each other. My voice is raw and full of heart. I draw my deepest inspiration from my Abuela, from whom I inherited a love of vivid storytelling, fantastic jewelry, and a serious death obsession.
Nelson SolerCubanProcedural, Family, Romace, ComedyCo-Executive ProducerPretty Little Liars: The PerfectionistsTVOne HourAlex Hertzberg - Hertzberg Media (323) 653-4800 @nelsonsolerTech geek with great interest in sci-fi, rom-com, and criminal profiling.If you like your high-concepts funny, exciting and heartfelt, look no further. Love to write smart, verbal characters with huge emotional blind spots. Have worked in comedy, fantasy, horror, romance, family and procedural dramas. The Swiss Army Knife of hour-drama writers. Only Cuban, not Swiss
Oskar TorunoCentral AmericanComedyStaff WriterBreaking Out GrandmaBothBoth(323) 547-3687, sports, comedy, boxing Let's find a way to make the world laugh!I have taught film at LMU for 6 years. I was previously a social worker and now the worlds are colliding in making fantastic stories about people I have come across in my long journey.
Paula SabbagaSouth AmericanDramaESECurrently staffed on CW's DynastyBothOne HourBrian Spink (Manager) - (323) 854-4000 on TwitterLight Drama, Family, Crime, DramedyI write dramas about characters that, like me, realize who they really are once they're forced to leave their safe habitat.I was born in Brazil and raised as a white, straight, middle-class woman. Then, 7 years ago, I came to America and realized I wasn’t white, I wasn’t straight and I was definitely not middle class. I'm Latina. I'm gay. And I did some really weird shit to pay rent...Twice.
Rafael CasalSpanish/Cuban Comedy/Drama/high concept Writer/producerWrote blindspotting (Lionsgate) writing my next feature for Lionsgate as well. FeaturesBothK.lee@bep-ny.com with dialogue. if I could do that, I wouldn’t need to be a writer anymore. Compensating for all the moments in real life that I didn’t have witty banter by packing it into everything I write.
Rick MarinSouth AmericanDramaProducerMysteries of Laura (NBC)TVOne HourGersh or; 213-590-1389, sports, family, money, journalism"Faster than anyone who writes better than me, better than anyone who writes faster than me" -- S.J. PerelmanI started out as a journalist (Newsweek, The New York Times) and try to bring that eye and ear to stories and to characters' voices. And I believe the more personal your writing, the more universal. And I don't think any drama should be without comedy (see Hamlet).
Rick NajeraMexicanComedy/ Drama Film/TVStaff WriterHulu's East Los High 21episodes,Fox's MAD TV 47 episodes Both1/2 Hourdirect (213)500-7425 Manager: CEG Daryn Simons (310) 990-4707ricknajera.comtwitter:@rnajeracrime, border, politics, news junky, religionI'm still learning and I'm ok with that.I wrote the first successful latino themed play on broadway, Latinolouges. I worked on some of the best comedy on television and have done film but in the words of of a great comic director " Rick, that idea is really stupid let's do it."
Sabrina AlmeidaSouth AmericanDramaStory EditorUntitled Disney+ Drama, Seal TeamTVOne, 310-876-2785, Drama, Serialized, Procedural, Action, Sci-Fi, Female Centric, Network, Cable, Premium, GenreSabrina writes serialized, character-driven dramas with strong, logic-based procedural elements.Sabrina went to MIT, pursued aerospace engineering, and designed command sequences for NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. She now writes character-driven dramas.
Samuel Garza BernsteinMexicanComedy and DramaESEShowtime "Bobbie's Girl," Nickelodeon "Shimmer and Shine" Disney/ABC Family, "W.i.t.c.h." (310) 617-7225 and WGA, LGBTQ+, Intersectionality, Kids Who KillI live for the space where comedy and drama collide, and I'm a 2018 WGA Writers Access Project HonoreeMuch of my life and my writing reflect the wild intersections of modern life. I was born to an undocumented Mexican mother who “passed” as white and a Jewish father who sold arms to the Palestinians when we lived for a year in Egypt. Really. He did. I was a gay Jewish kid surrounded by hot Muslims. I bring a background in production and can draw upon experience working with others as part of a team but also in other situations as a leader. I’m a strong believer in collaboration and my instinct is to look for solutions—both in a narrative sense as a writer and in an interpersonal sense as a co-worker.
Santa SierraDominicandramaProducerNarcos, Vida, Mayans MC, The PossumTVOne on twitter Crime, medical, basketball, education, politicsI like to write my scripts like they’re documentaries. When you read them, it’s like you’re there with the characters too.I’m a queer Dominican born mid – level writer. I lived my early teens in Puerto Rico, later moved to Worcester, Massachusetts where I spent my late teens living in a world of drug addicts and learning the complexity of selling crack in a small town. One day my mother would sell crack to a single mother -- the next day she would buy her groceries. I barely talked about the crack years until I decided to write a television pilot inspired by my mother’s rise as a drug dealer.
Sergio SernaMexicanComedyStaff WriterAlternatino with Arturo Castro (Comedy Central), Hood Adjacent with James Davis (Comedy Central)TV1/2 HourManager: Olivia Doud, Mosaic,, (310) 786-4900 Self:, (805) 835-3099, workplace, relationships, sports50% Mexican, 25% Filipino, 25% Irish, 100% Catholic guiltI come from a large, diverse, and often dysfunctional family, which forced me to have a sense of humor. I was born in LA to a Mexican dad and a white mom. When they split, I spent my formative years living with Mom in wine country where there weren't too many people who looked like me. Moved back to LA after high school and reconnected with my Dad, who won't stop calling me, or reminding me that my Spanish is terrible.
Shawna Baca & Dustin PaddockMexican, Native American (Yaqui & Apache), SpanishDramaStaff Writer House TVOne HourShawnabaca@hotmail.com @ShawnaBacamedical, family, magical realism, supernaturalI'm an award winning Native American/Chicana filmmaker from East Los Angeles. My experiences are with Shamanistic healing and supernatural phenomena and my writing partner, Dustin's experience writing and working on "House" gave us a combined voice evident in our pilot script, "Curandera." We met in the Fox Diversity Writers' Program, have been friends for years, then decided to write together last year. We plan to explore more supernatural stories in what we write next.
Skye DentCentral American, Guatamalan and BelizeanHour-long Drama and ScreenplaysStaff WriterV. Westminster, writer-producer; Maestro, film for Showtime; Mashpee, hour-long pilot w Director Chris Eyre attached; Ex Appeal, Sundance semifinalist feature film script with Michael Cuesta attached.TVOne HourSkyeKnightDent@gmail.com, Facebook, LinkedInCrime, Sci-FI, Drama, Native American, Social Commentary I’m a relentlessly-single soul raised in the dangerous, predominantly black-latino projects of Roxbury, Boston with the irrepressible impulse and tantalizing talent to be a writer. Writing is, was, and always will be…my morning cup of Joe,Just as I wasn’t a one-note professional as a journalist, I’ve found a similar source of happiness in Hollywood by following my heart instead of a genre and living in the mold of my fellow ex-journalism TV-writer friend, the late David Mills. I’m a “rebel just for kicks” defined by the song at (
Spiro SkentzosmixeddramaESEGRIMM, ARROWTVOne 323-954-9000, superheroes, sci-fi, medical, comics, anthropology, FrenchA diverse writer who like the paint (canvas not houses) in his spare time.I’m an armchair anthropologist, which bleeds into how I go about creating characters. Art, architecture, design are what inspires me in my personal life. (I also paint–not houses, but on canvas) I have a BA in Art History/minors in Film and Biology from University of Michigan. I grew up speaking Greek, Spanish & English and have been learning French, which after 4 years, the Parisians still think I speak horribly. I was weaned on comics, scifi and Star Wars. I write flawed & complicated characters who deal with their struggles with pathos and humor as they explore the relationships that make them who they are. My stories are often about redemption, rebirth and belonging – themes that have been a big part of my life. I've spent 3 seasons on network TV & have sold 2 pilots. I started in comedy, so I can bring you some funny as needed. Part Latino. For research I’ve been on an LAFD ride along, been to Ironwood State penitentiary to see inmates put on an evening of theatre, and I’m CERT trained, so I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse. I love character-driven material and genre and when I can do them in one show/script, I'm a happy camper.
Tom AlvaradoMexican, Spanish criminalsComedy, dramedy, animation, high concept, sci-fi, fantasyStaff writer, features writerTMNT, Rooster Teeth AnimationBothBothDirect: (Also Gersh, but, you know...), action, sci-fi, supernatural, family, witty banter, animation, comic book, bilingual, absurd humor, heart, crime, satire, full-time employment, making my mom proud, cheeseI have majestic antlers and will protect you from grizzly bears.I sold my first script to a producer who died soon after reading it; my second script got me into the Disney/ABC Writing Program. I love comedy, clever women, and colorful outsiders who never give up despite overwhelming odds. Also, it is perfectly safe to hire me as people hardly ever die anymore when they read my scripts.