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Aaron SernaMexicanComedy and DramaCo-ProducerBridges (PIlot), Selena: The Series (Co-Producer; Netflix); Mr Iglesias (Story Editor; Netflix)TVBothSelf:
Manager: Zadoc Angell, Echo Lake (, tel: 424-274-4926
I'm a Mexican-American writer from a bordertown in Texas, with experience in both comedy and drama. As the son of a single mom, tv was my babysitter. I love telling stories about dysfunctional families and relationships — conventional and otherwise — that never sacrifice heart or humor. can write for a variety of characters because I had to assimilate in a South Texas bordertown; being Mexican-American, my duality is my superpower — the best of both worlds in one package. Family/Ensemble, Relationships, Workplace, Coming-of-Age, Comedy/Drama
Adam SchlachterPuerto RicanDrama/Comedy/DocumentaryStaff Writer"And The Brave Shall Rise" & "Hair In A Bag"BothOne (323) 708-1452Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Miami, and a current Los Angeles resident, I am most interested in exploring the frontiers and limits of the human psyche. Previous film projects include "My Backyard Was A Mountain", "Father Figure", "The Stain On The Sidewalk", "a woman IN LOVE", and "Hollywood Whores". am a confident, independent writer-director-producer interested in writing original, character-driven, universal stories.Coming-of-age, culture, humor, politics, satire, sports, and travel.
Adrian A CruzPuerto RicanPuerto RicanExecutive Story EditorAscension (Co-Creator)BothOne HourEcho Lake Entertainment (manager)I cut my teeth in the theater and excel at writing great emotional stakes for character. i've worked in comicbooks, sci-fi and love big ideas told through grounded intimate character perspectives. I love finding the humor in drama and the dramatic edge to humor and am particularly skilled at finding the beautiful, poetic and haunting visual/cinematic moments that convey more than any dialogue can. idea machine, always the first in the room and the last to leave -- I love working in the room, offering solutions, great at high stakes emotion, cinematic moments and emotional grace notes.Identity, Fate, Espionage, Future
Adrian VinaMexicanGenre, Drama, Comedy, Supernatural, SuperheroesStaff WriterBlurt! - TV Movie Nickelodeon. Cop and a Half: New Recruit - Universal Home Video. Liar, Liar Vampire - TV Movie Nickelodeon BothBothJeffrey Thal -, 310-274-9090. Direct: adrianjvina@gmail.comAdrian Viña is from border town in the tip of south Texas. Growing up mixed race where the Tex meets Mex, Viña saw firsthand how the two cultures intertwined and differed. Viña developed a love of genre early on. He enjoyed the monsters, mysteries and misfits. Eventually he was able to write some movies for Nickelodeon and a number of other things in the kids and YA space. Currently he is looking to transition to series staffing and is a part of the Disney Television Writing Program. I was a kid, I had a lot of trouble learning how to read. When I finally cracked it, I fell in love with stories. Now I'm a writer, who loves to tell stories.Playful genre, peril with a joke
Adrian VinaMexicanComedy / Kids / GenreStaff WriterDisney Discovers Talent Showcase, Disney Television Writing Program. Blurt!.BothBothadrianjvina@gmail.comAvailable to StaffAdrian Viña was born and raised in a border town in the tip of south Texas. Viña’s own mixed-race background mirrors that blending of cultures. After graduating from SMU, Adrian moved to Los Angeles and worked a few years in various positions in the industry. Eventually, his script SUCKERS was picked up by Nickelodeon and made into their hit Halloween movie, LIAR, LIAR VAMPIRE in 2015. He then worked on numerous television and film projects. Adrian participated in the Disney Television Writing Program in 2020-2021. @adrianofthevineI write stories about wonderful weirdoes overcoming outrageous odds.supernatural, superheroes.I am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Adriana CaballeroCaribbean, CubanComedyStory EditorStaff Writer on Upcoming Tina Fey/Robert Carlock NBC Comedy (Untitled LA Mayor)Both1/2 HourNatalie Covault (Brillstein) - - (310) 205.5195Available to Staff/DevelopAdriana Caballero is an LA-based comedy writer who specializes in female-led, diverse ensemble and workplace comedies with hard jokes and heart. She often pulls from her life experience as a first-generation Cuban-American who was raised as an only child by her mom, aunt and grandmother in Miami, FL. She just finished writing on Tina Fey's upcoming NBC comedy starring Ted Danson and Holly Hunter.www.adrianacaballero.comTwitter: @adrianaisfunny / Instagram: @addiecabFirst-generation Miami Cuban comedy writer who writes female-led, diverse ensemble comedies with hard jokes and heart.Women, friendship, family, pop culture, rom-coms
Aixsha HicianoCaribbean, DominicanDrama, Genre, DramedyStaff WriterPower Book II:, (917) 861-5489Aixsha Hiciano hails from New York City generally, and Washington Heights specifically.
She first learned to love stories listening to her aunts and uncles recount the ever-shifting family history during the weekly gatherings. Growing up in New York imbued upon her a strong sense of the absurd, as well as the very specific deep neurosis of one who spent their formative years in a city that was trying to kill them. She chose television because there is something wonderful about being invited into someone's home to take them on a trip. every near-death experience I’ve had, my first thought is always “Ma will be so annoyed to find out I died this way”.Women, friendship, family, ensemble, workplace, pop culture, rom-coms
Alan DybnerSouth AmericanMulti-cam ComedyStory Editor"That '70s Show"TV1/2 323-356-1176Born to Argentine immigrants, I graduated Amherst College and worked in TV. I then explored my passion for interesting characters and their stories from a different angle by becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. writer becomes psychotherapist (and returns to sitcoms?)Human psychology, Music, Comic Books
Alejandra Castro-CastilloMexicanDrama, Dark Drama, Comedy, FictionStaff WriterSelena The SeriesTVOne Hourjmosher@rainla.comI’m a Mexican immigrant who was raised in a cultural paradox by growing up in English but raised in Spanish, making me fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and Drama. I can now pronounce Salmon with the ‘L’. immigrant who plays dress-up with her stories.Immigration, Music, Action, Dark Drama, Supernatural
Alex DiazMexicanscience fiction, thrillerStory EditorThe Shannara Chronicles (MTV), Tribes (Sony Crackle)TVOne HourMichael Klein (, 323.510.0818)Along with my writing partner/wife (Julie), I write sci-fi, thrillers, and spy shows with complex characters, cool world building, and hot-button issues. Finalist for Rideback TV Incubator and semi-finalist WGA TV Writer Access. native of the border cities of El Paso, TX & Juarez, Mexico, I went to college to study neuroscience and later worked at a futurist think tank.sci-fi, young adult, thriller, futurism, spy, singularity, AI
Alfredo Septien CubanDramaCo-Executive Producer, Executive ProducerMidnight Texas S1/2, SALEM, KnightfallTVOne strong, interesting, ethnically diverse characters, that we haven’t seen before, set in fascinating worlds (real or imagined) and energetic, twisting plots. on Twitter, @alseptien1 IGSenior level drama writer part of team, long list of tv and feature credits Action, Horror, history, comic book, dark, gritty
Alvaro García LecuonaMexicanYA / HorrorStaff WriterLove SimonBothBothHalle Mariner hmariner@apa-agency.comAlvaro García Lecuona is a screenwriter based in Los Angeles and Mexico City. His feature Young Adult romantic comedy script WHAT IF? was named among the 10 scripts on the first annual GLAAD list, compiling Hollywood's best unproduced LGBT scripts, and placed on the Tracking Board’s 2019 Hit List. Killer Films and Andrew Lauren Productions are currently attached to produce. Bisexual, bigender and bilingual, Alvaro tells accessible stories with a distinctly contemporary perspective, across genres, genders and borders. Alvaro most recently worked as Writers PA at 20th Century Fox Television's LOVE, SIMON.Bisexual, bigender and bilingualYA, LGBT, horror
Alvaro RodriguezMexicanGenre, horror, action, western, animation Co-ProducerRUST (Showtime, 2020/21); SEIS MANOS (co-creator/EP, adult animated series, Netflix, 2019); Chris Mills, Authentic Mgmt 310-838-3333AVAILABLE FOR STAFFING, AVAILABLE FOR OPEN WRITING ASSIGNMENTSI’m that guy who grew up on the Tex-Mex border, was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school, got married, had kids then got divorced and came out as gay in his early 40s. In between I studied poetry and practiced journalism and scribbled short fiction in an attempt to uncover my voice. I wrote MACHETE with my cousin Robert Rodriguez then struck out on my own because find your gay voice and all that. Now I’m the co-creator of my own Netflix “Mexicanime,” writing on a premium dramatic series, and looking to make magic with cool, smart companions. @alrodz Instagram: @writeriguezLit nerd who loves genre but has never felt confined by it seeks opportunity to smuggle brilliant social commentary in shiny, bloody packages for mass consumption. Crime, border issues, LGBTQ, historical drama, adult animation
Angela TreviñoMexicanGrounded Sci Fi, Drama, DramedyStaff WriterSacrifice, Season 1TVBothangela.trevino@gmail.comAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopBorn in a small town in Mexico, raised in El Paso then Houston, I’m a Mexican Texan, Yale-educated immigrant who loves to tell fish-out-of-water stories featuring complex and often morally ambiguous characters. Before transitioning to working in a TV writers’ room, I was an in-house producer and development executive at New Form (a digital studio backed by Discovery, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer), and prior to that I wrote and directed short-form branded films for the likes of IBM, Campbell’s, and Marriott. My branded short film for Cornetto, Travelers, was nominated for a Shots Young Directors Award at Cannes Lions, while my first short film, Mojado, premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. (both Twitter and IG)Bilingual, Mexican, Yale-educated immigrant who loves to tell fish-out-of-water stories featuring strong female characters who strive to break the mold. Dramas, dramedy, sci-fi, young adult, thriller, character-driven, supernatural, crime, true lifeI am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Antonio MaciaSouth AmericanDrama/Feature/60 minute dramaExecutive Producer"Halfway House" - Set up with Universal TV/60 Minute Drama/Queen Latifah attached to star & producer. "Man of La Zona" - Developing with Pablo Cruz of Canana Films and Mexican director Humberto 'Beto" Hinojosa, "Holy Rollers" (Sundance - Dramatic Competition, "BlackJack: The Jackie Ryan Story" - Releasing nationwide October 2020 via Gravitas Pictutes. "Up River" - Blacklist Script set up with Mandalay Pictures.BothOne, Bob Sobhani, Authentic Mgmt, 310.838.3333I write grounded character-driven drama. I tend to gear towards father/son relationships and themes of brotherhood. I believe every narrative is a coming-of-age in some sorts. I'm also a big researcher and love losing myself in subcultures.'m collaborative, hard-working, and enjoy the process of taking material from good to great. True life, Crime, Drama, Sports, Criminal Justice, Historical Fiction
Arielle DiazMexicanComedyExecutive Story Editor
TV1/2 Hourmichelle@mxnentertainment.comArielle Diaz, a former Googler, current pro comedy writer, meditator & novice Burlesque dancer, is a Chicago native, born to two ridiculously good looking, young, dumb & broke teenagers with big hair (It was the 80's). As a brown woman healing from mommy/daddy issues, and centuries of suppression caused by patriarchal ideals, colonization, and a cannibalistic capitalist society, Arielle is committed to telling stories that are vulnerable, center underrepresented communities, and make people laugh their butts off. @arielledesirayd IG: @ariellediazESE-level comedy lady; I'm very passionate about creative self-expression & eating fiber. comedy, character driven, female driven, high-concept, fart jokes, high-concept fart jokes, workplace, tech, relationships, ensemble, sex, money, power, butt stuff
Ashley Soto PaniaguaMexican, Afro-Puerto Rican, CaribbeanComedy, dramedyStaff WriterThe Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, Vida, Fast & Furious: Spy RacersTV1/2 HourAlan Rautbort, Circle of Confusion, ar@circleofconfusion.comAvailable to developWith five siblings, a mom with sixteen siblings (you read that right), and a grandma with schizophrenia, Ashley’s got stories for days. A Mexican and Afro-Puerto Rican military brat from El Paso, Texas and a former high school teacher in Mississippi, Ashley aims to showcase that there is no singular Latinx experience but those filled with nuance, resilience, and crazy grandmas—both literally and figuratively. She just hopes this is all real because she heard schizophrenia might be once made eye contact with Beyoncé, and she hasn’t been the same since.Female-driven, music, identity, female friendships
Benjamin-Shalom RodriguezMexican, IsraeliComedy, DramaStaff WriterStoned BreakupsBothBothIkigai Management / Carlos E. Hernandez (323) 394-6297, carlos@ikigaimgmt.comAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopBENJAMIN-SHALOM RODRIGUEZ (or simply, “Ben”) is a queer, Mexican-Israeli-American, Jewish writer, director and comedian. #Humblebrags: 2020 Sundance Screenwriters Intensive Fellow, Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation grant recipient, Ryan Murphy HALF Directing Mentee, NHMC TV Writers Fellow, Fox Writers Intensive Fellow, and alumnus of Film Independent’s Project Involve and CBS Showcase. As a writer/director Ben’s had 20+ comedic shorts/webisodes produced and 2 dramatic, award nominated/winning shorts produced.

Prior to coming out as an artist, Ben assisted the producers of DJANGO UNCHAINED, was a talent manager in Miami for telenovela stars, and a features exec for the Lionsgate-backed, 3Pas Studios.

And before coming out as gay, Ben nearly became another closeted statistic: he (accidentally, he swears!) stumbled into a meth addiction, struggled with bulimia, and was a serial monogamist - all before 18! He was basically Rue before it was HBO cool. But he got clean by simultaneously taking up surfing and becoming captain of his high school’s boys’ dance team. (Naturally.) @thebunrodriguez & long walks on the beach and puppies. Young adult, education, comedian, drugs, Miami, telenovela, entertainment, Jewish, Israeli, Mexican, American, bicultural, blended
Brian Jett Mixed, MexicanDrama. Dramedy. EP, Co-EP Fallen Stars, Let Go 323-401-2351The son of a career diplomat, Brian Jett spent much of his youth abroad, living in places such as: Argentina, Israel, Malawi and Mozambique. An accomplished writer/director, he is often drawn to stories about misfits and characters trying to figure out their place in the world. The bastard son of John Hughes and Wim Wenders Character driven, offbeat, poignant
Cameron AlexanderMexicanDrama & edgy ComedyStaff WriterVermin Rising, Heart of the BeastBothBothSidney@rosaentertainment.comCalifornia native. Equally fascinated by intense heady drama and biting humor. Lots of on set experience (directed 30+ music videos)., easy going, problem solver that loves writing in any genre aimed at an adult audience. Directing, Music, Traveling, Politics, History
Carlo Perez AllenMexicanDramaStaff WriterHome Sweet Hell Feature film co-writer 2015BothBothDirect (661)212-4252 cellI am Mexican American writer with decades experience in Equiy, SAG, AFTRA, WGA. American Film Institute grad. Berkeley educated. Recently finished a memoire and a three part mini-series on California Gold Rush history from a Mexican Woman's perspective. Perez Allen FacebookAuthentic Latino NOT a Bad HombrePositive Latino expression
Carlos FogliaCaribbean, South AmericanGenre / Historical Fiction / Drama Co-ProducerCo-Producer - Lore - AmazonBothOne 617-970-6635Well here we are together, in a rudderless boat. Best part about that is that we're together. Let's get in a room and pitch some awesome stories. I've been fortunate enough to work on some amazing shows, The Exorcist and Lore as well as 5 projects in development right now. Let's tell the human side of Historical Stories, the human side of Latino Stories (read: not cartel or gang related because there are plennnnty of those and we could a little reversing of stereotypes) Come say hi, I love to learn and create. Together.! Midlevel Latino Writer here, who loves being in the room creating all kinds of stories from Genre/Historical Fiction to Latinx Stories.Historical Fiction / Latinx Stories / Drama / Thriller / Action / History
Carmen MarrónMexicanDramedyI sold a dramedy pilot to ABC and it's still being circulatedI'm doing more directing now but just got new reps and started pitching plots againBothOne HourChelsea Benson (310) 789-4790, cbenson@echolakeentertainment.comAvailable to DevelopCarmen Marrón is a self-taught writer, director, and producer. Filmmaking became an aspiration for Carmen while working as a guidance counselor for high-risk elementary school children. Carmen’s vision was to write and direct stories with characters of color that her students could relate to and be inspired. This was the total inspiration behind her debut hip-hop feature Go For It! that is based on her experiences growing up as an inner- city street dancer in Chicago. It won four Film festival Audience Awards and was theatrically released by Lionsgate. The New York Times hailed the movie as “an unpretentious rite-of-passage drama, thanks to the supple script and capable direction of Carmen Marron, the force behind “Go For It!”
Marrón’s second feature, ENDGAME, premiered on HBO. It stars Rico Rodriguez (Modern Family), Justina Machado (One Day At A Time) and was based on true events about middle- school students playing chess in Brownsville, Texas.
Carmen holds a BA of Science from DePaul University and an MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Arizona.
Carmen sold and wrote a pilot for ABC Studios. She made her TV directorial debut on
QUEEN SUGAR, created by Ava DuVernay and recently directed the season six premiere. Mexican-American ex-dancer who was born and raised in the streets of Chicago and became a guidance counselorDance, inspirational, underdog, coming-of-age, music, psychologyI am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Carolina PaizCentral AmericanDrama / ComedyExecutive Producer/ShowrunnerOrange is the New Black, NarcosBothOne HourAllison Binder - allison@ggssc.comNot Available to Staff, Not Available to DevelopGrowing up in Guatemala during the civil war, Carolina spent much of her time indoors, reading and watching TV, escapes which later provided the foundation for her career as a screenwriter.
Carolina recently served as a writer and Executive Producer on Orange is the New Black, and previous TV credits include Narcos and Grey’s Anatomy. On the feature end, she co-wrote and produced La Hora Cero, a top grossing Venezuelan film directed by husband and frequent collaborator, Diego Velasco. The pair recently finished the script for the The Whistler, a psychological thriller currently in preproduction and scheduled to shoot in 2021 — if the world hasn’t ended by then. Currently under an overall deal at Netflix, Carolina is developing a historical dramedy with Executive Producer Jenji Kohan.
She lives in Los Angeles with her aforementioned husband, their two kids, two dogs, and a cat who thinks he’s a dog. to get some good work done before the world ends.historical drama, political, true story
Carolina RiveraMexicanDrama/Comedy/DramedyCo-Executive ProducerRoswell NM, Jane the VirginBothOne HourAgent: Paradigm - Andy Patman - Manager - George Salinas - Direct - Carolina Rivera - (310)560-1821I was born in Mexico City and wrote more than 20 films before moving to telenovelas. I then created my own shows and sold the Mexican format of Devious Maids to Mark Cherry, which got me an agent in the US. I moved to LA when I was offered to work on Jane the Virgin and have been working in the US since then. I have an overall deal @ Netflix right now and I've created 2 original shows for them that will air in 2021. social mediaUpper level bicultural writer with tons of experience running rooms and creating shows, who's not affraid of new challenges.Bicultural, friendly, mom, workaholic, yoga, dramedy, dance.
Celeste VasquezMexican, GuatemalanDramaStory EditorThe Bold Type, ShadowhuntersTVOne HourKen Freimann / Circle of Confusion 310-691-7020 -- @trashquezI'm a half-Latina, bisexual drama writer who writes complicated characters with a lot of heart. Family, Friendship, YA, Young Adult, LGBTQ, Supernatural, Genre, Soccer,
Chad Gomez CreaseyMexicanDrama/ComedyExecutive Producer, Co-Executive ProducerNCIS: New Orleans, Castle, Mistresses, Pushing Daisies, Studio 60 On The Sunset StripTVOne HourFelicia Prinz, VERVE (, 310-558-2424) & Chris Noriega, VERVE (, 310-558-2424)Upper-level writer/producer and Peter Stark Producing Program (USC) grad with experience in features and television. I'm the walking IMBd and room-running is my staff superpower. Great multitasker who can juggle all of the moving parts of keeping the show running. Multiple seasons of 24-episode network procedurals under my belt, but have sold quirky, character-driven originals to streamers. level writer and room-runner will keep the trains running (and ensure the snack room is well-stocked).Crime, politics, rom-com, teen comedy
Chase BaxterMexicanDrama, DramedyStory EditorThe Bold TypeTVBothGreg Iserson UTA - isersong@unitedtalent.comunavail until Feb 2021Queer writer, born and raised in Tucson, AZ by a very catholic Mexican-American mother and a White father. They had dreams of paving a path for me to wall-street, but I had other plans. n/a@chasebaxa queer, mixed-race writer with a penchant for teenage angst. Angst, heart, family, adolescent scars driving adult actions.
Chelsey LoraSouth AmericanDrama, Dramedy, FeaturesCo-Executive ProducerUntitled Feature (Warner Brothers), Untitled Feature (A24), The Mysterious Benedict Society (Hulu), Wu-Tang: An American Saga (Hulu), Vida (Starz)BothBothKaplan Perrone / Michael Wilson - (310) 285-0116Available to Staff, Available to DevelopChelsey Lora is a screenwriter who works in TV and film. She was most recently the number 2 and Co-Executive Producer on THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY at Hulu. Her credits include Hulu’s WU-TANG: AN AMERICAN SAGA, Starz’s VIDA, and OWN’s GREENLEAF. She’s currently developing a television show for Chernin and a biopic feature for Warner Brothers. Chelsey’s story is fascinating, first developing an interest in writing while working as a court administrator on the midnight shift in a Florida county jail. A former amateur boxer, she has worked as a bouncer at a bar, a legal secretary, a local newspaper reporter, and a preschool teacher. drama/dramedy TV and feature writerboxing, injustice, biopic, character driven
Cheryl PuenteCubanDrama/dramedy Staff WriterFrederick in The Future - Independent Web (323) 470-1803Substance is my style. I don’t mince words and neither do my characters, yet we both choose joy as our GPS. I have a mind for violence and a heart for love. @CherylPuente IG: Cheryl_Puente FB: Cheryl PuenteI love deep, fight and laugh hard and still don’t like to clean. ‪Urban and suburban blue collar. The blues, old school hip hop, bluesy punkLiquor, music, rage, bad words. Loss, trauma, grief. Fights, laughs, parties, heart‬
Christina PiñaCubanFamily Dramas, Crime Dramas, Magic/OccultExecutive Story EditorCHARMED (Seasons 2-4)TVOne HourMike Vanderhei -- | Lucy Tashman & Erin Morris (APA) -- and emorris@apa-agency.comAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopChristina Piña was born in Miami, Florida, where she was raised by a family of Cuban immigrants in a chaotic household of secrets, lies, and the occasional chicken sacrifice to their patron saint, Changó. Having always dreamed of becoming a professional writer, she eventually graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with a BFA in Writing for Screen and Television. She writes family dramas which focus on crime, magical realism, and if possible – both. aspiring Showrunner with wild stories and a big heart.Witchcraft/Magic, Folklore, World Mythology, Santeria, Mob Families, International Crime, Fishing, Gardening, Family Dynamics
Christina Quintana (CQ)CubanDrama, DramedyStaff WriterThe Baker and the Beauty (ABC)BothOne HourManager: Steven Selikoff, Shuman Company <> / (310) 841-4344; Agent: Manal Hammad, Verve Agency <> / (310) 558-2424Available to Staff, Available to DevelopDrawn to mysticism and our shared histories -- especially the lost and in between -- CQ's work is stirred by the mantra: "you are not alone." @cquintanatownAn easy-going queer playwright with Cuban and Louisiana roots. queer stories, immigrant/first gen narratives, history, magic/mysticism
Christine TorresPuerto RicanDramaStaff WriterLaw & Order: SVUBothOne HourSelf: (310) 721-8759Former Brooklyn prosecutor, well-traveled, speaks several languages, obsessed with corruption of all kinds from personal to local to global. (Twitter), CTorres1017 (FB), @CTorres1017 (IG)Friendly, easy-going, and always curious.Drama, Crime, Intrigue, Spy, Thriller
Christopher EncellMexicanComedyProducerProducer on HouseBroken, Co-Producer/ESE for On My Block, SE/SW on The Good Place.Both1/2 HourJesse Hara email: phone: (323) 272-3433I'm a Mexican-American comedy writer from a 31 (I counted) horse town. I tend to write character driven scripts about love, loss, vigilantes, and the occasional exploding head. a child, I was abandoned in Mexico for three months, so I can handle rejection and stress very well. fish out of water, underdog, comedic violence and banter.
Claudia ForestieriCaribbean, Dominican (Born in Puerto Rico)Drama, dramedy, comedyCo-ProducerSelena: The Series, Co-Producer; Gordita Chronicles, CreatorTVBothLily Tillers, Attorney at Law
Del Shaw Moonves Tanaka Finkelstein & Lezcano, (310) 979-7985
Claudia Forestieri is a bilingual, biracial TV writer of Dominican-Italian descent who was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami. (Can you say ¿internacional?) Her storytelling career began in the world of news where she served as a reporter and producer for Telemundo stations in Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles, so she’s well-versed in packing up and moving. She landed her first staff writing job on Freeform’s “Good Trouble” in 2018 and spent 2019 working as an Executive Story Editor and later Co-Producer on Netflix’s upcoming “Selena The Series”—a bio drama about the late Queen of Tejano music. The pilot she developed in the HBO Access program—UNUMUNDO 45—premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival and is now streaming on HBOGO and HBONow. In 2020, Claudia is keeping busy developing a pilot inspired by her Miami immigrant childhood—GORDITA CHRONICLES—with Sony Pictures TV and Osprey Productions. @claudiforest Twitter: @planetclaudiaI love to write grounded, bittersweet underdog stories with heart and humor. As a former TV journalist for Telemundo, I naturally gravitate towards stories about the Latino immigrant experience and anyone who struggles to be part of two different worlds.Light Drama, Comedy, Dramedy; Latinx/Immigration; Journalism; Social Issues; Racial Politics; Family; Female Centric; Coming of Age
Cristina BoadaPuerto Rican, ArgentineDrama, Dramedy, Serialized, Genre, SciFi, Fantasy, Procedural, ActionStaff WriterValley of The BoomTVBothDavid Chien at Art/Work Entertainment David@artworkent.comA native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cristina Boada recently made her writing debut on the NatGeo scripted series, Valley of the Boom. She loves to spend her time writing dramas that focus on the underrepresented Hispanic and Latinx community. up in south Florida with a hispanic, catholic family. I have 8 years experience working TV. Latinx stories, Character driven, Fish out of water, Underdog, Family, Relationships,
Cristina BoadaPuerto Rican, Central Americanone hour / drama / thriller / genre / horror / sci-fi / fantasyStaff WriterThe Endgame (NBC /1-hour) / Sweet Navidad (Lifetime/feature) / Valley of the Boom (NatGeo/1-hour)BothOne HourDirect: / 954-240-5493Available to Staff, Available to DevelopCristina Boada is currently staffed on NBC’s THE ENDGAME. She received her first credit on Nat Geo’s series VALLEY OF THE BOOM and recently completed a feature for MarVista Entertainment which will be airing on Lifetime in 2022. Cristina graduated from UCF’s Film BFA program and was in NBC’s Writers on the Verge’s 2020 class.

Cristina was raised in South Florida in a blended Puerto Rican/Argentine family. Always fascinated by Catholic lore, she noticed something important missing from its stories: strong women like her mother and grandmother who raised her. Cristina enjoys writing about women whose lives were shaped by dominant forces like masculinity, religion, or societal norms, but who found ways to break down these walls of oppression and resistance in order to thrive.

In her free time, Cristina volunteers at Young Storytellers and is raising her own little mythical being… a tiny, hairless Chinese Crested. Puerto Rican, Argentine, South Floridian, genre writer I am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Cristina NavaMexicanComedy/DramedyStaff Writer"In Other Words"Both1/2 HourSandra Avila (Manager) 323.850.2760 Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am a first generation Mexican-American, and lately I’ve gravitated toward writing comedies about the evolving relationships that women have, especially because I got married in my 30s while many of my friends married in their 20s, and they are now single and divorced. I love writing about the conversations women have when we finally do get together, where we are honest about shit like how after children, dancing Zumba means your ass is dancing in a whole other direction than your feet, and you now need a sports bra just to go dance Salsa ‘cause on the dance floor your boobs are accosting your face. am the kind of woman who gave birth to her daughter, and a week later was on set for principal photography of her first feature film, and the baby only ruined one take.Comedy, Dramedy, Romance, Relationships, Underdogs,
Cristine BeatoCubanComedy, DramaStaff WriterOnly before the, (323) 259-0116My voice is loud when required, and soft when it's the best choice, but always unique, clear, entertaining and compassionate. IMDB though it has some errorsNoneBoundless intellectual curiosity, wide versatility, hilarious, and always unflappableCrime, musicians, theater, dance and choreography, Buddhism, poisonous plants, literature, prison, languages, medicine, New Orleans, voodoo, ethics, painting, biographies, science, physics
Dailyn RodriguezCubanDrama/DramedyExecutive ProducerQueen of the South, Lie to Me, Ugly Betty, etc...TVOne HourAttorney Darren Trattner (310) 553-0305 DTrattner@jtwamm.comI'm a new Showrunner who is really enjoying the challenges of the job. I swear I really am! I started in half hour comedy and I miss writing lighter more comic stories. It's really more my voice. For me, it's all about strong female characters who defuse the difficulties of life with humor. I really like to explore the psychology and inner lives of my characters.'m Cuban-American, originally from NYC/NJ with the sarcastic humor that comes with all of that! My father was the head of an illegal gambling syndicate, so basically I'm the Cuban Meadow SopranoMusic, Comedy, Complex female protagonists, Politics, Crime, Romance, Latinx stories, Quirky characters
Dan ParadaMexican/ItalianDramaNever been staffedn/aFeaturesOne HourRon Levin, Levin Law Group (877) 879-8776. Available to Staff, Available to DevelopBorn in Hollywood. No College. Started in the film business the day after I graduated from high school. Worked in the business as a casting director for over 17 years, producing a couple features along the way. Started screenwriting in 2005. Sold one script and had other optioned right before the WGA Strike of 2007/08. Lost my representation after that and haven't had an agent since. Produced my 4th film in 2012 and I've been writing on spec ever since. with a heart of gold, without the hooker part.Film, Sports, LiteratureI am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Dani FernandezMexicanComedy, DramaStaff WriterGirls on the Bus - Netflix, sold pilot 1% Happy to HBO MaxBothBothMolly Hurwitz - mhurwitz@zerogravitymanagement.comMy stories often center around characters who have been placed in a box they feel they don't fit in. I like finding the humor in difficult situations, and tell stories of those who rise up against societal norms to pursue their true identity.'ve survived hell, so I might as well write about it. mental health, comic books, sci fi, Tejano, LGBTQ+, animation
Dani FernandezMexicanComedy/DramaCo-ProducerGirls on the Bus at HBO Max, MORE at HBO MaxBothBothwilliam.brown@caa.comAvailable to DevelopDANI FERNANDEZ is a Mexican-American writer and actress who has written for HBO Max, Netflix, and DC Comics. She sold a comedy pilot about her life in the mental healthcare system “1% Happy” to HBO Max. She contributed to US edition of The Good Immigrant—a book of essays written by respected writers and actors of color. Chicana who is somewhere between Wonder Woman and Poison Ivysci fi, Texas, horror, comedy, thrillers, chicano, gay shitsI am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Daniel DominguezMexicanComedy, horror, action, sci fi, fantasyExecutive ProducerSEIS MANOS (EP, adult animated action-horror series, Netflix, 2019), GEN-LOCK (Adult animated sci-fi action, Season 2, HBO MAX, 2020), DREAMWORKS (co-creator, animated theatrical, original feature)Both1/2 Hourbagladydave@gmail.comWhether I am writing comedy or genre, I take a special pleasure in telling stories that lift up the underdog, or humanize the villain. From pulp to prestige, whether the character is a cyborg detective who finds out he was programmed to feel pain because it amused his creator... hey I just made that up nobody steal that... shit... run a fun, chill room that gets shit done on time. Ask anyone! I am as stress free and focused in the room as I am surprising on the page.Anime nerd, sci fi nerd, horror nerd, grant morrison nerd.
Daniel Edgardo GámezSalvadorianDrama, DramedyWriters' Production AssistantHOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA (HBO) UNITED STATES OF TARA (SHOWTIME)BothBoth917 626 0031Available to Staff, Available to DevelopDuring the Salvadorian Civil War, along with his single mother and older sister, Daniel fled from El Salvador to California—where they were taken in by a holocaust surviving Jewish couple who taught them all about the assimilation process… and some Yiddish. By the age of twelve, Daniel showed artistic promise but was discouraged from attending Art School upon realizing the perils that came with being an immigrant when his best friend (and at the time, secret boyfriend) was deported. Fears of deportation lingered well into Daniel’s disillusioned high school experience, where he was enrolled in a Law and Government Magnet Program, ironically learning about the rights to which he wasn’t entitled. At seventeen, Daniel was granted legal status through Reagan’s Amnesty Act, empowering a new opportunistic direction in his life. Now, as a college educated American citizen, Daniel writes stories rooted in trauma, yet explored through humor. Twitter: @valleyslumDaniel is a proudly maladjusted homosexual with otherness stories. Warlock ancestry, Salvadorian coffee plantation heir, failed oil painter, bad hombre, naturalized citizen, catholic high school teacher, crier.
Daniel F. PérezCubanDrama/Adult animationStaff WriterEuphoria (HBO)TVOne HourJonathan Knight, Silver Lining Entertainment -
(323) 370-1570
Available to Staff, Available to DevelopDaniel F. Pérez is a Los Angeles-based writer with an interest in global perspectives and mythologies. Born to Cuban-American parents in Texas and raised in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Florida, he received his BFA in Theater at NYU. He then then moved to Madrid to teach English in Spain’s public school system, living first with a congregation of surly nuns, and then with an even surlier expat American rentboy. He returned to the US to attend UCLA's MFA Screenwriting program. Daniel was a researcher on Netflix's The Movies That Made Us, and most recently worked as Writer’s Assistant on HBO’s Euphoria for seasons 1 and 2. He is a founding member of The Clubhouse, a collective of gay Latinx writers. Spanish/English bilingual; global perspectives (lived in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Spain); fluent in genre storytelling (sci-fi, fantasy).Literary adaptation; fantasy; big ideas
Danielle Sanchez-WitzelMexicanComedyExecutive Producer/ShowrunnerDevelopmentBoth1/2 HourDave Park, Mickey Berman, Keya Khayatian - UTA (310) 273-6700//Howard Klein - 3Arts (310) 888-3200Available to Develop, Not Available to StaffDanielle Sanchez-Witzel is a television and feature writer. She served as showrunner and Executive Producer for three seasons on NBC’s critically acclaimed The Carmichael Show. Danielle has worked under overall deals at 20th Television, CBS Paramount and NBC Universal. Her credits include New Girl and My Name is Earl. In addition to her television work, Danielle has been active in feature films, including work on Paramount’s Dora the Explorer and Like a Boss.

Danielle is a graduate of Stanford University, where she was heavily involved in sports, broadcasting and media, working as a baseball play-by-play announcer. Additionally, she received her M.F.A. from the UCLA Graduate School of Film and Television and serves on the Stanford Los Angeles Arts Council. She excels at staying home with her husband and dog and perfected this skill long before it was mandatory. was once described as a confusing combination of highbrow and lowbrow.sports
Danny FernandezCubanComedy and DramaExecutive Story EditorLove, Victor on Hulu | Diary of a Future President on Disney+ | Grand Hotel on | rep: Robyn Meisinger - Anonymous ContentAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopAn NYU acting graduate turned writer after seeing the lack of Latinx representation in media. He quickly fell in love with writing and telling stories that were authentic to his experiences as a first-generation Latino-American. mrdannyfern I also write and produce music! I would love to work on a show that needs original music. Musicals, comedy, dark complex dramas, gay stuff.
Danny TolliSouth American, ArgentineanDrama, family, soap, teen, grounded character dramasProducerKeep This To Yourself (Peacock), Roswell NM (The CW), Love After Love (Netflix), Home Among Strangers (pilot), The Catch, Stalker (Freelance), The Ropes (Freelance)TVOne HourMelissa Darman, Verve: + Garrett Greer, Haven Entertainment: gg@haven.laAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopDanny Tolli was born and raised in Queens, the son of Argentine immigrants. Shortly after graduating from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked for Vin Diesel's production company, One Race Films, before moving on to assist Kevin Williamson on the hit series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and THE FOLLOWING. He was promoted to writers' assistant on Williamson's CBS series STALKER, where he wrote and produced a freelance episode. He spent two seasons writing on ABC's Shonda Rhimes-produced series THE CATCH, and has developed with Freeform and eOne. At present he is a producer on ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO (CW). He is also the current Co-Chair of the WGA's Latino Writers Committee. queer Latinx writer who wears his heart on his sleeve and leaves it on the page, brings positive energy and tons of on set experience.Family, high school, college, coming-of-age, secrets, double lives, con artists, LGBTQ+
Davah Avena MexicanDrama & Dramedies, family, soaps, characterCo-Executive ProducerZoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Grand Hotel, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Daytime Divas, Devious Maids, East Los High, MediumTVBothSheree Guitar, Sheree Guitar Management, (310) 286-1900, Available to Staff. Available to Develop. Davah Avena is the industry's first and only Can-exican (Canadian-Mexican) television writer/producer. Not only can she break story and write scripts, she can also tap her own maple tree and make a killer margarita. Because Davah’s work straddles drama and comedy, she thrives in the one hour dramedy world. She grew up working in the family company and often uses that experience in her writing. love to make you laugh and cry... sometimes at the same time. Family company, family drama, magical realism, romance, dramedy
David RamirezSouth American, ColombianComedyStaff WriterGabby Duran and The UnsittablesTV1/2, (786)-972-2816Available to StaffDavid Ramirez is a Colombian born writer, who most recently staffed on Disney's Gabby Duran and The Unsittables. Ramirez was one of the thirteen scribes chosen for the 2020 Walt Disney Writers' Program. Prior to this, he worked with Robert and Michelle King on CBS' Evil and The Good Fight. He has held internships at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON. A graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts' BFA program in Film and Television, David has lived in Bogota, New York City, and Pembroke Pines, FL. davidrawmirezAn average pendejo who writes identity stories as he simultaneously discovers his. Immigrant, Coming-of-Age, Family, Teen, College, Identity, Music, LGBTQ+, Religion
Davy PerezMexicanDRAMA, Sci Fi, Horror, True CrimeCo-Executive ProducerStar Trek: Strange New Worlds, Supernatural, American CrimeBothOne HourSteve Smith, Stagecoach Entertainment: (310) 395- 9600, steve@stagecoachent.netAvailable to Develop OWAsI write stories about everyday people who fight against the darkness that is both inside and outside of themselves. To do this I draw from my own experiences as a kid from the East Side of Los Angeles who pulled himself up from nothing and was lucky enough to grow beyond my own struggles. LA Native from a big Mexican family who worked his way up from High School dropout to Producer through hands on learning and hard work. Comics, Noir, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Folklore, Crime, Legends, Myths, Religion, Horror, Science Fiction, Character Development, Tattoos, Director, Producer
Debby WolfeCentral AmericanComedyCo-Executive ProducerConners (Co-EP), One Day at a Time (Co-Producer)TV1/2 HourKatie Newman @ 3arts (310) 888-3200Available to Staff, Available to DevelopDEBBY WOLFE grew up among the gators and gator-skinned seniors in Hollywood, Florida. Raised by a Jewish Father and a Salvadorian mother, after she cleans her house, she pays herself. She graduated from the NBC Writers on the Verge program and landed her first staff writing position on NBC's "Whitney" Season 2. She then spent two seasons at Disney Channel where she wrote for the Emmy nominated "Dog with a Blog" and sold an original comedy titled "House of Beatz". Afterwards, she joined Netflix’s "One Day at a Time", produced by Norman Lear, for three seasons. During that time, she sold an original CBS Latinx family comedy titled "Just Like Us", supervised by "One Day at a Time" showrunner, Gloria Calderon Kellett. Last year she sold a supernatural comedy to Netflix titled "Basic Witches". Currently, she is a Co-Executive Producer on ABC's The Conners. Salvadorian-Jewish writer who loves to write about sex, wolves, and magic.dark comedy, crime, witchcraft, dating, teens, mental illness
Diana MendezMexicanDrama, ProceduralCo-ProducerCo-producer, THE ROOKIE (ABC)BothOne HourCarlos Bobadilla (manager) (o) 323.677.4570Available to DevelopThe first person in her family to go to college, Diana went from Inglewood to New Haven where she earned a B.A. in Film Studies and Latin American Studies from Yale. She had to teach her mother to pronounce the letter “Y” in English, because people thought she was proud that her daughter had gone to “jail.” She is an alum of the NHMC TV Writer's Program and the Fox Writers Intensive. She writes police procedurals and character-driven mysteries. She is currently a co-producer on ABC's THE ROOKIE. writer of bad women. crime, police, murder mystery, thriller, politics
Dominic AbeytaSpanishAnimated Adult, Drama, FantasyStaff WriterCSI:Miami, Yo Gabba Gabba!, The Aquabats Super (562)310-4232Plays well with others. Crime
Eddie MujicaCubanComedy, Dramedy, Sci-FiStory EditorGordita Chronicles (HBO Max), True Story with Ed Helms & Randall Park (Peacock), Connecting (NBC), HBO Writing FellowshipBoth1/2 HourDirect:; Manager: nc@artistsfirst-la.comAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopEddie is a Cuban-American writer, actor and Emmy-winning producer from Hialeah, Florida. An alumnus of Chicago’s The Second City, Eddie wrote and performed in two critically acclaimed revues, toured the country, and has 10+ years of improv/sketch experience. After testing for SNL (they laughed, never heard back), he moved to L.A. for the CBS Diversity Showcase. Tired of auditioning for Latino roles while being questioned about his identity, Eddie began creating his own content. His short “Dreamer” was an Imagen Award finalist and named one of Vulture’s Best Comedy Videos of 2018; “Uno Por Uno: The Cuban Missile Crisis” won Best Web Series at HBO’s NYLFF and Cine Sony’s New Voices. Eddie has written for Broadway Video's Más Mejor and was selected for HBO’s Access Writing Fellowship. He recently returned to the ViacomCBS Showcase as a writer/director and plays basketball every Saturday because BALL IS LIFE. funny, bilingual Cuban-American from South Florida who leads with humor and heart.Cuban, comedy, improv, sketch, performer, Second City, Chicago, Miami, Florida, sports, basketball, nerd I am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Eddie QuintanaMexicanComedyStory EditorDuncanville (Fox), K.C. Undercover (Disney)TV1/2 HourSheree Guitar, 310-286-1900,
Stephanie Rothman (RBEL) 310-432-4632,
I’m the oldest (and shortest) of eight brothers and sisters. I believe in “the little guy,” because I am one. 2017 WGA Writers Access Project, 2018 Film Independent's Episodic Lab. grew up in my family’s Spanish-language nightclub.Weird workplaces, American history, Maps
Edgar PablosMexicanComedy & DramaN/AOptioned Feature Horror and Coming of Age ComedyBothBothEcho Lake Entertainment
(310) 798-4790
Born and raised in El Paso, Texas/Cd. Juarez, Mex, I am passionate about exploring the concept of belonging to two or more cultures and the conflicts/triumphs that come from those worlds. am a writer/director interested in exploring characters who transcend what others expect of them. Love music, westerns, coming of age, film noir, fish out of water
Elena CrevelloMexicanComedy & DramedyExecutive Story EditorThe Thing About Lulu (ABC Pilot), Grace & Frankie, VidaBoth1/2 I love writing characters and stories that will help make someone else feel less alone, and in turn, help me feel less alone. For me, writing isn't worth it unless I am taking risks and exposing parts of myself I'm too embarrassed to admit even exist. I love female relationships and digging into the emotional underbelly of my characters, and then finding the comedy in the pain of the situation. I'm the person waving at the person who's waving to somebody else. Female focused, and emotionally driven narratives with a comedic bite
Elias BenavidezMexicanGrounded Sci-Fi / DramaCo-ProducerResident Alien (SyFy), Siren (Freeform), Beyond (Freeform)BothOne HourDanny Sherman - danny@thruline.comAvailable to Staff and DevelopElias hails from Mesa, Arizona, otherwise known as America’s “hot flash.” The youngest son in a Chicano family, he retreated to Los Angeles and gained production experience on films like COWBOYS & ALIENS, RAMPART, and RUBY SPARKS, eventually transitioning into television as Ann Biderman’s assistant on the first season of RAY DONOVAN. He cherishes her mentorship as well as his exposure to drugs, murder and adultery (all on the page, of course.) He’s currently down a random pseudoscience rabbit hole… please send take-out. Latinx J.J. Abrams Science / Science-Fiction / Grounded Genre
Eliza CossioMexicanComedy, Dramedy Staff WriterOne Day At A Time (PopTV), Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas (HBO)Both1/2 HourDirect - / 909-618-8100Hi! I’m Eliza, I grew up in LA and went to school at UC Berkeley. I moved to New York where I learned rules at UCB and then learned how to break them at The Annoyance. I like the spaces that exist between genres; where funny moments live in drama, where rom coms meet the Twilight Zone; where the mob movie meets a sex comedy. Also I wear sunscreen every day! like comedy with good drama and drama with good comedy.comedy, magical realism, absurdity, California, NYC, sex comedy
Emilia SerranoMexicanComedy DramedyCo-Executive ProducerHigh School Musical : The Musical : The Series, Boomerang, GENTEFIED (Netflix), ALL FANCY (NBC pilot script,2018), THE DOUBLE DOWN (Columbia Feature)Both1/2 Hour3 Arts: KCarver@3Arts.comTV and feature writer with a collaborative, blue-collar work ethic and a tomboy sense of humor that helps me deal with motherhood, being married to a geek, and constantly living in two cultures...Mexican-American and bougie Californian. I'm basically Cali-Mex, and yes, the guac costs extra. I'm a fast draft writer, strong story pitcher, and a comedy writer who knows the next joke is the better joke. and feature writer with a collaborative, blue-collar work ethic and a tomboy sense of humor that helps me deal with motherhood, being married to a geek, and constantly living in two cultures...Mexican-American and bougie Californian.Comedy, soccer, blue collar, guera, parenthood, mariachi, quinceañera
Emmylou DiazSouth American, Caribbean, Colombiandrama / dramedy / comedy / proceduralProducerProd/Co-Prod - Station 19 (ABC), ESE - Charmed (CW), Staff Writer - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (Bravo), Staff Writer - Jane the Virgin (CW)BothBothKen Freimann - Circle of Confusion:, 310 691 7000Features: Avail to develop
TV: First look ABC Studios
I write grounded, emotional stories about families, relationships, and the unseen, with a darkly comic, often quirky edge, all informed by my experience as a first-gen Latina and a woman in recovery. & Twitter: @emmyloudiazI'm an Ivy-league educated actress-turned-writer who's passionate about telling character-driven stories with edge, humor, and heart. drama, dramedy, relationships, family, emotional, recovery, humor, coming-of-age, off-beat, spirituality
Eric Reyes LooMexicanDramedy/DramaCo-ProducerA.J. AND THE QUEEN (Netflix) - ESE (2018-19); GUIDANCE (Hulu) - Co-Producer (2017); Staff Writer (2016)TVBothAdam Peck - Synchronicity Management -; 310-383-1453Availability to Staff and DevelopI'm a gay Chexican playwright with a loud voice in person and on the page. I'm irreverent, emotional, fun, funny, bold and stylish - in person and on the page.'m a witty, character-driven, serialized one-hour drama, culture, art, theatre, music
Erica Harrell & Desirée ProctorCubandrama/comedyStory EditorJust Roll With It - Disney Betch - HuluBothBothlarst@industryentertainment.comAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopAfter bonding over the fact that they were both raised in Florida by a Cuban mother and a red-state father, the writing team of Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell went on to co-write a variety of projects including the interactive multi-camera comedy Just Roll With It (Disney Channel), the serialized dramedy Happyland (MTV), the all-female sketch series Betch: A Sketch Show (TeenNick), the animated family film Sneaks (in development), The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR Experience (Skydance), and The Walking Dead narrative game series (Telltale Games). Desirée & Erica were also selected to participate in the inaugural DC Comics writers program taught by Batman comics writer, Scott Snyder. They were the only women chosen from 1500 applicants. Their first comic, Deadshot: Mercy was published in 2017. Their first original comic series, Nuclear Power, will be published by Fanbase Press in 2021. I was born and raised in Florida (please don’t judge me).genera, drama, Cubano, military family
Erica MeredithMexicanDrama, Dramedy, Serialized, SciFi, True Crime, ProceduralProducerCriminal MindsTVOne, 970-217-11381-hour drama writer. I went to Brown University to become the first doctor in my family but instead fell in love with storytelling and it's power to create empathy. I tend to look for the universal in the specific and build sympathetic characters from all walks of life. I think the right story, told in the right way, at the right time can nudge the world a little., well-traveled, writer with a strong eye for character and structure.Science, Sports, Politics, Medicine, Social Justice, Religion
Ernie BustamanteMexican, Puerto RicanComedyStory EditorFLIPPED (Quibi), LIV & MADDIE (Disney), BEHIND THE SEAMS (ABC pilot script)TV1/2 HourSandra Avila, Inclusion Management, 818-630-7975, I am a proud Mexican-American/Puerto Rican writer from Tucson, Arizona. I received my BA in political science from Stanford University and MFA in screenwriting from UCLA. Before pursuing writing, I worked on Capitol Hill for then-Senator John Kerry. My creative work is inextricably linked to my activism and pursuit of representation and social justice. Most recently, I wrote & produced a half hour-satirical comedy pilot BORDER PATROL -- which premiered to a sold out audience at the Comedy Central Stage. began my career as a Writer Assistant and have since staffed on a range of comedies (animated, multi-cam, single-cam) and written pilot scripts for broadcast, cable, and streaming networks. Comedian. Connoisseur of nachos. Political junkie.
Eva AridjisMexicanSci-fi, horror, drama, historical, fantasyStory EditorStaff writer on Narcos: Mexico (co-wrote EP 202 with SR Eric Newman, airs in Nov 2019), Staff writer on CDMX (Televisa-Amazon), I've also written several feature scripts including two that I directed "The Favor" (drama) and "The Blue Eyes" (supernatural suspense)BothOne HourEva Aridjis:, (917) 741-0149
Manager: (310) 694-3800
I grew up in Mexico City and came to the United States when I was 18. I attended NYU Grad Film but before that I studied Comparative Literature and Anthropology at Princeton, which led me to make both narrative and documentary films- I wrote, directed and produced five features. I've been writing for Narcos and have two episodic shows of my own. The theme my own movies and shows have in common is that of the outsider, misfit, or people who live on the edges of society or suffer from some form of discrimination. I like giving a voice to the voiceless, making the invisible visible, telling stories about individuals whose stories aren't usually told, whether those characters be fictional or real, living or dead, human, animal or monster.Please note the two shows I staffed on haven't posted their credits yet and Find a Writer won't let me add them until they're on IMDB., I watch/write a movie or show I want to be transported (or transport you) to a different world: whether that be an imaginary world, the past, or the future. For the real world in the present day I prefer a documentary.Interests: The occult and paranormal, religion, spirituality, cults, mythology, Native American Indians, ancient civilizations, history, human rights, civil rights, animals, animal rights, the environment, nature. Music, musicians, art, artists, literature, writers, film, filmmakers, photography, fashion. Subcultures, misfits, outsiders, medical oddities, mental illness. Circuses, haunted houses, ghosts, aliens, witches, zombies, second sight.
Evangeline OrdazMexicanDrama/DramedyCo-Executive ProducerRebel (ABC), 13 Reasons Why (Netflix), Vida (Starz), Seven Seconds (Netflix), In Contempt (BET), East Los High (Hulu), EYES (ABC)BothBothKaty McCaffrey - kmccaffrey@gersh.comMy work is often set in the Latinx and POC space, but I have written for all communities, including LGBTQ, White upper class, etc. I write drama that is sometimes funny with an emphasis on a character's internal journey, the intimate moments between characters, and the small details that make everyday life interesting. Specificity is universality. and activist turned writer. law, youth, music, food, East L.A.
Evette VargasPuerto RicanDrama, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, grounded Sci-Fi, Magical Realism, Dark HumorProducerANGELS GATE - eOne; TINACIOUS - MGMTV; MUSES - TNT Super Deluxe; MIX MASTER MIKE - Impossible Dream EntertainmentBothOne Hour, Half Hour DramaMANAGER: Jeffrey Thal Ensemble Entertainment ‭‭(310) 274-9090‬Available to Staff and DevelopEvette is a writer, director, producer and immersive storyteller. Born in the Bronx, Evette is a first-generation Puerto Rican Latina. Her family moved to white New Jersey suberbia, where she experienced cultureshock. Evette has past lives as a DJ, a fashion designer and she is a recovering NYC advertising Art Director. Her thesis film won the best of NYU, which landed her in LA. Evette's digital series was in contention for two Emmys. Her series, Tinacious with Marc Guggenheim and Rosario Dawson, explores identity. Evette penned, The Current War VR Experience, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Currently, Evette sold a show to eOne, with Peter Johnson producing. Evette learned to tell stories at the dinner table where the imagination ruled. @vargasgirl23; T: @vargasgirl; FB: evette.vargas.5Puerto Rican Latina, I write character-driven genre stories and dramas about underdogs, fish-out-of-waters, hustlers and survivors, while they explore identity, breaking out of boxes and having no choice but to fight.thriller, crime, grounded sci-fi, genre, drama, magical realism, dark comedy, underdog, fish-out-of-water, technology, Bronx, New York, music, deejay, fashion, graphic design, virtual reality, immersive storytelling, interactive
Felicia HilarioMexicanthriller/crime/actionStaff WriterLethal WeaponBothOne HourSelf: 305.890.3841 Manager: Thomas Carter, Artillery Creative 3109233058Born in East LA. Teen mom. Later sold yachts in Miami. A slew of adventures in between. I specialize in writing strong, complex woman of color pushing against boundaries of convention, often in male dominated worlds.'m a reservoir of positive energy in the room, known for pushing the boulder up the hill, pitching grounded solutions, especially for female characters or crime storylines, and remaining upbeat after long days and seasons - an all star team player. crime/thriller/action/strong female protags
Gabriel BrugniSouth American, BrazilianDramaStaff WriterRio Heat, O InfiltradoBothOne Hourgabriel.brugni@gmail.comBorn and raised in Brazil, Gabriel got mugged so many times growing up, he knew one of his muggers by name. He survived that to become a writer, which some may argue is still living dangerously. Gabriel also runs his Brazilian company’s In-House Story Lab. Feature and TV projects he mentored are now under development at companies like RT Features and 3%’s Boutique Filmes. Shout out to my mugger Baboquinha. Someone else took that watch. write stories about finding love and wonder in the strangest most dangerous places.crime, family, immigration, historical
GABRIELA REVILLA LUGOCentral AmericanDramedy/thriller/comedyStory EditorA MILLION LITTLE THINGSBothBothdirect: , agent: claire@clairebest.netAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopA dramedy feature/TV writer/producer and formerly undocumented immigrant, Gabby Revilla Lugo thought she would always have to stick to the business side of things to be successful. So, after lying to her parents to avoid law school, she began producing concerts for off-beat musicians and comedians, where she eventually met Martin Short, who miraculously, offered her a job on his award-winning Broadway show, Fame Becomes Me. The job entailed booking daily guests and writing up research for his Jiminy Glick segments, where she learned to be re-written, daily. Eventually, she found a home in the independent feature space, making oddball independent films no one ever saw and in between, writing and producing daytime talk. Through multiple indie endeavors, she began working with people like Damian Chazelle, Matthew Lillard, Forest Whitaker, and many more, producing many of their low-budget dream projects. She made films for Blumhouse, Limelight, Relativity, Sony, etc, and directed music videos, short documentaries, and even produced award-winning short-form narrative films like Whiplash. Recently, she produced the HULU/NEON hit Palm Springs, and Melissa McCarthy's upcoming Netflix indie, The Starling, directed by Ted Melfi. While producing other people's projects, she also participated in both the Fox Writers Program and The Disney Writers Program where she started to really hone her own writing craft, placing in the 10% of the Nicholls fellowship and eventually landing a feature and TV writing teaching position at screenwriting school, ScriptAnatomy. In 2020 she also began writing on the hit ABC network drama, A Million Little Things. She was also hired to write the thriller feature, Violation, for Daniel Wagner and recently finished the first draft of her book, Carnaval based on her feature film by the same name. www.gabbyrevillalugo.com Nicaraguan bisexual BIPOC dramedy writer with a flair for the dramaticrelationships, music, parent drama, coming of age, family relationships
GABRIELA REVILLA LUGOCentral AmericanDRAMEDYStory EditorA MILLION LITTLE THINGSTVOne Hourbrandy rivers at Industry ( Available to Staff, Available to DevelopA dramedy feature/TV writer and formerly undocumented immigrant, Gabby Revilla Lugo thought she would always have to stick to the business side of things to be successful. So, after lying to her parents to avoid law school, she began producing concerts for off-beat musicians and comedians, where she eventually met Martin Short, who miraculously, offered her a job on his award-winning Broadway show, Fame Becomes Me. Eventually, she found a home in the independent feature space, making oddball independent films no one ever saw and in between, writing and producing daytime talk. Through multiple indie endeavors and countless writing classes she couldn't afford, she eventually got a little more dialed in to the business, working with people like Damian Chazelle, Matthew Lillard, Forest Whitaker, and many more, producing many of their low-budget passion projects. She made films for Blumhouse, Limelight, Relativity, Sony, etc, and directed music videos, short documentaries, and even produced award-winning short-form narrative films like Whiplash. Recently, she produced the HULU/NEON hit Palm Springs, and Melissa McCarthy's upcoming Netflix indie, The Starling, directed by Ted Melfi. While producing indie darlings she also participated in both the Fox Writers Program and The Disney Writer's Program where she started to really hone her writing craft, placing in the 10% of the Nicholls fellowship and eventually landing a feature and TV writing teaching position at screenwriting school, ScriptAnatomy. In 2020 she also began writing on the hit ABC network drama, A Million Little Things, complete with multiple script assignments. She was also hired to write the thriller feature, Violation, for Daniel Wagner and recently finished the first draft of her book, Carnaval. BISEXUAL SHORT BROWN AND ROUND MAMA WHO WRITES CHARACTER BASED DRAMEDIES ABOUT PEOPLE WHO GET THEMSELVES IN TROUBLE. music, crime, people with complicated family dynamics, guitar, tennis, racing!
Gabriela UribeMexican, South AmericanDrama Co-ProducerPower, Power Book II: GhostBothBothBrecheen, Feldman, Breimer, Silver & Thompson LLP
Ashley Silver - | 310.859.6863
The cadence of my writing can be sharp and dissonant but I wear my emotional experience on my sleeve thanks to a childhood hearing Juan Gabriel, Rocio Durcal, Mo-Town and Depeche Mode on repeat. Born in Los-Angeles, raised in Mexico City and came into adulthood in New York, I’m an only child. My two eldest sisters and older brother supplemented my parenting — as if my highly involved immigrant parents didn’t parent me enough — but unfortunately for them, they failed: I’m a childless, unmarried, college educated cis-feminist who elected to gamble with the health of her 401K by becoming a professional writer. La_Gabriela_Uribe twitter: @Mexilobiana_GUFor my 36th birthday, my Colombian father gave me a dowry in doubloons from the Franklin mint as marriage incentive — promising favored nations with my sisters upon marriage — while my Chilanga mother tried to get me to move back home by replacing the venetian blinds in my childhood bedroom; I’m using their offer to up another negotiation. Crime/Procedural; Spy; Thrillers; Action; Family; Historical; Political; Science Fiction; Surreal; Comedic; Identity Crises; Young Women
George SuarezCaribbean, Spanishnon-fiction, newsSupervising ProducerABC News, Al Jazeera America, CNN, Good Morning AmericaTVBothgeorgesuar@gmail.comAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopNew York City native veteran broadcast journalist and documentary makern/aTwitter: @fgeorge IG: @nycaganerBilingual New York-based writer producer with a background in science, crime, and breaking newscrime, history, science, climate, policyI am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Georgie AldacoMexicanComedyStory EditorMiracle Workers, AlternatinoBoth1/2 HourChris Burns, AGI - / 646.780.5049Available to Staff, Available to DevelopGeorgie Aldaco is a writer/performer living in New York City. She recently worked on Comedy Central's ALTERNATINO, Netflix's Mike Myers limited series, and she was a staff writer on Simon Rich’s MIRACLE WORKERS (TBS). Georgie also wrote for THE ONION video team and is a member of Whale Thief, the comedy collective that produces Sketch Cram (a sketch show written and produced in a single day). In the past, she has contributed material for Disney’s animated sketch show RIGHT NOW KAPOW!, worked as a writer for Funny or Die's scripted podcast, SCIENCEOLOGY, and she wrote an episode of the narrative podcast, THE TRUTH. Other places Georgie’s writing has appeared include: Clickhole, the Latino digital network Flama, and The Brooklyn Comedy Festival. Georgie was born and raised in the bordertown of El Paso, TX and can speak Spanish if you want her to! is a writer who loves writing the surreal and the absurd, twists on a genre, and confident dummies/weirdos with a heart.animation, surreal, basketball, ghosts, history, sci-fi, women, friends
GiGi NewPanamanianFemaleStaff WriterTV Movie for Lifetime, TV show in development with Killer FilmsBoth1/2 HourStephen Gates 646-561-6791I like to be bold on the page and I'm not a fan of safe, predictable writing. I don't shy away from scenes that unnerve me because that's where the best stuff lives. And I get underneath the skin of my characters whose compass is slightly off center. woman who takes a bite out of life. Enthusiastic, Dry wit, Team player/Karaoke, 70's music,football, the beach, Broadway
GiGi Rios NewCentral AmericanFemaleStaff WriterThe Garcias - HBO MaxBoth1/2 323.203.5423Available to Staff, Available to Develop, After July 9th when my contract ends for The GarciasGiGi began her career as a personal assistant on Everybody Loves Raymond and shortly after she became a finalist for The Disney Fellowship. She quickly moved on to writing for the award winning Nickelodeon family series The Brothers Garcia and the ground breaking FOX series The Ortegas. Currently she has an original television series in development with award winning producers, Killer Films. In 2019 she was commissioned to write an original Lifetime movie about the epidemic of teen anxiety in high school as well as a Christmas movie for the prolific, Paulist Productions. She is currently writing on the upcoming HBO Max series, The Garcias.
IMDBFacebook I'm enthusiastic about life and play well with others. Dark Comedy, Comedy, Heartfelt, Family dynamics, Coming of age (at any age)
Gisselle LegereCubangenre, medical, spy, political, procedural, crime, sci-fi, family, thrillerStaff WriterQuanticoBothOne HourIan Greenstein and Noah Jones at Gersh (310) 2746611Former biodefense scientist (field epidemiologist). Adrenaline-chaser. Black belt judoka. Child of political refugees from Cuba, grew up in a garment factory in Hialeah, speak fluent Spanish. Also deaf. Sundance and Disney-ABC program alumni. I write character-driven medical/espionage/conspiracy, and procedural dramas with real and complex women, drawing from my life experiences. imdb: & WGA: (Instagram, Twitter, & FB)A deaf, Cuban-Am woman who overcame poverty and disability to become a world traveling biodefense scientist and now draw on real-life experience to write thrillers. science, crime, history, human rights,
Gladys Rodriguez MexicanDramaCo-Executive ProducerVidaTVBothElana Barry eb@circleofconfusion.comI love exploring the inner truths of a character, their whys and why nows. I love dark, moody, cinematic stories with heart and emotion. Simple but compelling stories that stay with you for a long time. My characters make unusual and unpredictable choices because nothing is ever black and white. @grod_lo_08From the Bay to LA, 17 years in the business, mommy, chingona, bossSerialized drama, crime drama, musical dramas
Gloria Calderon KellettCuban, CaribbeanComedy, Dramedy, DramaExecutive Producer/ShowrunnerOne Day At A TimeBothBothMarc Provissiero, Manager
Mickey Berman, Agent UTA· (310) 273-6700
Not Available to Staff, Not Available to DevelopGLORIA CALDERON KELLETT
Executive Producer and Co-showrunner of "One Day At A Time”

Gloria Calderón Kellett is the Executive Producer and co-showrunner of One Day at a Time, currently streaming on Netflix (Seasons 1-3) and POP TV (Season 4+). Before that she wrote and produced on such shows as CW's iZombie, ABC's Mixology, Lifetime's Devious Maids, CBS's Rules of Engagement & How I Met Your Mother, for which she won an Alma Award for Outstanding Script. Gloria graduated from Loyola Marymount University and was awarded a Kennedy Center/ACTF Award for her first play, Plane Strangers – which also went on to win the Del Rey Players Playwriting Award, and the LMU Playwright of the Year Award. Gloria has a Masters degree in Theatre from the University of London. She is a founding member of the sketch comedy group And Donkey Makes Five, and has written and performed stand-up comedy at The Improv and The Comedy Store. Her book, Accessories, has been translated into Italian and is published by Small Fish Studios in the U.S. and Cassini Press in Italy. As an actress she has appeared on stage in London, Madrid, New York and all over Los Angeles. TV Credits include: How I Met Your Mother, Angie Tribeca, Trophy Wife, One Day At A Time and Dead To Me but her proudest on camera moment thus far was appearing as a narrator on Drunk History (New Orleans). @everythingloria, Instagram: @gloriakellettWriter, Director, Actor with successful track record.Latinx, Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Music, Dancing,
Gonzalo CordovaSouth American, EcuadorianComedy, Drama, AnimationSupervising Producer
Tuca & Bertie, Undone, Fired on Mars, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Academy Awards, Adam Ruins Everything
BothBothcnoriega@vervetla.comAvailable to Staff, Available to Develop
Gonzalo Cordova is a South Florida native of Ecuadorian descent who moved to the United States with his family when he was six-years-old. After Graduating with a BFA in film from Emerson College, he moved to New York City where he developed his writing and directing skills from eight years of creating stand-up, sketch, and comedic plays.
A good writer who loves keeping his WGA health insurance.
comedy, stand-up, history, politics, animation, stop-motion
I am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Grace ParraMexicanComedy, Dramedy, Political, AnimatedCo-ProducerBROKE (CBS), The Nightly Show (Comedy Central), Glory Daze (TBS), Beyond the Wall with Grace Parra (TBS pilot) + Unt. Grace Parra Project (MTV). Currently developing an all-female animated show called DRUNK ASS BITCHES. Available to Staff, Available to DevelopGRACE PARRA is a writer, host, and actress best known as the only Latina correspondent in late night television on Comedy Central’s THE NIGHTLY SHOW WITH LARRY WILMORE. She’s also the co-host of HYSTERIA, Crooked Media's female-driven political podcast. As a writer, she's recently written for the bilingual comedy BROKE on CBS and has written for a number of shows on TBS, ABC, Comedy Central, and more. As an actress, you can see her on NBC’s SUPERSTORE, FUNNY OR DIE, MASTER OF NONE, BOJACK HORSEMAN, and more. She's also an activist, working with groups like Human Rights Watch, Undocufund, and politically with the DNC (hosting events such as the 2018 I Will Vote gala featuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Hon. Sally Yates, and many others).She also hosted the 2019 economic consortium Bretton Woods 75, and moderated several panels at the 2020 Texas Democratic Convention for her home state of Texas. (on both Twitter and IG)Planned my father's funeral, rescheduled my wedding, taught myself the Suzuki method of piano, hosted a major economics conference, and learned how to dye my roots in the last nine months. AMA. Politics, multigenerational family stories, siblings, economic disparity, high concept, animated, food, music, grief, identity
Hailey ChavezMexican, CubanComedy/DramedyStory EditorDiary Of A Female President, Grown-ishTV1/2, (818) 668-7717Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m the child of Mexican and Cuban immigrants and have dealt with being a queer woman in those cultures. I got my start in sketch comedy so I love finding the the comedic game in each scene. I know we do not live in a vacuum and so I try to write with cultural responsibility and also humor! @hailstormchavezQueer latinx writer with a good sense of story structure with affinity for silly/dumb jokes. Sketch comedy, musical theater, LGBTQ, traveling
Henry RoblesMexicanDramaCo-Executive ProducerRebel (ABC), Selena the Series (Netflix)BothOne HourGeoff Silverman (The Cartel);; 323-654-3333Available to Staff, Available to DevelopHenry Robles is a screenwriter and playwright from the tiny West Texas town of Eldorado, population 2000. He is a first generation Mexican-American. When he won an academic scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin, Henry not only escaped a life of serving burgers and swirl cones at the local Dairy Queen (actually, it was a Dairy Queen knock-off called the Eagle Dairy Mart) he also became the first of his nine siblings to go to college. It was at UT that Henry began writing plays. After UT, Henry moved to Los Angeles to teach first and second grade through Teach For America, a national service program. He later graduated from Stanford Law School and returned to Los Angeles to work as a litigation associate at various corporate law firms. In 2004 he finally broke from the law and adapted his playwriting skills to work as a television writer. His first job was on the CBS drama "Cold Case." He has since written on a variety of one-hour dramas and developed original pilots for Lifetime, You Tube Red, and Starz. @dodgerblue69One-hour drama writer with room-running experience. playwright, former lawyer, sports fan, history buff, voracious reader, news junkie, gay
Hernán BaranganSalvadoranDramedyStaff WriterLife by EllaBothBothAmotz Zakai - amotz@echolakeentertainment.comAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopHernán Barangan was diagnosed with Leukemia as a teenager - and while undergoing radiation therapy, he discovered a love for movies as a way to escape. He graduated from high school and cancer the same year, and would discover over the following decade that storytelling is also about facing your fears. He went on to build a career that spans documentary, VR and screenwriting. Returning to face those aforementioned fears, he directed and stars in CANCER REBELLION (Executive Produced by Roger Daltrey of The Who), in which he travels to all 50 states to interview 100 young cancer patients. He also directed THE 100%, a fully-immersive 360° interactive experience - it won the Tribeca X Award and was nominated for an EMMY. He’s a marathon hand-cycler, has rebuilt a VW from the ground up, makes a mean green smoothie and is proudly half Salvadoran, half Filipino, and all-guns blazing.'ve been more places in my wheelchair than most people have walked.Everyday trauma expressed through genreI am a current and active member of the Writers Guild of America.
Hernany PerlaCentral AmericanThriller/ActionStaff WriterSequestered, The RopesBothOne (424) 361-3387Development exec turned writer. Originally from El Salvador. Sweet spot is thriller with twist. exec turned writer with experience across both television and features.combat sports, gangs, intelligence (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc), politics
Hilliard GuessPuerto RicanDrama/Genre/ActionStory EditorStaff Writer on Russo Bros hit SYFY Series DEADLY CLASSBothOne HourJon Brown Ensemble Ent. 310.274.9090I'm an experienced writer/prod who loves writing themes of redemption for the underdog. As someone who was bullied and overcame his fears by fighting back, I love to cheer for the runt in the litter box and always strive to make characters who grow from "Weak to Strong." gay Afro Punk who writes underdog stories in the bio, historic, murder, death, kill world!Music, crime, horror, action, mystery, historical, bio
Iván BrandonCubanDramaStory EditorFor The People, ABCBothBothivanbrandon@gmail.comCuban writer from NYC with an interest in telling human stories that come from places (geographic and otherwise) that we haven't seen. I have a specific interest in improving latinx characterization and representation in media. in telling good, entertaining stories while surprising myself and the audience.Cuban, crime, science fiction, drama
Jen Rivas-DeLooseCuban, Central AmericanFamily drama, coming of age, romantic comedy, and grounded sci-fiStaff WriterStaff Writer on SELENA: THE SERIES (Netflix)TVBothMeridian Artists (manager) Phone: 310-479-2777 Gersh (agents) Davina Hefflin and Adam Van Dusen Phone: (310) 274-6611Available to staff, available to developI'm a Los Angeles based writer with both production and development experience. I worked as a writers' assistant and showrunner's assistant on six shows before getting staffed as a writer, and have experience in every part of production: from the writers' room, to set, to post production. Prior to working in production, I was a development coordinator for scripted television and learned how a series gets made from the very first pitch to the final draft. I love every part of a story's journey to the screen, but nothing can quite match the magic of when an idea and a blank page finally have their meet cute., bisexual. Loves telling stories with humor, heart, and hope.LGBTQ. Family drama, coming of age, romantic comedies, and grounded sci-fi
Jenniffer GomezPuerto RicanDrama - One-hour and Half-hourProducerVida, Sacred Lies, Infiltrators (Blumhouse Pilot), Untitled Apple PilotTVBothMatthew Doyle ( and Jairo Alvarado ( and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jenniffer Gómez is a Queer Latinx writer who has come up through scripted television. She received a BA in English from Boston College and an MFA in Screenwriting from LMU. In 2012, she quit her job as an assistant to direct a cross-country documentary about a group of undocumented activists who walked from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. for immigrant rights. One of those activists became her wife — formerly a grassroots organizer, now a Los Angeles Sheriff Officer. Jenniffer most recently wrote on Facebook Watch series, Sacred Lies, and was a writer/producer on Starz’s Vida. She’s currently writing a pilot for Blumhouse TV production based on Sundance award-winning documentary-narrative film, The Infiltrators. Jenn_G0mezI’m a Queer-Latinx writer who enjoys telling underdog stories about characters who tend to do the wrong thing for the right reasons.Queer, LGBTQ, Politics, Music, Culture, Underdog, Family, Cime, Politics, Cable, Adaptations
Jesenia RuizMexicanDrama / ComedyStory EditorCurrently developing a show for Cartoon Network with Niki Yang, "Good Witch" on Hallmark Network, 3 Lifetime Network thrillers: "InstaKiller," "The Wrong Daughter," and "The Wrong Nanny." TVBothPersonal:, 651-442-8918 Rep: Eric Williams, Zero Gravity Management,, 310-694-3800Available to Staff, Available to DevelopGrowing up a mixed-race tomboy raised by a poor single mother in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jesenia Ruiz knows what it’s like to be caught between cultures and live in the weird gray spaces between contradictions. She grew up white and Mexican, masculine and feminine, rich and poor, privileged and oppressed —the daughter of an undocumented immigrant father and a Trump-supporting white mother. She also grew up in the middle of nine kids in her Mexican dad’s restaurant that serves Italian food for some reason. Basically, her life doesn’t make sense, but through striving to understand, she finds the bitter-sweet humor in all of the mess while wrestling with ideas of class, gender, diaspora, and identity in her work. Ruiz writes because she never saw people like her on TV growing up, and she wants better for her five younger siblings. Jesenia Ruiz is an experienced TV writer who got her start in TV as a Writers' PA on QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, but is currently developing a show with Cartoon Network with Showrunner Niki Yang, as well as a writing a short film for Film Independent's Project Involve Program. Ruiz was a Story Editor on Hallmark Network's GOOD WITCH and has also written three Lifetime Network thrillers. Ruiz is a graduate of USC’s MFA in Screenwriting Program and two NHMC TV Writers’ fellowships. She was also a Showrunner for NDNS IN LA, an original six-part comedy web series about a native woman working to advance her community in Los Angeles. Sponsored by LA Skins Fest and Pop Culture Collab, NDNS IN LA was written as part of the Native American Writers Room program where Jesenia ran a writer’s room of five and co-wrote the pilot. Most recently, Ruiz was a finalist in the 2020 BlueCat Pilot Competition with her drama pilot ENTRE NOS (BETWEEN US). Ruiz is a half-Mexican writer specializing in female-driven TV about complicated families and marginalized communities.Family drama / comedy, Latinx issues, politics, race, identity, feminism
Jess CamachoMexicanDrama Staff Writern/ / (310) 272-7000Available to Staff, Available to DevelopJess Camacho is a queer Mexican-American writer who recently wrote a historical drama for Oscar-winning producer Greg Shapiro (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) and is currently adapting the "Henry Rios" series of books into a pilot script for Likely Story and Anonymous Content with Kyle Patrick Alvarez attached to direct. He holds a degree from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts where he focused on art history, photography, and experimental video. In Jess' family shared experiences tend to become contested narratives, which informs his approach to story— individuated perspectives to the fore.n/aIG: @jesscamachoArt school forever. Politics, education, art, art history, gender, sexuality, multiculturalism, prison-industrial complex, people experiencing homelessness, fish out of water.
Jess PinedaCubanComedy/DramadyStory EditorLove, Simon and LA to VEGAS TV1/2 HourMichael Botti
+1 (323) 964-9216
Jess has done a myriad of jobs—She’s been a DJ, a dolphin trainer, and once upon a time when she had a hot body, a video girl. Growing up on food stamps and hustle, she found her way in the entertainment industry through street smarts, determination, and the ability to fail miserably, laugh, and get back up. Her twerk skills are truly legendary.Jess Pineda is a Cuban girl from Miami who loves to let people laugh at her pain.Music, female friendships, family dynamics, motherhood
Jesse EsparzaMexicanComedyStory EditorMixedish, Seasons 1 and 2TV1/2 HourNathan Deremer Nderemer@apa-agency.comAvailable to StaffJesse Esparza is a comedy writer from Sacramento, California. He grew up an only child and was raised by his mom and grandma. Being the over protective Mexican-Americans they were, Jesse attended a private Pentecostal Christian School where he was told he was going to hell because he was baptized Catholic. With that in mind, he could never be the fabulous little gay he was meant to be. It wasn't until he moved out to Los Angeles and started doing improv and sketch writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater that Jesse was finally able to use his loud, over-the-top voice for good and finally become the person he always wanted to be. After getting in some great writing programs including the NHMC program and the Disney Writers program, Jesse staffed on ABC's Mixedish for seasons 1 and 2 and is currently living it up with his covid dog, Little Jesse. only thing louder than Jesse's outfits are his joke pitches, which are equal parts loud and good. fashion, pop culture, high school, teens, millennials, the mall.
Jessica CombsCubanComedy/DramedyStaff WriterUnited We Fall (ABC) TV1/2 HourDaniel Vang (, 310-888-2194)Available to Staff, Available to DevelopJess cut her teeth at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, is an amateur lock-picker, and a musical theater aficionado. Though her first job after getting an M.B.A. was at a fertility magazine, she eventually found herself in the tech world, managing software developers for a living, before making her way to Los Angeles. A weirdo with a big heart, Jess finds joy in creating and writing for characters who truly care about each other, own their idiosyncrasies, and lean on their spunk and gumption to accomplish their goals. @jessicamcombs -- Twitter: @jessicacombsI once licked everything I encountered in Universal Studios Orlando just to prove a point.female-driven, musical theater, sketch comedy, rom-com, sci-fi, family, workplace, psychology, weird/quirky characters, dance, ballet
Jessica Elaina EasonSouth AmericanComedyStaff WriterThe Big Show Show (Netflix) TV1/2 Hourjesspatsox@gmail.comAvailable to Staff, Available to DevelopAdopted from Bogota Colombia at 6 weeks and whisked up to Massachusetts and raised by the whitest nicest people. I was raised when white people 'did not see color', but guess what, I did. I love writing about this, finding one's cultural and ethnic identity without a family to do so with. What does it mean to be Latinx? My writing partner (Rebecca Delgado Smith - who was raised with only Latinx people until she went to college...see why this partnership works) and I are passionate about exploring what it means to be Latina in the US through sharp and heartfelt comedy.'m a loud, proud, curious, passionate Colombian raised by white people - so I know ALL the classic rock.comedy, WOC of stories, politics, motherhood
Jessica GonzalezCubanDrama, Dramedy, GenreStaff WriterDiary of a Future President (Disney+)BothOne HourMe: ; (352) 406-9847
Manager: Samantha Starr (Circle of Confusion) - ; (310) 691-7000
Available to Staff, Available to DevelopJessica Gonzalez is a Cuban-American screenwriter and novelist from Miami, Florida. She writes fantasy, science fiction, and horror about beautiful monsters, for the girls who face them and the women who become them. She has an MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California. At USC, her work earned her recognition from the George Lucas Family Foundation and the Robert Rodriguez Fellowship. Since then, her drama pilot, DEAR MISS LEAVITT, won the 2018 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Screenwriting Grant. She began her career in entertainment as the showrunner’s assistant on season one of DIARY OF A FUTURE PRESIDENT (Disney+), where she co-wrote her first episode of television. Most recently, she was a staff writer on season two of DIARY, and wrote her first solo episode. She was also a Spring 2020 Las Musas Hermanas mentee for the manuscript of her first young adult fantasy novel. @jessgonzalezbooks ; Twitter: @jgonzalezbooksI'm a fighter in every sense of the word - a boxer, an activist, and a bulldog for my friends and family. If you call me a monster I'll show you my teeth.Monsters, fantasy, horror, mythology, folklore, retellings, female-driven, character-driven