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TimestampYour NameYour EmailEmployerJob TitleRadius for travel? (Driving / land travel distance only)Are you available to participate virtually?NMRT member? (Note: do not have to be a member to be in the speaker pool)What, if any, has been your NMRT involvement? Examples include work on committees and offices held.What, if any, has been your ALA involvement outside of NMRT? Examples include work on committees, Student to Staff Member, ALA Emerging Leader, etcIs there anything else that we should know?Consent to Public Display of InformationConsent to Public Display of Information
11/12/2015 15:20:47Amy Steinbauerbeaumontlibraryoutreach(at)gmail(dot)comBeaumont Library DistrictEarly Childhood Outreach Librarian90-100 miles. It looks like UCLA or USC would work for me! YesYesCurrently, I am on the Student and Student Chapter Outreach committee through NMRT. I have also taken advantage of the mentorship program for ALA conferences also through NMRT! It connected me with the best mentor, and she still helps me long after the conference ended! I am a member of the Public Awareness committee through ALA. I am a board member at large for the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services (ABOS), as well as sitting on their marketing and advocacy committees. I also presented at their national conference last year in San Diego, CA.

I have been to two ALA Annual Conferences, and will be presenting at next year's Annual Conference through ALSC.

I won the Conable Scholarship through ALA's Freedom to Read Foundation to attend the Annual Conference in San Francisco, this year.
I am very passionate about libraries, advocating, outreach, and engaging children in the library! I also love helping new librarians with their job searches! I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
12/11/2015 21:49:56Elizabeth Lieutenante[dot]lieutenant[at]me[dot]comThe Catholic University of AmericaGraduate Library AssistantPlease inquire via email.YesYesEndnotes Committee Member (2015 - Present).
Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee Member (2014 - 2015).
I have also participated in NMRT events at ALA Conferences.

Student to Staff Member, ACRL at ALA Annual (June 2015).
ALA Student Chapter Webmaster (Fall 2013).
ACRL Conference Student Scholarship Winner (March 2015).
ALA Scholarship Winner (June 2014).
ALA State Chapter Scholarship Winner (June 2014).
I am a current library school student, set to graduate in May 2016. I would be more than happy to discuss how students can become involved in NMRT through committee appointments, publication opportunities, and conference attendance. I can also provide practical advice on how to apply for (and win!) ALA scholarships and conference travel awards.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
1/13/2016 15:29:28Mandi Goodsetta.goodsett[at]csuohio.eduCleveland State UniversityPerforming Arts & Humanities1-1.5 hour driveYesYeso NMRT Endnotes Committee Member, 2015-2016
o NMRT Executive Board Member (Secretary), 2014-2015
o NMRT ALA Student Reception Committee Member, 2013-2014
o NMRT Footnotes Committee Member, 2013-2014
NMRT Emerging Leader, 2015-2016
Library Instruction Round Table Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee member, 2014-2015; Co-Chair 2015-2016
ACRL Conference Poster Committee Member, 2015-present
ACRL Instruction Section Awards Committee Secretary, 2014-2015; Member 2015-2016
Music Library Association Instruction Subcommittee Member, 2015-present
For more info about me and full resume, please see .I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 9:43:57Rachel Sloughrslough[at]uwlax[dot]eduUniversity of Wisconsin-La CrosseTeaching & Learning Librarian300 milesYesNoI have received a conference mentor through NMRT and last year chaired the Student Reception Committee.ALA Emerging Leader 2010
Member of Instruction Section Planning committee for two years
Distance Learning Section Web Committee (1 year)
I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 9:55:38Nicole Tekulvenicole[dot]tekulve[at]gmail[dot]comUniversity of Southern IndianaInstructional Services Librarian200 milesYesYesI am new to the NMRT but have jumped right in with committee work. This year I will serve on the mentorship and student reception committees. ALA student chapter member- FSUI am eager to work with new and aspiriing librarians. I know that the world of librarianship can often be difficult to navigate- what groups should I be involved with, do I need to use social networking tools, where do I look for jobs, etc. If I can help, even in the slightest way, to answer some of those questions, I would be beyond thrilled. I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 10:10:01Melanie Kowalskimelanie[dot]t[dot]kowalski[at]emory[dot]eduEmory UniversityLibrary Research Fellow, Intellectual Property RightsNo limit known.YesYesAs of yet, I have participated in NMRT events at ALA Annual. I do not hold any current committee positions or offices. However, I am eager to become more professionally involved and would welcome the opportunity to be a part of this work.Again, I have attended both ALA Annual and Mid-Winter. I do not currently hold any committee or office appointments at this time. I am very interested in pursuing this avenue moving forward in my career.This past summer, I participated in a panel discussion at the Kent State University, School of Library and Information Science New Student Orientation. My area of "expertise" was about getting library experience while in your MLIS program. I really enjoyed this activity, and would love to be a point of reference for current students seeking advice on how to broaden their work experience horizons. I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 10:18:30Michelle Chronistermichelle[dot]chronister[at]gmail[dot]comU.S. General Services AdministrationProgram Analystthe DC metro areaYesYeschair of the Student Chapter of the Year Award committee, member of the same committee in the pastWhen I was a student, I participated in the Student to Staff program at Annual and was our ALA student chapter president. I also recently completed the Presidential Management Fellows program ( which is a good way for LIS students to enter federal service.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 10:22:47Lisa Hinchliffeljanicke[at]illinois[dot]eduU of Illinois at UrbanaCoordinator for Information Literacy Services and InstructionDrive up to about 250 miles (that would put my in driving distance to Madison, UIUC, Indiana, Milwaukee, Chicago/Dominican, U of Iowa). YesNoI've been a member at one point early on but I started serving on committees as an LIS student so I was quickly involved with other areas of ALA. I've attended NMRT events. I encourage new librarians and LIS students to join NMRT.It's a long list. Most recently, I was ACRL President in 2010-2011. I have served on committees in ALA, ACRL, RUSA, and LLAMA. I have been an invited speaker for ALA, ACRL, and LIRT at conference programs. I was a Student to Staff worker at ALA Annual 1994 in Miami and assigned of Office of Literacy. I'm a life member of ALA. I also teach as an adjunct at UIUC GSLIS. I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 10:39:41Oscar Gittemeieroscar[dot]gittemeier[at]fultoncountyga[dot]govAtlanta-Fulton Public LibraryLibrary Associate30 milesNoYesNew Member. None as of yet.New Member. None as of yet.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 11:04:06Micquel Littlemlittle[at]sjfc[dot]eduSt. John Fisher CollegeHead of Access ServicesI am willing to travel up to 200 or so miles away...YesNoI have not had any NMRT involvement up to this point and I was unaware of this as a grad student when getting my MLIS. I would love to help with awareness!!!RUSA STARS/Atlas Systems Mentoring Award Recipient for 2011. I also serve on the RUSA Membership Committee.I absolutely love my job and the opportunities being involved in ALA provides. Anything I can do and anywhere I can go to spread the awareness and benefits of being an involved librarian sounds like a great place to be!I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 11:06:15Jason Martinjason[dot]martin[at]ucf[dot]eduUniversity of Central FloridaAssociate Library100 milesYesNoAmerican Library Association New Member’s Round Table (NMRT) Orientation Committee, 2002-2004. Association of College and Research Libraries, University Libraries Section, Membership Committee, 2010-Present.
• Chair, 2010-2012

Association of College and Research Libraries, University Libraries Section, Campus Administration and Leadership Discussion Group, 2010-Present.

Association of College and Research Libraries, Education and Behavioral Sciences Section, Research Committee, 2009-Present.

Invited Speaker. (2004, June). Represented academic libraries at the ALA Spectrum Scholars Professional Options Fair at the annual conference of the American Library Association, Orlando, FL.

American Library Association BRASS Business Reference in Academic Libraries Committee, 2002-2004.
I recently received my EdD in Educational LeadershipI consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 11:22:04Kate Kosturskilibrariankate7578[at]gmail[dot]comJSTOR/PorticoInstitutional Sales Coordinator, EuropeNortheast Corridor (Boston - Washington). YesYesCo-Chair, Student and Student Chapter Outreach Committee
Member, Online Discussion Forum Committee
ALA Emerging Leader (2011)
Chair, RUSA Structure Taskforce Committee
Student Chapter President - Pratt Institute (2009 - 2010)I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 11:25:29Elizabeth Averybeth[dot]avery[at]unt[dot]eduUniversity of North TexasCoordinator of Collection Development250 milesYesNoNMRT mentor, 2007-2009ACRL Professional Development Discussion Group Chair, 2007-present;
Marketing @ your Library Campaign, trainer, 2005-present;
ACRL College Library Section, Continuing Education Committee, 2005-08, 2009-11, Co-chair 2006-8;
Library Administration and Management Association Mentor, 2010-2012;
Publisher-Vender Relationship Roundtable, AdHoc program planning committee. 2009-10;
My Research Coach, 2009-11;
ALA-APA Library Support Staff Certification Program. Program reviewer for FAQs and website, 2009.
I have been active in state, regional, national and international organizations for most of my career. I think it is essential to be an active member in a professional organization to keep up with your field and make the contacts necessary to advance libraries. I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 11:25:58Alison K. Codyacody[at]apa[dot]orgAmerican Psychological AssociationTraning Specialist, PsycINFOI can easily get around the Baltimore-Washington DC area. As far as farther out goes, I'd say a two-hour drive (one way) is about the limit for this. That would include Philadelphia and I think some parts of NJ. That said, I don't own a car so it may also depend on whether or not any travel expenses are reimbursed.YesNoI haven't been involved in ALA nationally, I find it a bit overwhelming. I've been heavily involved in smaller organizations - ASIS&T, mostly as a student, and now I'm the president of MD's chapter of ACRL. Once my term there is up I plan to look into getting involved with ACRL nationally, but I'm not sure what might happen with that!I'm a big proponent of starting small with your involvement - student chapter, state library association, etc. - as it's easier to wrap your head around things, less expensive to get to meetings, and the local contacts will get to know you better, which can be helpful in looking for a job.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 11:36:34Dorisdoris[dot]vankampen[at]saintleo[dot]eduSaint Leo UniversitySystems Librarian, Associate Professor50 milesYesNonone - LLAMA workgroup
ACRL Legislative Advocate
Have been a school media specialist (10 years)
Medical Librarian (2 years)
Academic Librarian, Public and Tech svcs (11 years)
Have taught 9-12 grade and Undergrade/grad programs
I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 11:55:45Karen Cookkcook1[at]mcneese[dot]eduFrazar Memorial Library, McNeese State UniversityAssistant Professor / Head Government Information Librarian@200 miles or so (unless in conjunction with a conference where I am already somewhere) from Lake Charles, LA YesNoSpeaker at NMRT Orientation, ALA Annual Conferences and Mid-Winter Meetings, 1997-2004;

Chair, ALA / New Members Round Table (NMRT) Handbook Committee, 1999-2000;
Mentor, ALA / NMRT Conference Mentoring program, 1998-2000;
Chair, ALA / NMRT Library and Student Outreach Committee, 1998-1999;
Chair, ALA / NMRT Exhibitor Contacts and Relations Committee, 1995-1997;
Member, ALA / NMRT Exhibitor Contacts and Relations Committee, 1993-1995;
Chair, ALA / NMRT Governance Committee, 1995-1996;
Member, ALA / NMRT Resources Committee, 1992-1995;
Liaison to ALA / ALCTS CCS / CCDA, 1993-1994.
Member at Large, ALA Library History Round Table Executive Board, 2011-2013;
Librarian Vice-Chair, ALA Exhibits Round Table, 2011-2013;
Juror, ALA Diversity Research Grant Advisory Committee, 2011;
Member, ABC-CLIO Online History Award Committee, History Section, Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), American Library Association (ALA), 2011-2013;
Member, Historical Materials Committee, History Section, Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), American Library Association (ALA), 2011-2013;
ALA Exhibits Round Table (ERT) Executive Board, Librarian Member, 2010-2011;
ALA COA External Review Panel pool (application in process), 2009—;
Representative, American Library Association (ALA) / Library & Information Technology Association (LITA), ALA Recruitment Assembly, 2006-2007;
Member, Brett Butler Entrepreneurship Award Committee, ALA / Library & Information Technology Association (LITA), 2005-2006;
Member, ALA / LITA Christian Larew & SIRSI Scholarships Committee, 2004-2005;
Nominating Committee, ALA / LITA, 2004-2005;
Director, ALA / LITA, 2001-2004;
Librarian Vice-Chair, ALA / Exhibits Round Table (ERT), 2001-2003;
Member, ALA / LITA Leadership Development Committee, 1999-2001;
Secretary, ALA / ERT, 1998-2001;
Chair, ALA / Public Library Association (PLA) Cataloging Needs of Public Libraries, 1996-1997;
Liaison to ALA / ERT Executive Board, 1995-1997;
Member, ALA / PLA Cataloging Needs of Public Libraries, 1993-1996.

I was involved with NMRT for 10 years, and spoke several times at NMRT orientation programs at conferences. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. (Much of my career has been involved with mentoring and professional development, as well as membership development, so this is right up my alley. I now teach library science, too.)

I also have twenty years work in library professional associations outside of ALA and NMRT, including state and regional associations.
I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 11:56:02Megan Gaffneygaffneym[at]udel[dot]eduUniversity of DelawareCoordinator, Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services~ 50 milesYesNoI am active in ALA RUSA STARS. I am current chair of the STARS Education and Training Committee, a member of the Virginia Boucher Distinguished ILL Librarian Award Committee, and have served on several preconference planning committees. I am also one of the speakers for the annual "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About ILL" RUSA STARS workshop.Although I have never been active in NMRT, I've been involved with RUSA STARS ever since I began working as a librarian. The STARS Education and Training Committee looks for ways that we can encourage library school students to consider ILL/resource sharing as a career. I would love the opportunity to talk more about RUSA, STARS, and resource sharing to new and future librarians!I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 12:48:35Heidi Steinerhmsteiner[at]gmail[dot]comNorwich UniversityDistance Learning LibrarianNew England. YesYesNMRT Member since 2008
SASCO Committee, Member 2009-2010, Chair 2010-2011
Liaison Coordination and Support Committee, Member 2010-2011
NMRT Liaison to Leg Assembly 2010-2011
Footnotes Committe, Assistant Chair 2011-2012
ACRL Marketing Academic and Research Libraries Committee, Member 2010-2011, Vice-Chair 2011-2012, Chair 2012-2013
ACRL 2013 Conference Innovations Committee, Member 2011-2013
I'm also involved on the regional level with the Vermont Library Association and the ACRL New England Chapter. I have published in both peer-reviewed journals and trade publications. Still fairly new (graduated December 2008), so have a nice perspective for current LIS students.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 13:12:25Tracy Stouttracystout[at]missouristate[dot]eduMissouri State UniversityReference & Instruction LibraryLess than 4 hours. YesYesFormer member, assitant chair, and chair of Membership Pavillion Committee (formerly Booth Committee)
Current co-chair for Student Reception Committee
ACRL Immersion
ALA Emerging Leader
ALA Discovering Librarianship Recruiter
I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 13:32:38Lindsay Sarinlcsarin[at]gmail[dot]comUniversity of the District of ColumbiaE-Reference Librarian50miYesYesNMRT SASCO Committee
ALA Student Chapter Executive Board
ACRL New Members Discussion Group Co-ChairI consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 13:32:40Andrea Falconeandrea[dot]falcone[at]unco[dot]eduUniversity of Northern ColoradoInstruction Librarian & Assistant ProfessorI am willing to travel 75 miles from Greeley, Colorado.YesNon/aI am the Vice Chair (Chair Elect) for the ACRL Liaisons Grants Committee, which provides funding for liaisons to attend conferences/activities and develop relationships with other national associations. I review/approve funding requests and provide feedback for unsuccessful proposals.

I also am a member of the ACRL Professional Development Coordinating Committee, I have been responsible for identifying and coordinating professional development opportunities (webinars) about timely issues in the profession.

I have a second master's degree in English Literature and serve as a Bibliographer for the Modern Language Association. As a result, I have insight and experience regarding the functionality of another national association.

Also, I am passionate about committee work and collaboration of all kinds; yet, I am aware of the frustrations members of such groups encounter. I can speak about improving the productivity/efficiency of committee work and how to get the most satisfaction out of your involvement.
I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 15:29:03Kari D. WeaverKariW[at]usca[dot]eduUniversity of South Carolina AikenAssistant Professor of Library Science and Library Instruction Coordinator200 miles or so, depending on the date of the requestYesYesI have been an NMRT member since 2007 and have served as a member of the NMRT Handbook Committee since January 2009. I am currently co-chairing the NMRT Mentoring Committee and have been to the ALA Annual conference twice where I attended NMRT events and volunteered as a greeter at the membership pavilion.I am a member of several other roundtables and divisions and am currently serving as a member of the ACRL Instruction Section Taskforce on Publications, Policies and Procedures. I have attended the ALA Annual conference twice and Midwinter once since becoming an ALA member, so I am highly capable of speaking to the conference experience.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/3/2011 16:31:47Cheryl cyrcherylcyr[at]live[dot]comNavyResearch Librarian200 mi from Ridgecrest, CA. YesYesServing on the committee of: NMRT Online Discussion Forum 2011/12 NMRT Student Chapter of the Year Award 2011/12
I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/4/2011 8:29:33Irene Heroldiherold[at]keene[dot]eduKeene State CollegeDean of the LibraryIf driving 2-3 hoursYesNoResume reviewing at conferences, am a mentor on ALA Connect to two librarians2011- Selected for transition of leadership of the College Library Director
Mentor Program which was established in 1992. 2011-2012 transition
year with assuming leadership helm in FY2013 and convening new leadership team. This is a nonprofit organization under the loose aegis of the College Libraries Section of ALA/ACRL
2011-2014 Director-At-Large, Association of College and Research Libraries
(ACRL) Board (4 year term)
2009 Liaison, ALA/ACRL/Communities of Practice (formerly Sections
Council) to the Information Literacy Coordinating Meeting
2009 Member, ALA/ACRL Greenwood Publishing Award Jury
2009 & 2011 Member, ALA/ACRL Academic and Research Librarian of the Year
Award committee
2007-2011 Vice Chair/Chair/Past Chair, ALA/ACRL/College Libraries Section
2009-2011 Member, ALA/ACRL Communities of Practice
2007-2009 Member, ALA/ACRL Sections Council
2005 Member, grant review panel, National Science Foundation’s National
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education
Digital Library (NSDL)
2005-2007 & 2010-2011 Member, ALA/ACRL/Law and Political Science Section (LPSS)
Marta Lange award committee
2004-2006 Chair, ALA/ACRL/CLS 2006 Program Planning Committee
2004-2007 Co-convener, ALA/ACRL/CLS College Library Director’s Discussion
Much of my scholarship has been around mentoring.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/4/2011 9:41:52Nancy Fagetzemogogog[at]yahoo[dot]comFederal GovernmentFederal LibrarianI currently do F2F and virtual presentations around the U.S.YesYesI started the Careers in Federal Libraries events which are now offered at ALA, SLA, AALL, and MLA conferences. Also, I do about 15 webinars a year at different library schools around the U.S.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/4/2011 12:11:37Linda Crooklcrook[at]wsu[dot]eduWashington State UniversityReference Team Leader400 miYesYesCurrent NMRT President
Networking Director, American Library Association New Members Round Table, 2008-2010
Chair, American Library Association New Members Round Table Marshall Cavendish Award Committee, 2007-2008
Member, American Library Association New Members Round Table Midwinter Social Committee, 2006-2007
Member, American Library Association New Members Round Table Nominating
Committee, 2006-2007

ALA Emerging Leader (2008)
Co-Chair, American Library Association ACRL Science and Technology Section,
Continuing Education Committee, 2008-2010
Member, American Library Association ACRL Science and Technology Section,
Continuing Education Committee, 2007-2008
Intern, American Library Association Reference and User Services Association
Reference Services Section, Research and Statistics Committee, 2007-2008
Co-Chair, Special Libraries Association Pacific Northwest Chapter Student Services Committee, 2002-2003
Member, Special Libraries Association Pacific Northwest Chapter Nominating
Committee, 2002
I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/8/2011 21:44:08Erin Dorneyeedorney[at]gmail[dot]comMillersville University of PennsylvaniaOutreach LibrarianEastern PA, Baltimore area, Philadelphia area, New Jersey, New York City, Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse/Albany NY areasYesYesChair, SASCO 2011-2012
Recipient, 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant 2010
Member, LLAMA/NMRT Joint Committee on Collaboration 2011-2013
Mentee, NMRT Career Mentoring Program 2007
Pennsylvania Library Association sponsored ALA Emerging Leader, 2009
Member, ACRL
Co-Chair, ACRL 2011 Virtual Conference, 2009 - 2011
Member, ACRL Women’s Studies Section
Member, ACRL University Libraries Section
Have also been involved heavily in local associations (state library association, regional divisions of ACRL, etc). I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/14/2011 14:07:32Stephen Flynnsflynn[at]wooster[dot]eduCollege of WoosterEmerging Technologies LibrarianI am willing to drive to the Cleveland/Akron area during weekdays. I am also available to speak in Ann Arbor, MI only one weekend per month.YesNoJust ALA/ACRL membership.I'm an ALA Spectrum Scholar and I'm working on developing a curriculum for technology training to Spectrum Scholar alums in order to further enhance the use of technologies in underserved communities.I started the website so I'd be happy to speak about the job process.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/18/2011 9:18:07Jennifer Castaldojcastaldo[at]jhu[dot]eduJohns Hopkins UniversityDistance Education Librarian15 milesYesNoI have been a member in the past. Now, I am a member of ACRL's University Libraries and Distance Learning sections. I just finished a 2-year appointment on the membership and events committee for the distance learning section (DLS) and now I am on the Communications committee for two years for the DLS. I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
10/20/2011 17:06:48Coral Sheldon-Hesscoral[at]sheldon-hess[dot]orgUniversity of Alaska AnchorageWeb Services LibrarianIn summer: anywhere in Alaska with roads connecting to Anchorage. With lots of notice, Juneau or Seattle.
In winter: Anchorage and, with notice, Fairbanks.
YesYesCurrently serving as Member Services Director. Previously, SASCO (both as chair and general member), Web Committee, Endnotes, and volunteering at Booth and Resume Review. ALA Emerging Leader 2012; member of ACRL and LITA; chair of Anchorage's chapter of the Alaska Library Association; chair of Alaska's New Members Roundtable; participant in Pacific Northwest Library Association's LEADS programI consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
2/14/2012 20:20:14Easter DiGangieaster[dot]digangi[at]uwalumni[dot]comRecently Relocated. Looking for a permanent positionN/A60 milesYesYesALA NMRT, Chair, Vice Presidential Planning Committee (2011-2012).
ALA NMRT, Member, Nominating Committee (2011-2012).
ALA NMRT, Liaison for the Public Library Association (2010-2011).
ALA NMRT, Member, Goverance Committee (2010-2011).
ALA NMRT, Member, Annual Program Committee (2010-2011).
ALA Emerging Leader, Chapter Relations Office Co-Member Guide (2012)
ALA Emerging Leaders Program, 2011.
RUSA STARS, Member, Education & Training Committee (2011-2013).
Wisconsin Library Association, Chair, Library Legislative Day Committee (2011).
Libraries Build Communities, Team Leader, 2010.
ALA National Library Legislative Day, 2010.
Univ. of WI SLIS, Co-Chair, Class Gift Committee (2010).
Univ. of WI SLIS, Leader, Orientation Public Library Interest Group (2009-2010).
Univ. of WI SLIS, Emcee, Orientation (2009).
Univ. of WI SLIS, Co-Secretary, ALA Student Chapter (2008-2009).
I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
2/15/2012 9:42:31David L McMillandavelmcm227[at]gmail[dot]comCaldwell CollegeElectronic Resources Librarian50 miles from Wayne NJ YesNoI would like to get more active in ALA. Here is an opportunity to get involved and give something back.. I am a Doctor of Letters candidate at Drew University. I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
2/15/2012 12:14:25Marliese Thomasmsthomas[at]samford[dot]eduSamford University LibraryUser Engagement LibrarianAnywhere in Alabama, Florida panhandle, Georgia, Tennessee (I have friends/family in Chattanooga, Nashville, and Memphis), Louisiana (New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Monroe, Shreveport, and east of those cities), South Carolina, Mississippi. Generally, anywhere within 5-7 hours driving distance of Birmingham, Alabama. YesYesI am a mentor in the NMRT Mentoring program. I am the current chair of the LITA Standards Interest Group, expanding our involvement to increase awareness of librarians' work in standards development. I am also a member of the newly formed LITA Instructional Technology Interest Group and ALA International Relations Round Table. In my state organization, I am the chair of our Education CommitteeI have given keynote addresses, online presentations, poster sessions, and class instruction at the state and national level. My professional and scholarly interests include metadata display and manipulation issues related to discovery interfaces and migrating records between systems. I am also a strong believer in positive reinforcement for new librarians from within the profession, whether it is from a formal mentoring program or an informal contact. I welcome discussions about crossing divides between technical services and public services, as I have worked in cataloging, special collections, and reference/instruction (and enjoyed them all). There is much to be learned and contributed from all departments for an efficient and effective library experience. You can find me on Twitter @msthomas and on LinkedIn.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
2/17/2012 21:44:15Debra Shapirodsshapiro[at]wisc[dot]eduUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonInstructor150 - 200 milesYesNoLITA IG chair & co-chair , 1996 - 2006 (technical issues of digital data)
LITA Board member, 2006-2009
LITA ALA COPE liaison 2009-2011
LITA Program Planning Committee, 2010-2012
LITA IG incoming co-chair, 2012 (linked data)
ALCTS interest group co-chair, 2011 - 2013 (FRBR)
I'm a library school instructor, so I work with students, and student chapters of professional associations. I promote professional association membership early and often.I consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website
3/19/2012 14:26:29Nancy Fagetzemogogog[at]yahoo[dot]comFederal governmentFederal information professionalI speak to 800-1000 students and job seekers each year at conferences and via webinars. My home base is Washington, DC but I have a network of federal librarians around the country which I've built.YesYesI consent to having this information posted publicly on the NMRT website