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( ? = unknown, unclear or not announced)
School DistrictSchool Start DateIf district is fully virtual, when is in-person returnTraditonal learning environment (M-F, in person learning)Virtual OptionDeadline to choose learning optionAre students locked into this option?Will district administer a fall assessment to identify learning loss?Will there be training/support for parents opting in for virtual learning?Will district provide devices to students in need?District provided internet connecivityStudent mask requirementAccess to meals if choose virtual option?Will virtual students have access to extracurricular or
athletic activities?
Will the grading policy be the same for both in person and virtual learning?Is there an attendence policy for vitual learning?Will district educators be teaching students virtually?Other items of noteLast reviewed
Appling County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?YesYesJuly 31stYes, semester long??NoYes - Wifi BusesNo?YesYesYesYesThe district has depleted there device stock. 10/19
Atlkinson County Public SchoolsAugust 10th?YesYesJuly 31thYes, semester long?YesLimited #NoNo?YesYesYesYes10/19
Atlanta Public SchoolsAugust 24thDistrict has pushed reopening plan until Jan. 2021NoThe district will begin fully virtualN/AClasses will be virtual for the first 9 weeksTeachers will assess learning lossYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes10/19
Bacon County Public SchoolsAugust 10th? YesYesJuly 21stYes, semester long??NoNo?NoNoYesYeaNo10/19
Baker County Public SchoolsAugust 24th?YesYesAug. 21stN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AYesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A9/14
Baldwin County Public SchoolsAugust 19th?YesYes?Yes, 9 weeks for elementary and semester for middle and high school. This also a year long option as wellYes?YesYes, Wifi Buses and Hot Spots Yes?YesYesYesYesDistrict FAQs
Baldwin county also has a virtual option beyond distance learning
Banks County Public SchoolsAugust 19th?YesYesJuly 17thYes, semester long????No?YesYesYes?8/10
Barrow County Public SchoolsAugust 17thDistrict has allowed for in-person learning on Sept 15th. NoThe district will begin fully virtualPlease see column QYes, students can change after 9 weeksYes?Limited #?No?Yes, schools will decideYesYes, parents will be required to submit it to the school?8/10
Bartow County Public SchoolsAugust 5th?YesYesJuly 24thNo, the district will allow a change if there is change in COVID-19 cases????NoNoYes???8/10
Beckley County Public SchoolsAugust 10th?YesYesqN/AYear long for 3rd-12th and semester from K-2nd??Limited #Limited #No?YesYesYes?8/10
Ben Hill County SchoolsAugust 3rd?YesYe?Yes, 9 weeks?YesYesNo, but will work with parentsNo?YesYesYesYesPlease note that district will allow for parents to change their choice during the first two weeks of the semester.8/10
Berrien County Public SchoolsAugust 17th,See Column Q?YesYesJuly 26thYes, semester long??NoNoNoNo?YesYesYesBerrien County have a stagger start for in-person learning. 8/10
Bibb County Public SchoolsSept. 8th?NoDistrict has decided to be fully virtual for 9 weeksN/AN/A?YesLimited #NoNoYesYesYesYes, parents will be responsible that students attend virtual classesYesThe Board of Education has decided to delay the start of the 2020-2021 school year until Sept. 8. A decision will be made two weeks before that date whether the District will reopen in an in-person or virtual setting.
Brantley County Public SchoolsAugust 6th?YesYesN/AYes, K-8th is 9 week and 9th-12th is semester long??????YesYesYes?8/10
Bremen City Public SchoolsAugust 5th?YesYesJuly 20th???????????8/10
Brooks County Public SchoolsSept. 8th?YesYesJuly 24thYes, 9 weeks??Limited #NoNoYesYesYesYesYes8/10
Bryan County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?YesYes?Yes, semester long??Limited #NoNo?NoYesYes?8/1
Buford City Public SchoolsAugust 12th?YesYesJuly 10th - form available, deadline is not yet listedYes, semester long?YesYes?No?YesYes?Yes8/10
Bulloch County SchoolsAugust 17th?YesYes for grades 6-12 Second week of JulyNoYesNoNoNoNoNoYes??No8/10
Burke County Public SchoolsSeptember 8th?No, Hybrid Calendar YesJuly 31st???YesLimited #???YesYes?The district has a hybrid calendar8/10
Butts County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?NoThe district will be going fully virtual ???Limited #MaybeNoYesYesYesYesYes"We anticipate the first day for in-person learning will be September 8, 2020."8/10
Calhoun City SchoolsAugust 12th?YesYesJuly 31st???????????Current plan is to reopen August 12th8/10
Camden County Public SchoolsAugust 3rd?YesYesJuly 24th????No?NoYesYes?8/11
Candler County Public SchoolsAugust 3rd?YesYesJuly 17th???No, but will work with parentsNo, but will work with parentsNo?????Parents chosing the Learn from Home option are required to attend a mandatory training.
Carroll County SchoolsAugust 24th?YesYes but please see column QJuly 24th??YesNoNoNo?Yes???Parents must apply for virtual learning and be approved by the district.8/10
Carrollton City Public SchoolsSeptember 8th?YesYesJuly 31st?????Yes?Yes???7/23 update: Delayed start date
Carrollton City will assign at-home learners a family liason to help nativigate the transition at home learning.
Catoosa County Public SchoolsAugust 24th?No, Hybrid Calendar YesJuly 3`Yes, 9 weeks for K-5th and semester long for 6th - 12th???????YesYes?K-5 will be attending every day and pre-k, middle, and high school will have a hybrid schedule8/11
Charlton County Public SchoolsAugust 10th?YesYesJuly 16th Yes, semester long??NoNoNoNoNoYesYesNoREOPENING PLAN REVISED 8/78/10
Cartersville City Public SchoolsAugust 18th?No, Hybrid Calendar YesJuly 24thYes, K-5 semester and 6th-12th year long????No??YesYes?Please note that the district will be hybrid until Sept 8th for in-person learning8/10
Chattooga County Public schoolsJuly 30th?YesYes?????NoNo?????8/10
Chattahoochee County Public SchoolsSeptember 9th?Yes, Hybrid ModelYesAugust 5thYes, semester long??????????They will have hybrid model in which 25% of students will be able attend school a day.
Cherokee County Public SchoolsAugust 17th? YesYesJuly 17thYes, 9 weeks for elementary and semester for middle and high school??Limited #MaybeNoYesYesYesYesYes, please some high school classes may not be
Chickamauga City Public Schools August 12th?YeaYeasJuly 29thYes, semester longYea???No?NoYeaYea?8/10
City of Commerce Public SchoolsAugust 7th?YesOnly for vulnerable populations??????????YesNo
City of Decatur Public SchoolsAugust 17th?NoDistrict will be fully virtualN/A???YesYes??????8/10
City of Gainesville Public SchoolsAugust 5th?Yes YesJuly 20thYes, semester long?????No????
Clarke County Public SchoolsSept 8th?No, please see column QYesJuly 17thYes, 9 weeks for elementary and middle school and semester for high school.Yes???Yes
(see FAQ 11)
?No??No, educators will only support students8/10
Clay County Public SchoolsAugust 3rd?NoDistrict will be fully virtualN/AN/A??????????
Clayton County Public SchoolsAugust 10th ?NoThe district will start fully virtual NoDistrict will be fully virtualYesYes, there will be training for parents.Yes, see column QNoNoYesYes??Yes7/13 board voted to move to a full virtual model to start. Principals will be make the decision whether educators will be required to come to school. Clayton County has a A/B rotation class schedule with virtual learning on Friday for all. (Please note this calendar could be used if the number cases decrease in Clayton County).
All students will receive a computer device for at-home virtual learning.
All K-2 classrooms will be assigned a laptop cart to support face-to-face and to distribute for virtual
learning at home.
Clinch County Public SchoolsAugust 10th?YesYesJuly 28th????NoNo?YesYesYesYes - K-3 only8/10
Cobb County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?NoThe district will start fully virtualN/AYes, semester long??Limited #NoNo??YesYesYes7/16 - Cobb has updated their plan and will now be fully virtual to start8/6
Coffee County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?YesYesJuly 27thYes - 9 weeks for elementary and semester for middle and high schoolYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNo, grading practices appropriate for a virtual classroom will be adopted.YesYes8/10
Colquitt County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?YesYes?Yes, K-5 9 weeks nd 6th-12th semester long??YesNo???YesYesYesThe district is also using Georgia Virtual School as well. This is only available for students in 6th-12th. 8/11
Columbia County Public SchoolsStaggered start in August - see column Q?YesYesJuly 1Yes, students can change after 9 weeks.?Yes, there will be open house for families that opt into virtual learningNoNoNo?Yes?? YesIn-person elementarty school begins 8/3. The district moved to a staggar start for High School and Middle School students on 8/3 and 8/4. Learning from Home MS/HS begins 8/10 and ES starts 8/17. 8/10
Cook County Public SchoolsAugust 10th?YesYesJuly 20thYes, 9 weeks for elementary and semester for middle and high school????No??YesYes?8/10
Coweta County Public SchoolsAugust 13th?YesYesJuly 17thYes, semester long?YesYesMaybeNo?Yes?Yes, only in live classesYes8/10
Crawford County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?YesYesJuly 22ndYes, 9 weeks for K-5th and semester long for 6th - 12th??YesNo??????8/10
Crisp County Public SchoolsAugust 10th?YesYesJuly 20thYes - 9 weeks for Pre-K - 5th and Semester for 6th - 12th?YesNoNoNoYesYesYesYes?8/10
Dade County Public SchoolsAugust 13th?YesYesJuly 17thNo. District allows 5 days to change then locked for 9 weeks for K - 5th and semester for 6th - 12th??YesNoNo?YesYesYesYes8/10
Dalton Public SchoolsAugust 31st?No, Hybrid Calendar Yes????Yes?Yes?????The district will have a hybrid calendar until Sept 14th. 8/10
Dawson County Public SchoolsAugust 7th?YesYesJuly 24thYes - 9 weeks for K - 5th and semester for 6th - 12th?YesYesNoNo?YesYesYes?8/10
Decatur County Public SchoolsAugust 12th?NoDistrict will start fully virtual until at least 8/28n/an/a??YesNo??????8/7 Superintendents annnouncement8/7
DeKalb County Public SchoolsAugust 17th ?NoThe district will start fully virtualN/AClasses will be virtual until number of cases decreases?YesYes?YesYes????Board announced it will assess the model at each board meeting. If there is change in number cases they will adjust. Dekalb has introduce a hybrid calendar as well. 8/10
Dodge County Public SchoolsSeptember 8th?YesYesAugust 12th???????????8/10
Dooly County Public SchoolsAugust 19th?N0, see column QSee column QN/AThis schedule will be for the first 9 weeks??YesYes, county will pay for wifi rangersYesYesYesYesYesDooly county will only offer in person learning for Pre-2nd. The school day will be from 8am - 12pm. Wednesdays will be at home learning day. 3rd-12th will be fully virtual. 8/10
Dougherty County Public SchoolsStaggered start by grade:
HS: 8/17
MS: 8/24
PK-5: 8/31
?NoThe district will start fully virtualAugust 3rdYes, students can change after 9 weeks.???NoYes?????8/10
Douglas County Public SchoolsAugust 17?NoThe district will start fully virtualN/AN/A????NoNoYes??Yes8/10
Early County Public SchoolsSeptember 8th?No, Hybrid ModelYes????Limited #?Only, middle school and high school??YesYes?
Echols County Public Schools August 21st?YesYesJuly 21stYes, semester long??NoNoNo, hats with shield are ok?????8/10
Effingham County Public SchoolsAugust 5th?YesYesJuly 15thYes, 9 weeks for K-5th and semester long for 6th - 12th??Limited #Limited #No?Yes, but limitedNo, District is working to develop standards for virtual learningYesYes8/10
Elbert County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?YesYesJuly 20thYes, 9 weeks for K-5th and semester long for 6th - 12th?Yes?NoNo??YesYesNo8/10
Emmanuel County Public SchoolsAugust 3rd?YesYesJuly 31st???????????8/11
Evans County Public SchoolsAugust 24th?YesYesJuly 23rd???????????8/11
Fannin County Public SchoolsAugust 7th?YesYesJuly 20thYes, semester or year long??YesYesNo?YesYesYes?8/10
Fayette County Public SchoolsAugust 10th?Yes YesJuly 12thYes, semester long ?YesYesNoYesYesYesYesYes, Attendance will be based on course engagement and completed assignments.No, educators will support students (only K-5 will have live instruction)8/10
Franklin County Public Schools August 7th?YesYesJuly 19thYes, semester long???No??YesYesYesYes8/10
Floyd County Public SchoolsAugust 13th?YesYesJuly 21stNo, district will provide a 10 day window for parents to change options??????????8/10
Forsyth County Public SchoolsAugust 13th?Yes YesK-5th is July 10th and 6-12th is July 31stYes, 9 weeks for elementary and semester for middle and high school??Limited #MaybeNo?YesYesYesYes"Out of an estimated 22,000 elementary students, 7,500 or 34% have chosen to learn online from home for the first nine-weeks of 2020-21."8/10
Fulton County Public SchoolsAugust 17thSept 8thNoThe district will start fully virtualN/AN/A?YesYesYes. Limited numberNoYesNo??Yes7/16 - Fulton BOE has moved to a virtual education to begin the school year.
Grady County Public SchoolsAugust 7th?YesYes?Semester long??No, district has ordered onesNo??YesYesYes?
Greene County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?No, see column QYesJuly 22ndN/A??Yes???????Greene County have K-3rd students in person learning with a rotating calendar. 4th-12th will be at home learning with some small group learning. 8/10
Gilmer County Public Schools August 7th ?YesYesJuly 17thYes, 9 weeks ??YesNoNo????No8/10
Glynn County Public SchoolsAugust 20th?YesYesJuly 12thYes, 9 weeks for elementary and middle and semester for high school?YesLimited #MaybeNoYesYes??Yes8/10
Gordon County Public SchoolsAugust 12th?YesYesJuly 12thYes, 9 weeks???NoNoNoNoYesYes?8/10
Griffin-Spaulding County Public Schools
August 17th?YesYesJuly 17thYes, 9 week commitment????Yes?????7/22 update: Rescinds Late Start Date; Approves District-wide Remote At-Home for 2020-2021 School Year8/10
Gwinnett County Public SchoolsAugust 12thMultiple dates, see column QNoThe district will start fully virtualN?AN/A??Limited #Maybe
??YesYesYesDistrict will begin the year fully digital and will have a staggered return for those seeking in-person options from 8/26-9/9. 8/7
Habersham County Public SchoolsSeptember 8th?YesYesYes, Semester Long??Limited #NoNo??YesYes?
Hall County Public SchoolsAugust 24th?YesYesAugust 28thAfter the 21st, it will be a semester long commitment????TBD - See column Q?????
"All of our team members will be required to wear face coverings while working with students and staff. At a minimum, students will be strongly encouraged to wear face coverings. We have not reached a final determination as to whether we will mandate face coverings for students."
Hancock County Public SchoolsAugust 3rd?NoDistrict will be all virtual until October 5thn/an/a??YesLimited #?Yes????Re-opening plan8/10
Haralson County Public Schools August 11th?Yes?????Yes???????8/11
Harris County Public SchoolsAugust 10th?YesYesClosed 7/27Yes - K-8th 9 weeks and 9th-12 semester long??YesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes, Please see column QGrades 9-12 have two virtual options. One is with Harris County educators and other via GVS. 8/10
Hart County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?YesYesClosed July 30thYes, semester long??YesNoNoYes?YesYesYes8/10
Heard County Public Schools8/5 - in person,
8/10 - virtual
?YesYesClosed July 22ndYes, 9 weeks??YesNoNo????No7/30
Henry County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?NoThe district will start fully virtualn/an/aYes?Yes?No?YesYesYesYes8/10
Houston County Public SchoolsAugust 4th?YesYesJuly 12thYes, 9 weeks for elementary and middle and semester for high school?YesNo, district offers discount to purchaseNoNoYesNoYesYesYes8/10
Irwin County Public SchoolsAugust 10th?YesYesJuly 20thYes, semester long??Limited #NoYes?????8/11
Jasper County Public SchoolsAugust 26th?YesYesJuly 31stYes, 9 weeks for K-5 and Semester for 6th-12th?YesYesLimited #???YesYes?8/10
Jeff Davis County Public SchoolsAugust 20th?YesYesJuly 23rdYes, semester long??YesNoNoYesNoYesYesYes8/10
Jefferson City Public SchoolsJuly 31st ?YesYesK-5 must sommit for the full 9-week quarter. Grades 6-12 must commit for the full 18-week semester????No?????8/10
Jenkins County Public SchoolsAugust 24th?YesYesJuly 28th???????????8/10
Jackson County Public SchoolsAugust 12th?YesYesJuly 19thYes, semester long??YesNoNo?YesYesYesYes8/10
Johnson County Public SchoolsSeptember 8th?YesYesAugust 3rdNo, see column q????NoNoYesYesYesNo, educators will supportRe: switching learning options - "We encourage students to stay in the first model that they choose. We will do what is best for the student."8/10
Jones County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?YesNo, must apply and be accepted to Jones Virtual AcademyAugust 5th???NoNoNo?YesYesYesYes8/10
Lanier County Public SchoolsAugust 24th?YesYesAugust 4thYes, 9 weeks for K-5 and Semester for 6th-12th??Yes?No???YesYes8/11
Lamar County Public SchoolsAugust 17th?YesYesJuly 31stYes, 9 weeks??NoNoYes??YesYes?Wednesday's the district will close 2 hours earlier. 8/10
Laurens County Public SchoolsSeptember 8th?YesYesJuly 31stYes, K-8th is 9 weeks and 9th-12th is semester longSee column Q?NoNoNo??YesYes?The district is going to do an academic screener when parents come to pick up materials for virtual learning. 8/10
Lee County Public SchoolsAugust 14th?YesYes, see column Q for additional detailsJuly 15thYes, 9 weeks for elementary and semester for middle and high school??Limited #No??YesYesYes?"The expectations and rigor for virtual learning will be the same as in-person learning, and virtual students should plan to have full school days Monday-Friday. Families who choose virtual learning will follow district grading, participation, and engagement expectations. Families will need to make a significant commitment to facilitate virtual learning. "8/10
Liberty County Public SchoolsAugust 13th?NoThe district will be fully virtual????Yes?NoYes, but parents will have to payYes??Yes8/10