Librarium Battlers Master List !
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NameGeneric NameRankElementAboutGraphicMain Site
AiriWind Maiden2WindLike the wind itself, Airi irradiates an aura of serenity which can easily become a force of destruction once her tranquility has been shattered.
AlfadrielHoly Titan3HolyAlfadriel, Gaia's Gatekeeper. It is said his sword can cut reality itself, and should he need to,he can emit light blinding and searing enough to judge everything on earth.
AquosWater Titan3AquaAquos's power is such that he could flood the entire planet should he desire to do so. The existence of oceans and as a byproduct, the support of life, is attributed to him.
ArmanColossal Piranha 2AquaArman's skin is extremely durable, and is known to be able to use his bones as sharp blades while hunting!
ArmesColossal Piranha 2AquaArmes doesn't actually use her eyes for navigation! Her speed is clocked 3 times faster than Arman and Armon.
This Database is now only kept for anyone still interested in reading the lore bits from older Librarium releases! All future updates and the new database + tracker can be foudn in the link above!
ArmonColossal Piranha 2AquaArmon is the most common Colossal Piranha found in the Excyan sea! also known as the fanged hunter due to its agressive nature!
AtroxVoid Gargoyle2DarkA creature which inhabits the dark realm. When they drift into the human world they're nothing but trouble! With high resistance for magic, extreme brute force, and command over absurd level magecraft, facing a void Gargoyle head on requires an experienced party!
AuvicBat1NeutralA bat capable of exceeding the speed of sound!*Please Remember to read our Terms of use!
BeatrixAngel Knight2HolyA righteous demi-Angel who, given her background, feels like the only one who can truly exercise judgement upon evil amongst humans. Beware of her sense of absolute Justice! to the Librarium Battlers master list! In here you will always find the most up to date links and currently available Librarium battlers! Enjoy and have fun! -Ækashics
BelfraskBehemoth2EarthA gargantuan creature whose sheer strength is only matched by its speed. Belfrask is known to walk right through mountains once enraged.
BlazicFire BatBlazic's scorching aura keeps the air hot wherever he flies!
Bloodshot BeefMinotaur Knight2NeutralThough given up the ways of the axe, this version of beef is as formidable as ever.
CatermothInsect Hybrid2EarthA dangerous insect which inhabits certain forests and meadows. It spits an extremely dangerous acid.
ChimeraChimera2BlazeAgressive, dangerous and capable of using three magic types at once! Parties encountering a chimera should exercise extreme care.
Count DrakosHumanoid vampire2DarkA cruel and sadistic vampire lord. He takes extreme amusement in crushing parties with little to no effort, but when the situation calls for it, he still has a hidden trump card up his sleeve...
CrystalumGolem3A mineral based Golem who can crush diamond with no effort.
Dark Slime IDark Slime1DarkA dark slime commonly seen in the dark realm.
Dark Slime IIDark Slime2DarkThe next phase in the Dark Slime's evolution process.
Dark Slime IIIDark Slime3DarkThe final phase in the Dark Slime's evolution process. it irradiates an aura of corruption and doom.
DarkluffDark Critter1DarkA cute critter commonly seen in the Dark realm. They escape into different realms to devour dreams and nightmares.
DebonsSkeleton Knight2Darkthe enchanted skeletal remains of a once proud warrior. Debons still seeks the mightiest of sword masters to clash against.
DemeresIce Titan3FrostDemeres' power is such that she could unleash an ice age upon the planet. It is said her ice is perpetual and not even Alfadriel's sword can cut through it with ease.
DestrandCursed Sword2DarkA ghost who wields a cursed blade. It is said wounds inflicted by it will never heal.
DorianDark Mask1DarkA dimensional drifter whose nature is simply unknown.
DrakenvampDemon Vampire3DarkThe true form of Count Drakos. He despises it due to its grotesque nature, but his power is unleashed completely.
DrillerDrill1NeutralAnother result of magic experimentation over at the Alsteir magic academy. Drillers quickly became a staple Synthetics in construction work and the like.
DynamoThunder Titan3ElectroAcknowledged to be the strongest amongst the Elemental Titans. Dynamos control over electricity is such that he can play with matter construction and deconstruction, essentially being capable of acomplishing feats which can only be described as magical/miraculous. Of course, creating a perpetual thunder storm to cull the planet from life is a trivial feat.
Earth Slime IEarth Slime1EarthA slime commonly seen in mountains and rocky areas.
Earth Slime IIEarth Slime2Earththe next phase in the Earth Slime's evolution process.
Earth Slime IIIEarth Slime3EarthThe final phase in the Earth Slime's evolution process.
ErabosVoidoll1DarkA dimensional flat being who is actually peaceful unless disturbed. Erabos literally can erase whatever it grips.
ErebiaVoidoll2DarkA dimensional flat being who is actually peaceful unless disturbed. Erebia attacks the target's mind directly.
ErebusVoidoll3DarkA dimensional flat being who is actually peaceful unless disturbed. Erebus is known to harden to the point of becoming stronger than diamond.
ExcelsiosDark Lord3DarkThe result of the archmage Excelius merging with the dark dragon lord Draxan. The destructive power of their magic combined knows no boundaries.
FangrotVampiric Carrot1NeutralAn enchanted vegetable who developed vampire-like attributes. Feeds on goats and cattle, making him a headache for farmers and the like. Yes.
FatoadFrog1NeutralAn extremely heavy frog which baffles scientists and researchers. The extremely potent toxin coating his skin makes research even more complicated.
FeteroCockatrice2FireA ferocious carnivore beast who inhabits mountains. Fetero's gaze is usually enough to kill its target, but his diamond sharp fangs can finish the job should it come to that.
FiliaFairy1EarthA playful fairy who inhabits a hidden section in a certain forest. Her innocent nature makes her extremely curious of human civilization.
Fire Eldritch Slime I
Eldritch Fire Slime1BlazeA scorching slime who is known to attack the mind rather than the body.
Fire Eldritch Slime II
Eldritch Fire Slime2BlazeThe next stage in the Eldritch Fire Slime's evolution process.
Fire Eldritch Slime III
Eldritch Fire Slime3BlazePerhaps the most distinctive out of all slimes, this creature's look is said to have driven many to madness.
Fire Slime IFire Slime 1BlazeA fire slime commonly seen inside or near volcanos.
Fire Slime IIFire Slime 2BlazeThe next stage in the fire Slime's evolution process
Fire Slime IIIFire Slime 3BlazeThe final stage in the fire Slime's evolution process.
FirenFire Imp2BlazeA vengeful fire imp. Was once considered as *the* Fire spirit, until her violent nature made her unfit for the role, making her fall out of Gaia's grace. Now she goes around the world causing fires and burning down as much as she can. Getting back at Gaia is her sole purpose now.
FloraEarth Maiden2EarthThe earth Maiden responsible for the spring cycle. Out of all other elemental spirits, Flora has the most special link with Gaia.
FravicFrost Bat1FrostFravics commonly inhabit the north. He uses his sharp extremities as means of attacking.
GalphaKnuckle Ghost2DarkAn agressive ghost found hauting a certain castle. It uses a knuckle enhanced by alchemy which allows him to explode targets. Also found in said castle.
GarlandAssasin2NeutralAn assasin hailing from the Sarian desserts. Once belonged to an organization people don't normally hear about. His defection from it effectively turned him into a target from former allies, thus he is always drifting through the world.
GarrintanMage2BlazeA hot headed apprentice mage at the Alsteir magic academy. His great potential and talent makes him feel like he has a lot to prove, but he also has still a lot left to learn!
Ghastmallow1DarkA distinctive type of slime found in the Dark Realm. The fire engulfing it is much hotter than that of the Fire Slime.
GhostusGhost1DarkA pretty harmless ghost whose actual look is unknown. It relies on using other objets to become visible for others.
GibsonGunblin 2NeutralThe youngest among the Gunblin brothers. Tends to underestimate both situations and opponents, but usually listens to his older brothers.
GoliathAxe Ghost2DarkAn agressive ghost haunting the same place as Galpha and Destrand. And like them, he also wields dangerous weapons found in there. There certainly is a reason behind that place locking up such distinctive weapons...
GrifosGargoyle2NeutralAn enchanted stone gargoyle sentry used for security within the Alsteir magic academy.This synthetic is modeled after a certain demon from the dark world.
Holy Slime IHoly Slime1HolyThis slime is considered a rumor, but others claim to have seen it near regions where "true miracles" have ocurred.
Holy Slime IIHoly Slime2HolyThe next stage in the Holy Slime's evolution process.
Holy Slime IIIHoly Slime3HolyThe final stage in the Holt Slime's evolution process.
HornetteWasp1NeutralLet's just say you don't want to walk into a hive with these.
HorntleHorned turtle1AquaHorntles are high speed and durable swimmers which can hunt down even sharks thanks to their diamond sharp horn.
Ice Eldritch Slime I
Ice Eldritch Slime1DarkA slime found in the Dark World. The blazing aura it emits is actually extremely cold, effectively freezing even the path it roams.
Ice Eldritch Slime III
Ice Eldritch Slime2DarkThe next stage in the Eldritch Ice Slime's evolution process.
Ice Eldritch Slime III
Ice Eldritch Slime3DarkThe final stage in the eldritch Ice Slime's evolution process.
Ice Slime IIce Slime1FrostIce slimes commonly inhabit the northern and southern poles, but can usually be seen anywhere where there is snow and ice at play. Their temperature is extremely low thus they are considered dangerous.
Ice Slime IIIce Slime2FrostThe next phase in the Ice Slime's evolution process. It is known to use ice proyectiles as means of attack.
Ice Slime IIIIce Slime3FrostThe final phase in the Ice Slime's evolution process.
IgnisBlaze Titan3BlazeGaiga's fiercest warrior, who commands over heat and fire. He carries a sword which has a very specific, yet unknown purpose.It is said his flames can burn hotter than the sun.
IlnoctDark Titan3DarkA rarity amongst the agents of Gaia, the elemental titans. Originally an invader from the dark world, Gaia imprisoned him on earth and bent him to her will, essentially turning him into one of her own. His darkness could engulf and erase everything.
Imperial WidowGiant Spider2NeutralA gigantic black widow which is usually an Apex predator wherever it roams. There can only exist one per region and are known to cannibalize competitors.Her legs hit hard like hammers, her sharp teeth can crush through bone and it can leap aburd amounts of distance.
InferniDemon Hound3DarkA demonic hound found in the Dark Realm. The inferni can generate heat equal to temperatures found in lava.
JacksonGunblin 2NeutralThe oldest amongst the Gunblin brothers. Jackson's approach to all battles is strategical and methodical, tending to keep a cool headed even in the most dire of situations. He also happens to be a brilliant inventor.
KawabunFluff Critter1NeutralKawabun is best! ❤
LariattSuccubbus1DarkA playful and mischievous succubus and also the youngest of three sisters. Rather spoiled but good natured. Somehow.
LickitoadToad A1AquaUnlike other frogs, Lickitoad is not poisonous. His tongue however hits with such strength that it can fatally harm humans by crushing inner organs and bones
MabonSkeleton Mage2DarkThe enchanted skeletal remains of a necromancer. Even in death Mabon still commands powerful magic.
MadpillPill1NeutralWhat happens when a bored student tries some magic on random objects? Madpills, apparently.
MadsuleCapsule1NeutralYeah he was really bored.
MartzWerebeast2NeutralAn artificial abomination brough to life by an unscrupulos alchemist. Martz is the hybrid of a man, bear and a wolf. Whatever little sanity he kept after surviving the transformation is long gone.
MedibrosAspirin1NeutralAn enchanted aspirin, result of peculiar experiment in the Alsteir academy. All three of them have different personalities!
MeremEldritch Octopus2DarkA creature from the Dark Realm which can be considered as somehwat of a duke, if one were to try to compare it to human power structures. For Merem all life forms leeching off Gaia to survive are inferior.
MiMicMimic1NeutralCreeping darkness which found a profitable strat in waiting inside objects to feed off unfortunate travelers.
MobunFluff Critter1EarthA forest creature who usually only wakes up to eat apples.
MothyMoth1WindA colossal moth which inhabits the woods. Many adventurers have fallen to her sting.
NanjoCarrot1EarthAnother enchanted vegetable who developed vampire-like attributes.Usually attacks along Fangrots. They seem to have a brotherly bond.
NihiloDeath3DarkOne of Gaia's agents. Him in particular reaping souls when their time is due. His scythe can cut physically and spiritually. It is said he carries a book of finite pages with the birth and death of all past,curret and future beings.
NovusGod???HolyThe ultimate one. Behind all creation there is a reason. With the mere wave of his hand, eldritch or heavenly destruction is unleashed. But perhaps even one like him, is not at the top of the chain.
NoxluffFluff Critter1NeutralA noxious critter which emits a peculiar gas with a sweet scented smell.
OctiOctopus1AquaAn aquatic creature with a distinctive feather like horn adorning his forehead. Octis are usually peaceful and only feed off smaller fishes.
OculusCyclops1DarkA common creature in the dark world. Oculus are naturally strong creatures which usually live, hunt and attack in large numbers. It is believed they are the executive arm of Velz, who act as leaders in their colonies. Should sheer strength not be enough, Oculus can output an extremely power heat blast from his eye.
OrkgreOgre/Orc?3NeutralNobody can agree wether Orkgre is an Ork or an Ogre. What they can all agree on is how it is a terrible idea to go near him though.
PiranosPiranha1NeutralA small yet dangerous fish commonly found in swamps or low depth shores. A common dish in some regions too!
ReptielImp2DarkA common imp from the dark realm. He often teams up with Lariatt, usually up to no good.
RevelatorMist1NeutralBelieved to be directly related to Dorians, revelators are hard to spot, making them even more of a mystery.
RigelWerewolf3NeutralRigel's ferocity and speed are a dangerous mix for any adventurer! His power is at its peak during full moon nights.
ScarbearBear2EarthA ferocious bear who can wipe out unprepared parties.
SchecterGunblin 2NeutralOlder than Gibson, but younger than Jackson. Schecter is perhaps the laziest out of the trio. He loves trying out whatever gadgets Jackson comes up with though.
SerpensAnaconda2NeutralAn extremely dangerous Anaconda commonly found in forests and hot regions. Serpens can easily crush even rock, both with her body and biting force!
ShadinGhost1NeutralA dark spirit who loves feeding off all sorts of emotions by hanting places. Rather harmless otherwise and known to even befriend humans who aren't easily scared by him.
ShroomyMushroom1EarthA wandering mushroom who took a liking to human culture. Specifically gambling.