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N01Are the notices of public procurement calls available on the City Hall´s website? (the item procured, deadline, bidding conditions) YesAll public procurement calls of the Dutch governement are available on the external portal TenderNed: A reference to TenderNed is made on the City Hall's website under purchasing and tendering.YesThe information is very detailed and available at a special section dedicated to public procurement. At the link provided lists of planned, current and expired tenders are available; then by clicking at an item the user can access all documents regarding a specific procedure. Some of the documents however are published as scanned non-machine readable PDFs.
YesThe info is complexed and detailed. It includes all steps of a tender, including anouncement, with details included, bidding procedures and a final report on the contest. YesThis information is not available on the City Council web-site. There is however, a link on the home/main page on the left side of the City Hall web-site shown as “E-public procurements” which when accessed directs the searcher of this information to the web-site of the Bureau for Public Procurement on the following link: of public procurement calls are available on the City Hall's website: --- The tender documentation is published on the City Hall's website, hyperlinks to the central procurement registry (CPR) are generally included, but some are not working. (e.g. HERE, HERE and HERE). --- Screenshots: MOL indicator 1 SS1, MOL indicator 1 SS2, MOL indicator 1 SS3YesAll suppliers wishing to bid should be registered on the ARMEPS system. This system provides a secure method of completing and submitting bids electronically. See: Public procurement calls are also available on the official site of the Procurement System of the Republic of Armenia. See: ---; --- see for example Partially
Yes ---, tender announcements are available with the required level of detail at

Notices about public procurement calls are available on the City Hall's (later on - Municipality) website.

More detailed description about the calls are available in the Central Procurement Portal - there is link on the Municipaliy's website to it.
YesThe site includes all relevant information such as the item procured, the deadline, the bidding conditions:
An example of a notice of public procurement call can be found here:
The city hall’s website provides clear information about the different possibilities tenderers have to apply to public procurement calls. There is a link to the national information system for public procurement in Switzerland, where a separate page for the capital city of Bern can be found.
Regardless of actual procurement calls, companies have the possibility to inform the Agency of Public Procurement (“Fachstelle Beschaffungswesen”) about their products or services and therefore, they can recommend themselves for future contracts by being recorded in a register for tenderers.
YesLondon uses Transport for London, which manages all its procurements. From the general link it is possible to access contract opportunities via link here and here .YesThrough website it is possible to access ETENDERS website where Dublin procuremenets can be found list of public procurements which include files with all the details required. YesFully available on the regional ( or national register ( You can access the regional register through the city website.YesLisbon municipality website has a public procurement page, linking to the national public procurement website:
Item procured, deadline, bidding conditions are on the website, but the detailed bidding documents can be accessed online only if you are a company and register (for free) in the e-procurement systme TendSign used for most procurements ( is a link to the national PP registry. Finding it wasn't the easiest but you can definitely do it. There are also references to procurement regulations, oversight, etc. Only one of the suborganizations of Tallinn (the education department) has a procurement plan.
N02Are the results of the City Hall's public procurements in 2018 available to the public? (the name of winner, price, date, the item procured)Can the public check who won the tenders and where is how much money going?NoThe results of the City Hall's public procurements are only available to Dutch companies in TenderNed (you need to login) and not to the public.YesAll PP contracts are publicly available at the procurement section. The full texts of the contracts are usually provided as scanned non-machine readable PDFs. results of the public procurement in 2018 are available to the public. They are included in quarterly reports available on the web page and include the name of winner, price, date, the item procured. Yes It is available on the web-site for public procurements. Assigned contracts of previous public procurement calls are available, as well as pdf documents referring to the contracts, the number of the contract notice, the contracting authority, the type of public contract, type of procedure, contractor, the date of the contract, the estimated value excluding VAT, value of the contract, and the publication date. results of the City Hall's public procurements in 2018 are available to the public through the central procurement registry. ---
Links are included on the City Hall's website, but same hyperlinks to the CPR website are missing (e.g. here, here and here) or hyperlinks are not working (e.g. here, here and here)
--- Screenshots: MOL indicator 2 SS1, MOL indicator 2 SS1 edit, MOL indicator 2 SS2, MOL indicator 2 SS2 edit, MOL indicator 2 SS3, MOL indicator 2 SS3 edit, MOL indicator 2 SS4, MOL indicator 2 SS5, MOL indicator 2 SS6, MOL indicator 2 SS7, MOL indicator 2 SS8, MOL indicator 2 SS9
Yesavailable on the website, or links to national procurement portal --- The information generally includes participants' applications, records of the evaluation committee, the protocol of the
procurement procedure, the contract,
acceptance act, and invoices, including also the name of winner, price, date, the item procured. The information on contracts can also be found at, though not all of them are available. Monthly, procurement activity references are also published in the site. ---; see, for example:
NoOnly available only through the TendSign e-system to registered tenderers for each particular tender (but available to anybody physically)NoYes

Additionally: The Capital publishes the Notification of Contract signing (
NoNo, results on procurements for 2018 are not avialble to the public on the website of the city of Vienna or thorugh any other platform in Austria. Contract awards from EU-wide tenders are available at the EU Commissions Tenders Electronic Daily platform).
The release of some bsic data on awareded procurement contracts above 50.000 Euro only started in March 2019, in line with provisions of the Federal Procurement Act 2018. They are available here:
These details include the name of the winner, the value of the contract, the date of the contract award and a description of the procurement (CPV Code, a few words of description).
Yes some cases there is the number to track the procurement to the public platforms like … or -- And as the minutes of the City Council sessions are available, the decisions taken about the calls, are in this context, available. -- For sure, the site is not familiar and the steps are not clear for just any citizen. Needs patience and time to search, but the information, one way of another, is there. -- I would suggest, that you should at least put it partial (if not YES), but definitely, not NO, to the indicators table. Yes, it is necessary to go to each specific office or areaYes ---
The Agency of Public Procurement (“Fachstelle Beschaffungswesen”) publishes quarterly a statistic on the results of the public procurements exceeding 100’000 CHF, providing information about name of the winner, date, price and the item.
The website of the national information system for public procurement in Switzerland, mentioned above (see question 01), provides more detailed information about the results, such as the criteria for the acceptance of a tender and their weighting in the decision-making.
NoLondon uses Transport for London, which manages all its procurements. From the general link it is possible to access contract opportunities via link here However, there is no link to results of procurements in 2018 and the website is generally difficult to understand. NoWebsite does not have such information.PartiallyPart of the results (not fully) are published on a periodical report of the procurement committee protocols. (available on the website, or links to national procurement portal). --- Fully available on the regional ( or national register ( You can access the regional register through the city website.YesThe public procurement portal links to the national procurement database’s results on Lisbon municipality:
available on the website, or links to national procurement portal. Link to the national registry.
N03Is the 2018 budget available on the City Hall´s website? Where is city getting money from and how is it spending?Yes budget information is very thorough, but quite technical and not easy-to-understand by average citizens; even the "Explanatory note for the budget implementation" - does not provide for friendly-to-use data. The expence data is published by sector only (Education, Social, Security, etc.). Total amonuts for salaries of the administration and the councillors are also provided. Some documents are uploaded as scanned PDFs. budget for 2018 is available in a PDF format as it was adopted by local concil. It includes all details according to busget classification. But the format is not readable for non-proffesionals.
We tried to look up for budget plan and did not succeed in less then 5 minutes. Only via google an average person can find the budget in less then 5 minutes. If you open, then you have to choose "Pašvaldība" (Municipality), then you are guided to sub-domain, where you have to press "Pašvaldība" (municipality) and then find for "Budžets" (budget). --> this link guides to budget 2018. There is a budget plan and 7 appendixes. Only advanced people can operate with the provided information and for the average user this data is not user-friendly but technical indeed.
YesThe 2018 budget for the city of Skopje is available on the City Hall’s website, as well as a quarterly report for budget expenditure for the city of Skopje for the period of 01.01.2018 – 31.03.2018. The budget is uploaded on the web-site as a pdf file, and can be downloaded. It is composed of information referring to budget expenditure for the previous two years and for the budget plan for 2018. The budget is consisted of tables with detailed expenditure information referring to departments and subdepartments with the Department for Planning and Construction is the one with the biggest budget allocation.
The content related to budget information is rather technical, with a lot of numbers, not really friendly-to-understand for the average person.АD%20SKOPJE%202018%20%20MK%20za%20web.pdf
NoThe 2017 budget is available but not 2018.YesThe 2018 budget (with the updates published separately) is available on City Hall's website. ---
Other budgets 2001 – 2019 are published as well.
The document with the budget is in PDF format, downloadable for everyone and does not include copyright or other mechanism of control disclaimers. The document consists of 472 pages and is divided into multiple sections (decree, general provisions, special provisions, development program plan, appendix). No budget app for easy viewing. The budget document is quite technical.
--- Screenshots: MOL indicator 3 SS1, MOL indicator 3 SS2, MOL indicator 3 SS3
PartiallyThere is an interactive budget page and summary bulletin for easy viewing? The main budget has technical issues with fonts. Most parts are not readable in PDF format. The budget has both friendly-to-understand and rather technical versions. Given, that the main budget is not readable (fonts are not in unicode format and show a bunch of not understandable symbols) reduce the rating. ---;; --- The main technical budget is not readable (fonts are not in unicode format and show a bunch of not understandable symbols), so the rating should be reduced. However, the there is a readable summary for approved budget in Armenian ( and the Interactive Budget shows both the approved budget for the year and the budget execution (how much money was actually spent) when we drag the cursor on a certain field. ( Yes xls and pdf formatYesYes. The City of Vienna's 2018 approved budget is avialable at
The budget files for the major policy areas, implemented by different departments, are avialble at
The information is avialble at the department level (there are 57 departments in the city administration), and for each department, key sources of income and expenses are provided. See, for example:


However, the budget is not in open data format.
YesAnd as the minutes of the City Council sessions are available, the decisions taken about the calls, are in this context, available.The budget is published as open data in the webite.
There is a budget app for easy viewing which is, however, neither very friendly to understand nor very technical. There is also the budget for each unit seperately.
Yes YesYes

The 2018 budget of the city is available as pdf on the website and is easy to find. The budget is understandable and shows in a clear and comprehensive way – in accordance to the principles of New Public Management – the details of the total spending by dividing them in so called “product groups”. The division in product groups allows a representation of every task and investment, furthermore the financing source is given and secondary explanations are provided.

YesThe budget can be accessed on this webpage below The .pdf is clearly structured and accessible.YesPage includes many detailed information and financial statements for last 10 years applicaion for easy viewing, a report for budget explanation is attached to page. on a dedicated website that cover the main City budget + neighborhood budget ( + in open data on the opendata portal ( The data remain techncal, but here is plenty of material such as video tutorial and reading guidelines in PDF to make data friendly-to-understand (example : video on this page on the City's main website : YesThe budget for the current year, as well as the multy-year budget and investment plans for 2018-2021, including any updates and alterations to these documents, are posted on the municipal website:
Available both as open datasets and complete budget documentsThe budget file is in pdf but if you open another link that compares this and the previous year's budgets, the same information is in xls format. Easy to understand. All renewals of budgets are published as well., not opendata
N04Is the final budget report (budget execution) for 2017 available on the City Hall´s website? How does the plan of the budget compare with reality for 2017?Yes as above - lots of information published in separate documents and rather hard to understand. There is no document providing analysis of the budget execution so that to evaluate why there are discrepancies between the plan and the execution - no reasons, no explanation, no sufficient data to make own conclusions. A good practice is that in the tables the % of the execution compared to the planned amounts are noted. is no budget execution report for 2017 on city hall's website. The explanation is that this report was not yet discussed and not approved by the local council. Yes
Predicted income and expenditure was lower than the actual.
YesThe final budget report for 2017 is available on the City Hall’s website. The information related to the 2017 budget expenditures differs from the realistic picture of the realized projects for the city of Skopje. The numbers that are included in the report referring to plan and realization are different, and the expenditures for realization are much lower than they were planned.Квартален%20Извештај%2031.12.2017.pdfPartially final budget report for 2017 is available on the City Hall’s website ---
The document with the budget is in PDF format, downloadable for everyone and does not include copyright or other mechanism of control disclaimers. The document consists of 1048 pages and is divided into multiple sections (report on budget execution, general provisions, special provisions, development program plan execution, appendices). No budget app for easy viewing. The budget report document is rather technical. The comparison between the budget and the budget execution is available. --- Screenshots: MOL indicator 4 SS1, MOL indicator 4 SS edit
PartiallyOnly the 9-month budget is available for 2017, again with not readable fonts. The text is mostly include not understandable bunch of symbols. --- -- 2. As for the question “Is the final budget report (budget execution) for 2017 available on the City Hall´s website?” Again, maybe PARTIALLY works better here instead of NO, as again the Interactive Budget shows both the approved budget for the year and the non-detailed budget execution when we drag the cursor on a certain field ( In the annual report 2017 available as pdf to flip through and/or download, the executed budget is avialable at

This information is provided in the Financial report of 2017 (Excel document)

YesThe budget executions are available only on the website in a simple table form.
This is specifically the one for year 2017:
Yes ---, not opendata Yes

The final budget report for 2017 is available on the website as pdf presented in the same way as the budget. Budget, final expenses and differences are clearly shown and explained. An annual financial statement with detailed reports is also provided in a separate pdf.
YesDifferent budget reports and amedments can be accessed on this webpage below The .pdf is clearly structured and accessible.YesPage includes statutory audit reports last 10 years budget execution is available only for 2016, it is attached to the annual financial reports. on a dedicated website ( + in open data on the opendata portal ( Yes
Available both as open datasets and complete budget documents. I suppose, it is this document:, it is available but it is publsihed within the financial report of 2017, in a pdf format. It is explained there though that the systems for accounting and budgeting are different (former, based on expenses and consolidated transactions, latter, based on a legal document).
N05Does the City Hall publish its contracts on its website?Contracting on a transaction level, including full contract text (not only procurement, but sales, grants, etc, too!)NoPartiallyAll contracts, including full texts and info regarding execution signed within procurement procedures are published (available since 2013). Contracts' texts related to other deals, i.g. with municipal property, are not published; a register of these is however available. The register provides data since 2008. For 2018 the data includes deals up to September 2018. Procurement contracts:; Register of the deals with municipal property: Auctions and tenders have been announced but no further information is provided.

Municipality owned movables alienation without further outcome and agreements.

Most of procurement final agreements are published, but there can be found also without.
NoContracts are not available on the City Hall’s website. There is no information on contracts that the City Hall has concluded regarding public procurement, telecommunication or internet services, or other contracts that involve financial transactions etc. The only available documents are city strategies, budget plans, and annual accounts. There is however information regarding international projects that the City Hall has conducted in the past, and current on-going international projects, description of the project and its objectives, although the information depicted is plain and does not provide much insight about what is specifically being done, no contracts nor other documentation regarding these projects is available either. City Hall does not publish its contracts on its website. The public procurement contracts are published on the national central procurement registry. Other contracts are not published. --- The notices on for public procurement calls, public auction call, public announcement and appeal calls, public tenders and competitions calls, calls for offers on sale/lease of real estate, urban planning competition calls and job opening calls are published. PartiallyProcurement contracts are published, but no sales and grants contracts are published in the minicipality website. --- plans for the current year are posted at the beginning of the year. Ongoing contracts are also included in the list, but not always with amounts. Information on contracts actually awarded are not posted. No actual contracts at all are published.NoPartiallyThe contracts: it’s possible to find contracts, but depending of the kind of contract the lists are non-exhaustive enumeration. For example the list of publication about allocated public contracts has a lower limit 15.000€, the contracts between the church and Berlin are listed here: From the information provided on the City Hall’s website I would infer that the contracts are partially published. Yes

Also the Capital has a digital platform for open contracts (Kontratat e Hapura: where you can access all data pertaining to public contracts thought out the entire cycle.
NoNo, Vienna does not publish any contracts on its website (privatizations, procurement, subsidies, licenses, etc.). The city also refuses to make them available upon request. There may be a few, very rare exceptions, when contracts are published. The only one found was the so-called Heumarkt development project, a highly controversial project that threatens Vienna's UNESCO world heritage status:, Yes
There is a link provided on the Municipality's website to the Central procurement portal where full public procurement contracts are available. The other contracts are not published on the website.
NoThe relevant information cannot be found. Yes - sales of the state property; - sale of the state propertyYes contracts are not published on the website. (Answer from City Hall: "the city's contracts with third parties are not publicly accessible on the website. This would not be permitted for data protection reasons. If you wish to inspect a specific contract, you must submit a written request to the administration"YesContracts over £5,000 are available here: and expenditures over £250 are available here: above 10,000 € for ICT and over 25,000 € for other contracts , there is just a brief overview, particular texts cannot be found.NoPartiallyGrants and subsidies are all available on the City's opendata portal. Public procurement are only available above 20k€. Procurement worth less than 20k€ are probably available upon request but this would need extra-checking to be 100% sure.PartiallyProcurement contracts for public works, goods or services (with the full text of the contract) are covered in indicator N02. Elsewhere on the website, there are mentions of subsidies or grants issued to other institutions, but without the full contracts or deliberations being published.YesSince 2018, this City Hall information is included on the Public Sector Procurement Platform, which has a national scope ( This can be considered as progress, but the information is more limited than the published previously on the City Hall website.
Main info can found via the official document registry where all contracts are published (if sensitive, the actual text is hidden but the outline is there). On a separate site, grants and real estate sales, among other transactions, are published with details (have to go to the document registry to find the contract).
N06BONUS: Did the city hall provide on request contracts for its current supplier of telecom and internet services? (see the wording below - GI7)How open is the city in providing a full contract to a citizen on demand?PartiallyThe City Hall granted the FOIA-request for its current supplier of telecom and internet services via mail on 26/11/2018, within one month (and within the formal period of 4 weeks) after the request was sent. The top three most expensive telecom and internet contract were sent in full text but anonymized. (PDF file was sent to Lukas)YesThe request sent on 29.10.2018 and reply received on 12.11.2018. Contract is available online at

NoAccording to our legal provision, they had 15 days to answer – and they did not.NoAnswer: "In order to provide Internet and telecommunication services to Riga Municipality institutions, public procurements have been made and information about them, including your requested, is publicly available on the Riga Municipality portal:"
So basically each institution is launching tender and procuring separately. However, the question was specifically about the Riga Council, therefor this cannot be considered as friendly response. The respondant just forwarded a link, where we were not able to find that agreement within less than 5 min.
--- We sent the request on November 8 and received the answer on November 22.
YesThe City Hall has provided the answers to this indicator in 6 working days. A request was sent from TI-Macedonia staff member from a private e-mail and through the post on October 31st, and the answer was received on the 8th of November. It took 6 working days for the answer to be provided from the IT Department from the City Hall. (with two pdf documents - the signed contracts for Internet/telecom services).NoThey informed us that they don't have this information. According to the Law on Freedom of Information the City was obliged to transfer the request to the competent authority. Instead of that, the City only stated that this information is not in their possession. YesThe City Hall granted the FOIA request for its current supplier of telecom and internet services within seven days form receiving the request via email. ---
Two contracts were sent. Full text, nothing seems to be missing, no sanitization of data in contracts. --- took 7 days to answer ---
Screenshots/documents: FOIA request (name of sender - mystery shopper sanitized by TI Slovenia later during scan) + City Hall reply (name of recipient – mystery shopper sanitized by TI Slovenia later during scan) + both contracts merged into single PDF ECCTR TI SI Indicator N06 Bonus FOI Request + Contracts.pdf
NoAt the time of the research we received no answer from the municipality. According to the Law on the Freedom of Information, the City hall has to answer the inquiries within 5 days, if not possible, it should inform that there may be a delay in response up to a month. None of these happened. YesInitial reply received after four days, asking for clarification about what exactly was wanted. Subsequent reply (with the requsted contracts) to my response also came after 4 days.YesPhone call from the city hall in two working days, in order to clarify what information was actually wanted. The contracts were delivered two weeks after, due to vacancies in the departement.PartiallyAnswer in 4 working days, no complete copy of the contracts but they send an excellent overview with contact details for further information. Document available. YesAnswer received in 6 days, within the 7 day timeframe defined by law. (the contract for telecon and internet services is awarded and managed for the Ministry of Public Administration. The capital provided the contracts they received from MPA)No Contracts were not provided, only the names of two companies (
Yes information (contract and supplier) can be found on the Central Procurement Portal: NoStill waiting for the response. No-- sent FOIA requests on the 13th of November - --- Usually an authority, which receives a request, registers it within three days. If the request is within its competence, it must respond within 30 days, otherwise, it redirects the request within seven days to the competent authority. It should be mentioned that authority may extend the total period of responding for 15 days reasonably due to some complications to obtain the information. Thus, the maximum response time of any authority is 40 days. ---We received the response from the IT Department of Moscow City, which refers to the Federal law “On the contact system in the procurement of goods, works, services for state and municipal needs” (№ 44-FZ, 05.04.2013). According to the law contractors of the services (works) for state needs are selected based on the results of the relevant competitive procedures. All the information including the whole text of the contracts must be publicly available on the official website as well as an information on ongoing competitive procedures and current government contracts.

In that way the Moscow City provided us with a link to the website, not specifying the link to the concrete contract nor with the date when it was signed. The full contract was found, but it took considerably longer than 5 minutes. ----- The law states that when a citizen requests the information which is publicly available in the Internet, the official could provide only a link to the website not specifying the direct link to the webpage where the contract is. This is interesting in comparison with the requested information which is published in media, then the official should specify the title, date and volume.
NoWaiting for response, request sent on 16/11/18 (the public body has maximum 30 days to answer)N/ANoRequest was sent on 30th of October. According to law, there is a deadline of 20 working days. Answer was received on 20th of December. 200 pages, 25 MB, good part of the information has been deleted. The sent information does not include the current contract.NoRequest was sent on 13th of November. According to law, there is a deadline of 30 days. I received the confirmation of receiving the request. However, the answer was not yet received.NoRequest sent on 11.11, answer received within 7 days. They said they have a big amount of contracts with telecom and internet suppliers all around the city, and in order to get it, it requires a specific contract request which can costs unusual expensive resources to find and fees for the citizen accordingly.N/ANo specific rules for telecom and internet services.NoLisbon municipality responded to the information request, but without attaching or otherwise providing the requested contracts. It only mentioned they use an e-procurement platform called AcinGov and directed me to search on it. They did not provide a link to the platform and, when searching it, only open bid procedures are listed, not existing or past contracts. The information request cannot be considered to have been answered in any satisfactory way, since the information was not provided and the suggested means to access it do not result in finding it. --- The municipality answered within the time alloted in our access to info law (10 working days). N/A
FOIA sent on November 6. Answer 1: within 24h, the head of the IT department replied that due to security and trade secrets, they cannot reveal all contracts. I replied that I do not intend to have information on their security networks, I rather want to see the price and conditions of their provider. Answer 2: (on November 9) The head answered me in person and asked what exactly I'd like to see because they centrally manage every institution. Throroughly explained what they manage and how. Wanted specifics as to not create extra work for his employees and had to consult their lawyers. Answered that I only wanted to see the City Hall building's contracts for Wifi and landline internet and phones, everything can be excluded if sensitive except for price, the length of contract and exiting conditions. Answer 3: (November 14) replied to all questions, sent me required documents and referred to relevant PPs. Comment: I think it was pretty reasonable and timely how they handled the case.Request was sent on 26th of November, response has been given the 2nd of february 2019. The contracts have not been provided. The City Hall answered, that the request must be formally treated as a request for inspection of files in accordance with the provisions of information legislation. The request has been forwarded to the responsible department. --- Berne was asking for more information to be able to open a formal procedure. The assessment (yes, no, partially) doesn’t know this category. Therefore Berne should be treated as if this bonus question wasn’t asked to the city of Berne.
Alternative: Berne should be put in orange (partially).
N07Are the names and contact details (at least either phone or the email addresses) of the City Council members published on the City Hall´s website?How can a citizen demand accountability without know to represents them?Yes list of CCMs is organised by political group, usualy coincident with the respective political party. For individual CCMs the published information includes picture, short biographical information, membership in the Council's managment or committees, and for some of them only scheduled hours dedicated to meetings with citizens - usually at the district party office/club. Directory of the City Council provides contacts with administration and Council's committees, but no contact details with Council members. list of the City Council memebers is available. It contains names and parties represented only. No contacts details available, nor phone or email addresses of Council members are provided."
NoYes. The contact details referring to phone number and e-mail address are available on the City Hall’s website. More specifically the following contact details are available on the website:
- Mayor
- Department of Taxes and Financial matters
- Public relations and Citizen’s Information
- Internal Audit
- Information of Public Character
- Officer for Personal Data Protection
- Internal Control Department
- Human Resource Management Unit
- Financial Sector and additionally contact details and names for each subdepartment unit
- Legal Department
- Department for Local Economic Development
- Department for Planning and Construction
- Department for Communal Affairs
- Department for Traffic
- Department for Education
- Department for Environmental Protection
- Department for International Cooperation
- IT Department
- Department for Mayor’s Assistance
- Department for General Affairs
As for the contact details of the City Council only the phone and fax number is available, there is no available information about contact on each Council member.

Yes names of the City Council members are published on the City Hall’s website along with the political party affiliation. They are listed within subpages for the political parties they represent (LZJ, SDS, SMC, NSi, Levica, DeSUS, SD, SLS) and independent members of City Council (Stritković, Kastelic, Jager). --- Every political party group (or “club”) and independent members of the City Council have their contact details published:
- email address of the political party group (e.g. or independent member of City Council
- email address of at least one representative of the political party group (the exception being the part SLS with no personal email addresses published and party LZJ with two representatives’ email published)
- postal address of the political party group
- telephone and fax number
No personal email addresses or other contact information are published on the subpages next to the photos of members of political party groups (e.g. the leader of the largest political party club listed here). The exception is the leader of the SDS party group, who has his personal email address published on his subpage.
NoNeither email address nor phone number of City Council members is published. However, the information is available by factions. Moreover, citizens can ask questions through the special window dedicated to inquiries. The photos, names and party identifacations of City Council members are published. The district they represent is not published. ---;; Yes

When you click on the picture with the name you get contract information, short CV and political party information
YesYes, the names of the members of the city government are published at A link leads to a profile of each member of the city government and his/her area of responsiblity. Though another link from this profile, contact information, including office phone and email, are avilable (for example, A list of the members of the Vienna regional parliament and city council (which is the same body) is avialable at The overview page leads to a profile of each member, including the phone numer and email (for example,,%20Mag.&personcd=2015111618241279&SUCHNAME=Abrahamczik%20Nina&HIST=&HP=)Yes

The names and contact details of current Council members are available.
NoOnly the names of the City Council members are published on the website as well as the political party they represent. No data for their email adress or telephone. There are contact details only for the Mayor and the Secretary General
party not mentioned for all, district not specified (not relevant)

The Council of the City of Berne is formed by 5 members, each member heads one department (departmental system; for more information about the executive system, see question N10) and each of the five departments has an own page where information about the directors is provided (email and phone, photo, short CV, party). For the City Parliament members, contact details and vested interests are published.
YesThe contacts can be accessed here after clicking on different members of City Council.YesAfter choosing one of the councillors, the page contains email and phone contact council members has phone number and email addresses, the Mayor has only phone number. city councel members can be reached by email : To reach them (or their staff) by phone, you usually need to make an appointment through the City main phone line. However, please not that there are 163 city councelors, and we can't check all individual pages.Yes, but there is an option to contact each member directly through the contact form on the website
This is probably a wrong link (TIS)They have a very thorough database for all council members and meetings - from what they have said in meetings word by word, to contact info, party, etc. Council is formed as a coalition, area they represent is not mentioned but can be found out through elections database.
N08Is the city Mayor´s working schedule (meetings calendar) published on the City Hall´s website?Who is the Mayor and Councillors meeting and dealing with? (potential lobbying meetings)PartiallyThe Mayor's working schedule is not published but the Councillers weekly agenda is: basically each institution is launching tender and procuring separately. However, the question was specifically about the Riga Council, therefore this cannot be considered as friendly response. The respondant just forwarded a link, where we were not able to find that agreement within less than 5 minNoNo. There is no available information related to the working schedule (meetings calendar) of the city Mayor on the City Hall’s website. There is only an information for citizens for meeting days for tax questions.
Yes Mayor’s working schedule is not published on the City Hall’s website.
One date scheduled for meeting with the citizens is published.
The mayor’s subpage includes links to his personal FB and Instagram profiles!
--- Screenshots: MOL indicator 8 SS1
PartiallyThere is no any meeting calendar (schedule of planned meetings for the future) in the website. However, the meetings of the Mayor are published post factum in the news section. From 13 October to November 15 the Mayor have held around 30 meetings. --- NoYes

When you scroll down the front page, at the calendar section you can find all activities for the month.

NoNo, the schedule of the mayor is not availble on the city website (
Press events of the mayor are announced through press releases on the website of the city, but the calender in the same section appears to only contain some public appearances and meetings ( and does not include any non-media meetings of the mayor.
Yes is no data about the Mayor's working schedule.
NoThere is no information on the website. NoFlavia Marzano, councillor, is the only one who publishes the open agenda: NoThe working schedule is not published on the website.NoSuch schedule is not on the website.NoPage does not include this data.NoPartiallyTransparency of public meetings have been established, in partnership with TI France, last February. However, the register is not fully satisfying yet (limited to transparency of meetings with lobbyists registered in the national lobby register, with consequently some meetings clearly missing). TI France is working with the City of Paris on improving this tool. NoNo public schedule for the mayor is available, only sporadic news items on his public agenda, and only published after the fact.Yes --- This link is better:
Meetings at the city hall not includedOnly Mayor, or only Councillors. There is a weekly schedule for the entire City Hall, but Mayor is mentioned just once for week November 12-18. For the week before, it's 3 mentions of the Mayor's name. No separate files for Mayor.
N09Are the current asset declarations of the Mayor and the City Council members published on the City Hall´s website?Does the publics know how well-off mayor and councilors are?NoPartiallyThe declarations are available at the website of the Commission for Prevention of Corruption and Illegal Assets Forfeiture and the City of Sofia website does not provide link to the central register. The register is friendly to use, as the information is organised by body, in this case - Sofia Municipality. Currently declarations (for 2017, subm. 2018) of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayors and the Chair of Sofia City Council are available; the rest of councilors were not obliged to submit such declarations under the previos legislation. In January 2018 new legislation passed, it poses several changes in the declarations regime: 1. a single declaration for both assets and conflict of interest; 2. all local councils' members obliged to declare assets and CoI as of December 2019, meaning that the first declarations will be availbale in 2020; 3. in the assets part, the obliged persons already have to declare their salary (before taxes) for the respective position. asset and incomes declarations on the city hall's website. According to moldovan legislation, all declarations are prezented, includind mayor's and local counsilers, to ANI (National Agency for Integrity). No links and references to it's database is provided on city hall"s website.NoThere is no such information on munucipality's webpage. However, there is an open data platform in Latvia for all state officials. Mayor and the City Council members declarations are accessable here: ( )NoNo. There is no available information on the current asset declarations of the Mayor and the City Council members published on the City Hall’s website.
There is however information on asset declarations of the City Mayor on the website of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption. This information related to asset declarations of the Mayor is the information the Mayor has reported to the SCPC, which is obligatory for a state official. On the website of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption there is also available information on reported asset declarations of the President of the City Council. There is also available information on reported asset declarations of the City Council members.

































NoNoThe current asset declaration of the Mayor is not published on the City Hall’s website.
The current asset declaration of the Mayor is also not published on the Comission for prevention of corruptions (CPC) website. Asset declarations for officials should be published since 2010 by law (ZIntPK – Integrity and corruption prevention act), but the provisions of law have not been implemented in practice because of personal data protection (the declarations can’t be published automatically with all the personal information and CPC says doing it manually is virtually impossible because of the number of officials – over 14.000, source here).
No. The current asset declarations of the City Council members are not published on the City Hall’s website.
The City Council members are not obliged to produce an asset declaration by law (ZIntPK – Integrity and corruption prevention act.
NoThe website of the City Hall does not have asset declaration section. The asset declarations are published in the website of the Commission on Ethics for High Ranking officials. According to the Law on Public Service (Article 34) only Mayor's asset declaration is required. However, given that Yerevan's Mayor is newly elected, his asset declaration is not published yet. City Coucil Members are not required to publish asset declarations by law. --- declaration does not existPartially, no asset declarations of the mayor or members of the city government are available on the website of the city. Such asset delcarations have to be filed every two years, they are secret and only accessible to the President of the Court of Audit, in line with §3a of the Federal Conflicts of Interest and Transaprency Act (which is a provision in the constitutional rank), The mayor and members of the city government must not take other jobs. Members of the Vienna municipal council have to disclose in wide brackets other sources of income they have. This disclosure is avilable here: However, it does not include asset – only certin types of income. NoNoThis is required by the law, however, there are no links provided to the asset declarations on Municipality's the website. NoThere are some data only for some of the members.
PartiallyThere is no link to the assets and income declaration of the City Council members while searching on the website of the City Council, but if we search using, it is possible to find the link to the website of the City Council and the corresponding webpage contains the necessary information. According to the Russian law, members of City Councils in Russia are obliged to publish this information on the website, but in our case the direct link is hidden, it exists, but is not available. - Mayor - members of City council - no information, only if we search the information with the help of, there is no link if we search on the Duma website, thus the link is hidden:
not easy to find
NoThe current asset declaration of the Mayor and the City Council members are not published. PartiallyNoPage does not include this data. --- one would expect something here:, but these documents do not really contain the expected information.NoPartially - decreased to Partially, as this list shows declaration of interests not the asset declaration itself (but with some incomes from third parties as well)NoNo asset declarations of registers of interests are publishedYesThe link can be found for each candidate following his personal profile on the City Hall´s website, example
Conflict of interest and (shares, stocks, jobs) for all politicians are available, not the asset declarations (property) really: asset declarations are on a national registry that is only accessible through citizen identification on the Tax Authority website. No reference to this page on Tallinn's website except through the Anti-Corruption Act introduction.
N10Are the minutes from the City Council sessions published on the City Hall website?The public should know what was discussed in the Council and how Councillors decided.YesThe meetings can be videostreamed and the minutes are available shortly after the session. detailed agenda of the up-coming session and the agendas of all past sessions altoghether with the taken decisions on each item are available. The decisions only are also published at a separate tab. Although no minutes per se are published, citizens may follow the discussions and voting live - the website provides for live on-line stream of City Council sessions. Archive of video recordings of the previous sessions is also available. Agenda of the up-coming session:; Past sessions:; Video: fact, all sessions are live broadcasted. And video is available to whose interested. A detailed agenda and decissions are published.,

The minutes are not posted on municipaluty's webpage but are available after request. However, there are publicly available full videos and session plans/chedules for all sessions.
NoNo. There is no information available related to the City Council sessions, nor information on the agenda for discussion, or the policies adopted.

YesThe minutes are quite detailed. However, citizens cannot find information on who voted how. YesThe minutes from the City Council sessions are published on the City Hall website in the form of transcriptions and videorecordings. --- Screenshots: MOL indicator 10 SS1, MOL indicator 10 SS2, MOL indicator 10 SS3, MOL indicator 10 SS3 edit, MOL indicator 10 SS4YesThe minutes of sessions are published. The minutes are quite detailed․ A citizen can understand what was really voted on․ Given, the Сity Сouncil is newly-elected, only two minutes are available on the webpage at the time of research. ---

Additionally, all sessions are transmitted live and videos archived on the website at the folloing link:
YesYes, the minutes of the sessions of the Vienna municipal council are published online at

YesThere is a calendar where minutes are published.,
At the bottom of the page there is a multimedia section where the minutes are recorded.
Yes is possible to do the research of all minutes on the website:
There is also the streaming:

The executive of the Swiss political system is defined by a collegial system. Decisions of the executive (City Council) are issued as decision of the group (“Kollegium”). The council decides as unity and its members have to hold on to this decision. The internal decision-making works by the majority principle, each member can freely form his or her opinion. For the guarantee of the collegial consultation and decision-making as well as for the outward appearance as unity, preparation, consultation and vote have to be confidential. Due to this, a publication of the minutes from the City Council is not compatible with the system. Nevertheless, on a separate page for media releases, several information and some of the decisions are published. However, information about the minutes from the sessions of the City Parliament is available to the public.
YesMeetings are published here together with minutes from each of them includes all committees meetings in a very orderly fashion detailed protocols, all available both on video and written report. fully available (various formats available : list of decisions and votes, full transcription of debates, or search engine to find the minutes of the debates on a given decision). - Example of full minutes (list of decisions + verbatimébats%20-%20Sept%202018.pdf)Yes points of program are published, however not the decisions or the results of the votings
LZ: minutes and documents are available, also organized on the councillors' pages by what they said and when. Same for the Municipality sessions.
N11Are the individual voting records from the City Council sessions published on the City Hall´s website?The public should know who voted for what policies.NoThe voting records can be videostreamed but councillers are not mentioned by name, only by political party. When voting in favor, councillers have to stand up (recorded on video): summarised votes (i.e. FOR - 30, AGAINST - 4, NEUTRAL - 15) may be tracked via the video recording of a session (sf. Indicator N10). No individual records are availableNoThe individual voting is not published on the City Hall's website. But it can be easily identified using video records and mass-media and minutes (not available on web page).NoThe information is available after request. Furthermore, the video which is available on homepage shows the final score of voting, not each individuals voting. NoNo. Since there is no information on the City Hall’s website on the City Council sessions, there is no access to information to the individual voting records from the sessions.NoYesThe links to individual voting records form the City Council sessions are published on the City Hall website since April 2014. Before that voting records were only recorded for number of “yea&nay” votes (not individual). ---
Documents containing individual voting records are published for every item on the agenda for specific City Hall session. ---
Screenshots: MOL indicator 11 SS1, MOL indicator 11 SS1 edit, MOL indicator 11 SS2, MOL indicator 11 SS2 edit + MOL Indicator 11 Session 37 2018 Individual voting records.pdf (merged pdfs of individual votings from items on the agenda of a last City Hall session)
NoThe total number of voters is published (including how many voted for, against and abstention) but no individual record including the names of voters is available. --- NoNames of members present and times present noted. Almost all decisions are recorded by the chair "finds that the council has so decided" , i.e. a vote by acclamation. According to the law on municipalities only if an "open vote" is conducted shall the individual voting records be noted. Yes, the voting records of the different parties are published. Usually their members vote unanimous, - the minutes of the City Council Sessions are on this page “Plenarprotokoll” are the literal records of the sessions, the vote by a show of hand is always conducted by the leader of the session. The common sentence is: „Wer dem Antrag mit … Drucksache .. zustimmen möchte, den bitte ich um das Handzeichen.“PartiallyPartially, the voting results are published as part of the minutes. According to the current legislation, publication of individual voting is still not mandated. The Capital provided individual voting per request to public informationPartiallyNo, for each adopted law, only the parties that approved and the parties that disapproved are listed, see for example

YesThere is a calendar with the decisions taken by the City Council sessions.
An example of a regulatory decision also includes the indivindual voting records.
Yes are included in the minutes (see above)NoSee answer for question N10.NoThere are voting records in minutes, however, there are no individual records.NoPage does not include this data.NoThe individual voting can be found on the video protocols. For your attention, on the written ones, only the summary of the voting can be found. records are included in the minutes, but not nominally. The minutes will identify how many Yes, No or Abstention votes there were in which proposal, and how many from each party (e.g., 6 Yes votes from PS party, 4 votes against from CDS party) but the council members who voted each way are not identified by name --- As for council voting, tipically all the parties vote in bloc. Legally, each councillor can vote however they want but in practice there is big party alignment and they vote in bloc. YesThe complete minutes could be found in this link:
You have to select the date, and then the document called “Diario de sesiones” (Session’s diary). In that document is detailed all the discussions and individual votes.
The fractions seem to vote unanimously: (De conformidad con las intervenciones recogidas en el
punto 29, y que se dan aquí por reproducidas, resulta
que, sometida a votación la precedente propuesta,
queda aprobada por 26 votos a favor de los concejales
de los Grupos Municipales Ahora Madrid (19) y
Ciudadanos-Partido de la Ciudadanía (7) y 27
abstenciones de los concejales de los Grupos
Municipales del Partido Popular (19) y Socialista de
Madrid [8]).
Includes how the councillors voted, by political parties. If party-groups split in the voting, the inividual voting is registeredAvailable on the website. Very thorough protocols with cross-references to how e.g. A document has developed, how it was voted on and when, what Committees or levels it has gone through etc.
N12Is the current lobbying register of the Mayor and the City Council members available to the public?Which lobbyists are those elected meeting?NoNoThe current Bulgarian legal framework does not regulate lobbing, thus there isn't base for maintainance and publishing of lobbing registersNoNoThere is no lobbying register in Latvia. Such a date cannot be observed on Riga municipality's homepage.NoNo. There is not a lobbying register of the Mayor and the City Council members available to the public, nor information about lobbyists linked to the City Council. The only information available associated with cooperation is the one on international cooperation, and networking cities and organizations that the city of Skopje is part of. Additionally, according to the Law on Lobbying of R.M, the local authorities are not obliged to publish information about their lobbyists. BiH has not yet adopted the Law on LobbyingNoLobbying register of the Mayor and the City Council members is not available to the public.NoThe institute of lobbyism is not regulated by law in Armenia. There is no such a concept in the national jurisdiction and there is no national register. NoNo such register existsNoNo such lobby register exists, neither nationally nor locallyNoNoKosovo has no law on lobbying and no national list of lobbyists. All Local governments get their funding through the following resources:
a) municipal taxes, fees, user charges, other payments for public services provided by the municipality, and regulatory charges and fines authorized by the present law;
b) rents on immovable property situated in the municipality and under the administration or ownership of the municipality;
c) revenues from the sale of municipal assets;
d) revenues from undertakings wholly or partly owned by the municipality;
e) co-payments from consumers of education and health services provided by the municipality;
f) revenues collected by any agency, department or organization of the municipality as a result of the provision of any good or service;
g) interest on municipal deposits, if any;
h) grants and/or donations from foreign governments (except for financial assistance from the Republic of Serbia) or from foreign organizations, including governmental and non-governmental organizations and international and supranational institutions, and i) any other category of revenue that is designated as municipal own source revenue in a law of the Republic of Kosovo.
NoNo, there is no lobby register or lobby regulation on the regional or local level in Vienna and no section on the city website is dedicated to lobbying disclosure. There is a mandatory federal lobby register. While it does contain registered lobbyists, it provides no infomraiton on their cliens, the issue they lobby on, which decision makes they engage, meet with or communicate with, or their compensation (; Federal Lobbying and Interest Representation Transaprency Act, is no lobby register nor a legal obligation to register meetings with lobbyists /stakeholders etc on any level of government. Citizens can guess from the schedule of City Council.No

Only the Mayor and his deputies provide their agendas online.
NoThere is no relevant information.NoThere is no law on lobbyng activity in Russia, there is no definition of lobbying activity.; is no lobbying register of the Mayor and the City Council members available on the website.NoThe website does not have such register available.YesIncludes list of Designated Public Officials ---
N13Is the Code of Conduct of the elected city representatives on the website?What are the ethics rules for the elected?Yes - --- probably the pdf on the websiteNoThere is one on the website. However it would be honest to admit, that it is not easy to be found. There is no clue of it at the main Sofia City page and it cannot be reached through the search engine. It is only due to TI-BG Local Integrity Index research that we knew there is such Code and it is somewhere at the website. It took definelty more than 10 minutes to figure out a possible place to find it: Main City of Sofia page - City Council subpage - Normative Acts tab - Other normative Acts is a kind of code of conduct, but it is not named as cod of conduct. Main element of a code of conducts are there.

Composition of ethics commission and protocols are available here:
YesYes. There is an available information related to the Code of Conduct of the employees at the City Council including the city representatives. It describes what the employees and representatives can and cannot do, how to act, and what are their responsibilities.КОДЕКС%20на%20Град%20Скопје.pdf
NoNoThe Code of Conduct of the elected city representatives is not published on the website.
Other relevant legal documents regarding the work of elected representatives are listed here. No Code of Conduct.
After additional research it is established MOL has not yet adopted the Code of Conduct of the elected city representatives. The Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (AMTS) has the list of municipalities with adopted codices published on their website, City municipality of Ljubljana is not on the list. AMTS has even prepared the sample of the code. The topic has been debated in the media in the past, with only a few municipalities adopting the code. --- Screenshots: MOL indicator 13 SS1 AMTS, MOL indicator 13 SS2 AMTS, MOL indicator 13 SS3 AMTS, MOL indicator 13 SS4 AMTS
PartiallyThe elected city representatives are not required to have a Code of Conduct by jurisdiction, thus no Code of Conduct is available in the City Hall website. On the other hand: Thought there is no a separate Code of Conduct for the city representatives, the “Yerevan City Council’s Decision on Acceptance of Yerevan City Council Regulation” of June18, 2009 published in the City Hall website contains some provisions about the code of conduct: Those provisions are:
Point 32. A member of the Council may not simultaneously: 1) be a head of an administrative district or organization under Yerevan subordination, work in the staff of the municipality or the head of any administrative district; 2) to be a member of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia, a judge, an employee of the Police, the National Security Service, the Prosecutor's Office, the Judicial Acts’ Enforcement Service, a customs authority, a military officer.
Point 35. A member of the Council is obliged: 4) not to vote during the decision of the Council, which is related to the private interests of his/her family members, close relatives, otherwise his/her voting is declared invalid.
Point 122. Members of the Council or persons present at the meeting who make noise, make abusive remarks, fail to comply with the lawful requirements of the presiding officer, or interfere with the normal course of the proceedings shall be considered to be offenders.
Point123. … the presiding officer may undertake the following measures in respect of a member of the Council:1) warns by publishing the surname; 2) turns off the microphone; 3) deprives him/ her of the right to speak in one sitting; 4) Removes from the meeting room until the end of the day.
NoNo such code exists. The law on municipalities has rules on conflicts of interest. No's no 'code of conduct' but the law for the representatives$FILE/LAbgG%2008.12.2017.pdfYes publication entitled "A question of Ethics – Handbook for the Prevention of Corruption" is available on the website of the city of Vienna. The publication is described as "meeting the standards of the Austrian code of conduct for the public service". However, the publication does not focus on or mention elected officials. Rather, it appears to have a broad focus on all stakeholders and employees of the city: is no separate CoC for elected representatives.
The City Government follows the rules of internal organization and City Hall its "good practice" document. These are not public but do apply to elected representatives.
All civil servants and employees fulfilling a public post have to follow the same Code of Ethics, available here:

There is a link to the Code of Conduct on the Municipality's website:
PartiallyThere is the Code of Conduct on the website as a simple document. -- rules of operation of the City Council. Not very easily tracked. It includes many rules that could be in a code of conduct. In a broad sense, there is Code of Conduct.
NoThere is no information on the website. Yes

The City Council has published a Code of Conduct for the City Administration employees and the City Council members, which complies to minimal standard and contains the relevant laws.
YesThere are numerous codes and protocols, policies and procedures for different officers here, it is very difficult to find, there is no introductory information and, therefore, it is not entirely clear whether it still applies. --- The list is HERE: --- results of voting are sometimes avbailable, sometimes apparently not...NoYes code of conduct for elected officials is published. The municipality has a draft of a code of conduct available (the draft hás not yet been adopted or put in force), but it applies only to municipal workers, not elected officals. I ask for your clarification on the appropriate score.
No explicit Code of Conduct for elected representatives exists, exept this certain regulation of city council's work and the legislation on conflict of interests
N14BONUS: Did the city provide information on Mayor's and individual councillors' total pay for 2017? (see the wording below - GI7)How much does the Mayor's and councilors' work cost?PartiallyThe FOIA-request on the salaries of mayor and councilors was sent on 30-10-2018. On December 13, after the legal term of 4 weeks, I received an email with a PDF attached stating that the salary for mayor and aldermen is legally established in the Netherlands and including a table with the salaries (can also be found via:

The City of Amsterdam has decided not to disclose copies of the payrolls of the mayor and aldermen because of "the importance of the protection of privacy that outweighs the importance of the publicity of government information."
PartiallyBefore submitting of the request, we discussed the issue with legal experts having experience on this. They told us that under the Bulgarian FOIA law, the salaries do not fall within the definition for "public information" and we would receive refusal for access. Also there is judiciary practice: in all cases when the requesting person challenged the decision for refusal to provide salaries information the court decided in favour of the respective institution. Therefore, we requested the total ammount of salaries and information about any internal rules which regulate the wage setting. On the other hand, as mentioned under Indicator N09 above, since 2018 year, the new asset declarations include salaries of the obliged persons. Thus, the annual salaries for 2017 of the Mayor, the Deputies and the City Council Chair are in practice publicly accessable. Same info for all members of the city council will be available after 2019. The request sent on 29.10.2018 and reply received on 12.11.2018. In their reply they referred to: 1. Respective regulations of the Rules of Procedure of the Sofia City Council; 2. Decision 338/12.06.2014 of the City Council (including a hyperlink), which determines the monthly salaries the mayor, the vice-mayors and of the councilors (subject to reduction, if they don’t participate in the Council sessions) for the period of their mandate; 3. Regulations of the new anti-corruption legislation, according to which the asset declarations already contain info about the annual salary (that I also let you know about) and provided hyperlink to the declarations register; 4. Internal rules for salaries of the administration of Sofia Municipality; and 5. Provided link to the asset declarations register. They also noted that the mayor and the councilors do not receive any additional rewards
Second time it took 7 days compared to the timeframe of 14 set in the law (request sent on 23.11.2018 and reply received on 30.11.2018). The minus is that they didn’t answer the questions. Although the decision for providing of access to requested information read that full access is granted, they in practice repeated the same information as in the reply to our first letter: they quoted the normative acts where the salaries are determined and provided link to the central register of asset declarations; and no information regarding the actually payed amounts.
NoAccording to our legal provision, they had 15 days to answer – and they did not.YesAccording to the law "Law On Remuneration of Officials and Employees of State and Local Government Authorities" each public institution in Latvia is obliged to make publicly available the renumeration each month and salary paid to each employee. Most of state institutions are deleting from their webpages the previous month salaries, because law requires the actual month info. Riga municipality posts each month the renumeration for each employee and deletes the previous month report. The information about older reports is available after request.
YesThe answer of this indicator was sent to the TI-Macedonia staff member on the 8th of November. It took 6 working days for the answer to be received from the City Hall. NoThe city provided only general information or information that explains how the city calculates mayor's total pay. They just quoted competent regulations but did not provide the requested amounts. The answer was received within the prescribed deadline.YesAnswered within 21 days. Complex answer about the salary of the mayor and each of the elected councilors. Answers available in an email/pdf.NoAt the time of the research we received no answer from the municipality. According to the Law on the Freedom of Information, the City hall has to answer the inquiries within 5 days, if not possible, it should inform that there may be a delay in response up to a month. None of these happened.YesInitial reply was received after one day, saying that they could provide a nominative list but for council and executive board members not separating out remuneration from compensation for loss of income (most have other salaried income and have to take leave). However, for the executive board's full time 'executives' ("borgarråd", which one of which is commonly considered to be "the mayor" ) the listed remuneration is only what they get from the city - there is no compensation for loss of income. I replied that in that case it would be ok with the the totals (I understand their answer, total payments are recorded as such for payment and reporting to the tax administration but separating the two would require manually going through the records - in principle I have a right to ask for just the fee parts, and they would I am sure do it if I insisted, but I think this is going too far with this experiment. The subsequent reply was received after one day from my reply to their clarification email.YesReceived total list of mayor and councillors within one working day.YesAnswer within 4 working daysYesAnswer received in 6 days, within the 7 day timeframe defined by law.

NOTE: During 2017, the Mayor did NOT have any individual councillors
YesThey did answer the question about the salaries. They referenced the relevant law and provided the monthly pay to the various positions for 2017.
YesSent on November 6. Answer 1 (within the same day): directed me to their website where it states the salary by law. Asked what others except the Mayor and Vice Mayors receive + all benefits. Answer 2 (November 7): sent me more links on the legal documents. Replied that this still didn't answer my question as I want to see the actual table with 2017 data. Answer 3 and 4 (November 14): got finally what I asked for with an excel table and references from two different civil officers.N/A

Online there is information available on the amount of salary (on contract) but not about the exact amount paid in 2017.
NoStill waiting for the response. NoResponse on the Mayor’s individual pay-9 days (13.11.2018-22.11.2018)
Response on the deputies’ individual pays -21 days (13.11.2018-04.12.2018)

The two answers contains the same information: they redirect to the City Hall website to the assets and income declarations. The fact is that in the public part of these declarations there is information concerning only the total income of the official. They do not reflect the demanded information on a total pay from their public functions.
YesIt was not necessary to ask for it, because it is already on the website: was sent on 26th of November, response has been given the 2nd of february 2019. Most of the information is on the website as well. answer (almost after 2 months), but an answer has been eventually sentNoNo answerNoAnswer received within 7 days, a representative called and said that the information about base salary levels of municipal authoritiy Mayors and deputies (other city council members are voluntarily based) can be found at the ministry of interior's website, they didn't send any link or specific references, we had to search the information ourselves. Mayor ₪ 39,233, Deputies ₪30,359N/AOnly available in total ("indemnités de fonction", chapter 31 of general budget). Calculations are public (voted in 2014), based on national rules. --- NoNo information on elected members salaries or costs with support staff are published.YesThe city hall has sent a link where the information is available
General Instructions: