Chicago COVID-19 Financial Solidarity (Responses)
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Total raised:64486
NamePayment info (User ID for Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, etc.)Request AmountRequest Description (Describe how and why coronavirus is affecting you, what you need, any other relevant information)Zip Code (Optional/If Needed for your request)ProgressAmount still needed% funded
Gretchen Hasse am a cofounder of Agitator Cooperative Gallery, which for the past two years has provided a platform for under-represented artists and important community organizations. We have worked with the Sex Worker Outreach Project and the Chicago Recovery Alliance, mounted solo shows featuring work by undocumented immigrants and refugees, and presented a group show about life changing health care experiences in the fully inadequate US health care system. We also offer arts programming that creates and sustains genuine community. Agitator is funded completely by member dues; and donations, art sales and space rentals that depend on us being open as a venue. After two years we have finally begun to see a path toward self-sustainability.This week, we closed temporarily because of COVID-19. Though we are working to put material online, we are concerned that a prolonged closure, along with members' own potential COVID-related financial instability, could very seriously affect our ability to stay open. The requested amount is what it costs to pay our bills for one month. Thank you for your consideration.60622158651476%
Carly Guerriero am an organizer with Rogers Park Food Not Bombs, and a part time dog walker. Due to most of my clients staying home I have lost the majority of my income. I am just trying to cover rent for the next month.606262000-1600500%
Jennifer VietsCashapp. $JenniferViets Venmo @Jennifer-Viets-11479There are three people in my household who are suddenly without work. One is a musician who has had all of their bookings canceled. Another is a canvasser going door to door. And I am a “miscellaneous and non-essential” employee with Chicago Public Schools. I am budgeted 32 hours per week with no benefits or PTO. School is now closed. We also have some high risk factors in the house - asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure.
I am asking for one month’s rent so I can practice social distancing without worrying about the rent. I am good through April 1 but paying May’s rent will be difficult.
Jaq Seifert@jaqseifert (venmo) (paypal, zelle)4500I'm a producer, and I have an event coming up on April 20th that is in threat of being canceled. This may seem like a lot of money to ask for, but this is for 15 people to all ensure they will be paid their $300 stipend in the event the show does have to close or be postponed. This doesn't include the nearly $450 I've already spent on advertising, graphic design, posters, and the deposit for the venue. I just want to make sure folks can get paid, and since I am a small business, all of the money I use to pay people comes directly out of ticket sales. No event, no ticket sales, no pay. I'm trying to look out for my people, not for myself. 60625045000%
ArielleVenmo: @ArielleAmiri500I'm in the middle of moving from Philadelphia to Chicago for a job I accepted and expected to start on March 25th. Because of coronavirus, this new job has pushed my start date back to April 13th at least. Because I've already quit my previous job and have found a sublet for my current apartment and signed a lease for my new apartment in Chicago, I was counting on the income from my new job to cover all of my moving expenses (moving is expensive and moving out of state is even more costly!) I will not have enough to cover food and bills if I don't get paid this month and am beginning to panic since it's unclear if my start date for my new job will continue to be pushed back depending on how my new workplace responds to the virus.600-100120%
Lisa RevisVenmo- @Lisa-Revis Paypal- sunburst16@gmail.com450I will be loosing $2100 in income due to my current theatre contract being delayed. I am hoping to receive assistance to cover my rent. 606604500100%
Jenna Houckvenmo: Jenna-hou. Paypal: jennahouckdesigns@gmail.com300I am a freelance theatre designer and painter. This is not work that can be done from home, and almost all theatre in Chicago is in blackout indefinitely. I have lost 100% of my income for March, and I do not know when I'll be allowed to work again. I have recently graduated with my MFA and am struggling to pay my bills and rent during this. Thank you so much.606263000100%
StephanieVenmo - @Stephanie-Young-20; Paypal/QuickPay -; Cashapp - $syoung882000My spouse and I have had numerous financial issues/hardships since November, and we run our own dog walking/pet sitting business as our only source of income. All of our clients have canceled sittings for the foreseeable future, and our walks are 90% cancelled. We are supposed to move in May to a less expensive apartment, but we are currently making a fraction of our rent right now ($2000), nevermind our other bills and financial obligations. We are pretty terrified, and not sure what to expect in the near future.60626555144528%
Akanksha ChawlaVenmo: @akankshac
500I’m a graduate student who relies on babysitting and dogsitting gigs during the week to be able to pay rent and afford groceries. Owing to COVID19, Chicago public schools have shut down and all of my babysitting gigs these next two weeks have been canceled. I have no idea how I’m going to make rent next month. I am completely paralyzed by financial anxiety because I don’t have any other job and there is no pay on canceled gigs. 60647700-200140%
Federico C Erikaacastillo@gmail.com100This is for my In laws who are both elderly and not working. We’ve been sending them groceries and toilet paper but 1 income for a family of 3 and no work this month has put a strain on us . I will send them groceries and toilet paper with this money. This can feed them for a month combined with what we can give them. 606038170-70170%
Taylor Hanna am a prep cook at a hotel in chicago. My hours have been severely cut and I have no PTO saved to help compensate for my time off. I have bills and rent due by the end of the month and I am worried I won’t be able to survive past this next week with the hours I am working. 606185000100%
Teresa MarousekTeresa-Marousek/Venmo225I work as a nanny and since everything is closed and people are supposed to stay home I don't have a job right now I have phone bill to pay and my internet to pay.250-25111%
Denise McclintonNeesymc01@gmail.com1800Work and daycare 60804018000%
Josie Chapman$150.00 electric
$50.00 gas
$900.00 mortgage
$50.00 WiFi
$65.00 ADT
$50.00 water
$200.00 car insurance
$200.00 health insurance
$300.00 groceries and gas with a 1 year old
Ramiro MercadoVenmo: ram-mer-93

Quick Pay:
400My job won’t completely cancel work because they don’t want to give us benefits. They are only giving every worker 5 hours next week and I normally work 35. I have no money for bills as I work pay check to pay check. Thank you606474000100%
Alvina Conn$AlvinaConn1250Both my kids are out of school for a month or more. I may soon be out of a job for awhile and this would help with rent and food.60201225102518%
Myka MartinezZelle/Chase:
Venmo: @mykamart
400Lost most of my dogwalking clients due to shutdowns. Going to fall short for rent and nothing left for food (I have significant dietary restrictions)413-13103%
Delia Kroppvenmo: delia-kropp250I'm a self-employed actor and public advocate for the transgender community. No savings and dependent upong bookings for speaking/workshop engagements, which have been put on hold indefinitely. Unsure how to pay rent and bills, which are relatively modest but pressing. The amount requested represents my projected shortfall come March 1.
For documentation on what I do, see my site: Thank you.
Michelle StarkeyCashApp: $michellestarkey7; PayPal: michellethehuman@gmail.com1000I am a 24-year old, fully-independent (grew up in foster care, aged out of system) queer black woman who has lost 100% of my income due to COVID-19. I also have an autoimmune disorder (Crohn’s disease) that compromises my immune system, and prevents me from being able to obtain a service industry job or similar position at this time due to my increased risk of contraction. I am a full-time content creator and every event that I was scheduled to work in the next month and a half has been cancelled, resulting in the loss of all anticipated income (Eataly Springfest, Rumfest, Flower & Garden Show, etc). My monthly expenses are over $1,000 as my rent is $675, I have a monthly loan payment of $150, a cell phone bill of $90, and household utilities of $200, as well as living expenses for food etc. I am experiencing extreme anxiety as I do not anticipate being able to pay my bills this upcoming month or for the foreseeable future. This has put me in a desperate position. I do not have parents or any family to ask for help and nowhere to go if my housing is compromised, as I do not have a car nor am I originally from Chicago. Any amount one can donate is appreciated to help stabilize during this scary time.606229802098%
Angelica Garcia$angelicagarcia68 at cash app750Hello My name is Angelica Garcia im 51 have chronic medical conditions,bronchital asthma,diaberes type 2,fibromyalgia arthritis and micro vascular disease.I live in logansquare with my brother in law and my daughter 20 and my grandson 5 and my son 22 hes active in fort carson.We came to live with my brother in law when we lost our apartment if it wasnt for him taken us in we would of been homeless.Now his job has talked about shutting down for 2 weeks because of this quarantine for their safety and others.The rent money we had saved for April 5 to M.Fishman we had to use to buy food and the basics and medications for these 2 weeks so we are now not able to pay our rent and are in a desperate need of help please we cant fall behind the office is strict and there would be no way for us to catch up.Please if anyone can help we would all be so very greatful and many blessing to your family and everyone involved in this project for your sincere kindness.A.G606477500100%
Destiny / janice$gdestoo123(cashapp)
300They shelves have been wiped of almost everything we have a few things for disinfecting things and cleaning wise thank god to Friends but we are running low on food and my grandma doesn’t have a source of income right now but me and what i get paid isn’t much whatever can be given helps 606173000100%
Lavina Jadhwani@lavinajadhwani on Venmo250Meant to say above -- or whatever is reasonable. I know other people are affected. I have lost thousands in university projects and hundreds in coaching cancellations, due to COVID-19 concerns.6065715010060%
25 7739600771 venmo 400Hello and thank you for posting this. I am a freelancer offering catering services and providing meal preparation for my guests. Not only that, but I am a farmer for an organic farm in Chicago, the farmers markets I work at have cancelled their events until further notice thus cutting my work. Since the news of this pandemic occurred I have had clients cancel services for both catering and non catering events. I am not in any position to go out and look for work either since most establishments are closing and/or adjusting their hours/cutting hours. I unfortunately don't qualify for the relief program as I am not a wage employee nor a salaried employee. Having this set back is difficult for many I am only seeking assistance of 400.00 to help cover the losses I have acquired. I know long term it will help and I will be able to utilize these funds to keep myself healthy and be able to afford supplies during this difficult time. I will also be able to participate in giving back. Feel free to reach out for any questions comments or concerns. I want to thank everyone who made this hallen, for everyone struggling keep your head up! This too shall pass. 608044000100%
Danielle StarkeyCashApp: $danistarkey PayPal: daniellestarkeyemail@gmail.com650I have Crohn’s Disease, an autoimmune disease that puts me in a very at-risk position. I was raised in foster care and don’t have anyone besides my twin sister (who has Crohn’s disease as well) to rely on for emotional, financial, etc support. To make things more difficult, I got let go from my job at an ad agency 2 weeks ago and my industry has ground to a halt in terms of hiring. I can’t leave my house as I’m quarantined and need to pay rent and groceries and medicine. I also can’t get a quick service job as I was planning to do to make ends meet as I would be put into too much of a high risk situation. Please help me if at all possible. My rent is 475/month and my utilities add up to around 150. This is the bare minimum I need to pay bills but any extra for grocery delivery services would be appreciated as I can’t leave the home to shop. 6064735030054%
Chiara Francesca Galimbertipaypal cgalimbe@gmail.com2000where do i start...i am an acupuncturist and offer the most affordable sliding scale acupuncture in the whole city...which is a political choice to make the medicine available to other poor folks, but means i am barely scraping by. i have some food stamps, but absolutely not enough to pay rent even if i cant work. i am an immigrant disabled single parent who grew up in poverty, and have twins who are twenty years old in college who i am also responsible for. I am picking them up now because their school is closing, which means i will have 2 other income- less people in the house (they were working in college but had to leave so they lost their jobs). so the trip to get them and losing work to go get them is another big unexpected expense.
my rent is 1k/month.
I am preparing to not be able to see patients knowing it may be a while. being self employed means i have no benefits, sick pay or any other income besides the money i get from people paying me for acupuncture sessions.
apologies if this is rambling, in the middle of getting my kids from their college and not a lot of time to write or edit.
happy to answer any further questions and SO grateful for you all's organizing work. it is a life saver

Janet am a struggling freelance professional who has just been laid off due to economic crisis and have not been able to find a job since January. Many of my pending interviews have been pushed back and I will not be able to pay my rent or buy any food for emergency. I really need a job and economic help. Thank you. 6060810014007%
Rob KarthollVenmo: @chicagocarpenter3000Still struggling financially after six month loss of work due to injury, work comp claim remains unresolved. All production through local Union now shut down on account of COVID-19. May have to relocate to find work. Will not have funds to pay rent in April. We are all struggling. Any help is appreciated.606241111188937%
Leentje De Leeuw (paypal) 2000As a multilingual tour guide (self-employed see I lost all my bookings for at least a month and probably much longer. We are not able to pay rent, food, utilities etc. 020000%
Zoraida FuentesCashApp: $zoraidafuentes250I cant go out to keep looking for a job due to school closings. I look forward to getting assistance w diapers, milk. Formula wipes 606422500100%
Max ClarkPayPal: maggie.dark46@gmail.com600My dad and I are doordashers. He relies on doordash since he's on disability, I rely on it for homeschooling because I have severe anxiety. However lately doordash has not been giving us as many orders due to the virus, and we're lucky we made what we made this week. But it's still not enough. So anything you can give will help immensely. Thank you. 10449617%
anonanon200Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, my temp work opportunities and fellowship finalist processes have been cancelled or delayed. I was waiting for the finalist process and decision, while working on temporary jobs (house cleaning, cat sitting, event helper, etc). I am also moving soon, which complicates my situation further due to income issue and moving expenses. The total estimated loss is about $300 (for next two weeks). 2000100%
Fay Steddum@FayFlorenceSteddum1500Right before Coronavirus affected my work, cancelling all of my artistic and domestic service jobs, without pay. I experienced domestic violence and was granted full residency in my home as part of a restraining order from my abuser. My abuser and I had lived together and split our bills. Because of the abuse, starting this month, I now foot the full bill of my home expenses. However, because of Coronavirus, I cannot work, I will not receive any pay from my employers. I also will not be able to afford my rent and bills. I have barely any money for food.60660015000%
Talena GriffinPayPal: work in Food+Bev industry and have already had three events cancel within this pay period which will greatly effect my April rent. Each shift I was suppose to make the minimum of at least $61/shift. 60622211-11106%
LauraVenmo: @laura-mulcahy-6100I am a preschool teacher. My school is closed because of the virus. I am not being paid while we’re closed. I don’t need much, and I’m sure there are those in greater need than I; that said, I’m scared. One dollar, five dollars, any little bit would help. Thank you so much.60657200-100200%
Carmen Crespo martinezZelle 100I work in the restaurant business and our hours have been cut and i have one granddaughter living with me and she is 13 so food will be tight ....thank you kindly...6064101000%
Nick ConnellVenmo or Zelle to nick.balloons@gmail.com1000In a matter of days I had clients cancel multiple events that has seen me lose 75% of my income in the next month. I am a balloon artist, and parents and businesses and park districts are canceling last minute.
I’m a single dad. I leave meagerly. I’m not sure how to afford paying my health insurance ($340), car loan ($300), and other bills, much less the share of my kids’ health insurance and costs ($350/mo).
Marcia burgessVenmo am in the hospitality industry. I just got a job to start working at a coffee shop next week but don’t know if I’m going to be able to start. I had been out of a job since February 3. Down to my last amount to pay rent which is 960.0060640220-120220%
Patricia ChaveroZELLE1000I'm working Cosmetology and client stop coming 60402010000%
Josh Levine venmo: josh-levine-25
1300I am a full time performer and private teacher. I am moving at the end of the month and all of my gigs for the month have been canceled. Anything helps, but I was not ready for this. I can trade music, or my time as well.60647013000%
Nita Tennyson$NitaBud50Due to the coronavirus they shut down my job, the McCormick Place, and Im unable to get my check. I wanted the money to grab some food for the week because I didn’t get a chance to get any I was waiting on pay day. 60616500100%
Rebekah RobertsVenmo @bekahwho2250I work freelance for events like trade shows, conventions, demos etc. All my bookings were cancelled for the rest of the month totaling $1200 in income loss. I don’t ask for much but a little bit would be helpful for groceries or a utility bill. 606250500%
Aline Kazevenmo - @alinekaze , cashapp - $bonitaapplablunt600Because of the recent pandemic, I have lost of work and gigs and in turn lost money and need to pay me rent. I have a day job, but hours have been scarce making it even harder to make ends meet. Anything is super appreciated. 6065330030050%
Geneva Guy work at as a receptionist at a university that is closing down due to the coronavirus. My building will still be open, but with very reduced hours and I'm losing over half my work hours. I just need a little assistance paying rent. 606262000100%
Lori SapioLori-Sapio Venmo1250I have 3 little kids and have been a photographer for 30 years. 90% of my clients cancelled for March. It was all corporate clients and weddings. That was my income until June. My studio rent is due on April 1 and is $1250. If I don’t have my studio after we are out of this I am out of business and have no clue what to do. I don’t mind about my other bills. I just won’t pay them. I need to keep the doors open somehow. I appreciate you all in organizing this. My anxiety has been through the roof.
60612 for home 60642 for studio 1335-85107%
Nyq BonaventuraThestarshipmusic@gmail.com600I am a contract worker/freelancer and my life partner is a server in a restaurant, both of our incomes have evaporated and we have no savings. Buying food has been our priority but we will not be able to pay rent on april 1st or our utilities. 6062212048020%
Tara BettsVenmo @Tara-Betts-21320All of the work that I scheduled to pay my rent in April has been canceled or indefinitely postponed. This makes it difficult to pay for groceries and utilities. Any help would be appreciated. 60615013200%
Shemeada Johnson $ShemeadaJohnson400I work in import & export shipping company, and we literally have no business. I haven't been able to work since this has been getting worse. 6044010030025%
Sara BeamanVenmo: @SBeaman300Full time freelance theater Stage and Production Manager. All jobs I had through May have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. I live paycheck to paycheck and I’m not sure how I’m going to make rent. Currently applying for every job I can find. $300 would be for rent and food03000%
Kyle am the father of two boys, my wife doesn’t work so she can be with the kids, daycare is too expensive. I am a waiter, and business has been very slow. I need surgery on my arm due to a fall while riding my bike to work. I will be out of work for a month or so, and I’m worried about whether we will have enough to make it through. 6053210090010%
Tia WilsonCashapp; $freefree20k20
300I was laid off work and now I can’t provide for my 2 daughters ages 3 and 5. Kate and Macy. I just need some food and extra supplies to help me out . I haven’t left my home for about A week I’m becoming hungry and running out of food and they say I have to stay ay home and wait but I have a family. Some one please find it in your heats and donate please . God bless6063603000%
Vida Love GriffinCashApp $VidaGriffin100Food and Supplies I work Temp. and all the work has dried up. My husband is 77 years old and he has health issues and without work I can not supply for our daily needs.60653125-25125%
Wylee SoskinCashapp: $wyleerae Venmo: @wyleerae zelle/paypal: wsoskin1@gmail.com1500I have been unemployed since September 2019, and therefore my boyfriend has been the main provider for our household. He works in the trade show industry, and due to all the conventions and shows being canceled, he has been temporarily furloughed. We would really appreciate any assistance to make sure we can pay our bills until things go back to normal. Thank you!606518014205%
Emily E Gray@Emily-Gray-134300I am a dog walker. Clients are already canceling regular walks, which may escalate and I fear I will not be able to cover my rent. Any assistance would be greatly and deeply appreciated.6064013516545%
Aydan QuinnAydan-Quinn-666670I'm a actor/ art model/ brand ambassador. Many of the gigs I normally work, have been closing down rapidly. I am in need of money for rent, and bills. Anything will help. Thank you. 6062606700%
Liz $tailsupchicago (cashapp)2500As a service based business, our dog walkers have been majorly impacted by COVID—- As a company we are looking for assist them as much as possible but we are also looking to help them out for the next few weeks as many clients have canceled services. If you guys would like dog walks we can also help! 025000%
Alycia Kamil Cashapp: $alykamil 100I’m an artist& organizer. So my main source of income was performances, speaking at events, gigs, singing at church, this part time teaching assistant for an after school program. So with everything being shut down I have no source of income, I’m also the only person who provides for myself financially, I’m 19 and I live in a very dysfunctional household. So I have no money for food, bus fare, emergency funds, etc. So I’m trying to just look for jobs, extra resources, and overall help until I can get back on my feet with gigs opening back up. Thank you for anything. 6062001000%
Assata LewisCash app-$hakunamasata150Due to Coronavirus, the in school and after school program I work for has been shut down. I am no longer able to be reimbursed or paid. Currently I wasn’t prepared for the corona virus so my aid such as snap has run out (buying snacks for the youth I teach and at home eating) I currently still need to travel and eat and have no funds to do so.60640200-50133%
CaitlynVenmo: @caitlyn18, cashapp: $caitlyntalmadge300I’m a hair stylist and my salon closed with no set open date bc of the virus. I filed for unemployment but that won’t process for a few weeks. So far I’ll just barely make rent/utilities. I still need food and sanitary supplies for the quarantine.60647450-150150%
Shashona HarrisCashapp. $ShashonaHarris2000Due to the coronavirus I've been stuck at home not able to work not only because of the virus I was in a bad accident and my left hand the hand that I use is still kind of swollen I'm falling behind on rent and my utilities and really need some help right now so I don't get put out60623020000%
Kris Buckley Zelle 2000I am a single parent to 3, with out any family network and was self employed this school year as an aid to 2 families with special needs kids. I have 2 kids of my with invisible disabilities and 25 years working with children. I am an art therapist by training and have always worked in a helping capacity with kids or those with disabilities. After a tragic and sudden crisis in Dec of 2018, Last year my kids and I started over from nothing after loosing our home and all our belongings. Our home of 6 years a rental apartment was taken out with fast spreading toxic molds The land lord did not care. It left the 4 of us quite sick and immune compromised. We stayed with friends till I could secure a new rental home for my family and I. This also left me out of work and we went thru what small amount of an emergency fund I had till I could get healthy enough to get back on my feet. Doctors suggested I apply for disability so I did, this was rejected and I have not gotten further. I did get stains provided health insurance for
Myself and my 3 children do have health coverage thru their father but was told in a magnitude of red tape and lost applications that we don’t qualify for food stamps. The kids father/ ex husband pays court ordered child support amd carries the kids on his insurance as per our divorce decree from years ago. Beyond this be is not involved, nor a steady or reliable person in there lives. They have me. We have each other. From this past sept till last week I had 2 part time jobs for 2 private families as school aid/ household suppprt provider and nanny like roles; this past week I did receive my pay from one of the families but they are also families to special needs kids , also spread thin and doing the best they can to survive this. Since mon I have been home with my youngest and then as of wed all of us. My youngest needed medical attention all week and has been quite sick including the dr sending us to the hospital this Friday. We are back home and quarantined together, closely monitoring and in regular phone contact with doctors. I have no clue when I will be able to return to or look for new work. In the mean time I am beginning the process of searching for aid to help with everything from future groceries to help with rent to $ for medicines and all the other basics that a family of 4 might need in the weeks to come.we live very simply as it is and are desperately trying to rebuild our lives from last years loss. March rent is paid, but not March utilizes yet and to be honest I am already behind on more than one of those. I have no credit to call back on after all we went thru. I have plenty of food for us for the time being. This is not easy to write, to be so in truly in need again after just a year is a terrifying feeling. We were just starting to return to a new normal. It is hard to be in this situation, asking for help, I am much better at being on the doing and giving end. Once we are clear of medical quarantine I can offer child care/ home school services and can really help with challenging special needs kids took I would/ will very willingly provide what ever I can for others. May we all collectively get thru and be well to thrive again soon. Thank you for organizing this.
Cassandra EagerEager.cassandra@gmail.com750As of today, i am out of a job due to the closing of restaurants and bars in IL for safety measure in this pandemic. With us coming out of slow season and the cancellation of Sports games, march madness etc, i was unable to save up any money for rent and groceries. My partner in contract work is seeing their income dry up as well, so i am asking generous hearts for this amount which is rent + groceries. I hate asking for help when so many of us need it in this time of scarcity and anxiety but i have no choice. Thank You606227500100%
Yaya R. Venmo: jramirezcello
Cashapp: $supportyaya
595I work pt (about 10-15 hours a wk) with youth in public schools. Due to COVID-19, my hours have been greatly reduced these next -2-3 weeks. My gofundme explains more of my financial situation but I am desperately asking for money to fund much-need psychiatric care and therapy. I feel these medical expenses are coming at the worst time when my income will be reduced for the next month. My functioning is decreasing and I'm scared I will need to seek hospitalization if I don't receive medication and therapy soon. Please consider donating or sharing my request! I hope to not use my rent and my few savings to pay for this. Thank you for reading! 6064749310283%
Jaylan McKinney$JayloMcKinney150Due to the shut down, I haven’t been able to work the past two weeks and it unknown when they will open back up. I’m requesting this money to buy food and emergency supplies for me and my son and to put a little money on my rent. Thank you to all who can or can’t help. 60620807053%
Sydney Charles@Sydney-Charles,, $sydneycharles1050Because of COVID19, my partner has lost his job until further notice. My contract at Steppenwolf Theatre was voided and we have a 4 year old to care for...things are very scary right now for us. We don't know what's next. 6064729375728%
Veronica Macias cash app- or chase - 600This is an update I added the cash app and zelle email - I am a single mother of a 15month old boy. I don’t work full time and used what I had left to buy the essentials this past Thursday. I don’t get paid till another week and still have some more to buy with a few bills coming up. Anything helps. Thanks! 45015075%
Charles Alexander paypal2000I work downtown as an entertainer and can no longer work due to closed establishments. I have 2 young boys 8 and 3. I'm a single parent that has a mortgage and utilities. Anything would be greatly appreciated 4630710019005%
Donna JeffersonCashapp $DonnasLove // Paypal donnaslove83@gmail.com75Hi, I appreciate this platform to ask for help. Thank you to everyone involved!
I recently paid 2 bills last week and I bought some groceries recently after my SNAP ran out and I am left with $6.40 in my account and $11 in cash that I Need to use to wash clothes but I'm letting them pile up until I can afford to wash them. I tried to sell some used books and some oil that I make but people seem to be in dire situations so I have. Ot made may money recently. I am asking for help here to get a few more essential needs. I am a single mother with no outside help other than SNAP benefits with no cash. I would be using the money to get more water, some Vitamin C pills, sanitary napkins, and bus fare.
I did not get a chance to get ANY disinfecting cleaning supplies so I would like to try to get some if I can find them. I'd also get some frozen fruit and vegetables If I can.
Georgette KirkendallVenmo:@GeorgetteK
PayPal: GeorgetteKirkendall
Chime: @Georgette-Kirkendall
750Two of my jobs are closed due to Coronavirus. I need $650 to pay rent and $100 for groceries, because I won't have much money coming in. 6066053022071%
Karey ColemanVenmo- NICOZWORLD 500I am a local queer drag performer who is affected by this because all bars and venues are shut down until the 30th and all my sources of income have been canceled6066005000%
Trevor Stopka ttstop971100I am a Uber driver full time, with everyone staying home and bars and restaurants closing down I will not be able to pay any bills, buy food or pay rent. Anything will help out a ton. Thank you!! 60175011000%
Nicholas SchwartzNicholas-Schwartz-121400I am a gig worker in the Chicago Theatre community as well as the School community who has now had 3 shows cancel runs. Due to some unfortunate circumstances outside of the pandemic I was pretty much paycheck to paycheck with no savings. This is the bare minimum I will need in order to get through the next 3 weeks. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity 6064514000100%
Mario Smith$marioinhydepark100I just found out that my job will be closed as of end of business tomorrow until March 30th. I need to reconnect my mobile phone. I cannot be without that considering the fluidity of this moment.6061601000%
Jon Ladalla@Jonathan-Ladalla1200I worked in a high profile position to stop gun violence nationally. After 2 years dealing with national trauma on a daily bases, I quit to take care of my mental health. I've been driving for Lyft while creating the space I need. This pandemic has taken out my ability to pay bills for the foreseeable future. $1200 will help me make it through the next month but any amount will help. 60618012000%
Ashleigh Lewandowski Ashleigh-lewandowski (vemmo) I also have chase quickpay200I have little to no money for food, supplies, or presciptions for my mom. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and lives in a group home that has restricted access. Since quarantined so I cannot see her. I'm hoping to have things delivered. 6063002000%
Alexandra SteenVenmo: @Ally-Steen1500My sole income comes from a restaurant job, which is gone for the foreseeable future as a result of the shutdowns. Any amount will help, really, but this is the minimum amount I need to be able to pay all bills next month. I am searching hard for any and all ways to make some sustainable income, but I fear that (with many other people doing the same) the likelihood of finding something right now is very low. 340116023%
Jennifer SmalleyJennifer-Smalley-1800With corona virus hitting us, I have not made anything the last week. And co ml ingnoff of winter, being unemployed/underemployed, I do not have any savings left. I have enough to cover rent for April, but after that I will not have anything left to pay bills fir April or any expenses for May6062508000%
Francisco Bustamante am a barber and was let go from my job this month because business has slowed down a lot more with the crisis. I am unable to pay for my basic needs and have a pet husky. Please help us. 6060805000%
Joselyn MoralesVenmo- @Jmorales-19150My parents are having a difficult time making payments for the utility bills due to the reduction of hours because of the corona virus. 6062301500%
Hana Mitchell $HanaMitchell - Cashapp 350Groceries and Utilities 6042220015057%
DayanaZelle2000I work in a hair salon. We get paid by commission. Customers are not coming in. I can't pay my mortgage and bills. 60402020000%
Jenna W.Venmo/Cashapp: jennabot500I’m a full-time sex worker who was just starting to get back on my feet after a financially depleting couple of months. I have no savings and am already behind on my rent (the amount I have listed). It now appears that my only work place will be closing through March 30, leaving me with no way to make income from it. I am looking into starting other options ASAP, but I could really use a hand to pay off my outstanding bill. 606475000100%
Catelyn$catelyn11475the corona virus is effecting me because my siblings and I need food at home606280750%
Erika Valenciana@erikavalenciana400I work in CPS schools as a contractor and my work has been canceled for at least two weeks. This would help pay my bills with the loss of wages. 6062218521546%
Toni Scott$JusticeNinja1500I am a single mother 34, and retired a 15 year career so I could go back to school and get my degree in Cybersecurity. I work in the hospitality industry. My income is how I pay my bills, rent and food for myself and my son. Students are not eligible for SNAP or food assistance. I don’t know how myself and my son will survive. 60625015000%
Anthony berrios @anthony-Berrios 600I’m a freelance audio engineer and lighting designer based in Chicago. Due to COVID-19, all venues and shows have been canceled. I really need help over these next few months to help get me by until things can come back. Thank you. 6020106000%
Semoya Samuel Cashapp: $Moya06
800I'm in need of money for groceries amongst other things. This couldn't have happened at a worst time. I never received taxes. I got a promotion at work but due to schools closing I'm now full time stay at home parent so no income coming in ANY TIME SOON...I'm just so devastated because I have kids that need to survive this, even if I don't. MY KIDS ARE MY EVERYTHING!!! 😭60504757259%
Jennifer WalkerVenmo: @jennieleewalker200I've been unemployed since January and I've been supplementing my income with Rover. My reoccurring client was going on spring break with her kids and leaving me to house and dog sit her 5 gorgeous german shepherds. Because of the scare, she cancelled it, and I'm out the $2,000 I would have made. I just need to pay my upcoming car payment until I can figure something else out.02000%
Jacob Marquis@JakeMarquis (venmo) paypal email -
Cash App: $jakesonaplane
400Professional musician, half of my bands headlining tour got cancelled including the chicago & LA shows. Bartender downtown, just got back from said cancelled tour now all the bars are closed. I have nothing. 6064704000%
LaShandaCash app: $lashandagb
1300I am a makeup artist and Uber driver. Clients have cancelled and no one will be taking Uber if everything is closed. I need help with rent which is $1300 a month. I appreciate the opportunity to apply for this. Thank you!125117510%
Gilberto Aburtocheck1500is affecting emotionally myself my job my relationship my family60618015000%
StaceyVenmo: StaceyOB73All of my clients have cancelled upcoming travel plans which means my services (dog-sitting) are no longer required. I just want to be able to afford a few inhalers for my asthma just in case I can’t get them for some reason.604560730%
Julia DiefenbachVenmo @Jules269700Hi! I am a part time daycare teacher and nanny as well as theatre director and producer. My daycare and nanny jobs have been postponed until further notice as well as my upcoming show with Midsommer Flight. As of this time I have no income coming in for the next few weeks. The total money I would have made in the next 2 weeks alone, is $820. This is to cover my bills and any food I need in the next few weeks. 6062507000%
Trix Kirkpatrick, A Move To RememberVenmo: Alottatrix2500I run a small moving company called A Move To Remember. We help folks within marginalized communities move based on a sliding scale. We have worked side-by-side with clients who have been evicted, displaced due to domestic violence, or experienced discrimination in the housing market.

I'm requesting funds in preparation for helping folks move during this crisis, with the hope to provide at least 50% off their move + free rentals (is distributing the funds to serve as many folks as possible).

Any funds would help folks who are displaced / in need of returning to home.
Justin HowellDallasBHowell - Venmo350My job will be closed for two weeks last minute and I will need assistance paying rent I have half already but will need the other. 6064003500%
Christina BedollaPaypal or Zelle: Chrisjean66@hotmail.com1000I am a single mother of a 10 year old. I clean residential homes. My clients are electing to postpone or cancel my services. My real concerns are meeting the financial requirements for food, utilities and basic needs for my son & I. 604531230-230123%
Emor sturkey Zelle info( colleges has closed down my son is at Villanova he has been told to vacate by 3/15/2020 he has to drive 12 hrs to get back home to Chicago and also make a stop in Indiana to pick up my niece who lives with me as well. My niece college has closed down Depawl . They need money for gas plus my son needed a new tire for the traveling from breaks from school and back home. This takes away money from my mortgage. But I had no choice but to get them both home and this being their last senior year of college for the both of them has became really stressful for them both. If you can’t provide with my request anything you can I would greatly consider. Thank you 04000%
Mizael MoralesCash app. $misaelmisael250Due to the Corona virus. I haven't been able to work because my son has not been attending school. I have been falling behind on my bills and groceries. I'm having anxiety just thinking how im going to get through this situation. I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.6060302500%
Christopher KylesVenmo- @chris-kyles-1
Cashapp- $ckyles13
1500I am a father of two and my partner is a stay at home mother. Due to the closings of restaurants city wide I find myself out of work as a bartender until this is all worked out. As the sole income provider for our household and a tipped employee I am asking for a bit of help staying on top of bills and supplementing a part of the income I am losing for food. Thank you.6062489160959%