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School Year 2019-2020
Summit Learning Program | English Base Curriculum
Texts and Reading Materials

Please note that the English Base Curriculum contains more projects per course than schools should teach in one school year. Teachers and school leaders must consider which projects best fit their classrooms and should not order texts or materials until they have made those decisions. To help with the project selection process, we have provided a short description of all the projects new to the English Base Curriculum in the 2019-2020 school year on the New Project Descriptions tab. You can find descriptions of the pre-existing English projects in the Base Curriculum.

Here is some helpful information in understanding this spreadsheet and how to acquire the necessary texts and materials:

We have color coded the cells in the "Main or Supplemental Text" and "How to Access" columns. This is intended to highlight which texts are essential to a project (shaded in blue) and must be acquired by the school (shaded in red).

Certain projects can be used with multiple texts or just one text. These are designated with a note under the project title. Teachers can choose to use both or just one of the texts, but Summit has curated activities and resources for both texts.

The curriculum contains a number of poems, articles, or short stories that schools must acquire. Many of these resources are available and easily accessible for free online. We recommend exploring what resources may be available online before making any purchases.

It is important to note that some texts within the Base Curriculum deal with sensitive topics and/or contain mature content. We have selected these texts with the expectation that teachers review ALL texts prior to assigning materials to students in order to determine the best fit for their student populations.

Select projects in English 4 are still under construction and the materials are subject to revision. These are denoted with a red disclaimer.

If any revisions are made to the materials listed in this tracker, they will be recorded in the Updates tab and the row within the course specific tabs will be highlighted in green.

For questions or clarifications, reach out to