Basil Downy Mildew Monitoring Records 2017
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State (or country if not in US)Date Symptoms SeenEstimated Date Symptoms StartedReporter NameReporter E-mail or other contact infoLocationField, Greenhouse, or GardenPlant and Planting SizeSeverityHow DiagnosedConfirmationAdditional Description and Comments; have you seen before?
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Alabama6/1/20175/25/17Erin Pattersonerindpatterson00@gmail.comGadsden, AlabamaContainersAfrican blue Basil - 6" high when pottedYellowish sport on top of leaves - black mildewy spots on bottomsYour websiteconfirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrathI was pretty confident myself - Sent photos to a large plant ID group on facebook and everyone there was in agreement
Arkansas8/3/20178/2/2017Jeff Fayetteville, ARGarden4 (1 in pot, 3 in ground), 3ft tall from seed; Park, Nufar Hybrid; Source: USASymptoms just started to appear on a few leaves.Had disease for several years. Positive ID last year by M. McGrathConfident
BC Canadasummer 2015Karen Brandsonwyndson@shaw.caAbbotsford BCgardenGenovese basil, sewn from seed (Stokes) 3' x15' bedgtotal bed affected after taking two cuttings
BelizeNovember 10November 1Johnathan Cantonjohnathancanton@gmail.comBoston VillageMarket GardenAbout 300 plants, all from seed purchased from Johnny's Selected Seeds. Varieties: Dolly, Red RubinAll Dolly plants are affected about 150 plants, only about 50% of Red Rubin are affected ~75 plantsweb siteconfidentStarted growing basil commercially this year. During our dry season we had no problems, but during the rainy season, we began to notice symptoms. Don't know the extent to which this disease is present in Belize.
CaliforniaJuly 2017probably earlier this monthP. LinNewport Beach, CAgarden boxintermediate/heavy - leaves were mostly still green but all contained black spores on undersideinternetunconfirmedfirst time planting basil, planted grocery store bought live basil (Whole Foods)
Connecticut5/20/175/18/17Cherise I.Clinton, CTstill in plastic planter cells. purched 5/14. Looked clean when purchased. 5 to 7 inch Sweet Basil.Found on all 4 6 packs I purchased.Lost EVERYTHING in past. 18+ plants in 2014, 15, 16. This year disposed of infected plants before planting & will try again.Only found out this year what it was online from descriptions & info.No but I'm confident of what it is.I ONLY plant in large planters on my deck. Had same problem for past 3 years but on full grown plants around Aug. Wipes out ALL Basil. Never seen before. been growing Sweet Basil for 22 years. Mother in Law had same problem in 2014. Lives in East Haven CT.
CONNECTICUT8/2/178/2/17TANYA KELLYtfkelly32@aol.comGreenwich , CTgardenGenovese & Thai Basil
all plants in garden infected, container grown not infected yet
internetConfirmationThis is the 3rd year in a row that my outdoor basil has been infected. All plants start out fine but must have gotten infection from windblown spores? Plants inside are not affected.
ConnecticutAugust 15, 2017mid-AugustWyn Lydeckerupstartwyn@gmail.comDarien, CTGarden2 sweet basil, 2 mammoth basil, 2 genovese from seed started indoors, were thriving and suddenly started wilting. All seeds were from Burpee.100% infected. Mammoth was last to become infected.your web site
compared to photos.
I've been noticing this problem for the past 4 years. I have tried different types of plants and rotating crops. The plants are thriving, and suddenly become gray and start to wilt and drop leaves. When picked leaves that were beginning to wilt, I noticed the gray mildew on the bottoms of the leaves and washed it off. I ate the basil, hoping it would not hurt me. Previously, I always had excellent results growing basil - over 25 years.
ConnecticutAug. 15,2017Aug. 18, 2017J.Underwoodunderwood60@sbcglobal.netNew Haven, CTGardenLettuce leaf basil variety started from seed, affected plants fully mature...12-18" tall.severe. plants pulledand disposed.previous experience from last 2 yearsconfidentPlants grew vigorously all season up to now. Surprised it didn't hit sooner, however, thought I could avoid by starting from seed. Problems previous years as well in many community gardens.
ConnecticutAugust 24, 2017Aug 20-24Melody Wrightpleasantvalleybotanicals@gmail.comPleasant Valley CT (Barkhamsted)farmletGenovese, raised beds with total of approx 50 plants totalmild, only a two of 10 raised beds had affected plants at first observationphotos to two different reliable ag sources
confirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrath
working on a research project (Part of SARE program) looking at BDM, will have ongoing evaluation of test plots w different treatments. feel free to email if you are interested in results (late fall 2017)
Connecticut Aug. 15,2017Aug. 10,2017B. Menafra3mrbill3@att.comEast Granby Garden Not sure of variety, plant was a gift. 1 mature 24 in. PlantPlant was 90% covered Internet and info from garden center Confident Plant was a gift 3 months ago and exhibited no signs until about 8/10/17
Delaware7/26/17Late JulyDave S.saundeda@comcast.netDoverGarden18" plants started from seed.30% of plants exhibit Internet researchconfirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrath4X8 bed started year with garbanzo beans which failed, transplanted starts from seeds started in outdoor pots. plants grew vigorously and looked fine but very quickly showed signs of disease
DelawareEarly AugustEarly August  M.Denhamhilohattie7@msn.comMiddletownGarden & potsAsstd. varieties and sizesAs of 8/18/17, all plants are no longer usableFirst had this problem 4 years ago so always on lookout for the mildew on underside of leaves. 
Checked on internet.
This year I planted in beds or pots in 4 different areas of front and back yard.  Still got mildew on all plants regardless of location.  First had this problem 4 years ago but ever found info on downy mildew.  4 years ago one article I found blamed problem on "white flies" but see now this was not correct.  I pick and freeze a lot of basil asap when plants are big enough but really miss fresh basil.  Just started 2 new pots from seed to see if I can get more usable plants before cold weather arrives.  Thank you for the very good article. 
Florida2/17/17?Steve LongshoreStevecmc@cfl.rr.comClermont, FLGardenBasil Aroma II, seedlingsTotal infectionPhotosNot yet
Florida03/08/17?Karina Ohepkipooh@gmail.comWeston, FLPotted basilMother plant, plus seedlingsTotal infectionPhotosNot yetNever seen, suspected when planted seeds and seedlings are having same symptoms
Florida3/11/173/9/17Traci AndersonTracia@rosesandherbs.comEustis, FlGreenhouse4" pots in trays of 15
lightscoutingconfirmed by M McGrathCommercial potted herb production. yes we've seen it before unfortunately.
Florida3/17/17?Michael Turtoramjturtora@gmail.comTampa, FLOutdoor Pots5 to 7 inch plants in 3 inch pots from Home Depot; Florida NurserySevere, now even small leavesYour web siteconfirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrath.Just confimed it's downy mildew from your pictures/description but: saw it on plants for sale last week at Home Depot in Tampa from Florida nursery... so they are spreading it.
Florida3/19/173/14/17Bre Blairindicattiva@gmail.comPalm Coast, FLPotted On Patio12" Sweet BasilTotal InfectionPhotosNot YetNever seen before, bought potted basil at grocer was beautiful and grew half a foot before turning yellow and growing fungus
Florida3/20/173/15/17Victoria Tanzmantanzwoman@mac.comCape Coral, FLpotted on patiosweet basilheavy infectionphotosNot yetThink I saw it on Thai basil in garden in NY
Florida3/25/173/15/17P. Youngrpmyoung@tampabay.rr.comTampa, FLPotted from Grocery StoreSweet Basilheavy infectionPhotosNot yetThis has only become a issue with my basil. Have it in large pot outside.
Florida3/31/173/25/2017Shouan Zhangszhang0007@ufl.eduHomestead, FLField6-8" Sweet Basil5%Chlorosis on upper side, and massive black stuff on bottom side of infected leavesYes-established reporter
Florida4/2/173/24/17D Malfmalf3d@gmail.comVero Beach, FLPotted from Grocery StoreSweet BasilTotal InfectionPhotos confirmed by M McGrathHave a Horticultural Degree. Definite Diagnosis. May have been brought in by newly purchased basil plant Purchased at Grocery Store or other plants purchased at Wallyworld. Underside of most leaves covered in black mold. I'm Heartbroken. Fear of spreading to other plants potted and in ground.
Florida5/14/1705/10/17 (just a guess) if symptoms were present prior to diagnosis they were mistaken for light overspray from chlorinated pool. Kids have been swimming lately.Richard Garrongarronteedhw@gmail.comOrlando, FLPotted inside screened pool enclosureCinnamon basil about 30" tall, sweet basil and purple basil about 10" tall, all in same 14" pot. Cinnamon: 75% of plant significantly effected, Sweet: about half of plant lightly effected, Purple: no effect seen yetonline research after finding. Not familiar with downy mildw prior to noticing symptoms:tops of leaves are slightly yellowed, bottoms have light to moderate dusting of dark spores. tops of leaves are slightly yellowed, bottoms have light to moderate dusting of dark spores.confirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrathAll three plants purchased from Home Deport (Bonnie) and planted using about 10 parts "Kellog Organic All Natural Garden Soil", 4 parts "Miracle-Gro Potting Mix", two parts "Earthgro Cow Manure And Organic Compost", and one part "Miracle-Gro Perlite". Planted in late April. Watered about every other other day, mid-day, mostly at base level, but onece or twice watered from above. Day before diagnosis they were watered in the late morning, overcast all day and we had heavy showers in the afternoon.
Florida5/23/17unsureKimberly Ballardkballard2@nc.rr.comOrlando, FLgarden18" sweet basil plants x 2heavy infectionOnline research. Yellow leaves, spores on underside
Florida6/4/176/1/17Joshua Rotenbergjoshua.rotenberg@gmail.comMargate, FL (Ft. Lauderdale)Garden2 Sweet basil plants - 24" plants bought at fresh market 4 months ago at 8"Very Healthy and producing huge leavesgoogleconfirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrath
Florida6/4/20175/29/2017Jerry Rushegjrushe@gmail.comCantonment, FLPotted on patio8" to 12" Sweet Basil
FloridaAugust 17thEarly August?
J.Lewisjlprintz@mail.comDeLandgarden, mushroom mulch, pinestrawsweet basil started in pots, transferred to outside garden in June, healthy vigorous growth (12-15" tall) until recentlyonly a few "new" leaves seem unaffectedinternet search
physical description and photos online match condition of leaves
90 degree weather, frequent heavy rain
FloridaAugust 25, 2017Early AugustIan Berhythmelement@gmail.comPensacola, FLGardenBasil from PUBLIX, planted in walmart potting soilextremegoogleaffirmativetoo much rain, not enough pruning. dang.
FloridaDec 10, 201711/10/17Aniela Anielamcguinness@gmail.comHollywood Garden2 purple basil plants 16 inches tall and 2 sweet basilGoogleConfident
Georgia5/10/175/5/17Elise M.emasciant@gmail.comRome, GAGarden (grown in container first indoors, then outdoors)Sweet Basil from Publix produce section, about 20"Light infection so farYour web siteNo but confidentHad it last year as well- probably happens because I start trying to grow it outdoors too early in the spring when it's rainy and chillier. However, didn't have downy mildew until after I had to spray insecticidal soap for aphids about a month ago.
Georgia5/29/175/20/17Beth Adamsadamse@saintschool.comSavannah, GAraised beds5 to 7 inch plants in 3 inch pots from Home Depot
GeorgiaJuly 30, 2017mid JulyV Rutledge706-378-4092RomeGarden4 sweet basil plants, 36"highsevere with yellow leaves black spotsthis websiteconfidentWe grow sweet basil every year and never had this problem until now. The Thai and cinnamon basil are not exhibiting symptoms. We usually just buy sweet basil plants from local garden centers but this year, in addition to that, I threw a packet of basil seeds from one of the garden centers in the plot and my son planted a live basil plant from Kroger too. I'm not sure which ones were contaminated.
Georgia8/17/2017early AugustBill Andrewsolagreensfarm@gmail.comMcDonough, GAGreenhouseGenoveses basil started from seedsevereThis site and internet search
matched description/photos
All plants at all stages growing well. Noticed leaves falling and some slight discoloration. Then noticed the powdery mildew on the underside of leaves across all growth stages and varieties.
GeorgiaEnd of JulyJulyCindy Osborneiowacindy1@gmail.comClarkstonpots on back patio table under umbrella for shelter from sun4 plants in one pot purchased from Home Depot in May and transplanted into two plastic 7" pots. Started noticing grey back leaves and grey spots on leaves. I removed leaves, but now taken over.Google Search
confirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrath
Very slow growing start; grew from 8" plants to 16" heathly plants to gradually having grey backs on leaves and 1/4" grey spots and dropping leaves; now tiny leaf bare stems ready to throw away. Atlanta has had lots of rain this year. This is my first time growing basil.
GeorgiaSept 15, 2017 late AugustGale Scottagalescott@gmail.comAtlanta, GARaised bed garden2 sweet basil plants purchased at Lowes in May Started in late summer and really got bad after several days of heavy rain thanks to Hurricane IrmaHalf of plant is yellow or showing browned spotsVisual comparison of website pictures and close observation of underside of leavesConfident
IndianaAug. 18, 2017Aug. 11., 2017Liz Maynardemaynard@purdue.eduWanatahField30 ft. of row, 30 plants, sentinel plot12 - 25%sporulation observed on underside of leavesconfiedentyes.
Iowalate Julylate JulyLisa AbramsonLSAbramson@gmail.comCedar Rapids, IAgarden and house3 Bonnie brand plants from local box store, repotted moderateInternet searchmatches photos
First year I have noticed this, but past few years would have harvested all my basil earlier once the Japanese beetles have discovered it. This year, I brought my potted plants inside early to mid-July in front of southern window (have central air conditioning) to wait out the beetles. First saw yellowing/bronzing toward end of July, as well as low leaves affected, strange for sunburn. Did web search, and was able to confirm spores on under surface of leaves. Plants back outside now, mid-August, in sun for a week, where condition remains the same.
Kentucky6/16/20176/10/2017Sarah Nicelylowes@berea.eduBerea, KYGarden 90% infectedWebConfident, Possible confirming with an extention agent
Kentucky8/1C.J. CookBowling Green, KYhome gardenSiam and Genovese Basil, Adult plants starting to bloom Lots of the plants are volunteer. Some were purchased. Basil most heavily harvested and diseased was purchased from Kroger in produce sectionBlack spores on underside of most new growth on younger plants. Some yellowing.3 Oldest plants all from Kroger produce section and most heavily harvested were lost.This wed site
too obvious to need confirmation
Summer has been cooler and with more consistant rain. All plants except the one that was heavily harvested look healthy until you notice the black powder on the underside of the leaves.
Louisiana4/12/173/3/2017P Pitzeraccents@yahoo.comHammond, LAGardenLettuce leaf basil 500 pleantstotal infectionphotosmy neighbor I and grow beds of baisl for 8 years and have never had this problem. However I planted another vaiety of basil, the Mamoth Leaf and it hin the same area and this variety has shown no symptoms. I am a certified master gardener. Isuspect the variety or seed source
Louisiana5/14/175/5/17Amber Moranambermizellmoran@gmail.comBaton Rouge, LAGardenSweet Basil, Thai Basil, Lemon Basilheavy infectionphotosnopurchased basil from school fair; other basil from my seed collection has not yet been infected. I recall past years of infection on sweet basil purchased from Trader Joes (now that I have identified)
Louisiana06/06/17within the past weekRoberta Gallegosmrg2002@cox.netMarrero, LAGarden36" - Sweet Basil (2 plants bought from Home Depot/Bonnie Plants 2 1/2 months ago)Total infection - Plant was looking really good, then we had 9 days of rain and the mold was noticed the last rainy day. Plants were removed from garden.your webstieconfidentNever heard or seen it before. I have a new basil plant every year and this is the first time I see it happen.
Louisiana6/6/176/1/17Greta Coronagretacorona@cox.netBaton Rouge, LAgarden24" sweet basiltotal infection - Plant was looking really good, then suddenly over just a couple of days the plant was covered.your webstieconfidentnever seen or heard of it before. I have other basil plants one of whom has been infected in the past couple of days. We have had an unusual amount of rain in the past couple of weeks
Louisiana7/18/20177/14/2017Chelsea Couchchelsea.c.couch@gmail.comNew OrleansContainer on balconey3 plants, 12" tallAll plants infected, still alive but lots of yellowing and lost leavesinternet research
Not confirmed but it seems likely
I bought the plants at about 8 inches, on July 1. I replanted July 6 and they grew rapidly for a week. I noticed the spores on the underside of the leaves but thought it was just dirt. We had a long period of rain and it is extemely humid. They were Bonnie plants, purchased at a local store.
MaineSept. 17,2017Sept. 10-15Jen Joaquinjenjoaquin@ymail.comSouth Portland, Mainegarden and high tunnelGenovese, 6 large clumps spread through garden. 3 of the 6 I bagged and pulled up today. Remaining 3 no signs yet but will probably harvest in next couple of days preemtively. mild, harvested infected plants immediately. 3rd or 4th year in a row with what I call the "Basil Plague". Unfortunately all too familiar with this.ConfidentHave had this problem, as mentioned, for 3 or 4 years. As soon as it's spotted I pull up plants and make pesto with what is salvagable. I bag the plants and bring them inside for trimming, throwing diseased parts away (not in the compost)
MarylandJuly 2016end of JulyHampsonseaspyder99@gmail.com208952nd floor deck10 plants GenoveseSevere, all plants heavily infested -- total loss internet searchcomparison of plant to your photosperhaps a little in 2015
Maryland5/28/175/20/17Susie Collinscollins.susie@gmail.comAnnapolis, MDcontainer 1 sweet basil plant 8 inches at purchaseslow growth but then grew large leavesthis website and google confidentnever heard of it or seen before
Maryland6/1/175/25/17P. V. Kellypvkelly@verizon.netFort Washington, Mdcontainers6 Sweet Basil plants, healthy, purchased in 4 cell containers from MOM'sCool, rainy weather compromised growth; then noted dark powder on underside of leaves and a kind of "scorched" appearance on the top side. Plants stopped growing.your excellent websiteconfidentThank you.
Maryland7/15/17just noticed week agoJane Walkerjane.walker5@gmail.comEllicott City, MDcontainer on patio12" plants in 8 inch pot Bought from Frank's in LaurelTotal infection on the whole potinternetvery confident Never experienced before
Maryland7/30/177/24Bob N.az1za2dm3@yahoo.comClarksvilleGardenCut large "bouquet" about 7/23 and saw no symptomsSymptoms grow worse daily.Had basil mildew problem last year too.ConfidentThis was a gift plant started from seed by another gardener. I started "resistant" Eleonora from seed and it, just 3 feet way, so far is unaffected. Will take photos & send if you request.
Maryland8/12/2017week priorMartin Livezeymalivezey@gmail.comKensington, MDGarden18" high plants started at about 6"Plants are coveredMicroscopic confirmation
very confident, fuzzy grey sporulation on undersides of each leaf, confirmed with stereo and compound microscope
Never seen before
MarylandAug 13 2017Aug 13 2017hampsonseaspyder99@gmail.com208952nd floor deck10 plants, mildew resistant thai Gen crossSevere, overnight bottom 2/3 plants yellowed 3/4 lossexperience (last year)comparison of plant to your photoslots of rain yesterday. This AM yellowing was widespread on bottom half of plants. Underside confirmed downly mildew. Growing mildew resistant Nufar hybrid (Park seed).- clearly ineffective
Maryland8/13/20178/11/2017Barnaby Bristolbarnaby.bristol@verizon.netSilver Spring Garden~36 plants, 12"-18" tall. Genovese and large leaf ruffled.Severe and sudden. ~ dense black spore presentation on leaf undersides. Leaf yellowing just beginning.internet search - this website.
Photo confirmation by Margaret Tuttle McGrath.
Frequent rain the past 7-14 days. Suspect milder infestations in 2014 & 2015.
Maryland8/18/178/15/17Kate Evertskeverts@umd.eduSalisbury MDFieldSentinel plot10%disecting scope/no incubation
Yes-established reporter
Maryland Aug 3, 2017Late July Bruce GBruceg.shared@gmail.comBurtonsville, MDGarden and planter12 genovese, 30-35"Severe, all plants heavily infested -- total loss After just a few days since harvesting, I noticed widespread yellowing and dropped leaves. Quick search led me to various sites confirming my suspicions.confirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrathAll plants grown from seed, first infestation on the property
Massachusetts7/2016?Ken Hassinkbub@aux.umass.eduHadley,Mass.Garden6-8" Sweet BasilTotal infectionYour web siteNoFirst sighting in 30 years of gardening within a 10 mile radius. Holy Basil planted next to the Sweet Basil was not affected.
Massachusetts6/15/17Early June 2017. 1st time gardener here----mistook symptoms as overwatering due to yellowing of leavesDonna-Lee Knuerrdknuerr@gmail.comOrlando, FLPatio gardensweet basil, from seed (generic brand from walmart). Noticed issue when plants were about 4-6" tall. Affected 12 plants, planted in containers (windowbox and smaller cells). Started at base, spread to large leaves, full infection after several weeks of intial realization that disease was downy mildew and not a symptom of overwatering.Researched online, visual identification of black-furry fungus on underside of leaves, yellowing tinge of sick leaves, and eventually brown spots appearing on otherwise healthy looking leaves.not formally confirmed, but the appearance of the "fungus" is tell-tale and does not compare to other types of fungus commonly affecting gardens, when comparing photos online to my infected plants.1st time gardener here, so this was new to seedlings grew quickly and got large and leafy, but started to yellow after a few weeks outside. I became concerned I was overwatering due to yellowing leaves and brown (dry) looking round patches/spots, but soon came to discover the underside of the leaves were covered in a fine black fur upon closer inspection one day. None of my other plants I have grown from seed (cayenne peppers and indeterminate cherry tomatos) are exhibiting problems, and all were planted in the same time (in seperate containers) back in May. All plants shared the same humid, covered/screened enclosure, outside (meaning, I water my plants, and keep them out of the direct rain and under shelter, but still exposed to the extreme humidity). Once I realized the situation, I tried to save the basil as many plants appeared otherwise very healthy and I did not want to sacrifice a plant that might rebound from the disease. I gave them a wipe down to remove the mildew my eyes could see, and then used "Serenade Disease Control" spray, and added a fan to try to improve air circulation and keep the humidity down (leaves dry), but it did not extend the quality of life for my dear plants much more than a few days before the fur reappeared. I ended up destroying the plants, and using the Serenade spray as a hopeful preventative measure for any other plants on my patio that may be exposed to the spores still floating around. Hoping my other plants are not as susceptible as that basil... ////As if July 4th, I bought pre-grown basil from Publix, and I am keeping that INDOORS. So far, so good, no health issues...yet...
MassachusettsJuly 2017July 2017Margaret Zeitounymzeitouny@yahoo.comWalthamPotted on patio3 continers basil plants, 4 plants per containerall plants internet research
Massachusetts7/20/177/18/17Joshches.west@comcast.netSpringfieldGardenPlants probably 18"-24". Purchased as seedlings from reputable nursery.Bad. And very fast. One day I thought there might be dirt on the leaves from rain, the next day clearly riddled with BDM.See above or previous cell.We've had it every year for the last three years right around this time. Plants perfect one day, suddenly ill and riddled the next. We have some plants in a pot with a rosemary plant and a tomato plant--so far those are ok but I suspect that won't last long.
MassachusettsJuly 26July 20Andyandy_radin@uri.eduDartmouthField200 foot rows, 24"Scattered to widespreadProfessional ID
Yes-established reporter
Have seen often in past seasons; large leaf basil; hard to see on leaf tops- yellowing indistinct, but undersides with obvious sporulation
Massachusetts8/1/178/1/17Liz Christmannlizchristmann@gmail.comPlymptongarden36" plants 2'apartblack "dirt" underside of leaveslost plants last year, local farmer told me about itconfidentbought plants from local farm that they grew from seed in the greenhouse, first had this problem last year
MassachusettsAugust 29, 2017Aug 24-28Debby Gabrielsondagdjh@gmail.comWayland, MAPot on deckAurelia Bolognese Basil. Planted from seeds packed for 2015. 7 Plants in 10" pot.Moderate. About 1/3 of leaves are currently affected.This is the third year it has happened. I found the description today on this and other websites.
confirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrath
This is the third year in a row this has happened. Basil grows beautifully and then suddenly, the leaves begin turning yellow. Underside is dusted with dark grey stuff that looks like fungus. Usually within a week or 2, they are all dead.
Mexico, Yucatan27/07/2017few days agoB jedamzikbiancajedamzik@web.deIzamal yucatangreenhouseca. 18" started from seedSevereinternet researchConfidentFirst time seen, have also other basil plants ( ocimum basilicum) which has no signs of disease. as it is rainy season in Yucatan the climate is very warm an humid. do not know how to combate as they are in an aquaponic system and do not know which organic application will be tolerated by the fishes ?
MissouriSeptember 12, 2017Sept 8-11Zelalem Mershamershaz@lincolnu.eduJefferson city, MOField, Sentinel Plot5 plants out of a total of 12 plants, on each ~ 15% severityvisual and checked microscopicallyEstablished reporter
New Hampshiresummer 2016Joe Ajoe@theadrigolas.comLaconia garden4devastationwebbought Bonnie brand this year and infected all basil plants, Lowes was selling infected bonnie brand
New Jersey5/31/175/28/17Ken Nankervissafariki@mac.comFreehold NJGarden (grown in container first indoors, then outdoors)4 to 6 inch purchased at Cachiesio nursery NJ
New JerseyJune 20175/15/17Leigh Dabigaileigh2001@yahoo.comEast Hanover, NJContainers on deck near house.One Flat of 6" tall Sweet Basil plants.Total infection, dealth, removal.InternetConfidentPurchased plants at Home Depot. First time any infected basil seen on our property.
New JerseyJuly 2017end of JuneC. Pungellompungello@gmail.comWest Windsorgarden pots12 sweet basil plants, 4" when plantedtotal lossprevious experience and compared to websiteconfidentThis is the third year my plants have been effected. Each year, in the spring, I have dumped the old soil and scrubbed my pots with a mild bleach solution before putting in new soil. I usually get 3 different types of beetles attacking my basil. I cover the basil with baby stroller netting. While this saves the basil from being eaten, I'm wondering if it inhibits air flow, creating a better environment for the mildew.
New JerseyJuly 27 2017July 24, 2017Vincebakerv@verizon.netBasking Ridgegarden24" plants, 50 plants total23 plants infectedinternet searchconfidentLost crop last year, didn't know why, assume same cause as BMD this year. Harvested all remaining crop not affected
New JerseyJuly 27, 2017July 24, 2017Maisa maisa.c.taha@gmail.comMontclairRecently repotted on patio19 plants, 4-8" tallAll infectedinternet researchconfidentPlants purchased from grocery store week of 7/16/17
New JerseyAug 11 2017week priorTara Wtaraw2011@gmail.com70061st floor deck in raised planter3 10" tall basil plants in 2'x3' bedsevere, removed all plants and put in bagresearch
comparison of plant to your photos. will send photos to confirm
This is the first year I've seen this problem. Plants were healthy since June and then the mildew came out of nowhere. Bought plants from Fairfield Gardens. The plants were sharing bed with sage and italian parsley. The sage had some powdery mildew from a lot of rain and thick foliage but with pruning was able to control. Once I noticed a few browning and wilted leaves on basil it took about a week for entire basil plants to be covered.
New JerseyMid AugustMid augustKrati Pachorieatlocal7@gmail.comBedminster FieldGenoveses basil started from seedModerateInternet searchMatches descriptionNot seen before. Growing basil on s new land that was not farmed before. Too much rain here. Rains every 8-9 days. Clay soil. Growing basil for market and downy mildew severely affects basil sales.
New JersySept 11, 2017August 2017Margaret LaBattagliamargaret1468@gmail.comJersey City, NJPatio Garden(2) Bonnie Sweet Basil small potted plants purchased at Home Depot in May. Plants thrived and about 2 ft tall when this started.most leaves effected and plants appear to be dyingmultiple web sites
confirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrath
First time gardener, planted in May and very pleased with yield from my plants. I went to Ireland the first week in August and came home to find my tomato plant infected with powdery mildew. Treated with baking soda, oil, detergent, water home remedy and lost a lot of vines but still some yield, Adjacent rosemary, basil, and pepper plants were fine and no signs of problems. Went away for 5 days at beginning of September and came home to find basil affected by the downy mildew. Are these mildews related? Is it safe to eat tomatos and good basil leaves produced? Emailed photos.
New York6/12/176/6/17Linda Svobodaljs322@cornell.eduBinghamton,NYveg. garden herb tower8 -12" sweet basil50% infectionyour webstieconfident but sending photosalso experienced it in 2015. Extreme wet, cool weather for the week of 6/5/17
New York7/5/17Meg Torreymjtorrey@optonline.netNyack, NYRecently potted8-12" sweet basil -purchases from Shoprite 2 weeks ago1/2 of large potted affected-tossed allprior experience in 2015 - rapid change, with fungus visible under leavesconfidentExperienced this before. I have basil in a bed that so far is fine- this was a pot
New York7/7/17just noticedJ. Washingtonville, NYcontainer on patio8-12" sweet basil pruchased from shoprite about 2 weeks agowhole pot infectedinternetconfident never had before
New York7/10/177/5/17Rob Rodriguezrob.vhf@gmail.comOrangeburg NYgarden1 gallon pots 16 inch plantsTotal infection on 12 out of 50 potsprior experience very confident 3rd year we've had this problem at garden center ,always first week of July
New York7/12/17UnsureJennifer C.jrc439@cornell.eduEast MeadowGarden12"Very severe infectionSpoke and sent pictures to M. McGrathvery confident
New YorkAugust 4, 20178/4. No symptoms found when looked on 7/31.Meg McGrathmtm3@cornell.eduRiverheadsentinel plot2 rows with 20 plants spaced 24-in apart. Genovese. Plants at least 12-in tall; transplanted 7/13.Very severe on 8/21, hard to find un-affected leaves, most leaves yellowish, severely affected ones yellow - brown and dropping.spores visibleEstablished reporterBDM has been occurring in this area every year since 2008. When symptoms were first seen in this sentinel plot, some farmers nearby reported first seeing BDM in their crops. No BDM developed through October on potted plants at my home in Wading River which I brought inside over night and on rainy days when conditions were favorable for infection (high humidity).
New YorkAugust 5, 2017Early AugustJ. Rotellajoseph_rotella@yahoo.comPlainviewGarden, Planters12 sweet basil plants, 28" highsevere, black spores underneath top leaves of plantssecond occuranceconfidentFor the past two years, around the same time of year, my basil crop has become infected with the mildew. Last year, it was planted in a garden near cucumbers that had a similar disease. This year, I decided to move the basil to planters hoping that would prevent the occurance of the disease, but no luck. I purchace my plants from Hick Nursery in Westbury, and last year I purchaced a second batch to replace my first from a local nursery in Hicksville.
New YorkAugust 15, 2017Mid AugustR. Xerrirxerri@hotmail.comOceansideGardenSweet BasilHad to be destroyedSeen last few yearsDiefinitely
new yorkAugust 17thaugust 10tha hackneygrowisdom37@gmail.comellenvillefieldsweet basilnot sellableinternet searchYesLots of my other basil varities are okay. The weather has been rain and more rain. cold nights.
New Yorklate Julylate JulyGail Fellgailhfell@gmail.comRye Brook, NYgarden4" plants transplanted to garden in Mayseverethis sitematches photosyes, last year saw it in a few plants but didn't know what it was!
New YorkSept 2017late JulyJudy Bernstein Bunzljudybernsteinbunzl@me.comRiverdale, NYGardenSweet Basil, grown from seed,severthis siteyeshappened 2015, not 2016. browning leaves, dark spores underneath. I have been away since early July so not sure when it started
New YorkAug. 24, 2017one week agoA. Gassnerhohumbeach@yahoo.comEast PatchogueGarden4 sweet basil plants - 15"50% infectedinternet searchconfidentThis is my first year growing my own garden - growing sweet basil. I noticed leaves were yellow, turned over leaves and saw black mold
New YorkSeptember 2, 2017early AugustLeslie Engelleslie.r.engel@gmail.comBrooklyn, NYPotted on patio3 sweet basil plants, purchased from vendor at Grand Army Plaza green marketall plants infected and diedgoogled for photos of basil pests and found this siteconfidentI grow basil every year, and this is the first year I've seen this problem. The plants were robust and then i noticed some yellowing and leaf drop, which rapidly accelerated with wet weather, until the plants were destroyed.
North Carolina10/2/201710/2/17Lynn Goldhammerlagoldhammer@aol.comPinehurst, NCContainersSweet BasilJust noticed today when going to make pestosearched on line for "black fuzz on basil"ConfidentThe basil leaves I'm seeing this on are ones I planted from seed. The plants seemed fine until this week - but may have existed longer. I'm about to make a pesto and have since pulled out any infected looking leaves. Maybe I should bag the whole batch. I have mostly clean cow manure in my planters (similar to Black Kow). Don't know if that could have an impact... Don't seem to see as much of it in planters that contain other herbs (mint, oregano and thyme). Perhaps I'll mix them into each pot next year. In case interested... I freeze pesto in ice cube trays so I can just pull out a cube in the winter when a recipe calls for fresh basil - saves money all year...
North Carolina5/31/175/30/17Elise Magnermagners@windstream.netCharlotte, ncjust purchase, getting ready to pot4" pot purchased at Walmart - Bonnie Plantsbought 2 plants, one is pretty severe, other is just startingYour web siteFirst noticed at end of season last year
North CarolinaJuly 2017June 2017Craig LeHoulliernctomatoman@gmail.comRaleighGarden - bed, pots, several locationsTwo 10 foot rows, plants 8 inches apart, and 12 inch diameter pots with 3 plantsworked from bottom up - attacked very quickly, plants are a total loss/dead. First time ever - long time (35 plus year) gardenerinternet research, discussions with gardening friends on FB and via email
reasonably confident
Never saw this before. Always grow basil successfully. Basil started from seeds purchased from seed companies over past 5 years - Genovese strain of basil, but lost an African Blue plant as well. As an aside - ALL of my pepper plants - many different types - seem to have bacterial spot (stunted growth, water soaked areas on foliage, foliage drop, brown areas on leaves). I've never experienced this before, and have grown peppers extensively in containers here for decades. This is something new for sure - at least in my experience. Peppers are always no-brainer easy for me.
North Carolina7/21/20177/15/2017LukeChapel Hillrasied beds12 plants 2 1/2 feet talltotal lossinternetconfidentseed for this years crop unknow company most likley burpee Genovese basil, sewn from seed Never seen before, came on very fast total loss in a few days removed all plants when diagnosed ( perfect match to pictures)
North Carolina8/15/17Butlerscbutler@ncsu.eduWake County, NChome garden15%medium severityNCSU Plant Clinicmicroscopicfrequent thunder showers
North CarolinaOctober 10October 1C Kramercynkramer@live.comMocksvilleGardenBasil - transplants now full grown2nd rotated basil crop this season. Prev. row crop was scallionsweb site
Ohio5/3/175/2/17Sally Miller/Nancy Taylormiller.769@osu.eduOHGreenhouseNursery 4,000 plants50%PhotosYes-by Taylor
Ohio6.30/2017Nancy J. Taylortaylor.8@osu.eduWestervilleHoop Housecommercial, affected plants not knownStereoscopeconfidentC. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic
OklahomaAug 6, 2017mid JulyLinda C. lindakat@sbcglobal.netTulsa, OKGarden & 1pot10 Genovese basil, 25-30 "Severe. Slowly a total loss w/ yellow willted leaves. Stopped producing new leaves last month. Noticed this in 2016. Worse this year. Searched internet.This website had perfect description of disease symtoms on my plants.
Confirmed by photos
Milder case last year. Deadly this year. Maybe not related, but I, too, have had problems with my peppers for several years, with similar looking symptoms. Basil & hot peppers have always been great for a "lazy gardener" until now!
Pennsylvania6/30/17Mid-JuneRichard Lytlerichardlytle@live.comPaoliGarden16-20" plants, started from seedSevereInternet researchconfirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrathHave never seen before.  Originally was not sure what it was so I applied a copper fungicide spray, which did nothing.  Plants died.  These were plants I had started from seed early in the spring.  I replaced those with store-bought plants, which I noticed today have also now been afflicted.  That's when I turned to the internet to research.
Pennsylvania7/18/17noticed todayChristina Vcevuono@gmail.comPhiladelphiagardensweet basil, about 36 inches, grown from seedolder leaves at base of plantonlineconfirmed by sending photographs to MT McGrathdestroyed my crop last year
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