2018-19 RPEO COMP
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Purpose and Work Streams 2018-19
Research & Program Evaluation Office
The Research & Program Evaluation Office provides high-quality analysis and reporting designed to support continuous improvement at all levels and strategic planning around district priorities.Department Manager
Bo McCready
Data Point Person
Grady Brown
Major Work Streams
Central Office Measures of PerformanceRPEO staff releases COMP tools; COMP department leads work with their staff to develop content with RPEO support as needed; RPEO staff review COMPs and work with district leadership to finalize; RPEO staff map priority projects to Strategic Framework next steps; RPEO staff post final COMPs to website; Executive Director and Chief of Staff conduct mid-year and end-of-year COMP reviews with department leadsAmanda Jeppson
External Research Committee reviewResearchers submit proposals online, initial review by RPEO staff and assignment of liaison, committee reviews request, Assistant Superintendents and relevant department leadership review ERC recommendation, notification to researchers of approval/denial/table/needed modifications, background/criminal record checks conducted by HR, final approval granted to researcher by RPEO staff, researcher begins work with the school or districtAmanda Jeppson
Toolkit & District Resource maintenanceFor new toolkits/resources: RPEO staff receive request for new toolkit content; RPEO staff support content area experts in developing outline for toolkit; content area experts produce content for toolkit; RPEO supports organization and online presence of content
For existing toolkits/resources: RPEO staff review content annually, including requests for new content; RPEO staff update toolkit content; RPEO staff coordinate communication of changes as needed
Amanda Jeppson
Evaluation and Review Cycle
RPEO staff develop evaluation cycle for district's major plans; RPEO staff meet with plan staff and/or district leadership to determine scope and research questions in accordance with evaluation cycle; RPEO staff develop evaluation plans in collaboration with plan leaders; RPEO staff conduct analysis and prepare evaluation reports (internally evaluated plans); RPEO staff present report to plan staff and/or district leadership; RPEO staff support RFP and data provision process (externally evaluated plans); RPEO staff produce data and support narrative for annual monitoring updates for major plansBo McCready
Internal and external data requestsExecutive Director, Director, or RPEO staff reviews or receives data request; Director assigns request to RPEO staff (creation of datasets or generation of data), staff pulls data, staff provides requester with data, RPEO staff updates request trackerBo McCready
Standard and ad hoc reportsExecutive Director, Director, or RPEO staff receives report request; Director assigns report to RPEO staff; assigned staff draft report; draft report reviewed by central office or senior leadership, report revised, submitted to principals and Board of Education as appropriate; report published to RPEO websiteBo McCready
Support grant applications/reviews and partnershipsExecutive Directoror Director receive request for grant development or monitoring support; RPEO staff attend meetings with involved parties; RPEO staff determine data rights and access; RPEO staff recommend monitoring and/or data collection plans for grant and/or partnership; RPEO staff provide data and analysis support as neededBo McCready
Support Student Information System data requestsRPEO staff receive requests for Infinite Campus ad hoc data requests, support, or refinement; RPEO staff prioritize and fulfill requests.Grady Brown
Survey development, deployment, and summarizationDirector or RPEO staff receive request for survey; RPEO staff review the request in the context of strategic framework, COMPs and previous surveys; RPEO staff develops survey plan; RPEO staff share survey plan with requester; RPEO staff work with department heads, staff, and principals to plan data collection; RPEO staff coordinate deployment of the survey; RPEO staff summarize results and deliver report to staff and/or district leadership.Jill Brown
Geographic Information SystemsRPEO staff maintain geographic information and develop reporting systemsKristian Chavira
Support official enrollment countsRPEO staff develop understanding of state reporting requirements; RPEO staff work with Enrollment and other departments as necessary to complete reports (PI-1804 Summer School count, PI-1563 Membership Count)Kristian Chavira
Support of district-level data collection systemsRPEO staff administer, maintain, and improve systems to track school and community requests for support from central office staff (e.g. RFA, School Support System, Instructional Practices Tool)Kristian Chavira
MMSD Data Dashboard enhancementsDashboard Supervisor identifies need or receives request, supervisor and dashboard staff review request with input from other staff as needed to prioritize enhancement, supervisoir assigns enhancement to RPEO staff, staff complete enhancement, supervisor or RPEO staff notifies requester and other users, RPEO staff coordinate introduction of new content with relevant staffTravis Grover
Madison Education PartnershipMEP co-director provides partnership leadership and meets weekly with MEP co-directors to plan activities and conduct research; Executive Director and Director attend Steering Committee and project-based design meetings; Analysts provide research support for MEP projects as neededBeth Vaade