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Cindy's Sewing Foot Directory
NameDescription & UsageMy RatingTutorial
Manolo Blaniks: These feet are all about the looks. You'll want these for professional finishes and near perfect embellishments.
Bias Binding FootThis foot is great for attaching Bias tape finishing and fold over elastic. My foot adjusts for various width but the standard 1" are more common.
* Different measurements available
* Adjustable Type available
Have/Love It
Felling FootNeat flat felled seams, like the ones on dress shirts
* Different measurements available
Have/Love It
Rolled Hem FootTricky yet rewarding beautifully rolled hem on silks, and lightweight fabrics.Have/Love It
Blind hem/
Edge Stitching foot
Blind hems are the folded hems were no stitching is visible on the right side. A must for professional attire, this foot cleverly cuts the time out of doing it by hand. Many sergers also perform blind hemming but if you don't own one, you would want this foot. Just make sure you machine can perform the following stitch: ---^---^---^--
This particular model doubles as an edge stitching foot.
* Adjustable Type available
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Overcastting footThis is a must for the non-serger owners amongst us. This foot loops the threads over the exposed edge of the fabric while holding the edge steady under the needle. If your machine doesn't have an overcastting stitch, a zigzag will suffice.Have/Love It
Cording/Beading Foot
Pin tuck foot
Embroidery foot
Bound Button Hole Foot AccessoryThis is more of an assesory than an actual foot. You will use this with your regular presser foot and straight stitch. Perfectly even bound/welt button holes every time. I wish they had a larger one for pockets. Please note this is a vintage piece, grab it when you can.
* Adjustable Type available
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Quilting Bar Foot/AttachmentThis will either be a foot or a foot attachment. It's an adjustable bar that guides your stitching for evenly quilting large spaces. My bar can maintain space between .5 and 4".
* Adjustable Type available
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Steve Madden: "You could get by just fine without these feet. But hey, why not make life a little easier"
Invisible zipper footWhile inserting an invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot is possible and quite simple. Using an invisible zipper cuts the time by keeping the folds open while you sew.Want it.
Gathering footYou can create even gathering without fiddling with the bobbing thread as much and, if you desire, attach to a non-gathered fabric at the same time.Have it/Like it
Roller Foot or Teflon FootI do plan to sew leather more often so I had to get this assesory. Works well with all hard to feed fabrics like leather, acrylics, etc.Have it/Love it
Button sew-on footWhen sewing 2 and 4 holed buttons (no shanks) this button will stabilize the button and sew a strong stitch. You will need a zigzag stitch and the ability to disable your feet dogs to use this foot.Have/Love It
Curve Master FootThis foot is used to piece together curves. It is marketed to quilters but I see no reasons why is wouldn't be useful in decorative garment sewing. Want it.
Piping FootI love piping. And I love the idea of having a foot to perfect it. You can absolutely install piping with a regular zipper foot, but this foot will yields better resultsWant it.
RufflerI don’t own one, and I probably won't because they look more complicated than I prefer. However if I was in the sewing even ruffles business I might get this.Like it.
Tailor Tack
Aerosoles: "These are your work horses. If you're sewing more than just straight line, you might need to consider these."
Zipper footThis your basic all purpose zipper foot. Use for regular zippers with various lapped finishes. With proper technique you can also install invisible zippers and piping. I prefer the double sided zipper foot.Have it. Love it.
Buttonhole footHave it. Love it.
Walking footThis attachment feeds the top fabric evenly with the bottom by mirroring the feed dog's motion on the top. I have yet to use mine, but I am sure I'll need it eventually.Have it. Like it.
Serger Attachment FootYou should probably think about getting a real serger if you are considering buying a serger attachment. This will trim your seams as you finish them but cannot guarantee professional looking edges. However, to each their own!Like it.
Haviannas: "These are your bare necessities. Don't Start Sewing without them."
Plastic foot
All purpose FootMy all purpose foot allows easy straight stitching, zigzagging and is partially clear near the needle's position. This foot is the most used in my arsenal.Have it. Love it.
Straight Stitch FootYou can't anymore basic that your basic straight stitch. Have it. Love it.
Piecing/Seam foot -or- Seam GuideThere are feet with adjustable seam allowance guides available for you. Some machines come with preinstalled seam guides or you can use a magnetic seam guide. Either way you should have one of the aboveHave it. Love it.
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