For Security Reasons I had to delete all sensitive info including phone numbers. It will be provided upon request.
To be added contact @Fajela in Telegram. Vacancies are published here.
+Dmitriy HodyachihSEOProjects or website optimization tasks. I can work with GTM on high level, with html, css on base level.I have experience in SEO about 5 years. Mainly engaged in CIS projects, but have experience with USA, Germany and Poland projects - e-mail
@Kings_tom - tg
+Andrii PiatushkaSEO, SERM, crowd marketing request
+Oleg MalkovWordPress expert: TOP 125 of the world in 2021 on ThemeForest.netWordPress websites/shops development. Difficult WordPress solutions/scripts, billing and API integration.

PBN sites development. Drop domain selection. Own scripts and automation for spam filtering.
Upon request
+Chepikova DashaSEOCollection of the semantic core Conducting a technical audit competitor analysis work link profile analysis text content analysis full project management on a monthly basis.,
+Alexander YarovoyMiddle SEOWebsite optimization (both internal and external)Upon request+380669528289 (telegram and viber)
+Vladislav TretyakSEO marketerAudit, keywords collection, onpage, content strategizing and structuring, link building, internal optimization, general SEO. 3+ years of experienceExample upon
Telegram - @vladlen_seo_service
+Denis PliakhturSEO (doesn't speak English)Remote SEO, is best in SEO audits. More than 100 websites overallResume:
Reviews: - Отзыв от работодателя в Linkedin. - Рекомендательное письмо.
Пример работ, кейсы: - Интернет магазин. - Большой кейс "Нишевый интернет магазин" 21 страница в деталях. - Кейс (интернет магазин строительной тематики). - Кейс (Сайт авто услуг). - Интернет магазин чехлов на мебель. - Инфо сайт. - Сайт услуг в сфере маркетинга, SEO, CRM услуг.
+Boris MistryakovGoogle, Bing ADSPPC, SEO, SMMupon
+Kateryna VasylenkoSMM, content- marketing manager, SEO marketing managerSMM and SEO in USA, Europe, Australia, Asia: audits, recommendations, keywords collectionupon request
+Lilya BernadinSEO, PPCFreelancer Google Adsupon
+Oleh KrupskyiSEO You can find me by telegram: asix_ko or by e-mail:
+Rozhenko TarasSEO and PPC - @SeoSiteTop
+Vadim RevinSEO and PPCWp opencart joomla
Html css js
telegram - @revin192
+Denis KazakovUser acquisition facebook, google ads, apple, tiktok, yandex direct,, acquisitionupon requesttelegram - @butch1k,
+Kostyantyn DiudiunovSEO, TargetologistI want to find work as an SEO specialist or Targetologist in Europe.
+Tetiana PokladSEO, marketing speсialistI need some work in SEO, not for russians. I can work with semantics, technical seo-audit. Also I can optimize GoogleBusiness pages. I work with GA, GC, Ahrefs Upon request
About me: I'm from Kharkiv (now near Poltava)
Fb, telegram @tpoklad
+Kateryna TelkovaI have been an economist in great construction company but I want to develop myself in SEO.I am searching the work in SEO for beginner without any experience. I am ready for learning and starting from scratch. Before this time, I have counted the prices of different building processes, total price of buildings, controlled expenses, counted profits. This can proof that I have good analytical thinking. I am highly motivated now because I have left everything in Kiev and relocated with mum in Western Ukrainian. Now I understand that I should begin to earn money in the nearest time because our company hasn`t any possibilities to pay off our salaries for February.
Now I wanted to tell about myself. I have 2 magister diplomas: the first one is in civil engineering, the second one – in project management. I didn`t have any diploma in economics so when I started to work in construction company as economist six years ago I didn`t know anything about it. But I had just strong desire. As now. For this time, I have become the head of department and had twelve employees. This proof that I am goal-oriented. – e-mail
+Ilya PerevalovSEOKeyword research, on-page SEO, brief, development of meta tags Telegram - @Ilya_Perevalov or email:
+Oleksandr NapaliukSEM/PPCLooking for job. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft (Bing Ads) etc. Full paid channel marketing. 8+ years. World Wide projects.
I lost my job due to the war in Ukraine.

I will be glad to get any work from you!

skype: alexuss84
+Abdurrakhman Ozdoevperformance marketing. Facebook, Google adsI have a small team of 2 people and I. examples of work will be sent upon request
completed +15 courses from market leaders in targeting and contextual advertising. I can work with budgets of $1,000-$10,000
Telegram - @Ozdoagency
+Yevhen Musatenko SEOSEO Telegram - @sarus1
+Alexander SemeniukFacebook PPC SpecialistCreating and maintaining advertising campaigns on Facebook ADS. bringing them to profit. E-commerce priorityupon request
+Oksana Tymchuk PPC Whitehat market (search, display, video ads set up)
Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads.
Experience with $50K+ budgets.
Geo: Ukraine, USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.
SaaS, tourism, online services, recruiting markets, e-commerce.
Strong skills in B2B.
@guruppc telegram
-Maxim RubtsovGoogle Ads SpecialistНастройка и ведение поисковых, кмс, видео РК. Ищу клиентов с СНГ (с англ.не оч). В контексте 5 лет. При необходимости могу предоставить контакты клиентов, которые расскажут о сотрудничестве со мной. Территориальное местонахождение г.Днепр, Украина.upon requestТГ @Maxim_Rubtsov
+Olesia KomkinaPPC Preparing, launching and optimization of advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, Microsoft Ads; Preparation and analysis of reports;
+Serhii LatyninPPC - 4 people in a teamSetting up in google ads, Facebook ads (there were a couple of projects in yandex direct, tiktok ads, LinkedIn). A full cycle of setting up and further maintenance of the r. I have experience working with large companies and budgets (500k UAH+). Drawing up a media plan, working out the goals and strategies of advertising campaigns depending on the niche, budget and other factors. There are cases in many niches (many with ecomers, services, specific for commercial enterprises)
+Kiryl Kamarouskidesign, web-design, ui/uxSite Design, ux/ui, social media design, banners, animate baners - @mroyatm,
+Oleg OmelchenkoSEOSEO Telegram - @investigatore3
+Timur BondarenkoTechnical audits, website optimizationNot English fluentupon
Telegram - @heykelman
+Dmitriy BelotserkovetsMiddle PPC specialistСreation of advertising campaigns. Google Ads, Facebook Ads - @belocerkovec_dmitriy
+Ihor KovsherDigital marketer since 2011Web store expertise, ecommerce. Knowledgeable in: Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, SEO, email, HTML/CSS.
English - intermediate, without good verbal. - @ihorkovsher
+Oksana PlotnitskayaSMM (middle)
Media Buyer
Telegram - @plotnytska_o
+Volodimir AhapovDigital Marketer, Project manager PPC, Google Ads, Meta business. Create strategy and custom reports of local stores in UkraineUpon request
+Oleksandra HudzenkoSEO Specialist
+Valeria Khizhnyak SEOI go to any part-time job (both in the field of SEO and in related areas), I can work both freelancing and full time! Upon
+380509567100( WhatsApp/Telegram)
+Maksym SushkovPPC specialistGoogle ads(search, shopping, gdn, youtube), Bing Ads, Google Analytics, GA4 , - @sushkovm, email -
+Alexander KryzhanovskiySEO specialist
+Daniil PoznerWebmaster, content manager since 2016Great cases upon requestupon requestTelegram - @da_pozner
+Felix BalyasnyDigital marketing engineerCRM automationUpon requestTelegram - @gwynnbleiidd
+Irina MilivskaAds and targetingEmail , viber, telegramСRM
telegram - @d_iren
+Elena LiashenkoJunior SEO specialist Semantic core, Technical task for copywriters and then proofreading, Link building and outreach. Work with different niche like betting, gambling, medicine, cryptocurrency and other in digital agency. I worked with On-Page optimization especially with content.Upon request
+Artur KvadeSEO and developingOnpage, SEO promotion: Keyword Research and specification for articles,
Copywriting, Link Building. Developing websites on Wordpress: Landing, Site of company, Web store
Upon request
-Анастасия Чепильсмм специалист, таргетолог, дизайнер креативов, сайты на тильдеумею всё в соцсетях, могу консультировать, делаю афигенные визуалы. Опыт в соцсетях 3 года, успела выйти на хороший уровень и училась на топовых курсах снг. Сейчас ищу все с нуляUpon request
Телеграм: @anastasia_chepil
Инстаграм: @anastasia.chepil
-Сергей ЛатынинPPC - 4-8 человек в командеНастройка в google Ads, Facebook ads (были пару проектов в yandex direct, tiktok ads, LinkedIn ). Полный цикл настройки и дальнейшего ведения рк. Есть опыт работы с крупными компаниями и бюджетами (500к грн+) . Составление медиаплана, проработка целей и стратегий рекламных кампаний в зависимости от ниши, бюджета и остальных факторов. Кейсы есть во многих нишах(много с екомерсом, услугами, специфические с целью на комерческие предприятия)Upon request
-Ермилов Алексей ИгоревичСпециалист по таргетированной рекламе в социальных сетях. Преимущественно FacebookНастраиваю рекламу в Facebook (Instagram), Tik-Tok, MyTarget, Вконтакте, Одноклассники
Настраиваю аналитику в Яндекс Метрике и Google Analytics
Подробный анализ конкурентов
Анализ целевой аудитории исходя из нужд и потребностей
Разработка стратегий и воронок продаж
Разработка рекламных креативов (статика/видео)
Анализ маркетинга в целом (сайт, соц. сети и т.д.)
Разработка технического задания на исправление сайта, воронки и т.д.
Подготовка технических задания на разработку сайта
Поиск и исправление узких мест в воронке продаж
Разработка посадочной страницы по необходимости

Ищу проектную подработку или работу в команде
по запросу
-Бондаренко ТимурSEOБыл тех. лидом и остаюсь, но пока приостановили работы, т.к. работали с укр. сайтами. Нужна любая работа, т.к. семья, ещё родственник с Киева приехал и ещё приютили беженца с Мариуполя.Upon requestТелега @heykelman
-Балясный ФеликсDigital marketing engineerUpon requestТелеграм - @gwynnbleiidd
+Yehor DashkoContent managerCarrying out work to collect information for SEO audit. Statement of technical specifications for developers, verification/testing of edits. Working with semantics. Text proofreading. Work with links (preparation for placement - selection of keywords from services, comparison with relevant URLs). Writing scripts to check the index. Extensive experience in creating, filling content, automating, testing, and fixing errors on WordPress and OpenCart platforms. Data exchange with MySQL databases, extensive experience in collecting information from open sources (DOM scraping), working with content, filling online stores in automatic mode (website translation, parsing pictures/ descriptions/ characteristics/-reviews). Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, PHP (writing scripts and editing site templates). Basic knowledge of Google Ads (creating, setting up, and maintaining advertising campaigns). There are skills in working with SeRanking/Ahrefs/Semrush services.Telegram - @D_Goga
+Vladislav VoropinovSEOConstruction niche experience for 8 yearsUpon request
Telegram - @VLAD_TinCraft
+Vitaliy EvlanYouTube and Ads TargetingNot fluent in English, can work in RussianUpon
+ArtemSEO promotiontechnical audit and analysis, promotion strategy, keyword research, metadata creationUpon
+Marina VasiletsScriptwriter, copywriter, SMM-specialistSolving corporate clients' tasks
Conducting interviews
Development of PR campaigns and oral integrations
Ability to work in hard mode ("yesterday")
Upon requestTelegram - @marina_vasilets
+Oleksii LukasevychGraphic Designer-UI/UX-Brand designerUpon requestTelegram - @nimb_design
-ВладимирSeo опыт более 12-ти лет.аботы с cms Opencart любой сложности, от установки до разработки маркетплейса. Разработка на wordpressUpon requestTelegram - @Cheerfulkvv
+Vadym Kyrpa SEO specialistcollection of keywords, clustering keywords, compiling metadata, onpage optimization, offpage optimization, website technical audit, competitor link profile analysis, outreach, drawing up a strategy for the purchase of external links
I have full SEO experience, I know all cycles of work, I also teach courses for students in this area.
+Aleksandr LohvinenkoSEO, SEM, Fb Ads, DevWe are an internet marketing company in Khmelnytsky - OTeam. We provide all the forks of Internet marketing services - development, advertising, promotion in Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedInUpon
+Evgen SargoshA full service in-house team of SEO experts, designers and developers.Seeking SEO projects (on-page and off-page). We are a team of English-speaking experts and Native copywritersAbout me, my experience and skills - snejok12
-Нюкало СергійSearch, ShoppingGoogle рекламаза запитомtg/vb/fb/ln - @niukalos
+Oksana ChyzhenkoSEO specialist, MiddleSEO in Google for all types of sites, mostly in Ukraine and Europe region. Worked with all popular SEO Tools, Programms and CMS.Upon
+Tetiana HalkevychJunior SEO specialist and SEO copywriter Аudit the site, look for weak pages, collect semantics, compose a semantic core, draw up terms of reference for writing textsUpon
-Alex KachkovSEO, PPCUpon requestTelegram - @baselo
+Svitlana VeselovaSEO / ASOOptimizing for App Store and Google Play, SEO: onpage +offpage
+Maksim RudzenkaWordpressCreation, transfer, acceleration, optimization, update of sites on WordPress. SEO, UI/UX, figma, website and interface designUpon, Telegram - @searchency
+Oleksii MatyzniySEO Specialist / Python Process Automation
Part time only
SEO, Python scripts for automation
Part time only - @alexey_web
+Igor Borsuk PPC specialistSetting up and managing google ads;; - @Tampplier
+Mykhailo PaskoGoogle Certified PPC specialist, year's experienceKey skills:
1) Launching and optimizing PPC campaigns (e.g. Shopping, Serch, Display, Video, Local…)
2) Сollecting semantic core
3) Write attractive and concise copy for adverts
4) Monitor budget and adjust bids to gain better ROI
5) Set up goals for tracking conversion
6) Find ways to reduce risk of click fraud
7) Tracking KPIs and producing useful reports for management
+Denys MaramyhinSEO/PPC, 5+ years experienceSEO - onpage and offpage optimisation, site analysis. Work with different cms (WP, Joomla, Bitrix, Opencart, Drupal etc.). There is a programmer if necessary.
PPC - Google Ads (search, google shopping, youtube, GDN).
Google Analytics, GTM.
If necessary, I'll learn Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc.
English - pre-intermediate
telegram - @denis_seo,,
+Denis GalyopaJunior layout coderCoding and Python, beginner level. English is not fluentTelegram - @galyopa
+Igor ChernousPPC managerGraduated from IMT Academy recently but have an experience of Search and GDN campaigns for US market, mainly for services such as tourism, fitness, education, etc.I have quite a good experience in ad. campaigns launching and optimizarion (weekly, monthly and so on). My PPC job connected with Penguin Team and MSystem agencies. I strive to improve my PPC carrer and try do my
+Kseniia KrutoholovaSEO specialistMy articles, but, unfortunately, only in ukrainian and in russian @Kieve21
+Oleg PiddubnyGoogle Ads whitehatEcom. GTM +GA
+Marina LosevaMarketing, SMM, PPCmarishka_loseva in instagramupon
+Dmytro SemenovskyiContext manager Google Ads, traffic manager FacebookGoogle Ads Expert
-СергейОпыт работы в контексте более 1,5 года в телеграм
+Emil SuleimanovMarketing/PPCGoogle ads/Facebook adsHead of PPC department at digital agency BF.Agency (
+Julia ArteniInternet marketing (2 y. experience)SMM, target, ads. Not very fluent in English but can try.
+Denis PavliukSEO / SMM / target in Facebook, Instagram, GoogleGoogle Ads, CPA, target, SEO
Telegram - @pavliuk1
+Anton HaiMotion designer, currently in Kharkovcreate motion ads and
+Vasyl BakunPPC, SEOGoogle PPC advertising, SEO promotion. Looking for a project job or part time job.
More than 4 years experience in the internet marketing. Worked in the internet marketing agency. My specialty is SEO promotion and PPC advertising.
Telegram: @vasyl_bakun, email:
+ValentinGoogle Ads (6 years)Hi, my name is Valentin and my mission is to help companies get the most out of their websites.
Over the past 6 years, I have had many successful advertising campaigns on a variety of topics, from the sale of holiday products to the sale of luxury real estate. Created successful advertising campaigns for over 200 types of businesses.
Managing advertising campaigns with a budget of $15,000.
I create advertisements in Ukrainian, English, Russian, as well as in Hebrew.
A full cycle of setting up and optimizing advertising in Google Ads.
Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, Google Tag, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Data Studio.
I know all types of advertising campaigns: search, shopping, media, remarketing, dynamic remarketing, app installation, YouTube video advertising.
Telegram: @val_web
+Denis LobusovSEOSEO promotion. Looking for a project job or part time job.

More than 4 years experience in the internet marketing. Worked in the internet marketing agency. My specialty is SEO promotion.
Telegram: @ldden_1, email:
+Olexandr CatCMO, integrated marketer, digital marketerCMO, integrated marketer, digital marketer. Research, strategy, analytics. SEO, ORP, SERP, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Merchant Center, Facebook, Instagram, advertising messages, CRM-marketing, email-marketing. Last 2 years i was working as CMO of e-commerce project

I started alone with one sales and 200$ ads budget for month. After 2 years we have more then 10k$ ads budget for month and team with 11 people (sales, marketers, other managers and 1 developer).
Telegram @foxymoon
+Anton from Kyivrestoring websites from custom scripts without any third-party tools being involved
- PBN setup for a nice volume of domains
- fixed price that doesn't depend on the website size
- you get the job fully done in one day after all details of your order are confirmed
- can restore for any date
- will setup and configure server or can consult your manager on how to do that
- free support for 2 weeks (backlinks placement, bugs and block fixes)
- free check of your domains list for eligibility.

- layout coding errors fixes
- will remove ads, counters, and the like
- adding custom pages with backlinks
- maximum number of URLs retored
- merging two domains content into one
- HTML minification
- other features are available upon request.
or @webarchive_download in Telegram
-Aleksandr KozachenkoТаргетолог/Контекстолог Ищу работу любую в маркетингеМое портфолио
Телеграмм: @mak_aleksandr
+Mykola SyshchenkoSeo specialist / Marketing SpecialistI speak English at an elementary level, but I learn quickly. I can communicate in English. I am looking for a job, because of the Russian attack on Ukraine, I was left without a job. I have experience in website promotion. Experience in creating a business development strategy. I know how to assemble a semantic core in English for the USA and England. I work with Google Analytics, Key Collector, Google Ads and other popular services.Before the war, I worked for Destra company. It's a marketing company. - portfolio
For most projects, I collected key queries, clustered them. Defined the structure of the site. Created terms of reference for copywriters.
+Denis ZakharchenkoPPC Specialist (google ads + facebook ads + tiktok ads)Skills:
- 3+ years experience in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads (1-2 month)
- manage all type campaign in Google Ads: search, shopping, display, remarketing, dyn.remarketing, app install, video ads.
- manage all type campaign in Facebook: reach, traffic, conversions, app instal, video views, lead generation, massage, catalog sales
- managing budgets over $100 000 / month
- strong proficiency with Excel, google docs, google sheets, data studio, power BI
- can implement FB Pixel, GTM, Enhanced E-commerce script or easy e-commerce script

I am looking for interesting and big projects where I can show my hard/soft skills
-Rostislav Chernenko SEOМогу работать только над продвижением сайтов на русском и украинском языках из любой страны помимо России.Из последних проектов - и . До начала войны были постоянные клиенты - и
Постоянных клиентов было на много больше. Просто не всем нужны запросы. работали просто на результат продвижения
Telegram - @roschernenko
-Семеновська ВікторіяPPC спеціаліст
Контекстна реклама Google, Facebook
Досвід 5+років, налаштовую пошук, гдн, товарка, ремаркетинг, Фб всі типи рекламних кампаній. Налаштування Гугл аналітики, Фб піксель, працювала з Tag Manager.Працювала в агенціях: IProspect Ukraine, OMD media direction
Переважно Лідогенерація.
Проекти IDS AQUA SERVICE, Subaru, Нова пошта, УкрСиббанк
+Anastasiia TaraskevychIllustrator, content creatorI would like to find work as an illustrator in Europe
+Igor PirozhkovHead of Digital - SEO, PPC, SMM, YOUTUBE, TIKTOKFrom 2015 in digital in the role of project manager
I am able to organize and control a team of digital professionals to achieve a common goal - to increase sales.
Each traffic channel has its own performance indicators that can be measured, counted and work to improve efficiency.
I can also work as an independent specialist in 1 project - seo, google ads + facebook ads.
+SergiiHead of marketingDevelopment and implementation of a digital marketing strategy
Recruitment and hire of specialists
Setting up and maintaining Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, Google Ads. Write Google Apps Script
Project management and control marketing process
Structuring and data analytics (with coding)
Budget planning and marketing activities
Parsing, analytics, monitoring of competitors (with coding)
Build process of marketing automation (with coding)
TG: @SimpleGrowthHack
-Анастасия МиркоКрауд маркетолог, контент-менеджерЯ с ней лично работалаПо запросу
+Olga and her teamSEO
+Tanya HrisyukSEO agency- Seo optimization
- Crowd marketing
- Smm marketing
- Content marketing
+Tetiana MolchanovaSEO (8+ years of experience)Full-cycle SEO, Facebook Ads, Google AdsSEO cases