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Club/Organization NameSponsor Name(s)Sponsor's CPS EmailClub President Name(s)Club President(s) CPS EmailMeeting Space LocationMeeting TimeMeeting DayPurpose
A Cappella ClubMs. Sebestyensvsebestyen@cps.eduIsela Chavez and Olivia and obrunell@cps.edu258After SchoolTuesday, FridayThe purpose of this club is to organize, arrange and sing songs that can be sung using only vocals. As a part of A Cappella, you are put into a category and together your category, soprano I, soprano II, alto, tenor and bass generally, will make up one part of the song. Ultimately the purpose is to give anybody that wants to learn to sing a chance to do so and be a part of a band.
ABC Alliance of Boricuas in Chicago
Mr. Brian Telles bctelles@cps.eduEhmely Hernandez and Eliana Gonzalez emhernandez1@cps.eduDance Connections After SchoolMonday, ThursdayABC, the Alliance of Boricuas in Chicago, is an International Days club that aims to represent Puerto Rico through dance. The club primarily dances New York style salsa, which was developed through the Puerto-Rican immigrants in New York during the 1950s.
Academic DecathlonDavid Camposdcampos24@cps.eduAlison Lopez, Priscilla, apostilion-@cps.edu234After SchoolMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayA competitive academic team that test on seven subjective subtopics and three objective subtopics of an overlying yearly topic.
Agents of Social ChangeMrs. Novakknovak1@cps.eduStevie Rezacrrezac@cps.eduRoom 140After SchoolMondayTo gain perspective around and social issues advocate for social change the lane tech and local community.
Anatolian Student Association (ASA)
Jaimin Pateljvpatel@cps.eduHazal Su Ceylanhsuceylan@cps.edu239After SchoolFridayOnce a month on a Friday, a Turkish movie with English subtitles will be shown. Students will expose themselves to the Turkish culture while enjoying themselves and having fun. Turkish desserts may also be served, and of course, food permission slips will be required.
Anime ClubMr. Vergararvergara6@cps.eduJean Novajmnova@cps.edu239After SchoolWednesdayWe watch anime both new and old in order to get others who haven't seen it invested in it. We also have a bunch of anime related activities such as role play, guess the song, and play some anime fighting games
Architecture ClubMs Custodiomccustodio@cps.eduYamaris Martinez & Peyton plallas@cps.eduRoom 150After SchoolTuesdayThe purpose of this club is to expose interested students into architecture related careers and fields.
Art Club
Madeline Staurseth, Kelly Novak knovak1@cps.eduJamie SmithJsmith316@cps.eduroom 140After SchoolThursdayThe purpose of this club is to create a space for students to learn new techniques/experiment with new materials by participating in workshops, have open opportunity for open studio to work on personal art projects and receive feedback from peers, and meet artists around and outside of school by participating in the creation of artist trading cards.
ASL ClubMs. Reicheltkreichelt@cps.eduLily Osbornelvosborne@cps.eduRoom 354After SchoolWednesdayThe purpose of this club is to teach sign language to students who may not know it, and to reinforce the language for people who do know it a little, and to celebrate deaf culture.
Ms. Pflaum, Ms. Staurseth, jmpflaum@cps.eduRicky EstrellaRaestrella@cps.eduRoom 140After SchoolTuesdayRepresent Puerto Rican culture through dance and to be an active organization that directly helps improve the community.
Autonomous TeamLeon Kimlhkim@cps.eduLuke
Tuesday and Thursday room 124
After SchoolTuesday, ThursdayTeach students about team work and how cool AI is through competitions.
Aztlan Kerri Thompson kathompson@cps.eduAlyssa Barraza & Alexandra Olvera & aolvera13@cps.edutbd After SchoolTuesday, ThursdayTo educate the community about the Mexican culture
Baking ClubYanyi Chenychen54@cps.eduRemy Lagunas, Angel, agflores@cps.edu157After SchoolFridayThe purpose of this club is to develop baking skills and make friends in a safe, friendly environment.
Boxing Club
Mr. Smith, Ms. Rodriguez, Mr. Locke,, Ivy TBDAfter SchoolMonday, WednesdayTo gain strength, confidence and endurance in each member. They will learn to box and they will also gain strength safely with body weight excersises.
BSANicole Ellisnyellis@cps.eduArmani Washingtonanwashington5@cps.eduRoom 210After SchoolWednesdayThe purpose of this organization shall be to educate and enlighten others about African American culture through community service, cultural events, and weekly meetings
Calligraphy ClubAmy Diamondamdiamond@cps.eduGabriella Gustitusglgustitus@cps.edu150After SchoolMondayTo learn/practice bullet journaling and calligraphy as well as making new friends
Cambodian Thai ClubMr. RuckaufJpruckauf@cps.eduLeila Stallone, Nova nkgomez1@cps.edu308After SchoolMonday, Wednesday, ThursdayTo share the amazing cultures of Cambodia and Thailand and to help honor the traditional dances.
CC Smash UltimateMs. Roskinleroskin@cps.eduDamian Samanodsamano@cps.eduRoom 123After SchoolTuesdayThe purpose of the club is to bring people together and share the interest we all have which would be the game "Smash Ultimate". Could be competitive and casual gameplay.
Chess ClubMr. Harry Heller Liam <>
Room 239 on Mon and Wed and room 143 on Tues and Thur
After SchoolMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayTo play and practice chess.
ChineseMs. Chen, Mr., ktperfect@cps.eduCharlie Nguyen, Brigitta, behimawan@cps.edu321, 340After SchoolMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayChinese Club aims to bring together students of Chinese ethnicity and those who enjoy the intricate Chinese culture by promoting traditional dances.
Christian (Agape) ClubDaniel Spedaledjspedale@cps.eduCadence Hubringchubing@cps.edu349After SchoolTuesday, ThursdayThe purpose of our club is to bring the hope we have in Jesus and the love he gives us to Lane Tech and to the world.
Clean Water ClubMisty Esguerramesguerra@cps.eduOlivia Suchocki, Norah, ncmulcrone@cps.edu335After SchoolTuesdayTo raise awareness about water crises in third world countries and do what we can to help.
CodeLabRobert Bergrberg@cps.eduSaddat Ahmadsahmad7@cps.edu124After SchoolWednesday, Thursdaybring kids into cs.
Colombian ClubMs Caraccijlcaracci@cps.eduJulian Nieto, Michael Collazojnieto9@cps.edu320After SchoolWednesdayThe purpose of this club is to represent and honor the country of Colombia. We aim to expand people’s knowledge of Colombia’s cultures and traditions. This representation is done through the expression of dancing by performing traditional and cultural Colombian dances at international days and international nights.
Costa Rican ClubMary Shannon meshannon@cps.eduAshley Ramirez, Favian Cruz , fcruz12@cps.eduRoom 222After SchoolTuesday, ThursdayShow kids how to be care free through Costa Rican cultural dances
also to be a united family and have fun while being stress free
Cradles To CrayonsKatharine Larochekelaroche1@cps.eduPayton Jarzyna, Maeve, msheedy@cps.edu356After SchoolWednesdayThe purpose of this club is to donate new and nearly new children's items to local disadvantaged children.
Croatian Cultural ClubZeljka Girardizgirardi@cps.eduLuciana Girardi, Bailey, biharris@cps.edu334After SchoolWednesdayTo Learn about and Explore croatian culture.
Cuban ClubFloydjdfloyd1@cps.eduMeaghan-li McArdle, Yamaris, ybmartinez@cps.edu210After SchoolWednesdayThe purpose of our club is to engage and immerse members into Cuban culture and dance, as well as work together to prepare a dance for International Days/Nights.
DND clubArthur Wawawrzyczek@CPS.eduAlex HenselMfhensel@cps.eduMr. W's roomAfter SchoolFridayTo bring together a group of people with the same interests.
GBESCOBAR@CPS.EDU, Mariana 447After SchoolThursdayThe purpose of this club is to educate students about DREAMers and DACA through activities such as classroom presentations and fundraising.
Ecuadorian ClubMr. Sosaesosa@cps.eduAlia Trinidad & Marcelino Navaantrinidad@cps.eduDance ConnectionAfter SchoolMonday, WednesdayTo represent the beauty of a culture through dance.
Embroidery ClubMs Strauchjstrauch@cps.eduMolly McCoy, Salma, sjaimes5@cps.edu120After SchoolTuesdayTo go further with hand embroidery and for it to be a fun relaxing club
Environmental Club
Daniel Polley/Angela Burbano; ajburbano@cps.eduJulian Zeajazea1@cps.edu338 and 333After SchoolMonday, ThursdayThe purpose of Environmental Club is to collect recycling around the school on a weekly basis, educate others regarding environmental issues that our world faces, to conduct conservation related volunteer work in the community, and to provide students with the opportunity to obtain service hours.
España Kaitlyn Krone Maritza Rangel, Marco Zavala 428After SchoolMondayThe purpose of España is to represent Spain’s (España in Spanish) beautiful flamenco dance through a choreographed routine.
eSports ClubDan Stonedgstone@cps.eduIvan Ramosijramos@cps.edu230After SchoolWednesdayInform students of the potential scholarships that are related to professional gaming
Fashion Club
Kristina Simanis-Laimins
krsimanis@cps.eduJude Greiner/Tyler, tdsantiago@cps.edu249After SchoolThursdayTo better our skills in the arts of fabric design.
Filipino Club
Chantelle Fregoso, Tiffany Williams TSWilliams1@cps.eduLucia Skorey, Sophia scpizarro@cps.eduCafeteria, Dance StudioAfter SchoolMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayThe purpose of this club is to spread awareness and appreciation of the Filipino culture.
Film ClubMr. Morrisonmamorrison3@cps.eduHenry Williamshwilliams3@cps.eduRoom 449After SchoolTuesdayHelp students produce their own films, meet new friends, and explore anything related to film.
FIRST Robotics Team 4645J Lindsey Vetvickjvetvick@cps.edun/an/aRoom 129After SchoolMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayCompetitive Robotics Team.
French ClubMr.Ochsenhautnochsenhaut@cps.eduCourtney Kimbrough, vice- Sara , shcausevic@cps.edu110After SchoolTuesdayThe purpose of this club is to learn a dance to french music incorporating french dance moves in order to be able to perform this dance at I days in March.
French Culture ClubMrs. Warnercmwarner@cps.eduSanya Hemanismhemani@gmail.comRoom 334After SchoolWednesdayTo learn more about the cultural aspects of France and the French language.
German Club Megan McDonoughmmmcdonough1@cps.eduRachel Eiden and Wyatt and
Room 257 or Dance Connections
After SchoolTuesdayThe German Club serves to represent German culture within Lane Tech. We will also participate in International Days, and spend a duration of the year working on our performance.
Girls in Engineering Math and Science (GEMS)
Joan Noonanjnoonan4@cps.eduDiana Striyeshyndstriyeshyn@cps.eduRoom 114After SchoolTuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayThe purpose is to expose young women to different STEM-related fields. This is done through guest speakers, field trips, and more.
Girls Who CodeBrenda Remessbremess@cps.eduSamantha Hua. Ana anajochoa@cps.edu235After SchoolThursdayThe purpose of Girls Who Code is to explore and educate girls on coding and physical computing to express themselves in different projects.
Glee ClubSakura WeathersSrweathers@cps.eduJustin DelCid Naomi nmuuzic@cps.edu340After SchoolTuesdayGlee is a singing group open to all students in any grade. We perform in many concerts and events at Lane and around the city. In the past we have performed in Unplugged, the Gospel Choir Concert, and the T.A.S.T.E. We believe that through our music and voices we represent the truly diverse backgrounds that form Lane.
Gospel ChoirMs. ThompsonElgholston@cps.eduViviana Garciavvgarcia@cps.eduGuitar room(rm.154)Before SchoolTuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayGospel Choir is a culturally based performance club that meets regularly to rehearse. During rehearsals, members participate in group singing that often relates to the lives of many of the students involved in the club. Performances for Gospel Choir include school assemblies, concerts, college visits, etc..
GuatemalanMs. Chisholmechisholm@cps.eduSaul Lemus, Jacob, jperez213@cps.edu4th floor OAfter SchoolTuesday, ThursdayThe purpose of Guatemalan Club is to have fun and embrace Guatemalan culture, along with making new friendships and bonds.
Harry Potter ClubMs. Searsasears2@cps.eduDalya Lessem Elnecavedelessemelne@cps.edu244After SchoolWednesdayTo get a group of Harry Potter fans in one room and have fun.
HELIUMMr. Vergararvergara6@cps.eduLee Nahlnah@cps.eduMr. Vergara's roomAfter SchoolWednesdayOur organization strives to provide health education to those with a lack of access in the lower socioeconomic regions of Chicago.Our mission is to teach young students of Chicago to be more aware of their health. Through presentations, hands-on experiments, educational health games, and community resource fair across Chicago, we strive to promote health awareness.We believe that everyone should have access to information on their health, and barriers created by social status, legal status, financial status, or language should be broken down.
Hellenic ClubKristen Starr kjstarr@cps.eduZoe Dongas and Samantha Rodriguez srodriguez129@cps.edu358After SchoolTuesdayTo share the traditional as well as modern aspects of Greek culture.
Henna ClubTenzin Langchungtplangchung@cps.eduTayiba Chowdhurytachowdhury@cps.edu235After SchoolFridayThe purpose of this club is to teach others how to do henna.
Hip Hop NationShakura Weatherssrweathers@cps.eduRiana Wardrjward2@cps.edu240After SchoolMonday, WednesdayThe purpose of this club is to come together as a team with a hip hop dance style and put on performances.
History ClubMr. Tyrpinbtyrpin@cps.eduJonathan SodkeJsodke@cps.eduRoom 322After SchoolWednesdayThe purpose of this club is to create a space for people passionate for history to connect. There will be fun activities relating to history.
Horror Movie Club Ms. RemessBremess@cps.eduMaya RyanMcryan2@cps.edu235After SchoolThursdayTo engage, watch, and discuss horror movie plots or the purpose of them.
India Club
Chantelle Fregoso and Tiffany Williams and TSWilliams1@cps.eduAisha Saeed and Mia Madrigal Garcia and mmadrigal3@cps.eduDanceroom After SchoolMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayIndia Club is an International Days club which showcases the ethnic and traditional dances of India.
Irish ClubDan O'Donnelldcodonnell@cps.eduSadie Bunting and Molly ; mcowens@cps.eduRoom 120After SchoolThursdayThe purpose of our club is educate both club members and our audiences about the Irish culture through the power of dance. By engaging in weekly dance practices and various community service projects, club members will earn a better understanding of the irish culture and will be able to demonstrate this in the International Days routine.
Israeli ClubMr. Ochsenhautnochsenhaut@cps.eduAndrew Herman, Alana, anewberger@cps.eduRoom 110After SchoolWednesdayThe purpose of this club is to present Israeli culture at I-Days and throughout the school year. Another purpose for the club is to show that the people involved are interested and well-educated in the culture.
Japanese ClubShakura Amy Nguyen & Steeve sgnsangou@cps.eduROOM 240After SchoolMonday, Wednesday, ThursdayThe purpose of this club is to provide a place where all may come to learn about the intricacies of Japanese society, and celebrate Japanese culture. Through International Days and Nights, students are able to share a small piece of Japanese culture with the rest of the school through a dance.
Jewish Student ConnectionMr. Oschenhautnoschenhaut@cps.eduJacob Kline, Bailey, biharris@cps.eduRoom 110After SchoolWednesdayTo get connected with other Jewish teens from Lane Tech.
K-media club Ms.Tackelktacke@cps.eduGeraldine 352After SchoolTuesdayThe purpose of K-Media club is to offer a place where students are exposed to the Korean media culture. This includes Korean music and dramas. This club also brings those who enjoy Korean culture together into one big family.
Key Club
Ms. Sebestyen and Ms. Paras, eparas@cps.eduKatherine Jungels and Rory Hamilton, rehamilton@cps.eduAuditorium and room 226 Before SchoolThursdayTo give students opportunities to volunteer around the city.
Korean ClubDavid KimDkim16@cps.eduIan ChungIchung@cps.edu342After SchoolTuesday, ThursdayThe purpose of this club is to enlighten our Lane Tech community about Korean culture, and other areas in Chicago through dance and performance.
Kpop dance clubMallorie Hsiehmhsieh@cps.eduIzumi Phuah and Stephanie and
Preferably a classroom or dance room
After SchoolTuesday, Thursday, FridayFor Kpop fans to be able to have fun and dance to Kpop songs by their favorite Korean idols
L.E.A.D.E.R.STenzin Langchungtplangchung@cps.eduTayiba Chowdhurytachowdhury@cps.edu235After SchoolFridayThe purpose of the club is to provide students with an opportunity to do more for their community and understand it. This club will provide mainly service learning hours and service learning projects to students.
Lane Buddies
Kristin Jones/ Katherine Ellsworth
kmjones31@cps.eduMadison 155After SchoolMondayThe purpose of Lane Buddies is to create long lasting friendships between the kids in the cluster and mainstream programs.
Lane Games ClubThomas Fitzpatricktfitzpatrick@cps.eduSamuel wolfswolf@cps.edu252After SchoolMondayThe purpose of Lane Games Club is for students who are interested in strategy board and/or card games to meet and play strategy board and/or card games with other students who enjoy strategy games.
Lane Literary SocietyAlexandra Searsasears2@cps.eduFranky Rosenthalmrosenthal1@cps.edu250After SchoolThursdayThe Lane Literary Society’s purpose is to get high school kids into reading. So many people have gotten a bad vibe off books because the only books they’ve read are for school, so I wanted to create a club where the kids pick the books and we get to meet other book nerds.
Lane Tech Athletic Leadership Council
Pat Czerwiec, Amanda Malstrom, Nick LoGalbo, Jane Milsap;;; jecallahan@cps.eduNone CurrentlyNone Currently210Before SchoolTuesday, ThursdayTo find new ways to improve our athletic programs while developing life and leadership skills within our student-athletes. In addition to the improvements of our programs, we maintain our commitment to support our school and community through service.
Lane Tech Car Club (LTCC)Gregg Mitchellgrmitchell@cps.eduAngel Miguel Martinez, Miguel Medina-Nava, Axel Massol-Amador, Eligio Cortez, Mollie,,,, Range BuildingAfter SchoolWednesdayTo educate people of car culture and basic mechanical stuff.
Lane Tech Climbing ClubMs. HeathKAHeath@cps.eduClaire InbinderCinbinder@cps.eduFirst Ascent AvondaleAfter SchoolFridayThe purpose of our club is to introduce the sport of climbing to people who may not have been able to try it before.
Lane Tech Competitive HackingMr. Pateljvpatel@cps.eduGabriele A Rongron@cps.eduRoom 124After SchoolThursdayTo participate in CTF competitions, teach cyber security, and explore new IT technologies.
Lane Tech Figure Skating ClubMrs. Darbyshiresdfranzen@cps.eduHope Werstlerhewerstler@cps.edu139After SchoolTuesday, FridayTo build a community for the figure skaters at Lane Tech as well as a support place for people who just love the sport
Lane Tech Mock Trial ClubMr CockrellJPCockrell@cps.eduKailey Kraftkkraft@cps.eduroom 104After SchoolMondayThe purpose of Mock Trial Club is to bring together students who are interested in law and the judicial system. Mock Trial Club allows students to work together on mock trials to learn more about different roles in a case and how the legal system works.
Lane Tech Organization of Women
Ms. Applequist Ms. Freedman Efreedman@cps.eduSylvia Ebeid Spebeid@cps.edu316After SchoolThursdayTo discuss and address local and global issues related to women/gender equality and access to health care, to form a supporting community and provide a safe space to discuss issues at Lane, to do community outreach (diaper/tampon drive for the women's shelter)
Leadership Club Escobar Gabrielagbescobar@cps.eduCrina Vlasceanucsvlasceann@cps.eduRoom 447After SchoolThursdayThe purpose of the club is to encourage involvement and leadership in the school and the community, improve public speaking skills, and improve general confidence.
Lithuanian ClubDaina Matusaitis dmatusaitis@cps.eduLilly Lowe and Sandra and ssobus@cps.edu347After SchoolThursdayCelebrate Lithuanian culture through dance.
LT iRacing Greg Mitchellgrmitchell@cps.eduOswaldo Jimenezojimenez16@cps.eduRange OfficeAfter SchoolTuesdayThe purpose of this club is to engage in competitive racing simulations and combine teamwork with love of race cars. The purpose is too learn about mechanics through simulations and also the opportunity to bond with other car enthusiast.
LT Maker's Pro Team Mr. Solinjbsolin@cps.eduSadie Buntingsbunting@cps.eduRoom 134After SchoolTuesdayTo give students an opportunity to:
Learn more and expand their understanding of makerspaces.
Help create and / or edit curriculum and tutorials for the resources in the lab.
Volunteer at CS / LTMaker events by running workshops and helping with setup.
LTAC ChessRobertBarteltTBDTBD143After SchoolMonday, WednesdayTo practice chess.
LTAC Math TeamNick Markesenjmarkese@cps.eduN/AN/ARoom 437After SchoolTuesday, ThursdayThe purpose of the LTAC Math Team is to help students solve challenging problems and to compete in math contests.
LTAC Science OlympiadDavid Liebensen/Jeff Battdcliebenson@cps.eduRoom 443After schoolMonday, ThursdayTo engage in various aspects of science and engineering in order to prepare and take part in various Science Olympiad competitions throughout the year, whether it be invitationals, city-wide, or at the regional or state level.
LTAC Yearbook ClubLetonya Ashfordllashford-la@cps.eduEmily Crowleyecrowley@cps.eduroom 137After SchoolTuesdayThe purpose of this club shall be: To gather 7th and 8th grade students together and teach them about the compilation and production of both the high school and academic center yearbooks.
1. To enlist the help of 7th and 8th grade students in creating their academic center yearbook.
2. To educate 7th and 8th grade students on the details of creating a yearbook.
LTGSAHeather Saylorhsaylor@cps.eduJazzabel Mantilla/Jude Room 202After SchoolWednesdayThe purpose of the club is to provide a meeting space for LGBT+ students and allies to meet together and hold conversations about various topics.
Magic: The Gathering ClubTiffany Williamstswilliams1@cps.eduMiles and Oliver CafetiriaAfter SchoolFridayTo have fun playing Magic: The Gathering with others, and to build strategic thinking and social skills.
Math TeamTom Kanetkane@cps.eduVincent Mikavjmika@cps.eduRoom 343After SchoolTuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayThere is a high school and middle school math team comprised of students interested in mathematics. Students compete against other district schools in the areas of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus.
Math TutoringHamelmhamel@cps.eduAryeh Silveragsilver@cps.eduLibrary (tutoring)After SchoolMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday1) To provide opportunity for Advanced Math students to hone and master their tutoring and teaching skills for all levels of Math including for the SAT/ACT.
2) To help Lane Tech students by offering quality tutoring in all levels of math during lunch periods.
Meditation ClubJavier Payanojrpayano@cps.eduXavier Fraidxfraid@cps.edu210After SchoolTuesdayTo practice mindfulness and meditation in an effort to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing self confidence and self awareness
Middle Eastern ClubMrs. Gloria RankinGarankin@cps.eduPenelope Mora-Avila, Erin O’, Dance ConnectionAfter SchoolTuesday, WednesdayThe purpose of Middle Eastern is to display traditional and modern bellydancing (mainly originating from Egypt). As well as celebrate Middle Eastern cultures passed on by women which express stories and representation of a given theme.
Model Rocketry ClubPindelskiAdPindelski@cps.eduWilliam HartigWhartig@cps.edu243After SchoolTuesdayTo Teach Model Rocketry
Model UN
Nick Locke, Curt Maslanka
nlocke@cps.eduOliver Swack, Bryce, bnbezirgan@cps.edu251After SchoolTuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayTo become more familiar with how the UN works and learn more about current events.
Muslim ClubMs. Pecaninapecanin2@cps.eduDeenadmmikbel@cps.eduRoom 303After SchoolFridayTo help students interact with each other, teach and learn, in depth, about the religion of Islam and all it's wonderful aspects.
National Association of Distinguished Footbag Players (NADFP)
Mr. ReidBJReid1@cps.eduAlex Delgado, Ian , idougherty@cps.edu115After SchoolFridayThe purpose of this club will be to create a safe, encouraging environment facilitating the growth of teamwork and sportsmanship through the usage of playing footbag. During meetings of NADFP, we will strengthen team bonds and spirit by participating in both cooperative and competitive events of footbag to highlight individual skills and accomplishments in a respectful manner. This creates an accommodative setting for players to learn and develop while featuring competitive opportunities to push players to strive for greatness and promote leadership within their communities. We believe that footbag is the perfect sport to exemplify positive community values and ideologies due to the richness and purity that footbag culture has maintained over many decades. Footbag is a sport of honor and respect much the same as Lane is a school of those same principles. Over the course of the year, players that participate in NADFP meetings will firmly understand these values, truly showing that wherever they go, whatever they do, they will remember the honor of Albert George Lane Technical College Preparatory High School.
National Honor Society (NHS)Joy BarrowsJDBarrows@cps.eduEmery LawrenceEJLawrence@cps.eduAuditoriumBefore SchoolThursdayThe National Honor Society is a selective national group of high-achieving students. These students excel in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The club focuses on being role models for the rest of the school and doing service projects throughout the school year and summer.
National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
Joy BarrowsJDBarrows@cps.eduJoy BarrowsJDBarrows@cps.eduCCCAfter SchoolMondayThe National Junior Honor Society is a selective national group of high-achieving students. These students excel in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. This is for middle school students.
National Spanish Honor Society
Phillip Elkins, Celeste Ramovic, Freddy Enriquez
pelkins@cps.eduEric Stemper - treasureestemper@cps.edu335After SchoolWednesdayThe purpose of the National Spanish Honor Society is to promote students’ interests in Hispanic studies.
Nicaraguan Club
Ms.Mendoza / Ms.Krone / kakrone@cps.eduManuel Mayamamaya3@cps.edu326After SchoolWednesdayTo commemorate Nicaraguan Culture.
OLASMs. CustodioMccustodio@cps.eduCymon Brion, Joanna, jiman@cps.eduOutside of schoolAfter SchoolWednesdayOLAS (Organization of Latin American Students) is a club who is dedicated in the preservation of the Latin American culture through dance. We specify in salsa technique and performance. OLAS is dedicated to provide an outlet where students can learn and love the art of dance. We represent the Dominican Republic
Origami ClubMs.Hesseahesse@cps.eduNeil Lapasaronnlapasaronj@cps.eduRoom 238After SchoolMondayThe purpose of this club is for students to learn various origami models and have fun while learning.
PakistaniPflaumjmpflaum@cps.eduKaitlyn Tarasiewicz, Desiree dmrios4@cps.edu317After SchoolMonday, WednesdayThe purpose of this club is to represent the Pakistani culture through traditional Pakistani style dances to showcase during International Days. We aim to open the minds of all students on different traditions to appreciate this culture.