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Idealabhttp://idealab.com, CApr@idealab.com1996+30+50Bill Gross
Tom Hughes
Marcia Goodstein
Bill GrossIdealab creates ground-breaking companies whose products and services change the way people think, live and work. 55 people In addition to capital, Idealab provides a full range of resources to infuse start-ups with the support they need to rapidly introduce innovative products and services. Resources include office space and the accompanying office services, development and technology, product and graphic design, marketing, financial advice, human resources, competitive research, legal, accounting and business development support and services. Idealab also provides advice on strategy, branding and corporate structure.
Employees of Idealab are compensated by Idealab, hold Idealab stock options, and receive Idealab benefits.
more than 125 companies with 40 IPOs & acquisitions (eToys, Picasa, Internet Brands).
IT, Internet, CleanTech, Robotic, Renewable Energy
Rocket Internet, Germanymedia@rocket-internet.com200736+30Marc, Oliver & Alexander SamwerOliver SamwerWe want to be the home screen of the world. Our mission: become the world's largest internet platform outside the US and Chinamore than 30,000 people in 110 countries accross 6 continentsWe identify and build proven Internet business models and transfer them to new, underserved or untapped markets, where we seek to scale them into market leading online companies.
Business model:
- Rigorous and structured model selection process : minimum $1 billion market size and $100 million revenue potential
- Proven replicable business model and low competition in targeted markets
- Global execution capabilities through highly standardized processes paired with regional expertise and deep technical and operational knowledge
- Provision of shared services to set up around 10 new companies on average per year taking only 100 days from kick-off to launch
- Proprietary technology
Proven winners : Dafiti, Foodpanda, HelloFresh, home24, Jabong, Jumia, lamoda, Lazada, Linio, Namshi, Westwing, Zalora
Emerging stars : CupoNation, FabFurnish, Helpling, Lendico, Paymill, TravelBird, Traveloka, Wimdu, Zanui, Zencap
Concepts : Bonativo, EatFirst, nestpick, Shopwings, SpaceWays, Spotcap, tripda, ZipJet
eCommerce and marketplace
BetaWorkshttp://betaworks.com York, NY200810109John Borthwick
Andy Weissman
Mehmet Turac
Billy Chasen
John Borthwick - Founder We make essential products that thoughtfully combine art and science. about 17 people
The EIR becomes the CEO of the new company once incorporate.
Each projet is independent but we are a network. We have internal ressources to start in-house projects (hackers, designers in residence). We attract the kind of people who could start their own company, but they don't necessarily want to run a company. They'd rather be the co-founder of 8 things than tied down for years as the sole founder of one. They'd rather build.
To us, seed investing means "first money in". Our typical investment size is $150K-200K. We always invest as part of a syndicate of angels and early stage VCs. Our requirements are simple: early stage, heavily tech focused, a working (public or private) prototype.
Betaworks companies : bitly, Blend, Chartbeat, Dots, Giphy, Poncho, Quire
Acquired/relauched: Bloglovin', digg, Instapaper, SocialFlow, upclose
Investments (100-200K) : +100, including BuzzFeed, Kickstarter, Medium, Product Hunt, Songkick, Tumblr, Uservoice...
Social Web
eFoundershttp://efounders.co, Belgium
Paris, France
contact@e-founders.com20119Thibaud Elzière, Cofounder & CEO, Founder Fotolia
Quentin Nickmans, Cofounder
Didier Forest, Creative partner
Thibaud ElziereeFounders is a startup studio. Together with entrepreneurs, we turn unique ideas into successful companies. We act as the perfect co-founder to build strong and independent startups.about 15 peopleWe find great entrepreneurial talents, usually a CEO and a CTO, to build a company together. Our goal is:
- to build independent companies with their own culture, DNA and team
- to build products that people want, and startups that are visible above the mass.
We provide our startups with unfair advantages to grow faster and limit failures: experience, resources, experts, doers, processes, a network and wisdom.
The studio is fully committed on each project during 18 to 24 months. Once our startups show traction and are ready for their next step, we invite carefully selected investors to meet with them during our invite-only ShowTime events. eFounders becomes a board member.
BUILT: Mailjet, Textmaster, Mention, Pressking, Front, Aircall, Illustrio, Hivy +1SaaS B2B
RainMaking, UK
Berlin, Germany
Cophenhagen, Danemark
200687Carsten Kolbek
Kasper Vardrup
We create extraordinary growth companies combining brilliant teams with game changing ideas. about 250 peopleWe are a company factory - we launch startups, build them into solid businesses and eventually exit them.
Rainmaking launched 18 startups, 3 of them have been exited to industry leaders and a large capital fund. We are currently running and co-owning 15 companies, of which the first was founded in 2006. Since 2010, we have invested in +160 startups through Startupbootcamp.
2009: Latest in Beauty
2010: Trueskin, Greenwire (exit)
2011: MarketingLion
2012: VentureScout, Ultimate Manager
2013: The Fashion, Rainmaking LOFT
BeeHive, UK20137Paul GosnellPaul GosnellA startup studio building disruptive digital businesses. All projects at Beehive are run through a strict set of principles to identify strengths, weaknesses and market potential. The advisory board then assesses the technology's true potential by testing the market and proving the concept. Once a project makes it past this stage Beehive then work on protecting, managing and commercialising the business.Built; Fit Link, Love F1, SELL it, no BILL, Car Hire Club, Experience This, Life, Deal Wallet, Notify Me, Refund My Ticket, Twool Box, Shoreditch RocksDigital, web & mobile apps
Codegenthttp://codegent.com, UKhello@codegent.com200461David Hart,
Mark McDermott,
Luke Hubbard
David HartWe're a digital product studio. Our work is used by millions of people worldwide.about 25 peopleLab: We’ve created a portfolio of digital businesses which we’ve taken from idea through to commercial product. We created a fund in order to manage these businesses in their early stages. Once a business reaches the point at which it is sustainable we look to find partners to bring into the business.
Partnership: For existing businesses or management teams who need a digital product partner. We develop the product for reduced fees, take equity in the business and sit on the board and help steer the business towards growth.
Sprint Studio: Many businesses have problems that they know technology can solve but lack the head-space and physical separation to really nail the issues. We work side-by-side with teams who base themselves in our studio to rapidly prototype an idea that will form part of their bid to develop a product.
+ Consultancy
Built:,, LearnApps, Kizzu, flow, Moovrs
JVs:, RadioPlayer
Acquisition : Thin Martian
Digital media, UX design, apps
Archimede Labs Alto, CA2005611Keith Teare, Chief Product Officer, ex Tech Crunch
Michael Arrington
Kambiz Hooshmand, CEO
Kambiz HooshmandWhere ideas come to live. We create companies and develop our own ideas + we engage with companies to accelerate them and we invest in companies. Like Betaworks or Idealab, we are an LLC, so the company has a recurring exits model unlike a closed-end fund, and ongoing shareholders. On occasion, Archimede labs makes pure investments ($25K - $100K). So far, 80% of Archimede Labs accelerated companies have gone on to raise more capital. Built: TechCrunch, edgeio,,, Chance, ContextPlane.
Accelerated: Downtown, Sunshine, Loop, Survey, XTV, Kwixe, Sherlabs, (exit)
Invested: Quixey, Incident Technologies, Broomstick Productions.
Mobile, Internet of Things, Cloud
DFR (Design For Revolution) Asiahttp://dfra.comTokyo, Japan & Shanghai, Chinainfo@dfra.com20076John Possman, cofounder & CEO
Rick Myers, cofounder & COO
John PossmanMedia & Entertainment Venture StudioWe designed DFR as a venture studio: a “studio” where we conceive, launch, fund and build from scratch new startup ventures that will drive the revolution. We reach China and Japan: the world's 2nd and 3rd largest economies. Breaker, EDA, Ynos, Gravity Group, Two 4 Seven, 2muse.Digital Media, Social Networks, Entertainment, Music
Laicoshttp://laicos.com, USAhello@laicos.com20126Ryan Negri
Kyle Matthews
Ryan NegriWe develop ideas into products, and products into companies. about 8 peopleLaicos crafts beautiful, useful web and mobile technology solutions with a penchant for elegant design and an attention to our communities’ creative minds. We are digital enthusiasts, and believe simple, tested, effective products enhance our lives.Talented Human, Tampa Bay Coffee Company, TradeStops, IBHS, Order to Seat, Fuse: SocialMedical, Wearables, Hardware, iOS, Mobile, Software
FinLeap, Germany
San Francico, USA
berlin@finleap.com20146Jan Beckers, sold Fyber for $190M & founder HitFox Group
Jochen Siegert, ex Director of Stratefy EMEA Paypal
Hanno Fichtner
The FinTech entrepreneurs. about 40 peopleWe provide a comprehensive set of resources that empowers the founders to focus on and create superior products and execute at speed on a global scale. We build 4-6 companies per year and provide each company with seed funding of €0.5-5M. Valendo, BillFront, Savedo, financeAds, ITA, ClarkFinTech
Beenos, Japan19995+28Teruhide SatoShota NaoiPlatform for the people. Our in-house team of entrepreneurs-in-residence and specialists help you get your ideas off the ground. Like bees, we wish to cross-pollinate and create a platform that connects informations, material objects, global businesses that serve as a Platform for the People. We are experts in engineering, design, data science, and business management. We know how to launch a company in this ever changing IT industry, and we’d like to help establish and expand your present and future business.
We give hands-on support to each company we invest in.
Japanese companies built: Tenso, Shop Airlines, Defactostandard, monosense, netprice.
Investments (28+): veritrans (Indonesia), tokopedia (Indonesia), akakce (Turkey), iyzi Payments (Turkey), Clues Network (India) etc
E-commerce (in Japan and in the world)
Neverblandhttp://neverbland.com, NYC, Wroclaw (Poland)hello@neverbland.com20095Sam MathewsScott LenikWe're a Startup Studio. A company that builds companies. Sharing people, resources and technologies to accelerate our successes. We develop digital products for ourselves and select partners.28 people (designers, developers, doers)We believe in making the world a better place through technology. To do this we need to move fast. That's why we take the lean startup approach - build, measure and learn - to constantly evolve our thinking and our products.Built :, Slate,, neverbland.themes, Whatsforlunch
Venture Starshttp://venture-stars.comMünchen, Germanyjobs@venture-stars.com201153Stefan Pfannmöller
Martin Junker
Florian Calmbach
Stefan PfannmöllerVenture Stars is a company builder for Internet startups. 9Venture Stars establishes, supports and invests in innovative online concepts with the aim to provide market-leading companies. We understand business owners because we are ourselves entrepreneurs. Built: byMIFLORA, ePetWorld, vitafy, Vaola, netzathleten media
Invested: ShopLove,, filespots.
Travel, Hotels, Mobile.
Founders.ashttp://founders.as, Denmarksimon@founders.as201351Stefano Zorzi
Ulrik Trolle
We build companies from scratch,
together with great entrepreneurs.
about 12 peopleWe are a team of people who have decided to dedicate ourselves to mastering the art and science of building new companies. Building great companies is about finding the sweet spot at the intersection of business, development and design. We apply our Creation Process to build new businesses and along the way we partner with individual who will become co-founders of the companies we start. Built: Maguru, Son of a Tailor, GoBox, MinbilDinbil, Pipetop
Invested: SnappCar
The Eleven, O'Donovan
Ben Gateley
We're obsessed by building great ideas into brilliant businesses, and we’re on a mission to create the best place in the world to do just that.about 20 peopleTen year plan to found 100 new companies by 2015. Built: Youth, Born Social, Making pretty, Grand Stand.
Oogalabs / NFX Guildhttp://oogalabs.com Francisco,
20074+23James Currier, ex-growth advisor at PayPal, cofounder Tickle, WonderHill, IronPearl
Stan Chudnovsky, ex-VP Growth PayPal, cofounder Tickle, WonderHill, IronPearl
Ooga Labs is now operating as the NFX Guild. -We provide expertise in growth, hands-on mentorship, and access to capital. We help companies iterate product and grow fast. After establishing an advisor relationship, we typically invest $25K - $200K of our own capital, and our partners might put in another $250K - $900K. Built: IronPearl, WonderHill, Tickle, Jiff.
Investor/advisor (20+): doordash, feedly, lyft, AngelList, Flickr...
Networks and marketplaces
Elepathhttp://elepath.com Fransisco, CA & Brooklyn, NYhello@elepath.com20124Jake Lodwick, cofounder VimeoJake Lodwick A creative software company. We're filling the world with great software.about 7 peopleCEO plans to lead Elepath for ten total years (until March 2022).
When projects "leave the house", we'll hire the next wave of Elepath developers, applying the lessons learned so far.
Keezy, Exposure, Thinglist, StellarSoftware, Apps, Photo editing
Makeshifthttp://makeshift.io, UK20134Paul Birch, ex-founder Bebo
Nick Marsh, ex-designer director at Sidekick
Stef Lewandowski
We make tools for startups. 9We’re rapidly hacking on digital products that give a leg up to the little guy. HireMyFriend, Attending, Wrangler, LinkydinkMobile, digital media.
Quasar Ventureshttp://quasar-ventures.com Aires, Argentinainfo@quasar-ventures.com20134Andy Freire,
Santiago Bilinkis,
Pablo Simon Casarino
Pablo Simon CasarinoQuasar Ventures is a worls-class company builder focused on technology and Internet. We provide all the elements a great company needs: team, capital, business model and execution. We launch 2 to 3 companies per year. 11 peopleWe identity scalable and profitable business models. We perform thorough analyses to pre-validate the business concept. Simultaneously, we search for the ideal team of entrepreneurs to partner with. Restorando, Avenida, Trocafone, Rodatie-commerce, consumer internet, business enterprise, marketplaces
Stanley Park Venturehttp://stanleyparkventures.com
Vancouver, CANhello@stanleyparkventures.com20154Jonathan Bixby,
Joshua Bixby,
Mike Benna
From Ideas to Successful Companies-As co-founders, we work closely with entrepreneurs, providing them with vetted ideas and a proven playbook for execution. We help find the right product/market fit, and leverage human and financial capital. And we assist with all of those time-consuming tasks, freeing them to focus on creating sustainable businesses. Our goal is to help each company we co-found to launch successfully with a solid team and a healthy Series A. Koho, Lendful, Pampr, Blue Mesa Health-
Sandbox Industries, USAinfo@sandboxindustries.com20033Nick Rosa, ex CEO @NutraSweet
Robert Shapiro, ex CEO @Monsanto
Bridging the gap. about 9 managing directors + advisory boardWe connect large companies with small entrepreneurial ones. We do so across a variety of business platforms: collaborative venture capital funds, accelerator programs, and through consulting services.
Our philosophy has been based on 2 fundamental ideas: first, source and assess a large number of business ideas, find the most promising ones, and identify killer questions to test those ideas capital-efficiently. Second, bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and large companies in search of leading technologies to propel the growth of both.
4 platforms: Healthcare fund, Agriculture fund, Healthbox, Innovation consulting, "our creations"
lab42, Marbles the brain store, DoggylootHeathcare, agriculture
RedStar, USAinfo@redstar.com20103Jeet Singh, Managing Director
Matt Beecher, President & Managing Director
Joseph Chung, Managing Director
Matt BeecherWe build companies. 11 people:
Duncan Pettigrew, COO
Robert Kittler, CFO
5 development directors
1 office manager
Redstar is a creator of new businesses. We identify markets with high potential, long-term growth, and good opportunities for investment, partnerships and acquisitions. We develop our own ideas for those selected markets into start-up firms, combining company-building and venture investment under one roof. We are charting our own course, using a market-driven approach to create long-term value in startups.Built: ThirdChannel, Lindy, LoopIt (acquired)Retail, Health Care, Software
Atomic Lab Francisco (CA)20123Rob Eroh, ex-VP Milo
Andrew Dudum
Jonathan Mumm
Don Holly
Great companies start with great ideas and thrive with a stellar team. Atomic is a company builder and venture fund all in one. We prototype new companies and assemble teams to scale the most promising ideas into independent ventures. about 44 peopleAt Atomic, all initial ideas are generated, incubated, and funded in-house, through a rigorous and collaborative process that brings together a dynamic team of software engineers, product designers, and business minds. Everyone on our team is a builder, whether they work with wireframes, code, or ideas.Accuvit, Everalbum, Zenreach
EXPA Francisco, CA
hello@expa.com201331Garret CampGarret CampExpa builds companies. We develop products, systems and services, and then form teams to scale them as independent entities. Garret Camp - Uber
Roberto Sanabria, - stumbleupon
Naveen Selvadurai, Foursquare
Hooman Radfar, EIR - Add-this
Bruno Bergher, Head of design
Victor Lourenco, designer/advisor
Christine Boyle, Executive assistant
Michael Hobbs, Director of Technical Operations
We work with founders to develop and launch new products. After 10 years of designing and building consumer services, we have indentified many techniques that help create successful companies.
We focus on only a few projects at a time, working closely with teams on everything from product design to user experience, branding to partnerships. Sometimes, these ideas originate from within our studio; other times, we work with great entrepreneurs to help them realize their vision.

Expa Capital is the investment arm of the studio, that seed funds each Expa company. Typical investment is $500K-$1M with the Expa team spending significant time on each project.
Investments: Drip
Built: Reserve, Operator, Spot.
Mobile applications, platforms, marketplaces.
The Giant Pixelhttp://thegiantpixel.com Franciscoyo@thegiantpixel.com20143Alan Braverman, cofounder & ex-CTO Geni & Yammer + cofounder Mollyguard Corporation
Elliot Loh, designer, ex-COO Geni, ex Yammer, ex Tribe
John Cwikla, software architect, ex CTO GameLayers, cofounder Tello
We turn original ideas into successful companies, and talented people into experienced founders.about 6 people + the 3 partners-foundersWe build on the Giant Pixel platform: a combination of technical resources and management processes covering the period from initial idea to company lauch. We train teams to spin each company out, then tap our networks for fundraising, hiring and mentorship. Built: Antenna Radio, Nama, SoboAudio, mobile, social network
North Technologies Fransisco, CA 20112Marc Hemeon, ex-designer at Youtube & Google, cofounder Fflick
Kevin Rose, partner @ Google Ventures, founder of Digg, cofounder of Revision3, founder/CEO of Milk
Kevin RoseNorth is a startup building other startups.
Ex-Googlers building nonsensical & ill-advised ideas.
Tiiny, WatchvilleConsumer Internet, Apps, Luxury
HVF (Hard Valuable Fun)http://hvflabs.com Francisco, CAinfo@hvflabs.com201324Max Levchin, Cofounder & CEO, co-founded Paypal / SlideMax LevchinAn umbrella organization for all Lechin's data-focused undertakings. about 6 peopleHVF searches relentlessly for opportunities that create value by leveraging data. This takes form of seed and early stage investing, rapid prototyping of internally-generated ideas (some of which develop into companies funded by HVF)Built:,
Investments: Zymergen, Metabiota, Blend Labs, Thredhq
Data, consumer finance, enterprise document security and management, disease prevention / wellness industries.
Backspacehttp://backspace.studio, NLhello@backspace.studio201531Arnoud Haverlag, Jons Janssens and Roy Abbink, together over 25 years of experience building tech ventures together: Simplicio (2003), Marvia (2008), Sanoma VenturesArnoud haverlagWe are a startup studio. We build disruptive companies, invest in talented people and involve established brands. about 8 peopleWe apply the model of agencies to build disruptive companies. We form a team around an idea and enable them to execute. This creates assets with recurring revenue, instead of billing clients by the hour. Our investment syndicate provides the runway for our startups to get to product/market fit.
We ship disruptive companies combining skills and capital. This combination allows us to rapidly execute on innovation. We follow a structured approach of developing big ideas into disruptive companies: [ Idea > Product > Company > Industry ]. Products grow into companies when they find their market. This is the evolutionary process we call venture creation.
Alpha: Florin
Public Beta: Soverin
Public Beta: Whappbook
Public Beta: BYBORRE
Fintech, Cryptocurrency
Smart Textiles, IoT, sensoring
Privacy, Data
Cursive Labshttp://cursivelabs.comSan Diego, CA20142Jon Belmonte, ex CEO Active Network
Ryan Bettencourt, cofounder Kidzui, CellarThief, Blurtopia
Keiran Flanigan
Grant Bostrom
Jon BelmonteDisruption through simplicity. We are creating a better way to start and grow companies by blending the elegance and efficiency of cursive with the objectivity, process, and data-dependency of labs. about 10 people1. Ideation: we brainstorm and research ideas and solutions to real market problems. All ideas that come out of ideation are our own. The goal is to identify the best market opportunities that also fit our unique approach.
2. Incubation: we are laser-focused on applying great design thinking to solving any problem, we also manage development through a disciplined process. The goal is to clearly determine is there is a market worth entering and a solution we can turn into a highly scalable business.
3. Growth: during this phase, we combine our operating and market expertise with a dedicated team and capital to scale the business.
Spoutable, BumbleCastDesign, platforms, business services
Roniin, USA20142Paul Lee, ex-Light Bank
Ryan Jeffery
David Arel
Arman Ghosh
Roniin connects talented founders with ideas, execution and capital to create new companies. about 8 peopleWe are a team of operators that work directly with the management team to co-found the next generation of industry-changing startups. We provide ideas, execution, access to capital. To create a new company, Roniin employees first identify an industry vertical that could use a tech makeover. Then, they partner with one of their about a dozen mentors to refine the idea. Next, Paul Lee dips into his rolodex of “No. 2 and 3” startup employees to find a first-time founder who would fit with the idea. That person joins Roniin as a contractor and works there for a month or so before the company spins out and heads toward an accelerated seed round. Founders are always the largest shareholders of the startups. officeluv, Attendante-commerce
Boot Ventureshttps://bootventures.com, Belgium
Indianapolis, USA
team@bootventures.com2010?2Laurent Van Winckel
Prameya Bhandari
Laurent Van WinckelWe bootstrap companies. We are a startup studio and seed stage venture capital company that focuses on solving real-world problems with technology. Bootstrapping: continually improved lean building process that allows the shipping of products at a fast pace. We plan to create a new product each quarter. The one common denominator for all our startups is the elimination of inefficiency through technology.
Investing: We can fund early-stage startups (up to €25K) and guide founders towards product-market-fit with our lean building techniques we've acquired throughout the years.
Built: Spotia, Storanza, to come: Mise, VggieMachine Learning, Big Data, Ethical, Environmental concerns, Clean Transportation, Internet of Things, Enterprise Apps, Lifestyle Automation.
Mint Digitalhttp://mintdigital.com, UK & NYC,,
20081Andy BellCameron PriceWe turn ideas and insights into digital products people love. about 20 peopleWe help businesses/startups/big companies/public sector/NGO's create products that drive growth and accelerate change. Built: Sticky9 (sold to Photobox)
Startups: Deskbeers, The Bathory
For Tesco: Clubcard tool
For Universal:
For United Colors of Benetton: It's:My:Time
For public sector or NGO: Join in Trust, Purple Ninja, Sexperience
Web Development, Social Media, Brand Marketing, Digital Media.
Drukkahttp://drukka.comBudapest, Hungary
Hallandale, USA
201116Tamás BohnerTamás BohnerBuild, grow, exit, repeat. We are here to help you unleash your company's full potential in the digital age. about 23 peopleOur company has a high level of commitment in innovative solutions. We are continuously looking for investment opportunities in startups. Companies with “think outside the box” mentality and good management skills, with the promise of significant role in their target markets, globally or locally are more than welcomed.
Each of our initiatives has a dedicated CEO, and the studio provides all necessary resources until spin-off. The studio generally keeps 40-60% equity.
We also do consultancy and facebook ad for big companies.
Built: Appmedia, Helpy, Neatly, Offixed, FirmPalace, The Coinpay
Investments: Keparuhaz
Web, Apps, IoT, Hardware.
Nova Founders Lampur, Malaysiainfo@novafounders.com201214Stefan Bruun, Managing Partner & CMO
Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen, Managing Partner
Raphael Strauch, Managing Partner
Mats Faurhold-Jorgensen
Raphael Strauch
We Build and Invest in Winning Companies. about 10 people Nova Founders Capital builds and backs sustainable large-scale business models combining our execution know-how with the right experts. We are a very disciplined company builder and investor and understand how to efficiently grow companies. We believe value can only be created through a rigorous focus on execution, operational excellence and constant innovation. We provide companies with the continuous financial and operational support they need to be successful. Our hands-on operational approach translates into increased profits and above risk-adjusted returns.Built: groupe CompareGlobal
Investments: Lion & Lion, Crossinx, Redape solutions, Glasses Group
Financial services
MaDrona Venture Labs, USA20141Joe Heitzeberg
Brendan Ribera
Matt Terich
Benjamin Gilbert
Greg Gottesman
Brian Fioca
Amy Falcone
From napkin to traction, Madrona Venture Labs creates meaningful companies from scratch.about 7 peopleWe're hackers and designers who believe in the transformational potential of a great product. We sign up customers until we have irrefutable traction (or we kill the idea). We are backed by Madrona Venture Group and can help secure the best financing partners. Spare5
Zuma Ventures Monica, CAcontactus@zumavc.com20140David Carter, cofounder & CEO
Allen Hurff, cofounder & CTO
David CarterWe build companies.about 10 people
We identify problems that address large market opportunities.
We build and design premier products that leverage our experience and network.
We launch products as companies with world-class management team.
-Marketplaces, Tech
Startup Foundry, IL Kimbarovsky, CEO, ex-cofounder crowdSPRING
Adriano Marques, CTO, ex-engineer at crowdSPRING
Ross KimbarovskyWe Build Innovative Companies.
We create unique, sustainable startups.
-Every year, we identify 3 to 5 scalable and profitable business models. We research, develop and test those models. Finally, we form teams to transform validated ideas into great businesses.
We are real cofounders on projects we pursue. We mentor members of our team to become the future CEOs and CTOs of the companies we build. A project team is typically no more than 3 or 4 full-time engineers, everyone on the team receives options in any new company we lauch.
CrowdSpring (created before Studio) We don’t have a specific industry focus.
MIT (Media Investment Tech) Ventures, Senegal & Sunnyvale, CAdiallo@mitgroupusa.com20150Ali Diallo, ex-manager Gannett, ex-VP at Quake MarketingAli DialloWe code companies. Derek Anovick, partner internet & digital media, CEO Quake Marketing
Souleymane Diallo, partner mobile broadband, CEO Millenium Telecom
Bachir Diagne, partner, CEO Royal Trading Alliance
Ndack Kane, advisor, editorial manager
Seydou Diallo, partner emea, founder Inovit Group
1st venture builder to create transformative companies in the US and West Africa.
We leverage Silicon Valley’s on-demand and sharing economy to create a network of global ventures that are powered by a set of shared ideas, capital, technology, market expertise and boldness. Our mission is to make a transportation of resources, innovations and opportunities easier and more efficient for society.

United+ initiative: way to combine resources and build lean companies using a unified framework. This model allows us to leverage our competitive advantages both at the local and global levels.
-Mobile payment, digital media, ad tech, trade and finance, entertainment
Active Venture Partnerhttp://active-vp.com, SpainTel +34 93 178 6868200423Christopher Pommerening, Philipp Schroeder, Ricard SöderbergWe love entrepreneurs. about 11 peopleWe are on a journey to transform venture capital.
We don’t believe that money alone is a differentiating factor.
We offer a lot more – we call it ACTIVE Value Building.
Zyncro, yieldr,, traity, ferton, buy.v!p, Polymita,, goldengekko, ReviewPro,, SanaExpert, Smartimpression, StoreVision, TelemedecineClinic, Userzoom, Whisbi, Vinus & Brindis, Percentil, Fishbrain, Odilo, adjust, ticketbisMobile retail, Mobile Marketplaces, Mobile Tech, Internet of Things, Big Data, SaaS, Digital business models.
Spook Studio, UKboo@spookstudio.com20045Carlos Saba, cofounder & technology lead
Laurence Mac Cahill, cofounder & design lead
The home of happy startups. We bring great ideas to life faster. 6 peopleWe help entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies launch innovative new digital products. With our tried and tested lean approach, we’ll help you realise your vision in no time.
Kickstart workshop: intense tailored session of 1 day with your team to help define the MVP = 1,5K pounds
Minimum Loveable Product: 12 weeks = 30K pounds
Lightbulb to lauch: a week of intensive work, launch of a new prototype, 5 days = 10K pounds
Strumm, Objective Manager, Smart Pilots, Talent RocketDigital
212Media, NYus@212media.com20045Mike Downey
Neal Shenoy
Paramdeep Singh
We craft and build companies. 212media is a venture development firm, leveraging technology, experience and relationships to turn ideas into great products. Rishi Malhotra, partner
Neal Shenoy, cofounder & principal
Paramdeep Singh, cofounder & principal
Digital media firm that owns and operates the businesses in its portfolio and ensures the success of each of them by recruiting the best talent in the industry, developing innovative digital products and services, marketing to audiences, building revenues, and investing its own capital. Saavn
Digital Media
Innovation Workshttp://en.chuangxin.comBeijin, China
Shangaï, China
press@chuangxin.com200949Dr. Kai-Fu Lee (previously, head of Google China and founder of Microsoft Research Asia) We provide not just venture financing, but also value-added operational services, including in areas such as user experience/design, product, marketing, recruiting, legal, government relations, and finance, thereby helping entrepreneurial companies start up smoothly and grow rapidly in their start-up period.IT space, including mobile Internet, consumer Internet, e-commerce and cloud computing
SproutBoxhttp://sproutbox.com, INmike@sproutbox.com200925Brad Wisler,
Marc Trotske,
Marc Guyer
SproutBox is an elite crew of product developers, creatives and business experts. We invest our talent in startup companies with high growth potential in exchange for equity.10 peopleEach year, SproutBox will give 4 hand-picked startups all the expertise, tools, and resources needed to turn their early stage ideas into a revenue-generating reality. During the fast-paced 10-month Sprout cycle, the selected startup (or Sprout) typically receives approximately $250,000 worth of services, along with just enough cash to enable entrepreneurs to stay focused on creating and marketing their product.
We're not about talk. We are a team of coders, marketers and business experts that work with entrepreneurs full-time in exchange for equity.
Fund 3: Kincast, pocketcab, earbits, Visible, Evacua, FeetHere, Trip Was, peoplocity, tourize, trekkable
Fund 2:, TeamMash, VaultWorthy
Fund 1: Decide already, CheddarGetter, Schedulething, Squad Code Together, proposable, dingora, myJibe, PathWrangler, Pocket Tales, StoryAmp, DeskHero, Quipol
Hanse Ventures, Germany201012Jochen MaaßBuilding Great Companies.about 10 peopleHanse Ventures is the company builder in Hamburg. We develop our own internet and mobile business concepts and implement these together with suitable founder teams. We provide the necessary infrastructure that a young company requires for its first steps to success. We support our start-up teams in all areas with our expertise, financing assistance, our powerful network or office space – we support our founders right from the start.INVESTMENTS: talocasa, Pay with a Tweet, Rebelle, Panna Cotta Voucher Group, Hochzeitsplaza,, Toptranslation, SEOlytics, artaxo, wirkungsvoll, vitraume-commerce, lead generation, Saas
Fastlane Venture, Russiainfo@fastlaneventures.ru201014Marina Treshchova
Pascal Clement
Marina TreshchovaFastlane Ventures: building Russia's online future. Investment company which specializes in creating and developing successful online businesses. 16 peopleLaunch of a new business in as little as 50 days
Practical support to accelerate growth.
Ongoing assessment and improvement.
Unlike traditional venture capitalists, Fastlane not only invests its own funds into implementing prospective ideas, but also organizes all the processes involved in creating businesses from the ground up.
IQcard, Homefair, Eventmag, Lokata, Kommerstat, pinme, travelRent, renthome, heverest, domgeo, vita portal, Relevant Media, Teamo, KupiBonusInternet - eCommerce - Intermediaries
LightBank, ILinfo@lightbank.com2010104Eric Lefkofsky
Brad Keywell
along with partner Paul Lee
No-Nonsense approach to venture capital. We are not a venture fund. We're not a seed fund. We invest fund, but we do it our way. about 30 peopleVC/Seed fund very hands-on : "you've got the idea, the motivation and the vision / we've got the cash, the resources, and the experience to take what's in your head and help you find a thriving enterprise. 104 investments in 82 companies : Contently, freeagent, Echo, Groupon, Classkick, Cleversense, SpotHero, sproutsocial, udemy, Quibb, Ionic...FinTech, EdTech, Games, Consumer Internet, Software, Coworking.
Found Fair, Germanyrobert@foundfair.de20101Burckhardt Bonello, Founder & CEO
Christian-Alexander Vry, Founder & General partner
Burckhardt BonelloFound Fair, co-founder of online startups.
We build innovative, high-growth technology companies.
2 partnersWe follow ventures from idea to exit with intense hands-on support, experience and least 1: Lokalleads
e-commerce, Saas
PreHype, NY
+ London, Rio, Cophenhagen
20104+20Henrik WerdelinWe are a venture development firm, incubating startups in partnership with the world's finest corporations and VCs.about 10 peopleA group of successful entrepreneurs who help established companies and VCs who facilitate spin-outs, incubation and venture partnerships. They run programs for companies like NewsCorp, Mondelez, Lego and Verizon where they identify new innovation/business opportunities and then incubated these new business initiatives via their lean incubation process. They also build companies in partnership with leading venture capital. Recently financed companies include Bark & Co (barkbox), and Managed By Q.Built: Barkbox, Basno, Amber Jack, Managed by Q
Investments: Brit&Co, Chartbeat, Fancyhands, Gertrude, Issuu, Path, Part Pic, Go Try It On (acquired by RentTheRunway), Hot Potato (acquired by Facebook), Sunrise (acquired by Microsoft), Endomondo (acquired by Under Amour), Spring, Percolate, Readmill (acquired by Dropbox).
Co-creations: Birdseye (acquired by Yandex), Newsmart (acquired by NewsCorp), Project BetaBox (acquired by Vayner Media), ThunderClap, Pling, Tradabel (spun in to CFH Group)
TandemLaunch http://tandemlaunch.com, (to apply as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence)
2010612Helge SeetzenHelge SeetzenWe make the future. Easier. Emilie Boutros, CFO
Matthew Smith, COO
TandemLaunch scouts, accelerates, and commericalizes early-stage technologies from the world's top universities in close partnership with major Consumer Electronic brands.
$500K in funding from TandemLaunch for selected projects ($3.4M average financing for our portfolio companies). 4+ ventures created per year, 600 universities partners, 25 investments partners, 15 industry partners.
Algolux, Mirametrix, LANDR, Sportlogiq, wrnch, Sensaura Tech, IRYS TEC,, Sensing Dynamics, Aerial, Airy:3DSoftware and Hardware for Consumer Electronics (audio, video, display, wearable, sensors, multi-media devices, human-computer interaction). Natural Language Processing, Cloud computing. Tech, Automotive, Music
AlphaFoundershttp://alphafounders.comBangkokinfo@alphafounders.com20108Johannes Von RohrJohannes Von RohrAlpha Founders is company builder and principle backed investment fund.13In regular updates, we share core expertise in terms of Marketing, Organization Development, IT Engineering, Operations and Finance to all portfolio companies. Thereby, we fundamentally change the risk profile of early stage investments.Current: askhanuman, ITM technologies, Chilindo
Exited : Lazada, The Iconic, Bitebox, Ladyblush, Busticked.
Livit & Bali, Indonesia,
Zürich, Switzerland
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hong Kong
startupstudio@liv.it20106Michael BodekærKristina Videroe, Managing DirectorWe inspire and empower entrepreneurs to change the world
5 coordinators + 10 specialists = 15 peopleWe become an active part of your startup as a co-founder, filling in where you have need (CTO, CPO or similar). Startup Studio also supports the startups with specialist resources, spaces, career development, mentoring and access to investors – All elements in the Livit Ecosystem.Mailbird, Labster, Smartlaunch, Vilondo, Startup Heroes and Project GetawayEnterprise and consumer software for desktop or mobile (cross-platform, e.g. Xamarin), EdTech, AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and Digital Publishing.
Italeaf, Italy
London, UK
Hong Kong
info@italeaf.com20102Stefano NeriNicola RomitoItaleaf operates as a company builder, promoting the creation and development of industrial startups in the fields of cleantech, smart energy and technological innovation.We select or create new initiatives in clean-tech and innovative industrial sectors. We offer them an integrated approach that put together services, mentoring, expertise, instruments, and facilities, everything aimed to boost the industrialization of what was just an idea. We provide initial capital and corporate assistance to launch our startups.
ternienergia, skyroboticCleanTech, HiTech, Green energy
Science.inc Monica, CA
Bangalore, India
Yerevan, Armenia
info@science-inc.com2011276 Founders :
Mike Jones - CEO
Tom Dare - CFO
Mike Macadaan - CCO
Ryan Sit - CTO
Peter Pham - CBO
Greg Gilman - CLO
Mike Jones ( ex Myspace CEO)A media and commerce company. about 40 people (18 in Santa Monica, 25 in Bangalore, 14 in Armenia)The team focuses on portfolio company growth and transformation. Science brings together the best ideas, talent, resources and financing through a centralized platform.
Some projects remain in the studio and never spin off. The project therefore generates revenue for the studio. Other projects are pure investments where Science helps on a specific task / identified added value as a studio.
2011:, DogVacay
2012: Ouya, Urban Remedy, Hello Society, DollarShaveClub
2013: CoinDesk, Chirp, Science Growth Labs, This is Ground, Fuisz Media, Prize Candle, Home Hero, august, wealthfront, hangtime
2014: ReFame, hiq, playhaven, Inlight, FameBit, Delicious, SpringRole, Clashist, Medium, Wishbone, Handstand
Mobile, Social Media, E-Commerce, Marketplaces
Rheingau Founders, Germanycontact@rheingau-founders.com201110Tobias Johann
Kai Hansen
Philip Hartmann
Professional Co-Foundersabout 6 peopleWe help startups become successful. By working closely with new companies, providing vital support and resources, we make success possible. We work with you until you're ready to walk on your own, then give you that extra push to get you sprinting.
Trademark 2-phase plan: phase 1 to lay the foundation for a great company / phase 2 to sustain and support your company throughout its life cycle.
Demoup, Datapine, ItemBase, Lieferando, Schutzklick, Wendero, Customer Alliance, Madvertise, Medlanes, Lieferando
FireID, South-Africainfo@fireid.com20115Malan JoubertWe combine great culture and innovative
technology to create amazing products.
about 32 peopleFireID is a technology incubator based in South Africa. We focus on the development and commercialisation of innovative and disruptive technologies.Companies: Journey, SnapScan, Switchless, FireWorks
Exit: Pondering Panda
Parnertships to help deliver new products with Deloitte, KFC, Coca-Cola, SAB, Cadbury, Shoprite etc.
Mobile security, m-payment, low-cost banking, market research, digital currencies, gesture interaction.
Ardent Labs & Bangkok, Thailandhello@ardentlabs.asia201113Adrian Vanzyl
Paul Srivorakul
Piers Bennett
Adrian VanzylArdent Capital is an operating VC firm with a history of sucessful exits throughout Southeast Asia and globally that decided to initiate a venture builder arm called Ardent Labs.about 10 peopleArdent Capital's overall positioning is towards physical commerce, so the Labs is a start up factory to develop the next big eCommerce enabler. We incubate founders by giving them the time to ideate and flush out their concepts before going to the build stage and secondly 'learning whilst doing' as they build out the concepts of their team mates. Within this model we give multiple paths for you to become a founder, whether the initial idea was borne within or you team up with a Lab team mate.Bizzby, Hubba, snapcart, acommerce, Mowy, Whatever.Wherever, deliveree, Whatsnew, Spaceship,, PicoCandy, playbasis, e27. E-commerce B2B or B2C.
Bmuse http://bmuse.comNYC & LA, USA
London, UK
Kiev, Ukrain
Tokyo, Japan
20118Edo Segal, ex-VP Emerging Platforms at AOLReimagine media. We build companies that reshape the way people create and consume media.about 50 peopleUsing a studio model, we incubate products and companies aimed. We are currently incubating 12 companies at differents stages of development. The bMuse studio offers many shared functions to each portfolio company, such as sales and marketing, legal, corporate development, and hands-on strategy.
Revenues in 2013: $6M
8 companies: TouchCast, Retoy, Paragraph, Vast, Linsa, LM/NL, There, Magic MirrorEducation, entertainment, gaming, health, publishing, video
HitFox, Germany
Seoul, South Korea
San Fransisco, USA
Beijing, China
Tokyo, Japan
New Delhi, India
201112Jan Beckers,
Hanno Fichtner,
Tim Koschella
Jan BeckersHitFox Group is a fast-growing platform for entrepreneurship. We build digital companies together with exceptional entrepreneurs on a global scale.about 250 employees +
FinLeap: 100 employees
Our overall approach is to transform selected high-growth markets by building highly synergetic company clusters within them while each portfolio companies remains independently focused and fast.2012: acquisition of ad2games + launching Applift
2013: acquisition Datamonk
2014: launch of appiris (acquired by Applift), zeotap, FinLeap
9 companies as a whole: BillFront, Clark, financeADs, PubNative, Savedo, Valendo.
Digital Advertising, Big Data and FinTech
Polymath Ventureshttp://polymathv.com, Colombiainfo@polymathv.com20115Wenyi CaiPolymath is a company builder designed for emerging economies. about 14 peoplePolymath builds businesses from the ground up that can grow massively across Latin America. We design the venture concepts in-house, find the right founding talent to lead them, work full-time alongside the founders, and bring together the necessary capital to ensure their success.Taximo, aflore, Vincu, Autolab, Kidu
Liquid Labs, Germanyinfo@liquidlabs.de20123Michael Backes
Paul Jozefak
Michael Backes, Paul JozefakWhere companies are built. Liquid Labs is an experimental organisation where ideas are tested, startups are build and innovation in FinTech & Logistics moves forward. between 6 and 10 peopleWe take the principles of venture capital combined with best practices from the startup world to further corporate innovation. We are structured as a separate entity of the Otto Group and we are focused on building products for the group. We source our own ideas and this means we are attending industry events and speaking with our contacts to generate ideas. We build products and services and scale companies around them. The Otto Group gives us access to know-how, marketing channels, capital, infrastructure and a constant feedback loop which is critical for success. Already incubated 6, three companies on the market : Risk Ident, BorderGuru, send & STORE (co-founded with HERMES group)FinTech & logistics.
Forward Partnershttp://forwardpartners.com, UKlean@forwardpartners.com201226Nic Brisbourne - Managing PartnerHelping ecommerce ideas from strong businesses, with funding and talent. about 11 peopleWe provide a unique combination of investment, people, robust methodologies and office space. Our team can help find product-market fit, the first customers and the first hires. We invest from inception of a company (idea stage) to post launch (seed). Office space during 12 months with 6 desks. Idea stage: ParcelBright, Snaptrib!, Stylect, Makers Academy, appear(here)
Seed investments: zopa, wool and the gang, unbound, Hailo, Big Health, Thread...
ProjectAhttp://project-a.com, Germany
Sao Paulo, Brazil
201226Florian Heinemann
Uwe Horstmann
Thies Sander
Christian Weiss
We build companiesTeam of 60+ peopleWith financial support and operational expertise, Project A helps startups to build up competences in key areas such as IT, Performance Marketing, Business Intelligence and Organization Building, and thus contributes to their sustainable success.
Pro-Active VC, seed phase: accompany our young ventures on their way to market entry and support them by providing all necessary resources.
Growth phase: closely cooperate with the team to continuously improve the young company’s market share.
Accelerated: 42matters, catawiki, eyeota, glow, metrigo, nu3, SaatchiArt, semasio, Tictail, Treatwell, uberall, Wine in Black, worldremit, ZenMate.
Incubated: Contorion, ESVdigital, evino, intelipost, kochzauber, Kyto, loopline, Minodes, Matue, Procompra, Spryker, Tirendo.
e-commerce, marketplaces, infrastructure, data, Saas
Faber Ventures, Portugalpitch@faber-ventures.com201218Alexandre Barbosa, Founder & Managing DirectorAlexandre BarbosaWe invest in new Internet companies.19 peopleWe combine vision and execution with capital. We blend a complementary set of internal competencies (design, software engineering, digital marketing, business strategy) to bring the most innovative business models to market more efficiently and accelerate their growth into successful companies.
Pre-seed: we work alongside founders from idea to market.
Seed: we make investments in early stage startups to build momentum for launch and initial growth.
Post-seed: we leverage our digital expertise, network and capital to help startups scale into larger markets and get to the next level.
18 investments: AdviceFront, Chic by Choice, Coacher, Codacy, Full:time, GetSocial, Gitter, Gleam, HOKO, Hole19 Smarter Golf, liquid, Maily, Mainframe, NomNom, Passworks, Sabe Online, Seedrs, Unlabel. Mobility, SaaS, platforms and digital industries``
SeedStarshttp://seedstars.com, Switzerland
+ Morocco, Portugal, Peru, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria
invest@seedstars.com20128Pierre-Alain Masson,
Michael Weber,
Adrien De Loes,
Benjamin Benaim
We launch ideas. We grow startups. We build companies. about 30 peopleWe build and invest in (tech) companies in emerging markets (historically in Europe) thanks to our proprietary deal-flow and network called 6 ventures (own majority) and 2 investments (via : simplio,,, carmeup, jobooh, libassy, SimplePayConsumer Internet, Mobile Apps, Software
Founder.orgFounder.org Fransisco,
201224Michael Baum, Founder & CEOMichael Baum We invest in student entrepreneurs solving big problems and help these courageous innovators build great companies.about 12 peopleWe combine our funding with a company building program based on intense challenges, real-world skills development and shared experiences among the most talented young founders around the world.
Each year we accept up to 50 teams into our 8D program. The goal is to help these teams overcome the key challenges encountered in starting and scaling a new venture across eight critical dimensions.
Students, recent alumni and faculty from our partner schools are elegible to apply.
Current portfolio: Desaia Engine, Gravity, lovepop, Volumental, ManoMotion
about 15 investments.
Aeropsace, Environment, Food & Agriculture, Automation, Internet of Things, Enterprise Software, Medicine, Tranport
Norselabhttp://norselab.comOslo, Norway
Washington, USA
Lausanne, Switzerland
Odessa, Ukrain
yt@norselab.com20127Yngve TvedtWe build digital companies. Lean, agile, passionate. about 6 peopleWe work with start-ups from the first idea generation, through product development until proven commercial traction. We work with business angles and venture capital companies to scale our companies. We make sure our companies have passed a solid market testing of their product before we ramp up the financing of the companies.Skioo, Qlearsite, Documaster, Concilio, Norse Digital,, Sapphire Innovation.FinTech, machine learning, big data, HR.
The Startup Factory, USAinfo@thestartupfactory.co201235Chris Heivly, ex cofounder @MapQuest
Dave Neal, ex cofounder @CI Technologies
The Startup Factory is the Southeast's premier seed investment program. We provide startups with hands-on mentorship and up to $200,000 in seed capital.about 3 peopleAn intensive 12 week startup accelerator during which startups receive $50K in seed capital, hands-on mentorship, and access to our network. We get our hands dirty. Throughout the program, hands-on mentors help you develop and refine your product, launch it to your target customer segments and test business models.
Our support extends beyond 12 weeks. After the program, your company is eligible for a $20K to $150K convertible note. Historically, companies often raise additional funding within months of completing an accelerator.
Spring 2012: Science Behind Sweat, Ruzuku, Entasso (dead), Berst (dead), ArchiveSocial, Arcametrics (acquired)
Fall 2012: PopUp (dead), Offline, Artificial Intelligence Patents, Alekto, Able Device
Spring 2013: VacationFutures, Tuee (dead), Taggs, TabSprint (dead), BringMeThat
Fall 2013:, RocketBolt, HomeWellness, Trinket, Brevado, 4soils (acquired)
Spring 2014: Knomad, Hostel Rocket, Curagami, CareLuLu
Fall 2014: SnapYeti, Mira, Antenna, ImNext, Orate
Spring 2015: AgileRealm, ELXR Health, Boombox.FM, AnyCloud
Web and Mobile Software in Education, Hospitality, AdTech, Travel, Marketing, IoT, Healthcare IT, Consumer Internet
SilverTree Capitalhttp://silvertree-capital.comWoodstock, South
201311Peter Allerstorfer, ex-cofounder Zando
Paul Cook, ex McKinsey
Manuel Koser, ex-cofounder Zando
Africa-focused business builder. We are a business builder and seed investor for the African market, merging old and new economy business models. We build our own ideas, support entrepreneurs and partner with corporates. We focus on execution, using our track record in e-commerce, management consulting and private equity, and deep knowledge of Africa. We build ourselves & hire the founders + we source ideas & entrepreneurs for seed and VC + we build new products for corporate partners. INVESTMENTS: Kerodowney, Faithful to Nature, Cyber Cellar, WineCo, Sprout, Click n Compare, healthcart, Aythan, Pinpoli,, B2C e-commerce, professional services, Big Data
Sherpa Foundry Francisco, CAinfo@sherpafoundry.com20131Shervin Pishevar, Menlo Ventures & Goldman Sachs tech banker
Scott Stanford
Tina SharkeyProviding strategic, trusted advice and guidance to select corporations and entrepreneurs to galvanize ideas and elevate assets-Investment arm : Sherpa VenturesDo (make meetings more productive)-
Differentialhttp://differential.com, Ohiohello@differential.com20135Ry Walker
Tim Metzner
Gerard Sychay
Tim Metzner
Ry Walker
Rapidly unlock value. We build world class software products for startups and corporate innovators. about 22 peopleWe go deep with you, from cradle to your A round. Equity is accepted as payment, which aligns interests. Differential turns ideas into profitable businesses. Serving as a a trusted co-founder, Differential employs lean startup methodologies to power design, development & marketing. They also support a startup's recruiting and fund raising efforts once the time is,,,, Differential Dev Shop (web & mobile dev services company)B2B, MVP, meteor development, design, marketing
Spark Labs York, USA
Paris, France
contact@spark-labs.co2013Ecosystem for Tech entrepreneurs. We provide space, community & support. We make it easy for you to create or expand your Tech business in NYC. about 9 peopleSpark Labs is a 100% tech & media coworking ecosystem. We created a collaborative environment leveraging maximum support from our infrastructure & partners. Whether you are an early stage startup or a developing tech business, we are focused on your growth & success.
Day pass : $39/day ; Flying desk : $350/month ; Dedicated Desk : $550/month
BTWinz Ventureshttp://btwinz.com!maintpress-live-blog-feed/c29jParis,
201362 brothers
Bertrand Fredenucci
Didier Fredenucci
Bertrand & Didier FredenucciWe cofound SaaS companies to grow them (very) fast.
We are fast to decide & execute,
We love to test, monitor & learn,
We are bold doers because we want to make a difference.
We are definitely passionnate about creating new ventures,
We believe in speed in decision & execution,
We believe in boldness to tackle big issues with simple solutions,
We believe that A player teams can change the world. ​
Btwinz 1 : Quanta Computing, Alphalyr, Leadnovation, Maintpress, Mazeberry, Incremys
Btwinz 2: just opened
SaaS, B2B
BrandProjecthttp://brandproject.com, Canada
media@brandproject.com201313Andrew Black, CEO
Jay Bhatti, CTO
Andrew Bridge, CMO
Andrew BlackWe build, buy and invest in disruptive consumer products. about 5 peopleOur goal is to be the leader in rapidly scaling early stage consumer businesses with Founders. Our team as a wealth of experience building some of the world's leading consumer products and technology companies. Collectively, we have lauched over 100 new projects and services for global icons (Nike, Starbucks, Colgate...). Our talented team of designers, engineers and business strategists work together to bring concepts to life and launch them into the world. ALOHA, Chef's plate, Freshly, Hello, Awake Chocolate, Rumble, Eve Snow, Live Love Snack, The Coveteur, Brika, Owlet, Ritual.
Acquired: SurfEasy
Health & Wellness, Home & Pets, Food & Beverage, Sports & Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, Consumer Hardware, Consumer service.
SpringLab Town, South Africainvestors@springlab.co20132Eugen Petersen, cofounder Zando
Sheraan Amod, cofounder Personera
Sringlab is a venture builder and business development partners for Sub-Saharan Africa. As technology incubator in Sub-Saharan Africa, we build startups that solve real-world inefficiencies. As local partner in South Africa, we facilitate market entries by international Internet companies. Springlab offers advisory services and execution support via Joint Ventures for an African expansion. Typical investment between R200K - R2million. Ventures: RecoMed, GeistAgency, 2 other in development. data driven startups (avoid capital-intensive business such as e-commerce)
Starter Squadhttp://startersquad.com, Netherlandshello@startersquad.com2013Daan Assen
Iwein Fuld
Dmitry Evseev
We design, participate and fund. about 17 peopleWith our international team of highly skilled developers, designers and growth hackers, we help startups by doing a Technical Feasibility Scan, building a Proof of Concepet, a Minimal Viable Produc, building their team and product stack. We develop web and mobile apps for startups and companies.
Investor Readiness Check: 2-day investment, 3,000€ (the startups getsits money back if it did not find funds).
Packages for Project & Product Management + Marketing : 500€ per unit.
We fund startups from our seed fund, we have over 20,000 hours in development capacity to invest in great ideas.
Clients (StarterSquad worked for them): BlinkPaspoort, Vandebron, BridalLive, Bundles, QwikSense, NameTrainer, Zcanner, 1-to-1 Mentor, Xebia, SwipeGuide.
Joint collaboration with Sanoma Lab: Ucourse
Joint project with Kirby Ventures and the World Bank: Optima.
sFBI Aviv, Israelinfo@s-fbi.com20141Enon LandenbergEnon LandenbergsFBI launches businesses around human-centered innovation. Factory for launching ventures. about 7 peopleWe work with brands, entrepreneurs and startups to create a new human-centric design model in business. Startups we found get seed fund from sFBI, we incubate them until they're independent and continue in an advisory capacity. PulsePayArtificial Intelligence, augmented reality, web development, interactive media.
Blade, USAhello@blade.net20144Paul English, CEO
Bill O'Donnell, CTO, founding employee at Kayak
Paul Schwenk, COO
Paul EnglishBlade is making new companies in Boston. about 6 peopleBlade is a consumer technology foundry in Boston. We are building B2C in Boston. We have handful of active investments and we're currently focused on bringing some of our own products to market in 2015. We invest $250K and upwards in concept/seed stage companies, getting preferred stock or convertible note for our investment and some common stock for our role as active co-founders. Housing and working with: Wigo, Drafted, Chef Nightly, Lineage Labs.
Also working a bit with: Project 11, Mapkin, Everylabs, MoveWith, Adored.
Software, hardware, consumer technologies.
Angry Ventures, Portugal
Kualu Lumpur, Malaysia
hi@angryventures.com20145Fernando MoreiraFernando MoreiraYou dream, we build. We are a venture builder and idea makers. about 5 peopleWe make awesome products and help companies with digital marketing, biz support, sales, design, software and all the stuff that you need to grow your business! Oue focus is to empower you and turn an idea into a successful smotth ridding business since it's first dawn. We are angried to build, we are dreamers, thinkers, believers and doers. Products: mySkool, SnackCat, EpicAnt
Services: Clique, Startup Clouds,
Obvious Ventureshttps://obvious.com Francisco, USAinfo@obvious.com2014+14Ev Willimas, CEO @Medium
James Joaquin, former CEO @Ofoto, @Xoom, @Xmarks
Vishal Vasishth
Andrew Beebe, Managing DirectorIn the near future, we will all invest with a #worldpositive approach. 8 peopleWe're entrepreneurs who helped a lot of companies launch, grow and generate great financial returns. We want to fund and build more companies that also deliver positive social and environmental benefits. We are product designers and company builders first, and we are on a mission to help startups that combine profits and purpose. Investments (14): Zymergen, Maker Media, Enervee, Lift Worldwide,, Loup, Breezeworks, Magic leap, Workpop, Beyond meat, ZenPayroll, Miyoko's, Olly, NewCo, Flux. Sustainable systems, Peopler power, Healthy living.
ventureLab Francisco & Los Angeles,
20145Taylor Fogelquist
Bret Blount
Mike Prasad
Consistent innovation is built on fundamentals4 peopleventureLab is a startup studio that builds and invests in innovative technologies by providing entrepreneurs with seed funds, business resources and global relationships. We develop both the product and the business to create a clear path to revenue with the consumers, commercial partners and geographic markets that match best.Adcoin, Tinysponsor, TapHeaven, Fanmouth, FanliveSocial media and communities
Holland Startuphttp://hollandstartup.com, The Netherlands20144Robbert Jan Hanse, CEO
Maurice Bakker, COO
Robbert Jan Hanse, CEOHolland Startup is a Venture Builder. We solve big problems by building digital ventures together with young entrepreneurs.Holland Startup funds companies with strong business fundamentals that have a long term approach to value creation. 6 months program. Commodity,,, Car TelemetricsBig Data
Iron Web, FoussardJulien FoussardOur ventures shape tomorrow: we create e-commerce websites based on the subscription & recurring billing model. 100+Startup studio specialized in subscription & recurring billing. Thanks to unique standardized processes and proprietary plug&play solutions, we have industrialised the ebusiness creation process. Our experts know to launch new companies in only 21 days. IronWeb identifies and tests every month potential businesses + generate the business in only 3 weeks and then a team of passionate experts optimize and scale each new activities by developing strategic key functions. Online services, Softwares, Content LIbraries, Consumer goods.
Human Ventures York,
20156Joe MarcheseHeather HartnettIdeas don't change the world. Humans that turn ideas into reality do. Human Ventures is a startup studio. We turn ideas into reality. We bring together the right talent, leadership and resources to catapult early-stage startup concepts into fast-track growth companies. HV pull from a network of seasone entrepreneurs to collaborate, rapidly prototype and push innovation.
Human Ventures Capital is the investment arm of HV which help fund projects that are emerging from our lab. Generally, HVC will only be taking deal flow directly from our studio, not investing in companies that have already started.
Reserve, picturemotion, Consumer technology, E-commerce, FinTech, EdTech
TechnoFoundershttp://technofounders.comParis, France20150Pierre Le Blainvaux
Olivier Le Blainvaux
Olivier Le BlainvauxEnsuring the greatest value to research by creating startups. Our aim is to develop untapped French technologies. We identify ideas and their potential markets in partnership with laboratories and researchers. Then we hire a team to build the company and bring initial investment. The startup will then have 18 months to find a market fit and launch.None for the moment. 25 projects on study. Tech
Pastèque Labhttp://pastequelab.comParis, Francehello@pastequelab.com2015Nicolas Dabbaghian, cofounder SPEAR and CapSens
David Muhlberger, strategy consultant at Estin&co
Maximin d'Audiffret, restructuring consultant at Deloitte
Benjamin Blanchard, financial analyst at Free
Laboratoire de startupsWe find ideas and work on them. When an idea is validated, we hire a team to build it.
Partnership with HEC for recruiting.
Goal: launch 4 projects per year.
Initial investment of 20 to 30K for each project.
None for the momentMarketplaces
StartStudio, USA20151Clint BettsClint BettsA startup studio that works with founders to develop new products and launch scalable companies. about 16 people + mentorsWe work with founders to develop new products and launch scalable companies. Compapnies accepted receive up to $100K in the form of a convertible note to work closely with our accomplished in-house team and mentors to build a sustainable business worthy of long-term investments and top talent.
All the accepted startups meet our partners: Kickstart Seef Fund (Capital), Izeni (Design), Jones Waldo (Legal), Zions Bank (Banking), Tanner (Accounting), Knock Twice (Marketing), Advanced CFO solutions (Finance), Diversified Insurance Group (Insurance) & receive all these benefits: Amazon Web Services, Paypal, Startupscore, Tech-X, Church & State.
Sparkling Partnershttp://sparkling-partners.comParis & Lille, Francecontact@sparkling-partners.com2015Martin Toulemonde
Charles Perrard
Nicolas de Kerangal
Jean Derreumaux
Sparkling Partners creates and builds disruptive companies. about 8 peopleWe partner with entrepreneurs to launch innovative ventures, combining strategic thinking, creativity, business expertise and funding. We lead seed-stage investments in companies that grow together
with the Sparkling ecosystem.
Grand Builder, France
Barcelona, Spain
2015Benjamin Böhle-RoiteletGB builds businesses that matter, bringing on each project a dedicated team and offering a TRUE FOCUS.the team of Ekito = about 40 peopleGB works in an authentic lean startup way, to fastforward your project, we generally save at least a year to teams. GB brings the right team of 40 experts that helped more than 200 startups. GB is the right place to experiment, validate, build and grow. We have access to a large ecosystem of infrastructures to test assumptions and validate a product/market fit.
RockaLabs, Columbiahey@rockalabs.com20154Ernesto García Montesano
Mauricio Morales
We are a venture builder with a focus on Tech Startups. about 8 peopleAnalysis → Idea → Test → Product → Growth
We are product builders. We prototype and test quickly, and we turn promising products into companies. We design digital strategies. We love scaling. We create businesses and technical strategies, and work to make it happen for each of our ventures. We work remotely and efficiently.We train and build remote teams in Europe and Latin America. We aim to build having a cost efficient structure., DressingLab,, KeChef!
Fuel Ventures, UK2015Mark PearsonMark PearsonWe create, grow and invest in companies. Fuel Ventures is an incubation studio and investment fund. We invest in a variety of high growth early stage technology businesses from incubation and inception (super-early seed) to seed and post launch (late seed), as well as series A businesses showing encouraging signs of growth. We create, invest in and grow great companies with big potential. We take a hands-on approach from the very beginning, partnering with talented entrepreneurs to transform their vision into reality.
Launch Potatohttp://launchpotato.comDelray Beach, Florida, USA2015South Florida's fastest growing startup studio leveraging data, science, and fun to build awesome, profitable digital companies.We incubate and launch mobile and web companies on our proprietary technology stack. We're growing our portfolio of companies quickly and looking for ambitious self-starters.
Pollenizerhttp://pollenizer.com, Australiainfo@pollenizer.com2008-200913Mick Liubinskas, ex-CMO Kazaa & Tangler & Zapr
Phil Morle, ex-CTO of Kazaa & Omnidrive
Phil MorlePollenizer builds incubation and acceleration programs that help entrepreneurs and big companies all over the world get started with high growth, tech-powered businesses. We call this 'startup science'.10 peopleToday, Pollenizer’s ‘startup science’ is designing incubator programs in multiple cities, helping large enterprise establish internal innovation practices and helping individual entrepreneurs incubate their dreams into real businesses.Spreets, Posse, mogeneration, TravelCandy, Dealised, Coachy, Wooboard, GetListed, FlikGift, Friendhorse, Pygg, BigHappy, RyuuFinTech, Finance, Saas
Colab Angeles, CA2013+15Jon Bradford,
Firas Bushnaq,
Michael 'Squid' Buchanan
Jon BradfordWe're a Venture Studio. Basically, that means we build ideas and help them grow. We partner with startups to create beautiful web & mobile solutions. We also offer innovation as a service to larger brands that are ready to take the next big step. 20 peopleOur skills include branding, UX, UI, web development, mobile development & growth hacking.
We work with developers as freelancers and after working on a few projects with the same individual, we work them into the cap table of the startup in addition to ourselves. That aligns everyone's interest and sets up the business and the developer to grow into a CTO position for the original developer as the company scales.
Boxaplex, Wrent, Paul Shop,, Craft Vapery, startengine, pq, BrandBucket, cf, Stacked, Setster, Orbitera, Sunuso, Delia, Latio. Day 1 revenue generating products
Consortium Internet Dublin, Irelandinfo@consortiuminter.netA startup incubator provides the foundation to succeed in commerce.We focus on the fashion & beauty sectors using the SIA platforms as the core architecture to catapult startups including designers, brands, retailers & boutiques over their competition.
Our SIA platform launches 1M product sites with 30 calendar days scaling from startups to the largest international retailers, automating up to 95% of business tasks + services in scalable business and strategir management.
Fashion, beauty
White Label, Denver,Daytonhello@wlabel.co20133Josh CooperAgency, Partner, Venture studio. We handcraft digital products capable of taking your team places they’ve never dreamed of.about 7 peopleImagine: we intimately explore business trajectory, competition, and most importantly audience to craft the perfect flight plan.
Design: great design inspires faith and trust.
Build: starting with fully custom, responsive front-end code, we then choose the lastest cutting edge backend frameworks on a per-project basis.
Iterate: Analytics, goal tracking, heat mapping, we measure everything, everything and continually optimize to reach and exceed your goals.
Reserve123, Slucket, Job1USAGraphic Design
atlanticlabshttp://atlanticlabs.deBerlin, Germany13Christophe Maire, Founder & CEO, ex-founder of gate5 (sold to Nokia)Christophe MaireThe Company Laboratory. Atlantic Labs believe in the power of entrepreneurship to change the European economy.Jeas-Philipp Klein, CFO
Marc-Olivier Lücke, partner
Dario Galbiati Alborghetti, partner
Steffi Brinkmann
Unlocking digital growth opportunities: we identify models, build teams, create products & companies and support entrepreneurs becoming successful.
Creating globally leading tech firms: our ambition is to create global champions out of Berlin who are solving hard problems with real IP.
Bridging the capital gab: to get our companies started we invest our capital at pre-seed and seed stage, and at later stages we actively support our teams to raise money from 3rd parties.
SoundCloud, Phonedeck, Vimcar, GoEuro, Bloomy Days, LOCK8, Monoqi, Blloon, Medigo,, EyeEm, Klara, HelloClue
Avoltahttp://avoltapartners.com, France1Philippe Rodriguez
Patrick Robin
Avolta Studio's aim is to participate to the launch of starts built by associates in commercial banks. Avolta Partners brings financial and strategic expertise. The studio aims at launching 1 or 2 projects per year.(Avolta Partners = M&A boutique for startups). 1st project “EASY LIFE PREMIUM”
Speedstartstudiohttp://speedstartstudio.comDornbirn, Austriamichael@rjdj.me7Christoph Boeckle
Michael Breidenbrücker, founder & RjDj
Nicolas Schweizer
Oliver Holle, partner Speedinvest
With a selected group of corportate partners we develop companies in the digital and online space, from disruptive ideas into minimal viable products and from there into spin out or spin it companies. We invest from inception of a company to post launch.
Our investment arm: Speedinvest is an early stage seed and Series A fund based in Vienna (funds of €58M)
LaDenseite, MediaShop,, CliqueMonde, LiechtensteinLife
Spin in: Inception the App, Z+ Technology
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