This sheet is a living list of bi / pan / fluid people who are available to work as sensitivity and competency readers for bisexuality, pansexuality, and other issues. Please reach out to each individual as needed. This is a list of people expecting to be paid for their work. If you are interested in being listed, merely add a comment below and Heron Greenesmith ( will add you.
NameTwitter HandleEmailWebsiteExperienceAreas of Expertise
Adam Pober@trickstertaoadam.pober@gmail.comBisexual/pansexual/queer, secular Jew with a personal and academic background in Judaism. Writing major, experience writing criticism. Multiple indie screenplays produced and nonfiction published.My own queerness, Judaism (both religious and secular), pop culture/film criticism
Adrienne Langloisadrienne.n.langlois@gmail.com and disabled attorney (licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island) with legislative advocacy and grassroots organizing experience.My strengths/areas of interest include: internal and external organizational policies, legislation and regulation, and op-ed/public commentary.
Ajah Hales@Ajahswriteajah@ajahhales.comajahhales.comBlack, pansexual, millennial writer, social thinker and race educator.
Former community organizer, retail sales manager, grant writer and
researcher available now.
Race/culture, pansexuality, intersectional womxnism
Alex Jane Massey@alexjanemassey
Alexandra Bolles@anorianbAward-winning media advocate & digital communications professional. Written over 650+ blog posts for GLAAD and several articles for outlets, including them. and Into. Bisexual/queer woman, co-created & lead digital strategy for #BiWeek, #BiHealthMonth 2019 co-producer, and accomplished speaker and content consultant. I wrote the literal guidebook on best practices for covering bisexuality+ in the media & have lead dozens of media trainings nationwide on LGBTQ messaging & competency.LGBTQ community issues (including but not limited to bisexuality+), religion, digital communications & content, & additional cultural and political topics.
Alice Field@AllesKlar71Bisexual film critic here!
Alicia Ramos@AliciaZRamosaliciazramos.comBi and gray-ace editor (specializing in genre fiction)
Amber "Aedy" Miller@tranbermillermiller.amber.e@gmail.comaedymiller.comBi+ and Trans Femme advocacy journalist, filmmaker, and photographer. Daughter of two bi+ moms. Pursuing a B.A. in Journalism/Mass Communications with minors in American Studies and Entrepreneurship in Washington, D.C.Queer history, Transgender/Non-binary/Gender Non-Conforming Issues, Intersectionality, D.C. LGBTQ+ community, critical analysis through a queer lens
Amy H.S.@genderqueeringgenrequeering@gmail.com trans girl with professional experience in the entertainment industry and personal expertise wrt Jewish-American issues and generational trauma.
Amy Luettgen@amyluettgen years of being an out, proud bisexual/ intersections of non-monosexual sexuality & non-binary gender identity & all around queerness & Bi-parenting & adoptee rights advocacy & persons of age advocacy
Andra Oshinskyaroshinsky@gmail.comI'm queer, bi+pan, and non-binary. I'm a writer and an email marketing consultant. I've worked with numerous LGBTQ non-profits and filmmakers sharing stories from our community. I have led trainings and facilitated educational experiences on various LGBTQ topics (e.g. school policies and practices to support LGBTQ students, strategies for people who are LGBTQ to talk to family and friends about political issues that impact the LGBTQ community.)bisexuality and pansexuality, non-binary gender identity, invisible queer identities, critiquing media through an LGBTQ lens.
Anita Dolman@ajdolman
Ashley J Leckwold@misskittyfI’m an extremely bisexual writer, yes
Audrey White@audreywhitetxafwhite91@gmail.comExperienced writer, content director, and copy editor with expertise in queer sexuality and gender topics.
Beth Sherouse@DrGBethgbeth.sherouse@gmail.comgesherouse.comG. Elizabeth Sherouse, Ph.D. is a writer, historian, and editorial consultant based in Atlanta. She holds a Ph.D. in U.S. and African-American History from the University of South Carolina, and has nearly 20 years of experience working with progressive nonprofits and campaigns. In addition to her pervious work in academia, Dr. Sherouse has published widely on issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community. As a former ACLS-Mellon Public Fellow at the Human Rights Campaign, and in her former roles as Vice President and Secretary of BiNet USA, she has become a leading voice on bisexual identity and bi+ community politics. She recently began working on a comprehensive history of bisexual community and politics in the US. She also has a writing and editorial consulting business. Her areas of expertise range from academic and medical writing, to nonprofit fundraising and donor stewardship, to editing book manuscripts for first-time authors. As a consultant, she offers copy editing, content editing and feedback, general writing research and research-based writing, ghost writing, speech writing, grant and proposal writing, resume and cover letter editing, academic editing, and much more.
Bill Kieffet@GreyFlankGreyflank@hotmail.comhttps://typinghorse.wordpress.comI am published with two books, dozen + stories, dozens of interviews, dozen comic book scripts, and a few BI articles... and #iamBI
Blind Zen Archer@BZArcherFormer sports beat writer. Still writing fiction and corporate communications. Still pan/bi.
Bogi Takács@bogipersonI'm bi/pan, also a-spec. Award-winning editor
BrocheAroe Fabia@wildlylivedwildlyread@gmail.combrocheconsulting.comBisexual woman in a same-sex marriage. I have also worked in the book industry for over a decade (for bookstores and publishing companies), hold an MFA in writing, and have been an active sensitivity reader for publishers and authors since 2017.Areas of expertise: Bisexuality, same-sex marriage, mixed-faith marriage, multicultural ethnicities.
Bryant Dill@btdillHey, bi guy here with a history degree and boatload of writing experience: fiction, non-fiction (creative and academic), poetry, etc. I'd love to edit me some stuff.
Camile Beredjick@cberedjick
Charlie Mathers@bisexualcharlie
Clint, consequenceofsound.netTomatometer-approved film and TV critic, Senior Writer at Consequence of Sound, editor of a small media outlet (The Spool) with a strong queer focus. Also freelance writing on sci-fi, food, and more at Syfy Wire, The Takeout, UPROXX, IndieWire and more. Cohosts/produces three different pop culture podcasts, one with Nathan Rabin.
Areas of Expertise: film, TV, LGBT issues, science fiction, Peak TV, arthouse cinema
Cory Casciato@CasciatoI have a decades experience in writing about the arts, and about half of that was spent as an editor of one sort or another. I'm very bi! (I actually prefer the term pan, but that's a whole other discussion.) Feel free to hire me! I'm VERY available ATM.
Crewman Six is Down With NDP@SnowBiAuthor
Bi gal, classics degree, edited a student academic journal for two years, and occasional author when I can be pried away from Twitter.Academic - Classics & Latin, Fiction - Sci-fi/Fantasy, Non-Fiction - Culture & Politics
Dallas Stanfielddallas.stanfield@yahoo.comI am a mid 20s, Male, Pansexual, Polyamorous writer. I have knowledge of living either hidden or specifically unannounced due to discrimination in the workplace
Bi editor for digital and social media, especially in personal finance, careers and publishing
Danielle le Roux@OwlyCreatureowlycreature@gmail.comBi with a love of editing and a journalism degree. Very old portfolio but also a lot of lived experience to bolster it. Literally right here, and will be applying for any writing/editing position I can find.
Denarii Monroe@writersdeliteBlues singer-songwriter. Writer. #Screenwriter. Activist. Black. Bi. NB. Disabled. Fat. Femme. Polyam. Kinky. Witch. Founder: #FatAcceptanceMonth
Donna Comptondwagon@gmail.comI'm bi, have experience with academic and creative writing, and am currently a reader for a literary magazine.LGBTQ issues (especially bisexuality), mental health, psychology, creative writing, genre fiction, politics
Dr. Lauren Beach@laurenbbeachHi. I'm #bicertain, and I write.
Eleri Hamilton@EleriTMLHelerihamilton@gmail.commiddle aged Bi writer-type person, here.
Elisabeth'm a published poet and book reviewer with 4+ years of experience writing and editing for online spaces, and even more experience being an actual bi person. I'm actively looking for freelance work.
Ellyn Long background in editing and writing with special concentration on women & girls issues, LGBTQ issues, bi-specific issues and perspectives.
Evan Slash Reed Peterson@evan_upthewritestuff@gmail.comPublished poet, literary journal submissions & copy editor, book reviewer with over a decade of experience.Bisexuality, single parenting while bi, parenting bi and trans children, polyamory, BDSM
Evelyn Vocu@evelyn_jade91http://agenderedexperience.wordpress.comI'm a bi trans woman who primarily writes on my own experiences as an
Indigenous individual and reflections on my life, in addition to poetry
and an in progress book. I write a blog with my college friend Kain
Eggler, where I have written things sporadically but am picking back up
on writing for.
exceptional trees@sarahannelloyd
Faith Meckley@faithmeckleyfaithmeckley@gmail.com did three years of college as a journalism major and have heaps of experience with writing, editing, and copy-editing. I'm still actively writing, editing, and managing social media in both of my jobs. Also I am ABSURDLY bisexual.
Gabriel Coeli@LawlessEroticgabe@lawlesserotic.comlawlesserotic.comFormer Chief Creative Officer, Blue Star Press, now Founder of the Lawless Erotic Equipment Company, a sexual wellness brand for bi, pan and queer folks. Entrepreneurship, Branding, Business Administration.
Grace'm a public media journalist and i'm bisexual! i've written about bisexual advocacy for twin cities pride magazine; i write about aging while LGBTQ for
Bisexual writer with editing experience, both fiction and magazine articles published.
H. "Herukhuti" Sharif Williams
@DrHerukhuti; @CulturSexSpirit
dr.herukhuti@gmail.comhttp://sacredsexualities.orgTeaching, writing, making theatre and film, and researching a variety of bi+ topics, polyamory, sexual health, sexual cultures, sexual empowerment, and health inequities and disparities, particularly related to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)Areas of Expertise: sexology, sexuality studies, HIV, intersectionality, cultural competence, structural competence, theatre, film, education, social movements, spirituality, relationships, polyamory, BDSM/kink, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), health inequities and disparities
Hannah Harris am a bisexual writer and audio producer who has done significant work in reproductive health, science, tech and narrative journalism.
Hannah Johnson@HannahJJohnsonBisexual, MFA in English & Creative Writing, with experience in editing and academic research. Let real bi people edit for accuracy and sensitivity, especially when something is *about* our sexual orientation!
Hedgerow Apple PhD@hedgerowappleYep! Queer/bi with a PhD in English (Victorian sexualities focus) with years of experience editing, writing, researching, and teaching all of these skills. Now applying these skills as an admin in the tech world and as a freelance writer.
Helen Parshall@PartiallyHelenBA in English, MSJ Journalism. Extremely bisexual writer (TM) and digital media person, who also dabbles in copy-editing.
here comes M the autumn owl‏@owlinautumn
Heron Greenesmith@herongherongreenesmith@gmail.comwww.herongreenesmith.comDecade of significant experiencelaw, policy, disparities, U.S. right, chronic pain, parenting
research (survey research or otherwise), transnational analysis, Sexual liberation writin
I was EIC of my college newspaper and copy editor for a satire paper, and wrote for a San Diego news outlet for a summer. I've also got a personal essay about my own queerness in an upcoming anthology
JD Davids@JDorNotjdstratcomms@gmail.combi/pan, non-binary transmasculine communication strategist, writer and editor living with chronic illnesses and disability, with deep roots in HIV movement, health and research advocacy
Jen Yockney for Services to the Bisexual Community; Editor Bi Community News print magazine for 18 years & Convenor of UK's longest-running bi support organisation @biphoria
Jennie Rigg@miss_s_bjennie.rigg@gmail.comfiction: sci-fi/horror prose (have done some paid); non-fiction: British politics (especially liberal democrat, feminist, LGBT+), English law, biological sciences
Jeremy Large@JeremyEBSLargeHey there, bi guy, writer and editor, reporting in
Jo Herrera@ReporterHerreraextensive writing/editing experience, specializing in being really bi, trans, Latinx and still breathing.
Josh Scully@JoshScully_Bi person, adept at writing, fully capable
Julia Faye@JuliaFaaye
K. Yin@karenyin website is, named by Poynter as one of the top tools for journalists in 2018
kara zor-el woods@EmmaHouxbois
Kelly Ward@kellywarddopenly bi and have 5+ years experience writing and editing for both newspapers and political campaigns!
Kevin Wortman@UnreadDatumghostfire72@yahoo.comI'm pansexual and I have been a writer in entertainment. I want to increase the visibility and understanding of bisexual people.entertainment and literature
Kylie Sparks@kyliesparks’m an Actual Bi Person that’s an actor and writer with bylines at INTO, Racked, Expanded Roster, Femsplain and more and y’all about queerness, sports, and more!
Lauren identified LMSW social worker, NY based, 15+ years facilitation skills, currently working as a training manager for a non-profit child welfare agency, writing published in local LGBTQ community magazine, recently received In Our Own Voices' "LGBT Community Advocate Award" 2019, "Big Sister" to a "little brother" in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.Areas of expertise: advocacy, professional development and staff training, policy training, breaking difficult concepts down into easy to understand chunks, pop culture (Harry Potter/Glee/Queer Rep in Media), significant expertise around public welfare programs including SNAP and temporary assistance.
Lauren Ingram@laureningram
Lois Shering@ContentKing focusing on bisexaulity with bylines in The Advocate, Gay Star News, Diva, and more. Founder of the Bi Survivors Network and the anti-biphobia campaign #DoBetterBiUs
Lola Houstonlola@liveatruelife.orgI have a long CV, am trans, good proofing skills, worked with large publishers (Oxford, Norton)
Lori@butyinthebrkdwni mean i have my BA in journalism and i am very much bi
Lynnette McFadzen@TheBiCast
M Barclay@mxbarclaymxbarclay261@gmail.comenfleshed.comBi, Non-binary trans, Christian minister, experience writing on all things faith and social justice related, particularly through a committed intersectional approach to interrupting harmful Christian narratives, beliefs, and practices
MANGOMAUK TREELEAF LIVES@bae_wardeni'm here. here i am. i've been writing, editing and managing for social and digital media as an advertiser for almost 5 years now. and counting. i've also identified as bisexual since i realized it at 18 years old. i'm 32 now. as bi as the sun rises every damn day.
Marcus Morgan@MarcusTeachesmarcus.morgan@gmail.com of the Bisexual Index, CaBiRet, Bisexual Underground, Stonewall Role Model, UK Government “Point of Light” Award for volunteering
Matt Rossi@MatthewWRossiI’ve worked in games media since 2007. Written three novels and three collections of essays. Blind, bisexual, and autistic.
Michael [Kel] Monroe
AskTheBiGuy.com10-year board member of the Bisexual Resource Center, former touring spoken word performer, Development Director for the 2011 & 2013 National Poetry SlamsExpertise: Unique struggles of Bi men, writing, social media, content creation, poetry, story-telling, comedy, performance, cultural criticism, former Christian fundamentalist and seminarian gives me a unique insight on conservative culture as well.
Moisés Catalán@MoisesPsicologo and professional coach. Bisexual activist, creator of the blog El Príncipe Lila about male bisexuality. Editor and proofreader at Editorial Milano. I write about sexual diversity and I give presentations in universities and institutes. I speak and write in Spanish.
Niki Zimmerman@afoolghostzimmerman.niki@gmail.comI write about sexuality, poverty, and religion, but my priorities are editing and proofreading. I’m happy to read for sensitivity or to work with writers on improving clarity and conciseness in their work.
Olivia Wood@bi_rhetoricsMA in English, PhD in progress in English focusing on rhetoric and LGBT studies, published scholar on bisexual erasure in Mrs. Dalloway scholarship, 5 years experience writing tutoring.
Paisley edit the love, sex and LGBTQ+ section on  and am bi.
Patricia Silva@larkeranthologyNon-binary bi+ visual art professional and arts writer: BFA & MFA in Photography/Video with a focus on queer postmodernism. Editor of @LarkerAnthology, an annual magazine celebrating the visual culture of global bi+ movements. Curator of #VividGlances—a program of bi+ short films. Producer of several bi+ experimental films which have premiered at major LGBTQ film festivals worldwide: British Film Institute Flare Film Festival, Scotland Queer International Film Festival, Rio Gender and Sexuality Film Festival, and NYC Feminist Film Week. Currently faculty at the School at the International Center of Photography teaching visual histories of social justice movements. Arts writing published in Joan Mitchell Foundation catalogue, Dodge and Burn: Decolonizing Photography; ICP Perspectives; CultBytes, among others.Languages: fluent in American English, European Portuguese.
Pen Bo #bringthemhere@gooddog_png
pip williams@pipsuxxpiprosewilliams@gmail.comAssociate editor at the line of best fit, copywriter at my kid is gay, lead features uk at coup de main, freelance writer/editor with bylines in the independent &more
Rachael Rose-Stern@twistedbarbierachaelstern@gmail.com'm a speechwriter, digital copy writer and report writer with deep experience and expertise in the political, non profit and social work fields.
Randy Maugans@RandyMaugansBi-nb writer, media person published at The Good Men Project.
Rikki Tremblay@rikkitremblayrtremblay@asu.eduhella bi artist and writer and teacher; completing a PhD in communicationbisexual experience, interpersonal communication, sexual violence prevention, sexual justice, arts-based methods, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, ecosexuality
Robert nonprofit fundraising.
Robyn Ochs@robynochsrobyn@robynochs.comwww.robynochs.comBisexual/pansexual/queer international speaker, educator, writer and advocate. Campus and international speaker. Editor of Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World; RECOGNIZE: The Voices of Bisexual Men; and Bi Women Quarterly. Expertise: available to be interviewed on: labels & identity; LGBTQ+ youth; campus advocacy; transnational identities; bi+ women; bi-antagonism, biphobia & bi erasure; bisexual health; bisexual disparities data, bi+ history; bisexual-pansexual "debate."
Ron Jackson Suresha@RJSuresharon.suresha@gmail.comwww.ronsuresha.comAuthor or editor of more than a dozen books, including four Lambda Literary Award finalists in the Bisexuality category.
S.B. Swartz@sbswritessbswartzwrites@gmail.comsbswartz.comExperience: Bi writer, parenting columnist at, bylines at Shondaland, Ravishly, Bust, The Establishment.Areas of expertise: queer tv, queer family, parenting, inclusive wellness, interviews, research.
Samati NiyomchaiSamati.niyomchai@gmail.comWriting on my personal experiences as a bisexual Thai-American man and other intersectional ideas/approaches.Masters and clinical licensure in social work. Working in domestic violence,Emergency care, HIV case management, and public policy, specifically in health care, social services, and lgbt issues
Sara Habein@sshabeinsarahabein@gmail.comsarahabein.comBi/Queer writer who specializes in writing about books (fiction and non-, some poetry), chronic illness (particularly ME/CFS and fibromyalgia) and how that also intersects with the troubles in US healthcare. I am also co-owner of Electric City Creative, an arts and culture organization based out of Great Falls, MT, so I am also available for any writing pertaining to creating events, making the most of little-to-no-budget, and how to take the snobbery out of such activities. I have also done a little food writing, and I also write fiction.
Sarah Brunson@VossandW editor/writer
Scarlett Knight@ScarlettFiction
Seth Fischer@sethfischerSeth.fischer@gmail.comwww.seth-fischer.comBi editor and writer, BiNet board member, specialize in personal essay, memoir, and literary fiction.
Shinydan Howell‏@shinydanI've written for the UK's @BiCommunityNews which is (afaik) entirely bicreated.