Secondary Options for Students with Learning Challenges
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Drexel Autism Support Program (DASP)
Drexel UniversityPhiladelphiaPADASP
support personal growth through understanding their strengths and how
those strengths can build and support areas of need and personal development.
Arch ProgramDean CollegeFranklinMA
The Arch Learning Community is a fee-based program designed to support
students with diagnosed learning disabilities and/or learning challenges such
as attention and memory difficulties. It provides the following types of assistance
for students to acquire the necessary skills to be successful in College: Individual
coaching, specialized success & career advising, weekly seminar, workshops.
Students may choose to enroll in the Arch Learning Community for one to four
years depending on their individual needs.
Beacon CollegeBeacon College LeesburgFL
An accredited school in the nation to that caters exclusively to undergraduates
with learning differences (including ADHD and dyslexia),
Beacon is in a class all by itself. To help each student make
the most of their college experience, Beacon emphasizes
highly individualized course plans and plenty of one-on-one support. In addition
to small class sizes and assistive technology, learning disabled individuals can
also benefit from academic mentoring, peer tutoring, and even life coaching.
4 yearsCollege
Should put in under college!
Bentsen Learning Center
Program (BLCP)
Mitchel CollegeNew LondonCT
The goal of the Bentsen Learning Center (BLC) is to assist students with diagnosed
learning differences and attention deficit disorders in developing study and
self-advocacy strategies to enable them to survive and thrive in the college
environment. Initially students use the Comprehensive Strategic Learning Tier or
Enhanced Strategic Learning Tier which provide maximum time to develop and
practice new strategies. As students move toward independence, they have the
opportunity to participate in fewer support sessions. At the end of each semester,
students, in collaboration with their learning specialist, determine if they are ready
to reduce their amount of support.
2-4 years1,200-3,800 per semester
Expandability powered
by Goodwill of Silicon
CaPROMISE was designed to address the primary barriers to successful employment
for transitioning youth with disabilities on SSI. This project identifies youth ages 14-26
who are SSI recipients and instructs their families on how they can self-advocate to
receive usual typical services plus PROMISE augmented services.
Career and Community Studies certificate
Portland State UniversityPortland, OROR
The Career and Community Studies certificate provides an
inclusive college experience for students with intellectual disabilities (ID). Students
working toward the Career and Community Studies certificate have access to the
same services, programs, and courses as all other PSU students.
4 yearsOther
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With Special Programs
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College Intern Program (CIP)
UC Berkeley and other
schools across the US
Melbourne, Berkeley,
Bloomington, Long Beach,
Students with learning differences and autism receive individualized support
in the area of social skills, college academics, internship and career development
and life skills. Incoming applicants are assessed and a Level of Support is determined
which provides each student with the appropriate amount and type of supports for
Depending on track
and (university program)
College Intern Program (CIP)
Summer program
Summer@CIP provides young adults with learning differences the valuable
skills necessary for making a well-prepared transition.
2 weeks during
College Intern Program (CIP) EmployEmploy
Mploy is designed for young adults with ASD and LD ages 18 to 26
who are interested in entering the workforce and transitioning to
independent living.
College Link Program (CLP)CSU East BayHaywardCA
The College Link Program (CLP) is an ancillary student support services program
designed to provide services beyond the typical accommodations provided through
the Americans with Disabilities Act. The CLP staff fosters student educational, career,
social and independent living skills through creative and flexible approaches to
individual needs.
College Living Experience (CLE)
Austin, Cosgta Mesa,
Fort Launderdale,
Monterey, Washingon
Since 1989, College Living Experience (CLE) has been providing transition
supports to young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and other
varying exceptionalities. Summer exploration program at Denver University
CSUN Explorers
California State University,
Northridge, CACACSUN
CSUN Explorers is a program to increase the employability
and independence of individuals with intellectual/developmental
2 yearsOther
Culinary Assistant TrainingPortland Community
Portland, OROR
The Culinary Assistant Program is a unique, accredited,
three-term certificate program specifically designed to educate
and train individuals with cognitive, intellectual, and/or other various disabilities.
Film & Media StudioOptions for AllSan Jose, San BerdinoCA
In-depth film production, project management, marketing, graphic design, advertising,
and sales. Each session will develop and build upon the creative and practical skills
of interested filmmakers who have a developmental disability, with the ultimate goal
for them to become employed, independent and well-rounded individuals. Partnership
with Inclusion Films & Joey Travolta, providing hands-on, skill-building learning
opportunities for participants.
4 semesters,
20 weeks, 25 hours
First Year Academic Studies
Program (FASP)
Kings CollegeWilkes-BarrePAFASP
First Year Academic Studies Program is specially designed to assist students with
earning disabilities matriculating at King's College. The three step program focuses
on developing course-related learning strategies, self-advocacy skills, and
self-confidence for first year students.
first year
Foothill Disability Resource CenterFoothill CollegeLos Altos HillsCA
The Disability Resource Center of Foothill offers courses and service
to help students with disabilities succeed.
Community College
Gersh Experience Program
Briarcliffe College,
St. Joseph’s College
New York,
Suffolk County Community
College, Daemen College
Gersh Experience is a one-of-a-kind, supported residential living program
designed for students 18+ on the autism spectrum. It takes a comprehensive and
customized approach to teaching young adults how to navigate our world and reach
their highest level of independence. The transitional program offers students four
levels of support—social, psychological, life skills and educational—while developing
Higher Education For Learning Problems
Center (HELP)
Marshall UniversityHuntingtonWV
A fee-based comprehensive academic support program that has grown from its
humble beginnings in a cramped university basement to a thriving, nationally
recognized Center of Excellence with its own modern building.Now with seven
unique divisions and programs, the H.E.L.P. Center has grown to provide academic
assistance and support to a wide variety of learners. Each program is administered
and developed by coordinators who work closely with a team of experts in the
fields of education, learning disabilities, A.D.H.D., psychology, and counseling
to offer the ideal services for their respective programs.
Institute for Achievement and Learning
Lynn UniversityBoca RatonFLLYNN
Our Institute for Achievement and Learning will help you maximize your strengths
and achieve your goals toward independent learning. We are a recognized leader
in the field of academic support for students. We enhance learning experiences
through custom-designed spaces for writing, math, tutoring, testing and
collaboration. From planning and organizing to tutoring and testing, IAL’s
services and facilities help you in your classes.
Jones Learing Center (JLC)University of OzarksClarksvilleARJLC
The Jones Learning Center is a comprehensive support program for students who
learn differently. offers students daily one-on-one access to the academic support
staff to work on academic and organization skills. The JLC is designed to serve
students with documented learning disabilitiesThere’s no limit to how often
they can meet. The program also provides peer tutoring and note-taking services.
Landmark CollegeLandmark CollegePutneyVT
Landmark is wholly dedicated to undergraduate education for those
who learn a little differently. Academic resources include everything
from executive function coaching to assistive technology, while students
with ASD benefit from targeted support like the "Social Groups Cluster,"
which is designed to help with social interactions and anxiety issues.
Landmark also offers a "Bridge Semester" that can help new/transfer
students better understand their learning styles and improve their
study habits before applying/returning to a traditional college.
4 yearsCollege
Should put in under college!
Learning Disabilitie ProgramMarist PoughkeepsieNYMarist
The Program emphasizes the development of compensatory strategies. Each student
is assigned to work one-on-one with a Learning Specialist*. Typically, freshmen meet
with their Specialist two sessions per week.
Learning Disabilities Program (LDP)
Northeastern University
The Learning Disabilities Program (LDP) is a fee-based, comprehensive academic
support program for Northeastern University undergraduate day students whose
primary disability is a learning disability and/or attention deficit disorder. Each LDP
student meets individually with his or her LDP specialist in scheduled sessions that
occur twice a week and last for one hour. The regular schedule of meetings allows
for a proactive, collaborative approach that promotes students’ academic growth and
achievement. The content of these meetings is determined by the student’s goals,
learning profile, and coursework.
Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP)University of DenverDenverCOLEP
The Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) at the University of Denver provides
individualized support for neuro diverse learners with Learning Disabilities, and/or
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), students on the Autism Spectrum,
and students who have a history of learning differences. weekly one-on-one academic
counseling: subject specific tutoring, executive functioning support services
including organization and time management skill building, social skill building
resources, peer mentoring,Journey to Empowerment through Transition (JETT)
transitional resources and experience Eye to Eye, Delta Alpha Pi International
Honor Society - academic honor society for students with disabilities.
Learning Services Program (LSP)American UniversityWashington DCLSP
Learning Services Program (LSP). Students meet weekly with a learning counselor.
First year
Learning Services Program for Freshmen
with Learning Disabilities
American UniversityWashington, DCDCLearning Service Program
American University offers a one-year Learning Services Program (LSP)
designed specifically for first-year students struggling with learning
disabilities in college. Freshmen who join LSP benefit from weekly
meetings with an academic counselor, one-on-one course advising
sessions, and regular lessons with a writing tutor. LSP members
also take a special introductory writing course and receive guidance
from an upper-class mentor. By the end of the year, program
participants will have developed effective study habits and
strategies that they can carry with them throughout their time
at American. And while sophomores and upperclassmen can't
join LSP, they can still get plenty of help through the school's
general Academic Support & Access Center.
Life College Transition to Independent
Living and Employment (TILE)
Irvine Valley CollegeIrvine, CA years
Burlington, Vermont;
Madison, Wisconsin;
Eugene, Oregon
Mansfield Hall’s residential college support program
is a comprehensive post-secondary living and learning community
for young adults, who with additional individualized support, have
the academic potential to be successful in college. We serve students
with social communication challenges, executive functioning deficits,
mild autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, nonverbal learning disabilities,
learning disabilities, and other diverse learning needs that provide
challenges to obtaining a college degree independently without supports.
All Mansfield Hall students are enrolled in courses offered by a variety of
local colleges and universities.
$26,550 per semesterOther
Mason LifeGeorge Mason UniversityFairfaxVA
Two Goals. The first is to educate students with intellectual and developmental
disabilitiesthrough programming in academics, employment,
residential living, and social life as these areas target the
inclusion of Mason LIFE students in all aspects of the university.
The second is to be an apprenticeship for other GMU students
with a hands-on opportunity to work with individuals with disabilities.
This experience of learning, working, and living together mutually
benefits all individuals and is the basis for the Mason LIFE Program.
4 years
In State: $20,910/year;
Out of State: $28,600/year
plus $10,690/year room fee
and $12,220/year support fee
Navigating College (book)
Navigating College is an introduction to the college experience from those
of us who've been there. The writers and contributors are Autistic adults,
and we're giving you the advice that we wish someone could have given us
when we headed off to college.
Oasis Mercyhurst UniversityEriePA
OASIS is a one- to two-year program for adults (ages 18 and older)
with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to earn proficiency-based
certificates in a college setting. This unique, non-credit program gives
students the opportunity to learn academic and vocational skills
alongside traditional students pursuing similar vocational interests.
Students are also provided the opportunity to learn important social
and “soft” skills that are pivotal for employment.
1-2 years
Occupational & Life Skills (OLS)Bellevue CollegeBellevueNE
Occupational & Life Skills (OLS) Bellevue College is an accredited associate degree
program for adults with learning disabilities. In our uniquely supportive program,
students learn to identify and develop a career pathway, grow interpersonal skills,
build life-long friendships, and gain marketable, workplace-ready skills.
4 years
PathwayUCLA (Extension)Los Angeles,
Pathway at UCLA Extension is a sequential program for students with intellectual
and other developmental disabilities, offering a blend of educational,
social, and vocational experiences, taught and supervised by experienced
instructors sensitive to the individual needs of our students. On campus,
Pathway students attend classes and participate with UCLA students in
the many social, recreational, and cultural activities of a major university.
Full Time Residential Program
approx 35,000
Plus Muskingum CollegeNew ConcordOH
The PLUS Program encourages individual fulfillment by assisting students in
uncovering their unique strengths and passions, reinforcing self-confidence and
building life-long learning skills. As students begin to know and value themselves
as learners, they develop self-awareness, self-management and self-advocacy skills,
so they are better equipped to reach their whole person potential. An Embedded
Learning Strategy instruction model that is blended with a Learning Conversation
approach provides the foundation for students to develop critical thinking, positive
action, ethical sensitivity and spiritual growth, which fosters students' potential to
lead personally satisfying, socially responsible and vocationally productive lives.
Program for Advancement of Learning
Curry CollegeMiltonMAPAL
Recognized as the country’s first program of its kind, celebrating a
longstanding tradition of success, PAL provides academically focused
assistance to bright, college-able students with specific
language-based learning disabilities, executive function disorders,
and/or AD/HD.
Program for Advancement of Learning
Hofstra UniversityHempsteadNYPALS
The Program for Academic Learning Skills (PALS) provides eligible students with
an opportunity to work one on one with a learning specialist on a weekly basis.
These individualized sessions address unique educational challenges and help
students develop supplemental learning strategies and time management and
executive function skills, all of which encourage students to become independent,
lifelong learners. PALS students agree to a one-year commitment, but continue
to have access to a learning specialist throughout their academic career at Hofstra.
Providing Academic Support for Success
(PASS), Mentorship Advantage Program
WestminsterMDMc D
McDaniel offers different types of support programs. The most intensive is the
Academic Skills Program. Students meet weekly with a support counselor to work
on academics, time management, organization and self-advocacy. The college’s
PASS program (Providing Academic Support for Success) offers group academic
support sessions three times a week.MAP (Mentorship Advantage Program)
that provides interactive workshops on social skills, organization, time
management and more.
Spectrum Support Program (SSP)
Rochester Institute of
Technology (RIT)
The Spectrum Support Program provides innovative supports that positively impact
the college experience for RIT students, particularly those with autism spectrum
disorders. We are committed to helping students build the connections to RIT
that will assist them in achieving academic, social and career success. The
program seeks to create a campus culture of acceptance and support through
collaboration, consultation, and training.
2,000-4,000 per academic year
depending on the frequency of
Students in the Mentor Advantage
Program (MAP)
West Virginia Wesleyan
BuckhannonWVWesleyan MAP
Students in the Mentor Advantage Program (MAP) meet with tutoring staff several
hours a week. They work on general organization skills along with strategies for
specific courses. Freshmen attend a course on making the transition to college.
MAP also provides evening drop-in hours for extra support.
800-2,200 per semester
Students in the Strategic Alternative
Learning Techniques (SALT)
University of ArizonaTucsonAZSALT
The SALT Center offers comprehensive academic support services to students
who learn differently, including weekly meetings with a Strategic Learning
Specialist, content-specific tutoring, and educational technology.
Approx 2,800 per semester,
scholarships available
Supported Learning ProgramDavis & Elkins CollegeElkinsWVSupported Learning Program
The program includes regular, weekly, one-hour sessions with a Supported Learning
Program instructor. During these weekly meetings, strategies for time management,
organizational skills, learning strategies and various study skills strategies are learned,
implemented and monitored. Specialized technology, along with specialized
assistance, provides students with support for success in academics, social interaction
and independent living skills.
ThamesMitchell CollegeNew LondonCT
Thames at Mitchell College is a holistic college transition program for students with
learning differences or students who would benefit from additional preparation to
succeed in college—and it’s right on the campus of Mitchell College, which has
been long-recognized for its innovative support for students with learning differences.
This unique program offers a highly individualized learning
environment and a strong social network that feels safe and supportive.
The Benson Learning Center (BLC)Mitchell CollegeNew LondonCTBLC
The goal of the Bentsen Learning Center (BLC) is to assist students with diagnosed
learning differences and attention deficit disorders in developing study and
self-advocacy strategies to enable them to survive and thrive in the college
environment. The collaborative relationship between students and their learning
specialist that develops over time is an essential part of our program. Students feel
that they can trust their specialist, often sharing confidential information with them
and knowing that this is a person on campus who will help them navigate their
Mitchell experience. Students are taught how to apply learning strategies using
current course content. Each semester, they work together to identify strengths
and areas of challenge to assist them in achieving their academic goals.
Specifically, learning specialists employ multimodality techniques to help students
develop skills and strategies
The Pathways and Connections Program
Manhattanville CollegePurchaseNYPAC
Manhattanville College offers an innovative and comprehensive
program for undergraduate students with Autism Spectrum and
related diagnoses. The PAC Program is a fee-based program
that includes features such as career development, individual
coaching, and peer-mentoring. The goal of the Manhattanville
PAC Program is to provide participants with a well-rounded
campus experience, connections to the community, social
events on/off campus and an extensive preparation for life
after Manhattanville College.
Tools for Transition and Work (TTW)Foothill CollegeLos Altos HillsCA
Program designed for people with disabilities who can function independently on
a college campus but may not currently have the ability to succeed in a traditional
college classroom.
12 monthsApprox 1,900Other
Transition To Independent Living (TIL)Taft CollegeTaftCA
The Transition to Independent Living Program (TIL) is a
post-secondary educational experience for adults having
developmental/intellectual disabilities. The program provides
instruction, training, and support on a community college campus.
The program is comprehensive, with curriculum and training that
promotes acquisition of the functional, social, and career skills
necessary for students to live a productive and normalized lifestyle.
22 months averageOther
Transitional Placement Program (TPP)
Expandability powered
by Goodwill of Silicon
Enabling High School students with mental disabilities to transition into the job market.
The Transitional Placement Program (TPP) was created to support East Side Union
High School District, junior and senior students who are currently diagnosed with
mental health disability or who are diagnosed with an Autism spectrum disorder.
TresholdLesley University
Two-year, on-campus college experience for students with diverse learning
challenges. At Threshold, dorm living, student activities, and a curriculum focused
on career training and independent living create a college experience that feels
both authentic and supported. Students get support from caring faculty and staff
at every step of their journey. We're here for them during the two-year core
program and after graduation through two programs that guide transition into
the working world.
2 yearsApprox. 37000
UI ReachUniversity of IowaIowa CityIA
The University of Iowa REACH Program is a transition certificate program for
college students with disabilities, such as autism, intellectual disabilities, and
learning disabilities. The UI REACH experience integrates the areas of Academic
Enrichment, Career Development, Student Life, and Transition to create a dynamic
collegiate opportunity for students.
2 years
University Coaching and Academic
Mentoring (UCAM)
Southern Oregon
University (SOU)
UCAM is a year-long service that provides a fall orientation, weekly coaching
sessions, a professional writing coach, skill developmental classes and social
opportunities. Students report that having their coach to check in with each
week makes an enormous difference in both their success and their ability to
handle stress.
Cost ranges from is
$1,595-$3,100/term, depending
on coaching hours.
WayfindersFresno StateFresnoCAWayfinders
Independent living certificate program for young adults
(aged 18-28) with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Wayfinders students experience university life and increase
their independence by taking classes at Fresno State,
living in student apartments, and participating in work
experience internships both on and off-campus.
2 years
Via SARC approx
16,600 a year
Private approx
68,000 a year
Federal Financial
Aid possible
York UniversityCANADAYork
Student Accesibility Services (SAS)San Jose City CollegeSan JoseCASAS
Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Program provides specialized support services
and instruction that allow students with educational or functional limitations to
equitably benefit from the college experience and meet their academic goals at
San José City College. Services include counseling (academic, personal and
vocational), specialized classes, tutoring, assistive technology, alternate media,
sign language interpreting, and captioning.
Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) CA
The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) works in partnership with
consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in
employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities. DOR
administers the largest vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs in
the country. Vocational rehabilitation services are designed to help job seekers with
disabilities obtain competitive employment in integrated work settings. Independent
living services may include peer support, skill development, systems advocacy,
referrals, assistive technology services, transition services, housing assistance, and
personal assistance services.
San Andreas Regional Center (SARC)CARegional Center
An individual eighteen years old or over is considered a legal adult. However, many
individuals participate in special education until age twenty-two. Service coordinators
specializing in school-age services will typically remain with the individual until he or
she has left school and is stable in their living and post-educational arrangements.
They are then transferred to the appropriate district, where they will receive a service
coordinator who specializes in adult needs and services.An individual eighteen years
old or over is considered a legal adult. However, many individuals participate in special
education until age twenty-two. Service coordinators specializing in school-age
services will typically remain with the individual until he or she has left school and
is stable in their living and post-educational arrangements. They are then transferred
to the appropriate district, where they will receive a service coordinator who
specializes in adult needs and services.
Adults’ services revolve around community inclusion, self-determination, and
Supported Employment Program (SEP)/
Work Activity Program (WAP)
Department of Developmental
Services via Regional Center
On October 9, 2013, Governor Brown signed AB 1041 (Chesbro) into law, establishing
an "Employment First Policy" in the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services
Act. In keeping with the Employment First Policy, the Work Services Program
addresses the employment needs of persons with developmental disabilities. The
Work Services Program provides work and community integration opportunities
throug Supported Employment Programs (SEPs). These programs are available to
persons who are Regional Center clients. If you or someone you know is interested
in one of these programs contact your Regional Center representative for help.
Job Accomodation Network (JAN)askJan
JAN provides free consulting services for all individuals, regardless of employment
status. Services include one-on-one consultation about all aspects of job
accommodations, including the accommodation process, accommodation ideas,
product vendors, referral to other resources, and ADA compliance assistance.
Open the Doors to College
UCLA Jane & Terry Semel
Institute for Neuroscience &
Human Behavior
Open the Doors to College provides information about California’s higher education
options for students with intellectual disabilities and autism. This site provides a
directory of postsecondary education programs in California, information on
professional development (upcoming and past webinars), some frequently asked
questions, resources and information that may be helpful for students, families,
and professionals.
Living and Learning Community
University’s Jones
Learning Center (JLC)
Ozark UniversityClarksvilleAR
Intended for students who need more support with social and independent living skills,
the Living & Learning Community (LLC) is offered by the University’s Jones Learning
Center (JLC), one of the country’s premier resources for college students with learning
disabilities, ADHD, ASD, and a variety of other learning differences.
Autism Specific Program (ARCH)Loras CollegeDubuqueIA
Loras College is proud to launch a four-year program designed to help students with
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) thrive emotionally, academically and socially.
Students admitted into the ARCH program will work directly with Loras College Lynch
Learning Center staff members designated as Certified Autism Specialists and will
hone skills ranging from self-advocacy and organization to stress management and
socialization in addition to earning their bachelor’s degree.
4 years
Spectrum ScholarsUniversity of Delaware
Spectrum Scholars program promotes a welcoming environment for undergraduate
students with autism at UD that enhances their ability to thrive in academic
environments and campus life. In collaboration with JPMorgan Chase & Co. and
administered by the University’s Center for Disabilities Studies, undergraduate
students with autism receive comprehensive coaching and career development
opportunities during their undergraduate experience as they work toward a
successful career.