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Innovative Command-Control Furniture SolutionsConsole Furniture solutions for Command & Control and Broadcast rooms are highly engineered to provide ergonomic features to operators in intensive, oftentimes 24/7 environments. Did you know these Consoles are also perfect to use in Security Monitoring, e-Sports, Mission Critical Systems, Houses of Worship, Editing studios, Government operations, and other production systems rooms? This session will focus on the range of good, better and best Console Furniture options available from Legrand | AV. We will review why these Consoles are ideal options for your clients, and help with starting the selection of the correct Console. There will be a distinct focus on innovation and why these consoles can be considered “next generation furniture solutions.” You will leave the session with a renewed sense that you can confidently specify the right Console solution for your clients, with confidence knowing that Legrand | AV has the breadth of solutions your clients need for almost any application.

0.5 RU CTS, 0.5 RU CTS-I, 0.5 RU CTS-D
October 27, 202012:00 pm CTRegister HereLegrand | AV Brands
Enriched Learning Spaces: The Utility of the Projection ScreenAre you in the midst of working through today’s student/instructor/AV technology dynamic needs? Whether it’s K-12 or higher education, learn how projection screens – especially tensioned electric and high resolution and ambient light rejection screen surfaces, are contributing to the success and quality of student interaction. Perhaps you need screens for small classrooms, large classrooms or lecture halls. Or, you’ve heard there are screens for interactive experiences. Maybe you’re looking for a portable solution for a library or union. We have screens to fit all these needs. Join us to learn how you can enrich your educational spaces!

.5 CTS, .5 CTS-D
October 28, 202012:00 pm CTRegister HereDa-Lite
Streaming Solutions - Help Houses of Worship Thrive during the HolidaysFocused on Integrators:

Working with House of Worship customers is a specialized skill in AV. This session will help you find solutions for House of Worship opportunities during and after the holiday season, encourage you to create designs which solve their problems, and help you fine tune your knowledge of how streaming works in Houses of Worship. There will be a focus on setting expectations, building a needs assessment, and equipment considerations. A very important piece of streaming is the service used to stream content, this session will have an expert from a religious streaming service present, discussing how the service can take the stream to new heights.
October 29, 202010:00 am CTRegister HereLegrand | AV Brands
Streaming Solutions for a Thriving Holiday Season at your House of WorshipFocused on End Users:

As we approach major religious holidays, the need to connect with congregants who are staying home is great. Creating a high-quality stream of services, can help remote attendees feel connected to the congregation and enable them to participate. This session will focus on how to find a partner to help design and install house of worship streaming solutions. It will help you figure out how to identify your needs and relay those needs to your streaming integrator, allowing you to feel confident the investment is a wise expenditure. We will also have special input from a streaming services content provider to help you identify what types of streaming services can benefit your religious organization.
October 29, 20201:00 pm CTRegister HereLegrand | AV Brands
Robust Power Solutions for a Killer AV SystemPower. It is the single most important part of AV that gets ignored more than any other aspect. Appropriate power management leads to more robust and reliable AV Systems. Power management can be done correctly with a handful of well implemented decisions during the design and installation phase. This session will help participants learn how to add power management to their AV Systems. From DC distribution to choosing the right AC power distribution system and from network power management to which UPS is the right one for this implementation, AV power solutions will be thoroughly explained. When leaving this course, you will feel confident in discussing and designing the best power solutions for AV installations.

0.5 RU CTS, 0.5 RU CTS-I, 0.5 RU CTS-D

November 5, 202012:00 pm CTRegister HereLegrand | AV Brands
Legrand | AV is Putting the Easy in AV over IPThere is no mistaking AV over IP is becoming an integral part of AV installations. As clients demand better and more efficient AV solutions, AV over IP is striving to fill those needs while making scalable AV installations the standard. This session will present several new ways to deploy AV over IP solutions in a concise, technical, representation of how the products work and what added features end-users can expect. Topics will include multicasting and unicasting AV over IP (AVoIP) solutions along with new developments for conferencing utilizing AVoIP.

0.5 RU CTS, 0.5 RU CTS-I, 0.5 RU CTS-D
November 10, 202012:00 pm CTRegister HereVaddio
Luxul 101 Network Switches Designed for Pro AVThis seminar explores the advantages of deploying an AV specific Network switch for IP connectivity in your AV System. Topics to be covered include specifics on the LUXUL series switches and how an installer and user can benefit from the features included in the switch. The details of this presentation include selecting, set-up, operation and monitoring of the AV Network.

November 17, 202012:00 pm CTRegister HereLuxul
Advancing Product Transparency in High Performance Buildings To ensure your projects enjoy the highest levels of performance and the greatest dependability, you need a solid understanding of HDBaseT interoperability, feature sets, and performance parameters. Legrand has been an adopter of this technology since its inception, and we are ready to share what we’ve learned with you. Can you afford to miss this?November 18, 202012:00 pm ETRegister HereLegrand North America
Transform Multipurpose Spaces with Large Scale ProjectionLooking for inspiration to convert your underutilized building spaces to accommodate large groups for events such as town hall, staff or team meetings? These spaces are rapidly being optimized for AV performance to play larger roles for gathering areas allowing for social distancing practices and helping to keep people safe. Large projection screens – portable and permanent installations, allow visual content to be viewed from anywhere in the room while ensuring a great AV experience for all. Don’t miss learning about the solutions for this new trend!

.5 CTS, .5 CTS-D
November 18, 202012:00 pm CTRegister HereDa-Lite
Why High Resolutions Screen SurfacesMicroscopic peaks and valleys don’t yield high resolution screen surfaces in today’s demanding AV applications. If you’re seeking answers to why image uniformity matters, and how optimal image quality is achieved in screen surfaces for pairings with high-resolution projectors, this course is for you!

0.5 RU CTS, 0.5 RU CTS-I, 0.5 RU CTS-D
December 3, 202012:00 pm CTRegister HereDa-Lite
Screen Surface Selection Specification Made EasyPerhaps you’re new to the industry…Or you specify screen surfaces irregularly…Maybe you’re just new to the ALR conversation…You simply want to double-check your AV math…One NEW tool from Da-Lite answers all these user needs to get a projection system right – from your trusted source. With only a few critical inputs – room size, screen dimensions and projector details, see how these values impact screen surface selection in a specific environment and ultimately, the end users viewing experience when considering the Da-Lite screen surface technology catalog.

0.5 RU CTS, 0.5 RU CTS-I, 0.5 RU CTS-D
December 8, 202012:00 pm CTRegister HereDa-Lite

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