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*Research (ResearchResearch Ltd)
Research Professional, the world’s leading publisher of news, comment and analysis on research policy and funding, has an opening for a talented, creative and detail-driven Sub-Editor to work on our publications, which include Research Europe and Research Fortnight. Instead, we choose the path of co-creation, which is like partnership but less rigid. We already have 300 of the world’s leading universities and research organisations as our customers. Let’s work with them to defragment the research world. Let’s build up a network of strong institutions where knowledge flows freely. Our daily, weekly and fortnightly publications are essential reading in universities, funding agencies, government departments, inter-governmental organisations, campaign groups and research charities.
1findr aims to grow into the best and most comprehensive abstract indexing system based on expertly curated content. 1findr starts with the world’s most comprehensive list of refereed journals and contains thousands of journals typically absent from existing collections and discovery systems.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
1science aims to make peer-reviewed, scholarly literature easier to find, for institutional libraries, research institutions and corporations. #oa
Part of Science-Metrix Inc.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
67 Bricks
67 Bricks is a software development consultancy. We specialise in helping publishers ingest, enrich and manage content and we use enriched content to deliver innovative digital products. We build automated enrichment systems, delivery applications and editorial tools and we formulate and implement content enrichment strategies.
Founded in 2007 by Sam Herbert and Inigo Surguy, and based in Oxford, 67 Bricks builds content and data systems that help information companies achieve their strategic business objectives. Read our 10 year anniversary interview to find out more about the origins of our company.
AAK Coalition
Peer review, commenting and validation
8 is a platform for academics to share research papers. The company's mission is to accelerate the world's research. Academics use to share their research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow.,h_120,w_120,f_auto,b_white,q_auto:eco/v1397192974/0a34f871859ba783ec279cd5a52cd1df.png has raised a total of $17.8M in funding over 5 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jul 31, 2016 from a Venture - Series Unknown round.
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
Academic Analytics
Academic Analytics helps build strong research institutions. University presidents, provosts, and other academic leaders make critical decisions about which research opportunities to pursue and how to win them; which collaborations and partnerships to forge; how best to allocate resources; and how to gauge progress towards the university’s research mission. Academic Analytics helps these senior academic leaders make better and more efficient decisions to sustain and grow their research enterprise. We aggregate, curate, visualize, and contextualize data on the research created by scholars and we provide powerful, user friendly business intelligence tools to visualize and identify patterns from those data. Our tools give institutional leaders a new understanding of the research accomplishments of scholars, departments, programs, and the entire institution – and they point to directions in which to grow the research footprint strategically and in line with the university’s mission. We help senior administrators view research activity in an appropriate context for the issues being addressed, identify new funding opportunities, form expert teams to win funding, and increase the visibility of the institution’s research enterprise to companies, foundations, and potential collaborators.
From Crunchbase: Academic Analytics has $44.4M in revenue annually.
Research assessment and clinical impact statements
Academic Family Tree
The Academic Family Tree is a nonprofit, user content-driven web database that aims to accurately document and publicly share the academic genealogy of current and historical researchers across all fields of academia. As a modern web application, The Academic Family Tree leverages the knowledge of thousands of individual users into a single, self-correcting database. Access to Tree sites is free, and users are able to contribute content directly.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
Academic Karma
Academic Karma was created by Lachlan Coin, who is a scientist at the University of Queensland and Louis Stowasser, who is a web-developer in Brisbane, Australia. Our vision is to make peer review free (as in freely accessible, as well as cost-free) and open for all academics.
Making peer review open and free. Now renamed as @PreprintSpace. Founded by @lachlancoin and @louisstow
Submission and publication
Academic Room
Academic Room is the first multidisciplinary knowledge platform where academia and industry can build open communities to organize academic content within well-defined practice areas—ranging from philosophy, history and economics to engineering, architecture and medicine. The platform also dramatically reduces time to locate, both, credible scholarship and experts within a field of research. Academic Room was a finalist in 2012 Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX) Awards and 2013 EdTech Digest Awards Program for its ability to harness and broker resources and talent across its open communities. Academic Room is headquartered in the Harvard Innovation Lab. Academic Room is currently being used by some of the leading institutions in the world. For instance, Columbia University's Center for Development Economics and Policy (CDEP) uses Academic Room to curate working papers, journal articles and multimedia content for its global audience of thought leaders. CDEP also runs a multi-author blog on development economics on Academic Room. Similarly, faculty from Harvard University use Academic Room to engage with industry and announce new projects.
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
Academic Joy is a place where researchers and graduate students converge to tell their unique stories about life, discovery and innovation.
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
AcademicLabs enables you as a scientist or innovator to find suitable partners, funding, streamline consortium building and collaboration to realise game-changer discoveries.
Founder and CEO Arne Smolders
Roll Out
Finding collaborators
The easiest way to build and update your personal and research lab websites. It's easy to build a professional academic website with Academig using a step-by-step process geared specifically to academics.
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol)
Launched back in 2007, ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol) is a new non-commercial, open, global protocol devised by the worldwide publishing community that provides content providers with the necessary tools to communicate their copyright terms and conditions online in a language that can be read, understood and interpreted by machines. Put simply, ACAP enables the copyright terms, conditions and permissions that would routinely be read by a human in the offline environment to be read and unambiguously interpreted by the machines that replace the human in the online environment.
Adis Insight
A database for drug research and development, disease treatment and decision making, based on trusted, scientifically sound data Expertly reviewed, assessed and summarized by a team of scientists A single search delivers results on drugs, trials, deals, safety and patents.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
search engine, Springer Nature
Aggregagent™ is an innovative new sales channel from ACCUCOMS. Aggregagent gives society publishers, university presses and smaller independent publishers a chance to participate in high-quality, multi-publisher subject collections without compromising on their own sales terms. It allows small to medium publishers to compete effectively with the big-deals offered by the larger commercial publishers.Libraries opt for Aggregagent because it is an easy way to acquire subject collections from society publishers, university presses and independent publishers. They opt for Aggregagent because of the easy access set-up and discounted pricing. Aggregagent turns the big-deal into a good-deal for libraries.
ACCUCOMS has a partnership with ALPSP about Aggregagent, to reinstate sales services as a benefit of ALPSP membership. Journals of participating ALPSP members will be part of a series of ALPSP Collections available for purchase by libraries, in addition to the broad and narrow subject classifications within Aggregagent.
subscription sales, ACCUCOMS
A Web-based Open Source Software for Managing the Bibliographic References
Current awareness, searching and reference management
reference management
Aletheia is a peer to peer (P2P) publishing platform and database all rolled into one. You can submit original scientific research or existing non copyrighted research to help build up the Aletheia library, and you can access their library to download articles, all free of charge!
Aletheia was created to be a legal, community run version of Sci-Hub. It's a decentralised system using IPFS and Ethereum for document and information storage, providing an alternativet to the prestige system of paywall journals by tracking personal reputation and the reputation of papers through citiations. Aletheia allows community participation through a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), that allows people to perform peer reviews of papers and vote on matters that impact the platform. Project onboarding page: . White Paper:
Submission and publication
International trade body which supports and represents not-for-profit organizations and institutions that publish scholarly and professional content.
Altmetric allows users to track and measure activity around academic research, pulling patterns and compelling stories from hundreds of thousands of online conversations each month. Its strong focus on engineering and data science know-how makes collecting and analyzing the online conversation surrounding research outputs easy for researchers, institutions, publishers and funders alike.
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
Research assessment and clinical impact statements
Ambra is an innovative Open Source platform for publishing Open Access research articles. It provides features for post-publication discussion and versioned articles that allows for a “living” document around which further scientific discoveries can be made. The platform is in active development by PLOS (Public Library of Science) and is licensed under the MIT License.
Submission and publication
AMiner ( aims to provide comprehensive search and mining services for researcher social networks. In this system, we focus on: (1) creating a semantic-based profile for each researcher by extracting information from the distributed Web; (2) integrating academic data (e.g., the bibliographic data and the researcher profiles) from multiple sources; (3) accurately searching the heterogeneous network; (4) analyzing and discovering interesting patterns from the built researcher social network.
The project is (was) partially funded by National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), Chinese Young Faculty Research Funding, NSFC Funded Project, IBM China Research Lab, and Minnesota/China Collaborative Research Program.
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
Animate Your Science
We empower scientists to change the world by communicating in an effective and accessible way.
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
Helping your team take documents from first draft to final sign off. Smarter document collaboration that’s designed for the Digital Workplace.
Writing up research outputs
Annotating All Knowledge Coalition
A coalition of some of the world’s key scholarly publishers, platforms, libraries, educational institutions, and technology organizations are coming together to create an open, interoperable annotation layer over their content.
Peer review, commenting and validation
An open-source, open-process, open-access scholarly authoring and publishing platform based on WordPress.
Submission and publication
Anywhere Access
Anywhere Access is a next-generation library solution that delivers simple 1-click access to the full-text PDF for both Open Access & library subscribed content, providing instant benefits for libraries, their patrons and publishers. .
Accessing content
library service, browser extension, Digital Science
AOP (The UK Association of Online Publishers )
The UK Association for Online Publishing (AOP) is an industry body representing digital publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content. AOP champions the interests of media owners from diverse backgrounds including newspaper and magazine publishing, TV and radio broadcasting, and pure online media. Formed in 2002, AOP publishes original research, hosts forums, awards and conferences, covering a range of topics including programmatic advertising, native advertising, the value of data, content models, cross device and mobile specific development, video and other key topics. Our research, which is available exclusively to members, includes a monthly Digital Landscape Report, a bi-annual Census of AOP members’ businesses, in addition to other sector-specific projects.
PLOS is pleased to announce that the source code for its Aperta submission portal has been made open source, in keeping with our principles of openness and transparency. Aperta is a web application for managing the submission and review of research outputs. The Aperta platform is a flexible card configuration system designed to allow customization for users and roles and their associated permissions to perform various actions within the system. It contains a liquid templates based templating system for building customized emails and card content. Aperta is built using Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Postgresql, Pusher, Sidekiq and Redis technologies.
Submission and publication
Plos, open souce
Apex CoVantage
Helping publishers, libraries, and media companies manage their content through prepress and composition, metadata, digitization, and streamlined workflows.
Submission and publication
The AquaBrowser® discovery layer provides a fresh interface with a single search box, allowing users to quickly find relevant results. Individuals of varied backgrounds can independently use AquaBrowser to discover the rich resources in your library’s catalog and local collections. It encourages them to explore your library’s content by rewarding common search behaviors. A unique “search, discover, refine” methodology helps users quickly and easily find the resources they are looking for. An intuitive, feature-rich and rewarding discovery interface, AquaBrowser helps users succeed in their searches and maximizes your library’s return on investment. Offering a word cloud with thesaurus and associative terms, users are inspired to discover more of your libraries treasures. Users can interact and further engage with your library’s content through the built-in My Discoveries social networking experience.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
Built for archives by archivists, ArchivesSpace is the open source archives information management application for managing and providing web access to archives, manuscripts and digital objects.
Submission and publication
Data/patient data collection and management
library service, institutional repository
Aries Systems Corporation
Aries Systems transforms the way scholarly publishers bring high-value content to the world. The companys innovative and forward-looking workflow solutions manage the complexities of modern print and electronic publishing from submission, to editorial management and peer review, and to production tracking and publishing channel distribution. Thousands of publications and hundreds of scholarly societies partner with Aries Systems to streamline and improve the publication of their important journals, books, proposals, and conference proceedings. As the publishing environment evolves, Aries Systems is committed to delivering solutions that help publishers and scholars enhance the discovery and dissemination of human knowledge. Publish faster, publish smarter, with Aries Systems.
Submission and publication
ARPHA is a full-featured open access publishing platform for journals, books and data, with managed hosting services. Several other services (website design and setup, production, semantic markup, distribution, archiving, indexing, promotion, journal management and more) are available on choice.
Submission and publication
Peer review, commenting and validation
Created by an experienced team of academic publishing, media, software and financial technology leaders, ARTiFACTS provides a platform enabling all transactions and linkages across all research artifacts. Published or pre-published. In any form, not just articles. Through its unique blockchain engine, designed specifically for academic and scientific research, it leverages the power of the community, while providing the authority, rigor, and validity that community sites and standard archives can’t provide. It is unconstrained while delivering a ledger of record — making the full vision of Garfield and Merton possible.
Research platforms/Citizen science/remote clinical trial platforms
Submission and publication
arXiv Daily
Daily feed of this week's top research articles published to . #DataScience, #MachineLearning, #ComputerVision, & #AI.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
ASAPbio is a scientist-driven non-profit promoting transparency and innovation in life science communication.
In 2015, ASAPbio founder Ron Vale published an analysis of the increasing time to first-author publication among graduate students at UCSF, and proposed a more widespread use of preprints in the life sciences as a potential solution. He recruited three fellow members of Rescuing Biomedical Research (Daniel Colon-Ramos, Harold Varmus, and Jessica Polka) to organize a meeting on the topic. Held at the headquarters of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in early 2016, the meeting concluded with broad consensus among attendees (among them researchers, funders, and representatives from journals and publishers) that preprints could productively contribute to the research ecosystem. As follow up from the meeting, ASAPbio began serving as a dedicated organization to coordinate efforts promoting the adoption of preprints in the life sciences. ASAPbio subsequently received grant funding, incorporated as a nonprofit, and, in 2017, initiated a second area of programming focusing on increasing transparency in peer review.
Atypon provides SaaS-based content delivery to publishers and sells a hosted platform of solutions.
Aquired by John Wiley & Sons, Inc
Manuscripts, The Winnower, Authorea
Author Path
The free scientific writing tool designed to guide authors through every step of the publication journey!
Edanz Author Path Copyright © Edanz Group Japan Inc. 2000-2019
Writing up research outputs
The first ever Authoring and Publishing Services platform for scholarly writing.
Writing up research outputs
A dynamic content and data-driven platform for writing up scholarly papers.
Digital Science Catalyst grant winner. Authorea has raised a total of $2.3M in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 26, 2016 from a Seed round. Authorea is funded by 11 investors. New York Angels and Lux Capital are the most recent investors. Authorea has acquired The Winnower on Nov 10, 2016. Acquired by Atypon
Writing up research outputs
The Winnower, Atypon,
Axios Review
Axios Review is a service to which ecologists and evolutionary biologists submit their mss. They get back peer reviews, just like with a journal, along with an editorial decision as to which journals (from an author-supplied list of “targets”) the editor would recommend the ms to (following appropriate revision, if needed). Axios then forwards the ms, reviews, and recommendation to the target journal, asking them if they’d like the paper to be revised and submitted. The service costs authors a small fee ($250 USD), currently payable only after a journal accepts the ms (this will be switching to payment upon receiving the Axios decision in mid-2015).
Peer review, commenting and validation
Store and publish your research data
Data/patient data collection and management
BASE is one of the world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic web resources. BASE provides more than 140 million documents from more than 6,000 sources. You can access the full texts of about 60% of the indexed documents for free (Open Access). BASE is operated by Bielefeld University Library.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
Search engine
BenchFly is the premier science video production platform designed by research and video experts. We provide both open access and private solutions to labs and companies allowing researchers worldwide to communicate via the universal language
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
Benchling is the first modern software platform purpose-built for life science R&D. Hundreds of thousands of scientists using cutting-edge techniques like CRISPR, CAR-T immunotherapy, and genetic engineering depend on our suite of cloud applications to design DNA, collaborate on experiments, manage research workflows, and make critical R&D decisions. Benchling is powering breakthrough research on biotherapeutics, biofuels, and biomaterials at leading life science companies and the world's most renowned academic labs.,h_120,w_120,f_auto,b_white,q_auto:eco/chcs8sstven7icv2zkmb
Benchling has raised a total of $27.4M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jun 14, 2018 from a Series B round.
Research platforms/Citizen science/remote clinical trial platforms
Through personalized philanthropic portfolios Benefunder optimizes your giving ensuring that up to 90% of your donations go directly to the research that means the most to you. Benefunder literally opens the door to allow you to directly engage with the research you're funding through lab visits, local events and regular updates on progress.
2014GrowthFinding funding
Bepress is a hosted institutional repository service used by universities, colleges, law schools, & research institutes.
Bepress was built by scholars to serve the needs of scholars. In the late 1990's, academic journals were plagued by slow turnaround times, limited access, and unreasonable prices. Publishers wanted to maximize profits, while editors wanted to maximize readership and share ideas. In 1999, UC Berkeley Professors Robert Cooter, Aaron Edlin, and Ben Hermalin banded together to launch a sustainable alternative: Berkeley Electronic Press, now simply called bepress. Acquired by Elsevier
Elsevier, institutional repository
Content recommendation toolkit helping publishers and content businesses deliver more relevant and engaging discovery experiences.
Bibblio has raised a total of $1.7M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jul 3, 2017 from a Seed round. Bibblio has $1.8M in revenue annually. Bibblio competes with Ligatus, Ixxus, and plista.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
content recommendation
Use BibDesk to edit and manage your bibliography. It will keep track of both the bibliographic information and the associated files or web links for you. BibDesk’s services will simplify using your bibliography in other applications and are particularly well suited for LATEX users.
The original developer was Michael McCracken, and much of the code has subsequently been written by Adam Maxwell and Christiaan Hofman.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
reference management
Current awareness, searching and reference management
BiblioHive is the simplest, most powerful, and most visually attractive organizational platform available on the web. Helping your institution and all its members stay on top of cutting-edge research while making it easy for teachers to share, collaborate and communicate about what they're learning and doing.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
The revolutionary Microsoft Word integration displays your references and notes inside Word. Cite references by drag-and-drop and see the results instantly.
CG Information was founded in 1997 by scientists who believed that existing bibliographic software programs were not capable of addressing the needs of researchers in the age of the Internet. With strong backgrounds in computer science and biological sciences, our goal is to build first class bibliographic software for the new age. CG Information is located in Johns Creek, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
reference management
BibSonomy helps you to manage your publications and bookmarks, to collaborate with your colleagues and to find new interesting material for your research.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
The word ,,BibTeX'' stands for a tool and a file format which are used to describe and process lists of references, mostly in conjunction with LaTeX documents.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
Networking | connecting | people | technology | #process | #Business #Intelligence | #Information #Management | #data | learning discussions | #Community
Finding collaborators
Turn a Git repo into a collection of interactive notebooks. Have a repository full of Jupyter notebooks? With Binder, open those notebooks in an executable environment, making your code immediately reproducible by anyone, anywhere.
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
eLife, peer review
BioExpert Network
The BioExpert Network is the place where experts in multiple disciplines help startups and companies develop their business. In exchange, experts get credits to invest.
Peer review, commenting and validation
Biohunter alleviates the need for the user to wade through numerous irrelevant articles to arrive at the articles of genuine interest. It also enables a quick finding of the related literature thereby saving time for the user. The tool performs a high quality data analytics prior to presenting the relevant results. Biohunter can thus empower research and enable better translation of discoveries into new advances that benefit society.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
BioRAFT helps institutions get organized around researcher safety through its enterprise laboratory safety, compliance, and training software. The BioRAFT solution allows customers to catalogue their safety and compliance needs, then drive activities such as inspections and training that make laboratories safer. Professional design and automated workflows help institutions to understand safety needs and close gaps in less time with less cost.
BioRAFT was established in 2003 to provide enterprise safety and compliance solutions to scientific research organizations. In 2012, we received an investment from Digital Science that welcomed us into the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group network: a family of companies dedicated to improving science and education, including Springer, Nature Publishing Group, Macmillan Learning, Scientific American, and Holtzbrinck Digital.
Lab and trial management
The easy-to-use software to help you create beautiful, professional scientific diagrams, created by science illustrators. No drawing skills required!
From Crunchbase: BioRender has raised a total of $120K in funding over 1 round. This was a Seed round raised on Jan 4, 2018. BioRender is funded by 2 investors. Brad Flora and Y Combinator are the most recent investors.
Writing up research outputs
Biovista Vizit
Vizit is a visual exploration tool for biomedical literature research. Vizit allows one to search and explore a biomedical domain, such as a disease, a pathway, a gene, etc. in a visual manner. When any connection is shown, validation is given in the form of a NCBI PubMed reference. Add a name of a biomedical term in the Vizit whiteboard. Then ask Vizit to find connected terms. And unlike PubMed or Google, instead of a list of publications or pages, get a live graph of related terms.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
BiP! Finder
BiP! Finder (Biomedical Publication Finder) is a freely available tool providing search facilities for the identification of valuable open access publications in life sciences. Its key feature of BiP! Finder’s search engine is that it supports ranking of the retrieved publications based on two different publication impact aspects: popularity (short-term impact) and influence (long-term impact). The user can select which one fits better her current needs. BiP! Finder also provides extra functionalities like comparing publications based on different impact aspects and other characteristics, infographics visualising useful data for each publications and saving publications as bookmarks for a later read. BiP! finder currently contains data for ~1,500,000 open access articles from life sciences. For each article, BiP! finder's database contains some common metadata (e.g., its DOI, author list, publication year and venue, etc.) along with its citations. These citations are used to construct the citation network of the stored scientific articles. All data are gathered from NCBI PMC database . All impact aspect scores measured by us can be retrieved via our public API . Next update is scheduled for January of 2019.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
BlikBook is a platform which connects students and their lecturers to help raise student engagement and encourage interaction, without increasing the workload on lecturers. Now in use at universities worldwide, Cheyne will give an overview of how BlikBook works, and discuss how it fits into the wider changes in science and education.
BlikBook acquired by Civitas Learning. BlikBook has raised a total of $2.1M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jul 8, 2013 from a Seed round.
Blockchain for Peer Review
Blockchain for Peer Review is an industry initiative working to make the peer review process more transparent, recognizable and trustworthy.
This initiative aims to look at practical solutions that leverage the distributed registry and smart contract elements of blockchain technologies. It will establish a consortium of organizations committed to working together to solve scholarly communications challenges that center around peer review. Digital Science is managing the project and looks forward to coordinating with further partners who wish to become involved. Katalysis will use its market-leading expertise in blockchain technologies to implement the test platform.
Peer review, commenting and validation
Blockchain, peer review, Digital Science, Katalysis
Blockchain for Science
Blockchain for (open) science, research & a new machineroom for knowledge creation (for true innovation)
Research platforms/Citizen science/remote clinical trial platforms
Blockchain, open science
The bloxberg infrastructure is a secure global blockchain established by a consortium of leading research organizations to provide scientists with decentralized services worldwide. The bloxberg Consortium aims to fosters collaboration among the global scientific community, empowering researchers with robust, autonomous services that transcend institutional boundaries. For example, with consented transactions on the bloxberg infrastructure, research claims need not be limited to one institution alone, but can be confirmed by the whole trusted network.
Research platforms/Citizen science/remote clinical trial platforms
Current awareness, searching and reference management
reference management
Brightcove is offers cloud-based platforms to publish and distribute digital media.
From Crunchbase: Brightcove has raised a total of $143M in funding over 7 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Feb 10, 2014 from a Post-IPO Equity round
We make BrowZine, a vital service for staying current with journals you care about. Save time and improve your research.
Accessing content
Current awareness, searching and reference management
Cabells gives academics and scholars tools to make smart decisions in journal evaluation. Exploring journal quality, transparency and the peer-review process.
As a young professor of Management in 1978, Dr. David W. E. Cabell sought an easier way for tenure committees, professors, researchers and doctoral students to find academic journal information in order to publish their research. Dr. “Dave” originally created his idea for a journal directory as a class project and was encouraged by professors to pursue it further. The original printed list included only one discipline and basic contact information for each journal. Since its founding almost 40 years ago, Cabells has expanded its services to include both a journal whitelist and blacklist, manuscript preparation tools, and a suite of powerful metrics to help its users find the right journals, no matter what stage of their career. The searchable whitelist database includes 18 academic disciplines from more than thirteen thousand international scholarly publications. Through our continued partnerships with major academic publishers, journal editors, scholarly societies, accreditation agencies, and other independent databases including Thomson Reuters’ Journal Citation Reports ®, Cabells provides accurate, up-to-date information about academic journals to more than 750 universities worldwide—with one goal in mind…
Research assessment and clinical impact statements
Cadmore Media
A platform which enables scientific organisations to publish scholarly, professional and technical information through streaming video and audio.
Digital Science Catalyst grant winner.
Showcasing, sharing and promotion of research and data
Campus-activated Subscriber Access (CASA)
When readers use GS on-campus, CASA notes their institution and associates that with their device or Google account for 30 days. When they later use Google Scholar off-campus with the same device or user account, CASA will send confirmation of their affiliation to Emerald, and we will use that to verify their access to the content they wish to read. No passwords, no virtual networks – if you have a subscription, we’ll take you straight to the paper.
Accessing content
Case is a medical journal app for physicians and researchers with a recommendation engine powered by a machine learning algorithm. It has both Android and iOS versions. Case makes it easy to read medical journal articles on your phone, and subscribe to a specialty or set of jouranls. Case currently supports 81 medical specialties. The cool thing about Case is that it also lets you follow any of more than 100,000 keywords. For example, if you’re an oncologist, you don’t necessarily need to follow all cancer journals. Maybe you want to follow AML cancer. Or a protein, gene, or pathway related to AML. With Case you can do that. But the even cooler part is that Case works kind of like Netflix, and surfaces journal articles based on what you enjoyed reading in the past. Its algorithm, based on Google Tensorflow, combines your behavior with external factors such as journal impact factor, number of views, shares, and likes, and time spent reading to learn what you like to read. It boasts a 20-minute average session time on desktop (5 minutes on mobile).
Current awareness, searching and reference management
The CASRAI mission is to simplify & harmonize administrative requirements so that researchers can “reduce & reuse” their information across multiple processes. Our vision is a highly productive and operationally efficient ecosystem where researchers spend no more than 20% of their time on administration. Our work is to actively foster networks of collaboration across the key & diverse stakeholders who collect information from researchers during the research life-cycle and to publish standard guidelines and recommendations that enable funders, vendors and research institutions to reduce undue burden.
Causaly is an AI for Biomedical Cause & Effect discovery, empowering researchers and decision makers to quickly find causal evidence and generate insights from vast amounts of documents. The company is developing a machine-reading platform that turns free-flow text into causal knowledge graphs and applies machine learning to surface new knowledge. This helps users to accelerate their research schedules and improve time-to-insight significantly.
Causaly has raised a total of $1M in funding over 1 round. This was a Seed round raised on Jul 26, 2018.
Research platforms/Citizen science/remote clinical trial platforms
CC Technology (CCT)
As experts in application processing and grant portfolio management, CC Technology (CCT) have over a decade of experience working with grant awarding bodies worldwide. Their CC Grant Tracker is a comprehensive, cloud-based grant management software tool for grant application & management, which handles annually: – Over 25,000 external application reviews – Over £2bn worth of funded grants – Over 700 grant rounds/competitions
2019 part of the Digital Science family
GrowthFinding fundingDigital Science
Centaur Labs
Data Labeling Services to Enable the Next Generation of Medical AI. Our platform uses trained professionals to analyze medical images and videos, enabling our customers to build new technologies and treatments to detect and fight disease. Whether you’re building training data sets for a new perception algorithm or running quality control on the results of an experiment, the Centaur platform can help you accomplish your data goals. Our software, combined with a global community of labelers, enables us to perform a wide variety of data labeling and classification tasks at massive scale. At Centaur Labs, we’ve created a two-sided platform for medical image and video analysis. We connect virtual teams of users via our mobile app with companies that need medical data labeled at scale. Our users are doctors, medical students, and other healthcare professionals from around the world who use our app to learn and compete with each other. We leverage machine learning to better understand our users, and our groups outperform individual experts at many tasks. Every image is seen by multiple people. Rather than trust people based on their credentials, we trust people based on their performance.
Roll Out
Research platforms/Citizen science/remote clinical trial platforms
machine learning
Cenveo Publisher Services
Cenveo Publisher Services is the industry leader in transformative publishing solutions for journals, books, and digital products. Cenveo provides expert content services and innovative technology solutions that drive revenue growth, streamline operations, and ensure editorial excellence.
CEPIEC (Discovery & Document Delivery)
Accessing content
Document Delivery
CERIF (Common European Research Information Format)
CERIF (Common European Research Information Format) is the standard that the EU recommends to its member states for recording information about research activity. Since version 1.6 it has included specific support for recording metadata for datasets.
Research assessment and clinical impact statements
CERMINE is a Java library and a web service ( for extracting metadata and content from PDF files containing academic publications.
CERMINE is written in Java at Centre for Open Science at Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw.
machine learning
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Using technology and collaboration to accelerate progress in science, education, and justice and opportunity. Together, we can build a future for everyone.
A nonprofit membership organization offering a sustainable solution to deliver public access to published articles reporting on funded research
Accessing content
Chronograph analyzes which websites people come from when they click on a DOI.
Research assessment and clinical impact statements
Perhaps the world’s best reference tool
Current awareness, searching and reference management
reference management
Current awareness, searching and reference management
Cite This For Me (formerly RefME)
Create Harvard, APA & MLA citations for your bibliography
Current awareness, searching and reference management
reference management
A Free, Easy-To-Use Research and Reference Tool that helps you cite sources, check content for plagiarism, format and keep your papers in one place.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
reference management
Afraid of missing out on important references? Give us details about your paper and we'll automatically recommend papers you might want to cit
Citeomatic is an alpha developed by the Semantic Scholar team at AI2.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
AI2, Semantic Scholar
Citepeer automatically computes all articles that are semantically close to the article you've just read.
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Current awareness, searching and reference management
citeulike is a free service for managing and discovering scholarly references
After nearly 15 years operating CiteULike, we’ve made the difficult decision to close the site. Unfortunately, the costs associated with providing it and the fact that none of us really has any time to put into the maintenance and development of the site mean that we have to call it a day. We know there are still a number of you out there who use the site regularly and we’re sure you’ll be disappointed but hope you’ll understand. You will be able to download your library until 30th March 2019 but after that it is likely that CiteULike will no longer be accessible. We will be refunding any Gold subscriptions pro rata that extend beyond that date. We wish you all success in your research and happiness in your life. The CiteULike team.
Current awareness, searching and reference management
Mission is “to maintain a unified map of human understanding at its best, in real time,” Claimspace invites anyone to contribute to threads of knowledge on any topic using basic lines of code to create a logical line of reasoning, based on (and linking to) fully attributed and peer-reviewed facts and studies. In its openness and inclusiveness of authorship it may more closely resemble Wikipedia than a journal, but it is unique in its simple presentation of knowledge as a logical progression of verified facts, eschewing the narrative/discussion aspect all together. Not to suggest that a detailed discussion of findings is not often critical to understanding; but one might imagine such a “logic map” as a layer on top of a more detailed article (whatever form that may take), allowing readers to easily explore a field and the individual findings and assumptions upon which it is structured.
Founded by a former Twitter engineer.
Peer review, commenting and validation
Empowering patients to connect with the right clinical trial.
Clara Health has raised a total of $3M in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Feb 20, 2018 from a Seed round.
Finding patients
Clarivate Analytics
Clarivate Analytics accelerates the pace of innovation by providing trusted insights and analytics to customers around the world, enabling them to discover, protect and commercialize new ideas faster. Formerly the Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters, we own and operate a collection of leading subscription-based services focused on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark protection, domain brand protection and intellectual property management. Clarivate Analytics is now an independent company with over 4,000 employees, operating in more than 100 countries and owns wellknown brands that include Web of Science, Cortellis, Thomson Innovation, Derwent World Patents Index, CompuMark, MarkMonitor and Techstreet, among others
Publons, Kopernio
Clinical Connection connects over 650,000 members with clinical research trials. Join now to be notified when new clinical trials are available. has $2.4M in revenue annually.
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Clinical Research IO
Clinical Research IO has raised a total of $1.6M in funding over 1 round. This was a Angel round raised on Dec 28, 2016.
Lab and trial management
Parallel 6 is a provider of a cloud-based solutions that engages patients for clinical trials. Clinical6 is an mClinical platform for clinical trial patient enrollment, engagement and management. Clinical6 powers clinical trials across mobile, tablet, desktop and wearable devices for an end-to-end patient centric experience – enabling eConsent, alerts and notifications, eCOA, mHealth data collection, electronic data capture, virtual patient encounters (telemedicine) and real-time reporting dashboards for monitoring engagement.
Parallel 6 has 1 current team member, CEO Allan Camaisa.
Research platforms/Citizen science/remote clinical trial platforms