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10/11/2011 11:45:45Levi Asherlevi.asher@gmail.comDrupal 6, Drupal 7, PHP, JQuery, Javascript, MySQL, CSS, XML.

I'm a very experienced Drupal developer and content architect, pretty good with JQuery, have done lots of work with XML and MySQL data migrations and imports/exports. I have some familiarity with the WordPress data model as well.
10/11/2011 12:31:12Tom Gillisthomaswgillis@gmail.comWeb Development (LAMP, Ruby) and Server Admin.On BoardX
10/11/2011 13:27:16Jessica Yazbekj.yzbek at g mailWordpress (advanced -- both theme & plugin development), jQuery (advanced), HTML (advanced), CSS (advanced), php (advanced), Kohana (intermediate), mysql (upper intermediate), apache (intermediate)dp: contacted 10/29On BoardX
10/11/2011 14:10:36Zabatayzabatay@sentimentalistmag.comLAMP,,
General programming skills (a bunch of languages / SQL etc.)
Devdp: contacted 10/297
10/11/2011 14:47:39Cruxhellacrux@gmail.comFront-end design and development (X/HTML(5), CSS(3), JS, jQuery, UX). Also decent with PHP, CodeIgniter, Kohana and Java. Copywriting. Ontological anarchy. I've worked professionally with non-profits my entire life.Devdp: contacted 10/297
10/12/2011 17:50:01Erinerindmalone@gmail.comNot much developer knowledge but I can help with front end stuff. I'm do communications for my labor union doing all the web production, social media management, etc. I also did the same work while a grad student at UCSD.GeneralPLUTZ: Contact to see if interested in helping moderate map.occupy.net
Emailed about map.occupy.net
10/18/2011 1:35:33Steven Schoeffler618-530-4842PHP/MySQL, Buddypress customization experience, CSS, Javascript, Google Maps API, 20 years self-employed business experience, MBA, founder and developer of eRideShare.com, the leading carpool website. Former webmaster of the Reform Party of the USA and delegate to the 1999 national convention.Devdp: contacted 10/29
10/18/2011 11:03:10Warren Habibwhabib@gmail.comCan help with any backend scaling issues, including *nix sysadmin stuff, DNS mgmt, MySQL admin, emailing systems, CDN, technical architecture, plus skills in PHP and JavaSys Admindp: contacted 10/29
10/21/2011 21:57:59Dan Matthewsdan@bluefoc.usagile project management, web development, sysops, ruby on rails, nginx, javascriptDevOut of touchX
10/22/2011 0:06:50William Leibzonwilliam@leibzon.orgSoftware Development (MS Computer Science; C/C++, PHP, Perl, Java, Python), Systems and Database Architecture, Open Source group management, Survey Design and Survey Data Analysis, Photography and Video EditingDev4
10/22/2011 1:57:39Jaki Levyjaki@arrowrootmedia.comWordPress, video, video editing, streaming, online communications, Devdh: joined pivotal, I contacted 11/27 (should contact again)
10/22/2011 2:14:05alexislex@livetotry.comProgramming: Objective-C, JavaScript, a bit of Python.
Front end: HTML5/CSS3, HTML/CSS
Technical training

I also have an old laptop I can donate that's running Linux... it's HEAVY though!
10/22/2011 12:11:29Chirag Davechirage@gmail.comRoR, mysql, javascript, css.Dev3
10/22/2011 13:03:17Brandoldmyoccupy@hushmail.comI have experience in DIY, permaculture, art, meditation and gardening.
Internet and IT user programs .
Im tresurer for 2 non profit groups.
I can do forecasts, spreadsheets and graphs same as businesses.
PLUTZ: Contact to see if interested in helping moderate map.occupy.net

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: myoccupy@hushmail.com
10/22/2011 13:56:36Beckybecky.hurwitz@gmail.comI am in contact with friends and friends of friends at other Occupies who want to link the encampments -- and have begun working with people in NYC to set up video conf (skype and G+ meetups).

I want to continue doing this, but want to do it WITH a working group -- are you the ones or should I work with Outreach or Media?

ALSO -- I like AV/IT-based comms work -- and have been tinkering with low power FM radio as a way of broadcasting sound from movies and to abide by sound amplification regulation while still sharing sound effectively/efficiently.

My work is in tech capacity building for social movements -- right now I train activists worldwide in mobile security and can do this here as well as train some basics of digital security.
10/22/2011 14:24:13Matt Rodriguezmjrod6-at-gmailBulk of work experience in desktop and network support in higher education and military environments. Application QA testing as a stand-in at my previous employer (cheapskate, no training) and mobile app development has been a personal hobby that hasn't provided anything beyond learning experiences.

Pursuing CCNA security credential currently.

Voracious reader, willing to research and assist remotely in any way possible.
10/22/2011 15:48:36Frank Grovefragro@gmail.comPython, Django, Lisp, Java, Machine Learning, Multiagent Systems, Web Development, Collective Decision Systems, Web Reputation SystemsOn BoardX
10/22/2011 18:40:23Danadana@glocalwebtech.comTech team project management/coordination and documentation. On BoardX
10/23/2011 1:08:29Inkoginkog3@gmail.comMobile app & web development. ( I've built an WP7 app for us already.), Primaritly .Net dev (C#), sharepoint, silverlight, php, html 4&5 +++++Dev33
10/23/2011 17:49:58Tom Gillisthomaswgillis@gmail.comWeb Development (LAMP, some Ruby). Server Admin + Dev Ops specific to web dev. Lead Developer / CTO of a small digital marketing agency - team of 10 devs. On BoardX
10/23/2011 19:04:19Drew Hornbeindrew@nycga.netCss, html, php, wordpress. Can speak tech with non-tech people.On BoardX
10/23/2011 19:05:34JJ Mocko2012865760Senior Software Engineer / Architect
Website / Technical Consulting
Ruby on Rails
10/23/2011 19:07:06Patricia LutzPea@misfist.comInteractive/IT project management, design production, HTML/CSS, Wordpress. On BoardX
10/23/2011 19:16:23Irenairena@voidit.netWeb design, some server space, web development, time, expertise, Apple developerDesignOut of TouchX
10/23/2011 19:38:44Katie Falkenbergkatie.falkenberg@gmail.comWeb design, creative suite, some HTML & CSS. On BoardX
10/23/2011 19:38:46Katie Falkenbergkatie.falkenberg@gmail.comWeb design, creative suite, some HTML & CSS. On BoardX
10/23/2011 22:02:57Dan Phifferdan@phiffer.orgWordPress plugin development
JavaScript/CSS/general front-end development
Fast typer
DevOut of TouchX
10/24/2011 0:44:01Lippeemail/ircPractical:
- Screencasts
- Photography, workflow

In General:
- Don't code, but speak a few dialects of tech (gitchmodmongo & PEBKAC)
- Membership coordinator (I play well with others) @ non-hierarchical org (4th Street Food Co-op)
- Drupal site-builder
- Pseudo project manager (familiar with concepts of scope, project vs action, etc.)
- Some experience in documentation towards institutional memory & continuity
On BoardX
10/24/2011 7:32:22peter crosbypeter@alltogethernow.comSerial entrepreneur in international and startup for-profit & non-profit environments specializing in multi-media, communications & information technologies that leverage org strengths for greater productivity, effectiveness and social impact. Enabling socially-beneficial organizations to better operate, communicate and fundraise through strategic use of integrated media, knowledge management and apt technology. http://www.AllTogetherNow.com

Works with www.dotSUB.com a technology that enables closed captions and translated subtitles to be generated — by professional translators or crowd-sourced with employees, established groups or fans — for any online video in any language across Internet and mobile screens around the world. FREE for nonprofits on video by video basis!

10/24/2011 11:12:59David Solomonoffdrsolomonoff@gmx.com, work 718 270 7428Systems admin for SUNY Medical Library. Experience installing and admining Linux and BSD servers.Sys Admin3 (but might be able to help us find more appropriate others...)
10/24/2011 12:02:50jelmjustinelm@me.comCurrently I work for the School of Visual Arts as a systems administrator and am an ex-Apple iPhone service tech. My SVA job generally centers around server maintenance for Mac OS X -I'm not as familiar with PCs. I'm not quite sure what your team may or may not need help with, but I'm open to anything to help.Sys Admin3 (or for "help center?)
10/24/2011 13:39:16Harry Waisbrenharry@jobparty.usSocial media strategyStrategyPLUTZ: Contact to see if interested in helping moderate map.occupy.netEmailed about map.occupy.net3
10/24/2011 16:43:41Sam ZimmermanEmail: sam@monkeytownhq.comI'm not a coder but... Since 1995 I've planned and managed the development over 100 large scale websites, including from-scratch applications for asset management, feed management, CMS and ecommerce. I advise companies on how to plan/run their online communications. I have a lot of experience running start-up networks. So although I can't take on any hands-on development, I could provide informed input on planning and strategy.

My partner and I developed the "I'm Getting Arrested" Android app.
I also work with the occupytvny team editing videos.
On BoardX
10/24/2011 18:04:13Alexwhitneyas@gmail.comSystem administration - Debian linux
Growing hydroponic food
Sys Admin3worth contacting, but may not be immediately helpful...
10/24/2011 19:47:14Becky Hurwitzbecky.hurwitz@gmail.comI work for an NGO called MobileActive, managing a project to train activists and journalists in mobile security -- teaching them how mobile tech works, risks of using mobile tech, and ways of addressing these risks.

I have a lot of colleagues who do more general info-sec and I want to put together some resources that are easy-to-understand and actionable for all occupiers.

Are you working on some of this already? What is underway and what could be taken on still?

I'd like to have a resource with information specific to the movement or at least, links to good guides for things like:
-how to make your site/blog/wiki secure
-google groups/mail/docs/dropbox -- how in/secure and what to use them for
-encrypting email and data
-mobile communication
-what info the cops are (capable of) recording/gathering; what the likely result is of you being identified here
10/24/2011 19:52:46Jodi Concepcion Twistedbootsnyc@gmail.com, 917-913-3405Executive Administrative Assistant, PhotographerPLUTZ: Contact to see if interested in helping moderate map.occupy.netEmailed about map.occupy.net2
10/24/2011 20:25:04Danadana@glocalwebtech.comPosting Resume as requested for Project Managers/SCOn BoardX
10/24/2011 22:54:27Mike Reinsteinemailsoftware developement is what I'm best at:
10/25/2011 12:29:00laurlcurran@hotmil.comMarketing MarketingPLUTZ: Contact to see if interested in helping moderate map.occupy.netEmailed about map.occupy.net12
10/25/2011 14:56:33Dallas Carteremail: dallas.t.carter@gmail.comIntermediate Windows and RHEL admin experience
Intermediate Asterisk and CUCM admin experience (telephony)

Some experience with smartphone& tablet admin & support (Blackberry, iOS)

Some JSP/Tomcat & LAMP admin/support experience.
10/25/2011 15:48:19Vivekvivek@vivekster.comI mainly work with developing Drupal sites, though I have some experience with Joomla and Wordpress as well.Dev55
10/26/2011 1:14:05Scott Silvermanscottsil@mac.comWeb design & implementation (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Front-end development. Ruby on Rails. Git.Design / Dev54
10/26/2011 5:51:41Lizzy DoweremailEthical Hacker, public speaker, statistician, poorGeneralTee hee0
10/26/2011 7:25:01Jackson Whelanjw@jacksonwhelan.comWordPress and BuddyPress developer willing to help troubleshoot and answer support inquiries.Devdp: contacted 10/2997 (contact again)
10/26/2011 8:45:18Ron Painterron.painter@gmail.comWeb:
psd to fully functional WordPress, Joomla sites, HTML/CSS, some Javascript, jQuery and PHP (related to WP/Joomla) and HTML5/CSS3

MS Office, basic computer skills

QuarkXpress, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
Devdp: contacted 10/2976
10/26/2011 9:54:20Steve Brunersbruner@slipfire.comWordPress, BuddyPressDevdp: contacted 10/29. Knows Drron and Margarete, Very valuable contact if he'll commitOut of Touch76
10/26/2011 10:37:26Bill StewartemailNetwork Sysadmin, some web design experience, can help out with server or site admin & moderation, listervs, etc.

Have been assisting with #OccupyCharleston site and activities. Have made cash, food and equipment donations to Charleston & Wall Street occupations. Making my dance studio, Spirit Moves available for Occupy Charleston meetings.

Also have a lot of theater experience and a bunch of sound and AV equipment available for local events.


Sys Admin32
10/26/2011 12:34:27Pete Fecteauemailprofessional graphic designer specializing in visual design and user interface design. Fluent with WordPress.Design6: I guess he speaks WP without and accent? :+)6 (what's "fluent" mean?)
10/26/2011 15:14:56Stephen Miller203-612-1987The following memo best describes my skills and experience to implement strategies to fight corruption by using our system. In addition I have published a book you can view on the Amazon book website titled Just Cause Just Facts.

Phone 203-612-1987

PIMCO Rigged Treasury Futures

PIMCO oversees investments totaling more than $1 trillion on behalf of a wide range of clients, including millions of retirement savers, public and private pension plans, educational institutions, central banks, foundations and endowments, among others.*
This group of clients isn’t paying PIMCO its fees that are approximately .6% of $1 trillion = $6,000,000,000 annually to gamble their capital. (As of June 30, 2011: $1342.5 billion in assets under management.) Those clients don’t expect spectacular returns and wouldn’t take a chance that assumed a huge risk. There are many other funds for investors searching for aggressive managers.
In the wake of the American banking debacle there have been many hours of testimony to the Congressional Committees that mention derivatives. There is a wide-spread belief that derivatives are too complicated for most people including Senators and economists to understand. Throughout these hearings there was an arrogance by the congressional committee members not to ask or to learn what the precise complications might be. They simply accepted the repeated claim that derivatives were so complicated only a few highly educated people have the necessary background to understand their complexities.

To understand this law suit I must explain a number of facts, one of which is that derivatives are simple contracts that are traded. There are only two specific purposes to trade any derivative. One purpose is to speculate using massive leverage that can magnify the loss or gain of the commodity or security (in the case of treasuries the contract size is $100,000) by more than 25 times.

If the owner of a $100,000 Treasury note or bond wants to shift the risk of a drop in price, the treasury futures contract (derivative) must be sold. When the contract is sold the owner of the $100,000 treasury eliminates any potential gain in case interest rates drop. The entire Treasury bond price change has been neutralized. There is nothing complicated about this transaction.

In the PIMCO case, PIMCO management decided to buy (go long) Treasury futures putting their clients in a very risky position. If rates go higher causing bonds and note prices to drop, there would be an additional loss to the shareholders from the long futures bet. However, the speculative risk would be eliminated by using an illegal program that would force higher Treasury futures prices. The artificial price increased the value of the portfolio by 10% increasing the fees from $6 billion to $6.6 billion. For the 3rd quarter of 2010 the PIMCO management fee increased $150,000,000.

* From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The second fact that needs to be debunked to understand how this fraud was perpetrated is the common claim, widely accepted by economists, financial broadcast journalists, doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs alike is the notion that Treasuries are a safe haven. Very real and very serious money floods into Treasuries during stock market panics based upon this myth.

The last two stock market panics in 2008 and 2011 were also accompanied by a legitimate panic into Treasuries. Understanding the actual relationship of stocks with interest rates and examining the reality that Treasuries have constant price changes every minute of the day is evidence that Treasuries are not a safe haven. Putting money into any account with constant price changes including Treasuries is risky and dangerous. When money is lost in a Treasury its no different than losing money in any other speculation. Is waiting for a 10 year Treasury note to be redeemed a safe haven? Is losing money betting on horses different than losing money betting on Treasury prices?

The most recent panic began from above 12,600 DJI in the last 6 trading days of July 2011 and dropped under 10,400 on the 7th trading day of August, a 21% drop. The panic into Treasuries began on the last day of July after the stock market had dropped 600 points. For the first 6 days the December Treasury contract traded in a narrow range at 124-00. By the 7th day of August the December contract hit above 138-00 as the panic into Treasuries increased the price of a $100,000 bond by $14,000. On the following day the bond price dropped to 134-00 which was a loss of $4,000. Is that a safe haven?

During the following 39 trading days there were violent up and down days but the trend had flattened in a range from 10,400 to 11,600 DJI. During the same time frame the 30 year bond contract topped at 147-00 for a massive increase of $23,000. Six trading days later the Treasury bond dropped to 138-00 for a loss of $9,000. Is that a safe haven?

These price swings are based upon senseless emotion. To consider these massive flows of more than $500 billion daily trading are searching for a safe haven is ridiculous, irrational, and ignorant. These are trades being made by high priced screwballs, many of these traders with MBA degrees, working for Wall Street institutions. The high priced screwballs busted out AIG with credit default swaps and busted out the entire banking industry. America is a country of stooges allowing their savings to be destroyed by ignorant gamblers with MBA degrees.

In comparison to the spectacular volatility during 2011, the price range for the Dow Jones during July, August and September 2010 the range was flat going from a high on July 15 at 10,365 and on August 12 the high was still 10363. A minor drop to 9913 on August 30 and then a rally back to 10569 by September 13. The drop was only 452 points or 4.5% compared to 21%.

During this time frame there were 83 consecutive bond rallies coincident with small stock market dips during the 48 trading days from July 15 to September 15, 2010, while the stock market was in an up trend that began at 6600 in March 2008 and topped at 12600 in July 2011, 3 years and 4 months later. During that span there was a 2 month drop in May and June 2010 of slightly more than 1400 points from 11,200 down to 9800. By July 2010 the dip had ended.

It is important to know that the force driving stock prices are the earnings of individual companies and industries. The commonly known measurement for stock prices is the price earnings (PE) ratio.

Treasury prices have nothing to do with corporate earnings. Treasury prices are mostly determined by inflation. When inflation was running as high as 13% in 1979, ’80, ’81, ’82, and ’83, Treasury yields were as high as 15.5% on 30 year bonds and 18% on 3 month bills. It was Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker who reduced the growth of the money supply that brought inflation under control which brought Treasury bond prices lower to 7% by 1998. The lowest yields got from 1998 until Bernanke was appointed were 4.25%.

The range of yields from 1999 until 2008 on 30 year Treasuries was from a low of 4.25% to a high of 6.4%. The Treasury safe haven myth was never mentioned until the 9/11/2001 attack and the stock market crash. In October and November 2001 Treasury prices jumped from 105-00 to 112-00 and then collapsed to 99-00 by December. The Dow dropped from 10200 to 8100 in September 2001.

The 2005 Case

Plaintiffs claim that defendants manipulated the price of June 2005 Ten Year Treasury
Note futures contract during the Class Period by allegedly taking a large long position in the June 2005 Ten Year Treasury Note futures contract (the “June 2005 futures contract”)
while at the same time acquiring a large holding in the U.S. Treasury note maturing in February 2012, which was the cheapest to deliver on the June 2005 futures contract.

The cheapest to deliver issue is laughable. There is a very tight range of prices on issues that mature during similar periods of time. These prices are constantly changing and no single issue will ever be the cheapest for more than hours. If in fact the February 2012 issue happened to be the cheapest in June 2005 for a period of hours, how could that create an artificial price for the June 10 year note contract. That explanation is silly and ridiculous.

The decision by PIMCO management and their attorneys to settle that suit in December 2010 was incompetent, stupid, and ignorant. The fact that PIMCO was long 100,000 10 year note contracts has nothing to do with delivering their notes because a long position can only take delivery. This is a simple fact, not an opinion. There is no connection whatsoever for their long futures position and their purchase of the February 2012 notes.

Nothing PIMCO and its lawyers did throughout this entire case makes any sense. The entire case – plaintiffs, defendants, and the court is the epitome of ignorance. If the mutual fund industry was a circus PIMCO is the giant freak, but none of their colleagues noticed.

Political Correctness

Outside of sports, being politically correct has become the American culture. America has become a bottomless pit of irrational liars and hypocrites. I have learned by first hand experience that the lawyers who practice futures contract securities fraud are not only arrogant but they are incapable of understanding relevant evidence which the contrast of both PIMCO cases vividly displays.

If I can find a law firm that is capable of understanding very simple evidence that is the 83 consecutive price rigging of Treasuries in precise connection with 83 normal, consecutive price declines by Dow Jones futures contracts on a night and day trading pattern, this will become a landmark case that is valued at $17 billion. There has never been any trader who has ever had 83 profitable, legitimate consecutive day trades. Rigging the market with 83 artificial prices is illegal. If there is any securities fraud case that is simpler than this, I’d love to review it, but the CFTC claims nothing wrong happened. This is in the wake of the mortgage meltdown fiasco.

Each night Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert both ridicule the leaders and most prominent, powerful Americans. They are ridiculed for their bizarre, absurd thoughts which they communicate on a daily basis. These are the same people who influence voters to elect our government. These are the same people who have created policies that have collapsed us.

The entire media conspired to brush aside the claim by Hillary Clinton who was campaigning against Obama. She made a public statement that was a direct lie. Beside it being a lie, why would any reasonable person want to elect a person because they had been shot at in Bosnia? Can it get any more stupid than that? The claim that Hillary Clinton is a smart person from Yale is nonsense. The fact that Obama would ignore such a ridiculous lie which she blamed on being tired was a warning to me. Hillary stated she makes up illogical lies when she gets tired but Americans should elect her president. Political correctness overwhelmed the entire media, its audience, and now look what we have.

Obama has lied about everything he promised us. I don't care what color the president is if he's making decisions that will benefit all Americans with good job opportunities, fair taxation, and a great energy plan. One lawyer in Dallas told me he wouldn’t take this case because I don’t like Obama. Do all his class action clients like Obama? America has become a bottomless pit of screwball, politically correct nonsense. 10/21/2011

10/26/2011 12:35:39Pete Fecteaupete@buttonpresser.comprofessional graphic designer specializing in visual design and user interface design. Fluent with WordPress.DuplicateDuplicateduplicate of previous entry, w/ email address.
10/26/2011 15:05:33Carol Crumpcarol.crump@gmail.comI'm working with open source and agile proj mgmt. I'm good at gathering reqs, documentation, tech writing, info architechtureOn BoardX
10/26/2011 16:28:07Raviravi@ravi.beTech stuff. Unix stuff (setup, programming, management). Development in C, PHP, Perl, JavaScript. Familiar with stuff like WordPress (themes, plugins, etc).DevOut of Touch
10/26/2011 22:38:36BobEmail, Skype,PhoneI am available on Skype and we can do Video conference !!

I possess 7+ years of experience in PHP,MySQL,AJAX, Javascript, Mambo, Joomla,Drupal,Wordpress, Cubecart, Smarty, oscommerce,Magento,x-cart,wordpress, Expression Engine,Lightcommerce,Zend Framework, XHTML, CSS, etc.

Please find out client feedback here :


I have developed dozens of website in wordpress and did modification in themes and plugin develpoment. Here are few of them.


I have worked extensively with wordpress on plugin development and theme customization works.

If you give me chance then below will be my development step :

1.)Receive details including desisgn/layout/artwork, FTP
2.)Debug or programmed as per your requirement and make wordpress website operational
3.)Upload code on live environment
4.)Show development on demo environment

5.)Beta testing and final release .

If I can provide you with any further information on my background and qualifications, please let me know. Also, I am ready to start immediately.

I am currently available 40 hours per week and can be reached online Yahoo Messenger or Skype, Monday through Friday from 5:00 to 18:00 GMT

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards:
Bob Joseph
W3care Technologies

Skype: W3care
Gtalk : w3care01
Dev57 (does he understand that we're not paying?)
10/27/2011 0:46:06Joaquin VillarrealSkype (joaquinv08) and emailI am an all around web developer. I build websites from scratch: code and CMS based.Dev4
10/27/2011 11:06:49Dr. Ron Suarez@drron on NYCGA.net and Twitter or http://bit.ly/e1HiNVWordPress, BuddyPress, Product Management, Project Management, Agile, SCRUM, Executive Management, Lean Startup Methodology, Requirements Analysis, Information Architecture, Usability Design Patterns with mapping to JQuery Library, MVC, UX Design, DB Design, Object Oriented Modeling and Responsibility Driven Design, UML, Plesk, Organizational Behavior, Iterative Incremental Development, Statistics including Multivariate Analysis, Google Analytics, Metrics and Decision Making, Reputation SystemsDevOn Board
10/27/2011 12:43:07AndyPhone or SkypeI am Andy form Ritwik softwares. We are a web designing firm from India. My team can deliver quality work for $15/hr that will include Web development, Graphic Design, Programming and Testing. We can deliver the work for fixed fee too.

As per your post I assume that, you are looking for a Wordpress developer help. We are a team of 70 developers those are expertise at various technologies including wordpress. We have worked on several sites. Please go through the following URLs for your reference.

Wordpress :





You can visit us at www.ritwik.com and view a sample of the work we have done recently. Please review our portfolio at http://www.ritwik.com/portfolio/index.html.

Thanking You,
Ritwik Software Technologies Ltd
Phone: +1-646-367-8069/70
Skype: andy.ritwik
Email: andy@ritwik.com

Solicitation67 (but I think he's looking for paying work...)
10/27/2011 13:21:49Nota Beneiwillbepartofthechange@gmail.comI have basic computer skills, well intermediate skills, and I learn quickly, and presently have a lot of time. I have built websites in the past and done some basic coding, also some layout and art work. Currently I working on a Semantic Web project. As I said, I learn quickly.PLUTZ: Contact to see if interested in helping moderate map.occupy.netEmailed about map.occupy.net2
10/27/2011 13:22:54Nota Beneemail -- iwillbepartofthechange@gmail.comsee previous form entry -- I just am unsure if you'll have access to my contact info, so I am filling it out again.Duplicate
10/27/2011 22:03:06Rob Erob@infinitepigeons.orgPHP (good but rusty), Python (decent), Javascript (good), Jquery (excellent), HTML/CSS/DOM (excellent), general web service architecture (Excellent), Mysql admin (good), Linux admin (solid), Drupal (rusty but decent), Java (excellent but rusty) and associated web stuff like tomcat (very rusty/stale)Dev65
10/28/2011 9:37:26Rob Erob@infinitepigeons.orgPHP (good but rusty), Python (decent), Javascript (good), Jquery (excellent), HTML/CSS/DOM (excellent), general web service architecture (Excellent), Mysql admin (good), Linux admin (solid), Drupal (rusty but decent), Java (excellent but rusty) and associated web stuff like tomcat (very rusty/stale)Duplicate5 (duplicate)
10/28/2011 9:54:48Jeremy Fergusonojeremy@worldwisewebs.comWordPress developer, social media, analytics, php, css, javascriptDevdp: contacted 10/29Out of TouchX66 (try again?)
10/28/2011 12:04:45Raviraviahmad@me.comExtensive project and budget management and team supervision experience. Moving into web technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP etc.)PMOut of TouchX2
10/28/2011 12:12:30Andy Thorntonme@andy-j-thornton.comProgrammer, Web developer (Drupal 6 and 7 ... to be honest very little Wordpress - but similar principles and overlap would be Javscript/jquery, CSS, PHP, HTML, Apache, MySQL etc).

CV is here: http://bit.ly/ufM1YB
10/28/2011 13:55:24Florindoflotron9@gmail.comhave small Manhattan apartment with shower.

also have 80" x 12" portable LED sign that can be programmed to say anything

Part of Peace Action, national grassroots activist network, local chapter head

28-minute weekly MNN tv show, "Peace News."

Housing / ShowerMay want to connect him with shower-needy0
10/28/2011 14:07:35Urbaned Ellyurbanpubedreform@gmail.comWordpress, documentation, outreachDocumentation22 (sounds like a WP user, not a dev.)
10/29/2011 0:37:56Dennis Rullodrullo172@comcast.netIT proffesional, MSM - 18 years experience (PC support to server set-up)
Videoconferencing - H323 firewalls - Basic LAN/WAN stuff (No HTML or web desin experience) AD/LDAP not a DC admin but can help if you need a tech.Like to see if I can help add video content or provide conferencing services if that has any application here. Might have some hardware I could part with - depends on what you're using.
Network2: maybe media could benefit from him3
10/29/2011 0:48:13Irenairena@voidit.netWordPress, PHP, CSS, HTML, web things and some moreDevdp: contacted 10/29Out of TouchX76 (contact again?)
10/29/2011 0:56:39Natasha Jacobstashikofreako@gmail.comI am a researcher and artist and am currently working on a qualitative research art project about occupy wall street. I have been getting college students outside of the occupation to fill out surveys about the OWS movement to promote thought about the movement, and forcing people to confront questions like where they are getting their information about it, and how they are forming their opinions on it. Today I also started a survey for the occupants and eventually would like to figure out a way to display and spread my research on the internet. I also write a lot and just started an OWS blog which is mostly meant to be an open space for questioning about the movement. My idea is to open up an anonymous space for people to ask questions from someone experiencing the movement first hand. I think this will encourage people who may not know anyone involved, or people who are too shy or scared their questions are dumb, to ask questions. Questioning is so important! I am very interested in social media and the role it's playing in the movement. I have been participating in the movement from day 1 but haven't officially joined a working group, just been doing my own work on it. I am not technologically savvy in any way but I have a lot of good ideas and would love to work with people who are! Let me know if you think I could be of assistance. I could also use some advice on spreading my new blog and am interested in making other blogs which spread awareness and promote critical thinking on the movement. Here is my blog http://occupymindspace.tumblr.com/Research2
10/29/2011 1:18:18callmejansee my sites, listed belowinformation architecture, web design & development (including Wordpress), graphic design, technical communications

see my site, then contact me via the information available there:

UX / Design5
10/29/2011 12:47:54Rob Erob@infinitepigeons.orgPHP (good but rusty), Python (decent), Javascript (good), Jquery (excellent), HTML/CSS/DOM (excellent), general web service architecture (Excellent), Mysql admin (good), Linux admin (solid), Drupal (rusty but decent), Java (excellent but rusty) and associated web stuff like tomcat (very rusty/stale)Dev4
10/29/2011 23:17:21Rob Erob@infinitepigeons.orgPHP (good but rusty), Python (decent), Javascript (good), Jquery (excellent), HTML/CSS/DOM (excellent), general web service architecture (Excellent), Mysql admin (good), Linux admin (solid), Drupal (rusty but decent), Java (excellent but rusty) and associated web stuff like tomcat (very rusty/stale)Duplicate5 (duplicate)
10/30/2011 13:29:44Brian Martinezbfmartinez@hotmail.comSoftware Engineering and Systems Engineering. Specifically, WordPress Blogging, PHP, Java, .NET, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, CSS, HTML5, Linux, Server 200x, Active Directory and many many more. Dev77
10/30/2011 15:32:16Will Farrellwilliam@sailthru.comPHP, Mongodb, Javascript, Amazon aws, email optimizationDev55
10/31/2011 0:21:37Rob Erob@infinitepigeons.orgPHP (good but rusty), Python (decent), Javascript (good), Jquery (excellent), HTML/CSS/DOM (excellent), general web service architecture (Excellent), Mysql admin (good), Linux admin (solid), Drupal (rusty but decent), Java (excellent but rusty) and associated web stuff like tomcat (very rusty/stale)Duplicate5 (duplicate)
10/31/2011 10:33:34Avi NagelEmailA union trained organizer. Worked in Education for 3 years. Very computer literate. knowledgeable in web design, film making, and Geographic Information Systems. GeneralNo email address provided.Closed2
10/31/2011 13:56:20David Mazzadq011235@gmail.comWeb Developer, extensive experience with PHP, CakePHP, SQL, jQuery, Javascript, HTML5/CSS3

Not so much experience with Drupal, but extensive experience developing with WordPress. I'm just starting to use GitHub, but really enjoying it.

I've also developed an application with BuddyPress, and I've administered several large Google Apps accounts for medium to large organizations.
10/31/2011 22:04:06Jonathan YarborSkype: blazeddesigns, Phone: 4054941175 (let me know ahead of time)I am a skilled Web developer and designer that specialized is custom application s and WordPress Development.

I've got hosting where you need it. I rent my own server so I have control over what goes on with it.

I customize themes, plugins, and even hack into WordPress itself to get what I need done. I'd like to see a movement towards targeting other web developers and getting our content on their site via javascript plugins as I offered in the forums.

In addition to WordPress I can help with the mail problems you are having. We can create a mail/ticket center and sort the mail into boxes so that you guys can have appointed members performing specific types of emails (not to mention recommended sorting by searching the emails).

Other things I can offer is phone call-in services. So if you want to have an automated system for voting via SMS or call-in we can take data without relying on prebuilt systems.

What you need in WordPress I can do. I'm here to work for you in my spare time. I work during the day running my own freelance web development studio. Money is tight so I'd like to help you guys in my abilities rather than the money I don't have.

Let me know what you think
On BoardX
11/1/2011 18:57:05paul diddyemailhi, this is to drew and jake. i was referred to you by superglitch, who was who was at the PR phone conference/meeting at 29 broadway on the 23rd of october. i am a web designer and *developer, currently working predominately via wordpress, though i also create print design and am an artist. what are the projects that you need help with?
11/1/2011 19:31:32John Jorgensenbearsox@gmail.comWordpress Multisite + Buddypress professional. 16+ year PHP web developer and graphic designer with specialties in Social Media integration, CMS, digital publishing, mobile and adaptive design, CSS, SEO and plug-in/widget development. Member of local and regional Occupy groups in North Dakota.Dev88 (!!)
11/2/2011 0:33:57batman5128432286IT and web design, organization, media, hacktivism IT34
11/3/2011 0:12:59Mark V Reidthoughtmark@gmail.comI am a creative, out-of-the-box thinker, strategizing protester, and strong OWS activist, with years of experience in teaching, and reasoning about difficult ethical problems. My strongest abilities include my communication skills, especially in writing. I have strong computer skills with Photoshop and AutoCADD. People throughout my life have told me that I am the best general problem solver they have ever known.

Some of my strengths are my understanding and passion for ethical and legal issues, informal written communication, making catchy, deep protesting signs, and problem-solving. My single greatest strength is my passion, but my single greatest skill is written communication, especially personal letters to people who's character or actions I find to be morally reprehensible, doing so with tact, compassion, and unearthing criticism.

My contributions so far to the movement include my trust in the people to bring my whole family to Liberty Plaza which helps show the peace, safety, and nonviolence of the people, (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/27/fashion/for-childrens-sake-taking-to-the-streets.html ) through my protesting signs, the energy and experiences that I share with my students during the week http://www.thewilkesbeacon.com/news/2011/11/01/wilkes-students-and-faculty-weigh-in-on-wall-street-protests/ the dozens of comments that I leave each day aiming to clear up misconceptions the public has, and the food, carton of Skippy peanut butter, boxes of water, etc donations I have given to the food kitchen through James (the journalist for Found Magazine) who lives full time in the Plaza.

My strongest contribution might also be the letters and petitions that I write against police brutality and to congress. The petition for Scott Olsen, will you sign? I need only 18 more signatures to reach the goal of 700 and then it gets sent to the heads of the FBI and DOJ for the Oakland Area http://www.change.org/petitions/dept-of-justice-and-fbi-investigate-oakland-police-brutality-investigate-oakland-police-actions-102511-against-ows-protesters

Also, I have a PhD in philosophy (ethics; mind), with four publications, which is not enough for tenure-track these days because of the reduction in professors and expansion of college administrators.... Occupy! I have experience as a college professor for 6 years, and a BS in psychology.

So, I am witty, especially skilled in written communication, reasoning about ethical issues, and problem solving. Probably my greatest asset to OWS is my passion for it, the human personality and character at the core of its activity, and the values that drive it forward. I see the General Assembly as pure magic, content-driven solidarity, and the only example of true democracy. It is racially-blind, sex-blind, non-ego-based cooperation.

Nonviolence, compassion, and solidarity,

Mark V Reid
11/3/2011 14:58:24Adrianadrian@cooper.netI just joined this resource – great to be here amongst such a phenomal Movement and People

I have been deeply involved with the Internet ever since there was an Internet – going back 24 years or so, before the web even existed, and involved with testing or development of many technology infrastructure landmarks including the first web server and browser.

I also have very considerable experience with every aspect of domain names and website technolgies including database driven websites and forums.

I am 100% Behind The Occupy Movement in every way.

I am also the author of a best-selling Spirituality book, and Newsletter read by hundreds of thousands of people around the World since 2005. Of course I am following OWS very closely and writing about The Movement every week.

I am here to Serve in any way I can. Please keep in mind though that because my life, especially since 2005, is totally dedicated to Serving Humanity - I work commit 17 hours per day on average - my time can only be divided so many ways.
11/3/2011 20:25:36rubeninfo@lekrmoi.comwants to build new global communication system
that is more efficient to communicate with eachother
than any existing language..
11/3/2011 20:57:43Trent Sanertrentsaner@yahoo.com2 yrs computer forensics, lots of IT experience, some simple web development (aka dreamweaver skillz), i have a box full of desktop parts, and a laptop to donate! the monitor is broken on the notebook, but i believe it has an hdmi out if that helps!General3
11/4/2011 11:31:06Peter Tituspkt650@gmail.comBasic Web site development skills: HTML, PHP, MySQL. Well-versed in Linux. Completed the O'Reilly School of Technology Linix/Unix Systems Administration four-part course (http://www.oreillyschool.com/certificates/system-administration.php). 15 years IT experience as a computer support technician. Good writer and proofreader with a background in academic publishing.
11/4/2011 19:48:29Thiago de Mello Buenothiago@madeofpeople.orgI design things, madeofpeople.org (outdated) do ui/ux design, and have coordinated the occasional working group.
I'm also pretty adept/savvy/advanced with javascript, css, xhtml, ajaxy bits and such, have plenty of wordpress experience and get around in php but databases/server stuff is not my purview.

I see a lot of talk on the IWC list about coming up with something compelling, media-rich and evocative for the NYCGA site, and would love to get involved.
UX / DesignHelping with UX for nycga.netOn Board5
11/6/2011 22:39:30Ian Youngpirate@gmail.comI'm a schmoozer. I worked at a non-hierarchical organization for 3 years. I speak Spanish. I'm pretty good with Linux and helping people with their computers. Can I be of some help?GeneralPLUTZ: Contact to see if interested in helping moderate map.occupy.net

Forward to Outreach.
Emailed about map.occupy.net22
11/8/2011 14:41:42William Crowleyonlyunusedname@gmail.comHello, IWG. I got this link from Daniel Phiffer via a wordpress hackers discussion list. Mind you, that was a couple of weeks ago. I've been in the home stretch on another large project.

I am a WordPress (and general PHP/MySQL/javascript) developer who is quite proficient in WordPress core and coming up to speed on the newest (and greatly revised) release of BuddyPress.

I'm not sure what your needs consist of at this point, but I would be privileged to assist in any capacity. From writing sophisticated plugins to answering user support tickets. Please feel free to use me if I am useful. You have the well wishes and gratitude of many San Francisco coders.
11/9/2011 22:34:07lenore Silverstein212 396 3373Member of the Board - Neuberger Museum
" " " " League of Women Voters-Harrison
interior designer
real estate agent
fund raiser - Rye Country Day School
PLUTZ: Forwarded to Outreach.ClosedPatricia1
11/9/2011 22:42:37Joseph Anninojoeaguy@joeaguy.comWorking in web development since 1996. My day job is in Perl, but I have experience with PHP, Drupal, Python, Django, Javascript, jQuery, Prototype.js. I have also done Linux sys admin work, and worked with Amazon EC2 clouds. I work from home, which gives me some flexibility with my schedule.DevContacted for Permabank Dev team;
PLUTZ: I'm not sure if this person has actually gotten involved in tech work. He has been an active admin for the Queering OWS group. I've been in touch with him for support issues and will contact him to see what he's up to.
On board with projectPatricia
11/12/2011 11:28:17RachelHermanr@gmail.com or txt at 9739811657I've worked on a helpdesk for 11 years fixing computer problems. Mac and PC.

Ive managed phone support daily operations for 4 years.

I would love to help with support of computers in the park.
SupportMaybe she'd be interested in helping with nycga.net support or Q&A.Patricia22 (for dev, but we need a help desk; 7 for that...)
11/13/2011 1:51:04odd ahthekward@gmail.comresearch-networking; both online and human to human-
connecting the dots- liaison- collecting & relaying info-
writing;creating press releases-minimal photshop exp-
basic computer & word skills-
11/16/2011 10:54:22John Watts7189305102Worked for Obama campaign in 2008, phone banking, door to door, and was member of Support Corp Team for Obama in 2010. Have donated to OWS. I'm a musician and have been committed to spiritual practices, including meditation, for 21 years although I do not subscribe to any particular religion or denomination. General1
11/16/2011 12:33:29Rebecca Rosenbeccarosen@gmail.comHi,
I'm a reporter for The Atlantic and we're doing a week of stories about the Occupy Movement's use of technology. I'd love to profile your working group and what you guys are doing. If someone could, please get in touch with me by email or phone (551 206 9679).
Not volunteer.
11/17/2011 19:54:46Sharon Keepingwallst@skeeping.comHave developed several WordPress sites. Some knowledge of php, jquery, javascript. Good working knowledge of XHTML and CSS. Fair knowledge of GitHub. Wordpress sites developed are at ezw123.com and greenvilleconcerts.com. HTML/CSS site at pittcountyfair.com.

I've been programming since 1990. I started out as an RPG programmer and gradually moved into deployment and administration of a Windows Server based LAN which was part of a global WAN with AS400 and Unix servers. I've worked with SQL, MySQL and Access databases.

I run IIS locally and have worked with phpMyadmin. I have excellent communication skills (verbal and written) I pay particular attention to detail, and work well on a team.

I would love the opportunity to work with nycga #occupy wallstreet project.

Sharon M Keeping

11/18/2011 11:30:06Victor B.813-900-2216I have written a song for Occupy Movement I have copywritten the song all I need is for you to hear it I can send the literary piece, Its going to be a beautiful song for the movement, please dont overlook this
11/18/2011 18:25:54Alexander VaninoPhone/Text 914-907-6140Skills: Web Development, Windows and Linux Network Infrastructure, Electronic Communications.

Experience: I currently work as a Network Architect for a Technology Consulting Firm in Downtown Manhatten. I am also the CTO for Feed the Starving Artists (FTSA.net)

Expertise: My main expertise is the use of Technology to Streamline everyday Tasks. Microsoft Business Systems and Open Source Systems.

Donations: I currently operate an 8 Core 16gb Machine running ESXi on a 100mbps line. I wouldn't mind donating space, bandwidth, and services for this cause!
11/19/2011 13:47:02Chris Walshcjwalsh@ymail.comWeb dev: PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, MySQL, Wordpress. Name it I can program it. I am not a designer, so don't expect any pretty stuff from me, but I can handle real intense programming, and data crunching.
11/19/2011 18:47:36Sebastiansebastian@fease.orgUI/UX Designer with 10 years experience.
Wireframes, Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Analytics.
Currently User experience director at an online advertising company,
looking to volunteer to help out the movement.
skillset: http://fease.org/code/
(1 year old, i've gotten better since then)

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