Welcome to the Mousepad Mastersheet!
I'm sure many of you are frequent viewers and know your way around but I wanted to make a quick read-me for new viewers.
To find a specific sheet of data, just click one of the sheets at the bottom of the screen.
Speed Chart is the performance sheet, it has a categorized ranking of nearly every single top mousepad and a list of every mousepad with any important quirks that the community has found.
Price/Durability is the value sheet. Every pad listed in the performance section is listed here along with its price, glide durability, and if washing will bring back its glide at all. This sheet should be very usefull for people who want a consistent performance from their pad or people that just want the best bang for their buck.
Sizes is all about sizing. The width and length are given for each pad and then the entire list is ranked by area to help you find the pad you are looking for.
Dynamic/Static Friction is brand new and a bit of a daunting project. It will be a much more detailed dataset about the friction of the pads, looking at their static and dynamic friction. (No units, just a rating based on feel.)
Quirks This section contains any helpful quirks that pertain to one mousepad that you will definetly want to know about before buying.
Recommendations This sheet has tons of non sponsored/unbiased top players/aimers and their setups (focusing on their mousepads).
A lot of people look up to pros for what good to gear to get but a lot of them have sponsorship deals that greatly sway what they use. So hopefully this list of tier 2/top players should help people know whats "meta" right now.
How to help: This sheet was made together by r/mousepadreview along with many pros and enthusiasts alike from all over the world. It's not something that could have been done alone without extreme expenses. To help the sheet continue to grow we need everyones help, so if you see incorrect information or formatting that should be different, use google sheets comment function (right click a cell and go down to "comment") and describe what you would like changed or added in any detail that you want. I check the comments practically everyday and am constantly resolving them!
Thats all I wanted to say and all you should need to know about the sheet, hope you find what you are looking for and thanks for making this project so great!
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