QUTG Election Count 2018
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(Modified 14/10/18 for voting location specifics)
The 2018 QUT Student Guild elections will be held from Monday 22nd October to Wednesday 24th October across all three university campuses. This is technically a re-run of the election that was originally scheduled to occur in August, that the electoral tribunal ordered be run again, as the incumbent party (EPIC) did not provide adequate notice to students of the election, and they were the only people who knew to nominate.

The week of 15-19 October will be what's known as campaign week, where campaigners from each ticket will talk to students about why they should vote for their ticket.

Gardens Point will have a voting booth open (Z4 Atrium) on Monday 22nd October (9:30am-4pm).
Kelvin Grove will have a voting booth open (C block food court) on Tuesday 23rd October (9:30am-7pm).
Caboolture will have a voting booth open (B block level 1) on Wednesday 24th October (10:30am-2:30pm).

There are three tickets contesting the election:

EPIC - EPIC have run the QUT Guild since first getting elected in 2011. They are known to have LNP backing and the QUT LNC support them widely. They put the current election rules in place, which mandate that voting is open at GP on Mon-Wed, and at KG on Thu-Fri (disadvantaging KG students); in addition to making it very difficult to putting a ticket together to be able to run in the QUT Guild elections. Their facebook page is available at: https://www.facebook.com/epicqutguild/
REACH - REACH contested last year's student elections for the first time and came close to winning. They are independent-based and were formed last year out of a group who were formerly part of EPIC who were not happy with the direction EPIC were taking the guild. This year's ticket is comprised of different people to last years, and contains elements of various different groups. Their facebook page is available at: https://www.facebook.com/reachforqut/
United Students Party - United Students Party are contesting this year's student elections for the first time. They are independent-based however do not have a full ticket and will likely not appear on above-the-line ballots due to the difficult electoral regulations EPIC put into place in 2012. Their facebook page is available at: https://www.facebook.com/UnitedQUT/

There is one independent candidate who nominated for Vice-President (Gender & Sexuality Rights), however their nomination is likely to be ruled invalid in accordance with C15.4 requiring that two students stand together for the position.
13/10/2018This spreadsheet will aim to give you the results when they are available. This will depend on scrutineers sending me information about the ballot count when it occurs. No ballot count will occur until voting has closed at Caboolture, and it's not yet known whether counting will commence Wednesday night or Thursday morning.
15/10/2018I've been informed that United Students Party will not appear on above the line ballots, meaning that students who wish to vote for their candidates must request a below the line ballot paper. Below the line ballot papers are also required for students wishing to allocate preferences like in regular elections.
23/10/2018I'm told that ballots are expected to be counted on Thursday, can't confirm though. Having numbers appear on this spreadsheet will rely on reliable scrutineers being able to give me the relevant information.
25/10/2018For those following here, they're apparently sorting GP votes. KG apparently hasn't been started yet, nor Caboolture. They're sorting by faculty at the same time which will mean we should get council results at the same time as Exec.
25/10/2018Finally gotten the GP ATL votes. a bit under 2:1 in Reach's favour. About 1100 votes now to count from KG. Don't think BTLs have been counted yet.
25/10/2018I don't have full numbers but have included what were approximate numbers. Reach has won all executive positions bar international.
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