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1I love Shana, and it definitely matches the theme. I would have loved to see a little more creativity with your anime/ song combination. The editing was good though. This was a decent representation of Fire. The editing was okay, but lacked flow in a lot of places, and the lip flap was quite distracting throughout.I don't like the fact that the song begins and ends with a fade, but the editing is pretty goodWithout reading the descriptions the video in fact reaches the mood of war. Some effects could work better though, but good executionWhile I could see the fire present as a visual element, it only seemed to be a superficial nod to the theme and not much else. I felt the pacing wasn't as dynamic as the song warranted.
2The flow was nice, and you definitely got you point across in terms of the theme.I really liked this one. The ending felt a little too sharp, though. I'm also not sure the sepia-tone color grading was a good idea; I thought it muted the water to a much too dull navy blue/black.Nice mood and scenes choice, but editing is too much spare. The coloration was ok.Eh? Like when mood goes very well with the music. The video could have been perfect just wothout 2 zooms I noticed in it. But impressiveA fair amount of the timing seemed late. Would have liked to see more "camera" motion mimicking the wave motion.
3I absolutely loved this. The editing was nice, the concept was great, and the anime/ song combination was perfect. I would love to see a full length version someday.This video was a lot of fun. The really slick effectsy opening made most of the rest of the video something of a letdown. Toned-down opening effects or making the effects work more consistent across the video may have worked better.Quality is too much bad, but nice song/anime combination.Reminded me to Disney Movies Themes hehehehe. Liked the ideaAnother video that seemed to confuse "theme" with "setting" this round. The editing was ok, though a number of the roto'd assets seemed out of place.
4Even though I feel that you went with the obvious choice in terms of anime, I feel that your song choice and scene selection made your concept much more than Shana just controlling fire. I think that you could have done more in terms of syncing to the sound effects in the song, but I still loved the way that you edited this (although, I'm not really a fan of the blur borders that you added)This video flowed very well from beginning to end, but the very slowly expanding/contracting borders at the opening and ending annoyed me a lot. I also got very tired of the red/white coloring by about the 1:30 mark.Theme bad executed, editing in general is good. The red coloration is nice.I saw the visual representation of fire. The flow of the music seemed water or air like, as did the scene movements.
5You definitely get full points on theme, and concept. And the flow/ editing was also good. (I do feel that a few of your editing choices could be slightly tweaked a bit though)While earth was the focus here, I really liked the way that water and air got some play as well. Other than the double-taps of the sticks looking like an editing error, it was very well edited and timed.Poor video quality but very nice mood. The editing wasn't that good, though.I liked the idea, but for some reasons the video lacked the impact in the fast parts. There were several parts the video could have that impact, and of course a high note. But in the current version lacks that impactI'm seeing this a "nature" more than a specific element (i suppose you could make a mental leap to say it's very "earth"). Regardless, I think it evokes much more of the abstract quality of the theme than most of the other entries so far. Good job.
6The editing wasn't bad, but I can't really give you any points on theme. I really see any connection to water besides the fat that you used a show about pirates.I didn't really see the theme in this one beyond pirates=water, which would make any One Piece video fit the theme. The very abrupt cutoff wasn't very good, either.I didn't understand the theme of this.. editing was quite nice, but the ending is too much abrupt!With the current version, it seems incomplete, and without mentioning qualityUnrelated to the theme in any discernible way. Unfinished video.
7very nicely done. Your theme, concept, song and anime selection were all great.This was an interesting video, but really felt like it was dragging after the midpoint, which is also about where it seemed to lose the theme. Several sections felt like long-running clips where the camera cuts happened to be close to a musical cue.Despite the long length, it was a nice view without any problems. Editing isn't at its best, but the rest is pretty good!The video explains the story. That's good. I don't even have to watch the anime just to get what's going on. But what happened with the synch? I mean, in the middle the pacing of the video should have changed with the music. Music changes but the clip keeps the same. Very dramatic video. Very well polished and exceptionally long for the short time it was made in. I don't feel like it fit the theme, though.
8I really liked the way that you edited this. I wish that the video quality of your sources had been a little more consistent though. In terms of the theme, I completely get your "drowning in sorrow" concept. And I actually really like it. I just feel that even though you used scenes of people drowning, the purpose of the water was figurative and not literal (hope that makes sense). In a nutshell, I feel that the main theme of this video is "hopelessness", and that you used the scenes of people drowning to express it. But the purpose of the round was to make "water" your main theme.While the first two sections fit the theme pretty well, the last section with Trigun really felt out of place, especially with the poor quality and bad aspect ratio it had. And I'm never a fan of pointless text being tossed in.Black flashes were out of place. Bad use of effects. The visual quality and the theme's execution weren't good.Some facts here: The video starts with the correct element. Until Trigun appears. Quality suddenly goes down. ? in this case the footage didn't help due to the differences in the qualityTheme was not very present. I found the text to be extremely tacky and the visual quality issues detracted even more.
9The video quality was exceptionally great, the concept was fantastic, and the editing was absolutely marvelous. I really want to give this video a perfect score, but I feel that your elemental theme was just a little too subtle and could have been a little more mesmerizing. I can think of so many scenes from Howl's moving castle that would have given this video the last little umph that it needed to be absolutely perfect for this round's theme. As a stand alone video, I have absolutely no complaints. I really liked how multiple elements got woven into her dreams. I got somewhat confused in several places, though, where we'd jump out of one "dream" for another for just one shot, then return to the first one for no apparent reason. Perhaps a bit more consistency in storytelling is needed. Also, Paprika felt very out of place, with all the other lead girls being about the same age as the dreaming girl, but the Paprika lead being an adult.Very nice scenes and anime selection! Quality was really shiny (the one of the old footages included), and the editing in general was solid.Nice combination of airy music and breezy video. I had no problem identifying the element used. The preponderance of straight cuts were a bit jarring, but didn't detract much from the thematic execution.
10I see absolutely no connection to water or fire. Showing someone standing in the rain, crying, or showing a big explosion doen't actually satify the theme. Also, the video quality is a bit lacking, and the the song change halfway through the video was just too sudden.I really couldn't see the theme here at all. Add terrible quality problems, abysmal timing in the first half, very oddball subtitles, and complete song whiplash mid-video, and I didn't like this video at all.Totally failed in the respecting of the theme, poor editing and visual quality.Not only did I see no real attempt at the theme, The way you butchered that poor footage was so distracting I had to watch this three times to actually force myself to take in what you did.
11As a stand alone video, this is a short, but nicely edited AMV that flows very well. But in terms of this round's theme, I feel that you only used scenes of water and air. The puprose of the this round was to incoperate the elements into your video's concept (not just showcase them)A very interesting slow-paced video. It looked clean, usually flowed pretty well, and showed the theme nicely. I had several timing quibbles about where cuts were made (frequently a 4-chord phrase would have cuts on 3 and 4, but not on 1 or 2) which led to me getting pulled out of the flow in several places.Technically talking, nothing special. Great visual quality and nice mood.Hoho? Now that's the style that fits water element. Pleasant, quiet, and RAW, good there aren't additional effects. Otherwise it would have ruined the execution. Very well doneSeeing water and air. Hearing water and air. Would have been a bit more impressed if you had managed to get some sort of coherent story in there. It seemed more like random scenes that fit the theme more than an AMV.
12The editing and flow of this video were absolutely perfect. But I feel that you used water as just a setting instead of a concept."Water" was very easy to see in this one, the other elements were a lot harder to notice. Overall, a very enjoyable video, but I thought it dragged a bit through the middle.The atmosphere is decent, but the video is too much monotonous, there isn't a difference between the scenes in the refrain and the others. Cute video. I can see the characters are elemental sprites of some sort, but I don't see the video itself really being about the theme.
13The video was a bit short, and it had some issues with the flow and pace of its scenes. Also, I would have liked to see you incorperate the thme more into the video's concept instead of just its scene selection.After the opening segment, I really didn't see the element used any more. Once the action sequence started, the sync felt somewhat random, and the abrupt ending left everything unresolved, which felt very disappointing.Little effort has been put into this, and the abrupt ending just spoils further the whole result.You got me here. Due to song selection, video fits for a Wind element, then the paces changes. Now about the second half:That part needed to be faster than first. My initial impression was that you wanted to keep the pace slow and then go wild with the zooms, but they needed to be faster just to get that 'feeling' Not badStarted out interestingly with air - devolved into... I'm not sure what. The video did not keep up with the audio once the more dynamic bits started. Overall, it seemed like a build-up to a let-down.
14The editing was really good, and the concept was ok. I do feel that you could have portrayed the theme a little better though. An interesting atmospheric (pun unintended) video. While the element was clear to see, the timing was consistently off on most scene changes. It was always close, but felt off just about every time. The repeated quick dips to black were much too frequent as well.Great visual quality and colorations, editing is decent. I liked how you tried to show the theme chosen.Bravo! I wasn't sure what to say about this one, but the mood goes like it should. Although the synch goes fast at the beginning, in the middle returns as it should be. And didn't seem long. Excellent executionSeemed to be referencing "sky" more than "air" A significant portion of the dips seemed synced late - to the point where it broke the mood.
15I get what you were going for, but I feel that this AMV is more about falling than airAn interesting story, though I'm not quite sure how the element came into play. My only major knock on this one is the video quality. The Bakemonogatari and GWLTT footage looked very fuzzy. Other than that, pretty nicely edited.I liked the anime mix, and the video caught my attention. Bad ending though.For the story I didn't get exactly the concept of reaching home, but there was a logical mood inside it. Just the effects were a little annoying, but okDid an adequate job showing off the element of falling. Unfortunately falling is not an element.
16The pace of this video could have been tweaked a bit, and the video quality could have been better. But overall, it wasn't bad.While the "fire" was obvious, I really didn't see how it worked into the video beyond "hey, character who uses fire occasionally." The video quality was pretty poor as well, and the timing in several sections felt very odd, especially with the rapid cuts. Those felt like I was seeing orphan frames.Visual quality is awful and editing is not sufficient. The last part of it is fine.AR seems wrong. Footage quality is poor (blurriness, ghosting, etc.). Theme taken purely in a literal sense.
17The editing was good, but I feel that it has a stronger connection to airplanes than the actual element.This was a very enjoyable video, clearly showing the theme and a nice flow. My biggest complaint was that almost every cut felt about three frames late, which was very distracting.Nice syncing and mood. Overall a good realisation.Sir why you didn't add description? The XX intro mixed with this style was unexpected. ANd guess? It worked. You got some minus things like the scene selection in the middle, but overall pleasantA great, well edited video, that fails to capture the theme in any significant way.
18The song selecton was perfect, but I feel that this video would have been so much better if your scene selection had more focus. Even though you were showing various elements, the scens still felt random in comparasin to each other.While this was a nicely-edited video, there didn't seem to be any kind of pattern what element showed up when. And the two canned transitions in the opening really looked bad.Great atmosphere and scenes selection, editing in general is pretty good.While the presence of FF confused me I was able to understand why it appeared in this clip. Not badI'm completely unable to see where this intersects with the theme. It's a bunch of random well synced clips set to uplifting music - not exactly any sort of coherent music video
19The editing was good, but the air seems more like a setting than your video's actual concept.I loved this video. Cleanly edited, clear use of the theme *and* story, and flowed start to finish. Other than a bit of over-reliance on syncing something to every chord, I have no complaints at all.In some points the editing is good, in others a bit less. In general it's decent.Another well edited, albeit short, video that would have scored well if it had any relevance to the theme.
20The editing wasn't bad, but the concept felt a little weak. This was another "hey, this character uses fire" action video. Very generic, and seriously hurt by the video quality, especially the interlacing.Lack of theme and the visual quality doesn't look good. Nice editing though.Although the interlace really annoy the execution, the action helped to change the initial impression. GoodVisual quality was poor. Interlacing and frame blending made it physically difficult to watch.
21I see absolutely no connection to water in this video. The purpose of this round was to make a video that is inspired by the element that you choose. Having it hidden completly defeats the point. So with that being said, I can't give you any points in the theme category. The editing could use some improvement, and there was way too much lip flap, but the anime/ song combintation was amusing. I had never seen the show before, so when I saw that it is called "carried by the wind", I was completly baffled why you choose water as your element. For all the claims of "hiding" the element, I didn't see it anywhere, even after several watchings, and certainly not in the way it's supposed to be inspiring the video, as the theme requires. The poor video quality and what felt like long running scenes with little or no attempt at timing almost anything gave this one very low scores from me.The editing is almost inexistent.. lots of lip flaps and bad scenes selections. And I can't find any of the four theme into this..No relevance to theme. No actual editing. I'm going to assume this is a troll video.
22As a stand alone video, the editing was good, and it seems like it could be a nice romance vid. But as a video that is supposed to be inspired by a element, most of it doesn't really seem to be connet to air.This one started out strongly, but the abrupt end really hurt it. It was decently timed, though the connection to the theme felt pretty tenuous at best in a lot of places. As a technical quibble, the black line that kept popping in at the top mid-scene (during the light scenes especially) was very distracting.Nice cutting, but bad scenes choices. Quality is good, shame about that awful ending..The Macross clip, Liked how you play with new scenes, the ending was abrupt thoughA decently edited video that didn't seem to be related to the theme in any way.
23Editing was good, but the concept didn't really seem related to the wind at all. The sakura petals seemed to be a backdrop and not really relevent to anything.This really felt like a single scene from the show, edited down to fit the song. It fit the theme pretty well, but still left a lot to be desired. Timing was pretty good, and enjoyable, but not something that stands out.Great beginning, but the rest is quite monotonous. Impressive. It got the impact, it got the mood, it got the required climax. Probably too short but enough to explain its purposesI'm honestly not sure how I feel about this. It's certainly a unique use of the theme.
24I wish that you had choosen a song that does a better job at putting your concept into words, but you still did a nice job at expressing it in the visuals.Beyond "the earth shakes," I didn't see much connection between the element and the rest of the video. The timing was pretty tight, but the canned blur-slide transitions and the scanlines in the sunset scene didn't really work. And the pointless text also got a deduction.Very particular song and nice execution of the theme. The rest is pretty ordinary.I disliked the text. Thematic ties were obvious, but only skin-deep.
25I think that I kinda understand the story of your AMV and how it relates to the elements, but I still feel that they (the elements) wern't part of the video's main concept.The element connection really felt tenuous in a lot of places. The editing was clean, but I found this video pretty uninteresting.One of the best edited, great mood (I really liked it) and pacing.It had the right thematic feel to it (which i liked and will reward), but it lacked focus. Possibly too many elements
26The editing was good, but I feel that it has a stronger connection to airplanes than the actual element.A very nice actiony video. The grain and "old film" effects felt a little out of place, and I think too much time was spent on face shots of the pilot in the cockpit that all looked the same. Otherwise, very nice.Overall good editing, nice scenes selection and effects. I liked the mood of it.About the Theme, it's a good video. Good effects but didn't find it for a Fire vid. Well-executed video that failed to relate to the theme.
27I don't feel that fire is the main concept of this vid.You used so many
scens that don't really have anything to do with the concept of fire
being good and bad. So I feel that the main concept of this AMV is
actually "friendship" and all the joys and hardships that is can bring.
So with that in mind, I don't actually dislike the concept of this AMV. I
just feel that you didn't really incorperate the fire theme into it. Also, I'm taking off a few points for the tv watermark that kept popping up.
The theme was pretty loosely applied, and while most of the video was pretty well edited, there didn't seem to be any point to the use of effects, just "I need something on this musical cue" rather than anything that added to the video. The timing on the drum rolls and the flashes also felt quite off.Nice mood, editing is quite good. Bad use of flashes and zooms though.Text was obnoxious, TV watermark bothered me, and the video was wholly orthogonal to the theme
28I wish that the editing was better, but I really like your song/ anime combination. The lyrics of the song do a really good job at explaing your theme/ concept.This video clearly handled the theme, but was let down by poor execution. The video quality and incorrect aspect ratio right from the start, and the very poor timing in many places throughout. An interesting idea, but not a good final product.Quite well edited, with a good atmosphere and theme execution.AR is wrong, somewhat blocky video, concept is pretty good though
29editing wasn't bad, but I think that you needed to have your scene selection a bit more focoused. Since your song doesn't really have anything to do with you concept, a lot of your video felt a little random.This video started out very strongly, with good theme execution and well-timed editing. About the midpoint, the execution kind of fell apart, and the ending got very rushed. I'd like to see a complete version of this, where the editor's had time to polish it, but as it stands, it's just okay.Scenes selection, mood and editing are really good. Also, beautiful visual quality.About this one I'll make detailed laters. Interesting conceptSeemed rather disjoint in parts. Can't really say much more than that
30I wish that yo had added in some more sync, but it was still very amusing. You get extra points just for making me genually laugh.I wasn't expecting to see a comedy here. Cute idea, done pretty well. The repeated footage for the chorus and the abrupt ending, though, were serious letdowns.Quite decent video, but it decreases in the theme and in the editing in general.Interesting conceptHumor... Did not see that one coming.
31The editing wasn't bad, but the first half of this AMV had absolutely nothing to do with air, and the second half was a bit too random.Neat idea, but the semi-random sync drove me nuts. Don't sync on five out of seven violin notes, but never the same five in any two segments. I like the execution of the theme, though.Most of the scenes are really good-looking. Nice editing in general, but nothing of special.Without reading it and the concept is clear, nor to mention the edition. As this started I groaned a little inside. By half way through I told myself I was going to watch it several more times. Talk about attention grabbing. Don't care much for the edge blur though.
32A lot of this amv felt random and didn't really fit in with the theme.Another generic action video based around "this character uses fire" and a song about fire or burning. Well-executed, but still a pretty thin connection.I appreciated the editing and the visual quality. Some points were pretty good.<lack of comment>
33Your elements seem more like a afterthought than a actual concept.This video felt like it sacrificed coherency for trying to shoehorn in as many shots of the elements as possible. Scenery shots, random character shots interspersed with scenery shots, fight scene out of nowhere.Overall it was ok. Solid editing and great pacing in several points.Impressive promo-type video. Great use of audio. I didn't expect to be as impressed by this as I was.
34I feel that the flow of your video doesn't really match the flow of your audio (althogh I do realize that you song probably was pretty hard to sync to). Also, I feel the main concept of this AMV was the fight, and not the actual elements.This video started strong, looking like it was setting up a fire vs. ice theme, but it fell apart into loosely-timed close-up action scenes.Editing is pretty solid, nice pacing. Good visual quality too.Would have appreciated slightly better timing and scene selection in this - it didn't quite balance the highs and the lows in the right way to accent the more dramatic moments.
35The editing was nice, and I really liked the mood of this AMVThis was cute and fun. I liked interpreting "air" as flight, and that worked quite well. The timing, however, was pretty loose, and the (overused) blur rush effect really didn't seem to serve any purpose.I loved the mood and the scenes selection. A really enjoyable video.Very well put together. Captured the feel of Air very well.
36I wish that this AMV had more sync, but the concept wasn't bad.Very nice execution of the theme, but relied far too heavily on literal lyric sync. The two lipsynced shots also felt very out of place, and broke the mood badly. Some technical quibbles over footage quality (some shots had black borders on all four sides, others only two) as well.Theme easily executed, but editing and visual quality aren't the best.Thematically somewhat on point. You kneecapped yourself by keeping with the laboriously slow tempo of the song though.
37the concept was good, and the editing was ok as well. An interesting video, but for some reason, just felt flat the whole way through, and I couldn't get into it.A bit strange the anime/song combinaition, but the result is pretty good.From all the vids this one gave me a weird feeling. But it's what it helped in the execution. Not badLike many of the others, the theme is not very present in this.
38I don't feel that just showing Sailor Mar's transformation scene is enought to get you a lot of points in terms of the "inspired by a element" theme. Another "This character uses fire" video. The footage quality was also pretty poor (very, very oversaturated), and the timing was pretty random. Not very enjoyable.Black flashes were too much annoying, editing in general wasn't that good.very odd choice of resolution.
39I wish that you had taken out the lip flap and synced this video more. It does matches the theme though.This was water? If it weren't for the ice sword, I'd have guessed this was another "fire action" video. I really didn't see the theme come through on this one. The timing was pretty poor, and I couldn't feel much of any flow for this one.It needed more care. Overall under the average. I gotta admit - I lol'd. A whole lot less lip flap and a whole lot more actual editing and you'd have yourself a great vid.
40I wish that your typography was a little better, but you did a absolutely perfect job at expressing the theme of this round and showing how you video was inspired by water.This felt like something I'd see as a Discovery Channel ad. The theme was well-executed, and I liked seeing the other elements get a nod. I'd have much prefered to see the text integrated into the video better; as it is, it almost felt tacked-on.I liked the concept, and editing in general was solid. Really good visual quality too. I hate text in general, but specifically when you try to use it to do your job of telling a story instead of using the video to do it. That said, this video was so strong on it's own that it still outshines most of the round even with the text
41since the piano scenes were the parts that connected everrything in your AMV, I wish that you had picked sa song with more piano noted. But I loved the concept of this AMV, everything was edited well, and the way your portrayed the theme was nice.I really, really enjoyed this one. I wasn't quite sure where it was going with the opening, but the pickup after that was great. I really liked how the story moved through the seasons, being very consistent in look and feel internally before changing gears for the next season. Consistently cutting back to the pianist also helped keep the sense of "telling a story with music" going. My only complaints were that it felt a little too frantic in a couple places, and the section around 3:00 started feeling repetitive and dull.Scenes used were fantastic, and the pacing was awesome. Great technique, great video.The concept is shown perfectly. Edition ok and not disturbing. Right now my choice for the JudgesVery engaging. Beautiful flow
42I wish that you had picken a song that does a better job at describing the fire aspect of your concept. Because of your song, It seems like fire isn't actually your main concept, and that its just the consequence of your concept of chaos and disorderWhile the theme was very obvious and was decently well-executed, I had trouble following the flow. The cuts felt a little random, sometimes following an obvious musical cue, and other times not. And was the song supposed to cut off like that?If I've understood correctly the concept, I liked it. Editing wasn't ok, though..Interesting direction you took for this.
43The editing was very good, and the concept definately matched the round's title of "Nature's Wrath".Interesting story, and the earth element was pretty well done throughout. The timing, though, didn't feel like it was following the music in a lot of places. And the dramatic dark color grading really didn't work for me, all it did was make details hard to see.Really good theme execution, and the editing was solid and constant.Suggestive description. Helped with the execution in the clipKinda sorta on theme somewhat. Great video, I'm just running out of ways to say that I don't think a video made use of the theme enough
44This AMV doesn't really have anything to do with the theme. And its too short to actually showcase your editing style or ability. Its too bad that you wern't able to put more effort into making this. Right now, this vid seems like it could be a great build up for a full length vid.The minimal editing here really didn't work. In the 38 seconds, there's exactly 10 shots, including the text shot, and they all appear to be sequential in the show.There hasn't been put any effort into this. Really bad..Not bad, but seems like it needed workLooks like it might have been the beginning of something worth watching.
45This AMV kept getting more and more impressive with every passing second. Great job at completing this in just a week. The editing was awesome, and the concept was fantastic. I abslutely love what you did with this.The theme here came across clearly, and this was an interesting fight between characters from different series. The fire part of the video got a lot more play than the ice, which is a bit of an issue if you want them to be portrayed as somewhat equal. Several places where the two were clearly in different locations yet supposed to be fighting each other also hurt a bit.Really interesting crossover. I also appreciated the editing itself, good work.Like when someone tries the crossovers and they work. GoodAbsolutely wonderful work.
46The video quality was a bit inconsistant, and I wish that you had made this AMV longer. Interesting idea, but poor execution. The timing wasn't bad, but there didn't seem to be any connection from one shot to the next. The atrocious video quality didn't help, either.This is saved only by the discrete editing, the rest is pretty poor...That footage baffles me. Some scenes were fine, but in others, your blocks had blocks. Excessively short.
47the editing and concept were both really good.A nice video, though the long instrumental hurt it; I was losing interest badly during that section. Overall, nicely edited, but the effects on the drum roll at 0:40 were very poor, unlike almost every other one.Nice one, overall good in every aspect. Just the flashes have annoyed me.The idea is very nice. And it has potential. YesGreat video. Hate to harp on the theme with this, but It really wasn't entirely fitting.
48At first, I ddn't understand this video, and I was thinking that it completly missed the point of the theme. But when the title "Breath of Life" canm on the screen, everthing became more clear. I still think that your concept of "lack of air" is a bit of a srtetch, but the editing and mood of the video was still really good.I really liked the story told through this one. The timing was clean, the shots mostly flowed nicely from one to the next, and the shots on the moon were very good. The flashback shots, though, were very fuzzy. I'm not sure if that was deliberate to show they were flashbacks, but it made them look like just bad quality video.Interesting way to show the theme. I really appreciated the story, even if the editing in general wasn't outstanding.Drama mood in the air, which goes with the theme. GoodLeft me breathless. Quite a stretch in terms of the theme that was stated.