FAQ- Phase 2: COVID-19 Emergency Funding
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NOTE: Quesion and Answer session from the Webinar are below. Prospective questions will be added to this document as well. Please feel free to visit frequently. Salaam and Peace!
105/11/2020EligibilityHow long is the period of the Phase 2 grant?6/15 to 9/15
205/11/2020EligibilityIf we’ve never been funded yet through IRUSA, can we apply?Yes, you may apply if you have never received funding
305/11/2020EligibilityWhat if our grant application was not under Phase 1 of COVID19 emergency program?As long as you have not received funding for COVID related work so far, you are eligible to apply
405/11/2020EligibilityIf we have received another grant for Phase 1 can we still apply for Phase 2?If the organization has received funding for Phase 1, the organization is no longer eligible for phase 2 funding. We appreciate your partnership, we could not be doing the work without you all!
505/11/2020EligibilityIf we received the “Ramadan food package” grant this Ramadan, can we apply for this covid relief grant?As a recipient of the Ramadan grant, your organization is not eligible for this round of funding. We appreciate your partnership!
605/11/2020EligibilityJust to double check - if we have received funding to give out food boxes to the community before, we dont qualify for this round of funding?If it was not this year, then you are not disqualified.
705/11/2020EligibilityCan you apply for more than one category?No, you can only select one category when applying for funding
805/11/2020EligibilityOur organization has already applied for an IRUSA grant in March this year seeking funding for 2020-2021. Can we use the same grant application to seek and apply for a grant under this program?
You may seek funding for the same project, as long as it falls under one of the four categories , you will see this on the application. It will be a new form but you may transfer some of the information from the 2020 US Grants application.
905/11/2020EligibilityCan our organization apply for multiple grants for multiple cities?Every organization can apply for only one of the the four catagories of funding.
1005/11/2020EligibilityOur organization's budget is above the $1 million, do you discourage an application?We work on this on a case by case basis. Please send us an email at usgrants@irusa.org
1105/11/2020EligibilityOur organization has workers in Bosnia and Indonesia but most of our work is in the US. Funds would be 100% distributed in the US. Can we apply?We work on this on a case by case basis. Please send us an email at usgrants@irusa.org
1205/11/2020EligibilityIf we have another grant pending with IRUSA that's not related to COVID-19 can we still applyYes, you may still apply
1305/12/2020Eligibilityhave questions about the following eligibility criteria:
The organization has a Certificate of Good Standing from their Secretary of State.
The organization operates exclusively within the United States.
We're an international aid organization and we do have operations overseas. Does this disqualify us from applying even though our COVID-19 relief program is entirely in the US?
hank you for your questions.

As long as 100% of the requested funding is planned to be spent with in the US, that should be ok
We will require a certificate of good standing from the state you are registered in.
Let us know if we can provide any further assistance. Thank you
05/12/2020Grant Cycle DetailsOur organization functions in several US cities, and two cities are interested in applying for IRUSA funding. Would these two cities (within one organization) be able to apply together for similar initiatives? (For example, our organization would submit one proposal for a total of $12,000 under Food Security to execute similar projects in 2 cities.) If not, we will plan to write our proposal for just one city.Thank you for your email. Please put submit one proposal and include all geographies and services under that proposal. I hope that answers your question.
1405/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsIs there a specific duration for the Phase 2 grant?Our goal is the month of June, Insha'Allah.
1505/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsIs this deadline a hard deadline? What if we are in dayllight savings time?
Yes. The start and end dates are per EDT, daylight savings time were shared in the webinar as well. Most importantly, the grant application closes on May 19 th, 11:59 pm. Eastern Daylight Savings Time
1605/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsWhen will IRUSA make their decision regarding this application?Our goal is the month of June, Insha'Allah.
1705/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsAre you all able to disclose how many grants you are giving?We are not able to disclose this information at this time
1805/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsHow much time we will have to use the grant?A total of 90 days to implement the proposed project activities
1905/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsIf we are accepted for the grant, how soon will funds be made available?Our goal is the month of June, Insha'Allah.
2005/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsAre you primarily funding food distribution or are operation funds eligible for managing casework related to COVID19?Funding is made available for food security, healthcare/PPE, domestic violence and financial asistance available. 15% of total budgeting can be allocated to operational costs
2105/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsWhen will IRUSA make their decision regarding this application?We are targeting middle of June, Insha'Allah.
2205/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsHow will the grant recipients be determined - first come first serve, or all applications received before the deadline will be considered equally?IRUSA carefully vets all applications that are submitted. We will review applications after the deadline based on the quality of the application not based on the submission date
2305/11/2020Grant Cycle DetailsWho will be the focal person to get assistance for completing the grant application form?All inquiries can be email to usgrants@irusa.org
2405/11/2020Application DetailsWould you accept online application or should it be mailed?Online only. A link will be emailed to you.
2505/11/2020Application DetailsWhere do we apply for the grant on the website?The application will go live after this webinar. www.irusa.org/grant-appplications
2705/11/2020Application DetailsAfter filling the application, if we aren’t able to clarify exactly what we require the grant for or if there are mistakes, will you get back to us to correct it?
We encourage our applicants to do their best while filling out the application. We understand that sometime some things might be left out or clarification may be needed. We will connect with you upon the review of the applications to ensure that we have all required documentation and other requirements in your application. However, doing it right the first time will save a lot of processing time. Feel free to ask question while filing your application
2805/11/2020DocumentationWhat if the Secretary of State’s Office takes a long time to process the Certificate of Good Standing request? How long do we have to produce the document after submitting proof of the request?
Depending on the state that you are in, Certificate of Good Standing can take hours up to a few days. The sooner you request it the better. Remember that the Certificate of Good Standing should be within 8 months of May, 2020. Should there be a delay in processing of the Certificate of Good Standing, you can send us proof that you filed as a placeholder and send us the actual document when you receive it
2905/11/2020DocumentationCertificate of Good Standing is online for your state. Do you send you a link for it?You can upload the pdf of the certificate you retrieve online, directly into the application
3005/11/2020DocumentationDo you require 990?Yes
3105/11/2020DocumentationIn the Budget section what would we need to include under the financial assistance?You will require to submit a budget for any of the catagories of the grant. Don't worry, the grant application will direct you through all the requirements
3205/11/2020Project DetailsMay a portion of the funds be used for staff compensation to administer the program?Yes, there is a 15% allowcation for staff compensation.
3305/11/2020Project DetailsWhat if we collaborate with a masjid to deliver PPE and food?We encourage community collaboration, however, you will need to decide which 501(c)(3) will be used to apply for the grant
3405/11/2020Proejct DetaisCan the funding be split between food scarcity and financial hardship?You can only apply for ONE of the four catagories.
3505/11/2020Project DetailsCan we provide cash assistance to undocumented immigrants and international students who don't have funds to pay for utilities/rent?Yes, please be sure to elaborate on this in the application
3605/11/2020Project DetailsCan funds be used for continued program efforts that focus on food scarcity or does it need to be a new initiative?Yes, it can be a continued program effort, however this grant is for those affected by COVID 19. Please make sure to elaborate on this in the application.
3705/11/2020Project DetailsIs there any special funding available for victims of violence and homeless communities in Greater Houston Areas?Yes, we encourage you to apply for this category under domestic violence or financial assistance
3805/11/2020Project DetailsCan this grant be used for the rehabilitation of the masjid?No, the grant can only be utilized for one of the 4 categories mentioned.
3905/11/2020Project DetailsCan housing/utility assistance programs qualify?Yes they fall under financial assistance
4005/11/2020Project DetailsI see someone asked if we can apply for PPE and Food Supply, how can we do this if we are only allowed one category?You would have to pick ONE of the four catagories in this phase of funding
4105/11/2020Project DetailsOne of the categories is Financial Assistance so what does that encompass?Examples include (but are not limited to) rent and utilities assistance, you may be creative and we will review your application and budget and follow up if we have questions
4305/11/2020Project DetailsBuying water, lunch for our volunteers will that be aprroved?This will be under the staff expenses. 15% of budgeting is allocated for staff expenses
4505/11/2020Project DetailsWhat can funding be used for under the domestic violence cateory? Can funding be used toward rental assistance or is that under the financial assistance category?This is your organization's decision, you could for example file under the application under domestic violence and explain the project needs. You can best assess this based on the project description
4605/11/2020Project DetailsTo clarify for financial assistance for domestic violence victims, the clients would need to provide receipts for the things they used the money on (medicine, rent, childcare, etc)?The client does not need to report on spending, you would however need receipts from your organization regarding gift cards purchases, etc
4705/11/2020Project DetailsFor grocery gift cards, would we have to then show how they were used (grocery receipts) or would a log of distribution be sufficient ?A log of distributions is sufficient, we also will give specific instructions on what we will need if you choose to give gift cards (ie. full gift card number documented)
4805/11/2020Project DetailsCan legal fees qualify under the financial assistance category?It may qualify based on the proposed project description and budget, please include this in the budget and we will follow up if we have questions
4905/12/2020Project Details
From yesterday's webinar it seems that direct staff salaries are considered administrative expenses which are already capped at 15% of the total budget. Can you share what other possible costs or categories might be allowable in this proposal?
es, the admin cost is capped at 15% of the total grant amount of $12,000. Supporting costs would include anything that is not a direct cost of the program. This could be salaries but really depends on the proposed program. For example, a financial assistance program to provide rent support: Direct cost would be 85% of direct rental assistance. The remaining 15% could be the salary for staff managing the program, costs of mailing checks, etc.
5005/11/2020GeneralWill these slides be made available afterwards?Yes they will be available after this webinar (May 11th, 2020)
5105/11/2020GeneralDo programs that do not involve direct service qualify for funding?Please send us an email at usgrants@irusa.org before applying so we can determine if you should move forward
5205/11/2020GeneralKindly also share the standard guidelines for filling the application form.Q!
5305/11/2020GeneralCan we request for soft copy of "application assessment criterion" so we could follow it?The application itself is thorough with instructions and the slides cover all the requirements and what could disqualify the application
5405/11/2020GeneralCan you please give the email address again to discuss budget requirements?usgrants@irusa.org