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NAMEFEDERAL AGENCYJOB TITLEORIGINAL DISCLOSURE FORMCOMMENTS: (Select a cell below, right-click to Insert a Comment, then drop in anything you find or email We'll paste the comment into the spreadsheet. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the screen to find more information.)
Abbey, Tristin*Dept. of EnergyAssistant to the Secretaryview form
This person has LinkedIn account and personal website under Tristan Abbey. LinkedIn:
Personal Website:
Cong. Staffer Salary Info:
Abram, AnnaDept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)Deputy Commissioner for Policyview formSpouse has stock in and is employed by Red Hat Inc which amongst other things produces healthcare IT solutions
Acheson, Thomas ChaseSmall Business Administration (SBA)Administrative Assistantview formGoes by Chase Acheson. Was Utah State Director for DT for President. Twitter account is @ChaseAcheson.
Was Senate page for Orrin Hatch in fall 2010:
Acosta, Rene AlexanderDept. of LaborSecretary of Laborview formDaily Calendar/Schedule for Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta (April 28, 2017-June 23, 2017). Obtained via FOIA request #834666 Posted by Russ Kick (@thememoryhole2)
Agen, Jarrod P.White House, Office of the Vice PresidentDeputy Assistant to the President and Director of Communications to the Vice Presidentview formLists spouse employment at Mercury Public Affairs co. Says she receives salary and bonus but left amt..blank At one point Snyder hired his wife's firm:
Alexander, JoeDept. of AgricultureSpecial Assistantview form
*Alexander Consulting Services doesn't seem to part of his employment history/assets. -seems to be dating this woman according to this post
-wanted to be a mayor
-very involved with IL GOP
-was on Giuliani's 2008 Presidential campaign team
Allison Moore, MyraDept. of TransportationPress Secretaryview formRNC press secretary from Feb 2015; previously served as press secretary and campaign spokesperson for Mitch McConnell
Ambrosini, MichaelWhite House, Office of the PresidentSpecial Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of the Chief of Staffview formRecent graduate (2013) of University of Maryland, worked for RNC for 3 yrs, previously in office of Rep Sean Duffy, technical sales for short period. Only income is from political jobs, only assets are 401(k) recently engaged to another White House staffer, Vanessa Morrone, met through Reince Priebus, nothing out of ordinary
Amin, StaceyWhite House Counsel's OfficeSpecial Assistant and Associate Counsel to the Presidentview form
Anderson, Byron E.*Dept. of LaborSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview formFormer lobbyist from Transamerica Insurance.
This contradicts Trump's "promise" of his lobbying ban.
Angelson, Alexander J.White House, Office of the PresidentSpecial Assistant to the President and House Special Assistantview formUsed to be the assistant to Reince Priebus at RNC
Anton, MichaelWhite House, Office of the National Security AdvisorAssistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwritingview formIn reference to Sources of Income: Writer for Claremont Review of Books.

In addition to pieces attributed to his given name in the Claremont Review of Books (CRB), Anton wrote four pro-Trump pieces under the pseudonym "Publius Decius Mus" (sometimes shortened to Decius) including the widely-circulate provocative essay, "The Flight 93 Election."

Anton's authorship of the Decius pieces was not revealed until Feb 2, 2016 when he was outed by the Weekly Standard (

Anton, under the Decius pseudonym, was also a "senior contributing editor" for the website "American Greatness" ( until January 2017. He was also one of the founding contributors.

The American Greatness website footer claims copyright from 2012-2017, but the site launched in late 2016. It appears to be a relaunch of the pro-Trump blog, "The Journal of American Greatness"( commonly refered to as "J.A.G." or "JAG." JAG began sometime in 2016 (likely February). The blog stopped posting in June 2016 and locked their archives.

The "JAG Recovered" blog ( reputedly provides the JAG's back catalog from cached pages. A September 2016 post includes of work attributed to the original blog owners post-jag includes links to Decius's contributions to the American Greatness site and the CRB.

More investigation is needed to determine if Anton shared ownership of the blog or site, if the blog/site provided revenue through sponsorship, merchandising, etc., and if those revenue streams would be over $5,000 for each involved party.

At present, the CRB contributor page for Michael Anton lists 13 articles( His contributor page may have been unavailable at time of review (
Aramanda, Alexander (Alec)Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)Deputy Assistant Secretary for Mandatory Health Programs, ASLview form
Atkins, StewartTrade and Development Agency (USTDA)Special Assistantview form
Augustine, Rene I.White House, Office of the PresidentSpecial Assistant to the President and Clearance Counselview formEthics Waiver:

"May fully participate in the Presidential appointee review process when financial interests are involved."
Ballenger, JuanitaDept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)Advisor, ACLview formOn form, reviewing official comment: "If necessary, filer will recuse from LIHEAP." (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program?)
Bangerter, R. LayneEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA)Senior Advisorview formWorked for Mike Crapo for 13 years, became Trump director in campaign and traveled with Pence to help with wildlife, ag issues. Worked on the Owyhee Initiative that was signed into law in 2009 Lists RioB LLC (Melba, ID) as asset and income source. RioB received $12,555 in USDA barley subsidies between 1995 and 2014, per,Idaho Lists RioB LLC (Melba, ID) as asset and income source. RioB received $12,555 in USDA barley subsidies between 1995 and 2014, per,Idaho
Banks, George DavidWhite House OfficeSpecial Assistant to the President for International Energy and Environment, National Economic Councilview formLinkedIn Profile: Banks signed form on 4/18, next to note saying he received a 45 day filing extension. No reviewer's signature (as of 6/22?)
Bannon, StephenWhite House, Office of the PresidentCounselor to the Presidentview form
Barnett, GaryDept. of Justice (DOJ)Chief Counselview formAlso served as Special Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee - Jeff Sessions. This isn't noted on the disclosure form.
Barrett, PeterTrade and Development Agency (USTDA)Senior Advisorview formHis term as Chief of Staff of the NCUA overlapped with the tenure of Michael Fryzel on the board. Fryzel was already a member of the NCUA landing team prior to Barrett's selection.
Barrow, William Clark*Dept. of the TreasurySpecial Assistantview formMysteriously left the first section blank, even though information about compensation is provided.

Listed work as a Policy Assistant for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. (making $9,000) and also reported an additional $12,000 salary from the Trump for America, Inc. organization. Also did unspecified work for the Trump transition team ( Owns a property or properties in Smyrna, GA and reported income from that in addition to real estate commission (?) of $59,000, in Atlanta. One or more of these properties is financed by a mortgage through Fidelity Bank. Lists "Real Estate Consulting Services" for Keller Williams in Atlanta. Holds Exxon stock.

Close advisor to Herman Cain's primary campaign, including debate prep, working as a campaign surrogate in the news media, and leading a committee on the candidate's energy policy (

Holds a BS in Communication from Kennesaw State University.

Also, while his full name definitely does appear to be "William Clark Barrow", it is listed on the form only as "Clark Barrow" and is more difficult to search.
Barton, VictoriaDept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)Special Assistantview formVictoria Barton's dad appears to be Timothy Barton, the founder/president of JMJ Development - luxury real estate developer with projects in US, Mexico and UAE. She was student and millennial outreach coordinator for the Donald Trump campaign. Tim Barton's lawyer is Gregory Shamoun of Shamoun & Norman LLP. Shamoun also donated to Trump's campaign (and represents Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys).
Bash, John F.White House Counsel's OfficeAssociate White House Counselview formMarried to Zina G Bash. July 2007 wedding announcement said he was to begin clerking for SC Justice Antonin Scalia, had just finished clerking for Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Mother is CFO and treasurer of Catholic Community Services of Washington, father a retired Army officer. Married to Zina G Bash. July 2007 wedding announcement said he was to begin clerking for SC Justice Antonin Scalia, had just finished clerking for Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Mother is CFO and treasurer of Catholic Community Services of Washington, father a retired Army officer.
Her dad is Laurence Gelman, a major GOP conservative donor.
Bash, Zina G.White House, Domestic Policy CouncilRegulatory Reform, Legal and Immigration Policy, Domestic Policy Councilview form
Bass, Deana (Deidre)Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)Senior Advisorview formAlso cofounder of Bond Girl Books: not sure of current assets.
Bell, Warren KirkDept. of TransportationWhite House Liaisonview formLongtime chief of staff for US Rep Pete Sessions and son of Peggy Kirk Bell, charter member of LPGA and owner of Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Course.
Berkowitz, Avrahm J. (Avi)White House, Office of the PresidentSpecial Assistant to the President and Assistant to the Senior Advisorview formJared Kushner's right hand man and Trump campaign associate director data analytics (only 28yrs old!). Also apparently behind the Trump Tower Live, Facebook show after the debates.

Pretty comprehensive profile of him here:

Kushner sent "Avi" Berkowitz to the December meeting with Sergey Kisylak.

His first cousin is Howard Friedman, former AIPAC president. (Reed Cordish's father David Cordish is on the AIPAC board - Reed Cordish is one of Kushner's best friends).

Wrote for Kushner's newspaper The Observer

Certainly earns more than Bannon's assistant
Bernhardt, David L.Dept. of the InteriorDeputy Secretary of the Interiorview formMutiple conflicts of interest? Berhardt worked for Brownstein Hyatt and performed legal services or lobbied for clients that have dealings with virtually every branch of Interior. He could receive a huge payout if Cadiz project allowed to proceed. Also worked for Access Industries & Len Blavatnik. Bernhardt also served on board of org that challenged listings under the Endangered Species Act.
Bis, Justin*Dept. of EnergyAssistant to the Secretaryview form
Blaha, Lydia B.Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA)Special Assistant/Deputy Press Secretaryview formLydia was Deputy Campaign Manager for her father Robert Blaha in 2016 before joining Trump campaign. Robert lost bid in U.S. House race and became chair of Trump’s 2016 Colorado campaign. Family financial info here:
Blasé, Brian C.White House, National Economic CouncilSpecial Assistant to the President for Healthcare Policy, National Economic Councilview formCurrently Sr. Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.
Blau, Robert I.*Dept. of LaborSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview form
Block, MonicaWhite House Office
Special Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Management Office
view form
Bock, Caroline E.White House OfficeAssociate Directorview formUsed to work for Jason Smith (MO-8) for two years before working for the RNC

Oh man, Jason Smith was the congressman who said why don't we have a tax on the sun since the sun also causes skin cancer when discussing the tanning salon tax.
Bohigian, DavidDept. of the TreasurySpecial Advisorview form
Bolen, Derrick A.*Dept. of LaborSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview form
Bolen†, Derrick A.Dept. of EducationConfidential Assistant to the Secretaryview formHas some unflattering Twitter comments on minorities and women on file per Politico (
Boney, Virginia M.White House, Office of the PresidentSpecial Assistant to the President and Senate Special Assistantview formFormer high-level legislative aide to Senator Lindsay Graham. Apparently Mike Cernovich (trigger warning: Mike Cernovich) really hates this person:
Bossert, ThomasWhite HouseAdvisor to the President on Homeland Security and Counterterrorismview form
Boulton, CarolineDept. of the InteriorSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview formEntirely empty form.

Was on Zinke's staff (scheduler) when he was in Congress

Had intelligence and analyst training??

Dad is John Boulton of Darien CT who was the former Darien Republican Town Committee Vice Chairman and former Darien Board of Education Chairman
Bowes, RobertDept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)Senior Advisorview formDavid Rotenberg 3:13 PM Aug 26
Formerly a Field Director for Donald J Trump for President campaign.

Only significant assets is rental property in Bethesda, MD and a small investment position in Frontline Ltd (FRO)
Bowman, MatthewDept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)Deputy General Counsel, OGCview form
Bozzuto, Robert F.*Dept. of LaborWhite House Liaisonview formFormer Exec Director of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania
Bradfield, Mary AnneSmall Business Administration (SBA)Chief of Staffview form
Bremberg, AndrewWhite House, Domestic Policy CouncilAssistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Councilview formpolitical consultant averaging $79,000 a year before 2016 according to info on Right Policy LLC which he managed; reports income from 4 sources in 2016 -- Crossroads GPS -- sponsors of political statements & stories -- Karl Rove's 501(c)(4)-- Politifact found only 16% of their work was true or mostly true; Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce -- Koch-funded group that funds conservative politicians; Trump for America; RNC Convention Committee --
Brennan, Bridget*General Services Administration (GSA)
Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Administrative Services
view formBrennan graduated from law school in 2016 and went directly to work for the Trump campaign.
Brickman, Michael JasonDept. of EducationSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview formPrevious job was LuntzGlobal, run by celebrity Conservative focus group-er Frank Luntz.
Bridgforth, Turner HenryDept. of AgricultureDeputy White House Liaisonview formSon of Barry and Carolyn Bridgforth of Pickens, MS, who are Republican donors. Dad Barry Bridgforth is a lawyer

The family received farm subsidies from the USDA
Britt, Michael J.Dept. of TransportationChief of Staffview formWorks for the DOT and reports owning stock in JetBlue, Boeing, BMW, Tesla, GM
Brookes, BradyDept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)Deputy Chief of Staff, CMSview form
Brooks, JohnDept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)Counselor for Health Policyview formReviewer note that filer agreed with MITRE recusal obligation and spousal employer recusal obligation (spouse employed by NativeTrust Consulting, digital governance consulting firm)
Brouillette, Danny RayDept. of EnergyDeputy Secretary of Energyview formDonated $5,000 to Rick Perry’s (his now boss at the DOE) 2012 presidential campaign, then donated in 2006 and 2009 nearly $2,000 for Perry’s gubernatorial campaigns, and was a bundler for Perry's 2012 presidential campaign collecting $77,000. He also donated almost $49,000 to the USAA-PAC, according to data from the Texas Ethics Commission. USAA-PAC donated $210,000 to Perry’s gubernatorial campaigns and donated $64,500 to toward Perry’s 2012 presidential campaign while being head senior vice president at USAA. Not illegal but begs the question of why he was recommended for the job.
Also on his disclosure form he lists an asset of "undeveloped Real Estate, Croom, Md" worth between 1 and 5 million dollars but lists no mortgage or money owed on it under liabilities which seems suspect.
Brown, G. Michael*Dept. of EnergyExecutive Advisorview form
Brusky, NicholasDept. of AgricultureConfidential Assistant, Farm and Foreign Agriculture Servicesview form
Buchan, Samuel*Dept. of EnergyAssistant to the Secretaryview formSam Buchan (Assistant to the Secretary, GS-12, 1/20/17)
• American Government and Politics (United States); Russian Studies, American Government and Politics (United States) from The Ohio State University (2011-2014)
• Bachelor’s Degree, Political Science and Public Affairs; Russian Studies from The University of Akron (2011-2016)
Budd, Hunter*Dept. of EnergyAssistant to the Secretaryview form
Bullock, KatjaWhite House, Office of PersonnelSpecial Assistant to the President and Associate Director of Presidential Personnelview formUsed to be Reagan's special assistant!!
Burnham, James M.White House Counsel's OfficeSenior Associate Counsel to the Presidentview formEthics Waiver:

"May participate in communications and meetings where Jones Day represents the President, his campaign, the transition, or political entities supporting the President."
Burr, Geoffrey G.*Dept. of LaborSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview form
Byers, Bradley A.Dept. of DefenseWhite House Senior Advisorview formMarine veteran; EVP of Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI),

CREW filed a FOIA

ATI is a major company that deals with steel. It benefited from withdrawal of TPP.

ATI also gets millions from government contracts through its various subsidiaries.

Question is how did he get this job? He hasn't donated to any political candidate and can't really find a link to Mattis (other than Marine Corps) or Trump.
Cairncross, SeanWhite House, Office of the PresidentDeputy Assistant to the Presidentview form
Callanan, BrianDept. of the TreasuryDeputy General CounselN/AEthics Waiver:
Campbell, Joshua*Dept. of EnergyAssistant to the Secretary (new position: Advisor, Office of the Solicitor, Dept. of the Interior form
Carofine, ChristopherSecurities and Exchange Commission (SEC)Writer-Editorview formJob Title is now Communications Director for the SEC chair per
Carroll, James W.White House, Office of the PresidentSpecial Assistant to the President and Senior Counselview form
Carson, BenjaminDept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)Secretary of HUDview form
Castellano, LuciaSmall Business Administration (SBA)Senior Advisorview formWas HR director of Trump's campaign. Previously worked for bike-sharing company Motivate International, where she apparently recruited foreign workers to one of its subsidiaries/brands under the H-1B visa program:
Also previously worked for HITN-TV, a television network geared towards the Hispanic community... odd fit with the Trump campaign.
Her longest-held position was at JP Morgan, where she worked from 1986-2007.
Castillo, Andeliz N.White House, Office of the Vice PresidentSpecial Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Vice Presidentview formCOO of Libre initiative which is a Koch funded group as is Americans for Prosperity.

Former Aide to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Longtime Mike Pence Aide
Catanzaro, Michael J.White House, National Economic CouncilSpecial Assistant to the President for Domestic Energy and Environmental Policy, National Economic Councilview formlobbyist for American Chemistry Council, America's Natural Gas Alliance, Koch Industries, Noble Energy, PPL Energy, Talen Energy, Devon Energy, Encana Oil and Gas, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM), and Hess Corporation

Chamberlain, MichaelDept. of EducationSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview formPrevious employment "CH Media" is an LLC with "1-10 employees" and with a broken website: . Looks like a Social Media marketing firm? Weird that you can draw a 45K salary from what look like pretty pedestrian social media posts with only 83 likes for the company's page on Facebook

Also did social media for Battleground LLC, a campaign consulting firm. (Perhaps Battleground and CH Media are differentiated entities bc of Campaign Finance?)

Also lists $13,333 from the Trump national campaign as Nevada Communications Director.
Chambers, Micah D.Dept. of the InteriorSpecial Assistant to the Secretary (new position: Deputy Director view formFormer deputy chief of staff for Zinke
Also worked at PAL (overlap with Scott Hommel?)
Chao, Elaine L.Dept. of Transportation (DOT)Secretary of Transportationview formMarried to Mitch McConnell Currently a Director at News Corp. in New York, NY.

Currently serving on Board of Directors for News Corp (Parent company of Fox News), Wells Fargo & Company, Ingersoll Rand ( - NASDAQ traded as IR), and Vulcan Materials ( -NYSE: VMC).

She earns $200+ in each position, not included stock held. Ingersoll Rand and Vulcan Materials remain as significant assets - appears to be $500k in stock for each. Ingersoll stock value has increased from $69/share to $85/share since the november election.

Unclear ongoing relationship with these two corporations, and financial disclosures aren't clear.
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Curt Byers
Curt Byers
10:06 PM Aug 28
Elaine Chao has been a Wells Fargo director since 2011--during which time high pressure incentive plans resulted in staff creating over 2 million credit card and other financial services accounts without customers' knowledge or permission, resulting in the termination of over 5,300 employees. More recently, after a new CEO and promises of deep culture changes, Wells Fargo was caught surreptitiously modifying terms of customers' mortgages--at least 100 times in one district alone. And as recently as August of 2017 subpoenas were issued for records when it was determined that Wells Fargo sold over 500,000 customers car insurance they didn't need. The deadline for those records submission was August 22, 2017. Elizabeth Warren argues that the serial waves of corrupt and fraudulent practice of such magnitude is a criminal failure of corporate governance. How likely is any action being taken on this issue by the House of Representatives when Elaine Chao's husband is the leader of the Republican majority.
Timeline of original fraudulent accounts scandal
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Cheewing, Todd M.*Dept. of LaborSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview form
Cheung, Steven N.White House, Office of CommunicationsSpecial Assistant to the President and Assistant Communications Directorview formFormer communications director for UFC and communications for several political campaigns
Chinn, Monica K.Dept. of Transportation
Special Assistant to the Executive Secretariat
view form
Chung, JasonDept. of the TreasuryAdvisor (new position: Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs formDavid Rotenberg
3:18 PM Aug 26

Formerly RNC's National Director of Asian American and Pacific Islander Engagement.

Spouse appears to work for Johnson & Johnson.
Clark, JustinWhite House, Office of the PresidentDeputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairsview formMy math has $97,776.96 in consulting fees to DJT for President compared to 91k declared.
Clark, TimDept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)White House Liaisonview formWebsite:
Claver-Carone, MauricioDept. of the TreasuryAdvisorview form
Clovis, SamuelDept. of AgricultureSenior White House Advisorview formThis may be totally a non-event but I did notice that Clovis is reporting an income from a property held in Oskaloosa Iowa. Per the county assessors office however, the house is owner occupied (see
and there is only the one property under the name Clovis.
Coats, Daniel RayOffice of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)Director of the Office of the Director of National Intelligenceview form
Coffey, AlexanderDept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)Special Advisor to the Secretaryview form
Coffield, Andrew J.Small Business Administration (SBA)Administrative Assistantview formLinkedIn now says he's Special Advisor for Office of Entrepreneurial Development at Small Business Adminstration
Cohen-Watnick†, Ezra White House National Security Council (NSC) Senior Director for Intelligenceview formV. Ann Onimys 5:34 PM Aug 27
Form has no positions held outside US gov, no employment assets, no employment agreements, no sources of compensation

V. Ann Onimys
Removed on 8/2:
Cohn, GaryWhite House, National Economic CouncilDirector of the National Economic Councilview form
Conway, KellyanneWhite House, Office of the PresidentCounselor to the Presidentview formEthics Waiver:

"May participate in communications and meetings involving former clients which are political, advocacy, trade, or non-profit organizations."
Conway, Molly E.*Dept. of LaborSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview form
Cordish, ReedWhite House, Office of the PresidentSpecial Assistant to the President for Intragovernmental and Technology Initiativesview formSon of David Cordish, of The Cordish Company

Made a $250K donation to Trump Victory

Trump once sued David Cordish because of a casino but after mediation became friends.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are very good friends with Reed Cordish. Ivanka Trump apparently introduced Reed Cordish to her friend Maggie Katz.

His father wants to develop a casino in Spain, a project that's run into some obstacles (would be interesting to see how easily that gets resolved given his position in the WH now).

Reed Cordish and his wife hosted a fundraiser
Couture, CarlyDept. of AgricultureConfidential Assistant (new position: Deputy Director, Office of External and Intergovernmental Affairs formHer husband is Travis Couture-Lovelady, former KA rep from Palco, who is now a NRA lobbyist.

She was the secretary/treasurer for the state NRA association

Served as a KS delegate at the RNC convention

Seems to have been linked with a white nationalist?

Served as Kansas state coordinator for the Trump campaign
Cox-Roush, DeborahDept. of EducationSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview formRuns an LLC with maybe only one employee (click-baity public access websites have mixed results on this), aka her. Reported $296,506 from her LLC, although some reporting sites (again, not sure the original sources here) say the company's only worth ~100K.,-LLC-813-655-6454
C&L Creative Solutions lists a few clients, but they seem small / maybe not relevant EXCEPT: this "non-partisan" anti-regulation group: can one consulting firm, run by maybe just one person, make almost 300K in a few filing years? Probably that one big client, right?Also helped coordinate volunteers for the 2016 RNC in Cleveland.
Has a fair amount of credit card debts with high rates on two cards, plus IRS "installment agreement" liabilities (I don't know what that means) form 2012. Was paid 41K for her work on the Trump Inaugural. NOTE: It seems that her background is in catering and concessions, and that she only expanded out to include politics in recent years.
Custer, CorySmall Business Administration (SBA)Special Advisorview formit appears as though he is on the Planning Board of the Town of Halfmoon NY He was voting at a meeting as recently as Jan 2017
Dannenfelser, Martin*Dept. of EnergyAssistant to the Secretaryview form
Dansel, BrianDept. of AgricultureSpecial Assistant, Natural Resources and Environmentview formFrom Seattle Times article: 'Sen. Brian Dansel, R-Republic, vice-chair of the Natural Resources and Parks Committee. The Senate was debating language stating that “human activity significantly contributes to climate change,” when Dansel sprang to his feet.
What about human inactivity, he asked.
“We haven’t been doing the logging that we’re supposed to do,” he informed the Senate. “I ought to put in there that we’re not doing enough timber harvest, and that’s a cause, too. Human inactivity is also leading to climate change.”
Daravi, KamranDept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)Advisor, OGAview form
Daravi, RomaSmall Business Administration (SBA)Special Advisor to the Secretary (new position?: Executive Assistant to Director of Communications view formWorked for a custom luggage company, but also worked in TV production (CBS and NBC). Former ballerina, brother works at HHS
Davis, Natalie D.Dept. of the InteriorSpecial Assistant to the Secretaryview formShe just graduated from UC Berkeley, former Trump campaign volunteer in CA/OH and was a CA delegate at the RNC convention. Also a special events coordinator for his inauguration

Used to work at the CA State Assembly for Brian Dahle (R), from Redding.
Davis, Patrick J.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)Senior Advisorview form
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