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TimestampChoose your classYour HouseYour name1. What clues does the poem's title give you about the theme of the poem? 2. Who is the speaker of the poem? 3. Who is the audience for the poem? 4. Briefly, what situation is described in the poem?5a.Explain how the "mini poems" work together to create the whole poem. Who is being spoken of in rows 1, 3, and 5? Who is spoken of in rows 2, 4, 6? What is the subject of column 1? of column 2? of column 3? 5b. Now describe the progression of the speaker’s love for the beloved shown by the organization of the “mini poems.” Follow this order: "The speaker falls in love at first sight with her looks, her voice, and her intelligence. Then...."6. Look at the "mini poems" on last column where the speaker praises the beloved’s “wit.” In what way does the sound of the plosive consonants “t” and “p” at the end of several of these lines contribute to the speaker’s praise? What do these endings make her wit sound like? 7. What does the phrase “bent mine eye” mean? Did the speaker’s eye get somehow bent when he first saw the beloved? (probably not) What about the phrase “knit my heart”? 8. What does it say to you that the last word of the poem is “fear”? 9a. What is the tone of the poem? 9b. From what key words or phrases did you deduce the poem's tone?10. Compare this poem to the sonnet “My Lady’s Presence Makes the Roses Red" (also on the class packet, page 9). How are the speakers and the beloveds of these two poems similar? Do you think this similarity is coincidental or is there some kind of “love poem tradition” being followed by these two poems? 11. Based on all the above, what is poem's central viewpoint or insight about Love?
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9/15/2014 20:16:20
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Toothlessthe poem is based on a female's looks and appeal. Arthur Gorges or Sir Walter Raleigh

Dr. X: you are conflating author and speaker. They may not be the same.
The reader, A femaleThe Speaker falls in love with her face which causes him to love her voice and then her wit. This love then traps him and he surrenders to her. Rows 1,3, and 5 is speaking about HER
Rows 2,4, and 6 is speaking about HIM

The subject of Column 1 is Her Face
The subject of Column 2 is Her Voice
The subject of Column 3 is Her Intelligence
the speaker's eyes lead him to like her face, his ears learned her voice, and his heart was moved by her intelligence.

Then the speaker was blinded by her beauty, charmed by her voice, and was captured by her wit

Then the speaker fed of her beauty, feasted on her words, and with filled with knowledge by her intelligence

Then the speaker saw no flaw in her face, was not troubled by her words, and knew her advice would not steer him wrong.

Lastly, the speaker eyes found joy serving her, surrendered to her every word, and feared her intelligence.

The endings make her wit sound precise, like she is never wrong. It also makes it sound harsh.

Dr. X: "precise" or "harsh" is good. Also: "sharp."
"Bent mine eye" means he had to look away because he was blinded by her beauty, in a way he bowed to her beauty with his eyes.

Knit my heart means to capture his heart.

Dr. X: Interesting interpretation of "bent"
Out of all the things the speaker loves about her, he fears her. passionate/ardent, worshipful/reverent/adoring, thoughtful/contemplative, affectionate/loving/caring, sincere/honest, ironicDrew mine ear
wrong not
vex not
wound not
The poems are similar because in both they describe the beauty of their lady in different ways.
I think there is some kind of "love poem tradition" being followed.
Love is doing everything you can to know someone in and out and surrendering to them.
3/22/2015 23:41:47
She is pretty and attraction
A maleThe readerA strong physical attractionThe mini poem creates each part of the woman's beauty and emphasis of them

The woman is being spoken of in rows 1,3,5

The speaker is spoken in rows 2,4,6

Column 1 subject is Her face
Column 2 subject is Her voice
Column 3 subject is Her Intellect
Then he feels intimidated by her wit
It emphasizes his emotions

It made her wit sound Captivating
"bent mine eyes" means to stimulate interest
"knit my heart" means to become intimately united
The speaker is intimidated by her withappy/ecstatic/joyful, passionate/ardent, sincere/honestCharm
The speakers are both talking about a lady's charming beauty and what their hearts feels toward the woman's beauty

In "My Lady's Presence Makes the Roses Red" the speaker characterizes the woman as having so much power that he adores her

In Her Face" the speaker also described her woman as pretty, Intelligent, smart that he was intimidated by her charms
Love is attractive, is beautiful, love melts the heart
3/23/2015 20:20:38
William Shakespeare
"Her face" talks about how she loves the girls traits.
Arthur Gorges or Sir Walter RaleighA female, wife of authorThe poem is about the author falling in love at first sight with a woman.The subject of column 1 2 and 3 is Arthur Gorges' wife. he starts to be afraid of losing her.I do not know."knit my heart" means the lover of the author will shape his heart and maybe complete his life. or maybe complete his heart.The author's fear of loving the woman and not being loved by the woman.affectionate/loving/caring, fearful/frightened/unsettled, sincere/honestto love, to learn, to trust, to fear, to serve, to like.Both speakers are in love with her. But tone is little different. Even though the tone of My Lady's Presence Makes the Roses Red is more active and aggressive, both are subservient to her.So, beloveds of these two poems are expressed in same way.Love knows no bounds.
3/23/2015 23:00:04
"Her Face"
The clue involve in tittle of this poem is that it will talk about a female face.
A maleThe readerA man admiring the woman beauty and intelligence.I am not sure.The speaker falls in love with her radiant looks, her sweet voice and her intelligence and admits that this factor made him fall in love but also makes him fear her.I am not sure. to my believe when the speaker says "bent mine eye" his trying to explain that she caught his attention when she cross his path. he just kept looking at her and fallow her with her eyes maybe.

Knit my heart means she fastened his heart to her

The word "fear" indicates to me that the speaker respect and is scare of her intelligence. passionate/ardent, worshipful/reverent/adoring"Her face with beams doth blind mine eye"
"Her tongue so sweet then drew mine ear"
"My heart to love her wit doth move"
"This heart shall swear her wit to fear"
Both poem are similar because they are both admiring aspect the woman the speaker loveto love is to "serve", to "trust" and to "fear" .
3/24/2015 5:04:17
The Spanish Thinker
The title leads me to believe that it might be related to a girl or a woman in some sort. Love is a major possibility for the theme of the poem.
A maleThe readerI think that what the poem is trying to depict is how in love the speaker is with a girl. He seems to like a lot of her personality features as well as her physical traits. Towards the ending the speaker seems to be pleading to not be hurt by this girl. The mini poems help structure the developing feelings that the speaker has for the girl that he is so vividly describing. In rows 1,3,5 I think the speaker is referring to himself, he is describing what her characteristics do to the speaker and how it affects his emotions. I'm not sure how to describe rows 2 and 4 but I think row 6 has to do with himself. The speaker falls in love at first sight with her looks, her voice, and her intelligence. Then he begins to ask her not to hurt his feelings and his heart. In the ending he is saying that he is fearful of him getting hurt by her and perhaps her witted tongue but he is still confident in their love. I think it gives emphasis to the speakers words. He has been describing all of her amazing qualities in such a docile manner throughout the entire poem and in a very lovingly way. So by the speaker using these words towards the ending he is sounding abrupt in the way he speaks.

Dr. X: You got something here.
By saying "bent mine eye" the speaker is most likely telling the reader the moment he fell for her or she caught his attention for the first time. "knit my heart" is a way to explain that he has fallen in love with her and now his heart and his feelings are maybe interlocked with hers in some way. To me it means that even though he is sure of his love for her and he had all of this wonderful words to describe the girl he is still unsure of her own feelings maybe? we never truly know what she is feeling and I think the speaker doesn't know that either. passionate/ardent, worshipful/reverent/adoring, affectionate/loving/caring, sincere/honest, ironicMine eye, Mine Ear, My Heart. These phrases are in all of the mini poems and their constant repetition is what made me conclude the tone.The speakers and their beloveds may be similar in the sense that both of them are deep in love and fascinated about them, while in the end they seem to dismiss their feelings or maybe not even know they exist at all. I think both of the themes are the same, some kind of unrequited romance that the speaker is experiencing. However, it does seem like two poems with similar emotions put together. The poems central insight about love is that sometimes it is not noticed or rewarded.
10/6/2015 1:46:04
MedalloThe description of someone's body part and how it is specifically "Her Face" gives away the idea of someone either being loved or hated.

Dr. X: so, if the speaker uses a body part to refer to the whole (a figure of speech called synechdoche), is the speaker OBJECTIFYING the beloved?
Arthur Gorges or Sir Walter RaleighA friend of the poet.A man falling in love with a woman. He describes how he falls in love with her beauty, then her voice, and finally by her intelligence. The "mini poems" describe how the beloved catches the speakers attention and what the speaker feels while falling in love with her. The beloved is being spoken of in rows 1,3, and 5. In rows 2, 4, and 6 it is the very own speaker who speaks of himself and how he feels. The speaker falls in love at first sight with her looks, her voice, and her intelligence. Then he falls deeper in love with how she makes him feel. I am not sure about this one.Bent mine eye refers to the speaker's attention being caught by his beloved. His vision went straight to her fair face.
When he mentions "knit my heart" he speaks of the way her wit sealed his love for her.
It feels like the speaker isn't sure of how much his beloved loves him, or if she even loves him at all. He fears she won't reciprocate the same kind of love he feels for her.worshipful/reverent/adoring, affectionate/loving/caring"Her face so fair first bent mine eye", "Her tongue so sweet then drew mine ear"... and almost every other word in the poem.Both speakers of the poems seem to have an adoration towards their beloved. Every step since the moment they met their beloved is filled with love as long as they think of their beloved. The poem makes you feel love is a detailed matter. A positive matter that fills you with happiness all around. That you need all of your senses to fall in love and sometimes even feel that special someone is part of you. It also gives you hope about love regardless if you that person loves you back.
3/23/2017 15:07:15
BrowningKymberlieIt tells us its about a female. A maleThe reader, A femaleThe speaker is describing how he fell in love with his lover and the things he admires.rows 1,3,5 is him describing her and 2,4,6 is what she does to him. (i think) same for the columns 1,2,3 of him describing he beauty and how it is sort of hypnotizing.Im not sure but i think it shows how the love is one sided.i dont knowit means that he was blinded by her beauty. That he is afraid the feelings are not mutual. passionate/ardent, worshipful/reverent/adoring, affectionate/loving/caringSweet, like,love,charm,joyThe 2 poems are similar because they speak on women whom they admire. Though in both the woman do not notice them. The view point of this poem is that love sometimes is one sided. He admired someone from afar who he basically thinks is beyond a reach for him.
3/25/2017 23:45:12
BrowningAnabel RodriguezThe poem's title give me the clue that the poem is going to be about the description a woman's beauty.A maleThe reader, A femaleA man falls in love with his lover because of her beauty, voice and intelligence. He's describing her face, voice and wit. The speaker is being spoken is all rows.
The subject of column 1 is the beauty of her face.
The subject of column 2 is her sweet voice.
The subject of column 3 is her wit, her intelligence.
Then the speaker is afraid of her intelligence because maybe she will not want him or maybe she is too much for him. I not sure.The phrase "bent mine eye" mean that the speaker's eye were so fascinated by his lover beauty.

The phrase "knit my heart" mean she took his heart. He fall in love at first sign.
The speaker is afraid that she will hurt his heart.worshipful/reverent/adoring"Her face so fair first vent mine eye"
"Her tongue so sweet then drew mine ear"
"Her wit so sharp, then hit my heart."
The speakers are similar because they both in love and fascinated by their beloveds beauty.
The beloveds are similar because they are beautiful women and they both have something that in someway attract the speakers to fell in love with them.
I think this similarity is coincidental.
When we fell in love we are not always sure about the other person's feelings towards us, that's why we feel afraid that our heart will be broke by our love one.
3/27/2017 15:30:08
Browning Hai OuThe title tell me the subject of the poem. one response form the title is that the author describe the female face.Unknown/UnclearThe reader, A femaleThe speaker by describing the beauty of a female to express his love.The rows 1,3 and 5 talks about "Her face, Her tongue,Her wit". The rows of 2,4,6, the speaker express their emotions. The column 1 tells that through my eyes to see her face, to see her beauty. The column 2 talks about my ears have heard her lovely voice. The column 3 tells that my heart was enchanted by her intelligence.I don't know.I don't know.I feel it means that the speaker was moved by her fair face, and also the "knit my heart" tells the reaction of the heart after the speaker saw the female. I don't know about whether the speaker's eye get somehow bent when he first saw the beloved.The speaker isn't sure of what his beloved feeling. He feels that her intelligence is something he should fear because maybe she is too much for him or she might not want to be with him like does.happy/ecstatic/joyful, passionate/ardent, worshipful/reverent/adoring, sincere/honest fair sweet and sharp. most are based on the overall feeling of the poem.Two poems are both express their love to the female who in love with.My Lady’s Presence Makes the Roses Red, this poem expresses feelings that tend to have some anger. but in the poem "her face",more is the way that how speaker expresses his loveThe central viewpoint of poem is that the description of the beauty of the female's outside,ad the shock of inner wisdom to fall in love.
3/27/2017 23:21:43
BrowningMinha LeeThe title of the poem is her face. I could notice that this poem would be about literally her face or appearance.A maleThe readerThe speaker, who is a man, is thinking about a woman he loves, how she looks like, what makes her attractive in his view. The mini poems start with the same word, so they give rhyme and rhythm simultaneously. The speaker speaks about his lover in rows 1, 3, 5, and about himself in rows 2, 4, 6. The column 1 is about a face of speaker's lover, 2 is about a tongue, and 3 is about wit.The speaker falls in love at first sight with her looks, her voice, and her intelligence. Then the speaker describes the way that he falls in love more and more is uncontrollable and how he falls in love more like her face makes his eyes blind and so on.
The "t" and "p" make rhyme as they are repeated over and over again at the end of several lines, and make her wit sound like actually being spoken when the lines are read.
The phrase "bent mine eye" means that he unconsciously kept watching on her face at the first sight and the phrase "knit my heart" means that her wit caught his heart.I'm not sure about it.affectionate/loving/caringI could notice the tone of this poem is caring and affectionate by words blind, charm and knit.The both speakers of these two poems describes how big their loves are with exaggerated or figurative expressions. Love is uncontrollable and undeniable power, and has enormous influence toward one's emotion or attitude.
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