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The Long Hello - New York Diary - › new-york-diaryCached
Not long ago, I might have written my own 'Goodbye New York'. My career had hit a wall. I was broke, restless, bitter, discontented. I looked ...
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It's Not You, It's Me. - Ned Dymoke - › ...Cached
They say every writer gets a “Goodbye New York” essay. Well, this is mine. by Ned Dymoke. When I got here it was cold, the middle of January, ...
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Goodbye New York. I love you. - Joe Gonzalez - › goodbye-new-york-i-love-you-c9da01dd9084Cached
This isn't another story about how the city was “better in my day”, nor is it a tale of regret or failed dreams. But it is a story about leaving. I tell this ...
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Goodbye New York. Hello, Singapore! - Gabe Durazo - › goodbye-new-york-hello-singapore-4c5e910ca674Cached
A few days ago we packed everything up and said goodbye to our studio in New York. We flew 12 hours to Dubai and then 7 more hours to ...
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#OnePoemADay: Goodbye New York - Pattharin O. - › onepoemaday-goodbye-new-york-850c34053a0bCached
Here comes my first poem If it could be considered as such Not sure exactly where I'm going Just writing this first piece with guts Summer's ...
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Goodbye, New York City. You Bitch. - Geoff Gates - › goodbye-new-york-city-you-bitch-ae92c8b6a1d5Cached
I'm gonna go ahead and say it, you're a massive bitch. But at the end of the day, I kind of love you for that. The aura that you possess is ...
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New York State of Departure - Mike Thomsen - › goodbye-new-york-8c6e3f336d53Cached
My bags are packed and I'm about to lug them outside and flag down a taxi cab to take me to JFK for the very last time as a New York City ...
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I'm about to waste money to improve* my life (*I hope) - › ...Cached
Goodbye New York, I'm coming home Chicago! As I returned to the Midwest and had piles of piles to attend to, I found myself with burning eyes ...
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A Timeline of Climate Science and Policy - Brad Johnson › ...
“Goodbye New York. Goodbye Washington, for that matter.” October 15 — Sen. George Aiken (R-Vt.) and Edward P. Radford, M.D. at Public ...
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Bruised and Blessed - Christian Thomas - › ...Cached
Goodbye New York friends. You're the most diverse, creative, tragic, intelligent, wise, funny, wry, kind, generous, tasteful, and beautiful people I ...
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Cruising Log New England Summer 2013 - Cindy Mangus › ...Cached
Goodbye New York. Another successful trip through Hell Gate into Port Washington (we are beginning to feel like this is home). June 1, 2
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New York City in 35mm - Snipette - › snipetteCached
Goodbye New York. New York City is such a great source of inspiration, especially for analog photography. Just take the camera with you and ...
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7 behaviours that changed my life in 2017 - Simon Dean › ...Cached
Goodbye New York! In change lies reflection. Reflection can seed ambition, purpose and renewed vigor. That's what I'm writing about here.
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Rita Dominic Biography, Wiki, Net Worth and Photos - › ...Cached
Goodbye New York — In this movie, she was able to work with Africa biggest star Genevieve Nnaji. All My Life — She signed a movie with a ...
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Genevieve Nnaji Nigerian Actress Biography, Wiki and Net › ...Cached
Bumper to Bumper, Critical Decision, Dangerous Sister, Goodbye New York, He Lives in Me, Into Temptation, and My First Love. Never Die for ...
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New York City: A Goodbye Poem - Poets Unlimited - › poets-unlimitedCached
Soaking up the last words you speak before setting you free. To be someone else's discovery, goodbye New York City. mv. IG:
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Goodbye, New York City - Carolyn Pohl - › goodbye-new-york-city-f3f7bd31aef0Cached
I remember the day I moved in like it was yesterday afternoon. My room in a renovated tenement building with railroad apartments — pleasant ...
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Chugging Uphill, Unearthing Dead Presidents - Cecile Pineda › ...Cached
It read: 'Goodbye New York. Goodbye Washington.' I knew then that we needed to build an electric vehicle fleet.” YOUTH : So what did The ...
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Dating Strategy for Empaths - Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes - › ...Cached
Whether it is a person, a location, or an entire city (goodbye New York). The key to dating as an empath is learning how to trust your ...
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Tales of Privatization: Goodbye, NYC Parking! - The Awl › the-awl › tales-of-privatization-goodbye-nyc-parking-...Cached
This brief little nugget in the Post today should sound the alarm for all lovers of Freedom and the Free Market: the Department of City Planning is working on a ...
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The 12,000 Steps: How a Running Club for the Homeless › evan-cudworthCached
It's important to remember that NYC doesn't give a shit if we leave, which is why the “Goodbye NYC” essay has become a subject of much ...
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Thank you for the sharing, Fabian! Very helpful insights :) › ...Cached
Get started. Goodbye NYC — 3 things I learned in the last 8 years about making the most of living in the city. 158. 6. Fabian Pfortmüller · Chenyu Zheng. Follow.
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An actionable, and honest reflection of what it means to live in › ...Cached
Goodbye NYC — 3 things I learned in the last 8 years about making the most of living in the city. 160. 6. Fabian Pfortmüller · Sandro Meyer.
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Enjoyable read man, thanks for sharing! - Karel De Smet › ...Cached
Get started. Goodbye NYC — 3 things I learned in the last 8 years about making the most of living in the city. 158. 6. Fabian Pfortmüller · Karel De Smet. Follow.
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The TCS New York Marathon - Smita Kolhatkar - › ...Cached
The TCS New York Marathon. Being my first marathon outside California and being one after a two year hiatus with barely having come out of ...
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agreed. filing this one under great life decisions - michaelrad › ...Cached
Goodbye NYC — 3 things I learned in the last 8 years about making the most of living in the city. 158. 6. Fabian Pfortmüller · michaelrad. Follow. Nov 16, 2016 · 1 ...
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What I learned about my ego while hiking the John Muir Trail › ...Cached
... Transition phases are tough — these 6 insights help me navigate mine · Goodbye NYC — 3 things I learned in the last 8 years about making ...
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Story highlights by Jade Song – › highlightsCached
From Goodbye NYC — 3 things I learned in the last 8 years about making the most of living in the city by Fabian Pfortmüller · To thrive in NYC I had to find a ...
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Get Lost! - James Altucher - › the-missionCached
I remember going on a bus and leaving Manhattan. At that time, this was an unusual and scary thing for me to do. I sort of felt everything in the ...
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Flowers Slipped into Shattered Glass - Human › ...Cached
Everyone else had had the same idea: trucks had already been stopped from entering or leaving Manhattan. Food deliveries would be halted. I remember ...
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March 7th; in “365 daily moments of 2016" - Daily Stories from › visual-stories-2016Cached
Drama morning view when leaving Manhattan #NYC to NJ. “March 7th; in “365 daily moments of 2016"” is published by Petr Palan in Daily Stories from ...
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To My Husband, on Leaving Manhattan - The Coffeelicious › the-coffeelicious › to-my-husband-on-leaving-manhat...Cached
We have danced together under strange stars, you and I. Our love was born in the cold and snow. And on the first date, our booted feet slipped
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Why I'm Leaving Manhattan - Justin Paterno - › why-im-leaving-manhattan-d0edfae8764Cached
My wife works in Crown Heights and she has an hour and a half commute and it really sucks for her.. “Why I'm Leaving Manhattan” is published by Justin Paterno.
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Come For The Food - Mantry - › ...Cached
Leaving Manhattan to walk around the largest city in Hawaii sounded much less desirable. I couldn't have been more wrong. I wandered through the most ...
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The view from the express bus - Matthew Sheahan - › ...Cached
New job, new commute, new view: leaving Manhattan for home in Queens. Changing jobs means figuring out new benefits and pay scales, ...
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NYC's Most Overlooked Landmarks - Novel PV - › ...Cached
For those leaving Manhattan to journey to Brooklyn, this bridge offers no finer passage. Edgar Allan Poe Cottage. If you can believe it, the iconic ...
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Brooklyn and Queens Reign Supreme: Triplemint NYC Real › triplemint-nycCached
Could this decline in prices be due to the increased demand in Brooklyn and Queens, leaving Manhattan in the dust? The number of listings is ...
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New York City Power Outage Hits the Heart of › ...Cached
Good grief, this blackout is leaving Manhattan residents as much in the dark as your average Trump supporter. Just goes to show, Trump and his people will go ...
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Why I'm leaving New York - Andrew Jiang - › why-im-leaving-new-york-5d53e3fd2539CachedSimilar
Oh New York. You've been my home for 6 years, through college and internships, from my first full-time job as a consultant to my current one in ...
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Why I'm Leaving New York City – dr wolcheck – › ...
I'm going on a short vacation. “Why I'm Leaving New York City” is published by dr wolcheck.en2015-02-06
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Why I'm Leaving New York City - dr wolcheck - › why-im-leaving-new-york-city-89a38b1d3fb8Cached
I'm going on a short vacation.. “Why I'm Leaving New York City” is published by dr wolcheck.en2015-02-06
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What I learned on leaving New York after three years - › what-i-learned-on-leaving-new-york-after-three-years-b...
These are my thoughts on moving out of New York after three years, in case you want to read what I've learned along the way, or how I spent ...
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Leaving New York - Nick Doiron - › leaving-new-york-a520a1d67628Cached
When I moved into my apartment in Woodside last December, I had reached my fifth borough. What was left for a nomad in New York? Between ...
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LOVING AND LEAVING NEW YORK — The hardest choice I › loving-and-leaving-new-york-the-hardest-choice-ive-eve...
Recently I went through a pretty major life change, an incredibly irrational and scary one to be exact: I left my beloved NYC and the life I had ...
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Please Let Me Leave This Godforsaken Hellhole - › ...CachedSimilar
However, as a creative class millennial in 2017, I understand that I am required to write an introspective, thought-provoking “Leaving New York” ...
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Leaving New York… - Chatura Atapattu - › leaving-new-york-c9459b0be3d4Cached
and leaving Google. Yesterday was my last day at Google, after what has been a rollercoaster 4+ years. As I type, I'm at the Frankfurt airport, ...
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Why I'm Leaving New York For A Cabin In The Woods Until › why-im-leaving-new-york-for-a-cabin-in-the-woods-u...Cached
Honestly, I just need to disconnect with the swirling rumors and speculation and live a simple life off-the-grid until I can return to society with the ...
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Day 271: Leaving New York. Next stop: Miami. - Lee Ngo › day-271-leaving-new-york-next-stop-miami-5128f6f0...Cached
I'll hopefully re-center while I'm in South Beach.. “Day 271: Leaving New York. Next stop: Miami.” is published by Lee Ngo.
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So You're Leaving New York - Jonathan Blair - › so-youre-leaving-new-york-cf7f29f97acaCached
That's cool. Don't write a blog post about it.. “So You're Leaving New York” is published by Jonathan Blair.en2017-12-05
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I'm Leaving New York City - Calvin Walker - › im-leaving-new-york-city-441da2f935efCached
This must be the wrong address,” my mother said as we slowed to a halt in front of the apartment building I would be living in for the summer.
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7 Reasons Why I'm Sad to Leave New York City - Calvin › ...Cached
After years of ups-and-downs, I'm putting my self-care first and leaving New York City. A little distance will do us good. I can feel it already.
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Finding My Place: Thoughts on Leaving (and Maybe ... - › ...Cached
At that point, I hadn't even considered leaving New York any time soon. But as they began to head out, one by one, the realization that I could ...
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On Leaving New York - Lulu P. - › on-leaving-new-york-9ed0260a0e0d
Six and a half years ago I landed in New York after a whirlwind departure from London. My boyfriend at the time didn't want to be in London ...
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Why I'm Leaving New York City - Matt Bettinson - › why-im-leaving-new-york-city-9294cadcce70Cached
Was too poor and had no friends. “Why I'm Leaving New York City” is published by Matt Bettinson.en2018-06-13
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Why I'm leaving New York City - Jonathan Chu - › why-im-leaving-new-york-city-f5b7f02bf491Cached
The F train fuckin' blows lmao. “Why I'm leaving New York City” is published by Jonathan Chu.en2018-09-15
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I had been to Ulysses, Kansas once before, briefly. - › ...Cached
One of the funnest times in my life. Carefree, leaving New York City behind, and coming back home. Didn't know for sure what I'd be doing, but it was a chance ...
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Why I'm Leaving New York - Jimmy Blackmon - › why-im-leaving-new-york-e47b1f005b59Cached
New York came to me first in a dream. My dream was scored to the off kilter rhythms of Scott Joplin and the honking of taxi cabs, and filled with the mythic ...
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An Introvert In New York - One Table, One World - › one-table-one-worldCached
We're most likely going to make our way back to Las Vegas, this time for good, but leaving New York for me was like leaving a completely ...
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A Goodbye to New York City - Matt Baetz - › ...Cached
Today we're leaving New York. It's not the first time I've left this city and because of the love I feel for it I depart knowing there is a good chance ...
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Leaving New York. - Mina Derian - › leaving-new-york-780a32817241Cached
I love you, but I'm not in love with you anymore. This June marked my eighth anniversary in New York, and it will be my last. The love affair I had ...
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Why I'm Leaving New York - Matt Ufford - › why-im-leaving-new-york-bf3b036aa057Cached
Why I'm Leaving New York. Over the course of 15 years in Manhattan and Brooklyn, I forged a career, met my wife, and started a family. So why ...
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Leaving New York: On Saying Goodbye to Home - Jack Henry › leaving-new-york-on-saying-goodbye-to-home-2c33b8...
It was early spring, the air was clear and time moved slow, bled away. It was a day that I spent packing things into boxes, emptying drawers ...
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More People Flee New York Each Day Than Any Other US › moe-farmsCached
The blow of people leaving New York has been somewhat softened by international migrant inflows. Close to 200,000 New Yorkers sought to ...
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Leaving New York - Sean Raftery - › leaving-new-york-e85a2d3f5eecCached
I am leaving New York City. Perhaps, more accurately, I am changing my primary residence from New York City to Austin, Texas; and I am ...
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Love, Leaving, and New York City - Shounak Bagchi - › ...Cached
Leaving New York pieces are now a cultural commodity, a dime a dozen affair. 277 people are leaving New York everyday. As a result, the ...
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Could The Last Designer Leaving New York Please Turn Off › unestablishment › could-the-last-designer-leaving-new...Cached
In just the last week, Barneys has departed to become a sub-brand of Saks Fith Avenue, Zac Posen has shuttered his business and Tiffany ...
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Why I'm Leaving New York City for Costa Rica - Ivy Miller › why-im-leaving-new-york-city-for-costa-rica-8db0c8e...Cached
I haven't told too many people about this decision because a lot of the time, I'm met with judgment. I get questions like, “ Shouldn't you be ...
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Transatlantic - Letters from London - › letters-from-london
I was leaving New York City in July, but I wouldn't leave the country until September. Before that, I would move back upstate, to take bets at the thoroughbred ...
1043Mediumleaving new york city
Neither Here Nor There - Rebecca Marx - › rebecca-marxCached
Since leaving New York City three weeks earlier, I'd felt unmoored, adrift between what I'd already done with my life and whatever it was I was going to do with it, ...
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Seandor Szeles – › ...Cached
Leaving New York City. An Assistant Who Never Became A Screenwriter. During my junior year of college, I took a film theory class as an elective. I rented a few ...
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28 to 29 - Willson Mock - › ...Cached
Leaving New York City in itself was tough. So much of me is tied to NYC — it's been my network for so many years, from school, to work, to my ...
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[so many falls ago] - Chelsea Batten - › ...Cached
isn't it funny i should feel no regret right now? i'm leaving new york city. i'm going back to my home country, land of valley girls and ubiquitous ...
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For Family: Reflections on the Costs of Rationalization - › ...Cached
After leaving New York City, I went through a period of reflection where questioning my recent departure became a frequent deliberation. I moved to NYC with ...
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Welcome to Kingston. Now Leave - The Billfold - › the-billfoldCached
... Manhattan book events for the two essay anthologies I've edited about loving and leaving New York City, a good number of people have…
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Tired of New York City? 5 Places To Try Next. - Austin Samsel › ...Cached
Even leaving New York City is kinda hard. So I did some quick googling and here are 5 totally “next” destinations where we should all go.
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On Our Way to Peru! Let's Talk Literacy! - Global Nomads › ...Cached
I will be leaving New York City on Friday to travel to Luis Pata, Peru to bring YOU the final webcast of the Literacy Challenge. Since last ...
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2015's top five - p-lot - › ...Cached
3. not writing an essay about leaving new york city. I did not move out of New York City because I don't think that I will ever move out of New ...
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A Year Without Me, Gave Me Back My Life - Ezinne Ukoha › ...Cached
I was living in New Orleans after leaving New York City for good. I accepted an invitation from someone that I thought was a friend but later ...
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In Defense of Guy Fieri - Alexander Fine - › ...Cached
She was leaving New York City the next day to start her career in San Francisco. She had bought me a giftcard for my birthday the year before, ...
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Founders of New York: Brian Pallas, Founder of Opportunity › core-impulseCachedSimilar
But since most of his team is in Barcelona, Brian will be leaving New York City and his wife will be staying here. “Not seeing my wife as much as ...
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LA's Startup Ecosystem: Talent, Capital, and... Velocity? - 500 › 500-storiesCachedSimilar
“The idea of leaving New York City was very big move for a lifetime east coaster, but starting somewhere new really recalibrates the wires in ...
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Endings and Beginnings - Perspectives & › Spiritual HealthCached
Not only has the book group ended, but we are leaving New York City. My wife and I have lived on the East Cost since 1980, and we have ...
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Me + Mom + 8 weeks traveling in Asia - Katherine Conaway › ...Cached
We'd been traveling together for over a month since leaving New York City on March 30 to begin our adventure. While we expected from the ...
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Gimme My Money! Harlem Reacts to Minimum Wage › ...
“I have been thinking about leaving New York City but maybe this increase will keep me here,” says Culley who works for a major clothing retailer. “I still live with ...
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This Kind Of Life - Jordan Reid - › ...Cached
... or that we haven't thought through: we've been circling the idea of leaving New York City for a good two years, and have spent the past many ...
1896Mediumleaving new york city
Lifting The Veil That Blinds: Why Being Anti-Muslim › ...Cached
Bloomberg — Black & Latinx people were leaving New York City, due to the rising rents. Home prices were rising in the outer boroughs as well.
1346Mediumleaving new york city
It Will Not Be Okay and We Can Not Get Along - Peter Welch › ...CachedSimilar
I'm not leaving. New York City just became the safest place in the world for soft-handed elites. Plus we get lots of perks from the banks and rich ...
1159Mediumleaving new york city
Fallout Shelters: Why some New Yorkers never planned to › ...CachedSimilar
Photo by Glenn Castellano, New-York Historical Society This Presidents' Day, visit Washington, D.C. without leaving New York City.
988Mediumleaving new york city
7.2 Reflections: Overcoming Procrastination - Integrating › integrating-immigrants-locals-through-experienceCached
I could have, but was unable, to complete prototyping and obtain more user feedback before leaving New York City. My project supervisor ...
1996Mediumleaving new york city
Shut Up and Take My Money! - Paul Ford - › ...Cached
For example, David Ogilvy wrote a 1968 memo that was left on the seats of the Metro North railway leaving New York City, as an appeal for the United Negro ...
436Mediumleaving new york city
The Last Time I Protested At An Inauguration - Emmett › ...Cached
Gore, I was on one of the dozens of buses filled with like-minded people, leaving New York City on the way to Washington, DC to show our ...
765Mediumleaving new york city
Conversations (Brief Ones) With Richard Spencer, › ...Cached
A month or so later, he shook my hand after a workout and said he was going to say goodbye; he was leaving New York City. He bade farewell ...
588Mediumleaving new york city
I Never Thought I'd Have a Roommate at 30 - Calvin Walker › ...Cached
... call my own and plant my roots for many, many years to come! That's a lie. Tomorrow, I'm talking about leaving New York City so…stay tuned.
95 new york city
Day One - The Stones' Cross-country Bike Tour - › the-stones-cross-country-bike-tourCached
The alarm sounded at 6AM, signaling our departure. We sank a few final pets into the fur of our white SF SPCA rescue cat Nimh while she ...
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New York City Retail Will Completely Collapse - John Sorkvist › ...Cached
... benefit from it, creating their own success and UNIQUE experiences leaving New York City with limited options and a long cycle of recovery.
97 new york city
Rise Against The Sun Sports - Justin Hill - › ...Cached
In his advanced age, Melo is leaving New York City behind him. On his way down south, he notices the air is cleaner, the noise pollution, light ...
1578Mediumleaving new york city
I can't put my finger on the exact time the change started within › ...
I will be leaving New York City (after 12 years here) to travel and spend time on the West Coast. I took a good look at what I really want in a relationship, and now ...
99 new york city
A Farewell Letter From Zay and Thoughts on Immersive › ...Cached
Not only because she's better fitted to what No Proscenium is turning into, but because on February 3, I'm leaving New York City. Lately I've ...
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The Dia:Beacon is a phenomenal space to spend time › thegroundhogCached
With an influx of artists leaving New York City due to expensive living costs and the growing reputation of Dia:Beacon, the museum has been ...