Bengal Tigers' Rainforest Questionnaire
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TimestampWhat is your first name?Sample Question 2Are you a boy or a girl?What is the name of your school?What is the name of your country?Do you have a class mascot? If so, what is it and does it have a name?Where is your nearest rainforest?Have you ever visited a rainforest?If you answered yes to the last question, what was it like in the rainforest when you visited it?What animals live in the rainforests near you?Do any of these animals ONLY live in the rainforests near you?Do you have a FAVOURITE rainforest animal? If so, what is it called?Are any of the animals in the rainforests near you endangered?If any of the rainforest animals are endangered, is anything being done to try to save them?If any of them are endangered, is there anything WE can do to help save them?Does deforestation affect you? If yes, please explain how it affects you.How do you feel about the rainforests being cut down?Are the rainforests a big part of your life?Is there anything you would like US to do to help save the rainforests?Are there any tribal people who live in the rainforests near you?If yes, are they affected by deforestation?Do you know about the difference between sustainable and unsustainable products?Is there anything you think WE should be doing to help the rainforests?Do you have any rainforest animals in school?My age is:
5/9/2012 21:41:08JennifergirlAcademia Britanica CuscatlecaEl SalvadorNoEl Impossible, about 1.5 hours from the schoolYesgreen, lush, clean riverssnakes, spider monkeys, owls,pumas, fish, lots of different types of birds, Yes the pumas and some of the birdsYes 2.5% of them are almost extinctThis particular park is a protected area where the animals can live freely without fear of being hunted.It is possible to adopt a hectare of land in this park. Our school has adopted a hectare to help out. it is contributing to global warming, our cities and towns are not as fresh as they used to be. The animals are losing their habitats to housing projects as the population explodes. I think it is a sad thing. We are losing not only the trees and plants, but many animal species. We may also be eliminating the possibility of finding new medicinal plants.Yes they are the lungs of the Earth, so they are a big part of all life.NoYesSpread the message about the forests of the world and how we are damaging them, and share possible solutions to this problem. Make people aware of how serious this is.No although last year a gray fox wandered onto the school grounds and had a pup. These are not endangered, nor do they live exclusively in rain forests, but it was exciting to see one.
5/15/2016 22:11:09Alishagirlsprowston high SchoolEnglandnoi don't know it is very far awayNothere isnt one there isn't onei like allmake a campaign or protest it doesn't i think it is ok as long as it is sustainable no there isn't a rain forest nee menoyes sustainable products mean we aren't using the ingredient to much that it will run outstop loggingno15-18 years old
5/10/2012 21:09:37FernandagirlFernanda SosaEl SalvadorYeshumid birds
5/10/2012 21:11:50JoseboyABC (Academia Britanica Cuscatleca)El SalvadorEl ImpossibleNoBirdsNoYesWell, there are organizations that are trying to help, protecting the rainforests with campaigns, etc.Protect them.Because trees are cut. Animals die.SadKind of.NoYesTrying to do campaigns, change the view of it- make it look important...No
5/10/2012 21:14:39FernandagirlFernanda SosaEl Salvadorbuldogbicentenario forestYeshumid birds, monkeys, snakesnoyesnoyesyes because the climate gets warmer sadnonoyesnono
5/10/2012 21:14:40HectorboyABCU.S.ANoEl PlayonYesVery freshlizards and birdsnonoyesyessave the treesyes because knowing that the animals become homelessthat it is very badyesnonostop cutting treesno
5/10/2012 21:15:11iddoboyabcEl SalvadornoWalter DeningerYesA little bit dark, good fresh air and a bit wet.Birds, insectsnoYes, the gorillaYes, the bterflu typesyesyesyes, all the nature and fhresh air their used to be, has been cut down.Terribleyes, they give me life and airI think the pipiles, if so not that much of those.yesyesYes, offer more protection to the parks(rain forests) because people get in and damage it.Yes, a couple of squirrels that sometimes appear. They look a bit hungry.
5/10/2012 21:15:15MarthagirlAcademia Britanica CuscatlecaEl SalvadorBulldogWalter Deninger ParkYesfull of vegetation, quiet, humid birds, snakes torogoz birdi like them allyesnoPreserve and protect them with laws, awareness and sheltersyes, it affects the air we breathe less trees means less exchange of carbon dioxide to oxygenI dont consider it to be the right thing to doYes, I care about taking care of the environmentnoA littleDont allow people to throw rubbis and protest against deforestationno
5/10/2012 21:18:26Carmen CordovagirlAcademia Britanica CuscatlecaEl SalvadorBulldogEl Parque BicentenarioYesIt was very natural, without anything built or a single piece of pollution squirrels, gato montes, talapo, deers, sankes yesnoyesyes, they try to help them breed themselves and preserve their natural envionmentsyesYes, because it affects us allbad and conservedyes, because they are the lungs of the country, city and without them we couldnt liveno-yesyes, you should by the land that surrounds the rainforest so nobody can build or destroy the rainforestNO
5/10/2012 21:18:58ErikagirlAcademia Britanica CuscatlecaEl SalvadornoWalter Deininger,El ImposibleYesLots of greenbutteflies,lizards,birdsyesbutterfliesyesyes, to visit the rainforest and bought hectaries do the same thing as we did but with other hectariesyes because many animals will die and there will be less oxygen for us, also there more floods and it is more hot extreamly cruel to the environment,animals and ourselvesyes because it represents our country and have species of undiscovered animals dont knowyesplant more trees and make people do not enter to steal thingssquirrels -people always get amazed when we see one of them
5/10/2012 21:19:18FernandoboyAcademia Britanica CustlecaEl SalvadorA BulldogEl SalvadorYesIt was great a lot of green areas with plenty plants. A lot of biodiversity.Deer, raccoons, possums, armadillos, snakes, bobcats, other rodents, many butterflies, anteaters and birdsPerhaps some frogs and insects.JaguarYes many of themProtected areasstop human contact with themYes it does, it causes the beauty of this world to be lost I like outdoors. Many habitats have been lost in my country because of these as well as many species of animals. Against it totally, it is the destruction of the Earth's nature.Not much, although I tend to visit them often.Noyes.plant more, use less. Induce conservation of the natural habitats as a way of living.A hawk.
5/10/2012 21:20:00FernandoboyAcademia Britanica CuscatlecaEl SlavadorBulldogEl BicentenarioYesIt was very pure and natural a complete different enviorment but i didnt see any animals...deer, wild cats, wild boar, snakes, fish, lizardsyesanacondayesmaking it illegal and setting protection proframes but they arent well defined...send real protection people to really set a clear example on how to protect and react to the animal huntIts very hot lately and pollution is increasingits bad and unfair because they dont even bother in replantingyes, they are awesome and fresh it a way of escaping your daily life to a natural and fresh placenoi dont knowyesreplant trees and protect animalsno
5/10/2012 21:20:27DiegoboyAcademia Britanica CuscatlecaEl SalvadorBulldogEl BicentenarioYesFun, goodSquirrlesNo TucanNoNoYes don't damage there habbitadyes it takes out our oxygensadYes because I care about recyclingMayansthey don't exist any more YesYes don't damage there habbitad don't cut trees
5/10/2012 21:21:16DiegoboyAcademia británica cuscatlecaEl SalvadornoEl bicentenarioYesIt was like an adventure to walk to rivers and to see all the plantssnakes torogozyesjaguarthe torogosplanting more treesplant treesI dont see beautiful on citybadyesnonoyeyesno
5/10/2012 21:22:30LuisagirlAcademi Britanic CuscatlecaEl Salvador it is a dog buldog El VicentenarioYesit is very big an it has lots of trees , it has wild animals .all type of nsects such as buttterflys warms .no they love in a rain forest also near my house El Imposible Yes a type of butterfly such as the monarca yes they are really protecting the rainfporest and taking care of the animals because people goes andf hunt them we can put posters for people to stop hunting them and we can make the authorites take pace on this .Yes , because it affect my world in which i leave , i think that is bad and the effects are very bad not oly for me and the animals but to ther whole world Very bad because people dont manage to see the importance that trees have on earth , i really feel like people should stop that .yes because they make me breath clean air noyes , we should be recycling and we should be also telling people to do the same , we can all make a great change if we work together no
5/10/2012 21:23:34Rodrigo boyABCEl SalvadorBulldogWalter deningerYesEl ImposibleTigrillo, Parrots and many otherTigrilloTigrilloTigrilloThere are many cops protecting the area and there are field trips to be able to help them (i have go to one of the field trips)We can go to the field trips and be guards for a day ehich is one of the activities and also you can adopt an hectarYes, there are more floods and it is hotter than beforeI feel bad and sad about the poor animals that we killYes they are I like to go and exploreNo they extintedyesAdopt some hectars for the Imposible No
5/10/2012 21:26:54AlejandragirlAcademia Britanica CuscatlecaEl SalvadorbulldogEn San Salvador Nosquirrelyesnoyes noPlanting trees and not literingyes, it affects us allreally bad, we need to save the rainforestyes it gives us oxygennonoyesPlanting trees and flowers no
5/10/2012 21:29:32JoséboyAcademia Britanica Cuscatleca El SalvadorBulldogEL Imposible, El parque El Bicentenario and Walter Deniger.YesIt was calm and peaceful.Birds, small tigers, black eagle, Cascada Negra, deer and boar.No, but there are some plants that are new, like Guaco de tierra and Ajeratura Salvanatura.TigerSome animals are being killed meaning that they have high chances of starting to be endangered.As many animals in the rainforests are being killed, the IGCA- a group were I'm currently in- gave some money to one of the rainforests to have more guards to protect the animals.Some animals are getting killed in the rainforests because there is a lack of guards so in order to stop this there should be more guards.By flooding and climate changes.I feel forlorn for the fact that rainforests are being cut down because without trees we will die since no carbon dioxide will be captured by leaves. Indeed, because they are the source of my life since they stop floodings and has helped me stay alive. No Yes, because as trees are being cutted some animals are dying.Sustainable products are the ones that can be mantained without causing long-term damages, and unsustainable products are those that cause long-term damages on the world.I think there should be more campaigns that help stop the cutting down of trees and the protection of animals that live in the rainforest.No
5/15/2012 14:52:38CeliagirlBrazilnoAtlantic rainforest (along the Brazilian seashore)YesIt is very humid, there are many insects.monkeys, birds, insectsnomonkeyssome kinds of monkeysthere are organisations working to save them. We can give money to those organisations.yes, we can support the many organisations working to protect and save the changes the climate. I live in Rio de Janeiro and there are happening many mudslides because the hills and mountins were deforested.It is very awful. We know that the forests produce oxigen and the air will get more polluted if the deforestation continues.Yes. We always visit the forest near my home, especially during the summer. The shade is nice and there is a beautiful view from up there (it is in a hill). noyesWe can get involved in the campaign to protect the rainforest and animals. We can support the organisations working for this purpose.
5/18/2012 8:37:09Jailyngirlchong ming elementery schooltainanWillowtreeindonesiaNoI don't knowsnakebengal tigertigerdon't eat and kill themsame as the last questionyes, that way we can't see any animalsANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes!nouh.......I don't knowdon't makeCO2no10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:44:12allisongirlchomingtainannoindonisiaNosqurrelnoyes,eagelsnopeyes,recyclenoheart brokennononostop cutting treesno10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:44:13LugirlChongming TaiwannoIndonesiaNotigersnoyes,jaguartigersThey raise moneyWe can raise money to adopt the endangered animalsYes, it gives us less oxygenSad Yes, so we can have paper to writenonoyes,stop cutting down treesno10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:44:13AshleygirlChongmingTaiwanWillow :)Indonesia ForestNoTiger, monkeynomonkeysYes, Bengal Tigerrecycle, reduce, reuseconvertYes, it effects the whole world. It seems like destroying Earth.I feel guilty.Yes, without it, there will be no shade.notry to save resourcesno8-9 years old
5/18/2012 8:44:14NemoboyChongmingTaiwanWillowIndonesiaNoBengal Tigar, orangaton, anacondaBengal Tigar, orangatonYes, jaguarYes, Bengal TigarPeople build national parks.We can stop using wooden products.Yes, we have less fresh air.I feel sad and angry.NO, but I care about them.They are the aberiginals in Indonesia. Yes.Yes.We can stop using wooden products.No.10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:44:15hsuehgirlChong Ming TaiwannoIndonesiaNotigersnoyes, lepordyes,make the governmnt to protect themnonosadyes, rainforest giving us oxygennonoyes, stop cutting treeno10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:44:16TerryboyChongmingTaiwanNoIndoniesiaNoBengal Tiger,orangatonBengal Tiger,orangatonJaguarYes,Bengal TigerYes,Yes ,we can don't destroy forestsYes,we have less fresh airbadNo,but I care about themYes,aboriginal peopleYesYesYes ,we can don't destroy forestsNo8-9 years old
5/18/2012 8:44:44RaymondboyChongming Elementary SchoolTaiwanwillow brananaIndonesiaNomonkeydo what the signs saydon't throw trash everywherevery sorry about the treessustainable products are like plastic, unsustainable is like clothingdon't throw trash everywhere10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:46:40KathleengirlChongming Elementary SchoolTaiwanNope.IndonesiaNotigersnoparrotsYep, Bengal Tigers.recycle,reduse,reuseconvertYes, it affects the whole world and destroys Earth.I think these people are selfish because they cut down the trees just to earn money. They didn't care that the trees are helpful to us.Yes, the plants can be used to make medicine.noNope.recycle, reduce,reuseNope.8-9 years old
5/18/2012 8:46:41EricboyChong MingTaiwanA willow tree named WillowIndoneisiaYesHumidmonkeys, tigers ectnoTigerthe tigeryes, ban hunting You could help by not visiting the rainforest.noashamednonoyesyesyes, you can tell people to save rainforestsno10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:46:41AngelagirlChongming ElementaryTaiwanWillow TreeIn IndonesiaNoI never went there. Monkeys, mosquitos and tree frogs, etc No.ToucanYes, the Bengal Tiger.Yes, people has starting to protect endangered animals.Reuse, recycle and reduce, stop wasting waterYes, if there are no trees, we have too many carbon dioxide. We need oxygen to live. I feel sad for the poor animals that live in the rainforersts.Yes, maybe I want to be a rainforest scientist when I grow up. No.No.No.Stop wating water and natural resources.No( Except mosquitos);)10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:46:49ChristinegirlChristinetaiwanNoIndonesiaYesmonkeyfrogbatyes, kind animalsleave the animal in a protect placebad No,we don't have a rainforest inTaiwan no more people to kill the animalno10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:46:50DaisygirlChongming Elementary SchoolTaiwanNoIndoniesia Rain ForestNoleopards,toucans,tigers,lions.......NotoucannoWe can take them to a national park, and let them live thereWe can kill less animalsnoI don't waqnt them to be cut down. I think we can protect the treesYes, because it produces most of the air we breathe innononoWe should cut down less treesNo10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:48:57AFRAgirlChong MingTaiwannoIndonisiaNoSnakesnoYes,ParrotsYesYes,stop hunting themYou can make national parksYes,it makes me sadI feel angry about itNoNoNOnoYes,we could save themNo8-9 years old
5/18/2012 8:52:07JonathanboyChongming TaiwannoIndonesiaNoskipbengal tigerbengal tigerbengal tigerbengal tigersome areas are protected by the govermentwe can use less wood productsyes, we won't have wood products to use in the futureI feel sadYes, many products come from the rainforestsnoyesyeswe can use less wood productsno8-9 years old
5/18/2012 8:53:39IanboychongmingTaiwannoIndonesiaNothere is not a rainforest near me.nojagaurnoyesyesnovery sadnononenonoyes, don't destroy their habitatno10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:55:06SamuelboyChongmingTaiwanThree second glue IndonesiaYesvery beautifulbirdsno yes birsno yesyesnovery sadnonononoyes , love earthno 10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:55:07CaitlingirlChongmingTaiwanWillow, it has long furry hairIndonesiaNoIguanna,humming birds,and Micronesian Kingfisher.etc.No, they live in other places tookomodo dragonYesThose people who care about them, they save them to not them get hurtstop the polutionyes, The earth will be less trees and we will die.I feel sad of the rainforest< if the trees are been cut, the animals will dieyes, our products come from thereNoyesNoNot waste thingsNo10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:55:07MinoruboyChong MingTaiwannoIndonesiaNovery beautifulsnakesnobeautiful birdsyesdon't polute too much polutiondon't use plastic bagsyes, our Earth will dievery sadyesnonosome of them you can reuseyes, don't cut down the treesno10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:55:13CindygirlChongming elementary Taiwanwillow treeIndonesiaYeshumidbengal tigers orangatonnoyes, bengal tigeryes,eg.bengal tigersyesyes,we can protest about protecting themyes trees unleash oxygenI feel sadnot really,but I do carethe aboriginals of IndonesiaIthink soyes,sustainable things-reuse unsustainable-you can not reuseyes,stop cutting treesno10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:56:56JustinboyChongmingTaiwanbananaIndonesiaNosnakesNosnakesYesYesDon't kill the animalsNoVery sadYes,because if we have no rainforest wewill dieNoNoSorry,noDon't kill the animalsNo10-11 years old
5/18/2012 8:58:27StevenboyChongming Elementary School TaiwanNo...No...snakes, NoYes, tigerYesYesYesNoI feel angry and sad.No, but I DO care about themNo...YesDon't throw trash everywhere, and No10-11 years old
5/18/2012 17:02:48ArcherboyChongming Elementary SchoolTaiwanNoIndonesia's RainforestNoNonNoYes,TigersNoYes, don't destoryed the rainforest.Don't destoryed animals' habitat.Yes,it makes me sad.I feel very sad and want to help the rainforest.NoNoNoYes,Don't cut down too many trees in the rainforest.No10-11 years old
5/10/2012 21:20:59Mariela girlAcademia Britanica CuscatlecaEl Salvador The Bull Dog Costa Rica YesThere where plenty of different species of plants. It was plenty of wild life. Birds, some frogs, deers, Yes the frogs I like the Toucans . Frogs are endangered and they have restricted the areas they live in. So they let the tourists go to certain parts. Maybe help to educate the community and raise conscience of endangered species. Yes. There is deforestation in the urban areas of El Salvador and there is more contamination. In one area specially called "El Espino" there are making lots of constructions and cropping all of the trees and in those trees some parrots lived and now we can barely see them because their homes have been destroyed.I feel that it shows human capability of destruction and our insensibility towards nature. It shows the evilness of human kind and therefore makes me reflect upon on who we are. Yes because it makes be more in connected to natureNoNoMaybe be more raise awareness about the deforestation. no
7/11/2014 12:38:15marcoboyharting c of e primary schoolenglandyes butser hillNoi didntparrotsnolionno12-14 years old