Sample Marketing-Sales-Operations Alignment
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Mar 8, 2017ArielWhat is the minimum paid-up capital for X IndustryGenerally, the minimum paid-up capital is only PhP 5,000. If it falls under this list, that's when there are changesNo
Mar 8, 2017ArielWhat is the ideal / recommended share structure for companies?That depends on your business and how you want ownership to be distributed. Most of our clients go for the 1M - 250k - 62.5k structure (authorized - subscribed - paidup capital). No
Mar 9, 2017GraceWe want to retire / close our business. Do we need Audited Financial Statements even if we did not operate last year?Yes. City Government requires to submit AFS
1. as their basis for assessement in renewal and retirement of their business and check if they have declared correctly the Gross Receipts/Revenue
2. to help them understand what is really happening with the business
Mar 14, 2017ArielWhat forms to use when hiring new employees? (BIR; SSS; PhilHealth; HDMF)New Employee, Fresh Grad
- HDMF --> online reg for individuals; then add to next month's contribution (MCRF)
- SSS --> Apply E1 form (physical); add to company R1-A, then have it received at SSS; R3 for separation; R5 for remittance

New Employee, Existing Number
- HDMF --> add to next month's contribution (MCRF)
- SSS --> lagay sa R1-A form
Yes, but not step-by-step