NameCategoryURLDescriptionDiscountDoes it drive you into a paid accountRequirementFaviconHow to apply (text)How to apply (URL or email)More info URL
Add new items to the buttom.
Only for COVID discounts, no regular discounts.
This is NOT your marketing channel over the pandamic. Act human!
Digital OceanHostinghttps://digitalocean.comHelping millions of developers easily build, test, manage, and scale applications of any size – faster than ever before.$1,000Maybe, but you can get pretty far with $1000.Expires one year after it is issuedFill in their form on a special page
IntercomWebsite Toolshttps://intercom.comBuild better customer relationships through conversational, messenger-based experiences with Intercom.100%Maybe, you need to enter payment information and will be charged automatically after 2 years.Free of charge to any company or institution fighting COVID-19 and its impact on society, or working to help those affected. chatbot on the page
AirtableWebsite Toolshttps://airtable.comAirtable is a low-code platform for building collaborative apps. Customize your workflow, collaborate, and achieve ambitious outcomes. Get started for free.100%No, no need for payment information and 1 year free trialAirtable is making Airtable Pro available for free to any non-political humanitarian group that is working on COVID-19 relief efforts. out form on the right
DivjoyWebsite Toolshttps://divjoy.com100%No, no need for payment information and 1 year free usage.It's appreciated to add a link back to (not required). Free for Covid-19 projects./static/images/favicon/apple-touch-icon.pngUse chatbot on the page
LevericeRemote Workhttps://leverice.comA team messenger that lets you focus on what matters.100%NoClick on "Get Started" or "Try Now" button on homepage.
Sheet2SiteWebsite Builderhttps://sheet2site.comCreate a website from Google Sheets100%No, but this free plan has no custom domain.Install add-on../img/faviconnew.pngUse the button below
SparklySlack Apphttps://sparklybot.comMatch people in your Slack space that have similar expertise or interest so they can share information related to COVID-19.100%Noresources/favicon.icoEmail: erwin@sparklybot.comerwin@sparklybot.com
Mindwave for TeamsWriting Toolshttps://mindwave.appMindwave is a journal app for work & life. Together you'll learn from the past, be present and improve the future.100%No, you get an extended free trial (6 months), no credit card needed.COVID-19 projects, or anyone who can't afford it (literally or mentally) support@mindwave.appsupport@mindwave.app
PigeonCRMhttps://trypigeon.coGmail, meet spreadsheet. CRM, mail merge, automated follow ups, canned responses, and many more features to spend less time on email.100%NoYour business has been substantially affected by COVID-19/assets/icon128-53d136bb0aa1c128a1a32fc3630d28eb4d3659aaa9fc748839e8d489221fe2f9.pngInstall Chrome extension @
Spike.shIncident Managementhttps://spike.shSpike is a simple incident management platform that alerts via slack, phone and email and automatic escalations to help teams fix infrastructure problems.100%NoFree for COVID-19 projects/spike-badge-180.pngSignup & email us
OutlineWriting Toolshttps://www.getoutline.comA modern team knowledge base for your internal documentation, product specs, support answers, meeting notes, onboarding, & more…100%NoCOVID-19 projects. Discounts available for affected industriesEmail:
LowdownEmailhttps://getlowdown.comLowdown gives each of your Slack community members a custom email digest. The channels they care about delivered, daily, weekly or monthly directly to their inboxes. So they don't miss out.100%NoFree for Slack groups helping with COVID-19/icons/icon-48x48.png?v=cbf83db1d7076e7706531a225f915b35Sign up and then send us an email.
ProductroadProductivity Toolshttps://productroad.comCustomer feedback management100%No
Contact in livechat
Simple AnalyticsAnalyticshttps://simpleanalytics.comSimple Analytics gives you the analytics you need without invading the privacy of your users, with a clean interface, and simple integration. GDPR, CCPA and, PECR compliant because we don't handle PII data and set no cookies.100%No, you don't have to enter any payment information.Public stats + link in footer of project/apple-touch-icon.pngFill in their contact form or use their chat widget
KedaiwebeCommerce Softwarehttps://kedaiweb.coThe ecommerce system comes with four pre-built agent to help you get started faster · Kedaiweb.co70%Maybe & all addon up to 70% discount
Remote OKRemote Workhttps://remoteok.ioHire the best remote working talent in the world on Remote OK and reach millions of applicants, just like Amazon, Microsoft, Stripe, ESPN, Intercom, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Invision, Toptal and thousands more remote companies.Job posting for $3Maybe, with the upsells.Disable logo options to get full discount./assets/apple-icon-57x57.png?2Just post a job
Stadia MapsWebsite Toolshttps://stadiamaps.comLocation made human: Map tiles, static maps, and routing for every app.50-100%MaybeAttribution in maps
blucheqProject Managementhttps://blucheq.comWe help online businesses comply with privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA, including EU representation per GDPR's Article 2750-100%MaybeAttribution on project website. covid@blucheq.comcovid@blucheq.com
Project CentralProject Managementhttps://www.projectcentral.comProject Central is a Simple and Secure Project Management Software for Teams using Microsoft Office 365. Start a Free 14 Day Trial.50%No, after 14-day free trial expires and it will then prompt for payment information.Users need a Microsoft Work accountEmail to receive discount
Remote LeafRemote Workhttps://remoteleaf.comRemote Leaf aggregates remote jobs in one organised place from hundreds of remote job boards, company career pages, linkedin, reddit, twitter, facebook groups and hacker news hiring.50%Maybe
Burner MailEmailhttps://burnermail.ioOne-click burner email addresses that you can use when signing up on websites to protect your identity and prevent your personal email address from being sold or spammed.50%Maybe, the discount is only applied to the first charge but it's possible to select 3 years. It will renew with normal pricing. coupon code: STAYINGHOME
DarwinMailEmailhttps://www.darwinmail.appDarwinMail is your golden ticket to a more productive day.50%Maybe up and then send us an email.
FindMeGigsRemote Workhttps://findmegigs.comBot that finds you jobs on Twitter30%Maybe/assets/images/apple-touch-icon.png?v20453383585851Just sign up using this link
XeovoVPNhttps://xeovo.comSilence censorship. Protect your privacy and bypass restrictions with Xeovo VPN.30%Maybe this code: StayHome2020
ProxymanDeveloper Toolshttps://proxyman.ioModern and Delightful HTTP Debugging Proxy. Proxyman is a high-performance macOS app, which enables developers to view HTTP/HTTPS requests from apps and domains from macOS & iPhone & Android30%Maybe, it's a discount/favicon/apple-icon-57x57.pngCoupon: PROXYMAN_STAY_SAFE_STAY_HEALTHY
PolypaneDeveloper Tools
A web browser for developers and designers that makes you twice as productive
100%No, no need for payment information and 6 months free usage.
To use for a covid-related site or tool, link back appreciated./icons/icon-48x48.png?v=5df5528946772487a6ab462ff2125f26Email: support@polypane.appsupport@polypane.app
FunRetroRemote Workhttp://funretro.ioCollaboration tool for remote teams to do agile retrospectives and other activities/meetings.25%Maybe
JustCallWebsite Toolshttps://justcall.ioJustCall is a cloud based phone system for your remote sales and support teams. Integrates with HubSpot, Intercom, Pipedrive, Salesforce & other CRM/Helpdesk tools. 20%Maybe20% off on subscription plans for 6 months. 70% off 1st month. & automatically get 70% off. Ping chat support for 20% for 6
HelpwiseEmailhttps://helpwise.ioHelpwise is an easy to use shared inbox and email collaboration software for teams to manage team email accounts like help@, sales@, etc. Get Shared Inbox for your team now! 20%Maybe20% off for 12 months & upgrade. Ping support for 20% off for 12 months.
Reader Mode PremiumProductivity Toolshttps://readermode.ioReader Mode is a distraction-free online reader chrome extension with dyslexia support, text-to-speech and research tools. Remove clutter and read any article in a distraction-free reader mode.20%Maybe/apple-touch-icon.pngUse coupon code: stayathome
PublisuitesAdshttps://www.publisuites.comSign up as a free advertiser and improve your content marketing with sponsored posts and texts for SEO15% extraMaybe, it's an extra discountAdditional 15% of credit in the rechargings by applying coupon CSVCOVID.
Only for advertisers counts.
Using coupon code: CSVCOVID
Retrospect.teamRemote Workhttps://www.retrospect.teamEasily conduct end of sprint and project retrospectives with everyone on your team no matter their location.Lifetime for $48, rather than $4/mo. ongoing.No, but you have to pay a one time fee./favicon-32x32.pngSignup & upgrade to PRO Lifetime Account for $48.
Leave Me AloneProductivity Toolshttps://leavemealone.appSee all of your subscription emails, newsletters, and spam in one place and unsubscribe from them with a single click. Tell unwanted emails to leave you alone!Free 50 creditsMaybe, but you will not be automatically charged. coupon: HELPING_HAND on profile billing page
Grow.comBusiness Intelligencehttps://www.grow.comBusiness intelligence software that frees the insights you desperately need to fuel growth and transform your business.Free 1 dashboardMaybe, with the upsells.Free 1 dashboard for 12 months. out form on landing page
CLINQRemote Workhttps://clinq.comSlack-Like Business Telephonie for Teams. Each channel has an own phone number for incoming and outgoing calls.600 free minutes per userMaybe, but you will not be automatically charged. application needed
PagerTreeIncident Managementhttps://pagertree.comPagerTree on-call incident management gives devops teams flexible schedules, escalations, & reliable notifications via email, SMS, voice, & smartphone app.3 months $3Yes, but you can cancel your subscription any time.Email:
SafeRequestProductivity Toolshttps://saferequest.netSafely receive files only you can open.3 months for €3Yes, but you can cancel your subscription any time./apple-touch-icon.pngSignup, become a pro, use coupon code covid-19
NetNutData collection is the fastest residential proxy network for businesses. Gather any web data & never get blocked again.
50% for all packagesMaybeNew customers jeffy@netnut.io
WebflowWebsite Builderhttps://webflow.comSite builder and hosting.
12 months hosting
Maybe, after the 12 months. support with details of project for discount code.
IBM CloudDeveloper Tools meet the global challenge of COVID-19, the world must come together. IBM has resources to share — like supercomputing power, virus tracking and an AI assistant to answer citizens’ questions. 3 months freeMaybe, after the 3 months.// the form on their page.
MonitoroWebsite Toolshttps://www.monitoro.xyzMonitor website changes and send the latest data to IFTTT, Google Sheets, Zapier, Firebase, AWS Lambda and many other services.

Use our free monitors to receive notifications for grocery delivery times, update your sheets with the latest cases as well or any other website you need to watch.
Free 5 hourly monitors, 30% discount above that
No, no need for payment information and 3 months free usage.
Free for Covid-19 projects or if you've been laid off.
Discount open to everyone.
JubiweeManagement Toolshttps://jubiwee.comAnonymous micro-surveys to follow how your team is doing and dealing with these peculiar work conditions. They will be sent automatically at the frequency of your choice, and results will be available in a real-time dashboard.
Free during the lockdown
Maybe, after COVID-19./favicon.icoUse the form on the page.
HypercareProductivity Toolshttps://www.hypercare.comHypercare helps clinicians coordinate clinical care by providing a HIPAA compliant solution to send clinical messages, figure out who is on-call and assign clinical tasks. We are deployed in hundreds of organizations. It's especially helpful during COVID given the complexities around patient care and the need for timely communication.
Free for 3 months
Maybe, after 3 months.Healthcare organizations only. signup
PapyrsWriting Toolshttps://papyrs.comWith Papyrs organizations can create an internal wiki/intranet site to share notes, docs, forms and work together remotely.100%No need for payment information. Email us and we'll apply the 100% discount.Free for any health workers/humanitarian organizations working on COVID-19 relief projectsEmail support at
Zoho RemotelyRemote Workhttps://www.zoho.comLooking for a remote work solution? Remotely is a suite of essential business applications including chat, video conferencing, office apps and more which will help you work from anywhere.Free for 3 monthsYes, but you can cancel your subscription any time.Just signup
ZeroTierVPNhttps://my.zerotier.comAll your devices on the same LAN. Peer to peer. End to end encrypted. Runs on everything.FreeNoLess than 100 devices./favicon.ico?r=124No application needed
PragliRemote Workhttps://pragli.comVirtual office for remote teamsFree for next 2 monthsMaybe, after 2 months.Online sign up
BuiltOnWebsite Toolshttps://builton.devManage users, products, orders, payments, and deliveries with our APIs. AI tools also. No need to build your own backend.Unlimited API callsNo
SafetyAmpProductivity Toolshttps://www.safetyamp.comSafetyAmp is a configurable, all-in-one EHS platform to increase engagement, reduce risk, connect the workforce, and improve your safety, health, and quality workflows.Free for two monthsMaybe, after two months.SafetyAmp is making its platform available free for two months for teams needing COVID-19 auditing capabilities sales@safetyamp.com
BlackbelleCommerce Softwarehttps://www.blackbell.comBlackbell is an all-in-one platform to launch and grow your business online! No code and no tech knowledge required.Free for 4 monthsYes, but you can cancel your subscription anytime,h_426,w_426,x_35,y_20/c_scale,h_150,r_max,w_150/v1519739171/permanent/jR3HYhnDQIyGi6RwVlVX_t4yg0d.pngApply the coupon solidaritycovid19
PaperspaceRemote Workhttps://www.paperspace.comWe're offering substantial free GPU resources to any team working on COVID-19-related machine learning or deep learning research.Free GPUsNo and email support@paperspace.com
MailCertifiedProductivity Toolshttps://www.mailcertified.comSend certified letter with electronic return receipt via USPS for $8.29 (regular $9.29) Use share feature to community craft a letter, such as debt validation etc.$1 offNoNone, discounted price is open to all and displayed on the site.Just go to the site and start your letter.
DevScoreDeveloper Toolshttps://devscore.comDevScore is a Low Code Automation Service for software development teams to automate manual tasks, data synchronizations and reporting of Scrum, CI/CD and Operations.100%No./assets/img/brand/favicon.pngSignup and email
ZensorsManagement Toolshttps://www.zensors.comCamera based analytics for remote monitor your business operationsFree during lockdownNoJust tell us you found us here
CalendlyRemote Workhttps://calendly.comFree Zoom and GoToMeeting Integrations till JuneFree during lockdownMaybe, with the;base64,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create a free account and you have immediate access.
QueueMetrics LiveAnalyticshttps://www.queuemetrics-live.comQueueMetrics Live will let your monitor your telephone traffic - real-time and with deep analysis. Even if you are not a call center, you need this to understand what your inbound telephone team is doing - especially now that everybody works remotely.Free for 3 months for SMBsNo, you are welcome to sign up if you end up loving it, though.Having less than 20 agents./img/graphics/favicon20150812.pngSign up for a demo, then tell the rep you want the 3 months free plan.
AtlassianDeveloper Toolshttps://www.atlassian.comMillions of users globally rely on Atlassian products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality.Free for up to 10 users or build minutes (incase of Bitbucket Pipelines etc)No signup through the link
TextItDeveloper Toolshttps://textit.inTextIt allows you to build interactive messaging bots using SMS, IVR, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more using an easy visual interface.100%NoCovid19 Related project./sitestatic/brands/textit/favicon.icoSign up for free, open a ticket to get free credits.
NodewareCybersecurityhttps://igius.comNodeware is a simple yet powerful vulnerability scanning tool that helps with device inventory and identifying gaps in the network. IGI is offering 90 days free with the commitment of a single annual license.Free for 90 DaysYes, after 3 monthsVirtual deployment only — Hyper V or VMwareSimply sign up on the landing page and create an account.
AlgoliaWebsite Toolshttps://algolia.comCreate AI-powered search & discovery across websites & apps.Free Pro PlanNoCovid19 Related project. with "COVID-19 Request" subject
DocSpringDeveloper Toolshttps://docspring.comBuild an API integration in minutes and fill out PDF forms with your data. Set up field positions and data types using our visual PDF template editor. Simply post JSON data to our API, then download a filled-out PDF in seconds.Free for up to 10,000 PDFs / mo, then an 85% discountNoCovid19 related project (not-for-profit)/apple-touch-icon.pngSign up for free, then email support@docspring.com
TefterProductivity Toolshttps://tefter.ioSocial bookmarking for individuals and teamsFree for 3 months (personal), unlimited free for nonprofitsYes, after 3 months and email or use the covid-19 code (for personal accounts only)
Vectorspace AIAnalyticshttps://vectorspace.aiNLP/NLU Datasets by Vectorspace AI100%NoCovid19 Related project/favicon-196x196.pngEmail or visit info@vectorspace.ai
Placer.aiAnalyticshttps://www.placer.aiThe COVID-19 Retail Impact Tracker allows you to see year-over-year changes in foot traffic for major brands in relation to coronavirus cases. Filter by brand, date, and region to see how coronavirus has been impacting visits to retail and restaurant chains nationwide.100%No correlated retail trend data is available publicly for free.
Reclaim.aiProductivity Toolshttps://reclaim.aiReclaim gets your calendar under control. Auto-block time for eating lunch, catching up on email, personal commitments and more -- plus get stats on where you're spending time to keep you from working endless days.100% discount until January 2021Maybe, after January 2021 sign up for free and get started.https://reclaim.ai
TettraWriting Toolshttps://tettra.comTettra is an internal knowledge base, wiki and knowledge management system that helps answer repetitive questions and onboard teammates faster.100%NoScaling Plan only. Non-profit working on Covid-19 related response up and reach out over chat
CozyCalRemote Workhttps://www.cozycal.comA delightfully simple online scheduling and appointment booking software. Manage bookings, collect intake forms and accept payments directly on your website.Free for 6 monthsMaybe, after 6 months can cancel subscription or upgradeNon-profit working on Covid-19 related response up and contact for coupon codesupport@cozycal.com
ShiftXProductivity Toolshttps://shiftx.comShiftX is a collaborative tool, empowering teams to easily visualize, understand and improve how your business operates.Free 3 month 5 person business planMaybe, after 3 months or more than 5 personsOrganizations with 50+ employees/volunteers and 30 minute on-boarding required// bubble on or
ContentfulWebsite Builderhttps://stop-the-spread.devA free JAMstack-based static website template and hosting in conjunction with our partners, Netlify and Gatsby100%Noit is a free template on free plans by all partners/logo192.png free JAMstack-based static website template and hosting in conjunction with our partners, Netlify and Gatsbyhttps://stopthespread.dev
RoutificDelivery managementhttps://routific.comRoutific is a route planning software platform that helps delivery businesses plan their routes more efficiently, saving time and up to 40% on fuel.100%NoCovid19 Related project. chat with us after you sign up for a trial
ConductorProductivity Toolshttps://www.senseilabs.comRepond and recover faster. Sensei Labs is making Conductor free for managing COVID-19 projects to help everyone get through these challenging times.Free for 6 monthsNoCOVID-19 response and recovery management in the form and we'll get you setup
HoneybadgerMonitoringhttps://www.honeybadger.ioHoneybadger combines error, uptime and check-in monitoring in a simple, easy to use platform. Our mission: to tame production and make you a better, more productive developer.Free for 6 monthsMaybe, after 6 months.Covid19 related project (not-for-profit)Sign up and email support to alert us you are part of a Covid-19 projectsupport@honeybadger.io
Coast AppProductivity Toolshttps://coastapp.comCoast makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page by bringing team chat, tasks, and workflows into one place.100%NoCovid-19 relatedSign up for free
KnackLow-Code/No-Codehttps://www.knack.comKnack empowers everyday innovators to quickly build custom apps with no code required. Knack community members are already volunteering to build free apps to aid in COVID-19 relief efforts. 100%NoCOVID-19 related, non-profit project.Request free application on the site.
WorkatoLow-Code/No-Codehttp://www.workato.comWorkato, a leader in Gartner MQ, is more than an iPaaS. It's an Intelligent Automation platform that can be used by both Business and IT. It supports thousands of enterprise and workflow usecases so you can automate everything.Free for 6 monthsMaybe, after 6 months.Covid-19 related, Some partners have offered to help with free/discounted services for free or contact us
MINTDATASpreadsheetshttps://mintdata.comCreate applications with a spreadsheet100%NoFree for all Covid-19 related work.Email for free accesscovid-19@mintdata.com -- an example of Covid-19 analysis on MINTDATA
intelliHRPeople Managementhttps://intellihr.coKeep your teams connected and feeling supported in these difficult times with our free HR Software built for the Coronavirus.100%NoCovid-19 related in the form and we'll get you setup
GociousProject Managementhttps://gocious.comCloud software as a service for product planning and management. Gocious helps teams plan, analyze, and share information for hardware products.100%NoGocious is making its product available for free to any non-political humanitarian group that is working on COVID-19 relief efforts.Sign up for a trial and then send a message to our support team for the discount.
SleuthDeveloper Toolshttps://sleuth.ioCloud-based deployment tracking that arms remote software teams with the knowledge required to move faster. Free for 6 monthsMaybe, after 6 months. for free and we'll extend for six months.
CrowdboticsLow-Code/No-Codehttps://www.crowdbotics.comIt's not low-code, it's full code made easy. Build business-ready software, apps, integrations, and more with the Crowdbotics App Builder. Hire certified PMs and developers to help build your project at any time.15 free development hours for health-care related apps supporting the Coronavirus crisis. Waived blueprint fees for restaurant or small business who needs to transition to online orders. MaybeHealth-care related apps supporting the Coronavirus crisis. Small businesses transitioning to an online business model. 'Free Quote' form and mention COVID-19 discount.
JotFormRemote Workhttps://www.jotform.comAs a thanks to healthcare pr bcactices, nonprofits, and government organizations helping respond to the Coronavirus crisis, JotForm is offering free unlimited HIPAA plans. Let us fight together!Free for 4 monthsMaybe, after 4 months.Eligible for first responders, healthcare workers, and nonprofits that want to help their communities.// can be made through a JotForm
AwareAnalyticshttps://www.awarehq.comAware is a Gartner-recognized SaaS platform used by major enterprises across the globe. We partner closely with Slack, Microsoft Teams/Yammer, Workplace from Facebook and others to meet governance, security and compliance requirements to enable messaging collaboration at scale.Free through MayMaybeDependent upon integration platforms. Slack Enteprise Grid, Workplace from Facebook, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams.Application from at the bottom of the landing page
StartdayManagement Toolshttps://startday.appFree all-in-one management platform for freelancersFree 3 months premiumNo./favicon.icoAutomatic on Sign Up
Flamelink.ioDeveloper Toolshttps://flamelink.ioFirebase is perfect for rapidly developing and scaling a global app, and Flamelink's feature rich CMS includes user permissions, media manager, webhooks and workflows that non-developer users would benefit from, allowing for instant and multi-channel, content updates. In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’d like to offer our support to any team or NGO that is thinking of building a social good app in response to the Coronavirus. Whether it’s to help educate your community, offer support, keep people informed about latest developments, Flamelink can help manage the content in your application.
Contact us to get free access to an Inferno Flamelink plan to help you, help the world.
Free Enterprise plan for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemicNoCovid-19 related projects like apps, websites and other digital platforms built on Firebase/icons/icon-48x48.png?v=454696de42794630a1b3a9cc72b943b6Sign-up for a 14-day free trial and contact our support team
My HoursRemote Workhttps://myhours.comFree Time Tracking software with a track record. Time tracked on projects and tasks can be easily turned into shareable reports for your clients or managers. Set hourly rates and generate invoices with ease.Unlimited team members, projects and tasksNo - Sign up via Email
Bird Eats BugDeveloper Toolshttps://birdeatsbug.comReport and fix bugs faster. Screen recording with automatically captured techinical logs.100%No on sign uphttps://app.birdeatsbug.com
MindMeisterRemote Workhttps://www.mindmeister.comWe are offering a foundation on which to build your online classroom in the form of two integrated programs. When you sign up, you’ll get the business bundle, which means you’ll have access to the fully-featured versions of both MindMeister and MeisterTask.100%NoCOVID-19 related for educational institutions and teachers a request via a form
DashlyWebsite Toolshttps://dashly.ioGrow sales without growing traffic and provide excellent customer support0-50%Maybe, depends on your plan and project30% or 50% for the new users of Dashly:
free for teams and people that fight COVID-19 and its consequences
/assets/static/favicon.f22e9f3.dffc2dbe8a48e5a10760f3c72eff18b4.pngSend a message in live chat, the agents will help
MeisterTaskProject Managementhttps://www.meistertask.comWe are offering a foundation on which to build your online classroom in the form of two integrated programs. When you sign up, you’ll get the business bundle, which means you’ll have access to the fully-featured versions of both MindMeister and MeisterTask.100%NoCOVID-19 related for educational institutions and teachersSubmit a request via a form
kidpofyWebsite Toolshttps://kidpofy.comContinuously, find a way to keep all the memories of your children, right? Would you like to keep how your children write in their first years?100%No on sign up
LetterWellAdshttps://letterwell.coBuy and sell advertising space in newsletter emails. We provide a secure, thoroughly vetted marketplace to connect advertisers with newsletter owners.100%NoBusiness/brand has an email newsletter on sign uphttps://letterwell.co
PukkaTeamRemote Workhttps://pukkateam.comPukkaTeam is an always-on, online workplace for your remote team to work together throughout the day, improve communication, team awareness and feel more connected, no matter where they are. Find Out More!60 day trial
Yes, after 60 days50% discount on all packagesAutomatically on sign up for trial extension.
50% discount code is LOVEREMOTE2020
KarenProductivity Toolshttps://karenapp.ioKaren helps medical care givers schedule meetings and appointments with patients. 100%No/static/karen/favicons/apple-icon-57x57.pngUse code SixMo50 for discounthttps://karenapp.io
TypeformData collectionhttp://www.typeform.comWe're offering 3 months free of Typeform Premium for anyone working on COVID-19 related projects that are strictly not-for-profit.Free for 3 monthsMaybe, after 3 months.Nonprofit Covid-19 response project/apple-touch-icon.pngSubmit a request form
Sweet Jam SitesWebsite Builderhttps://sweetjamsites.comI'll build a COVID-19-related website for you in a day, for FREE. Yes totally free. Anything that would help people be more informed, supported, safer or supplied.FreeNo, as long as it's for COVID19-related social good causesFill out contact form
LegalerRemote Workhttps://legaler.comLegaler offers free tools to help you schedule, host and archive online meetings securely in your browser with end-to-end encryption for video calls and messaging. Meet Smarter. Meet Legaler.Free for 12 monthsMaybe, after 12 months.Solo Lawyers, Law firms, Law Students, Legal supportTo activate the code simply follow these steps after you signup
PlacidWebsite Toolshttps://placid.appAutomatically generate social share images100%NoFree Pro plan for Covid-19 projects. Discounts available for affected businesses/apple-icon-57x57.pngContact us via live chat
UpflowFinancehttps://upflow.ioStop wasting time and automate customer payments reminders. With Upflow, businesses quickly collect unpaid invoices and reduce overdue payments by 50%.50%Yes/icons/icon-48x48.png?v=7f1cc4024b5aeb9488b9a89c53cad0bdContact via chat