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What one bicycle improvement would you like to see implemented in San Antoino?How safe do you feel biking in San Antonio? (0 unsafe to 100 very safe)Have you been injured while biking or hit by a car in San Antonio?If yes describe what happened and where.What are the top 3 projects you want to see BikeSA work on?
average = 49Yes 39%No 61%
Cleaner bike lanes.85NoShoulder on Southtown road.
More safe bike lanes75YesAt stop light dtsa. Car took a right from far left and I was dragged several feet as I quickly held on to passenger door handle.Safe bike lanes Clean bike lanes with no cars parked in bike lanes Community outreach education on vehicular traffic and how they should treat cyclists on the road
More bike lanes and more public education. 30No
Clean bike lanes and better bike share the road advertising. 50YesI was hit by the driver of a pick up truck exiting a construction project off FM-471 (Culebra) 1 1/2 yrs ago. He stopped and then tried to blame me. Push for more green belt trails. Push for bike lane clean up on Blanco and other major roads. PSA for bike safety.
You complete the trail work then you start another project that disrupts the trail you just open. 56NoFinish all work on the trails More parking One place to see what running club has a function on the trail. So riders can avoid it.
More bike lanes adequately separated from cars with curbs or other barriers so cyclists would not be threatened by motor vehicles.31YesOn two occasions, cars turned right on red without stopping and would have hit me. I was fortunate to avoid both cars, but fell while swerving away and suffering broken ribs (three once on four the second time) in the fall.Expand the greenway system, street sweep bike lanes and ticket vehicles parked in the bike lanes, more and better connected bike lanes
More marked cycling lanes.50YesHit by pick up while riding on a two lane street, driver did not stop.More bike lanes. Working towards a strict enforcement of laws to protect cyclists. Education for cyclists and for drivers.
More bike lanes, less debris 65YesCar waited for me to barely pass and he hit the right back side of my bicycle and proceeded to speed off, right off of hays bridge underpass on a Friday night Bike lanes Safer trails Less debris
Extend creekway trails out to helotes10YesTruck turned in front of group of 20 riders. 3 went to hospital, one badly injured.Creekway to Helotes Safe route around 151 and 1604 region extend creekway south of 410
More bike safety on roads (bike lanes, cleaner bike lane, share rode signs, etc)30YesNoA car ran a stop sign and I got side swiped. And fled the scene. austin hwy area. Clean bike lanes on streets. Police officers need to Enforce bike safety to driver and motorists. Community awareness.
Protected bike lanes 23NoConnected on street cycling; Nacogdoches Road, Austin Highway, Roosevelt
I would love to see the River Walk safely connected for bikes from the Mission Reach up to the Museum Reach. The current official bike paths can be challenging for inexperienced riders. I'd like to see the River Walk areas where bikes are not allowed more clearly marked (it's currently somewhere between non-existent and flat out wrong), as well as bike-specific street lights to help riders manage left turns on the off-river-walk sections of the official paths.70YesFell on my face and broke some teeth riding through downtown. It was my own dang fault.1. Connecting the River Walk safely for bikes, especially the road section that bikes have to ride when they're not allowed on the River Walk 2. Finish the Greenways Master Plan 3. Increase bike parking throughout downtown
better roads88YesWhile in the pelton I hit a friend's rear wheel and laid the bike downdriver education on road rules ("share the road") and penalties both driver and rider financial incentive to use alternative Eco friendly transportation repaired and cleaned roads
More protected bike lanes30Yescrashed while mountain biking; several trail systems1) lift or relax curfew on paved path greenway trails 2) install more protected bike lanes 3) educate public about bicycle safety
Bike lane on Blanco south of 41020YesInnatentive driver turne right at intersection and cut me offMore bike lanes Bicycle safety education do general public
Bike lanes35YesFell off bike while riding over train tracks on ProbandtBike lanes, fix infrustructure to make safer for bikes (ie train track crossings, roads),
35YesHit and run... I was heading back to work on the west side and had only my back tire left to completely cross the intersection ...he had a stop sign and I did not and he was a speeding he hit my back tire with the driver side front light and bumper... Pieces of his light left at the accident... Sent me and bike flying... Frame hits back of my head and I am knocked out cold..severe concussion which now I get ocular migraines, messed up back, elbow and knee. And I am only 35...him no where in sight..didn't stop to see if I was ok... Green SUV but can't remember licence plate so oh well lol
More bike enforced lanes. 50NoBetter road conditions, more bike lanes and more education about bike riding sharing.
Fix potholes.60YesI whent over my handle bars after hitting a pothole.Raise awareness. Create a taskforce to ticket aggressive drivers. Fix/clean up bike lanes.
cleaner streets (too much debris and gravel everywhere)77Yesslipped on gravel when making a turn. the gravel looked identical to the pavementdedicated bike lanes next to roads, 6 feet wide and separated from the road by barriers (or grass/trees median)
Driver education by whatever means available.80No
53YesGuy was in a hurry, "didn't see me"Clean bike Lanes.
More protected lanes38NoCity sponsored bike paths Road restoration More crosswalks and sidewalks
More cycling events65No1. Organize at least 2 major cycling events during the year. 2. Remain proactive with increasing number of bike lanes. 3. Encourage areas that are outside of the city to utilize existing biking infrastructure. Ex. Using greenways.
YesSATX social ride another rider cut right infront of me
More Cycling lanes and more cycling awareness signs 0No
More bike lanes33Yes Dogs chasingAdvocacy
Fair laws to cyclists. That can be seen by drivers also. That we both share the road. 53YesI was on Steve's waiting my turn to go after a car . As I started to pedal this lady drove into me. She claimed to not see me.Street cleaning. More signs for all drivers to see cyclists are on the road as well. More bike Lanes.
Road improvements in the Southside and downtown areas. Too many pot holes and hazards to cycling. 20YesMy front wheel hit s huge pothole just north of downtown on Main and Cypress street. It pulled my handle bars out of my hands and caused me to crash. Street improvements, Bike lane maintenance, educate the public about bicyclists rights to the road and the rules for drivers regarding giving the cyclists room and signs that texting while driving is prohibited. Have police enforce phone use while driving laws downtown. A Holiday Inn bus driver almost ran over my wife when he passed a Red light downtown while he was on the phone looking for an address.
Education and enforcement of 3’ ordinance 50YesHit by cars twice Laws, bike lanes,
More bike lanes61NoMore bike lanes, repaint current ones, or divided lanes from vehicles.
Better more visible wider bike lanes0YesDriver failed to stop at stop sign and didn't check the bike lane first.Smoother, wider more visible bike lanes. I think daily reminders on all local news channels, to share the road and be on look out for cyclist would do wonders.
tickets for bikers running stop lights/stop signs.10Yescrap pavement by capital cement caused me to to lose control.
more designated bike laws49NoBike lanes, driver education, and enforcement of rules.
More bike lanes. 82YesAnother cyclist cut me off, he was wearing headphones and I completely wiped out. 1. Trails open at night. 2. Bike information available in other languages to help increase bike safety. 3. Street car sweeping bike lanes.
citywide bicycle paths separated from motor vehicle traffic.50YesMV crossed broadway and hit my wife and I head on. Police told us to shut up it happens all the time.Paths/multi use sidewalks
All new road construction must include a bike lane.74YesBike slipped on road because of 6 inch shoulderAll new constructed roads & rebuilt roads must include bike lanes. This would do wonders for transportation & tourism. Look at Oro Valley, AZ.
Finish connecting up the greenway trails, especially Salado Creek through Ft. Sam. 95YesSlid out on wet road around a turn. My fault.Get city to keep bike paths clean. Advocate for more B-cycle stations. Advocate for bike safety.
Protected lanes for low income commuters. 38NoThe same efforts and thrusts you're already doing.
Safer and expanded bike lanes35YesLost control of bike and crashedComprehensive connections of bike lanes, massively expanded bike lanes, and dedicated bike lanes (like Austin’s)
More bike lanes34NoMore bike lanes or better bike awareness
More street markers and paint46NoRoute maps, psa's, city funding
Finish linking all greeneays together to complete the emerald necklace. Add additional bike lanes that actually connect with other bike lanes. No new streets w/o bike lanes. More mountain bike trails in parks 46YesLong time ago. Hit 5 times. Sometimes my fault sometimes driver’s fault. No serious injuries. Ser answer to quest 1
Better protection between cyclist and motorist.30YesI was shot at while I was in the right lane of a two lane dule road (four lane road with two lanes for each way.) It wasn't the best experiance, road hogs are the biggest issue in this state.Bike lane, city planing with integration of bike travel (trails and roads), A bike Highway (An elevated bridge were bike travel can work efficiently with out intruding in traffic, what? Korea is doing it and Japan already has it.)
1) Workshops on how to bike safely in traffic_ geared to inexperienced/ young.53No1) Workshops on how to bike safely in traffic_ geared to inexperienced/ young. 2) Helmet give aways. 3) Car drivers education about sharing the road
extent the bike path along the river walk up through Brackenridge Park and surrounding areas. More paved bike paths!81NoMore paved paths More commuter bike programs Education to community
More bike sharrows80NoAdvocacy and communication with city leaders and those in charge of planning public works.
Guarded bike lanes (barrier of some type protecting the lane)18No No, but I know people who have. Lobbying for guarded bike lanes, lobbying for more awareness of cyclists and more strict laws for those who hit and injure or kill riders as well as for riders who do not obey traffic laws.
Fill pot holes and edges that can be dangerous to bicycles.25NoWiden roads out in the bulverde/spring branch area More signs stating to Sabre the road in heavily biked areas Smooth and sweep roads that are heavily biked
Bicycle safety. More awareness. For motorists to look out for everyone's safety.60NoMore bike lanes. Stiffer penalties for motorists. Public awareness on Billboards for bicycle safety.
Dedicated mountain bike and trials structures. 80No
Turtles on the bike lanes. Bike markings is not enough 11YesBump by a car, driver Admitted he was on his cell phoneTurtles all over the place
More bike lanes. 75NoWork to complete the greenway bike trails around the city. Bike lanes on all new road projects. Ride to work days in SA
More Bicycle lanes45NoBike lanes Cycling laws for the community to know Safety
Bike commuting infrastructure (lanes, trails, bikeways, etc.).25NoCommunity outreach/awareness City planning Supporting youth riding
More connected bike lanes that can be used to get a commuter around. Example continue Blanco thru 4-10 and routed to McCollough to get Downtown.70NoConnect the green belts. Maybe some off-road trails in parks. Bike lanes and awareness. I would also stress rail with bike access. I can dream can’t I?
Protected bike lanes! 75YesCar turning. No damage. No foul. Protected bike lanes! Protected bike lanes! Protected bike lanes!
Safe cycling routes from 1604 to downtown25YesRiding to work I10 frontage road in Leon Springs during construction, hit a section of uneven pavement and crashed -- fractured collarbone.Passage of vulnerable user laws that give cyclists and pedestrians some legal protection on the roads. Establishment of safe cycling routes from 1604 to downtown for commuters and recreational cyclists. Completion of the Greeenway Trail system.
More connections between existing bike infrastructure. More protected bike lanes. 50NoIdentifying popular bike routes and promoting adoption of infrastructure in those areas.
Increase in dedicated bike lanes without having to share a lane with cars/buses. 60YesWas going south on Fredericksburg and car failed to yield at the green light to turn left onto Culebra and hit me head on. No broken bones only broke my bike and minor bruises Alternative Transportation policy delevopment, Increasing the connectivity of existing bike infrastructure network, advocacy of safety and health benefits of cycling I.e. sustainability being environmental, social and economic benefits
an increase in bike trails, giving basically anyone the opportunity to ride their bike to school or work with minimal risks. 80No
More mountain bike trails 3YesI’ve had to drop my bike to avoid a car. I’ve been harassed and passed I safely. I obey all rules of the road Downtown area more bike lanes. Continue to connect the paved trails to include around SAMMC. More mountain bike trails and skill areas especially near downtown
Lanes and safety.55NoBike commuter areas, greenway safety, trail maintenance.
More bike lanes on major roads and more bike routes throughout the city.70NoMore bike lanes More bike racks
More offroad trails conneting around townNoConnect offroad trails More road bike lanes Bike festival
Bike lanes respected 71YesHit by car on Broadway. Yes I was on the wrong side of the street but still. I would like to help out with keeping bike lanes clear
Street sweep the bike lanes ... there is simply too much debris (rocks, broken glass, brush) Forces us onto actual roadway 55NoClean bike lanes More bike lanes Ticket cars parked on bike lanes.
Education it seems that cyclist obey the laws and yet drivers don't understand the laws81NoEducation Bike lanes that connect to somewhere instead or just ending Enforcement of bike as a vehicle.
I'd love the trails at Mac to be better marked. And have the maps that are strewn throughout the park to have a "you are here" sticker85NoA bike park would be really fun to see happen. Biking workshops where people can bring their bikes and learn new skills or practice maintenance.
No parking in bike lanes85NoMore bike events like siclovia get out more info of the trails available to people More trails
A pump track and skills area51No
More bike lanes65NoMore bike lanes, consolidated biking calendarthat is current, and more women focused groups
bike safety60Notrail infastructure..
Simply put, more trails. 70YesAll my fault. Riding beyond my skill level. Couple of cracked ribs and lots of bruises and scrapes. Adding trails Maintaining current trails. Provide some skills clinics.
Protected/barrier bike lanes30NoMore bikes lanes, and added barriers/protected bike lanes.
Stronger awareness for the 3 foot padding rule. I get buzzed all the time on 1604 frontage roads. Especially near UTSA. 90NoI just discovered the Salado Creek bike trail and it is great, however I would like to see it linked up the the Missions trail some how. I would like to be able to ride from the far North side to the missions.
More painted bicycle lanes51No
Protected bicycle lanes on major roads 34YesI was hit by an old lady making a left turn onto Nueva from S St Mary's after dark. A protected bicycle lane down Broadway Using the Creekways after dark Implementation of the bicycle master plan.
No parking allowed in bike lanes. 10YesTracks at Probandt poorly lit at night. My front wheel slipped into curve of track and I was thrown to asphalt, sustaining injuries. Weekly cleaning of bike lanes. Establishing new bike lanes in city. Strongly communicating to motorists via SAPD importance of maintaining cyclist safety. Too many bicyclists thoughtlessly killed by motorists.
Greenway trails open after dark so commuters can stay off roads50NoDon’t know
Bike lanes cleaned up60NoNA
bike lanes to/from the medical center 34NoGetting people to not park in neighborhood bike lanes, bike lanes on Grissom rd/bandera rd areas; build app to show biking events /bike- friendly spots around town
Create more safe bike lanes, barriers installed on roads where traffic travels fast.70NoSafer bike lanes. Education for both drivers and bikers, obeying traffic rules, lights, signs etc.
Enforcement of the 3ft to pass law/Driver education15NoNot sure what projects are open, so I don’t really know.
More bicycle lanes.67YesA vehicles side mirror hit me while commuting home from work. There were multiple lanes and the vehicle shared a lane and did not give me 3feet. They stopped we're I could see them and I stopped to let them know that it was the law to give me space she was offended and said I should get on the sidewalk. I let her know that was illegal. I tried to politely let her know that I was a teacher. As I watch out for the children of our community, please watch out for cyclists like me.Education of non cyclists. Is this taught in driver's education? More bike lanes and making it illegal to park there. Inact "Indiana" laws.
More trails and routes for cycling that can be used at any time of the day63NoConnecting and expanding more bike trails. Making sure those trails are lighted and safe Cleaning up current bike trails
Crosswalk w lights that make people stop. Example crosswalk between Lions field And kiddie park at Mulberry.81NoBike lanes Crosswalks Education to drivers/cyclists that we have same rules as they due
More Bicycle lanes75YesHit by truck in intersection, broke a rib1. More Trials/hike and bike. 2. More bicycle lanes 3. More bicycle racks.
A master plan that combines accessibility from every neighborhood with the freeway system. I have to get creative on my routes sometimes.73YesSlow bikers not paying attention to my calls and bell. College couple listening to ipod and talking. When I went to ride around the left he panicked and pulled left off the trail right in front of me. Didn't break my leg, just a deep contusion.1. Off-road connector paths or paved trails between neighborhoods and existing trailsystems. 2. Additional single track in established parks and greenbelts. 3. More bike lanes in general.
bike lanes on 160463Nobike lanes from 281 to Blanco road on the access road of Loop 1604
Something other than just cross country trails. Freeride, enduro, and a bike skills area would be awesome! Jumps, drops, and wall rides.100NoA bike skills area, dirt and wooden features with jumps and drops.
Complete current construction projects!80YesLady did not look both ways when exiting a parking lot. I should have predicted she would not stop.Finish construction, link greenways, clean up McAllister.
More public service announcements, billboards on bike safety and recognition.75NoPublic announcements, more bike lanes, maintaining the bike lanes that exist.
Dedicated bike paths - no cars, no runners. Minimum 20 miles one way20NoDedicated cycling paths, more bike lanes, community education on the 3 foot rule
Bike lanes,pathes79No
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